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Draco walked into the kitchen and saw Hermione with her arms resting on the worktop, relaxing and waiting for the kettle to boil to make a cup of tea. He turned around and strained his ears to listen upstairs quickly. Harry was still in the shower. He smirked.

He made his way over to Hermione and hugged her from behind. She gave a small jump as she had obviously been deep in thought and hadn’t heard him come into the kitchen. ‘Good morning, my love,’ he said into her ear and she stood up straight and then relaxed back against him.

He let his hands wander over her pyjama-clad body, pausing at her tits to give her nipples a pinch and then resting on her hips. He pressed his lips against her neck and smiled. ‘How are you feeling this morning?’

He could hear the smile in her voice. ‘Good,’ she said. ‘Glad I seem to be done with being sick at every smell.’

He rubbed his hand over the slight swell of her tummy. ‘And the…hormones?’ he asked with a smirk, while running his tongue along her neck and she moaned against him.

‘Raging out of control,’ she said breathlessly.

‘Could you use some help with that?’ he asked softly, his hand moving back up to her nipple as he continued kissing her neck.

‘Just now?’ she asked. ‘I need to get ready for work.’

‘Kettle’s still boiling,’ he said offhandedly, giving her nipple a pinch. She looked back at him and he lifted his head from her neck to give her a strong kiss.

‘Alright,’ she agreed when he pulled away from her lips and he smirked.

‘Put your hands back on the worktop,’ he said, pulling down her pyjama bottoms as she complied. He quickly pushed two fingers into her from behind. ‘You’re fucking beautiful,’ he said, pulling his fingers back out and then pushing his boxers down and bringing his cock to her cunt.

She moaned and pushed herself back against him as he pushed solidly into her from behind. ‘Oh fuck, Draco.’ He grinned and held her hips and he began thrusting into her strongly. She had pushed herself up on her tiptoes, but he was lifting her toes off the floor slightly each time he filled her, her pyjama bottoms discarded around her feet. He bent over her and bit her shoulder lightly, next to the thin straps of her pyjama top.

She was whimpering and whining, pushing back against him as he fucked her. She had already been a passionate and enthusiastic witch when it came to sex, but nearing her now fourth month of pregnancy, she was even more so than normal. It was why he and Harry had made the wager.

He brought one of his hands off her hip and started circling her clit as he continued thrusting hard. He could feel that she was close and he wanted to give her some relief before she had to go to work.

She was moaning out loud now with each stroke of his cock into her and Draco was close to coming. He pushed his finger down hard against her clit and brought his other hand up to pinch her nipple again and she pushed back against him hard as she came around his cock. He grabbed both her hips again and tried to get even deeper into her to find his release.

Draco heard a faint whistling noise that started low and got louder and higher pitched as they both calmed their breathing and Hermione looked over to the kettle on the hob with a laugh. ‘Perfect timing.’

Draco pulled out of her and turned her around to give her a passionate kiss, his hand tangled in her massive hair. Eventually he pulled back when the insistent kettle would not stop shrieking and he smiled. ‘Hopefully that will hold you over until tonight.’

‘Should do,’ she said, giving him another quick kiss and then pushing him away lightly so that she could sort out her clothes and tend to the kettle.

Draco pulled up his boxers and placed another quick kiss on the bite he had left on her shoulder and then turned towards the door. Harry was standing there. Draco brushed by him on his way out of the kitchen, giving Harry a pinch on the bum and smirking. ‘And that’s a point for me.’

He was a few steps down the hall when Harry said, ‘But that was an easy one!’

Draco chuckled and made his way to the study. He had started a potions company a few years ago and worked mostly from a home office that he had set up in the study at Grimmauld Place, where he stayed with Harry and Hermione, who both worked at the Ministry. He knew that this gave Harry a bit of leg-up in this wager, but he was always up for a challenge.

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