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Draco’s eyes felt heavy as he looked over another sheaf of parchments. He looked at his watch again. How much longer was she going to be? Harry had said that she had some late meetings tonight, but this was later than she had been home in a long time. He just hoped that the meetings weren’t with that Corner fucker that seemed to fawn all over her.

Several minutes later the floo finally lit up and Hermione landed in the study with a sigh and a stretch of her neck. Then she looked up at him and he couldn’t help his heart lifting when she smiled upon seeing him.

This was one of the reasons that he loved working in the study where the floo was. He was usually the first thing that Harry and Hermione saw when they would get home from their long and stressful days of work, and the look of happiness on their faces when they saw him always made him feel like he was wanted. Needed. Loved.

Hermione unclipped her work robes and let them fall from her shoulders and she walked over to him. She put a hand on his shoulder and rested her cheek against the top of his head. ‘You’re working late, love,’ she said, her fingers slowly sinking into the hair at the back of his head and he gave a shiver.

He had actually finished everything that he needed to do today hours ago, but he had told Harry that he still had some work to do in order to be the first person that Hermione saw when she got back from the Ministry. Though Harry had been purposefully and ominously quiet when Draco had asked him if he had fared any better with Hermione today, Draco had a feeling that he had gotten at least one point in the wager, so Draco needed to push back into the lead. ‘I can stop now,’ he said, looking up at her and she smiled and brought her lips to his.

‘Where’s Harry?’ she asked as she pulled back and he turned his chair so that she could crawl onto his lap.

‘Making dinner,’ he said against her lips. ‘He said you’d be hungry.’

‘Starving,’ she said, pulling his lips to hers again.

‘Me too,’ he said after another thorough kiss. ‘Though I think I could go for a starter beforehand.’

She pulled back and tipped her head to the side in adorable confusion. He smirked and lifted an eyebrow while looking down between them. ‘W-what?’ she asked.

He put his large hands under her bum and stood, depositing her onto his desk and kissing her again. ‘I want to eat you first,’ he clarified, looking into her eyes and he heard her breath hitch. ‘If that’s alright with you?’ he said in a sarcastic voice.

She nodded and he smirked as he pushed her back to lie across his desk. He took a seat back in his chair, resting her feet on the arms of the chair and then reaching under her skirt to remove her knickers slowly. He rubbed his hands up and down her thighs as he did so and he heard her moan softly.

Fuck, he wanted to take this slow, but he also knew that if Harry came in and she invited him to join again then he would be back on an even keel with the brunet, so he needed to get her off quickly the first time so that the point was his. He pushed her skirt up and moved closer to her, breathing in her scent. ‘You smell so fucking good, Hermione,’ he said and then brought his fingers up to spread her open so he could slide his tongue through her slit. She moaned and grabbed his hair.

'Oh Merlin, Draco,' she panted as two of his fingers found their way inside of her, curling back to roughly press against her g-spot as his tongue laved at her slick cunt. His other arm wrapped around her leg, his hand resting over her tummy as he pulled her as close and he could get her against his mouth and tongue and fingers.


Some time later, Draco looked up from his bountiful feast to find Harry standing at the door to the study. Draco wasn’t sure how long he had been there, as he had been too busy bringing Hermione to several earth-shattering orgasms. He pulled away from her only briefly to give Harry a smug look, then he removed his soaked fingers from a nearly comatose Hermione and showed them to Harry—in a V shape that may or may not also have resembled a rather rude gesture.

Harry gave him a dark look and Draco knew that he would probably be punished for his snark, but he was in the lead again, and their voracious witch looked to be finally sated…for today.

Nearly Five Years Ago

Draco, who had been peacefully enjoying his shower after a glorious win against the former Gryffindors, hadn’t expected to be rudely interrupted and accosted by one of them.

‘You’re a fucking cheat, Malfoy,’ a voice hissed against his ear as he was pushed forward against the tile wall.

‘Fuck off, Potter,’ he said. ‘Just because you’ve let yourself go doesn’t mean I have.’

Potter let go of him, and he turned around and stared the Gryffindor down, but he didn’t seem in the least bit intimidated. ‘There’s no way you could have caught the snitch that quick unless you cheated.’

‘Or I’ve been practicing more than you have?’ Draco countered with a smug grin. ‘I do have my own private pitch at the Manor.’ He didn’t want to elaborate to the brunet that being on that pitch on a broom in the air was the only thing that had gotten him through the two years of having a madman living in his house and the trauma of the trials and derision from the Wizarding public after that, not to mention his recent horrible and overly-publicised breakup.

‘Lucky you,’ Potter said angrily and Draco gave a sarcastic laugh.

‘Yes, lucky me,’ he said. ‘Please be on your way, Potter. I would rather shower without you here.’

This seemed to enrage the dark-haired wizard further and Potter pushed him forward against the wall again. ‘You don’t get to talk to me like that,’ he said.

‘Have you got a bee in your bonnet, Potter?’ Draco asked. ‘Just because you’re pants at Quidditch now doesn’t mean we all are.’

‘Shut the fuck up,’ he hissed darkly into Draco’s ear, and for some reason the tone of his voice made Draco’s cock twitch as he realised his situation. Potter was naked, he was pushing his naked body against Draco’s naked back, and Draco hadn’t been shagged properly in months.

‘Make me,’ Draco said with a smile to himself. Yes, let’s see if it was true what people were saying about Potter fucking anything with legs after the red-headed bint cheated on him. Draco knew he could do with the shag.

It was like the flick of a wand. Potter’s angry and determined body language changed so quick Draco could barely process it, and instead of pushing his body against Draco’s to intimidate him (despite him being several inches shorter than the blonde), it now pressed against him in a sexual way and Draco could feel Potter’s cock harden against his upper leg. ‘Are you propositioning me, Malfoy?’ he asked.

‘Do you want me to be?’ he asked and then hissed as Potter grabbed his hair and pulled it back.

‘Are you that desperate for a cock up your arse?’ Potter asked. ‘I saw the papers when Zabini broke it off with you.’

Draco gritted his teeth and growled. ‘Don’t talk about him.’

‘About what?’ Potter asked with faux innocence. ‘How he left you for Astoria Greengrass because you couldn’t give him the children he wanted?’

Draco pushed back and pushed him away. ‘Fuck off.’

Potter looked at him and sobered. ‘Seriously, that was a shite thing for him to do to you.’

Draco gave him a sour look. ‘Yeah, well, one too many curses during the war and suddenly you’re no longer useful.’

Potter looked him over. ‘And you’re sure it was you?’ he asked.

Draco nodded solemnly, annoyed at the sudden change in conversation.

‘Perfect,’ Potter said, moving closer to him again and running and hand down his chest.

‘What the fuck, Potter?’

‘Look, I don’t want kids or heirs or whatever the fuck else,’ he said as he looked into Draco’s eyes, now rubbing a finger over his nipple. ‘I want someone to fuck, and if fucking you means I don’t have to remember a stupid charm every time, then that just makes it all the better.’

‘You’re so romantic,’ Draco said, but felt himself harden as the brunet continued caressing him.

‘I’m not,’ Potter deadpanned. ‘I am the farthest from romantic you can possibly get. I won’t take you on dates or anything, alright, but if you come home with me then I promise I’ll fuck your brains out as often as you want it.’

Draco let out an involuntary moan. Why was he getting turned on by this? His cock hardened further as Potter grabbed it in his hand, squeezing him tightly and pushing him back into the shower.

He smiled darkly, ‘So, what do you say Malfoy?’

Draco groaned as he felt the rough hand begin to work over his cock and he reached down to grab Potter’s as well. ‘I suppose we could give it a try.’


Draco cried out as his body reached its third orgasm with Potter’s cock still shoved deep into his arse, pummeling away. ‘Fucking hell, Potter,’ he said in a broken voice, collapsing forward onto the duvet.

‘Fuck Malfoy,’ Potter said, holding himself up as he continued pushing into Draco’s bum. He kept at it for another few minutes before he finally thrust forward hard and released himself again, continuing to push forward until Draco was stuffed full of both cock and cum.

He relaxed against the bed, his body exhausted from the fucking it had been subjected to and Potter relaxed on top of him, not removing the cock from his bum.

‘Is that what you needed, Malfoy?’ he asked, nibbling Draco’s ear.

‘Gods, yes,’ he moaned out.

‘Me too.’

‘You weren’t kidding when you said you’d fuck my brains out. I feel like I can’t think.’

Potter chuckled against his back. ‘Well, you know where I live now. Anytime you want more, come on over.’

Draco had laughed it off, but being curious, as he was, he tried the address in the floo three days later and was surprised when he ended up though the wards and in the study of Potter’s house. A few moments later, Potter opened the door and looked him over. ‘I knew you’d be back.’

And he was, nearly every night thereafter, to be thoroughly fucked by Harry Potter.

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