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Ginny’s eyes were the size of plates as she walked through the apartment. Hermione let her wonder on her own, she’d told Bruce and Tony that Ginny came from an extremely loving family but they were unfortunately very poor and she wasn’t used to seeing such grandour. Tony promised that he wouldn’t do or say anythign that could be seen as snobby or hint (anymore than the apartment already did) that he was disgustingly rich. It lasted a full three minutes but when Ginny commented that it would have been nice to have Floo’d from the hospital Tony offered to have a fireplace built in to the living room. Hermione rolled her eyes but Ginny didn’t seem to notice as she ran from room to room, Bruce followed just behind her and explained what everything was.


“So” Tony said, as Bruce brought Ginny in to the lab to show her some of his latest work “You felt that you needed back-up now that Steve lives here, huh?” He grinned at her “Three men too much to handle?”


“The testosterone was thick enough to cut with a dull butter knife” Hermione told him “It’s three men and J.A.R.V.I.S which counts as a male in the house and how the hell did you know to use the phrase ‘back-up’ when referring to Ginny coming here?”


“J.A.R.V.I.S told me” He admitted with a red face “Sorry”


“So, where’s Steve?” Hermione asked, looking around the living room and in to the kitchen “I thought he’d be here by now”


“Why are you so curious?” Tony asked quickly “Like him?”


“I don’t know him...” Hermione pointed out “For all I know he’s a complete ass, I’d like to know if he is”


“No” Tony answered, his expression was almost sad “He’s a good guy...too good”


“He looks really young” Hermione pointed out “How old is he?”


“” He thought about it “Well, he was twenty in world war two so...”


“Really old” Hermione finished.


“Is age a problem for you?” Tony asked, he’d been trying to a normal conversation feel while slyly extracting information but the realization dawned on her features and she bit her lip “Just know, for Bruce...he’s interested”


“Oh” Hermione said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, she actually looked a little disappointed “I don’t really see age as an issue for me, I need to be attracted to someone’s personality, brains and not trying to be shallow but I need a little physical attraction there”


“And you’re not attracted to...Bruce?” He asked, hopefully.


“I’m not really interested in anyone right now” Hermione told him with a grin.


“So” Steve said, coming out of the kitchen with a bag of chips in his hands “What’s everyone doing tonight?”


“I think Ginny and I are going to catch up” Hermione answered, Steve nodded his head slowly and walked off, she turned to look at Tony, leaning forward slightly “In my bedroom” She added “In our tiny little nighties”


“Oh” He raised an eyebrow “Mind if I come in to play...catch up with you two?”


“I don’t you’d fit in” She said with a grin on her face “I’m going to find Ginny”


The day had been spent with teaching Ginny about the house and J.A.R.V.I.S and then explaining that he was not human and hiding somewhere in the house. Then they ordered some food, ate together, which taught Hermione that in the short few hours that she’d been there, Ginny had an admirer in Bruce. She was sure that it was because Ginny was as argumentative as he was smart, they were the perfect fit. Finally, the girls retired to Hermione’s bedroom where they changed in to thier pajamas that were not nighties and sat on thier beds chatting. Ginny was completely smitten with Steve’s looks but Bruce gave her something that she’d always craved; undivided attention. This was something that Hermione was sure could turn in to a form of worship that she wasn’t sure if she was worried about or if she was jealous. She’d been there for a week and a half now and there was only a little flirting between her and Tony which she shouldn’t encourage because of thier possible business relationship.


“Miss Weasley” JARVIS’s voice came over the speaker “I thought that you should know that you changed in front of a camera, I have seen you naked”


“Really?” Ginny grinned “Did you like it?”


“You have a very nicely formed body” He answered and Hermione shook her head, while JARVIS hadn’t been too nasty he still appeared to like to remind her that she’d been ‘silly’ in her teatment of him “However, having me possibly see her without clothes on made Miss Granger very uncomfortable”


“That’s because Hermione is a prude” Ginny laughed, JARVIS did not laugh but he did agree until Hermione reminded him that she wasn’t against telling Tony that he needed a virus check. Then he was quiet again.


“Bruce seems nice” Ginny said, her eyes were all over the room except on Hermione.


“Which means that he let you talk about your favorite subject” Hermione said with a good natured smile “You”


“My favorite subject is Quidditch” Ginny reminded “Which he seemed to want to talk about but explaining it to him is just too difficult”


“I imagine” Hermione told her “It’s a rather boring game...”


“It is not!” Ginny exclaimed “Don’t ever let Harry or Ron hear you say that, your friendship survived a lot but I’m not sure it could get through your hatred of the game they love” Hermione laughed and agreed with her friend that it was likely they would never forgive her.


In the workshop just like a few days before Tony and Bruce found themselves sitting in front of the screen showing Hermione’s bedroom. Steve was also with them but he at least seemed to be having a battle with his morals as he eagerly watched and listened to the girls talk. No one told JARVIS to open up her bedroom camera, he just did it, almost like he knew their want and need to know the girls private thoughts. Bruce was very pleased with himself to know that the young red-haired witch he’d just meant was kind of interested in him. It made him feel good and masculine in a way but also worried him, his relationship with Natasha hadn’t panned out very well and no other relationships he’d attempted had gone well so why should he even hope this one would?


“Tomorrow” Hermione sighed “I really need to get Tony to listen to my argument about why he should join forces with Malfoy, Inc”


“Shouldn’t the fact that he’d be working with bloody witches and wizards be enough of a push?” Ginny asked with wide eyes “What’s holding him back?”


“He isn’t as shocked or surprised by our magic as most muggles are” Hermione told her “Most muggles that had never seen what he has seen would jump at the opportunity to work with us but Tony...he doesn’t”


“Offer to give him a blow job” Ginny said with a naughty grin while Hermione squealed with delight at her friends naughty words and shaking her head hard. Tony choked on the whiskey he’d just taken a sip of “Seriously, be like ‘hey, you should work for Malfoy, Inc...and while you think about it, I’ll just go ahead and suck on this’ I think he’ll be agreeable”


“And if he says no?” Hermione asks the other woman.


“Why would he say no?” Ginny asked, while Tony muttered the same question.


“Well” Hermione explained “You said I should suck him off while he thought it out, well all he has to do is say that he’s still thinking about it and needs a in hopes that I’ll give him another blow job”


“You think he’d do that?” Ginny asked, in the workshop Steve and Bruce looked over at Tony and then both nodded their heads saying that yes, he would indeed do that. Even Tony nodded his head in agreement.

“Yes” Hermione answered and Ginny grinned.


“Then tell him that you’re just giving him a hint of what he could have if he joins Malfoy, Inc” She told Hermione “Tease him, hell, don’t even let him get off, let him get almost there, right on the cusp, he’s about to orgasm and cum all over the place and then be like ‘Okay, we’ll finish that when you agree to work with Malfoy, Inc’ and leave it at that”


“I suddenly feel very bad for Bruce” Hermione said with a laugh “Just remember what I told you” Ginny looked confused “Bruce turns in to a green rage monster when he gets angry...I’d hate to see what he turns in to when he’s horny and not being taken care of” Steve and Tony roared with laughter while Bruce’s face turned bright red.


“Oh come on” Ginny said “Just talk to him, get his thoughts on joining you guys” Hermione opened her mouth but the other girl raised a finger “If its one thing I know about you its that you do not listen very well, he already knows that you want him to join but maybe listen to his reasoning behind joining or not joining you”


“Its that simple?” Hermione asked with a laugh.


“Maybe wear something a little revealing too” Ginny laughed and dodged the pillow Hermione threw at her “Hey! It’ll keep his attention”





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