Magic Behind the Kunai

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“What do you mean bring up?” Harry and Ron turned to see Hermione coming into the common room. “Did something happen?”


Sirius grinned, “I’m done!” He cheered the second the mind healer left. “You heard that! I was declared sane so tell me everything!” Sirius demanded and made the mistake of trying to grab Tom by the collar. “What the fuck?!” He yelped when Tom exploded in a puff of smoke leaving a blonde boy in his place. 

In a flash the blonde had Sirius pinned to the floor, “Yes. This is what the boss actually looks like. Even though I’m just a clone of the boss we’re still the same ones who have been handling you for a while so keep that in mind. Understand?” The clone asked, making it clear that he was still able to hold his own despite looking like a 12 year old. 

“Ok! Ok! Let me go already!” Sirius yelled and he pouted once Naruto let him go. “Are you going to tell me what’s going on now?” 

Naruto’s clone scoffed, “The best way to start is with this.” He said and gave Sirius a week old newspaper.

“What could possibly be in here that you-…” Sirius' jaw dropped the second he saw the front page. “There’s no way … he couldn’t vow against any of this?! The headmaster used Harry! Gringotts removed a massive basilisk?! … ok the basilisk was trapped for years and apparently is very nice so she’s being held in Gringotts to be spoiled for the rest of her days. Ok that’s sweet. An infestation of acromantulas was in the forest! … wait … a  Death Eater is-ow!” He yelped when Naruto took the paper from him resulting in a little paper cut.

The blonde sighed and took Sirius’ hand to examine the cut finger, “The paper never said Death Eater. Yes, Lucius is now the headmaster, but he doesn’t have a dark mark so don’t go around yelling such things especially if you want to help. Besides, not only has he been helping the boss and Harry, but he divorced Narcissa so that shows he has taste.” He said with a chuckle as he used a little chakra to heal the cut. “The boss needs to know that you can be trusted before I tell you everything, especially what went on behind the scenes of Dumbledore’s arrest. If it helps, the boss has many clones like me and we confirmed all the information. Everyone in our little circle is trustworthy no matter what you think.”

Sirius blinked in shock as he saw that his cut was gone and without a potion, “Ok …I’ll listen.”

As much as the wizard wanted to object the moment Severus was mentioned, he learned his lesson. Sirius stayed as quiet as he could. Granted, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud at certain parts. The update on Narcissa had him rolling on the floor with laughter. However, Naruto’s clone didn’t mind that outburst.

“Kreacher is remodeling! Oh dear Merlin! She must be furious!” Sirius exclaimed between bouts of laughter.

Naruto’s clone chuckled, “Harry is helping too.”

Sirius’ laughter slowly died down and he laid on the floor panting, “Harry is in Grimmauld? … Narcissa is watching him?” He gasped and suddenly sat up to look at the ninja in concern.

“It’s just a clone. The real Harry and the boss wanted to squeeze a mission in before classes started again. They had to make it look like Tom and Harry are spending time together. After all, the boss is his guardian.” The Naruto clone said casually and smirked when Sirius started laughing again. “Glad to see you’re not upset by that.”

“Upset?! Harry has it made with an inside guy like you or Naruto watching him!” Sirius exclaimed in hysterical laughter.

“Oh the boss can be strict.” Naruto commented with a mischievous smile. “Now would you like your task?” He asked and Sirius almost immediately changed into a dog with a happy wagging tail. “Good, but first.” 

In a flash Sirius felt something around his neck and shifted back into a human, “Did you put a collar on me?!” He gasped as his fingers felt the leather band around his throat.

“Behave.” The clone said and suddenly Sirius’ body moved so he was sitting on his knees with his palms flat on the ground between his legs exactly how a dog would sit.

“What? I can’t move and … am I naked?!” Sirius exclaimed in shock as he felt a breeze hitting spots that it wouldn’t be able to if he had pants. However, he couldn’t move to actually see for himself.

The clone smirked, “The boss promised Severus that you won’t fall back into your schoolyard bullying. If you say or do anything that counts as such, like old nasty nicknames, this will happen. Understand?” The clone asked with a smirk.

Sirius blushed as was forced to look into the blue eyes, “I get it! Just tell me what to do already!” He pleaded, feeling his body react in the last way he wanted right now. He suddenly remembered how long it has been since he was imprisoned and, as a result, without release.

“There’s an intruder in Hogwarts who’s disguised as a student. We’re going to play a few tricks on her to see if we can expose her to the Auror who’s working with Remus. You’ll hopefully both be working in the background and making direct contact with her. After all, this intruder hates Death Eaters and since you’re known to have tried to kill a Death Eater then she might want your help.” The clone explained casually.

Sirius looked excited, “Sounds fun … but I get my clothes back, right?” 

The clone snapped his fingers and Sirius was suddenly fully clothed again. However, his pants were a little tighter than before.


Naruto blinked under his bounty hunter henge and gas mask, (Damn … what are the chances?) He thought into the mental link as he spotted Kakashi, Itachi and their genins shopping for supplies in the village of Wave. 

Harry, who had a matching disguise, shrugged, (Our next bounty is this guy, right?)  He thought as he shifted through the papers in his hands and pulled out one specific wanted poster. He took out a couple other posters and tossed them in the nearby trash since they were finished with them.

Naruto nodded when looked at the picture of the seemingly innocent looking teenager with blueish black hair and handsome features. (That’s him. He’s Koza. Wanted for kidnapping, killing and sexual assault. Don’t be surprised if he grabs a hostage or says he has some hidden away. That’s how he got away from so many other bounty hunters before. It’s never a bluff either. So many girls have been found hidden in or right out the towns he’s spotted in. Many lived, but not all made it. He also has some tricks against eye based bloodlines and genjutsus.)

(That won’t be easy. This place is far more crowded than the last time we were here.) Harry thought as looked at the brand new bustling stores lining the busy street. (Is this because we killed that guy months ago?) Harry pondered recalling the last mission they took before Harry received his letter from Hogwarts.

(Yes. I think his name was Gato,) Naruto responded keeping perfect pace with Harry as they walked down the main street. 

(I have eyes on him. We need to warn the Konoha ninjas.) Harry thought, but to his dismay the two senseis on the team separated and went into a bakery.

Naruto frowned behind his gas mask when he saw their target approach and began flirting with Ino. (That explains why the bounty is so high. Not only does he have some ninja training, despite never graduating, but the creep is into the really young ladies. We can’t get too close. If he sees us he’ll grab the girl and I remember that girl not being very fast on her feet. She’ll be caught for sure.)


Kakashi considered getting a cake to celebrate the end of a mission, “This’ll be a nice treat. Itachi, which flavor should we get?” He asked as they slipped inside to get their genin a treat.

“Ok … this might be harder than our actual mission was.”  Itachi chuckled as he looked at the tasty selection of treats in the bakery display case. “Chocolate, fruity, brown sugar … how about the chocolate praline crunch cake and the lemon raspberry cake?”

Kakashi nodded excitedly, “I think that would cover everyone’s tastes. I’ll grab a couple caramel brownies for me in case Ino starts whining.” He commented knowing that if Ino throws a tantrum or fights with Hinata he’ll get a migraine and will need comfort food to soothe it.

The Uchiha chuckled, “She’s been doing a little better … but just in case I’ll get myself a couple cherry strudels.Who knows what could happen in the three days before we’re back home.” He muttered and helped Kakashi look for the clerk so they can open the case.

The person in the back kitchen came up behind the counter with a smile, “Everything is already paid for.” She said when she saw the two ninjas waiting by the counter to point out the treats.

“It is? Who paid?” Kakashi asked the clerk.

Itachi and Kakashi both looked confused for a moment. However, their question was answered with a simple finger point towards the kitchen door. When they glanced over they noticed two very familiar people with color changing hair and pointy hats waving at them from the kitchen door. 

Itachi smiled, “I’ll go talk to them. You tell her what we want.” He said and Kakashi was happy to oblige. When he stepped in the kitchen he felt a seriousness around the bounty hunters despite the yummy baked goods surrounding them. “What are the chances we’d meet twice in the same mission?”

“Astronomical, we should think.” Harry and Naruto said in perfect sync. “This time is a bit more serious. This is our bounty.” They said as Harry handed over the poster. “He isn’t an official ninja, but dangerous. Right now he’s flirting with your blonde genin.”

Itachi groaned and took the poster, “Dammit, Ino.” He muttered and stuck his head out of the kitchen. “Kakashi, Ino’s been targeted.”

“Right.” Kakashi said and quickly sealed away the treats before thanking the clerk and following Itachi and the Mages.


Sasuke smiled, “It’ll be nice to be home. Our first mission was a success too!”

“Yes.” Shino murmured.

The young Uchiha scoffed, “Cheer up. It was only one mission. Maybe we’ll find something on Naruto in the next one or maybe your clan found something.”

Shino sighed, “Good point.” He said definitely sounding disappointed about not finding the information he wanted. “You ok, Hinata?” He asked when he saw the Hyuga showing.

“I’m fine.” Hinata growled with her eyes locked on something.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, “Well if you say so.” He commented casually trying to avoid pissing her off even more.

Instead Sasuke and Shino started looking for what was annoying Hinata. After a moment their eyes locked onto what they believed the problem was. To their surprise Hinata seemed to be glaring at Ino, who was flirting with a rather good looking guy. Before Sasuke and Shino could try scaring off the guy so Hinata wouldn’t attack they saw a light.

The light was a glare from the sun bouncing off a mirror. The glare conveniently hit only the three of them. Glares are common signals so they snapped to attention. 

When Sasuke looked towards it he saw his brother hidden in the crowd. Without any other signals a thing zipped out of the crowd. Sasuke caught the small projectile and saw that it was a folded piece of paper. Hinata and Shino looked over Sasuke’s shoulder as he unfolded the note.

“Oh this isn’t good.” Sasuke hissed under his breath. 

In his hand was a wanted poster for the exact guy Ino was flirting with. To make matters much worse there was a list of very serious crimes. Next to the scary information was a message written in Itachi’s handwriting.

‘Get Ino away. Mages will take him.’

Shino frowned, “How should we-“

“I’ll handle it. Get ready to catch her.” Hinata said and without any hesitation she lowered the zipper on her jacket to show max cleavage, put on a sweet smile and swayed her hips as she walked over to Ino and this Koza guy. “Hi! Who are you?” She asked innocently as she hugged Kona’s arm, the one opposite of Ino, and pressed her breasts against him.

Ino saw the guy instantly start ogling Hinata’s boobs and glared at her teammate, “Go away. We were talking.”

“Can’t I join too?” Hinata asked while giving him a pout.

Koza was practically drooling, “I would love to be with both of you lovely ladies.”

Hinata leaned closer to Koza and ultimately Ino as well, “Would you like to take two on?” She asked innocently before using chakra coated palm to press Ino’s chest.

As a result Ino went flying away and landed in the arms of Sasuke and Shino. Before Koza could process what happened Hinata suddenly switched out with someone in the crowd. That person was one of the Mades, who immediately slugged him hard in the gut. Koza had the air knocked out of him and was stunned enough for the bounty hunters to tie him up.

Ino looked shocked and started struggling as her team quickly followed the bounty hunter to the more secluded rooftops, “What the hell are you doing-“ Ino’s angry yelling was interrupted by Hinata, who shoved the wanted poster in her face. “He … what?”

“He’s an asshole.” Hinata said bluntly.

Koza smirked, “Nice trick, but you better just let me go if you want to save the hostages I stashed away and don’t bother using the Sharingan.” He said and an even nastier smirk came to his lips when he saw the subtle look of surprise in Itachi and Sasuke’s eyes. “Yeah. I know who you are and if you don’t want your chakra triggering a seal trap in my body. I’ll die and those girls will never be found in time.”

“That’s why we took this bounty.” The Mages said in perfect sync.

“And what can you do? Torturing will trigger the seal too-“ Koza was cut off when Naruto got him in a very strong headlock .

Kakashi watched eagerly, “Oh now we get to see how these two get the information out of people.” He whispered as Harry forced Koza’s eyes open and looked into them.

“There’s an old building 3 miles outside the town … he hasn’t given them food or water in days!” The Mages exclaimed in perfect sync without truly showing how they got the information.

The ninjas saw Koza’s eyes widen in shock before the Mage holding him knocked him out. Just because the means of getting the information wasn’t clear the information was apparently accurate. Without any hesitation they followed the Mages. 

“How did you know?” A very relieved Itachi asked after they found the building and got the trapped girls to safety.

The Mages shrugged at the exact same time, “Magic.”

Sasuke immediately held up a photo, “If it’s really magic then find Naruto, Shino’s fiancé.” He said and snickered as the bounty hunters let the unconscious Koza drop to the ground before gently taking the photo.

“Good idea!” Kakashi exclaimed in agreement, but then his jaw dropped. “Fiancé? I need those details, please.” He said more than a little shocked.

Shino blushed and shook his head frantically as the Mages took the photo, “Don’t listen to him! … Naruto doesn’t even know the butterfly was a way to propose.”

(Naruto, did you know? … Naruto? … I guess not.) Harry mentally laughed when he realized that Naruto was too shocked to think straight. He used a little magic to help move Naruto’s body. “We haven’t seen him, but we’ll keep a look out. Excuse us. We need to turn him in.” Harry said helping Naruto speak too so they stayed in sync.

Koza was roughly scooped up and Harry made sure they got away. Just to be sure he scanned Koza’s mind again. When he didn’t find any other victims that were currently in danger he snapped the fool’s neck. It wasn’t until after Koza’s body was dumped in the nearest bounty hunting office and after getting their reward that Naruto started coming to.

(I had no clue,) Naruto thought in shock as they walked away. 

(We should go tell Shino about us or find his clan.) Harry thought in amusement.

Naruto rolled his eyes. (Nice try. You need to get back to school. This can wait until the next break.)

Harry sighed through the mental link, (Damn. Worth a shot. Let’s go see how frazzled our imposter is now after two weeks of no learning. I bet she needed more calming potions during the past two weeks.)

The two held hands and vanished into nothing only to reappear in the world of magic …

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