Magic Behind the Kunai

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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:

"Is that how it will be?" Harry asked sadly only getting a nod from the blonde …


"NARUTO!" Shino and Sasuke jumped and nearly fell from their perch in the tree outside the school as they heard Iruka's scream. The orange clad blonde came out grinning wildly and ran out of the school laughing. A paint splattered Iruka and thoroughly glittered Mizuki glared at the place where the blonde ran away.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "I didn't see a headband, but he looked happy … he must've passed!" The raven said and nudged his bug using friend eagerly, "You should tell him about that butterfly he gave you and what it means."

Shino stiffened nervously, "I'll wait and see what team he's on tomorrow."

"You're stalling." Sasuke said bluntly earning a blush from the Aburame.

The two students who were waiting outside the school for the blonde to complete his last exam were ignored by the irate instructors who split up to hunt the blonde down. It was Iruka who found the blonde. He was looking at the ramen stand, which was closed down nearly a year ago after the owners left.


In the hokage tower, there was a room currently filled jonins who were all gathered in front of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. They were all working out the teams of new genin for this year. One silver haired ninja was especially eager to have a team. Well, he really only cared about one member ...

"I want Naruto." Kakashi said bluntly before anyone else could say anything.

"We haven't gotten word on Naruto's exam so I can't guarantee Naruto will be on your team, Kakashi." Sarutobi said, seemingly amused by the jonin's eagerness, but in reality he was feeling a little exasperated at the stupidity of his weapon. How does a demon fail so much? Sure, there wasn't any effort put into helping the demon, but the fool had the blood of the fourth hokage and demon power. This test should be easy …

The old hokage hated the idea that he'd have to help more than forcing himself to be nice and encouraging forgiveness towards the villagers so the manipulation would come easier. He never liked being near the demon, but if the demon failed again he may have to arrange things so that the pathetic demon could pass. This was a headache he didn't need …

Kakashi sighed, but lit up when a glittery Mizuki walked in, "You're here! How'd it go? Naruto passed right?" The jonin asked curiously, still holding a book from a very perverted series he loved …

Mizuki spat out some glitter ...


The purple and pink splattered Iruka glared at the young blonde who was grinning at the closed stand, "After that stunt, you're not getting any ramen! What the hell was that?! Did you even try-"

"No and I don't regret it!" The blonde snapped suddenly angry, "and why should I? No one here wants me to be stronger! No one wants a filthy demon to rise in the ranks!"

Iruka paled, "Demon? You know?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "How could I not? I hear what people say about me. I heard the 'demon' comments and see the disgusted looks from everyone, even teachers! Hell, even you did for a while …" Naruto paused and searched the instructor's eyes, "I don't know what changed you, but it didn't make you care enough to help me in class-"

"Is that what you think? That I never helped?" Iruka asked feeling hurt and, admittedly, a little mad that he was being blamed. "I did what I could, but you wouldn't study or train-"

"WITH WHAT BOOKS?! I never forgot the textbooks like that prick Mizuki said! I wasn't able to afford them! So what studying could I do? Oh, and how am I supposed to be on time or train when the villagers beat and chase me through the village?! I sleep in class because I'm exhausted. Mizuki gives me detention to teach me everything wrong deliberately and you never mentioned I may have trouble doing chakra exercises because of the fox demon in me! Other people got one on one training to the point where even a kid with no chakra was allowed to pass, but I'm not … not that it matters. Every day of my life I've been hated and I know now the only way anyone will see me as not a threat is if I give up getting stronger …" Naruto said clearly hurt and heartbroken, but also quite serious.

Iruka's heart shattered, "Naruto … I honestly had no idea … let me help. We can tell the hokage. I'm sure knowing all this will give you another chance at becoming-"

"The beatings were lessened." The blonde stated bluntly.

"Huh?" Iruka muttered in confusion.

"The beatings. Each time I failed I was spared pain and looks of hate … do you want me to live with that again? 'Cause I don't think I can take anymore …" Naruto choked out his last words as if holding back tears.

The instructor felt hot tears flood his eyes and he tried to pull Naruto into a hug, but Naruto felt so rigid making Iruka realize he never saw Naruto touch or be touched adding to his guilt, "Let's talk to the hokage … or I'll do it if you'd prefer?" He offered quickly as he realized the poor boy probably didn't want to go through the village or be seen right now. "You go home and I'll talk to the hokage, ok?" The blonde didn't say anything, but Iruka didn't see a sign of fear. "Alright, I'll come find you after talking to the hokage. If you want to try again in the academy, then we'll fix this so you get the training, but if you're serious and don't want to be a ninja anymore I'll find a safe place for you to live. Just, please, stay and wait at home."

Naruto felt the warm arms leave him and looked up to see Iruka jumping across the roofs faster than he'd ever seen the chunin run before. The blonde simply sighed and turned to walk straight into the forest and race through the trees. Mere moments away from finding the shack he shared with Harry a cloaked figure joined him.

"That was rather harsh, Naru-kun. That poor instructor looked crushed." The figure said his tone oozing with amusement.

"I couldn't make the same mistake again … if Sarutobi suspected that I trusted Iruka then he'd be in the same danger and you know it." Naruto said sharply.

"Why should I care? The last time your precious people were targeted worked just fine for me." The figure cackled.

Naruto snorted in amusement, "I knew you liked us!"

A light annoyed grumble was heard from the cloak, "Hardly, I meant the free ramen not you annoying twits. I hated putting up with you brats for a year."

"Sure." Naruto exclaimed teasing not believing the person who decided he was done talking and disappeared, "He's more loveable than he likes to admit." He snickered as he landed in front of the fixed up and sturdy shack, "Hey, Harry, ready to-... errr … what's going on?" Naruto asked between bursts of hysterical laughter.

Sitting in the little patch of light on the floor was Harry. That on its own wasn't the funny part. It was what Harry was doing with his glasses. He was using his glasses to reflect the light to make a little speck of light zip around the room driving to poor fox demon mad! In the exact way a cat would chase the speck Kurama, the terrifying demon, was stalking and pouncing on the speck in a primal hunting act he couldn't resist. At least, until he heard Naruto laughing wildly …

Kurama blinked cluelessly for a second, but then his jaw dropped as he realized what he was doing and his fur bristled in sheer embarrassment, "That's it!" He exclaimed angrily before, believe it or not, actually jumping into Harry's chest and disappearing just like he does with Naruto.

Harry and Naruto gaped, "How the-" Harry started to say something in his shock, but suddenly he fell back completely limp.

"Harry!" Naruto skidded forward just barely keeping the raven from cracking his head on the floor. "What'd that prick do?" He pondered irritatedly on just what the fox did. Sitting there wondering wasn't going to help and he knew it so he closed his eyes and seemingly fell asleep with Harry in his arms …


Blue eyes snapped open to find himself high up in a very tall, butterfly covered, tree that had a trunk that actually seemed to twist and turn whimsically as it grew creating a set of compartments and makeshift stairways. It was like the entire tree grew with the intent of becoming a home, but Naruto was quick to jump down the very tall tree and to the roots. The insane roots were also twisting and turning to create a huge maze all around the tree though Naruto paid it and the black butterflies, which were only in the maze unlike the colorful butterflies everywhere else, fluttering around and raced over to a bridge …

"You asshole! What the fuck are you doing with Harry?!" Naruto yelled as he ran over the covered bridge to get to the bottom of a huge waterfall that had many levels, which were covered in different colored water lilies drifting along, where he found Harry and Kurama, "How'd you get in here?"

The fox snorted, "I am a mass of chakra so it stands to reason I can enter a network like a genjutsu … helps that your minds have a powerful bond … or maybe that's how I could do that-"

"You didn't know before testing this?!" Naruto snapped before finally noticing Harry was too quiet as he stood there on the moss covered rocks with them. In fact, the green eyed boy seemed to be in pain as he clutched his head. "Harry? Are you ok?"

"He flooded my network with his chakra … it fucking hurt." Harry groaned.

Kurama huffed, "I pulled you into your mind first, so it wasn't that bad. You'll thank me now that you can get rid of those glasses."

Harry glared, "You did this so I'd get rid of my glasses?."

"Yep! No need to bow at my greatness-"

The 'Great Demon' was shot into the air by a stream of water that came out of the falls, "I was messing with you because you lied about knowing where the entrance is! You deserved it!"

Naruto twitched, "So after nearly two years of saying you knew something you really-"

"I do know! … I just can't recall any exact details …" Kurama muttered as he shook his fur to dry it.

"Thanks a lot, old timer. Very helpful." Naruto said oozing sarcasm in every word getting a growl from the tiny fox. Naruto sighed as he looked at Harry who seemed to be in less pain than a moment ago. "I was hoping fluffy was serious about knowing something about how to get into the magical world … but since he's not able to help …"

Harry frowned as his blonde friend trailed off, "What is it? Do you have an idea on how to get into magical world? … that is if you really want to give up-"

"I made my choice. Staying here in a village that hates me to chase respect I'll never get is nowhere near as important as helping you through a place neither of us know a lot about. I'm going." Naruto said firmly, before getting tackled by Harry who hugged him hard making the blonde chuckle … the blonde's happiness turned to nervousness. "I get why Lily didn't put a lot of details … well I assume since it was badly damaged by water and not really much could be read, but it'd make sense if she didn't. Keeping magic secret and all is fine, but that would be nice … cause you aren't going to like this … do you think you can teleport us to your relatives' home?"

Harry stiffened … even after all this time the mention of those people scared him … though he had Naruto now …

Both boys faded as they went back into their own bodies, effectively kicking Kurama out, and woke up. The shack was emptied, they donned their bounty hunter uniforms and, while holding hands, they vanished with a pop ...


"So he failed," Sarutobi sighed ignoring the whispers from the jonins and the downtrodden Kakashi for the colorful Iruka who raced into the room. "Iruka, have you found Naruto? Mizuki just told us he failed again, which means he needs to go back to the academy-"

"He doesn't want to be a ninja." Iruka said and everything went silent.

"Come again?" Sarutobi muttered with a blank look on his face. As Iruka explained the depth of the problem sank in and his mind began working on fixing his slight miscalculation. "Would you bring Naruto to my office? I'll speak with him there, after I finish assigning teams."

"Yes, hokage-sama. Oh … do you know where he lives?" Iruka flushed a dark red that showed through the paint on his face as everyone stared at him. Obviously they all thought he'd know that. "I never met him outside of school and the ramen stand." He admitted meekly, feeling even more guilty.

Sarutobi internally sighed in annoyance and told him the boy's assigned apartment, "Ok, let's finish up."

Long after the teams were assigned Sarutobi, and a very stubborn Kakashi, waited to see Naruto. The only problem was … no one could find him ...

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