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The two held hands and vanished into nothing only to reappear in the world of magic …


Hermione couldn’t believe what transpired in the short span of two weeks. Sure, it was bad enough that all classes were on break again, but that wasn’t the worst. It horrified her that Dumbledore was arrested. A basilisk had to be removed. As a result an infestation of acromantulas was revealed and then that had to be dealt with. To make it even worse was the man she watched walk into the Great Hall to take Dumbledore’s rightful place a few days ago. Of all the people it was Lucius Malfoy taking the title of headmaster!

Everything in those world ending announcements stunned her. It was so bad the first time that she couldn’t remember how she reacted to the news of Dumbledore’s arrest. The only reason she knew was because everyone won’t stop talking about how she screamed. Apparently, a lot of people were shocked. However, it was so bad for her that she needed to be escorted out and given a calming potion or two. Since that day she was only seen at meals and in the dorms. Of course, that doesn’t mean she limited herself to those areas.

Well after curfew Hermione could be seen deep in the forbidden section in the library, “He’s coming back tomorrow … why should I give a fuck when he just left? Harry …just left!” She snapped and slammed the book she held on the floor. 

Oddly enough, the witch seemed taller than before. There was no issue reaching up to the higher shelves. She also seemed to have more mature features despite the only light being from her wand. No matter how hard it was to see her clearly it was obvious that she continued thinking over everything as she got another book.

Besides the constant boring kids chatter everyone was praising the new headmaster and eagerly awaiting Harry Potter’s return. Yes, the Boy Who Lived had a right to spend the break getting to know his new guardian. However, the fact that he didn’t object to being a part of the Black family or Lucius Malfoy being the headmaster was beyond infuriating.

“I wonder … could they all be trying to invade the school? They removed a basilisk, but didn’t kill it immediately. Harry was taken into the Black family. Dumbledore was  removed from power. Lucius Malfoy was made the headmaster.” Hermione murmured thoughtfully and suddenly her eyes widened. “It’s all connected! The Death Eaters are paving the way for Voldemort’s return!”

Everything suddenly made sense in the witch’s mind. That had to be why the basilisk was left alive. It wasn’t being kept in Gringotts. Clearly Voldemort, as a snake speaker, wanted to use the basilisk as a weapon. Of course, that’d only be one facet of this invasion.

One by one the conspiracies came together in her mind. Harry's relatives were controlled and made to hurt Harry. After all, if Dumbledore left Harry there they could not have been bad people. However, Death Eaters slithering into the poor muggles’ minds and corrupting people makes much more sense. 

Perhaps the horcruxes mentioned in the newspaper were real. Dumbledore also could’ve been tricked in some way. There was a mention of a trap to lure Voldemort in the. While the paper called Dumbledore crazy for believing the dark wizard was still around and putting kids in danger maybe it did work. The powerful and kind wizard might’ve been left with no choice but to kill Quirrell because Quirrell was on Voldemort’s side. 

Now that Dumbledore was out of the way everything could click into place. Lucius will take control of Hogwarts. Harry is sent to a known dark home. A powerful basilisk was free. Everything was set for Voldemort to return.

Hermione was so horrified by the conclusion that she dropped the book she was reading, “It all connects … that’s why Dumbledore couldn’t vow that he didn’t kill Quirrell. He did, but for a good reason. I have to tell Harry the second he comes back. There’s no doubt in my mind he was given to the enemy and once Harry comes to his senses all of those monsters will pay.” She said while ignoring certain facts like tainted snacks and that Dumbledore was stealing from Harry.

With a flick of her wand all the advanced books went back to the shelves. As fast she could tapped her own head and shrank back down to normal 11 year old size. Once that was done she used the light coming from her wand to guide her to the infirmary. After stealing several potions she put them in her pockets and headed back to the Gryffindor tower. 

Instead of going straight to bed she stopped and looked at the eerie gray fog in the dorm. It was floating over every bed in the girls’ dorm. All the girls didn’t seem aware of it due to being in a deep sleep. 

The sleep might have been far too deep since they weren’t even twitching and they were barely breathing. However, Hermione definitely knew and didn’t seem concerned as she lazily changed into pajamas. Finally, with a smirk she waved her wand over the girls who she shared a dorm with. The fog quickly faded away and the girls seemed to breathe a little easier. 

Hermione soon went to sleep hoping to finally get Harry Potter on her side. However, she wasn’t the only witch scheming about the Potter heir …


“I don’t like having to put up with this! Who cares if the Potter boy is there? We could do something to get my home back!” Narcissa muttered furiously to herself as she watched the cursed windows.

For the last couple weeks five people were seen inside the Black family home. There was a teen lord, the younger brother of the lord, Tom, the traitorous house elf and none other than Harry Potter. It was that last person that was causing all the trouble. After all, the news about Dumbledore was mind blowing even for her. That also made everyone desperate to see Harry Potter, the disgusting brat who wounded her lord,  for one reason or another. Unfortunately, that meant no one could get close to the residents of the Black manor. At least, not without being seen.

“Jack!” Narcissa exclaimed the moment Jack apparated into their hideout. “Please tell me you've heard some good news.” She said as she hugged the fellow Death Eater.

Jack smiled as he returned the hug, “The good thing is Potter leaves tomorrow. Once he’s back in school everything should calm down and then I can use my potion to get the representative under our thumb.”

Narcissa’s eyes lit up in excitement, “You know how to get a hair from the representative? I didn’t think Wizengamot would continue meeting after clearing out the basilisk, acromantulas and … putting him in charge.” She said pointedly, but with a growl in her tone.

Of all the massive changes there was one she hated more than any other. It’s actually the one both her and Hermione agree on. The fact that Lucius became the new headmaster was deeply infuriating for his ex wife and the oddly advanced student.

Jack nodded, but he almost hesitated nervously, “Yes … Tom has started some charitable projects-“

“What projects?” Narcissa asked desperately, feeling a sense of dread creeping up her spine.

“He’s using the recent news to bring up means of stopping people from taking advantage of children like Harry Potter.” Jack explained before reaching into the pocket of his dark robes. After a second he pulled out a notebook that had a few things scribbled onto it. “He’s working with Gringotts and a few other families to set up a variety of orphanages, counseling groups for the muggle guardian of a magical child and a magical preschool to help kids get adjusted before school begins.”

The witch’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “That sounds like a lot of money being wasted. Who’s paying most of the bill?”

“To be fair, Gringotts apparently already has a lot of options for muggle born and their non magical family members. They’re using this as a chance to promote them, but as for everything else the money has come from donations and the Black family.” Jack said and immediately stepped forward the second he saw Narcissa placed a hand on her chest as if she was having trouble breathing.

Once Narcissa felt the strong arm around her waist she scowled, “When Lucius forced me out the goblins showed me what was left in the Black vaults. There wasn’t a large amount of gold in the vaults … unless many of the family’s items were sold off.” She murmured and looked back at the cursed window.

During the last few weeks the Narcissa was forced to watch the brats play and the house elf removing everything to paint. Once the creamy yellow color graced the walls she noticed nothing old was put back. Instead of certain pieces of furniture being returned to the room she was watching there were new ones in their places. At first she assumed everything would be respectfully returned, even the living portraits. However, none of them were and she realized why.

“There’s so many dark pieces in there.” Narcissa said, sounding a little shaken. “Even all of the picture frames were very expensive … do you think he had my family destroyed just to take their frames to afford these projects?”

The wizard frowned, “It’s hard to say. There’s always a chance everything like the portraits were stored away.” He suggested, but he knew it was unlikely.

Narcissa glared hatefully at Harry and Tom, “One injured our dark lord and the other stole my home.” She turned her furious gaze to Jack. “I want them all dead. Tom, his family and Harry Potter.”

Jack smiled, “It will be done, my dear.”


Lucius looked up from the new desk in his new office when two people flooed in, “Here to turn more things upside down?”

Harry gave a cheeky innocent smile, “I would never, headmaster.”

“I’m sure.” An amused Lucius said with a smirk. “Don’t forget your homework. I expect the school to be free of weeds by the time Draco is cured.” He commented knowing he didn’t have to tell them to be quiet. 

Even though he actually used real living portraits, unlike Dumbledore, it was safe to talk. For safety there was a lovely privacy screen between Lucius’ desk and the portraits. It was enchanted to muffle conversations so the portraits couldn’t eavesdrop. However, in case of emergencies the muffling spell will go away and all the portraits can immediately get the ministry involved. After all, they now had matching portraits in the ministry, which was a brilliant suggestion from Mark.

“Yes, headmaster!” Harry exclaimed and looked around the completely redesigned office as he went towards the door. Everything from the privacy screen to the furniture had a Japanese flare to it. “Love the new office!” Harry said right before leaving.

Lucius noticed Tom glancing at him with an amused smile and scoffed, “I’ve taken a liking to the style.” He said while looking back down at the paperwork he was doing and trying not to sound nervous. “When should I expect Sirius?” He asked effectively changing the subject without making any eye contact.

“Officially he'll stop by next week I should think. For now he’s staying out of sight to avoid Mark. Other than that he’s all caught up and ready to help.” Naruto said casually as he looked at the bonsai tree on the desk. He leaned over and brushed a hair away from Lucius’ ear. “I made sure he behaves around Severus. I’m sure you’d both be pleased with that arrangement.” He whispered into Lucius’ ear.

A shiver raced up  Lucius’ spine, but by the time he looked up Naruto was gone, “Damn him … what was that supposed to mean?” He wondered to himself, suddenly feeling curious about what was done to keep Sirius in line.

If it wasn’t for the rumble of thunder outside he might still be thinking about what tricks were up the ninja’s sleeves. Right now he had to shake those thoughts away and focus on the first breakfast before classes finally start again. Hopefully there won’t be a third delay right away. These children need to learn something before the holidays begin …


A big black dog bounded towards the shrieking shack and shifted into Sirius, “I can hide here until this hidden Auror guy is teaching.” Sirius said after sneaking inside. “What?” Sirius yelped when he saw the pointy hat and gas mask of the bounty hunter. The hunter disappeared leaving only a note behind. “How can a kid be so scary?” He muttered as he picked up the note, which details some things the paper obviously never reported for the security of the students. No one outside the school needs to know how the security will be upped or when it starts.

All he had to do now was wait for Remus. His old friend can help him get back into the castle without getting spotted. After all, Lucius had to change some things to up security to keep Wizengamot happy. All the new measures start today according to the note and all the old passages are being watched now. 

While Naruto noted that he could easily teleport him wherever he was needed, he couldn’t just do that. Sirius immediately understood why. If he was going to be running around the school he had to see first hand what the new security was. Once he learns the ins and outs he can get to bugging the witch.

“I hope breakfast starts soon.” Sirius commented eagerly and absentmindedly ran his fingers over the new collar as he waited …

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