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Harry, Draco and Hermione were relaxing on the sofa in the sitting room. They had charmed a television to be able to work in the house and they were currently watching a film. It was one that they had all seen before, but they just needed something to relax and unwind to after quite a busy day.

Harry was dozing off on the left side of the sofa, and Draco was in the middle with Hermione leaning back against him, her legs thrown over the arm and a blanket over her. She was yawning and tired but the movie was almost over, so she was trying to stay awake.

Her hand slid down under the blanket and she rested it over to tummy, rubbing it slightly and feeling the growing bump under her fingers. She hadn’t felt any kicks or movement yet, but it was still early days. She was interested to find out what the baby would look like, as she actually had no idea which one of her boyfriends had knocked her up.

She was starting to get a bit frustrated at her body now. Though she knew that her pregnancy was probably intensifying her sex drive, she also knew she couldn’t blame it completely as she had always been a witch who enjoyed sex, but only hours after that magnificent orgasm that she had given herself while watching Harry and Draco together she felt herself building towards that need again. It hadn’t helped either that today at work almost every time that she had seen Harry, he had been secretly touching and caressing her. She wasn’t sure what had gotten into him, as he was usually quite polite and professional while at the Ministry.

Her hand slid further down and slipped under the edge of her knickers. She tried not to make too much movement, but just softly rubbed her clit to give herself a little relief. She pushed down a bit to gather some wetness and then brought it back up and she brought her attention back to the film as she gently fingered her nub.

Suddenly, there was another hand pushing into her knickers and she gasped as she felt Draco’s arm around her tighten to keep her still. He brought his lips down to her ear and whispered so that Harry couldn’t hear, ‘Getting yourself off again without us, darling?’

Her back was against him, so she couldn’t look at him, but she shook her head and tried to pull her hand out of her knickers. He grabbed it and held it there. ‘You keep doing that,’ he said softly, moving her finger over her clit again. ‘And I’ll do this.’ He slipped two fingers down her slit and then up inside her in a hard but smooth motion, not making any disturbance over the blanket. The way he was speaking and his movements made her think that he didn’t want Harry to know what they were doing.

She let out a small moan to test her theory and he held her tighter and whispered, ‘Shh,’ into her ear. Yes, definitely trying to hide it from Harry. She would have to figure out what that meant later. For now, she was enjoying the feeling of his fingers inside her too much to care.

They continued watching the film as Hermione ran circles around her clit and Draco’s fingers delved into her, over and over. She knew that her breath was coming in shorter pants now but was trying to keep it calm and silent. She really wanted nothing more than to moan out loud at the pleasurable feelings.

She could feel herself getting closer to her peak and her movements became a bit more shaky. She grabbed Draco’s hand and separated another one of his fingers to show that she wanted it in her as well and he complied, pushing now three of his long fingers into her in long, firm thrusts.

Oh fuck, she groaned in her mind. It felt so good. She brought her fingers back to her clit and pressed hard against it, her body going rigid against Draco and she let out a quiet moan as a warmth spread over her. She let out a few deep calming breaths and then an involuntary groan as Draco removed his fingers from her.

‘Are you okay, Hermione,’ Harry asked from his side of the sofa and she turned guiltily to look at him.

‘Of course,’ she said, faking a yawn. ‘Just a bit tired now.’

He nodded but then caught a smirk on Draco’s lips. He leaned in closer to the blonde and nipped his earlobe. ‘What are you smirking about?’

Draco turned and said hot in Harry’s ear. ‘I’m in the lead. That’s another point to me.’


Four Years, Eight Months Ago

By the time she made it to the front door of Number 12 Grimmauld Place, the rain pouring down on her head had washed away most of the tears from her face. She chapped the door loudly, and when it opened roughly and her brown eyes met the bright green of her best friend’s, she felt more fat tears roll out over her cheeks.

‘Hermione, what’s wrong?’ he asked, pulling her inside from the rain and with a quick accio, summoned her a towel from somewhere upstairs. He threw it over her shoulders as she shook and sobbed.

‘Ron’s left me,’ she cried.

Harry looked gobsmacked. ‘He’s what?’

She nodded her head as more tears fell from her eyes and he pulled her down the hall and pushed her into a study with a nice, blazing fireplace. He sat down next to her on a large sofa and with a finger under her chin, made her look into his eyes.

‘Tell me what happened,’ he said.

She scoffed but then said, ‘I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Our relationship has been falling apart for a while,’ she said. ‘But—’ she started but could not finish.

‘But what?’ Harry asked.

‘Gods, Harry, I can’t tell you this. It’s so embarrassing,’ she said with a red flush to her cheeks and looking down at the floor again.

‘What is it?’ he asked again, softly.

‘It’s just, Ron’s been talking for a while about bringing another witch into…into bed, you know? And it’s been a bit—stale—lately, so, so I agreed,’ she said embarrassedly.

Harry shook his head and she knew that he already knew what was coming.

‘I guess I should have known when he was so quick to say that he wanted it to be Luna, and then when Luna so quickly agreed. And, well…’ she trailed off. She couldn’t explain to Harry the way that Ron had looked at Luna when he had fucked her and how he had never looked at Hermione that way once in the almost three years that they had been together.

Harry shook his head again. ‘Fucking Weasleys, eh?’

This was why Hermione had come here. Ginny had cheated on Harry just over a year ago with Dean Thomas and left him brokenhearted and now Hermione knew how he felt. Of course, Harry’s solution to his problem was to use his celebrity status to try to get back at Ginny by fucking any witch or wizard that would look at him, and from what she had heard it had been a fair few.

Hermione looked at the wall. ‘Would I be able to stay here for a bit?’ she asked softly. ‘I just don’t think I can stay in that flat knowing that Ron and Luna have—’

‘Of course, Hermione,’ Harry said. ‘You can have your old room, if you want.’

Hermione smiled and gave him a big hug, noticing immediately how strong he was. He was slimmer and more muscular than Ron now and when he looked at her with those big green eyes, she felt like she would melt. ‘Thank you, Harry.’

He stood up and grabbed her hand to take her upstairs to her room. She was looking down at the floor and Harry was behind her when she suddenly ran into something very solid and very warm. She looked up in surprise and a pair of grey eyes looked down at her. Harry hadn’t noticed that she’d stopped and ran into her back, shoving her forward into the man in front of her and for a moment she was pressed between two very solid male bodies. ‘Malfoy?’ Hermione asked in confusion.

Malfoy’s eyes met Harry’s over her head and without a word, he turned around and walked back into the room that he had just come out of—Harry’s room.

Harry pushed her forward until they reached the room that she remembered staying in when she was younger. When they were both in the room, she turned to Harry.

‘I know what you’re going to say,’ he said, looking down in a sheepish way.

‘You and Malfoy?’ Hermione asked in bewilderment.

He nodded and dragged a hand through his hair, looking back up at her. ‘Yeah, for a few months now actually.’

Hermione just gaped a bit, she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to react to that. It wasn’t just a shag; they had been together for months?

‘He stays over most nights, Hermione, so you’re going to have to get used to him being around,’ Harry said in a way that was hopeful that they would get along.

Hermione nodded reluctantly. ‘I’ll try to be civil, Harry, as long as he doesn’t call me that foul name.’

‘I’ll speak to him,’ Harry said. ‘He’s really much better than he was in school. Still a prick, but he’s a bit less childish at least.’

Hermione shook her head, not sure what Harry saw in the blonde, but she wasn’t going to try to rain on her friend’s happiness. ‘Okay, thanks for letting me stay here, Harry. Once I get a place of my own, I’ll be out of your hair.’

‘It’s no problem, Hermione. You know you’re always welcome here.’ He smiled and left the room. Hermione knew that she might be welcomed by Harry, but the look on Malfoy’s face when he saw her made her believe that she would not be welcome for long if he had any say in it.

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