Magic Behind the Kunai

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“Of course.” Naruto said as he enjoyed the information his many clones sent him …


“That fucking house elf.” Narcissa growled as she sulked on a couch and watched Jack brew a potion.

Jack frowned, “It was only a matter of time before the Black representative did something like removing the members so his family can safely move in.”

Narcissa scoffed, “That may be, but I do believe my ex had a hand in this.”

“Actually … they did seem rather comfortable with each other.” Jack pondered while watching the potion bubble.

“He has the nerve to call me a slut, but what does Lucius do once he kicks me out? He seduces the one in control of the Black family. I wonder if he helped the representative get rid of me so they could be together and combine fortunes.” Narcissa commented and continued muttering various reasons or motives that could be going on.

Jack chuckled after she finished rattling off the seventh theory, “All possibilities, but it won’t matter now. Once I get this potion completed we can follow the representative straight to the Lord he’s protecting. I just need a hair, but that should be easy to get if I follow him every time Wizengamot meets.”

The witch sighed, “Hurry, love. As brilliant as it was to trick the muggles across the street to leave so we get a free home I do wish to return.”

“Soon my dearest. I’ll sort this out soon enough.” Jack said kindly as he plotted how to murder the Hausoda family to give Narcissa her home back. “Do you see something?” He asked when he saw Narcissa peek out of the windows carefully.

“A young boy and a teen.” Narcissa said and her eyes narrowed as she looked out the windows, which oddly enough didn’t look out onto a muggle road  and the Grimmauld manor.The view was of the inside of the house. She could clearly see the teen, boy and the traitorous house elf enjoying her family home as if they were right on the other side of the glass. “It’s David Hausoda.” She hissed immediately recognizing the teen whose picture was on the Black family tapestry as the Lord of the Black family.

Jack added a bit of powder to his potion and walked over to her, “Tom Hausoda didn’t waste a second. I’m glad I cursed the windows before that elf threw us out.”

Narcissa smiled and kissed his jaw, “You’re so skilled.” She cooed sweetly before turning back to the window. “He looks so young … Sirius wouldn’t have just given the title to a random child. Even if he was wise enough to choose a representative in Tom Hausoda he’s young and isn’t even from a powerful family. I would like to think my cousin was ruthless enough to throw a child into a political bloodbath and potentially lose everything, but that’s not him.”

“No … however, it would make sense if Sirius gave the title to the boys’ father and he died. The title would’ve been passed on to those boys and perhaps Tom is an uncle. He’s, at least, a trusted family member.”

“A clever one at that.” The witch glanced at the seen again and raised an eyebrow when she saw Kreacher put a series of colorful strips of paper on the coffee table in the living room. “What are they doing?” She pondered out loud and suddenly her eyes widened in horror. “Are they redecorating my family’s home?! How dare they?!” She snarled furiously while glaring at the people in the glass.

Jack scowled, “Truly insulting. I will remedy that soon enough.” He said before kissing Narcissa and dutifully returning to the potion.

Neither of them were aware that the house elf was putting on an act with two clones. It was all  just to keep the two Death Eaters’ attention away from anything actually important.


“It would’ve been easy with the map.” Fred sulked as he showered with his twin.

George frowned, “I have no clue what happened to it, but we got around without it before. Let’s try our little project.” He whispered sneakily.

Fred nodded excitedly, “It will be exactly what we need to get a proper look. We need a mirror.” 

“Will this help?” Both of the twins gaped as an arm slipped past the shower curtain of their shared shower stall. The hand attached to that arm held a small mirror. “You might want to put a silencing spell on the curtain or some runes. The running water doesn’t cover everything.” The voice they recognized as Harry said before promptly leaving after Fred grabbed the mirror.

George blinked and looked at the mirror, “No one heard us before … right?”

“Thought so … maybe no more shower plots. It’ll make getting presents far less surprising if Harry can hear us.” Fred chuckled as he put the mirror down on the shower’s shelf.

When they finished their shower they took the mirror with them. Right after changing into their uniforms the mirror was put in the pocket of Fred’s robes. Once they grabbed anything they’d need for class it was off to breakfast.

“Nice, Ron! You’re really sticking with the schedule now.” The twins cheered when they saw that a fully dressed Ron was maintaining his routine habits.

“I blame Scabbers.” Ron muttered tiredly as the rat hopped onto his shoulder. 

The twins grinned, “We know! Thanks, Scabbers! Keep him in line!” 

Harry chuckled, “He's a very clever rat.” He commented as he joined the group of boys who were headed out of the Gryffindor house and onto the moving stairs.

Ron blinked, “Hermione?” He called out as they walked towards the witch.

“Everything ok?” Harry asked not liking the fact that Hermione seemed to be focused on the door to the third corridor. The very one she was basically begging Harry to help raid just last night. 

The witch turned and smiled, “I was feeling a bit tired and missed the moving staircase.”

“It’s coming now.” Neville pointed out helpfully and sure enough everyone quickly transferred to the next staircase.

Hermione stepped very close to Harry and leaned towards his ear, “Harry, did you … lock the door?”

“Are you saying you unlocked it?” Harry countered immediately making it clear he had nothing to do with it. The witch fell silent when she realized that he either wasn’t going to admit anything or someone else reversed what she did.

As Hermione moved ahead to get into the Great Hall, Fred and George raised their eyebrows in perfect sync, “What was that about?” They asked as they stopped Harry just outside the Great Hall.

Harry shrugged, “For whatever reason she wants to get in that room. Apparently, someone locked it so maybe she’ll give up.” He said and went to sit with Dean and Neville.

“Oh really.” The twins commented curiously as they also sat down. 

A tired Dumbledore stood up and everyone slowly became quiet, “Thanks to Professor Lupin classes will be continuing as usual today. Hagrid has managed to arrange for the trolls to be found and taken home, so please don’t worry about that. Take your time and if anyone needs to talk about our late professor then please come to any of us. We’re open to talking with any of you.” He said kindly and the food appeared.

(Why does he look so tired? Naruto, please tell me he hasn’t had a chance to remove any evidence yet.) Harry asked through the mental link and he was worried for a reason. A lot of evidence could disappear quickly and Dumbledore has had several hours to do it after learning that an Auror was investigating the school.

(No. He was doing research since he got back from the meeting. As a stroke of luck he’s going through everything he believes are Voldemort’s horcruxes. I think he’s focusing on proving that the dark lord is alive and saving his skin in case he can’t clean up his loose ends.) Naruto explained.

(Really? So nothing has been moved?) Harry asked, a little surprised that Dumbledore didn’t immediately begin destroying evidence.

Naruto chuckled, (Thankfully, he was so distracted trying to think of theories on how ‘Voldemort’ would have gotten a body and getting ready to collect the last soul pieces that he didn’t even sleep. He only just asked Hagrid to remove the trolls a few minutes ago. It looks like he’s going to use today to hunt the horcruxes and empty the third floor corridor, but Mark already saw that something was there so he has already been there to check that.)

(So Remus is himself right now. That’s good to know. Need any help?) Harry asked while nibbling at the safe food that was safely switched out with food from the tables with untainted food.

(No, I don’t think so. I have clones trying to safely steer Mark to a few things and clones hunting down those soul fragments that Dumbledore helpfully collected all that information on. You just need to focus on your studies.) Naruto said through the mental link before going silent to let Harry eat in peace.


Remus noticed that Mark pulled out a Gringotts marked invisibility cloak, “That brings back memories … James had one of those in school. Seems so long ago.”

Mark blinked, “I know that Durmstrang has a very different reputation than Hogwarts, but when I was a student they never let kids have things like invisibility cloaks.”

The werewolf sighed, “Yeah … see what I mean when I said I was second guessing things?”

“Yeah.” Mark said with a slightly stunned look. He soon shook off his shock and smiled. “We’ll discuss that tonight, but the goblins got me a sleepy trap so I first want to see what thing needs a dangerous three headed dog to guard it. Oh, I took a log of everything from the painting. Now you can get the scent of that dirt in the vial. What do you think about switching places at lunch so you can sniff out the source?”

“I think it sounds like a good plan.” Remus nodded and went over to the items and their painting, which were all tagged with ministry tags and spread out neatly on the desk. He opened the vial with the dirt and took a deep sniff before gagging. “I should have no problem finding that.” He gasped between disgusted gags.

Mark chuckled sheepishly, “Be careful then. I’ll head out. I want to be done before breakfast.” He said as he wrapped himself up in the cloak effectively disappearing from sight.

The door to Remus’ living quarters mysteriously opening was the only sign that the Auror left the room and went into the hall. Mark stayed as quiet as possible as he quickly made his way to the third floor corridor. Soon he cautiously undid the lock spell he used on the door and pulled a candle out of his pocket. 

After setting the candle on the ground he carefully opened the door. With a quick spell to light the candle he slid the candle into the room with his foot. Again he shut the door just as the big creature inside was heard moving.

While he waited for the candle to do its job he pulled up his collar. The collar extended perfectly and covered his nose and mouth. With his mask in place he opened the door. Once he quickly stepped in he shut the door.

Much to Mark’s relief the three heads of the massive dog were completely asleep. Now he could freely look around and not have to worry. However, the first thing he did was lock the door. The next was to search the room and a mysterious trap door caught his interest.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy. The large beast’s paw was covering the trap door. Moving the paw took some effort, but Mark soon made his way inside. To his surprise he immediately encountered the mildly dangerous plant called devil’s snare. Of course, he knew to stay calm and made his way past it. However, it did bring up more questions. For example, why are these things in a school?

As he continued on the Auror found the next room. Mark nearly squealed in excitement. After all, the next room had a life sized version of his favorite game. Yes, he loved wizard’s chess and he quickly won the game. It was the next room that made him realize something.

“This … is this entire set up just an obstacle course?” Mark pondered as he read the disturbingly simple riddle that will lead to the potion needed to get through the wall of fire.

Granted, he answered the riddle easily. However, he never knew that a ninja had tampered with the potions long ago. In fact, he will never know because a very helpful clone put a seal on his back so the fire wouldn’t hurt him. The Auror continued on never suspecting a thing.

“What the … I know this mirror, but why is it here?” Mark murmured softly to himself as he looked at the well known artifact that definitely shouldn’t be around easily obsessed kids. Being shown your deepest desires can destroy even full grown witches and wizards so kids are vulnerable. “Wait … I shouldn’t have a reflection so what’s that?”

Despite being under the cloak Mark noticed that the reflection in the mirror showed something that followed his movements. That strange thing was a pink stone. It also seemed kind of low. Almost at pocket level. Of course, the clever Auror immediately tried checking the pocket and found a pink-ish red stone that wasn’t there before.

“Bloody hell … I have to report this.” Mark said as he recognized the magical stone and quickly put the stone back in his pocket.

However, as the Auror made his way out of the corridor someone else was completing a job without him knowing. After all, Naruto and Harry swapped out the stone with a henged coin a while ago. Now the clones had to swap them back. Once the Auror tripped over the rubble of a broken pawn from the chess set the clones had their chance. Mark climbed up and out of the corridor with the real philosopher’s stone in his pocket.

To hide any trace of his presence he carefully moved the paw over the trap door. Next he grabbed the candle and slowly walked out of the room with it. After the door was closed and securely locked he blew out the candle and put it in his pocket with the stone.

As Mark walked down the moving staircases he pondered where to check next. Just as he was passing the windows he spotted Dumbledore just outside talking to the groundskeeper. That looked like something worth overheating so he opened the window a crack.

“You’d probably understand being an animal lover … I just feel bad for those poor trolls. To be stolen and now lost in a strange forest. If I had the time I’d help them.” Dumbledore said in a sad tone, but the Auror didn’t feel it was sincere.

Hagrid started to tear up, “Don’t you worry about a thing, Mr. Dumbledore. I’ll find the three trolls so they can be taken home. They seemed calm so they should be easy to guide back.”

“Thank you, Hagrid. That means so much to me.” Dumbledore said happily as he turned to leave. Mark followed slightly behind just for a minute. “Minerva, so good to see you.”

Minerva smiled completely unaware of the Auror under a cloak around a corner just a few feet down the hallway.

Minerva frowned, “Albus, you look so tired. Are you ok?” Perhaps I should take over your duties so you can rest today.”

“Yes. That will probably be for the best. Thank you, Minerva.” Dumbledore said tiredly just as some kids were coming down for breakfast.

Mark took this chance to go back to his shared living quarters and turn all the evidence so far. When he returned he considered going after the trolls before the half giant got to them, but then he spotted the Weasley twins …

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