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A/N: This is a shorter chapter but a good one. Now, I put this note at the top in warning in hopes that no one will be mad. I know that Vision was made and all that shit from Age of Ultron and all of that however mine is going to be different. JARVIS is for lack of a better word is very smart and keeps learn therefor he has learned a certain amount of emotions such as Sarcasm and even a bit of jealousy. There will be more and sooner or later Tony will present a body for him but I thought it would be kind of fun to watch his evolution. Tell me what you think and enjoy the chapter.




A week after she'd gotten to New York Hermione was very comfortable there. It was funny, they effected one another so much, while Tony and Bruce were busy reading all the school books that Harry sent over for her (exclaiming that they all looked nearly brand new, which made her want to smack Harry upside the head) she was being taught how to use technology. Hermione was laying out on the floor while it was a near blizzard outside the living room windows, she was in a pair of leggings with a sweater on to keep her warm because even though the apartment was well heated there was still a small draft of icy air that snuck under glass door that led outside. She would never tell Tony because she liked the small breeze that caressed her while she laid there and read a novel that Ginny sent to her. Her mirror which was right next to her lit up blue and vibrated a little, she reached over and lifted it to her face seeing her own reflection for a second before it melted in to Ginny's face.


“Gin” Hermione grinned “How are you?”


“I'm good” Ginny said excitedly “Just got back from Christmas shopping...and you?”


“You know I hate shopping” Hermione said “I haven't left Stark tower since I got here last Sunday”


“You know that I wasn't asking about shopping” Ginny growled at her “Wait...are they there, you know the guys that you are currently living with?”


“They are in the apartment, yes” Hermione answered “But not here currently” She gave her red-haired friend an evil grin “Why are you so curious?”


“Oh come on” Ginny answered “You know that Harry and I didn't work out and there are no interesting men here...I need some new men” She wiggled her brows.


“You're bad” Hermione laughed “Tony isn't some twenty five year old with a lot of money he is a grown man of forty-three and Banner isn't your type at all”


“Why not?” She asked sticking her bottom lip out in a pout “Because he's a doctor?” Ginny twirled a strand of hair “How old is he?”


“First off” Hermione answered “Banner needs a...well, a stress free life and being with someone who is related to the Weasley twins is anything but stress free” Ginny snorted but didn't disagree “And he is about forty, I'm not too sure about that one”


“Are they hot?” Ginny asked causing Hermione to laugh aloud.


In the office Tony sat in his new office chair transfixed on the screen that was situated in front of him. That should have told Bruce something, while Tony was a genius he was also a scatter-brain so when something caught enough of his attention that he actually sat still for any period of time it usually wasn't a good thing. Normally, Bruce had to yell at him to shut the hell up because he was trying to concentrate and Tony would be scraping his chair back and forth from one desk to another and sometimes he would mutter to himself. Bruce was working on a particularly difficult mixture when he noted the silence in the room. He turned around in his chair and fixed his dark brown eyes on the other man in the room, searching him he realized that he had his earbuds in. That never kept Stark from being loud, usually he sang to himself or hummed which meant that whatever he was listening to was utterly fascinating. He pushed his chair over to the other man and flicked the back of his elbow, raising his brows when Tony looked over. Stark pulled the wire that held the buds in to his sound system and Banner could hear that he was listening to someone talking. He looked at the screen and saw Hermione, where she lay on her stomach with her feet waving in the air as she held a mirror in her hand and was laughing and talking.


“What the hell?” Banner hissed at him “Are you eavesdropping on her?”


“No” He lied “Well...sort of. I mean I was just watching the cameras when it settled on her and she was talking on her mirror...whoa, that sounds funny” He laughed and Banner raised his brow “I was going to switch to another camera when I realized that she was talking about us”


“This is such a breach of her...” Bruce stopped “Us?” He looked interested “They're talking about us?”


“Yes” Tony answered, handing him some of the cookies that he'd been munching on which he took and leaned forward.


“Who's the girl she talking to?” Bruce asked, forgetting his previous horror at the eavesdropping “And what have they said?”


“The girls name is Ginny” Tony answered “And she's been asking if we're are hot and how her and Harry never worked out and now they're talking about the Malfoy's” When Hermione's voice cut through their conversation they both focused on the screen.


“Ginny!” Hermione laughed when her friend told her about her secret crush on Lucius “No more!”


“I saw him at the ministry” Ginny continued, like a shark she smelled blood, in this case it was Hermione's embarrassment, and she was going in for the kill “He was looking delicious as usual...I know I could get him to cheat on his wife, but I'm no man's you think he'd leave her for me?” She was laughing.


“I think he is happy with Narcissa” Hermione promised her “But if I hear otherwise, I'll make sure to let you know”


“I did hear...something” Ginny told Hermione, both men that were eavesdropping leaned in closer “And I'm very upset that you didn't tell me!”


“Tell you what?” Hermione asked with a confused look “What didn't I tell you?”


“That you and Draco are engaged!” Ginny said “Why didn't you tell me?”


“Oh” Hermione said stupidly, she had no clue what to say other than that one stupid word.


“It can't be true” Stark whispered “I was going to...pursue her”


“You are twenty years older than her!” Banner looked horrified at him and annoyed that he wanted to go after Hermione too “She's too young and the boy she's been talking to is very handsome”


“Ginny” Hermione said after several seconds “I'm not engaged to Draco” She wanted to add in 'yet' but that meant that she would have had to actually have thought about it, which she hadn't yet “If I can get Tony to come on board with us then Draco will make me partner in their business which is huge as you know because Lucius will be retiring soon and if I am partner than...well...I'll be partner and own half the bloody business but I fear that Lucius is going to pull some shit and say that he won't allow me to be partner unless I marry Draco”


“He can't do that, can he?” Ginny asked “I mean...I know he can and his being a Slytherin means that he will likely do it but I mean...will Draco let him?”


“Draco doesn't love me” Hermione pointed out “And I know that he loves his father and the business...he may throw me to the wolves”


“So if that happens” Ginny said, her teasing tone had died down now “Will you marry him?”


“I don't think so” Hermione answered with a sigh “I love Draco as a friend but I want a man that just...sweeps me off my feet and that's not him”


“You'll lose your job then” Ginny reminded her “You have to think about your career”

“I'll be able to keep my job” Hermione said with a laugh “They won't fire me just...”


“Just keep you on as lap dog” Ginny told her almost meanly.


“Then I'll become a prostitute” Hermione said with a laugh that Ginny joined in however they both knew that it was a real problem and she soon would have to deal with that.


“Miss Granger” JARVIS called out, since the bathroom incident and his 'banishment' from her bathroom Hermione was pretty sure he was cold to her “Steve Rogers is here”


“Why wouldn't he tell me?” Tony asked Banner as he looked at a camera on another screen and saw the blonde man coming up in the lift.


“Okay, JARVIS” Hermione said a little uncomfortably “Do you know where he is right now?”


“I don't, Miss Granger” JARVIS answered “I didn't want to violate his privacy” Hermione's mouth dropped open in shock as did Banner and Tony's.


“O-okay” Hermione stuttered “Gin, I'll contact you later, before I go to bed, okay?”


“Who was that?” Ginny asked trying to see behind her to the elevator door that was now opening “He sounds hot...”


“Its a computer system” Hermione answered her distractedly, suddenly the elevator doors opened and a tall, well-muscled, blonde haired, blue-eyed man walked through.


“Sweet Merlin!” Ginny exclaimed “Look at that gorgeous man, holy balls Hermione you need to...”


Goodbye Ginny” Hermione hissed at her best friend.


“I think you need back-up!” Ginny screamed “I'm on my way!”


Hermione threw her mirror on to the couch and turned and breathlessly looked at the man that was standing there watching her curiously. She looked at him and all of the breath in her body left her, he was certainly the most handsome man she'd ever seen, he had muscles all over him, he was very tall and his face was very boyish and sweet all the while being manly. Hermione's mouth opened and closed many times as she searched for something to say but she was still thinking about the conversation with Ginny, then how JARVIS had spoken to her and then the way this man looked made her all tongue-tied. She heard a noise and then Banner and Tony entered the room and the man talked easily with them no longer paying any attention to her. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief grabbed her mirror and walked in to her bedroom, throwing herself on to her bed before letting herself melt in to the blankets.


“JARVIS” She called out.


“Yes, Miss Granger?” He answered.


“Do you hate me?” Hermione asked him in a small voice, she was put off by the way he'd spoken to her earlier along with how she'd been treated by him all week.


“I am merely a computer system” JARVIS told her in what sounded like a board tone “I am not capable of having such feelings”

“That's bull shit and we both know it” Hermione snapped “If you weren't capable of such feelings then you wouldn't have been such a dick to me all week and you wouldn't have been so rude earlier”


“I'm sure that I don't understand what you're talking about” JARVIS answered.


“Fine” Hermione said, shaking her head “I'll just talk to Tony about it...maybe you need an update” She stood and made her way to the bathroom more for a dramatic exit than actually needing it.


“How did you know that I was off?” The A.I. Asked, shocking Hermione in to stopping her steps, she had conversed with him on many occasions in the last week but never had he sounded so...human.


“You were very friendly when I first got here” Hermione answered “You aren't anymore” Her answer was followed by silence so she made her way out of the bedroom and to the front room.


“Hermione” Tony greeted “Come here, this” He gestured to the good looking man that had come in “Is Steve or Captain America the soldier I told you about. Steve this is our little witch, Hermione Granger from England...she's got that cute little accent and everything”


“Nice to meet you” Hermione said, shaking his hand.


“You as well” He answered, his blue eyes appraised her slowly, so slowly in fact that she actually felt uncomfortable which was amazing since she was used to Tony looking at her like she were ice cream “Are you joining the Avengers?”


“Don't pay attention to Steve” Tony said quickly shoving the blonde man away “He tries to recruit everyone for the Avengers” He looked back at Steve “So, old man, what are you doing here?”

“I was wondering...” He trailed off looking at his feet and Hermione saw Tony nod to himself.


“I'll have a room readied for you while you collect your clothes” He answered and Hermione smiled, the man didn't ask or even hint that he was going to ask about moving in and yet Stark knew that was what he was hinting at. It was a kindness to not make the man swallow his pride and say the words.


“Thanks” Steve answered with a small smile “I'll be back in a few hours with my stuff” He nodded to Hermione and then left the apartment again. Hermione gave Tony a strained look, it was hard enough living with Bruce and Tony for the time being and with JARVIS mad at her she was completely overwhelmed with men in there and a thought made her grin.


“Stark” She called his attention back to her “I have a request”


“What is it?” He looked asked her.


“Can my friend come from England to stay with me?” She asked, thinking that Ginny had been right and maybe she did need backup.




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