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‘Are you coming to the garden party on Sunday then?’

Hermione looked up from her paperwork to see Michael Corner standing by her office door. ‘Erm,’ she started. ‘I hadn’t actually decided yet.’

Michael worked with Hermione in Legal for the Department for Magical Law Enforcement. He gave her a frown. ‘Come on, it’s going to be massive. And I’ve heard the Ministry is supplying all the drink.’

Hermione shrugged and stood up. They were heading downstairs to speak to one of the Head Aurors about one of their clients that had been kept in custody for too long without legal representation. ‘I’m not really too bothered about all that,’ she said. She hadn’t told anyone at work yet about being pregnant and attending a ministry function with FOC booze and not partaking in any of it was a sure way to have that questioned. ‘And I don’t think Harry or Draco would be up for it.’

The Ravenclaw was silent for a few moments as they walked towards the lifts. ‘Can I be honest with you?’ he said and looked at her with an innocent expression on his face.

She took a deep breath. ‘What is it, Michael?’

He frowned again. ‘If I had a witch like you, I would want to show you off every moment I could. It seems to me like they would rather just hide you away. You never seem to go out and about.’

Hermione breathed deeply and turned to him. ‘It’s what we would all prefer, Michael,’ she said. ‘We’ve all lived our lives far too much in the public eye. Every moment of our lives have seemed up for speculation, and especially with all of us having quite publicised breakups in the past, we just want to keep what we have to ourselves.’

And that was the truth, Hermione thought. All of their exes seemed to be constantly plastered in the media and the three of them had decided ages ago that they didn’t want that at all. Ron and Luna were always running stories about their new holistic sexual health and weight loss potions (which Draco found to be the most ridiculous thing in the world, especially as they seemed to pose quite a significant threat to his own business). Dean Thomas had recently started divorce proceedings against Ginny Weasley—citing that he was a victim of mental and physical domestic abuse from the witch. And, if the rumour mill could be believed, Blaise and Astoria Zabini might soon be welcoming their fourth child together.

‘I understand that,’ Michael said. ‘But I guess it would be nice to see them actually show you some affection, you know. Whenever I see any of you together, you just always seem a bit distant.’

Hermione smiled wryly. ‘They are polite in public,’ Hermione agreed. ‘But they do show me affection.’

He gave her what seemed like a perfunctory smile as the lift doors opened and the lone occupant looked up. ‘Speak of the devil,’ Michael said with a grin.

Hermione smiled at Harry and he gave them a raised eyebrow. Hermione moved into the lift and stood in the middle. Harry to one side and Michael on the other. The doors slid closed. Hermione could feel Harry’s eyes on her and she turned to him. He was still looking at her questioningly. ‘Michael was saying that you don’t show me enough public affection,’ she said truthfully.

Michael scoffed and began explaining that he didn’t mean it quite that way, and Harry, to his credit, didn’t seem too upset by it. He just reiterated what Hermione had said to Michael before, but as he did, Hermione felt his hand slide up the back of her leg, under her skirt and give her bum a squeeze through her knickers.

She gave him a sharp look and he just gave her a secretive smile, which made a heat blossom in her tummy sharply and suddenly. ‘I don’t need to prove my feelings for Hermione to anyone but her,’ he finished, squeezing her bottom again and giving her another dark look that Michael couldn’t see from the other side of her.

The lift doors opened and Michael walked out, seemingly thankful to get out of the situation but Hermione couldn’t seem to make her feet move. Harry worked two floors below where they were now and he had stayed put, hand still caressing her backside. ‘Are you coming, Hermione?’ Michael asked.

She cleared her throat. ‘I er…forgot some paperwork. I’ll just run back up to my office to get it.’

Michael looked at his watch. ‘The meeting starts in ten minutes, make it quick,’ he said and the doors closed.

Hermione let out a sigh and turned to Harry as the lift started moving down again. Harry gave her another raise of one of his dark eyebrows and grinned, pulling his wand out. ‘Arresto momentum.’ They stopped suddenly and Harry pushed her back against the side of the lift. ‘Not enough public affection, huh?’ he asked.

‘Harry,’ she started, trying to protest, but his hand slid down her body and she ended up sounding more breathless than upset.

He grabbed her arse again, pulling her hips against his and she could feel that he was hardening and couldn’t help a small moan. ‘I want to fuck you right now, Hermione,’ he said darkly. ‘If you really don’t want me to, tell me now and I’ll stop.’

‘Not enough—’ she started, there wasn’t enough time, was there?

‘Tell. Me. No.,’ he said harshly, grabbing her bum and dipping his head down to kiss her neck before looking back into her face.

She pressed her lips together and shook her head slightly. She couldn’t. Couldn’t say no. She needed this. She had been on edge all day and her meetings were running late tonight. She had even thought about having a quick wank in the witches’ toilets earlier but talked herself out of it. Harry grinned.

It was the definition of a quickie. Only the absolute minimum of clothes were shed in order to bring their bodies together as quickly as possible. Hands quickly pushed knickers away and trousers down. Fingers tested wetness in the space of half a second. Legs were spread and hoisted and wrapped haphazardly. Lips met and then—bliss.

Hermione moaned out loud as Harry filled her. He buried his head in her neck, grabbing her arse in one hand and her hip in the other as he sank deep and then began fucking her quickly and harshly. It wasn’t gentle making love, but it wasn’t the time for that. They didn’t have time for that. This was needy and greedy, both taking as much as they were giving.

Hermione knew she was going to come quickly. This whole situation was turning her on more than she could have believed and she dragged her hand through Harry’s hair to bring his head to up to meet her lips. ‘Fuck,’ she moaned into his mouth, her body reacting to his so strongly she felt her toes curl. ‘Gah.’

His eyes were a dark emerald and she felt a shock in her belly as he kept thrusting up into her hard. ‘So needy for us, aren’t you?’ he moaned.

Hermione nodded, panting against him and then he slammed up firmly, pulling her hip down and she felt his cock pulse inside her. The feeling pushed her over the edge and she pressed her head back against the wall of the lift as she shuddered in his strong arms.

He kissed her breathlessly as they both slowly came back down and rubbed his nose against hers lightly. She let out a laugh. ‘Think I’m going to late for my meeting.’

Harry kissed her and then let her down and put them back to rights, muttering a few cleansing spells and then kissing her lightly again. ‘I would have done that ages ago if I knew you’d be so keen,’ he said with a grin.

Hermione hit his shoulder playfully. ‘It’s not happening ever again,’ she said. ‘You caught me in a weak moment.’

He gave her a cheeky smirk. He had been with Draco for far too long, she thought. But as the lift started moving again and the doors opened to Harry’s floor and he stepped out, leaving her freshly shagged and satisfied, even she wasn’t sure she believed her own words.

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