Magic Behind the Kunai

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That eagerness to hunt Harry Potter at the train was not a great sign. Harry got the feeling he’d have to deal with a swarm of students once they spot him, but it shouldn’t be too bad, right?


Dumbledore beamed when he came into the depths of the third floor corridor and found Severus setting up a fire barrier, “This will work beautifully! I apologize that you had to do this instead of seeing your godson.” He said as he saw Severus place what looked like vials filled with freshly brewed potions on a table.

“It had to be done.” Severus said though he was smirking on the inside. After all, he didn’t actually miss seeing Draco onto the train. “Once I put up the wall of fire I’ll be done. Do you want to make sure all the artifacts are there? I only have so much of this potion so we can’t go back and forth to check on them more than a handful of times.”

“Not at all, Severus! I plan to just keep an eye on things through a mirror.” Dumbledore said, but there was something about the amused twinkle in the old wizard’s eyes that set Severus on edge.

“Indeed.” Severus said and tried to ignore Dumbledore’s eyes as he cast the powerful fire charm that created a wall of flames. “How long until the others complete their challenges?”

Dumbledore tapped his chin in thought, “Not long. In fact, let’s go see.” The old headmaster said and gestured for Severus to follow him. “I wanted to speak with you about Harry Potter anyway.”

The potion master resisted rolling his eyes as he scoffed, “Ah, yes. Mr. Potter. I refuse to baby him so don’t ask me to.” Severus said though he was pretty sure every single student will expect some sort of babying except Harry. Admittedly, it felt odd thinking it, but the Potter is probably going to be his best student and he wasn’t just thinking that because of Blue’s threatening presence.

“No, of course not.” An amused Dumbledore chuckled as they passed the large chessboard just as the giant chess pieces were being set in place by the charms professor. “Sadly, I fear Harry may be a bit spoiled and will need someone to keep him a bit grounded especially with all his fans surrounding him.” Dumbledore commented pleasantly, but interestingly enough Severus noticed that the old wizard waited until they were just out of earshot to say that. No one working on the chessboard heard the statement that hinted at something manipulative.

The potion master nodded absentmindedly, but waited a few more steps to continue the conversation, “Albus, are you saying you think Potter’s guardians are not keeping him from developing a spoiled attitude to the point where you think we should be tough on him? That doesn’t actually sound like good responsible guardians.“ He said right when they were next to Minerva and Ms. Sprout who were carefully putting pots of deadly snare under the little room that was the entrance to the corridor.

Of course, this comment immediately piqued Mrs. Sprout’s interest, “I’m inclined to agree! If your concerns are true we should go speak with his guardians before he’s left with them over the summer.”

Dumbledore gaped slightly, “There’s no need for that!”

Severus smirked as he climbed out of the corridor and into the small room above leaving Dumbledore behind spluttering, “Don’t worry, Albus. We’ll treat him like any other student.” He called down to the old wizard.

There have been many times where Severus wanted to throw Dumbledore’s schemes back in his face and he felt it was time to start now. With a ninja helping to pull his own strings there really was no better time. As long as he kept it to making small cracks in Dumbledore’s mask then he could get away with it. Of course, he won’t push it too much until Harry gets older and Dumbledore loses his magical guardian power. 


“Need some help?” Harry asked as he saw Draco try to put his trunk up on the rack. When Draco nodded Harry easily lifted it and put it on the rack next to his. How are you feeling?” He asked as he secured their owl cages.

Draco sighed as he sat on the plush train seat, “Much better than last night. I was given a Pepper Up potion before coming here and I still feel … off. It was just so painful.”

Harry hummed in thought, “At least, the problem was solved quickly and, speaking of that, did Blue talk to you about the talisman?”

“No. Father wanted me to sleep as much as possible so there was no time.” Draco said as the sound of other students finding their compartments rumbled outside their compartment door.

“Let me show you. Which arm?” Harry saw Draco rolling up the sleeve on the arm farthest from him so he stood up and sat on the other side of Draco. He touched the small seal with a fingertip and traced the circle making Draco laugh at the slightly ticklish feeling. “Ok … all you have to do is touch the circle and trace it three times just like I did. It won’t for me, though, I did discover a ticklish spot so it still kind of works for me.” Harry chuckled even when a slightly embarrassed Draco shoved him.

The Malfoy heir touched the seal and traced it a few times, “Wow!” He gasped when the kunai slid out of the seal handle first.

“Just tap the seal to put it back in.” Harry said and smiled as Draco opened and closed the seal a few times clearly fascinated by the seal’s qualities. However, he sensed someone right outside the door and stood up just before a red haired kid barged into their compartment. “Knocking would’ve been polite.” He said, not moving from the spot where he stood, which was the perfect spot to block Draco from view. Once Draco put the kunai back in the seal Harry sat down to look at the red haired kid.

“Oh right. Sorry. Do you mind if I join you guys?” The redhead asked, not even really noticing Draco roll his sleeve down.

Harry glanced at Draco and shrugged, “Fine with us.”

“Thanks. I really wanted to find the compartment Harry Potter was in, but I couldn’t find it.” The redhead mumbled as he dragged his luggage into the compartment. “I’m Ron Weasley.”

Draco scoffed, “Draco Malfoy and my friend here is James.” He said not liking the fact that this kid was so blunt about looking for Harry and Harry seemed grateful for his slightly misleading introduction. The fact that Harry was subtly adjusting his hair to better hide the scar on his forehead was a good sign that he really didn’t like this situation either.

Ron scowled at Draco, “A Malfoy-“ Any nasty comment the redhead was going to make was quickly cut off by the train’s loud warning horn. “Too bloody late, I guess.” He grumbled rudely and shoved his things on the rack.

For the rudeness Harry didn't offer to help this time and just looked at Draco, “Do you know him?”

“Personally, no.” Draco muttered before raising an eyebrow when a rat crawled out of Ron’s pocket. “Our families don’t get along.”

“His dad is a Death Eater.” Ron said as he flopped down on the seat opposite of Draco and Harry. When ‘James’ didn’t look fazed by the fact he just huffed. “So you’re a snake too.”

“Nope, but I know a guy that works with giant snakes that are so big you might believe that they eat dozens of people in one gulp, especially rude people.” Harry said in a way that came across as a threat. However, before Ron could figure it out the train started moving. “Better wave goodbye.” Harry said cheerfully and, while he didn’t stand up to go to the window, he did pick up the rat. That seemed to distract Ron long enough for Draco to get to the window first.

“Put Scabbers down.” Ron snapped and quickly moved to the window next to Draco so he could wave to his family too.

Harry patted the rat’s head as he went to close the compartment door, “Calm down. He was about to get out of the compartment so I grabbed him.” He said and Ron seemed to believe it, albeit he was still annoyed, but as Harry sat down he noticed that the rat in his lap actually rolled its eyes.

With the train now out of sight Ron focused on Harry, “Fine, thanks. Now give him back. He’s been in my family for 12 years and does not like being grabbed by random people.”  He muttered and grabbed the rat from Harry.

Besides thinking Ron was being too rough with a rat that is so old, Harry didn’t think much of the interesting fact. Of course, he assumed that it was a magical rat or something. However, those green eyes noticed that Draco looked a touch baffled.

(Hey, Naruto. One of my peers, Ron Weasley, has a rat. How old do rats get? Is 12 years too old?) Harry asked through the mental link.

(Odd question. One second … unless it’s really an animagus or zombie it should be dead. I’ll look into it, but just in case I can’t find a hidden necromancy side to the Weasley family, don't talk around it.) Naruto mentally warned.

(Thanks for warning me. I was about to walk away with it and tell it all my secrets.) Harry thought sarcastically and only got a mental snicker as a response. 

Both Harry and Draco each settled with a book and just ignored Ron’s bored restlessness. It wasn’t until the snack cart was heard coming down the hall that they realized that a few hours have passed. It was an especially big surprise for Harry because he realized that Naruto hasn’t reported in yet. 

“James, do you want something from the cart?” Draco asked as he set his book down.

Harry hummed, “No thanks. I brought my own snacks.” Harry said and reached into his pocket. He pretended to pull out a box from a bottomless pocket, but really he unsealed it from a seal he put inside his pocket. “Want to try any?” He asked as he opened the box revealing a section of the box that had five fried balls, a section with four wooden skewers each impaling three balls and a section that had a crispy fish shaped cake. The last section had a canteen.

“What are they?” Draco asked curiously.

‘Takoyaki, dango and taiyaki. The canteen has green tea.” Harry said while pointing to each item.

(You didn’t use a cheese filling in the taiyaki, right?) Naruto muttered through the mental link.

(It’s about time I heard from you … no, I went with custard. Why is cheese a problem?) Harry asked mentally.

Naruto actually sighed through their minds, (Kurama has a problem.)

Ron huffed, “Sounds weird. Why not just get some candy?”

“I’m not into candy. Besides, I made these because I thought I might need a snack. You can get candy if you want. I won’t stop you.” Harry said as he set the box between him and Draco. (What did you find?) The green eyed wizard asked in his mind.

Draco picked up a dango stick and bit a ball, “mm,’s tasty. You made this?” He asked, rather impressed. Despite the good food he couldn’t help but be annoyed at how Ron kept looking back and forth from the candy cart as it passed to them. It was pretty clear that he almost expected someone to get candy for him. Was that why he wanted to be in the same compartment as Harry Potter? To get free candy? Both Harry and Draco found that very irritating.

“Yep!” Harry said while wondering why Naruto suddenly cut the mental link. (What’s going on?)

(I brought up the Weasley issue to Lucius … he hasn’t stopped laughing. Since I can’t find anything suggesting otherwise and Lucius is close to laughing himself into a coma, I say necromancy Weasleys is off the table. The rat is a person.) Naruto answered.

Harry popped a takoyaki ball in his mouth, (Good.) 

(Are you talking about the information or the food?) Naruto asked, sounding very amused.

(Both.) Harry answered bluntly and smiled at Draco who seemed to enjoy the takoyaki too, “Glad you like it. Want a little tea?” He asked and he pulled a tea cup out of his ‘magic’ pocket and filled it with tea when Draco nodded.

Harry sipped his tea blatantly ignoring the glare from Ron, “I just realized you didn’t join your friend, Blaise.”

“Yeah, I was worried about certain things and asked him if I could ride with you. He didn’t mind since we’re probably both going to be in Slytherin.” Draco said as he sipped the hot tea trying to ignore the grunt of disgust from Ron.

Harry smiled, “He’ll be happy to know everything went ok.” He pointed to the taiyaki. “Want half? It’s filled with custard.”

“I like custard.” Ron grumbled sulkily, but he was ignored. Draco was given the head of the fish shaped treat and Harry ate the tail. As the food vanished his grumpiness grew, which sucked for the person who knocked on the door. “What?!” Ron snapped.

The door slid open revealing a bushy haired girl, “umm sorry if I came at a bad time, but has anyone here seen a toad? A boy named Neville lost his.” She said and looked carefully at each person in the compartment.

Draco sipped his tea, “We haven’t seen any toads, but we'll keep an eye out.”

(This reminds me … I saw a bushy haired girl steal a toad from some boy right before the train left.) Naruto commented through the link.

(I’m not going to like this school.) Harry grumbled in his mind as the girl examined him thoroughly. It was clear now that she was Potter hunting not toad hunting. She did have a good, albeit disturbing, excuse though.

“Oh well! I’ll keep looking. I’m Hermione, by the way.” Hermione said and her gaze lingered on Harry a little too long.

(You were spotted pretty fast.) An amused Naruto mentally snickered.

Harry groaned, (Dammit.)


Severus’ eyes narrowed when he went into his living quarters and found Lucius in hysterics, “The train will be here in 10 minutes.” He said knowing the ninja was nearby.

Blue walked around Severus and shrugged, “Dobby and I weren’t sure what else to do.” He said, but was dumbfounded when Severus shot a water spell at Lucius effectively soaking the Malfoy.

“Bloody hell!” Lucius yelled after Severus stopped spraying him.

“There.” Severus said completely ignoring the daggers Lucius’ eyes were sending his way. “Now get out. I have other annoying brats to deal with.”

“Got it. I’ll remember this if it happens again. By the way, be careful for Ron Weasley’s rat. It’s a person.” Blue said and he vanished with a very annoyed Lucius in his arms.

The potion master scoffed, “Figures.” He said before leaving the dungeons and going up to the Great Hall to wait for the students to file in. Once the first years were brought in he focused on Harry Potter ...


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