Magic Behind the Kunai

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“I hope breakfast starts soon.” Sirius commented eagerly and absentmindedly ran his fingers over the new collar as he waited …


“Harry!” Neville and several others cheered happily as Harry entered the Great Hall.

Harry waved at Draco as the Slytherin and his friends passed before looking at his fellow Gryffindors, “Hey guys!

Dean smiled as Harry sat down next to him and Neville, “How was spending time with your guardian?”

Harry smiled as he noticed Hermione quickly came towards him out of the corner of his eye, “It was really great. Mr. Hausoda is quite nice-“

“Harry, how are you?” Hermione asked innocently as she took her seat across from Harry. 

However, the witch did look very tense in her shoulders and watched him like a hawk. Harry felt like she was going to drag him away the second she had a chance. He just had to make sure she was given some information first. Maybe that would get her to think of a different person to help her.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that? You were freaking out before I left.” Harry said pointedly while wondering what she’d think if she knew a certain blonde ninja was constantly watching her and informing them on her activities.

“It was surprising. Don’t you agree?” Hermione asked, but it sounded like her teeth were clenched.

Harry pretended to not notice the tension, “Not really. I was never really part of this magical world until recently so I didn’t see Dumbledore in the same light.”

Dean snapped his fingers, “That’s exactly how I felt. We didn’t grow up with everyone worshiping him so I didn’t see the problem.” He commented, but the second those words left his lips it made something click in his mind and those around him.

For a brief moment several eyes glanced at Hermione. Neville and Dean both raised their eyebrows. Ron and his twin brothers, who were nearest to Hermione, looked a bit puzzled. Obviously, they were all wondering why a muggle born was freaking out about everything from before. The only one who didn’t look confused was Harry, who immediately saw the witch tense up.

“Yes. I’m still learning a lot of the basics about things.” Harry commented casually in a half hearted attempt to change the subject, which Hermione definitely looked thankful for. “I’m just wondering if I really want to meet my former godfather.”

Ron’s eyes widened, “Right! The guy that was freed after being falsely accused of being a Death Eater and locked up. What was his name?”

“Sirius Black.” Harry said with a sigh. “My guardian has been staying in touch with him. Sirius wants to meet me now that his mind healing is officially done. Not sure if I want to-“

“You should!” Hermione urged far too eager and it got her even more shocked looks. “He did hunt a Death Eater so he can’t be that bad.”

Harry’s eyebrow gave a very real twitch because of his irritation, “He technically abandoned me with a random person in order to hunt Peter and that was moments after my parents died. If he had stayed with me I wouldn’t have landed with my relatives.”

Hermione smiled, “I’m sure he didn’t mean for that to happen like that. When will you meet him?”

“Next week. The headmaster is allowing him to come here.” Harry said, noticing the witch’s eyes light up. “That’s if I don’t decide to not see him.”

“It’ll be fine!” Hermione said happily. She was far more interested in the news that someone experienced in fighting Death Eaters was coming. So excited that she didn’t realize that she was being rather insensitive.

Neville put a comforting hand on Harry’s shoulder, “That’s not your decision to make. He doesn’t have to meet anyone he doesn’t want to.”

Dean nodded, “Harry has a good reason to be annoyed with the guy. What godfather would ditch his baby godson. He could’ve hunted Peter after Harry was safe.”

“But-“ Hermione didn’t get to continue her argument because everyone shushed her the moment Lucius entered the room.

Lucius stood at the podium and looked at all the students before him, “Today will be the first day of classes in quite a while. Considering all the delays I asked Gringotts to help bring everyone to the academic level that would be expected at this point in the year. I expect everyone to behave when their tutors stop by every weekend to explain and answer questions so the professors can have some help.”

Just for a moment Harry glanced at Hermione. Not surprisingly she was practically drooling. Apparently, she liked the sound of having access to more information. However, he bet that she wasn’t going to like the rest of the announcement.

“In order to increase safety a few changes have been made. I’m sure many of you have seen the change in portrait arrangements this morning.” Lucius explained and gestured to the usual friendly ghosts floating through the walls and waiting near some new portraits. The people in the portraits weren’t new, but they were moved into this room. “All of the recent happenings have revealed some security issues so as of today all the residents of Hogwarts will watch out for the students even if you simply lose your way. As of today there won’t be a single hallway without a living portrait, there will be an alert if any house doors are opened after curfew and all the portraits will be alerted to any movement. The ghosts all agree to report anything or anyone, especially rule breakers.”

A sudden screeching sound made everyone pause and look around the room. That is everyone except Lucius and Severus, who suspected that the noise came from someone specific. With one glance at Harry they had their answer and not because Harry made the noise. 

When they looked at Harry they saw the smirk on Harry’s lips and that he subtly pointed towards the tense Hermione. That was all they needed to see in order to know who screeched. In fact, she was clearly biting her lip in a desperate attempt to prevent her temper from betraying her again. Of course, if losing her late night strolls made her act like this then they should have no problem exposing her in front of Mark.

Lucius calmly scoffed and gestured for everyone to listen, “No one will be allowed to sneak out or into the forest. Speaking of, I’m sure you’re all curious as to why Hagrid isn’t here. It seems he was the one who brought the acromantulas and other creatures into the forest. He seemed to only want to help, but this is not the place for dangerous creatures so he was hired by Gringotts as an animal caretaker. These gentlemen will be the new groundskeepers.” Lucius said and introduced the four men seated where Hagrid once sat. “That will be all. Eat and ease back into the academic routine.”

As the food appeared Harry glanced at Hermione again, “Feeling ok, Hermione? You look a bit pale.” He commented with an Internal smirk.

“Fine … I’m fine.” Hermione said through a strained smile and she focused on her food.


Sirius jumped as the door to the shack suddenly opened for no reason, “Remus?” He whispered, but he didn’t hear anyone. “Oh now I know it’s you.” He muttered in amusement when he felt someone poke his cheek. 

“I’m happy to see you, Sirius.” Remus said as he pulled off the invisibility cloak he had on. However, his happy smile became sad. “I’m sorry about not visiting you or trying to get you out of Azkaban-“

Sirius pulled his old friend into a hug effectively cutting off the apology, “I missed you!”

The werewolf happily returned the hug and it remained peaceful for a moment until he remembered their task, “Right … we can catch up later. Breakfast just finished so Mark will be teaching as me soon.” He commented while brushing away some of the tears of happiness from his eyes. “First, get under this.” He said as he held up his invisibility cloak.

Sirius chuckled, “Brings back memories … though Harry probably doesn’t need his father’s cloak with ninja training.” He commented as he got under the cloak and seemed to disappear.

“About that.” Remus said, sounding a bit nervous. “James’ invisibility cloak was found. Let’s leave.” Remus commented quickly, trying to go back to the door of the shack.

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “Of course it was. It was always in the Potter vault, right?” He asked while deliberately stopping in his tracks forcing the werewolf to stop as well before the cloak was pulled off. “Where was it if not in the vault?”

Remus sighed in defeat, “It was in Dumbledore’s office.”

“Do Harry and Naruto know about that?” Sirius asked, feeling another wave of betrayal courtesy of Dumbledore.

Both wizards jumped when Naruto in his bounty hunter form appeared in front of them, “Of course we know. I’m Harry’s guardian so Gringotts informs me on all the findings.” The ninja said with a casual shrug.

Sirius huffed, “You could’ve said something.” 

“Of all the things I told you about, the forgetting of the cloak is the one thing you want to waste time whining about?” Naruto asked, not having any trouble maintaining eye contact despite the two wizards being under the invisibility cloak. “I understand that it might be more personal to you both. However, family heirlooms were never Harry’s concern and Dumbledore is paying for all of it. Right now this will be safe and more useful in your hands.” He said and somehow managed to grab Sirius’ wrist and lift it up exposing both wizards underneath. In a poof the exact cloak they were talking about appeared in the ninja’s hand, which he then gave to Sirius. 

The werewolf smiled as the ninja let go of Sirius’ wrist and they were hidden under the cloak again, “That he is.” He commented and Naruto vanished. “Let’s go to the One Eyed Witch’s passage.”

“Wouldn’t increasing security mean closing those passages off?” Sirius asked as he followed his friend closely. “Wait … how’d he know exactly where-“

“It’s apparently a ninja skill mixed with common sense.” Remus said, knowing exactly what was baffling Sirius because he was stunned that Naruto wasn’t tricked by the cloak. “Anyway, the passages are useful if an evacuation is needed. Now they’re monitored by portraits and spells. Since you're with me, a professor, the alarms won’t be triggered, but we have to avoid being seen.” He explained as they hurried off.

Getting through Hogsmeade and Honeydukes was the easy part. It was silently opening the door to the passage that was tricky. After all, they had to keep the cloak on, keep the light from alerting the portrait inside and Sirius had to not touch anything or an alert might go off. It didn’t help that there were runes that dispelled spells like the notice me not. Despite it being a bit complicated they managed to get inside.

As Remus carefully shut the door Sirius kept the cloak from moving and revealing them. Even as the passage door closed Sirius noticed it wasn’t completely dark. Deeper in the passage was a light from a pair of sconces on the wall. It was between those sconces that a framed portrait was hung.

The closer they got to the portrait the two wizards felt a breeze pick up. As a result Remus and Sirius had to pin the cloak down and practically crawl past the portrait. However, that wasn’t too bad. They did see more than they would’ve liked as they passed the people in the portrait though.

Apparently, the living portraits greatly enjoyed being more spread out throughout the castle. Having a private frame in a nook meant no crowd of snoring portraits and a truly private spot. The four people, three of which were from other portraits, were all naked and taking full advantage of said privacy. 

While Sirius and Remus averted their eyes they couldn’t help but hear the moans as they snuck by. Thankfully, that kinky encounter was brief, but now they had to get out of the passage. Once again a door was carefully pushed open. However, this time they saw Harry there talking to another portrait. It just so happens that it was a living portrait that would’ve definitely noticed the passage being opened if not for the convenient distraction. Before Sirius could also get distracted, Remus grabbed him and dragged him away. 

“I could have at least whispered hello to Harry.” Sirius whispered as they rushed past several students, who were headed to their classes.

Remus shushed him and continued guiding Sirius through the castle. They had to avoid ghosts as well as students, but they made it through. In a few moments Sirius realized that they were headed down into the dungeons. Of course, he couldn’t object to this because there was a portrait nearby, but he pouted until he was quickly dragged into a room.

“Why are we here?” An annoyed Sirius mumbled.

Remus sighed as he pulled off the cloak that covered them, “There are no portraits in the living quarters so it’s safer here. Oh, you can use a ‘notice me not’ spell in the castle now. That prevention rune is only for the entrances.”

“Not quite what I meant.”  Sirius muttered sourly while looking around the green decor. it was clearly the room for the Slytherin head of house, which meant one person. “Why do I have to be here?”

“Severus, Lucius and I are the only staff aware of you being here. I room with an Auror. There’s too many living portraits around Lucius. Severus’ quarters are deep in the dungeon and there’s only a couple portraits in the stairwell. Get over it and be nice to Severus.” Remus said bluntly before getting a nervous look from Sirius. “It won’t be that bad now that you got a good look at the security. Use the floo now to come and go and drive that imposter mad. It’s your chance to prove you’re on Harry’s side.” He explained knowing that Naruto could handle this just fine if he wanted, but Sirius is being given a chance to help.

Sirius chuckled as he looked down at James’ cloak, which was still in his arms, “I guess I can do that if I minimize my time around Severus.”

“Don’t trust yourself to behave?” Remus asked curiously, but just smiled when Sirius didn’t answer. “I’ll come back after switching with Mark and eating dinner to see how everything goes, ok?” Remus offered and was happy to see the bright smile on Sirius’ face. “Then I’ll be back later. I have to check out the place I’ll be staying for tomorrow’s full moon. Apparently, that’s something Gringotts also handles so this’ll be interesting. Have fun, Sirius.” He said before taking the invisibility cloak he shared with Mark and leaving through Severus’ floo.

Sirius took a deep breath, “Time to bug a witch.” He said before getting under James’ cloak and applying a ‘notice me not’ spell to himself …

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