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A/N: This story will be 24 short but smut-filled chapters. Hope you all enjoy.



Harry shifted in bed and rolled over, his eyes falling on and then roving over the gorgeous brunette witch sleeping next to him. He smiled and brought his hand out to brush his thumb over her lips and then he ran his hand down over her shoulder and down her side to rest on her bum, giving it a light squeeze.

She moaned in her sleep and the sound sent a shiver down Harry’s spine and he felt himself grow hard. He wanted her. Now. He knew that she wouldn’t complain though—she had been very needy lately and he had been all too happy to help her release some tension.

He brought his hand back up and then slid it down into her pyjama bottoms to touch her flesh directly and pull her closer to himself. She shifted a bit in her sleep. He squeezed her bum again and brought his lips against hers, his fingers sliding down her bottom and pushing into her cunt from behind and he saw her brown eyes lazily open as she moaned again.

Wasting no time, Harry pushed her pyjama bottoms off and she tiredly helped him to get them down her legs and off her feet. He pushed his own boxers off and then rolled gently on top of her, kissing her again as he pulled off her top. ‘You need to stop wearing these silly things to bed,’ he said softly into her ear and she gave a small giggle.

His lips found hers again and he ran one hand down her beautiful body, stopping to twist her nipple a bit and she let out a loud groan. ‘Harry, please,’ she said softly and he smiled down at her, loving that she was so responsive and wanted him so badly that he could wake her up in the middle of the night and she was ready for him.

He ran his fingers down her again and then through her folds, pulling some of her slick wetness up to rub around her clit and she closed her eyes and moaned again. He pulled his fingers away and shifted back between her legs, grabbing his cock to position it at her entrance. She put her hand on his face and pulled him down for a kiss as he pushed himself inside her and she groaned against his lips.

They kissed softly as he started thrusting into her. ‘You’re beautiful,’ he said between his kisses. ‘I love how wet you get for me.’

She smiled and kissed him again. ‘I can’t help how sexy you are.’

He kissed down her face and suckled the side of her neck gently and she shoved her hand into his thick hair to pull him closer, letting out little whimpers each time he thrust into her. His strokes were becoming harder and more erratic as he approached his climax.

He brought his face back up to look down into hers again, his hand coming back to her breast to twist her nipple again as he pushed himself into her harder and she let out a squeak and then pushed her head back and sighed, ‘Oh, Harry!’ as she came. The fluttering of her inner muscles tipped him over into his climax and he thrust forward hard to release his seed into her.

He relaxed into her soft body, being careful not to put too much weight on her and gave her another kiss as he calmed his breathing. She was looking back up at him with a look of pure adoration and he loved it. ‘I love you, Hermione,’ he said.

‘I love you, too,’ she said, then gave a small giggle again. ‘But now you’ve woken me up, I need the toilet.’

Harry chuckled and rolled off of her as she got up and left the room to use the bathroom.

Harry fell back against the pillows with a smile on his face.

‘You’re a fucking cheeky bastard, Potter,’ a drawling voice said affectionately from the other side of the bed.

Harry turned his head to look at the blonde, who was looking tiredly at his expensive watch. Harry smiled even bigger. ‘First point to me,’ he said with a grin.

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