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A/N: Hi all, I've decided that I am going to update this story until I can get the next chapter of Delayed Inheritance written. I have been trying for over a month to write the next chapter, but it just won’t go onto paper the way that I have it in my head and it’s really bothering me. So, I’m not dead, and here’s a wee smutty chapter of this one to prove it.



When Harry woke up suddenly, the first thing that he did was look at his watch. He grinned and rolled over to the witch lying beside him in the bed. She had her back to him tonight, and he scooted a bit closer to her and ran a hand down her back. To his surprise, she gave a soft moan.

He scrunched his eyebrows and lifted his head, blinking a bit of the sleep from his eyes as he looked over her body to see that she was already awake and that the cheeky blonde in their bed was already laving attention on her breasts. She had her hands in his hair, pulling him closer to her chest and gave another moan.

Harry cleared his throat and Hermione turned her head while Draco just continued on with what he was doing, giving Harry a lazy grin before sucking one of Hermione’s perfect nipples back into his mouth.

‘Harry,’ Hermione moaned again, throwing one of her arms back to grab his head and bring his face to hers for a kiss. He kissed her passionately for a few moments and then smirked down at the blonde, while running a hand down Hermione’s body to grab hold of her beautiful bum.

‘What do you want, Hermione?’ Harry asked her, nuzzling into her neck and caressing her arse gently.

She whimpered again and arched her back to press her tits into Draco’s face. ‘Merlin…both, I want both of you.’

Harry smiled against her shoulder, his caresses of her arse now going deeper, delving down to caress her back entrance and she groaned and shifted her hips in pleasure. ‘Both of us?’ he asked her.


Harry couldn’t help but moan at their wanton witch. He slipped his hand forward and found that Draco’s fingers were not idle, as he was plunging them into her needy cunt. Harry pushed them out of the way and pressed two of his own fingers into her, gathering her slick wetness over them and bringing them back to her rosebud.

‘Hormones are driving her crazy, Harry,’ Draco said, finally lifting his head from her tits and looking at Harry. ‘I think she needs a proper fuck before she’s going to be able to fall back asleep.’

Harry grinned and slowly sunk his two fingers into her arse, making her whimper loudly. ‘She’s definitely going to get a proper fuck,’ Harry agreed. He began plunging his fingers into her bottom again and again, stretching her slowly and he could feel that Draco had also resumed his treatment to her pretty pussy and her breasts and she started panting hard, her breath hitching as they both used their fingers on her. Harry kissed and nipped at her shoulder as he ground his erection against the bed, waiting for her to reach her release.

Fuck, he loved the sounds she made. She panted and cried out, ‘Fuck, oh gods, yes, yes, that’s so good, fuck yes, please Draco, please Harry,’ in an almost continuous mantra until she finally fell over the edge, her body squeezing around their fingers and her body shaking in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Harry waited until she stopped shaking and then pulled her onto her back. Draco raised an eyebrow but Harry gave him a sharp look. ‘You said she needed a proper fuck, not a proper fingering,’ he said as he settled himself between Hermione’s legs.

She looked up at him and then reached down to grab his bum. ‘Yes,’ she said breathlessly and Harry needed no further encouragement before driving himself deep into her.

Her mantra had started again and Harry gave her several hard thrusts before he shoved a hand under her arse and rolled them over on the bed so that she was on top of him. She looked at him and made to sit up but he held her down and gave her a quick kiss. ‘Do you want Draco in your arse, love?’ he asked.

She moaned and nodded again, throwing her hair to the side so that she could see Draco kneeling on the bed beside them, stroking his own cock while watching the two of them. She put her arm out towards him. ‘Please Draco,’ she said. ‘I want both of you.’

Draco smirked and then opened the bedside drawer. Harry watched as he smeared his cock in lube and then moved behind Hermione and between Harry’s legs on the bed. Hermione was still lying against him and he watched her face as Draco pushed into her, slowly feeding his cock into her arse. He could feel it against his cock through Hermione’s tight walls and he groaned, loving the feeling of them both deep inside their witch.

Once Draco was fully seated, he began a slow rhythm that had Hermione very quickly moaning and panting again. She pushed herself up so that she could push down against them both and Harry leaned up slightly to alternately suck her nipples into his mouth. One of Draco’s hands was caressing her barely noticeable bump and the other was on her shoulder as he pulled her back against his cock with each thrust into her arse.

‘Fuck yes,’ Draco was groaning and indecent words were spilling from Harry’s lips as well. Hermione was shivering between them and they could tell she was close again.

‘Come for us, Hermione,’ Harry growled, pinching one of her nipples. ‘Come all over our cocks.’

Her back arched again as Draco redoubled his efforts and began thrusting into her with more force. ‘Gods yes, fu—uh—ck.’ She practically wailed out her final syllables as she came hard between them, squeezing their cocks with her muscles and making them both lose control, both holding her as tight and hard against them as possible to spill into her body with their own releases.

Draco pulled out of her and collapsed onto the bed, letting Hermione fall on top of Harry and then roll off of him onto the bed between them. They were all breathing heavily and looking at each other with satisfied grins.

Harry’s eyes met Draco’s and they both gave a nod. Hermione had invited Harry to join, meaning that they both received a point, but Draco was still in the lead, and the underlying grin in his expression confirmed that he still felt a bit smug about this fact.

Nevermind, Harry thought. Tomorrow—or rather today—he was sure that he could get Hermione off at work. And once he did it once, he was sure she would let him again, and then he would win this wager and the prize that came along with it.

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