Magic Behind the Kunai

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(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

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(Oh I really doubt it. I heard a lot from watching the potion professor. He has opinions …) Naruto trailed off clearly amused about something. That made Harry wonder what was learned, but doubted it would affect their bet ...


Lucius sighed as he picked up his drink, “Dobby.” As expected the house elf appeared. “Tell me what Severus is doing right now.”

“Yes, master.” Dobby vanished and reappeared before Lucius finished his sip. “Severus is in the middle of a potion. He was so busy that he never even knew I was there, but I did see his timer and it read 2 hours.” Dobby said speaking with far less of the classic house elf style of speaking, which Lucius was relieved about. It seems the stronger the bond between him and Dobby got the more Dobby spoke and acted in ways Lucius approved of.

“I see.” Lucius downed his drink. He knew Severus was never in a good mood, but it was even worse when he was in the last stages of a potion. Speaking to him now won’t help especially if the news causes a potion explosion because of a lapse of concentration. “Narcissa first then.” He said and went upstairs to find his son, who was skimming the texts he will be learning from in his first year. Lucius smiled at how excited Draco looked. “Draco.”

“Hmm? Yeah, father?” The young Malfoy said while reluctantly tearing his eyes away from the textbook.

Lucius smiled down at the child that reminded him of himself when he was a boy. However, a frown came to his lips as he recalled why he was there, “I’m going to Gringotts … your mother won’t be allowed back in this manor. Are you ok with that?”

Draco’s mouth hung open for a moment as if he wanted to argue, but he slowly closed it and a sad silence lingered around him. Lucius didn’t dare move until he knew his son’s thoughts on the matter. Sadly, knowing won’t change the fact that Narcissa has to go, especially after the most recent development. They couldn’t allow a loyal Death Eater around with Harry Potter as an ally, but, neglectful or not, Narcissa is the mother of his son.

“Does … does this have to do with Harry and Blue?” Draco asked softly.

“In part.” Lucius admitted, “but I’ve been actually looking for the right excuse for years. She never treated you right and there are other reasons, but I needed the right leverage so I would get full custody and Blue gave it to me.”

“Will I have to testify?” Draco said softly and now avoiding his father’s eyes.

Lucius’ eyes narrowed, “No. She clearly broke the contract so it will be a clean divorce. Dobby will be delivering her things so she doesn’t even need to come back into the manor. Is there something you wanted to say?”

“No …” Draco said quickly. Much too quickly for Lucius’ taste and even stranger the boy seemed slightly relieved by the prospect of his mother leaving. “I’m alright with it, father.”

“Very well … I’ll leave now. Dobby will be here.” Lucius said letting his eyes linger on his son for a moment before closing the door.

Feeling a deep concern through their bond Dobby appeared at his master’s side, “Something scared the young master and it worries you master.” Dobby commented waiting to help.

“Yes …” Lucius pondered a moment while looking at his son’s bedroom door before turning to walk down the hall with the house elf following. “Nothing happened since the bond has been growing, correct?”

Dobby nodded sharply, “I noticed the young master feels anxious around her since the bond formed and kept her at a distance, but I know nothing about what caused it. The only way that could be is if something happened before the bond developed.”

“I see.” Lucius frowned as he actually found himself wishing he took the bond with his house elf seriously from the beginning, which was never something he thought he’d ever regret. “Don’t let her in the manor.” He ordered knowing once the divorce was completed she will try to get back in.

“Of course. Shall I maim her if she tries or says something out of line?” The house elf asked a little too casually.

Lucius smirked as he grabbed some floo powder and stepped into the fireplace, “Of course.” With that he flooed to Gringotts and went straight to the counter. “I need to see my goblin now. It involves my marriage contract.” He demanded and without wasting a moment he grabbed the dagger and gave the necessary blood sample before the goblin said a word.

“Right away, Lord Malfoy.” The goblin said with a sharp nod. “Please follow me.” He said and quickly led Lucius to a room knowing that the wizard before him was not in a patient mood today. “I wIll notify your goblin immediately. Please wait one moment.”

Lucius simply acknowledged the comment with a glare, which definitely made the creature speed up. The wizard barely noticed the door shut as he let his mind go back to thinking about his son. Just the thought that Narcissa might have hurt his son made him furious. His anger was so high that he all but slammed the photos the ninja gave him on the desk in front of the next goblin who came in.

This goblin, Fleshsnare, merely hummed as he took his seat and skimmed the photos, “A divorce is in order, I presume? This can be done now since she broke the contract, but it can wait until she arrives if you wish.” He commented after seeing the photos. Noticing that his client’s mood only seemed to darken he snapped his claws to summon the paperwork needed. “We do this now then.” Clearly the Malfoy did not wish to waste a moment on chat.

A stack of papers appeared and Lucius signed in a couple places as the goblin pulled out a reddish purple glass ball that was covered in runes. Once all the papers were filled out Fleshsnare opened the glass sphere and put the papers inside along with the actual marriage contract and photos. The ball was shut and Lucius was handed a dagger.

“A palm cut if you please. Place your bleeding hand on the ball and it’ll be over. We can discuss arrangements aft-“ The goblin sighed as his client decided to quickly slash his palm and start the procedure before he even finished his sentence. 

Silver eyes felt the orb heat up and saw smoke seep out. Once the click of the orb unlocking was heard Lucius opened it. Inside that orb was only a ring. All the papers were gone and so were the photos, but that ring took their place and it wasn’t just any ring. It matched Lucius’ wedding ring meaning it was Narcissa’s ring.

“With that done we can discuss how things can be distributed.” Fleshsnare said and he pointed out the things that were agreed on in the now broken contract. As the goblin reviewed everything some minor discrepancies appeared. The goblin summoned some of the Black family records.

Lucius stayed silent as the goblin listed the things Narcissa would get and not receive, but the peace didn’t last very long, “Hello, Ms. Black.” He said with a smirk when he heard the door to the room fly open as if someone hastily threw it open as they rushed in. Sure enough, as he tilted his head, he saw the furious face of none other than his new ex wife. “Looking a bit under dressed I see. How unbecoming.” Lucius drawled, taking a look at the witch’s attire, which was more of a nightgown with the top part of some dress robes thrown on.

Narcissa was panting and flushed, but adjusted herself to attempt to look more dignified, “What is the meaning of this, Lucius?”

Fleshsnare heard the Malfoy lord simply scoff in response and decided to answer instead, “Lord Malfoy produced evidence of your infidelity, Ms. Black. Of course, that means you broke-“

“What evidence could there possibly be? And it’s Lady. Whether this fool is stupid enough to get rid of the sexiest witch he’ll ever meet and the mother of his son doesn’t matter. I’m still a Lady by title.” Narcissa snapped condescendingly only to scowl when Lucius snickered in amusement.

“I don’t recall you leaving the manor in that.” Lucius commented looking closer at the attire Narcissa was trying to hide. The witch glared at him. 

Fleshsnare sighed and decided to speak before curses were sent flying, “There’s much to explain it seems. Let me start by saying be careful what you say because you are no longer my client so you can’t say anything and expect me to keep it confidential, understand?”

Narcissa’s jaw visibility clenched in frustration, “Very well”

“Good. Now the evidence was damning.  There is no doubt that the photos of you and your lover were real otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You can not argue the findings so let’s skip to what you’re left with. Sadly, the contract you both shared was heavily in favor of the Malfoys.” Fleshsnare commented as he  handed her a list of exactly 10 items.

“What is this?! There’s only a few worthless Black artifacts and the Black home on here … and only a tiny amount of money! I’m the woman who bore your heir! I deserve much more than this!” Narcissa exclaimed clearly quite furious.

Lucius chuckled, “You broke the contract so this is what you get and it’s even better. You’re allowed in the house, but it’s not yours. It seems your cousin, Sirius, was the next Lord Black, but he signed it away. You’re no longer a Lady.”

“What?! Who’s the Lord or Lady of my family?!” Narcissa all but screamed.

The goblin frowned, “That is not for me to say. I’m sure he will get in contact with you when they want to.” He said, but was actually concerned by the discovery. Yes, the discovery was just made, but now that he knew he must report it. The public records might cause a safety issue so he decided to report this to Griphook first and ask him how to handle this.

The witch was practically fuming at this time, “My son-“

“Is in my custody.” Lucius said while standing to glare down at her in the most intimidating way possible.

“Perhaps, but I’m sure he will need his mother near him.” Narcissa said  coldly matching Lucius’ glare.

“We’ll see. For now he seems fine with the change. You’ll be staying at the Black manor. I’ll have Dobby drop your things and money there.” Lucius said sternly before nodding to the goblin and taking his leave.

There was something about Narcissa’s comment that set him on edge. This became another reason to talk to Severus. After all, if she did something to Draco in case something like this happened then he had to discover exactly that was. Hopefully, the potion master can find out before Draco is hurt.

With the urgency of the situation suddenly much higher Lucius took the risk of apparating straight into the potion master’s old muggle home. Thankfully, he found Severus in the final phase of the potion he was working on so he just looked through the bottles of whiskey in the living room as he waited.

Severus’ dark eyes narrowed in annoyance when he found Lucius poking around, “Entertaining yourself? You really shouldn’t wander into someone’s house. It may get you cursed.”

“I’ve had enough oddities in the past few days. Believe it or not, a curse will be a relief.” Lucius said as he picked up a bottle. To his horror, he saw Severus’ reflection. No, his friend wasn’t the scary part despite what hundreds of students have claimed. The frightening part was that Blue had Severus pinned to the couch with a massive sword at his throat. By the time the Malfoy lord whirled around to look at his friend Blue was already gone and only a frazzled potion master remained.

Lucius sighed as he poured two glasses of whiskey and handed one to Severus. “That was Blue and he’s only of the many things we need to discuss. Harry Potter is another along with,I’m sorry so to say, Draco.”


Harry frowned, “So if I’m the Lord of the Black family what happens? I can’t take over if I’m underage here, right?”

“No, but it’s much worse than that.” Griphook commented. “Technically speaking all members of a family are jotted down in two places. The public records in our library and the personal family tree, which are both updated magically. On top of that if she discovers you’re underage she can become your guardian.”

“So if Narcissa wants to check who’s in charge she’ll find me.” Harry said seriously.

Griphook smirked, “I know the family tree is in the Black manor called Grimmauld Place. Here’s the address.”

Harry raised an eyebrow as he took the paper from the goblin, “Are you allowed to give this to me?” He said while mentally tugged his bond with Naruto. (Naruto, are you seeing this?”

(Yeah. I’m busy in Hogwarts, but I sent a few clones there.) Naruto said distractedly.

“It is your home so yes I’m allowed.” The goblin snorted getting a sheepish chuckle from the young wizard. “As for the other member of your family I’m afraid she will be too busy taking care of her new financial situation to do any research today. She let her spending habits run wild for too long.” He said basically telling Harry that Narcissa was handled for, at least, today and that he was giving Naruto time to tweak things enough so Narcissa won’t discover anything.

(I found a trap door under the perch for Dumbledore’s Phoenix.) Naruto reported through the link.

(I know you’re good, but how are you messing around there with all the living paintings and ghosts- hold on. I’m need to focus.) Harry said before politely focusing back on the goblin. “Thank you, Grip-“

(I found a room filled with cocks!) Naruto yelped.

“-cock- I mean Griphook! Thank you!” Harry yelped in embarrassment. 

The goblin seemed to give him a very odd look, “Confidentiality may be guaranteed, but do try to not make such slip ups until you’re of age here.” He said before leaving the live in vault Harry was staying in.

A vein pulsed on Harry’s temple when he heard Naruto snicker through the link, (You asshole! You did that deliberately!”

(No I didn’t!) Naruto responded quickly. (There really is a room filled with cocks-or well … roosters.)

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