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“Miss Granger” Lucius said as he and Draco stood before her in the ministry getting ready for her to port-key out of the atrium and to America “Mr. Stark is known as a bit of a womanizer and there is a chance that he's going to hit on you...”


“That explains why I got the new wardrobe” Hermione smirked towards them, Draco nodded his head enthusiastically while Lucius shook his in denial.


“I don't want you feel that you have to sleep with him in order to get him to work with our company” Lucius said “And if he even hints that that's what its going to take then I want you to come home and he can go screw himself”


“Really?” Hermione asked, Lucius muttered something about checking on something and walked off but she noted the pink blush that colored his cheeks “Is he blushing?”


“Father has...plans for you” Draco said and Hermione raised her eyebrow at him “For us really”


“And what are these plans?” She asked, though she was pretty sure she knew what they were.


“After I told you that I'd make you partner if you got Mr. Stark to join us” Draco said “He asked me what my intentions were with you, I told him that we were friends and he left it at that but I heard him talking to mother about a possible marriage between us”


“How did we suddenly go from work partners and friends to potential marriage partners?”


“You know how my parents are” He said with a small smile “They're pureblood which means that they still think along the same lines as when they were young adults and then marriage was important”


“So what happens when I come home in January?” Hermione asked, she had a strange feeling that this one conversation, this one decision to go to America and meet these new people was going to change everything she'd ever known.


“If my parents have their way” He answered making her laugh right away because she knew that it was going to be insane “We'll be married by February and you'll be pregnant by March” She did indeed laugh loudly “If I have my way...I don't know, maybe we'll have a date and talk about this insane world of dating and marriage”


“Sounds good” Hermione smiled, she felt her stomach flutter and a blush climb up her cheeks and she looked at the ground hoping that he didn't notice it.


“Miss Granger” Macy, a witch that worked in the International Magical Traveling Department walked over with an old silver mirror in her hand “This is your port-key which will activate in twenty minutes. The mirror will still be activated as a means of communication like the muggles use...what is it called...a...a...”


“Cell phone?” Hermione offered.


“Yes” She said with a laugh “See these buttons” She pointed to six elegant looking knots along the handle “The first one will call the Malfoy's and you can chat with them through this, the second is Mr. Potter, the third is Miss Weasley, fourth is Mrs. Weasley and the fifth is me in case you have questions”


“What about the sixth?” Draco asked.


“That is to hold when you want to come home” She explained to Hermione as if it were who asked the question and not Draco “Hold the button down and say 'Home' with conviction. The magic will only work if you really, truly want to go home, you have to mean it, you can't just grab it say the word and expect to go home” Before she could open her mouth Macy held up her hand “It was so there were no mistakes made, you hit the wrong button mid conversation with someone and happen to say 'home' you won't just disappear”


“Good thinking” Hermione said “So will I port-key from place to place until I get to America?”


“No” She said, frowning slightly “You'll be port-keying straight to America. Its going to be a grueling process, you'll be port-keying to the American magical hospital where you'll be spending a night to make sure that you're okay” Hermione looked worried and though she could tell that Macy wanted to tell her she'd be fine she knew that she couldn't because that was a rule. You never made a promise that you knew for a fact that you couldn't keep, there had been a few deaths that resulted from port-key traveling between countries “Miss Granger, you will feel like you've been spinning and flying through the air for a half an hour or possibly more”


“Okay” Hermione said, her stomach twisted a little “I'll be fine”


“Any deaths that have taken place by this way of traveling only resulted because the witch or wizard doing the traveling didn't have strong enough magic” Hermione nodded while Draco looked horrified “I don't think that will be a problem with you”


“Thank you” Hermione said.


“You've got ten minutes” Macy said “I'll leave you and Mr. Malfoy to say goodbye”


Hermione blushed when she said that but turned back to find that Draco was watching her closely. She smiled and he held out his arms to her which she rushed in and hugged him closely, the hug though felt a little more intimate than any of their other hugs. Hermione felt that maybe it was because of the admittance that Lucius wanted her and Draco to get married because she'd never given it much thought before. Lucius came over and reminded her that she needed to become friends with Tony and then she needed to proceed to convince him to work with them. She nodded, agreed and then promised that she'd call them with the mirror as soon as she was settled in at her hotel. Macy called over two minutes and the two blondes stepped away from where she was standing. Hermione had spent the night before talking with Ginny, Harry and Ron. Ginny assured her that it was a great opportunity to see another magical place and to learn as much as possible. Harry agreed with Ginny but still warned her numerous times to be careful, to not trust anyone and to never go out by herself because he'd heard horror stories about New York, she assured him that the same could be said about London and she walked around there by herself just fine. Ron had been originally happy that she was going to be away from the Malfoy's but his mood instantly darkened again when she told him that she had to spend her time with a super rich muggle man. He claimed, very angrily, that Hermione was going to be 'wined and dined' by this man and then he'd use her body for his own pleasure and send her back to England completely heartbroken and alone. Hermione had been livid with him, not because he'd ruined her night out with her best friends, but because he seemed to think she was so weak willed that she'd allow some guy with a lot of money to 'hump and dump' (Ginny's words) her, it was like he didn't even know her. Macy came over and rushed the others away from where she stood and with a small smile over at Draco and then a reassuring one to Lucius before she felt that hook behind her belly button.


Hermione fell backwards but never landed, her body started to spin slowly at first and then faster and faster, then she was cartwheeling through space. There was no light, just darkness and it made breathing difficult, while she flipped and spun through the cold, black space Hermione repeated how to make Wolfsbane potion to herself. She knew that if she let her mind think about all the miles she was covering, all the land and ocean she was missing that she would drive herself insane. If the words of the potion that were spilling out of her mouth stopped she worried that the bile that was bubbling in her stomach and trying to crawl up her throat would win and she would vomit all over the place. Macy told her that she'd have the falling feeling for a half an hour but there was no way to tell time in the endless, black hole she was falling through. She could have been falling for a matter of minutes of weeks and she wouldn't have known it at all. The ingredients list, slowly turned in to the words of her favorite lullaby that her mother used to sing to her when she was little, soon the voice wasn't her own but that of her mothers. Hermione closed her eyes and smiled softly to herself, slowly she lost the battle and fell asleep as she fell through the black void.


“There you are” Hermione heard as she slowly opened her eyes and looked around the sterile, white room that she was in “You've been out for quite a few hours”


“Sorry” She mumbled, her throat was dry and ached.


“No need to apologize” He said, the healer was very good looking with golden blonde hair and sparkling deep blue eyes and dimples “You came all the way from England, I was happy to see you still breathing” He offered her some water which she took and sipped carefully “I'm Healer Reynolds by the way”


“Hermione Granger” She answered “Thank you for the water. Do I have any injuries?”


“I know who you are, Miss Granger” He laughed “I'm pretty sure that everyone in the wizarding world knows that famous Hermione Granger along with Harry Potter” She noticed that he hadn't said anything about Ron and knew that the changes that had been made to the British books about the war had also been made to the books that came over to America “You broke your wrist upon landing” He told her “But that healed about an hour ago, I've just been waiting for you to wake up”


“How long was I out?” She asked.


“You got here at seven this morning” He informed “It's nearly eight at night. About thirteen hours you've been out, but that's perfectly normal for that kind of travel, I take it you entertained yourself for a little while and then passed out from the “lack” of air” He made air quotes “But really its the amount of magic you're using that wears you out”


“Good to know” Hermione said “I need to contact my bosses”


“I already did” He told her “After we got you a room and started to heal your wrist I Floo'd them to let them know that you came through safely and were resting”


“Thank you” Hermione said, her stomach growled and he smiled knowingly.


“I will get you something to eat” He promised “There is a man from the ministry here to talk to you”


Hermione watched an older man walk in to the room with a spring in his step. She'd noted that every magical person she'd seen in America so far had a spring in their step that her world didn't have anymore and she envied the ease they had, it came from not having fought for years for their lives. He told her that they were happy she was visiting America, that there would be a muggle car that would be bringing her to the address that they'd been told she was going to stay at picking her up around nine in the morning. Once he was gone she ate the whole dinner they brought to her and then some dessert too, she felt like a pig but Reynolds told her that taking a port-key over the distance that she had would make anyone famished. Even though she'd slept nearly thirteen hours once all the food had been consumed she found herself tired again, another thing brought on as a side effect from the traveling.


The bright winter sunshine woke Hermione up the next morning. She stretched and then looked around the clean, white room before she stood up from the bed. She looked at the wall clock and then ran to the bathroom to use the loo and then shower if possible, the car would be picking her up in an hour. The water pressure was amazing however she didn't get to stay in it too long once she got out and was dressed a female healer came in to check her over. With the okay given Hermione walked out of the hospital and straight to the black muggle car that was waiting for her. There was a man waiting by the back of the car with the trunk open, he smiled at her and took the bags from her hands and placed them in the back before he opened the back door and let her slide in over the leather seats and waited for him to get in the car. He drove straight to Stark Tower.


“What are we doing here, I'm staying in a hotel” Hermione informed him.


“No, Miss” He answered “Mr. Stark said that you are to stay in his apartment in your own room there” She opened her mouth to protest but he shook his head at her “If there's a problem, Miss you need to take it up with him because I am doing what he tells me to”


“Of course” Hermione whispered as she got out and walked in to the tower. She twisted her fingers around the bottom of the long black wool jacket that she was wearing, then she adjusted her little beaded bag on her shoulder and tried to exude the confidence that she always lacked.



Tony Stark was standing in his workshop looking over some new things he was hoping to add to his Iron Man suit. He'd yet to make them, he had a flow that he always followed because he tended to be a little superstitious when it came to his suit. He would write down his thoughts about the suit (his best ideas came at night) then he would draw up what it was he wanted, then he would draw up where the best spot in the suit they would fit and then another drawing of how to make them. Only when all that was done would he actually find the pieces that he would need and start the actual building process of whatever it was. Banner was with him going over the likelihood that the pieces would actually improve his suit or make it too heavy and difficult to fly in.


“Sir” JARVIS called out “The young woman from England is in the lift right now and will be exiting in sixty seconds in to the front room”

“Yes, I'd forgotten about her” Tony muttered “Is her room ready for her, JARVIS?”


“Yes, sir” He answered.

“Is she pretty, JARVIS?” Banner asked and Tony rolled his eyes.

“She is very pretty, Doctor Banner” JARVIS told him.


“Forgive me, JARVIS” Tony said “But I will believe that she is pretty when I see her myself, I once showed you a picture of Bruce asleep with make-up and a wig on and you told me he was very I doubt your taste”


“She is here, Mr. Stark” JARVIS said by way of an answer but Tony and even Bruce noted the sound of bashful annoyance in the A.I.'s voice.


Bruce followed Tony out of the workshop and in to the front room and bounced off of his back because he stopped so quickly. The woman that stood in front of the elevator was a small woman, standing at maybe five feet five inches tall, she wore black high wasted slacks with a long, black wool jacket that was now opened and showed an ivory colored sweater underneath. She had loads of chestnut and honey colored curls that were pulled back in a ponytail and other than two other bags she only held a little beaded purse. This girl was indeed very pretty just as JARVIS said before. Tony faltered for only a couple seconds before he found his swagger again and continued in to the front room to shake her hand.


“Miss?” Tony led, realizing that he'd forgotten her name.

“Granger” She filled in “I take it that you are Mr. Stark?”


“Tony, please” He smiled, flashing his most charming smile at her and she fought against the urge to roll her eyes at him.


“Then call me Hermione, please” She offered with a sweet smile, she didn't have to be a whore but a little flirting never hurt anyone.


“That's an...original name” Tony said, trying to not offend her.


“It's from the Shakespearean play A Winters Tale” Banner told him smiling at her “Also from Greek mythology, Hermione was said to be the daughter of Menelaus and Helen. I'm Bruce Banner, by the way, nice to meet you Hermione Granger”


“Nice to meet you as well” Hermione said while shaking his hand, Tony was interested to see that while she was perfectly friendly to him he could tell that she had no clue who Bruce Banner was. Not the doctor and he was willing to bet almost anything she had no clue who the Hulk was. This was fascinating.


“I have your room set up” Tony said, taking her hand and placing in the crook of his arm “Bruce can you grab her bags?”


“I can take them” Hermione said.


“I'll hear nothing of it” Tony said while Bruce grabbed the bags and followed them through the apartment “You're bedroom is on the second floor the first door at the top of the stairs on the right, I'll show you”


Hermione followed just behind Tony with her hand still trapped on his arm. She could hear the soft foot falls of his friend behind them and discreetly touched the spot on her arm where her wand holster was just in case she needed it quickly. She was more than a little on edge, she was about to be entering a bedroom with two men that she didn't know and that was dangerous. Tony stopped at the door that led to her new bedroom and opened it, moving aside so that she could walk in before him. Hermione's mouth dropped open at the room on the other side of the plain white door, it was a wide open space with a queen-sized bed placed against the wall that the door was on, there was a wardrobe and an entire wall made out of windows that made her smile in wonder. She opened one door to find a huge walk in closet and another door led to her own bathroom that had a deep bath tub, a separate shower stall and plenty of closet space for towels or other things.


“There's a door, right here” Tony said, walking across the bedroom and pushing on what she'd thought was just a glass panel in a window but it opened in to the bedroom and she could walk out on to a deck that went along the whole upper floor, there were even stairs that led to the next floor. She wasn't a huge fan of heights but she liked the deck and was happy that she had her own door and access to it.


“Thank you for letting me stay here” Hermione said “I have to admit I was more than a little shocked to learn that”


“What was I supposed to do?” Tony asked with a laugh “Make you stay in a rat trap somewhere dangerous?”


“Thank you again” She said.


“Sir” JARVIS spoke almost quietly but still the young woman jumped and let out a small squeak “Fury is on the phone for you”


“Thank you, JARVIS” Tony said, laughing a little at the look of surprise on Hermione's face “JARVIS this is Hermione, why don't you to get to know one another?”


“Hello, Miss Granger” JARVIS greeted.


“Hello” She answered, looking around the room for him “Where are you?”


“Everywhere” He answered “I control the whole building and then some. I am a computer system but I make sure that Doctor Banner and Mr. Stark are well taken care of and safe and I will take care of you while you're here as well”

“Thank you...I think” Hermione looked over at Banner and he chuckled “Can you see me anywhere?”


“Yes, Miss Granger” He answered.


“Even in the shower?” She made a face and Banner burst out laughing while they could actually hear JARVIS making embarrassed choking noises.


“Not if you don't want me to” He sputtered out.


“Are you saying that Banner and Stark want you to watch them shower?” Hermione asked, smirking when Banners face turned red “Interesting”



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