Magic Behind the Kunai

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Remus chuckled, “I understand. We need to pass as one person, after all. Let’s do that.” He agreed was ready to expose anything Dumbledore had hidden away …


Hermione hummed happily, “They found a new professor so quickly. Finally, we can get back to class.” She said as they all walked out of the Great Hall after dinner.

Dean blinked, “You do realize we only had one day to mourn, right?”

“Yes.” Hermione said and sighed softly. “Keep in mind he was a professor. It feels weird to mourn for long and miss out on the lessons he’d want us to know.” 

Neville tapped his chin thoughtfully and smiled, “That’s a nice way to think about it.”

Harry nodded, “It is.” He commented, but something felt off. It’s like she wasn’t being genuine. (Is everything ok with Kurama?) 

(He’s giving me a headache with his whining, but he’s fine. If he really was under the influence of potions I can see why he’d be pissed.) Naruto responded through their mental link. (I’ll give him a few more hours before letting him out of the seal again. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I deserve some sleep before helping guard Severus during the brewing. My clones are keeping tabs on things.) Naruto commented, sounding sleepy even in his mind.

(Don’t let the fox bite.) Harry thought right before feeling the link close. “Professor Lupin seems very nice, but I wonder what really happened with everything around Professor Quirrell’s passing.”

Dean tapped his chin in thought, “If they don’t tell us soon I bet we’ll have to wait until we leave for break.”

“The headmaster has it covered, I’m sure.” Hermione said dismissively as they walked up the moving stairs.

It was only for a brief moment, but Harry was sure he saw Hermione do something. Granted, they were all on the same platform waiting for the next set of moving steps. However, Harry definitely saw Hermione step close to the door. At first it looked like she was just moving so everyone on the stupidly small and potentially dangerous platform had room. Just before the next staircase swung over, however, it looked like she was fumbling with her wand.

“You coming, Hermione?” Harry asked as Neville, Ron and Dean stepped onto the staircase that’d take them to their house. However, he noticed was quickly putting her wand and pretending nothing happened. 

Hermione smiled, “Right! I thought I saw a piece of something under the door. It could belong to someone so you go ahead and I’ll quickly get it.”

“Don’t even bother, Hermione.” Harry said as the living staircase started to swing away. When Harry waved them on Neville, Dean and Ron went ahead into their house. “That’s the door to the third corridor. We were told not to go in there. If you think it’s important then tell a professor and they can handle it.” He said casually despite knowing it was a lie because he could clearly see that there was nothing poking out from under the door.

After looking at the moving staircases below and above where they stood Hermione stepped closer to Harry, “I overheard Professor Flitwick talking to Professor McGonagall. Apparently, there’s powerful artifacts in that room. If we can get in we can get them then maybe it’d help track and capture any dark witches and wizards.” She said almost begging Harry to join her.

“Why is that the job for two 11 year old students?” Harry asked bluntly.

“You stopped Voldemort at only 1 years old. Who better to finish this?” Hermione asked, clearly thinking it was a persuasive argument.

“It’s nearly time for curfew! Off to your houses!” Minerva’s voice echoed through the halls from somewhere below them.

Harry frowned, “It’s not like we can risk it now anyway.” He commented casually, secretly grateful to the perfect timing. 

It was with great reluctance, but Hermione did finally move away from the door. As the staircase slowly swung back towards them Harry spotted a flash of blonde hair from far below them. Considering it looked like it was hair on the head of a person who was jumping very quickly from each staircase Harry knew who it really was. Suddenly, Minerva’s call wasn’t so coincidental.

After they stepped on the staircase Hermione stopped, “Come with me after curfew.” She said as she turned on her heels and walked down a couple steps of the moving stairs.

Most people might be flustered by that action. After all, the staircase was moving again and Harry was on the step that was dangling at a potentially deadly height. Literally one step away from falling. On top of it, Hermione wasn’t allowing him to walk forward until he said something. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t realize that intimidation tactics won’t work on him.

“Hermione.” Harry said with a bored look on his face. “Are you going to tell me why you hate Draco and so desperately want artifacts?” He asked as he let go of the hand rails and allowed himself totter on the edge, which immediately changed things. Now Hermione didn’t look confident at all and was actually quite nervous. “If not, then I won’t help. If you don’t like that then you may as well literally push me instead of trying to intimidate me into doing something. A something that I clearly don’t want to do, by the way.” He said all while precariously rocking on the edge of the step.

After a moment of stubborn silence Hermione’s face fell in defeat and she moved over so Harry could stand with her, “Why don't you hate them too?”

“Ok … you really need to be more specific.” A baffled Harry said, trying to gleam any information that he could about this odd conversation. “I’m very capable of hate. I do hate those who hurt those I care about, but clearly we aren’t hating the same people. Draco didn’t do anything.”

“Perhaps, but his family of Death Eaters aren’t innocent.” Hermione said softly as they walked up to the Fat Lady’s portrait, but Harry heard her before he said the password. 

As Harry went into the Gryffindor house he saw Hermione glance back over her shoulder. It made the green eyed wizard very curious. She never mentioned ever having contact with Death Eaters so why is she taking it so personally?

When the door closed she finally disappeared into the girls’ side of the dorms. Harry felt like this wasn’t anywhere near settled. However, this wasn’t something he was too concerned about especially with Naruto’s clones running around.


“I got the sample of food you wanted. Should you or I go out to help do the after curfew patrols?” Remus asked Mark, who was eating his own meal in their shared living quarters. 

Mark pondered the question as he dabbed his lips with a napkin, “I’ll go. You mentioned overhearing something about artifacts, right? Since I wanted to get food samples from the kitchen anyway so I can do both tonight.” He said as he carefully took the napkin containing the morsel and put in a sealable bag with a ministry mark. “Where is the third floor corridor?” He asked as he put the bag in a compartmentalized briefcase for safety. Then he collected any evidence of his own meal and sent it through the floo, which was how he got it in the first place.

It was standard procedure to not eat the food given in the place that you’re investigating. There’s always a risk that you can be potioned so it’s best to be safe until everything was investigated, especially the food. The Auror has to order meals through Gringotts. Once the goblins get a message through a secured floo they send the guaranteed fresh and safe meal.

The werewolf nodded, “Yes. It’s in the Gryffindor tower just one staircase under the house itself. I think Minerva takes you right past it for the patrol and if you want any extra information Hagrid tends to let slip secrets pretty easily.” Remus hinted as the Auror transformed into him. “Do I really look so lanky?”

Mark checked his new appearance in the mirror and chuckled, “Yep! Easier for a lover to hold! Be sure to do a quick Gringotts trip to check yourself for potions! Toodles!” The Auror said as a cheerful farewell to the blushing werewolf before leaving. “Hello, Prof- I mean, Minerva.” He greeted the transfiguration professor. 

“You’ll get used to it.” Minerva said with an amused smile as her former student tried to remember to refer to her as a colleague instead of a professor.

“I will try.” Mark said under his Remus disguise. Thankfully, the first couple hours of their arrival were spent on learning each other’s mannerisms. Minerva didn’t notice anything. “No one seems to be out.” He commented calmly as they finished checking the Gryffindor tower. He eyed the door to the third floor corridor as they left.

“Quite right. Hopefully it stays that way. Goodnight, Remus.” Minerva said before going down a different hallway.

The Auror casually walked down the hall, but didn’t go so far that he returned to the living quarters. Instead he stopped in a hall that had no portraits and slowly turned down the light from his wand until it was only darkness around him. After fumbling in his pocket for a second he found a pair of glasses. 

Now his eyesight was perfectly fine. However, darkness was a completely different issue and these glasses were for that. Once they were placed on his face he could see everything as clear as day. The only difference was the world through the glasses was in black and white. Still the Auror was easily able to quietly return to the Gryffindor tower.

Of course, Mark made sure to stay quiet as he tiptoed up the stairs. It probably wouldn’t have mattered though. All of the living portraits were not only fast asleep, but many were also snoring. It was almost too easy to get to the door to the third floor corridor without waking anyone let alone raising any alarms.

Out of concern for the students’ safety, Mark made a note about the lax security in his badge before continuing. Just because it wasn’t directly part of the case doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth addressing. Now he could turn his attention to the wooden door, which to his shock was unlocked. A door that hides artifacts shouldn’t exist in a school and if it did it should be locked with many advanced spells. This door had nothing to protect anyone from the dangerous contents.

A moment of annoyance at the massive oversight later his hand was on the handle. The door creaked ever so slightly as it was slowly pulled open. In an instant Mark froze at the sight of a huge three headed dog. Just when the hound started to stir, the Auror came to his senses and quickly shut the door.

It took a second for him to shake off his shock. However, once his mind caught up to the situation he properly locked the damn door. Once he was sure no one, especially a child, would be mauled to death on his watch he continued to see if he could get a few samples from the kitchen.

In addition to that first shock of the night he found another. The next shock came in the form of the spice racks. Of course, he expected lots of counter space and spice racks, but not how it was set up. 

A smaller counter with a Gryffindor mark and spice rack were set off to the side. The spice rack had more than spices though. Some potions also sat on those shelves and a concerned Auror got samples and notes on everything …


Remus saw Mark leave and quickly went to Gringotts. After getting a clean potion test he began checking over the lesson plan for tomorrow. As his attention was focused on the things on the desk a blonde blur zipped in the room. Of course, he immediately recognized Naruto’s scent, but he did his best to not react in case a pensieve memory would be needed. It would be less suspicious if people didn’t notice any signs of Naruto’s presence.

Even Remus never saw a clone take a portrait on a wall or it being swapped out with a duplicate of one of the stormy clouds around Hogwarts. Barely a moment passed after the clone left before the werewolf caught a whiff of something he knew he should react to. It was a distinct potion smell and since it didn’t have an obvious source he decided to look for it.

The smell got a little stronger when he went closer to a portrait of a very dark stormy sky over Hogwarts, “It’s coming from around here-oh!” Remus gasped when a house elf appeared in front of him suddenly.

The house elf smiled sweetly, “Boppy was told to collect all the belongings of the late Professor Quirrell.”

“That’s right. We put everything right there.” Remus said as he pointed to the couch where a trunk was set.

“That makes it easy for Boppy. The headmaster said Boppy would need to look around for anything hidden before bringing it to him.” The house elf said before taking the trunk and disappearing with a pop.

“I’ll tell Mark about that when he gets back. Now what’s this hiding?” Remus pondered as reached up to take the portrait. He noticed that there was an empty space right next to it as if there was once another picture there at one point. “Huh … the trolls were carried into the school using a portrait.” He mused and immediately started investigating the portrait in his hand.

Surprisingly enough the portrait opened when he tapped the stormy clouds. There was a flash of lightning that actually seemed to point to the painted version of the windows where Dumbledore’s office would be. After that the painting swung open to reveal the hollow hideaway. Inside was an empty bag of chips, a single chip swimming inside a potion filled vial, a vial of dirt and a few cryptic questions scrawled on a piece of parchment. 

Remus inspected the items and frowned, “I should bring this up to Mark.” He said and reluctantly set aside the new find. Not long after he finished his lesson plans Mark returned. “I take it you discovered something too?” He asked the second he saw the serious look on Mark’s face as the Auror changed back to his real appearance.

Mark raised an eyebrow when he saw what Remus found and sighed, “We have a lot to talk about.”


Severus calmly watched his outdoor potion, “What’s the status with Narcissa and Bonnet?”

With his bounty hunter henge in place Naruto nodded, “Lucius mentioned something when I dropped him off. Apparently, as the representative of the Black family, I can kick Narcissa and any guests out of Grimmauld.” He looked down to the tiny figures of a Remus and Minerva as they wandered around to patrol the area. “I had Kreacher lock them out. He seemed very happy to do it.”

“I would be too.” Severus commented as he started stirring his potion. “You have an eye on all of them, correct?” He asked, implying that he meant Dumbledore as well.

“Of course.” Naruto said as he enjoyed the information his many clones sent him …

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