Convincing Stark *COMPLETE*

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Draco and Lucius both crowded around the mirror on Sunday evening looking at Hermione. They hadn't heard from her in almost two days and were rather worried, sure the Healer had contacted them with the information that she was safely there but resting. Needless to say when the mirror glowed blue and vibrated they both nearly ran Narcissa over to get there first in order to physically see that she was okay for themselves. She was in a dark room and they both wondered what kind of hotel she'd been able to get because if New York was anything like London around Christmas they were sure it was slim pickings. Lucius had even gone as far as to talk to some families in the magical community over there about letting her bunk with them so she could be safe.


“Hermione!” Draco exclaimed “How are you, are you okay, where are you staying?!”


“Hello Miss. Granger” Lucius said “Have you been able to speak with Stark yet?”


“Not yet” Hermione answered “Draco I'm doing good, I'm okay and I am staying in Mr. Stark's apartment” She told them, both men looked impressed and surprised “I know I was surprised myself”


“Has he...tried anything?” Lucius asked.


“No” She answered “He showed me to my room, let me get settled in, had lunch and then he, Doctor Banner and I got to know one another a little more, but I think they're hiding something big”


“Then you have something in common” Draco said “They hide what they're hiding and you hide what you're hiding” He looked around the mirror “Where are you?”


“I'm in my closet” Hermione answered with a small blush “There's a computer service that sees everything and I didn't want him seeing me talking to a mirror so I waited for Tony to be talking to him and cast a See-Me-Not spell on myself, slipped in to the closet and cast a Mufflito charm on it”


“Good thinking” Lucius said “So, you haven't spoken to him about our company...what have you been doing these last couple days?”


“I traveled from England to bloody America” Hermione snarled at him “I spent the first entire day in a hospital and all today trying to figure out a safe way to contact your arrogant and ungrateful ass. I figured I would leave business for a business day instead of the weekend so back off”


“Okay” Draco said, speaking over his father who was about to berate her for her smart mouth “That's understandable, are they...treating you well there, none of them have...tried anything, right?” His eyes widened to highlight what he meant by 'anything' and she smirked.


“I should be so lucky” Hermione answered, leaning against the back of the closet and pulling her knees up to her chest “They are pretty good looking...” She saw something that looked an awful lot like jealousy pass over Draco's handsome face “But no, they have been perfect gentlemen”


“That's good” Lucius said “So they've got a...system that watches you?”


“A computer system that can see in any room at anytime” Hermione answered “Its for safety but it also keeps everything in running order and all that junk...”


“Like a house-elf?” Draco asked.


“Yeah” Hermione said after a moment “An invisible house-elf”


“Wait!” Draco looked horrified “You said any this...thing is going to be watching you shower?!” Hermione couldn't help but laugh as his mind instantly went to the same thing hers had, this was why they were friends but was it enough to move them over in to a relationship and later marriage? That thought sobered her up real quick.


“I already told him to leave me alone while I shower” Hermione assured him “Plus, he's made of technology its not like he know while watching me”


“Still unsettling thought though” Lucius muttered.




“Sir” JARVIS said “I was just checking on Miss Granger and...she is gone, sir”


“Gone?” Tony asked “Gone like she's probably out partying or gone like dead?” Banner raised his head from the lounged position he'd been in while reading his newest book and looked at Tony with mild concern on his face.


“I did a scan of her bedroom for possible intruders just as you asked” JARVIS told him “I was checking the bathroom, I was only in there twelve seconds and when I came back she was gone”


“She disappeared in twelve seconds?” Banner asked, he stood from his spot “That's not possible” Both men ran towards her room and entered they walked through and opened the closet door, looked in and closed it again, checked the bathroom, under the bed and then the deck. Bruce had a sick feeling in his stomach as he looked over the edge but there was no panic from the people busily running around and no mangled bodies anywhere to be seen.


“JARVIS” Tony said as they rushed in to the security room off of his workshop “All your secondary cameras were on, right?”


“Yes, sir” JARVIS answered “All but the bathroom one, Miss Granger asked me not to watch or record anything that happened in the bathroom”


“Show me the secondary camera footage from her bedroom while the scan was being done in the bathroom” Tony clicked a few things and typed in a few things in, they saw Hermione walk over to her bed and move some stuff around and then raise her head obviously talking to JARVIS “What did she say to you, JARVIS?”


“Simply asked if I was still there and what I was doing at that moment” He answered “That was about fifteen seconds before you asked me if I'd found anymore information about Malfoy, Inc. I was scanning at the same time, sir” Tony ran his hand over his face, briefly closing his eyes just for a moment but in that time something happened.


“What the fuck?” Banner breathed, Tony turned wide eyes to his friend this was only the second time he'd heard the man swear and the F-bomb was a big one for him “Look!”


He looked back at the screen where they watched Hermione walking around her room. She pulled the blankets down and fluffed her pillows then they saw her pull her little beaded bag off of the bags they'd brought in for her. They watched as she opened the bag and reached in for something, amazed they saw her lean in all the way to her shoulder and then put her head in before extracting what it was she was looking for. It was a slim piece of something that looked like a stick, she waved it towards the closet and then over herself and she was gone. Just like that. She was gone, like JARVIS said and then the closet door, which had been previously open, closed all on its own, leaving them to stare wordlessly at the screen.


“Show me her room now” Tony demanded. The screen cleared for a moment and then her empty bedroom filled the screen once again, they watched it for several seconds before the closet door opened and Hermione walked out. She looked around the empty room, crept to the bathroom and came back out satisfied that there was no one else in the room with her, then she was talking to thin air “JARVIS what is she saying?”


“She was asking if I was around” He answered “I told her that I will always answer her when she calls but that I had not been monitoring her room, if that was what she was asking”


“Was she relieved?” Banner asked, watching her disappear in to the bathroom.

“Her heart rate slowed a bit when I told her that, Doctor Banner” JARVIS answered.


“Follow her in to the bathroom” Tony demanded.


“Sir” JARVIS actually sounded reluctant “I told her that...”


“Follow her” Tony said, warning coloring his tone, Banner sighed for JARVIS because he knew that even if the A.I. Could sigh he knew that he never would. They came in to her bent over in a tank top and panties pulling her boxer pants up over her hips, while Bruce lowered his eyes to give her some privacy, Tony leaned forward trying to see better. She braided her hair and then picked up a hand mirror muttered something to herself and then brought the mirror back to her bed, placing it on the bedside table before she pulled the blankets over her and laid back against her pillows.


“Would you like me to continue watching Miss Granger for you, sir?” JARVIS asked.


“No, JARVIS” Tony sighed “Can you tell me what she muttered when she was holding the mirror?”


“She said 'Yeah, goodnight' to the mirror, sir” JARVIS said.


“Thank you” Tony said.




The next morning Hermione took a shower after confirming with JARVIS that he wouldn't be recording anything in there. Once she was dressed and had her wand in the holster on her arm she made her way out to the kitchen. As it was only a little after nine, she assumed that Tony and Bruce would still be in their rooms so she was surprised to find them both sitting at the table with cups of steaming coffee in front of them. Looking closely she noted the shadows under their eyes and the loss of color in their faces, other than that Tony still looked relatively awake but Banner looked like he'd just gotten the beating of a life time. Tony leaned back with his coffee cup, bringing the cup to his lips and surveyed Hermione as she walked around opening and closing cabinets before finding the tea that she wanted while the water boiled on the stove. He watched her closely, other than the usual 'I'm in a new place and don't remember where everything is' awkwardness she was very nearly normal. Nearly normal. He had a stove that practically had a button that said 'start' and yet she stared at it for several minutes before she worked out how to use it, she hadn't even looked at the microwave and unless asking JARVIS a question she avoided all contact with the computers in his house. He'd noticed that right away but the other stuff he noticed that morning. Bruce told him to give her a chance to offer up an answer but after his conversation with JARVIS and the A.I. Telling him that she seemed almost certain that he was a real person hidden somewhere in the house though he'd explained numerous times that he was a computer, Tony thought that maybe she could be a spy.


“So...Miss Granger” Tony said, Hermione's spine straightened at his cold tone “What do you know about me?”


“That you are a billionaire” She answered “Philanthropist, bit of a womanizing playboy whose father made his fortune in weapons but after his death and a considerable amount of time being drunk you changed it over from weapons to technology that can save, keep people safe and help people all around the world” She paused for a moment and turned to look at him, confused by the change in his demeanor since the day before, he'd been really cool and friendly and now he seemed like he was ready for her to attack “You're lighting the path for the future which is why Malfoy, Inc. wants to do business with you”


“Very clever” Tony said with a smirk on his face.

“Tony...” Bruce started but the other man shot him a look that made him close his mouth.


“What's clever?” Hermione asked, sitting down closer to Bruce than Tony.


“You left out my other self” He said “Iron Man. Which leads me to think that you're a spy trying to get on my good side so that you can get your hands on damning information about me and the other Avengers!” He had been simply talking to her but by the time he'd finished his hand had slammed on the table and his voice had risen a few octaves.


“The Avengers?” She asked, she looked over at Bruce who now looked very confused “What are the Avengers?”


“How do you not know about them?” Bruce asked “About us...”


“Who are you working for?!” Tony slammed his hand down on the table again “Tell me or I'll call SHIELD”


“SHIELD?” Hermione repeated.


“Or the police if I think that you're just a scam artist trying to get my money!” Tony snapped at her, he stood from his place and walked around the table grabbing her arm and pulling her out of her seat “So, who do you work for?”


“Malfoy, Inc.!” Hermione squeaked, he was actually hurting her with the grip he had on her upper arm “I'm here to...try to talk you in to're hurting me!”


“Tony!” Bruce walked in front of him holding out his hand, his eyes flashing green in warning “Stop hurting her”


“I'm doing it to speed up this potentially long, ass process of us asking and her denying” Tony snarled at him “If she's enhanced then she'll fight back soon enough and if she's not the its likely she's like Natasha and will be kicking my ass, either one should happen soon though”


“And if she's human?” Bruce looked him in the eye, internally fighting the other guy who wanted nothing more than to smash Tony's face in “What if she's nothing more than a sheltered human that is just doing her job”


“That's not possible and you know it, Bruce” Tony glared at him and Bruce sighed “Everyone knows who we are, everyone!” He looked him over a few times “Those few who may not know who the Avengers are know me because of my money, like her. And they know you because of your work with gamma radiation and for at least a few of your many doctorates...did it not strike you as weird that she knew nothing about you?!”


“Well yeah but...” Bruce started, his eyes once again flashing green, when all of a sudden both he and Tony were shot away from Hermione. They laid in a heap for just a second as what felt like electricity sizzled through their veins, when Bruce looked up Tony was sitting up from his spot looked at him and then to Hermione who was still standing in the same spot but with a slim stick in her hand.


“I didn't want you to find out like this” Hermione spoke carefully as her wand stayed trained on the two men on the floor. Tony looked over at Bruce, checking his face for any change and his eyes to see if they were turning green again but he was the same as usual probably because he was too shocked to be mad “I wanted to get to know you before I brought it did you figure out I was...more than I was letting on?”


“JARV...” Tony started while trying to stand, looking around for his nearest suit anchor but not finding any.


“Don't. Move.” Hermione hissed at him, her wand hand only shaking a little with her nerves “Not a muscle...I will not hurt you and I am not a spy of any sort and I don't want your money...I really just wanted you to join us at Malfoy, Inc.” She took a shaky breath “How did you know about me?”


“I was trying to answer you but you interrupted” Tony snapped “JARVIS caught you disappearing from a room in a matter of seconds only to reappear after we searched the empty room and walked out of it like you'd been there the whole what is your enhancement?”


“I thought he was talking to you” Hermione hissed.


“I asked him to scan your room and bathroom to make sure that it was intruder free...I'm a little jumpy about that nowadays” He informed “His secondary cameras caught you disappearing and reappearing out of thin air”

“Are you going to tell us what you're enhancements are?” Bruce asked as he stood up slowly watching as her eyes followed his every movement all the while never missing a beat when it came to Tony.

“I have no enhancements” Hermione told them “I'm a Witch”


“A witch?” Tony repeated “Like flying on a broom, working with cauldrons, using eye of newt type of witch?”


“Yes” She answered “I don't like flying though as I don't like heights too much. Anyone who practices actual magic uses a cauldron in potion making and the same can be said about eye of newt because its found in almost all common potions”


“Okay” Bruce was trying to make sense of it all “What's that in your hand?”


“My wand” She said “Its how I focus, aim and/or direct my magic. It makes it easier”


“Can you do magic without a wand?” Bruce asked, he watched her slowly lower the wand and felt himself feel a little more at ease when she did so.


“Yes” Hermione answered “But its not as strong, some witches and wizards are stronger at it than I am but I'm getting better at it the more I can take years of practice to be even mildly good at it”


“What did you shoot at us?” He asked carefully.


“I was attempting to put a shielding charm around myself but was caught off guard when your eyes changed colors” Hermione admitted “I overshot it and sent you flying, I apologize for that” She looked from one to the other “Why are you not freaking out or calling the police?”


“Are you kidding?” Tony asked, she could tell that while he appeared to be much calmer than before he was still pretty angry “I fly around in an Iron suit and he turns in to a giant green rage monster...out of the three of us...well, I'm the most normal but your in the top two”


“So, you're okay with this?” Hermione asked, wearily.


“I...don't really understand what it is you're saying but” Tony waved his hands around for a second “The type of people I'm around on a daily makes me, a little more open minded I guess”


“So am I able to put my wand away and we can go back to discussing business without the worry of one or both of you trying to jump on me?” Hermione asked “Or should I pack up my stuff and head back to London?”

“You can stay” Tony said, he looked over at Bruce who nodded “But I want to know more about this whole witch thing. I want to know why you want to me to join your company and how you've never heard of the Avengers, Iron man or Bruce Banner”


“All that and business?” Hermione verified.


“All that and then business if I feel interested enough to even entertain the idea of joining Malfoy, inc.” He answered “Deal?”


“Deal” She said after a moment.



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