Magic Behind the Kunai

BY : Blackkitten23
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or Naruto and I don’t make a profit off my stories

I don’t own Harry Potter or Naruto and I don’t make a profit off my stories

Warnings – AU, sexual content, language, violence, Gore, Mpreg

Good Kurama

Evil council and Sarutobi

No Akatsuki or Uchiha massacre

Evil manipulative Voldemort/Dumbledore/McGonagall/Hermione/Narcissa bashing,

 (I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double  & intersecting harems meaning some of these men will be with both Naruto and Harry:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Gemna / Severus / Lucius / Remus

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku


Petunia was lounging in the chair outside relaxing with a romantic book when her peace was shattered by a rustle of a trash bag. Much to her annoyance she saw her skinny 9 year old nephew in ratty clothes come out of the house dragging a large trash bag to the street. In a worse mood than usual she grabbed the boy by the arm and roughly dragged him into the house …

“is it too much to ask for some peace and quiet while my Dudders and Vernon are on a trip with some of Dudder’s many friends?” she snapped harshly taking pleasure in the boy’s flinch, which could have either been caused by the tone in her voice, the sound of the door slamming closed or the painful bruising grip she had on his arm “you’ll do the outside chores at night so you don’t bother me!”

“I’m sorry Aunty” the boy whispered with a tremble in his voice.

Just as she was about to go back outside she stopped as she remembered something. Years ago when the when the brat was dumped onto her lap by those magical freaks she was also given a box filled with her sister’s old things. She assumed the same person who dropped it off for the boy, Albus Dumbledore, was the same person who dropped off the box the next day, but the letter that came with the box was not signed and had some very elegant handwriting. The second letter explained that the box was meant for Harry and that it contained Lily’s personal effects including old school assignments and that it couldn’t be opened by anyone other than Harry unless they were a magical blood relative or at least that’s how the letter explained it. Of course Petunia had no intention of letting the boy have the box, but she stored the box in the attic in case it was cursed to hurt her if it was tossed out or something and for another reason …

If only Harry can open it then only Harry can destroy it, which means she had a plan. She was going to have him burn the box and then tell him who it belonged to after. The thought of the tears from the child after realizing he destroyed a connection to his mother was making Petunia giddy with a sick joy.

“clean out the attic instead and burn any trash in the ring in the backyard especially burn a box labeled Lily” Petunia ordered and the boy rushed off to complete the chore. If he didn’t do it fast enough he won’t be allowed to eat again.

The boy, whose name was Harry Potter, scrambled up into the attic as quietly as he could and began looking through the boxes. Dust made it difficult to see and he slipped as he carried the fourth box, which was labeled Lily, down the folding steps. Poor Harry bit back an agonized scream and carefully sat up to look at his hand. The fourth finger on his right hand was clearly broken, but there was no time to cry or waste on bandaging the finger. He took a few deep breaths and picked up the box, which was thankfully very light.

“I better check what’s in here first” the young boy whispered as he set he box next to the ring after starting a fire he opened the box and found what looked like old school reports for a girl named Lily Evans. A girl who got a lot of 0s …

Curiosity gripped Harry and he cautiously flipped through the mysterious girl’s homework, which was written on really old looking paper. What puzzled him was that despite the poor grades he couldn’t find a bad comment in the teacher’s notes written at the bottom of each assignment. If he knew the grades were Os not 0s it may make more sense, but what school uses Os instead of As?

The pain in his finger spiked as he hit the pile of papers he was accumulating and made him snap back to reality. He was shocked to find a huge pile of papers next to him “… how? … the box couldn’t have fit all this!” he gasped in shock, but quickly clapped his hands over his mouth praying his aunt didn’t hear him. After a full minute and no enraged Petunia coming to hurt him he sighed in relief and began looking back and forth between the small box, that looked just big enough to fit a few assignments and maybe a book, and the pile of papers that was nearly as tall as him! “is it the box?” he pondered curiously as he looked in the box that still had stuff in it!

Lets see … there were old homework assignments obviously but upon further inspection here was more. An entire life was in here! Old strange toys, some odd candies he never heard of and books on strange subjects he never heard of! So much was in one little box!

“oh the bunny!” Harry exclaimed happily as he reached in with his good hand and pulled out a pink bunny. One of the assignments he looked through was about making something into a portkey.

Going by the paper a portkey was an object that can take someone somewhere else. Harry recalled that paper easily because it was the only paper that had a negative comment from the teacher. Apparently this Lily forgot to make a certain mark and instead of ending up in her assigned location, which was Tokyo, someone using her portkey would end up in a random location in Japan. According to the teacher’s comment it was a simple mistake, but she got extra credit for making the portkey locked by a password, which was ‘hop’ since she choose a plush bunny as her object.

“portkeys, boxes that fit more than they should … it’s like magic” Harry said as he held the bunny. However the second he realized what he said he paled and tossed the bunny aside to cram everything back into the box. He panted as he shut the box his body still shaking and his blood still frozen in his veins.

That word … magic … the forbidden word. Now he understood why his aunt wanted this thing burned. It was strange and had to be destroyed since anything strange or magic, which didn’t realty exist, was bad! Of course even though he knew magic was bad and that his aunt would punish him severely if she found this box unscathed he couldn’t help leaning over to pick up the bunny. It was the only thing that missed his frantic packing. He absentmindedly sat down on the box as he savored the touch of the soft toy that was cool and comforting on his swelling finger. The Dursleys only gave him broken crayons to play with. He was never allowed toys like this so it was nice to hold one and it had him feeling a little more adventurous. After all if magic didn’t exist what would it hurt? …

“hop” Harry said intending to toss the bunny and the box he was sitting on in the fire immediately after that, but then he felt something tug his navel and he, the bunny and the box vanished ..


“jerks” a 10 year old blonde boy dressed in an orange jumpsuit named Naruto Uzumaki growled under his reach as he saw his classmate being picked on by some bullies “hey Shino what’s going on?” he yelled and jumped out of his hiding spot behind a bush. He pretended to be the usual hyperactive knucklehead everyone thought he was to avoid people realizing he knew what was going on. It’s not like he had to figure out much more of a plan. These bullies always run at the sight of him. He is the demon of the village after all.

The leader of the bullies cringed pretending that he wasn’t nervous about the village freak showing up “whatever, see you bug boy” he said harshly as he and his gang left.

“what was that about? Sorry Shino did I interrupt something?” Naruto asked looking a little guilty though he really wasn’t.

The boy wearing the gray coat with high collar shook his head “no” he said bluntly and turned around to look at the ground.

Naruto tilted his head curiously and looked at the same spot and saw something laying on the ground “oh cool, is that a cocoon? … wait aren’t they supposed to be hanging?” Naruto asked and notice the trampled plant near the cocoon. It was easy to put together what happened. Shino must’ve been admiring the cocoon when the bullies found him and, of course, being the dick they are they trampled it.

“chrysalis” Shino corrected “and yes” he answered simply before quickly walking away without even asking why Naruto was there, but Naruto didn’t mind. The blonde knew Shino wasn’t as stoic as he seemed and this probably hurt him deeply.

Inspiration struck at that moment and he knew just how to make Shino happy again! He unzipped his jacket and plucked a strand of thread from his worn shirt. With great care he picked up the chrysalis and examined it. There was a little stem like part at the top where it would normally connect to a plant and now it will be perfect to tie it up. With care he gently tied the thread to the stem. Once he had a solid knot he left to find the Aburame compound once it turned dark so it was safe to walk through the village …

Today was one of those rare days where most people were on missions so there was no one at the gate of the compound to let him in, but the insects were used to his presence so none of them reacted to him just walking in. This wasn’t because he was great friends with Shino. Naruto tried not to befriend people he liked. If the civilians knew that person could be in danger. No, the insects were used to him because he hid from mobs in the forest near the compound. He suspected the Aburames, the only humans in the village he trusted, asked the bugs to help him if he was nearby.

“which room is Shino’s?” Naruto pondered out loud as he looked around the main house. As to answer his question a group of insects formed a line leading around the back of the house. Taking the very obvious hint he followed the trail of bugs hovering in mid air. The line stopped at a door that faced a beautiful koi pond “thank you” he whispered before getting near the door. He very carefully slid the screen door open and with more stealth than he ever displayed before he slipped into the room. His heart clenched as he saw the young sleeping insect user’s red puffy eyes that were uncovered by the sunglasses, which were on the table next to the bed. Shino was hurt and alone, but Naruto hoped this surprise will cheer him up.

After scanning the room Naruto decided that the lamp on the table next to the bed would make the best spot. The chain you pull to turn the laon would obviously be a bad idea. You wouldn’t want someone to reach over in a sleepy daze and grab the chain only to feel something squish in your hand. With that in mind Naruto tied the other end of the string to the top the lamp and let the chrysalis dangle just off the edge of the lamp shade. Now the chrysalis was hanging like it should be. The job was done and Naruto thanked every heavenly being out that neither Shino or his insects woke up to attack him and prayed the bugs guarding the compound would be nice when they report his presence there.

After shutting the door and the gate he headed to his sad little shack where he was forced to live, but the smell of smoke stopped him “oh no” he groaned and looked around he corner where there was an ominous glow of a fire behind the next building over. That was the direction was where his home was and since every building round him was abandoned there was only one reason a fire would be going … a mob was waiting for him.

“kit, this way” Naruto turned and saw a red fox peeking out from behind a tree and followed it “they were pissed for some reason. Did you threaten Puffy’s brat?” the fox asked using a nickname they made for a fat civilian councilman who loves any excuse to hurt Naruto.

Naruto rolled his eyes as he leapt through the trees after the fox “I’m not as stupid as I pretend to be Kurama. Those goons were picking on Shino and I stumbled in on it” he answered implying that it was an accident.

Kurama snorted “stumbled my tails! That bug ninja will get you killed. Follow me, I found a new place to hide that looks pretty safe if just a bit messy” he said and took off with the blonde behind him. After about 10 minutes of running they came upon an old small one room house or hut depending on your definition of house.

“needs a little work, but it should work and we’re near a stream. That will be good for water and food. Good find Kurama” Naruto said as he looked at the hole in the roof that will need to be fixed or at least covered before the next rainfall.

“exactly and we should be safe here” the normal looking single tail said before sprouting 8 more tails and heading for the door “you coming? It’s late enough as it is and I need my beauty sleep”

“yeah, yeah can’t have you grouchier than usual- huh?” Naruto blinked as the spotted something pink fall into the grass near him. He went over and picked it up “a bunny? Where’d this come fro-”


Kurama jumped through the window as he heard a crash “kit what happ-,,, ened?” the fox blinked as he found Naruto unconscious with a large lump on his head, a box on the ground near Naruto’s head and some random kid on top of his kit also out cold “I take back what I said about this place being safe”

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