Magic Behind the Kunai

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Mark took this chance to go back to his shared living quarters and turn all the evidence so far. When he returned he considered going after the trolls before the half giant got to them, but then he spotted the Weasley twins …


Sirius yawned, “Why do these things have to be so early?”

A clone henged to look like Tom Hausoda sighed, “That is when the mind healer had an opening. It’s not like you have too many appointments left so just get them done.”

“And then you’ll tell me what’s going on with Harry and Remus, right?” Sirius asked eagerly.

“Yes. I take it you don’t want to know the developments with your cousin, Narcissa, or the Grimmauld remolded.” The clone said with a slight teasing tone.

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “Narcissa would never allow that even if she is a Malfoy.” Sirius said, but noticed a smirk. “She’s a Malfoy, right?” Sirius asked again, but got only a smirk in response. “Tell me, please!”

“Maybe Remus will tell you … he’s already helping.” The clone teased. 

Sirius pouted, “Fine! I’ll get the appointments done!” He huffed as he glared at the fireplace and waited for the mind healer. He still didn’t understand how the fireplace appeared out of nowhere and won’t work for him. What he didn’t know was that it was actually a set of seals that made the wall look and act like a floo, but Naruto had full control over it.

“I’d appreciate it.” Tom said with a smile before leveling Sirius with a sharp look. “That includes not turning into a dog just because you don’t like a question. If you do that again I’ll treat you like a dog by making you go around naked and on all fours while wearing a leash.”

Sirius chuckled, but he soon blushed when he realized that Tom wasn’t joking. However, he couldn’t decide if it was a good thing or not …


The second breakfast was finished Fred and George snuck into a side hallway. They pulled out a small clear squishy ball with a smaller toy eye floating inside and the mirror Harry gave them a little while ago. As the other students were heard going to their classes, the Weasley twins performed a spell. It was a quick spell that seemed to connect the ball and the mirror.

“It works.” Fred whispered excitedly as his twin moved the ball around. Anything the eye in the ball saw was revealed in the mirror and it helped that the inner eye was floating because the view was pretty steady no matter how fast the ball rolled.

George grinned as he placed a notice-me-not spell on the small ball, “Next we’ll have to work on ears, but for now let’s see what’s going on.” He said as he put the ball on the ground.

As the ball rolled away the twins quickly headed off to class, “It should be in place just by the next class then we’ll see what Fawkes is hiding.” The twins whispered excitedly in perfect sync. Neither of the red haired teens knew that an Auror was watching them from under an invisibility cloak.

Mark was smiling in amusement until the teens said ‘Fawkes’ and then he frowned, “A brilliant invention for sure, but if they’re investigating Fawkes … I should see what they’re doing.” Mark said and rushed into the hall. 

Once he caught a glimpse of the twins he carefully aimed his wand. A quick tracking spell later he no longer had to worry about the teens crossing paths with a hidden secret without backup. Afterwards he took a second to figure out his next move. Since he had some time before the twins planned to resume their quest he decided to find a few trolls.

“Now … where’s Hagrid?” Mark whispered after leaving the castle.

There were any number of directions the half giant could have gone. The Auror had to decide quickly. In a snap he went towards Hagrid’s hut to search for any clues. Just because the hut couldn’t fit three trolls and a half giant that didn’t mean the hut wouldn’t have something worth finding.

As the Auror approached the hut he noticed something just inside the tree line of the nearby forest. Curious, he cautiously moved closer. Much to his surprise it looked like a huge crate. However, the crate had branches and leaves covering the top in an odd attempt to disguise it.

“Is this … a shipping crate?” Mark pondered under his breath as he took a closer look.

A detailed examination later and Mark was able to conclude that it was a shipping crate for large creatures. However, he noticed that it was an older crate, which made Mark wonder what other creatures the half giant was getting. After all, Hagrid had to have something big shipped to Hogwarts in order to have a crate to reuse for the trolls.

“That hound was quite large.” Mark murmured to himself as he thought back to the three headed hound in the third floor corridor, which definitely isn’t a magical beast that came from this area.

Assuming the Auror was correct and that hound didn’t belong here that would explain the crate. Now personally he didn’t want to just arrest the half giant for smuggling. Unfortunately, he knew he had a job to do. Considering Dumbledore has already showed a manipulative side when talking to Hagrid, Mark was hoping most of the blame would fall on the headmaster.

The possible consequences were pushed to the back of his mind as Mark looked around for the shipping tag. Once he found the tag, which already had an address to the trolls’ original territory on it, he pulled out his badge. After carefully pulling up the cloak he pressed the badge against the label. The badge was moved revealing that it left a ministry symbol behind.

“Good … I don’t even need to hunt the trolls.” Mark whispered before completely covering himself with the cloak again.

Right after he put his badge back into his pocket he set his sights on the two inventors. Thankfully, solving the troll issue didn’t take long. He was able to get back to the twins’ side just before the class let out. The Weasley twins never saw the Auror carefully trailing them, yet again.

“We have time.” The two redheads whispered as they quietly slipped away from the other students and into an empty hallway.

Mark watched as the twins reached into Fred’s book bag and brought out the mirror. On the glass you could see an image that was anything but a reflection. In fact, it looked like an office. However, the perspective was very low. It was like they were very small and peeking out from under a door. The Auror immediately realized that they were seeing from the ball’s perspective.

“The headmaster is gone! Let’s try this out … bloody hell. These controls are awful.” George whispered as he tapped the mirror, somehow making the ball look around the room.

Fred frowned as his twin tried to get the ball to stop staring at one particular set of portraits, “We can tweak it later … are the portraits on repeat or something?” He mused out loud after being stuck watching the portraits long enough to see a pattern.

All three pairs of eyes, both hidden and not, looked closer at the mirror. When the view finally changed to look upwards they saw a strange pattern to all of the portraits’ movements. While the discovery excited the two teens it actually bothered the Auror. However, it was far too late to stop Fred and George from investigating further. The twins had already tapped the mirror and the ball charged forward.

Of course, Mark was concerned that Dumbledore might return. Also there was the risk that the phoenix would spot the ball. Even if the portraits were fake surely the bird would tattle on them. As a magical bird, Fawkes should be able to see through the notice-me-not spell. It also greatly disturbed him that the portraits were fake. That usually means someone wants a place that appears safe, but ultimately has no witnesses.

“Fawkes spotted us.” Fred hissed as the mythical lord flopped around and seemed to try to peck them. “Never mind.” He muttered as they noticed the bird wasn’t focused on them, but actually a swishing curtain that a breeze moved.

Oddly enough the bird didn’t seem to be able to let go of the perch. While the teens made the ball roll forward Mark made a few mental notes to bring up animal abuse charges. After all, there was no reason the phoenix shouldn’t be able to let go of the perch unless it was charmed to stay there.

“We have time. Go in that crack.” George whispered eagerly.

“What crack?” Fred asked and his twin pointed it out.

Conveniently there was a panel under the bird’s perch that was slightly popped up. It looked like a white feather got wedged and it kept the door open just enough. Almost too convenient as if there was a clone following them around and there was. That clone was one of many and they had everything staged before the ball even got to the office, which was easy since they were tracking Dumbledore’s movements too.

The ball squeezed inside the crack and the two redheads gasped, “Bloody hell!” They exclaimed in perfect sync when they saw the room filled with chickens. Just as they started laughing they realized the time. “We have to hurry.”

Fred tapped the mirror quietly, “I called the ball back. Let’s go!” He said and they put the mirror away before racing off to class.

“Chickens?” Mark murmured softly as he tried to wrap his mind around what he just learned. While the teens didn’t fully comprehend what this could mean the Auror had a bad feeling. “I need to get them some business advice at Gringotts.” He muttered to himself as he rushed towards Dumbledore’s office.

These young wizards definitely deserved some knowledge and goblin protection in case they wanted to start a business. The Auror knew they would be a success with inventions like that. However, that will have to wait. Right now he wanted to look inside the office while no one was there.

Thankfully, Minerva was quite talkative during the curfew check the night before. He managed to get the password that Dumbledore neglected to give him, or technically, Remus. Minerva made an excuse for the headmaster saying he had too much on his mind. Of course, Mark was positive that not giving the password to this particular staff member was more strategic than anything.

“Lemon drops.” Mark whispered to the gryffin statue and waited for the spinning statue to reveal the steps to the door. “He wasn’t kidding.” He muttered under his breath as he remembered some details Remus gave him when they first arrived. 

The werewolf seemed to think it was an overly dramatic and impractical entrance to an office. Especially for a place where you might need to get in or out to help kids quickly. Mark couldn’t help but agree as he went up the stairs and opened the door. 

Fawkes, of course, seemed startled to see the door open only to not see anyone. Mark almost felt tempted to save the bird. However, he decided it’d be better to stay undercover and let the ministry handle it. Of course, he was going to get all the evidence he possibly could though. That started with secretly plucking a feather directly from Fawkes and putting it in his badge.

After silently apologizing to the startled bird, who was just plucked by an unseen force, he slowly moved to the desk. Just by luck, or clones, there was a large amount of research laid out on the desk. Much to his surprise it was this that disturbed him the most out of everything so far. Granted, it was just a few things circled and a few things written down including the name Harry Potter. Despite looking innocent at first something felt off.

“A ring … a locket … Hufflepuff cup … a diadem … and a student. Specifically, Harry Potter’s scar.” Mark murmured as he looked through the documents and wondered how these things were connected.

The rest of the scribbles consisted of some odd things. For example, information on a muggle orphanage and the Gaunt family. Also right next to Harry’s name were the words ‘smallest horcrux’. Right under that were the words ‘six horcruxes - one unknown’. As odd as the scribbles were, it was definitely pointing to something related to Voldemort. This was enough to convince the Auror that now was a good time to report in.

Unfortunately, Mark had to startle the bird once more. He made a point of leaving as fast as possible to make it easier on the fake mythical bird. With that done and everyone in class he was back at the living quarters he shared with Remus. Another few moments later he flooed to the ministry, made his surprising report and got back just in time.

“You found something?” Mark heard a familiar voice say when he stepped back into the Hogwarts living quarters. He looked up and saw a concerned Remus looking at him. “You ok? Do you want to skip switching places?” The werewolf asked, a little worried about the pale complexion on the Auror’s face.

“That report took longer than I thought.” The Auror commented, realizing that it was already close to lunch time. “I’ll be fine. It’ll be best to switch places and confirm that soil sample. Could you make sure Hagrid collected the trolls while you’re looking? I assume the soil sample would have come from something in the groundskeeper’s possession.” Mark said pointedly as he gave the invisibility cloak, which he put in his pocket for his report, to Remus and changed into the werewolf’s look alike.

Remus nodded as he took the cloak, “No problem. There’s still a few minutes before lunch starts so Hagrid might still be around. Good luck teaching.” Remus exclaimed cheerfully and he disappeared under the cloak before taking off.

Despite it being years since he has been a student Remus still knew his way quite well. Before he even started seeing some students head towards the Great Hall he was at Hagrid’s hut. However, he didn’t expect to approach the hut and have his heart nearly break.

“Poor Hagrid … I wonder what happened?” Remus whispered quietly to himself as he watched the sobbing half giant pulling the large shipping crate up to his hut.

“I’m so sorry … I shouldn’t have let you all out into the forest to begin with.” Hagrid mumbled between sobs. When he stopped moving the crate he went into his hut and got a large hanky to blow his nose. “I promise I’ll give your friend a good burial and get you both home.” He sobbed and Remus realized that only two of the three trolls made it in the crate. However, what they didn’t know was that the dead troll was just a clone. No real trolls were harmed. “I shouldn’t tell Mr. Dumbledore about this.”

Remus watched Hagrid drag the crate a bit further and use a portkey to send it off. Mark told him to just confirm that the trolls were found and not to interfere so he just waited. The half giant soon came back and cleaned away any trace of tears. As the groundskeeper headed off to breakfast Remus continued his own task. 

Even though he felt weird about invading someone’s personal space he went into the hut. It actually didn’t take long to catch a whiff of the horrid smell of his target. After carefully pushing a few things aside, including what looked like dragon egg, he found the source. The smell was coming from a bag labeled ‘Giant Snake Nutrition’.

Remus gulped fearfully, “That’s … unnerving.” He said not liking the idea of giant snakes being around the castle. 

As the werewolf headed back to the castle he prayed that there wasn’t some giant snake hiding in wait. When he got closer he just happened to see the large windows of the Great Hall light up and shake. It was a sign of a powerful spell being used and the werewolf immediately went to see if anyone was in danger.

Remus gasped as someone grabbed him and kept him from going into the castle, “Let me go- … Naruto?”

The blonde in his bounty hunter henge nodded, “It’s not safe for you. Just wait.”

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