Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter I

The Potions Book


Hermione sat in the back of the car as the rain poured down their vehicle. She was waiting for Harry, who was still in the lobby signing papers for their next court hearing. She could barely contain her tears. She couldn’t believe what had taken place at the first hearing.



  *Afternoon’s trial*


The court attendee swore Snape in. "How do you plead?" he asked for the official record.


"Guilty." His voice was distinct and it echoed throughout the room.


The courtroom waited in silence as the court attendee continued. "You are Mr. Severus Prince Snape, yes?"


Snape nodded curtly. "Yes."


All the time Hermione had known him, he had not aged, but seeing him for the first time in three months, she was surprised to see the years finally catching up with him. His face was thinner and his hair longer and lankier. His skin was not only paler but also dry and flaky. He looked as if he had aged a hundred years in the three months they’d been apart.


 "And your relationship with Miss Hermione Jean Granger for the past 17 years?" asked the attendee.


There was a momentary pause before he answered. "She was my student for the first seven years.” His black eyes swept up to meet the attendee’s. “The following years were no different."


Murmurs circulated around the crowd, and Hermione's hands clenched to fists at her sides. "No," she whispered, her heart pumping fast. "No, please. Why are you doing this?"


The attendee was signaled to continue with the questioning. He cleared his throat and walked to the stand. "You’re telling me you have treated her as your student for the past ten years? Perhaps you did not understand my question clearly; I’ll rephrase it. What, exactly, was your treatment toward Miss Granger for the past ten years? Obviously, you were not in a classroom or academic environment."


"I have answered you. She was my student and I treated her as such."


The Wizengamot stared at one another, and their whispers echoed throughout the gallery. The attendee glanced up at the Wizengamot, who nodded at him to go on with the next question.


"Very well, Mr. Snape, let us move on.”


Hermione was on the edge of her seat. Harry’s gentle hand covered hers, offering her his support.


"Mr. Snape, how did Ms. Granger happen to be in your custody for the past ten years? Can you tell us precisely how that happened?”


Snape's expression remained blank; he gave nothing away. "It was the night the Order of the Phoenix transferred Harry Potter to a more secure location. The Death Eaters were sent by the Dark Lord to ambush them.” He paused as if recalling the memory.


Hermione was silent next to Harry, but she could swear he was struggling not to launch from his seat and attack Snape. That night was as fresh as it could possibly be for both of them. The memory had too much horror to be forgotten.


"We attacked them when they were most vulnerable. We waited for hours until they were transferring Potter by broomstick. We thought they were vulnerable, but they were more than prepared to protect the boy—they were willing to die for one another. Some of us were spared and some of us were diminished." Snape kept his eyes on the floor as if watching the memory play out before him.  


"Curses and spells flew through the air, and both sides found it difficult to recognize whose spells were aimed at whom. The Order suffered. They were reluctant to attack for fear of hitting one of their own, but the Death Eaters were reckless and attacked anyone who blocked their path. I found an opening for a curse, and I took it." He knew that his curse had bounced and pelted straight towards one of the Weasleys, injuring one of the twins permanently.


"Curses flew everywhere, and I was able to deflect everything that was aimed at me. Then one curse turned my way, but before I could deflect it, someone else got to it first and it rebounded towards Ms. Granger. She was heading straight towards the ground when I tried to disengage the enchantment. I was able to catch her before she crashed."


Another round of murmurs erupted, and Hermione could tell that they were dubious; but she remembered that night clearly. She hadn’t seen the deflection, but she did see the emerald curse coming straight at her. Her broom had gone haywire, and she began to plummet toward the ground. Then she felt a heavy, warm sensation like a rope wrapping around her, shielding her from the various spells flying past and, most importantly, preventing her from hitting the ground. The next thing she knew, a hand grasped her arm; and a pair of black eyes were staring into hers.  




*end of first trial*



"Hermione? Are you all right?"


She looked up and saw that Harry was already out of the car.


“Hermione?” he called her again, extending his hand.


She blinked and saw that they had arrived.


"We're here. Mrs. Weasley and the rest of them are already waiting inside.” He pointed at the building behind him.


Hermione nodded. They were supposed to meet with the Weasleys for dinner to talk about the first hearing. Hermione had requested that only she and Harry attend the hearings, and Mrs. Weasley had honored her request despite her desire to be there to provide comfort and support.


Hermione took Harry's hand and got out of the car. They were in the heart of London—near the shops and restaurants. The September breeze made her feel comfortable and wary at the same time. She wanted to go home and go to sleep, but she knew it was impossible. Everyone would want to know how the first hearing had gone.


They entered the restaurant and quickly found the Weasleys. Hermione was greeted by Mrs. Weasley, who wrapped her in a matronly embrace.


“Oh, my Hermione. Come, come," she ushered her to the table, dragging her by the arm. "We‘ve ordered all your favourite foods. You sit here next to Harry—no Bill, go pull out that chair so she can squeeze in and sit next to Fleur."


Hermione smiled at everyone as she was passed around for hugs. She had been with them for weeks now, but she still felt awkward. It seemed as if it was all a dream, as if she had lived another lifetime.


Conversations bounced around the table but nobody dared to ask about the hearing. Hermione thought perhaps they feared causing her more pain. She knew they were aware of her nightmares even though it was never mentioned. Since she had returned, she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying, and Harry would be devastated, knowing that she was dreaming of her years with Snape.


“Here Hermione,” Harry’s said. “This is your favourite.” He replaced her untouched platter with the second course. It was beef with potatoes, some vegetables on the side. He looked down at her with an unsure smile as she helped herself to the new dish.


She forced a small smile when Mrs. Weasley stared in her direction. Despite all their efforts to act normal, Hermione knew that normal would never again be possible.






"I said dinner is served,” Snape called up the stairway. "There is meat and chowder downstairs." 


She didn't answer him or even move a muscle. She remained immersed in the Potions book he had left her with that afternoon. She continued reading, but her attention was no longer on the book; she was well aware that Snape had opened the door and entered the room. In the blink of an eye, the book flew out of her hands, hitting the floor across the room.


"Are you deaf?" he asked impatiently.


She closed her eyes and stretched out on the bed then stared up at him as she sat up. "I'm not deaf,” she answered, moving to pick up the book."And I'm not hungry." she added, returning to her position on the bed and resuming her reading.


"I will not be treated this way," Snape spat, taking the book out of her hand again and grabbing her by the arm. "Dinner is ready downstairs. You will walk down those goddamn stairs and eat, or I will make sure that you never touch any of these little—“


"NO!" Hermione wailed and reached for the book.


Snape threw it away, shoving her back.


She was breathless but she tried to look defiant.


“Is this really how you're going to be when you don’t get what you want?" he demanded.


His black eyes were glinting, and Hermione knew she had pushed his patience to its limit.


"No," she answered in a small voice. "I'm sorry. I just...I'm sorry," she winced, her voice faltering as her eyes threatened tears. “I just want to read and take my mind off things."


"Your attitude and tantrums will not bring back the Weasley boy."


 She didn’t flinch, but he could tell by her shaking how shocked she was by his words.


"I'm sorry," she repeated in a small voice. "I just wish..." Her words disappeared when she felt his arms around her.


"Hermione, please, you need to understand that defiance will not do you any good."


His arm was around her, but he was barely touching her. It felt as if he was reluctant to make contact, but still, he kept his body close to hers.


"Hermione, I know it has been extremely hard lately; but you need to be strong. You need to be strong when you return to them.”


"I know, I'm sorry," she said and began crying.


Snape didn't know what to do with the weeping witch in his arms.


"It's been two weeks Hermione," he told her. "It won't do you any good to keep dwelling on it. Deaths are inevitable, and you should learn to accept that. I know the Weasley boy was closer to you than any of us, but you need to move on. You need to understand that all these sacrifices will someday ensure a better future."


"I don't know how to move on,” she answered. "He's my best friend. What about Harry?  Do you know where he is?”


He didn’t answer.


“Please tell me where Harry is,” she pleaded, her fingers tugging at his arm. "Please. I need to know where Harry is. Is he alive? Is he safe? Where is he?”


"I told you that if there is something you need to know, I would tell you." He firmly took hold of her arms and pushed her away.


Hermione stopped crying and stared up at him. She knew there was nothing more to say. He would give her glimpses of the outside world but not everything. She could cling to each of his words, but he would never divulge more.


"Hermione, you need to understand what I’m trying to do here. "


"I do," Hermione answered slowly as a tear fell. "You're doing all this to protect me.”


She repeated the phrase, but he didn’t respond. Instead, he moved towards the door. "You know the way downstairs," he simply said; and without another word, he closed the door behind him.






"Some pudding?" Fleur's voice interrupted her thoughts.


Nodding at Fleur, she took a slice, but it remained untouched on her plate.


"Hermione, I’ll be having a tea party in a few days.” Fleur told her. “Come and help me out? I would be delighted to have you around."


"Yes, I would love to," Hermione replied with a smile. “I’d love to see everyone."


For the rest of the evening, Hermione was forced to smile through the endless questions and invitations, their way of making her forget things.


But forgetting wasn’t that easy.


Three months wasn’t long enough to erase those memories. She knew they wanted her back and were happy to find her alive, but her return had been a struggle for her. She felt she no longer belonged in their world.


She didn’t know any of them anymore, even though they were just as she remembered. She was now an adult who could make her own decisions, but she felt estranged from the faces around her. She felt restrained by unspoken limits she didn’t even understand. She felt as if nothing around her was real and nothing around her mattered. Not even reality felt real.





*Courtroom trial*


"And you took her?" asked the attendee. "You took her without her consent?"


"She was unconscious," Snape answered clearly. "She needed to be healed."


“Why not take her to the hospital?”


Nothing but silence.


“Was it because taking her wasn't just about healing Ms. Granger?"


There was anticipation in the air. Hermione could sense Harry’s irritation with the time Snape took before he answered.


"Yes," Snape finally answered. "I wanted to heal her, but I had other reasons for claiming her that night.”


There were loud murmurs, and the Wizengamot had to restrain some violent reactions around the room.


"No!" Hermione screamed, struggling against Harry, who was now holding her around the waist. “No! You're lying! You're lying to them. Why are you doing this?”


Harry stared, his eyes widening in disbelief. “Hermione.“


“No!” She turned and grabbed his wrist. “Harry, help him. Help him!” she pleaded. He looked back at her as if she was mad.


Hermione turned away from him, knowing there was nothing she could get from Harry.


“Why are you doing this?” she thought, looking down at Snape who had returned to his usual passive state. “Don't lie to them, Severus! Don't lie to them!"

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