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Draco looked up from his parchments on the desk when he heard someone arriving into the study by Floo. Grey eyes met green and Harry groaned as he walked over to the desk. ‘That was a fucking day,’ he said, coming around to Draco’s side of the desk and leaning over the blonde, bending to give him a strong kiss.

Draco responded immediately, as he always did to Harry. ‘How so?’ he asked when Harry had pulled away.

‘Do you know how adamant she is that she isn’t going to do anything at work?’ Harry said with a dark laugh. ‘I tried three times today.’ He shook his head and then grabbed Draco’s hand and pushed it against his semi-hard cock. ‘I’ve been like this since lunch.’

‘Where is she?’ Draco asked, starting to move his hand over Harry’s cock.

‘Said she was working late tonight,’ Harry groaned. ‘This is going to be harder than I thought.’

‘Mmm,’ Draco said softly. ‘You’re harder than I thought.’

Harry chuckled and shook his head. ‘You’re such a hussy.’

‘Only for you,’ Draco said with a smile as Harry pushed his hand into Draco’s hair and pulled him closer for another kiss. Harry then gave him a wink and sunk to his knees to begin to unbutton his trousers, freeing his erection. Draco groaned as Harry began moving his hand up and down his cock, making it harder under his ministrations. ‘Please, Harry,’ he groaned.

Harry’s face was still covered in Floo Powder and soot, and his glasses must have still been in his robes somewhere, but Draco thought that he looked fantastic. He felt his cock twitch in Harry’s hand. Harry gave him a raised eyebrow but made no other motions. ‘Please suck it,’ he whined out. He was rewarded with Harry’s soft and wet mouth enclosing the head of his cock.

His hand tangled into the dark hair of Harry’s head and his own head fell back against the chair, his hips thrusting up into the brunet’s mouth as Harry pushed himself further down into Draco’s lap, taking his cock more deeply into his mouth. ‘Fuck, Harry,’ he cried out. He could feel Harry grin around him. He was taking Draco further into his throat but then pulling back and giving the head kisses and licks and then pushing himself back down again and the constant stimulation was making Draco get closer and closer to a precipice that he so wanted to fall off of.

Harry pulled off of him for a moment, his emerald eyes boring straight into Draco’s grey orbs as he put his finger into his own mouth, covering it with the saliva that was thick there, and then put his face back down on Draco’s cock. His wet finger found Draco’s arsehole and he pushed the slickened digit in. Draco’s hips came off of the chair at the sensation, but Harry continued with vigour, now fucking Draco’s arse with his finger, pressing against that sweet spot inside him and taking his cock to the back of his throat over and over and Draco knew that it couldn’t last much longer.

Harry lifted his head again, panting lightly. ‘I want you to come now,’ he said with a dark smile. ‘And then I’m going to fuck you.’

He shoved his head back down, taking all of Draco in and pressed his finger hard into the blonde again and Draco felt his body go rigid, stars shining behind his eyes as he came hard into Harry’s mouth, his head slamming back against the chair. Harry kept Draco’s cock in his mouth, sucking and licking until he went soft. He gave it one last kiss and then he stood up.

He suddenly grabbed Draco’s hair and pulled, making him stand up from the chair. Once he was standing, they quickly shed each other’s clothes and Harry pushed Draco towards the sofa in the room. Draco landed down on it on his back and Harry was on top of him in a moment, taking his lips in another kiss.

Draco’s hand was back in Harry’s hair as Harry ground his erection against Draco’s stomach and kissed him harshly. ‘Oh, fuck Harry,’ Draco moaned out as Harry pulled away and started biting his neck.

Harry, wandlessly and wordlessly, after years of practise and perfection, conjured a dollop of lube onto his hand. He smeared it over his cock as he continued biting Draco’s neck and then pushed two of his wet fingers back into the panting blonde. Draco moaned and felt himself start to get hard again at Harry’s rough treatment. He pulled Harry’s face back up to his for another hard kiss and then felt Harry’s cock against his arse. ‘Please,’ he said breathlessly.

Harry pushed into Draco firmly, only needing a few thrusts to fully bury himself into the blond wizard. Draco’s hands were gripping Harry’s hair and grabbing at his back, his head pushing back into the sofa at the sensations. Harry began thrusting into the blonde with force, his eyes gleaming with a possessive glint as he watched Draco begin to fall apart under him.

Harry loved Draco, even though he did sometimes have a hard time of expressing it to him. When they had first gotten together almost five years ago after a particularly embarrassing pick-up game of Quidditch, Harry had been more determined to dominate the Slytherin rather than express any feelings or emotions. And though that dynamic had worked for the two of them for some time, it had only been Hermione’s interference that had helped them to evolve into what they were now.

As Harry continued his thrusts, he reached down between them and grabbed Draco’s cock to try to bring him off at the same time he did. He dropped his head into Draco’s neck and said through a groan, ‘Gods, I love you.’

Draco’s eyes screwed tight as he spilled his cum all over Harry’s hand and his own stomach. Harry thrust a few more times and then pushed in deep to fill Draco’s arse. They both took panting breaths and stared at each other. Draco’s lips slid into a smile and said, ‘I fucking love you, too.’

They both heard a loud, shuddering, feminine moan and turned their faces towards the door. Hermione was leaning against it, eyes closed and head pushed back against the wood, one hand down her knickers and the other shoved into her shirt, playing with one of her tits. She was also breathing heavily and panting, face and neck flushed pink from what looked like quite a strong orgasm.

Harry looked down at Draco, and said in a whisper, ‘Who gets that point?’

He could feel Draco’s chuckle rumble through his chest. ‘I think she does.’

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