Magic Behind the Kunai

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The two clones went off to check the points where someone could get out without them knowing. Almost immediately they found the correct passage. It wasn’t hard to miss with the droplets of green unicorn blood on the floor of the secret passage …


In the middle of the night, when everyone else should be asleep, two people were on top of the astronomy tower. A cauldron was bubbling and one of the people on the tower was tending to it. The other person was standing on the rail and watching the forest below. 

“Must you stand on that rail?” Severus asked, sounding rather annoyed, albeit a bit concerned too. Ninja or not, the potion master didn’t like the fact that the boy was leaning over the rail of such a high tower. It made little difference that Naruto had his henge on.

Naruto hummed behind his gas mask, “I could lean over and walk down the wall instead if that’s less stressful.” The blonde said dryly, getting an amused snort from Severus.

“Do refrain from doing such a thing.” Severus commented as he added a fine powdery to his potion. He wasn’t entirely sure how ninjas accomplished the feats they did, but for some reason he was worried that it might fail when they’re walking on a wall. Maybe he just sees too many kids screw up to fully accept that the ninja with him was competent enough for nothing to go wrong like suddenly falling off a tower.

Naruto chuckled, “Just because you know my age now doesn’t mean I’m on your students’ level.” He said, but suddenly looked down and crouched on the skinny rail. “My seal was tripped.”


Four Naruto clones completed a wooden figure made out of twigs and rope. Once together it looked like a vague skinny unicorn shape. The final touch to the wooden frame was a fluid filled pouch that was secured around the neck of the wooden unicorn.

“Is this going to be enough blood?” One clone pondered as it strapped pouch on and felt the weight. The sloshing of a rather thick substance inside was a little disturbing especially when you know that the seals on the pouch were for keeping blood at a consistent temperature. Even the ninja was unnerved for some reason.

“It better be because the boss only wanted to drain what was left of the blood in the dead unicorn from before.” Another clone said right before activating a seal that was on the forest floor and encircled the unicorn. “It was interesting to see that the blood turned silver once we warmed it up to the right temperature.” 

Once the clone said that the wooden frame was covered with an illusion. It looked like a living breathing unicorn. No one would ever know that there was a pouch of thick warm blood hidden in the neck. With everything in place the clones waited up in the treetops.

“It must’ve been close to decomposing and we caught it right in time or it was mixed with some moss.” A clone commented as he and a couple other clones fiddled with the trap wires they connected to the unicorn. The wires will hopefully move the unicorn when tugged so it looks more realistic as it falls over and dies.

A moment later they felt a seal in the secret passage go off. The clones made sure they were hidden. At least, they were doing a much better job than the person creeping through the passage. The ninjas could hear the echo from the cloak scraping the floor as someone walked down it. Soon mumbling reached their ears and this person hadn't even left the passage. These echos also gave away much more than the person’s location. The clones could tell that there were two voices, one familiar one that was muffled and an unfamiliar gravelly one, but only one set of footsteps.

The cloaked individual that emerged from the hidden passage making noise and apparently the gravelly voice was ranting at the other voice. For a moment Naruto’s clones were certain that this guy wasn’t their perpetrator. After all, anyone sulking around with the intent to murder a unicorn you’d think they’d be more quiet. However, they immediately realized they had the right person. 

“Kill it, you simpleton!” The gravelly voice demanded.

“Yes, master.” The other voice said as he sent a cutting curse straight to the deck unicorn’s throat.

With quick movements the clones tugged the nearly invisible wires as the seal on the forest floor let out a heartbreaking neigh of pain. All together the unicorn appeared to cry out and fall to the ground while bleeding profusely. However, before the poor creature was fully dead the person latched onto the wound and started sucking on the blood. 

While the person was savoring his bloody prize the clones tried making a hand sign. After a moment a breeze became a sudden strong wind. The goal was to knock the hood back to reveal the face of the blood sucker. Much to the clones’ annoyance it didn’t work and they concluded that the messy eater was using a spell to keep the hood up.

The gravelly voice was quite annoyed by the wind, but didn’t suspect anything and continued gorging on the mythical blood. Of course, it didn’t matter. While it would’ve been nice to have that instantly satisfying reveal with a hood flying back it wasn’t the only way to get answers. In fact, all the clones had to do now was follow the unicorn butcher.

That was exactly what they did, albeit with infinitely more skill than the cloaked person. The guy didn’t even spell off the silver blood until after he got into the secret passage. A foolish move that resulted in a small trail of blood droplets following the person just like the clone.

Granted, it wasn’t an obvious trail. Only one or two drops really. Perhaps this person just assumed that the very thick blood wouldn’t drip fast enough to leave a trail, but it did. However, the clones suspected the person also wanted to lick at the blood because they definitely heard lip smacking as they followed the person. 

The trail ended with a couple drops in the secret passage before the person with two voices finally spelled the mess away. Not much more time passed before the sneaky clones learned exactly what they needed …


Severus added a powder and calmly stirred his potion exactly 5 times before bothering to look at the ninja again, “Has your decoy unicorn been useful?” 

The ninja sighed, “Very useful, but I need some advice on how to proceed and here’s why.” Naruto said before using a henge to turn himself into Professor Quirrell except without his turban.

“Damn.” Severus snapped when he saw his colleague, but it soon became clear that he had much more than the school schedule to worry about. Once Naruto turned around to show the DADA professir’s back he saw something horrifying on what should’ve been a bald head. “Voldemort is riding on the bald head of a stuttering professor and barely surviving on unicorn blood?”

Naruto dropped the henge of the professor and returned to his usual henge, “Yes. It seems he became a leech. Now I could remove Voldemort. That’s easy, but he’s clearly attached differently than any of the other pieces of soul I’ve found so far.  I can’t guarantee that the professor will live if I remove it. Normally that wouldn’t be a big issue, but I don’t know if I should step in as him when I can’t tell what Dumbledore knows.”

“Indeed.” Severus said as he pondered the situation that presented itself. “For all we know Dumbledore knows about Voldemort being in the castle … that would explain why he made us set up traps around fake artifacts. If he is trying to lure Voldemort in with the philosopher’s stone then he might already know that Quirrell is possessed.” The potion master raised an eyebrow as the ninja tenser. “Is there yet another issue to deal with?”

“Not exactly.” Naruto muttered, clearly annoyed about something. “Sirius is being a baby.”


“I don’t need a healer!” Sirius whined and, since the door was wide open, he turned into a big black dog. He immediately raced out the door and managed to get a good distance when some markings on the ground glowed. Almost instantly after Sirius slammed into an unseen wall.. The startled dog shifted back to a human. “How did you do that?” He snapped, but then he smirked. “Apparating!” 

Tom sighed as Sirius tried apparating only to hit an unseen wall again, “I didn’t apparate. I’m just fast and as you can see you aren’t going anywhere-Stop! There’s no floo either! Not even a fireplace.” The clone yelled when Sirius raced back into the house and started doing a far more destructive search of the place.

Sirius scowled as he tried clawing at a wall to find a hidden floo, “You’re lying! How are you going to get a healer here without one?” He yelled, but that’s when he saw the man appear right in front of him. “But-“

“Don’t bother asking. You won’t get any further information about anything until you do as told. Nothing on Harry. Nothing more on the situation with Dumbledore. Nothing.” Tom said firmly as he leaned so close to Sirius that they were nose to nose. “Believe me. There’s so much more to know, but you will not be allowed to protect Harry, see Remus or leave this place until you’re sane.”

“What else could there possibly be? So Dumbledore isn’t as nice as I thought, so what? He’s not evil unless his investment was actually to some evil organization.” Sirius muttered breathlessly as he flopped on the couch. The silence that lingered caught his attention and he looked up at Tom, who gave a knowing smirk. “It’s not, right?”

Tom scoffed, “That’s for me to know and you to go to therapy for.” He said and walked away. It was obvious that Sirius’ curiosity was piqued. “Remus will be joining you shortly. I told him everything, but protocol means he can’t see you either until the mind healer approves. If you want to be in the loop then you know what to do.”

Barely 2 minutes of simmering in his curiosity later Sirius gave in …


Harry decided to get out of bed and hop to the top of the tower since the taking place was very serious, (Voldemort was what was making the turban move?)

(Yes. Severus suggested I make Quirrell have an accident and deal with Voldemort when there’s healers around. I'm going to see what Lucius has to say on the matter and get a trap set.) Naruto responded through the mental link.

(Ok … hey, you said Dumbles made an investment after the whole newspaper thing. Exactly what is the place he sent my money too?) Harry asked curiously.

(It’s just a snack factory. They make a lot of things including Dumbledore’s favorite lemon drops. As far as I could tell there’s nothing there that’s odd. Not that I told Sirius that. Oh! Before I forget. Kreacher volunteered to give a letter to Remus Lupin, a childhood friend of Sirius and your father. He‘ll be staying at a hotel until further notice.)

Harry nodded, (Ok, but after Peter and Sirius I’m not all that excited about meeting more of my father’s friends … wonder if mom had any friends. Try to not kill the DADA professor.) He thought and went back to bed as the ninja bid him goodnight.


“Oh? You think he will come here?” A blonde clone commented curiously as he looked at the house elf in charge of Gtimmauld.

Kreacher sneered, “Yes. Kreacher knows the werewolf will try to get in touch right away and this is the only residence the Black family has.”

The blonde clone nodded, “Good point. The boss avoided the reporters when picking up Sirius so there wasn’t any accurate information about where Sirius would be staying in the newspaper. Remus would probably go to the first place he’d think of. Unfortunately, we can’t have him come here.” He muttered as the snores could be heard coming from the living room couch where a very smelly and unconscious Narcissa and Bonnet were sleeping in their drug induced slumber.

“The floo might be too upfront for the wimpy werewolf. Kreacher thinks he will use the door.” The house elf grumbled and snapped his fingers making the letter in the clone’s hand disappear. The letter appeared in Kreacher’s hand.

“Ok.” The clone chuckled sheepishly, getting the feeling that the house elf wasn’t giving him an option. Without a say in the matter the clone checked on Narcissa and Bonnet before leaving to help with other things.

Kreacher wandered around the manor for a few hours. Just as he predicted there eventually came a knock on the door. With a snap of his fingers the front door flew open.

“Sirius?” The brown haired gasped in confusion, but Kreacher didn’t give him a moment to comprehend anything, especially the smell in the manor.

The house elf snapped his fingers and the letter hit the person he knew was the werewolf right in the face. With another quick snap the door was also slammed in Remus’ face. After completing his task the normally grouchy elf smirked and went on with his usual routine of wandering around.

Just as the elf left the room he got an idea. The creature got a newspaper and put a spell on it. After placing it on the table in the kitchen he left ...

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