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Author's Notes: 


Basically, yesterday was Emma's birthday and today was Easter so here's a post. Jk. Lol. Okay. I'm posting cause I have free time over this morning and because tomorrow is truly, truly back to reality what with work and practice and major lessons!!! UGH. 


I was able to rest though and completely focus on my repertoire this past week. How was your Lenten/Easter break?


ChayMae- thank you for those prayers. Readers like you inspire me to write more! I highly appreciate it all =) 


Dre_18_00 - hey welcome new reader! LOL. i know, it's just so mean and all. It's like Harry does not seem to have the right to be happy at all and all that. I promise you I have a plan for Harry and for the other two. Just hold on tight. We're halfway towards the end. 


Ines - BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! MY GOSH. HAHAHA WHAT A GREAT GIFT THAT MUST HAVE BEEN. to be honest I was sort of clueless but I did post that day cause there's just the nagging feeling to post and all - just like today. 

I'm happy you liked the previous chapter and had made it into a favourite. I had always pictured that scene in my head for so long - like months ago or even a year ago I think. That darkened scenery in by the staircase where they sat back to back and all the silence just clouding up all the frustration and anger from both sides. 

I wanted to depict it in such a way that Harry had become nothing short of what Snape was to Hermione and in such a way where he couldn't see it himself because he is so blinded by love and hatred that his reality and perceptions have been severely distorted. 

There's a tragic beauty in that for me as a writer. 

There might be closure for the three of them. Just hang in there. There are more coming twists!!!! 



I'm not sure who commented it but someone said about the ten years of Hermione's captivity - something about the three years added and asked if something happened that's why the seven years had summed up to become a decade. Yes. Since I'm nearly about to post that chapter (and just cause I love you all) here's a bit of a spoiler: SOMETHING DID HAPPEN. 





Chapter Twenty Eight 

Young Master 



“Not quite funny.” Harry muttered as he placed a large ice bag over the side of his mouth.

Kingsley stood before him after handing Harry the ice bag.

Harry had gone to the Ministry of Magic that morning to hand over a couple of overdue paperwork that was still with him before he took the office leave and was planning to go to the Wizengamot to ask several questions when upon entering the main office of the Auror’s Department, he was greeted by a very furious and heavy punch by none other than Draco Malfoy.

 He had been utterly surprised and caught off guard that before he could even take his wand out, Draco had yelled something at him before being quickly taken care of by the other Aurors and led out of the department.

For a moment, he had seen not only stars but a seemingly blackened galaxy as he fell on his back on the floor, feeling completely ridiculous at being unable to find his wand right away to defend himself.

“Fuck him.” Harry muttered. “I want you to ban him out of this building.”

“This is the Ministry of Magic, Harry.” Kingsley replied. “He can’t just be banned here. Maybe in this department but not in the building and definitely not at Hermione’s trial.” he quickly added reading Harry’s furious expression.

“He just punched me!” Harry said nearly yelling at his old friend. “He motherfucker punched me!”

Some of the passing Aurors noticed them but didn’t say anything.

Nobody would dare say anything about the furious wizard who had defeated the Dark Lord.

Kingsley did not look shaken at his decision.

“I have the power and I shall not abuse it.”

Harry gave him an infuriating glare as if daring him to repeat what he had just said.

“You better make sure he stays very far from me and Hermione or I swear that the next time I meet him, it would be my fist meeting that bloody face first.”

Kingsley stared at him and nodded.

He knew the measures he had to take but he wasn’t going to just use his power on every bit of whim that Harry would have.

He already made a lot of those ‘special requests’ for him and for Hermione and he wasn’t going to use more of it for Harry especially in times when he knew that he wasn’t being reasonable.

“How’s Hermione?” he asked Harry.

“What?” Harry irritably asked him back.

Kingsley stared at him.

“She was absent at the last trial because you said she wasn’t feeling well. It was an emergency, wasn’t it? You asked me to ask the Wizengamot to cancel it.”

Harry gaped for a moment then quickly remembered the lie he had come up with on that.

He looked away and pretended to rearrange the icebag at the side of his face to avoid his gaze.

“She’s better. But I’m not sure she can attend the next. She’s still in bed rest.”

“What happened to her?”

“Some sort of flu and stress due to our wedding plans.” Harry shortly replied.

Kingsley opened his mouth to ask more questions but Harry finished up with the ice bag and quickly stood up.

“I’m going home.”

“I’ll send you a note as soon as I get the next schedule for the trial.”

“Yeah.” Harry answered uninterested.

Harry stood up and pointed over his desk where a pile of parchments were neatly placed.

“Alright.” Kingsley replied. “Will have all these to their rightful case files. You take care of yourself. Send my regards to Hermione.”

“Yeah.” Harry replied taking his cloak from the long sofa he sat on. “I’ll see you, mate.”

And without another word, Harry left their department’s office.






“What are you doing?”

Snape felt a pair of hands move around his waist and warm lips gently pressing at the nape of his neck.

He had been having an uneasy sleep so he decided to take a journal out and write a couple of things.

He had been keeping track on a couple of things out of Hermione’s knowledge on special potions.

Despite of their 4-year relationship that had been going on now, he did not want her knowing everything there was to know about him nor his ideas for potions and spells.

Secrets were important for him as it had been a large part of his double-agent life for as long as he could remember.

“Reading.” Snape replied gently closing the journal and keeping it away.

Hermione watched him tap his wand over the end table next to their bed where the journal had been magically sealed back.

“You keep secrets from me.” Hermione commented drawing herself away from him.

Snape only chuckled.

He turned back on the bed to her as she sank back under the sheets.

Snape stared at her glorious form before him and sighed heavily.

He gently moved back towards the bed nearer her.

“I do not keep things from you.” Snape whispered as he began running his fingers over her long and slender legs.

Hermione pouted at him.

“You’ve been keeping that diary for as long as I can remember.”

“Am I not allowed to keep a diary?”

“You’re keeping stuff I know nothing of.”

“Can’t I write on a diary about how I feel for you?”

Hermione bit her lip to keep herself from chuckling.

“You’re not some girl who would go ‘dear diary..’” Hermione said crossing her legs and arms at him.

Snape raised a brow at her.

He moved closed her and bent over.

He began kissing the side of her arms.

Hermione tensed for a moment but quickly relaxed when the tips of his fingers reached down the side of her thighs.


“You took away my only journal.”

“That was ages ago.” Snape pointed out at her. “And you aren’t supposed to write on about anything. That’s part of the rules.”

“Your rules.”

Snape’s eyes narrowed at her.

It has been four years now and the fire in her was still there.

When was it ever going to die?
But then again, if that fire dies – would she still be the Hermione Granger he had fallen in love with?

“I’m going downtown, tomorrow.” Snape said kissing her neckline now. “Would you like anything?”

“Nothing.” Hermione replied letting him kiss her and letting his hands run gently around her body.

“Nothing?” he murmured against her neck.

“Nothing.” Hermione replied. “It’s not like I need anything around here. Do I?”

Snape chuckled.

He couldn’t really tell if she was being honest or sarcastic.

But he was glad.

She used to answer things that referred to ‘freedom’ whenever he asked that question.

But that was ages ago..

And the years had passed and Hermione seemed not only to have accepted her fate with him but seemed to have be completely in love with him by now.

She had finally learned to let her life go and accept her life with him.

“A new book?” Snape whispered kissing the nape of her neck.

Hermione sighed.

“A new special edition of something?” Snape kissed the side of her neck.

Hermione inched closer.

“A rare selection?” he kissed then licked her earlobe.

Hermione moaned and opened her legs when his hand began touching her between them.

“How about a newspaper?” Hermione mindlessly whispered back as he moved to kiss her lips.

Snape stopped in mid-action and stared down at her closed eyes.

Hermione seemed to have come to her senses.

She turned slightly pale and opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out.

“A what?” Snape softly repeated withdrawing his hands from her and leaning away.

“Nothing.” Hermione said quickly placing both her hands around his neck to pull him back to her.

She moved her head upward to kiss him but Snape did not return the gesture.

“What did you say?” he asked her gripping her wrist.

“Nothing.” Hermione quickly said looking away from him. “It’s nothing. I’m sorry. It was stupid. I was stupid.”

Snape glared at her unable to say anything.

He was seething but he had to control himself.

And there he was a few moments ago, almost eternally grateful.

Had it been a slip of a tongue?

Or was she trying out if he was having his defenses down?

He felt reckless these past few weeks and months – giving her needs and wants and desires and completely forgetting that he was the one in control.

He had even allowed her an unlimited time and access on staying in their ‘small library’ for the books he had bought her.

“It was nothing, Severus.” Hermione gently whispered.

She lifted her hands over his face and traced the lines on them.


Snape breathed heavily and completely let her wrist go.

He pushed her back on the bed and turned away from her.

“Severus.” Hermione called back but he had quickly grabbed his pants and a towel from the floor and had stormed inside their bathroom.

Before Hermione could do anything, heard the lock click and the shower being opened at its full.









“Don’t drink its full contents!” Ginny angrily said pulling the bottle away from Harry.

They tugged at the bottle but Harry had finished all its contents before Ginny could do anything.

“What’s going on?”

They both looked up and saw Lupin enter the room quickly followed by Mrs. Weasley.

Lupin glared at the scene before them.

Ginny looked furious about something and Harry was at the end of the bed with legs dangling over at the sides.

“Harry!” Mrs. Weasley gasped quickly entering.

She shoved the groceries at the side of the room as she quickly followed Lupin who had taken Harry into his arms.

He was struggling against Lupin.

“I said I need to practice my legs!” Harry struggled.

“Harry, the Healers said you can only do that twice in a day and only for a few minutes. You’ve already had your exercise this morning and after lunch before Molly and I left-“

“It’s just seven in the evening- I can still-“

“He had just taken the potion the nurse brought in here!” Ginny’s voice sounded somewhere in the room.

“He what?” Lupin asked as he managed to pull Harry back on the bed with Mrs. Weasley’s piercing gaze at Harry.

They all looked at Ginny.

Ginny stared at Harry and was suddenly seemingly reluctant.

“Gin!” Harry murmured giving her a glare.

Ginny crossed her arms and looked away from them.

“He drank the potion the nurse brought in a while ago-“

“I just drank it because I wanted to sleep and be undisturbed –“

“No.” Ginny spat at him.

“What’s going on here?” Lupin asked taking serious command of the situation.

He stared at the two of them who were bickering like some first years.

“He wanted to drink all the potion as soon because he thinks it would make him stronger in a faster pace.”

“No, I did not-“

“Harry.” Lupin said warningly staring at him. “We both know that is not how these medication will work on you.”

Harry opened his mouth but quickly closed it.

He knew he was right.

He knew they were all right.

He wasn’t going to get better overnight.

He wasn’t going to get back on his feet over a couple of hours.

He wasn’t going to get back in his complete strength by drinking a gallon of the potion he was to take to gain his strength back.

He felt both foolish and stupid at the same time.

“I just thought maybe it could help.”

“Sleep, enough rest and complete surrender to those who are taking care of you will give back all the strength you need Harry.”

“I’m doing the best I can to follow all these nonsense.” Harry spat looking away.

He looked tearful but he didn’t shed a single tear.

No, not in front of them anyway.

Mrs. Weasley looked as worried as ever but she ushered Ginny to help her with the grocery bags to be organized at the small kitchen in Harry’s private ward.

Once the two women were busy at the other end of the room, Lupin grabbed a chair.

He sat by Harry’s bed and stared at him.

Harry kept his eyes hard towards the other side of the room where the window was showing him a beautiful sunset.

“You know there are no shortcuts, Harry.”

“I know.” Harry muttered knowing how right Lupin was.

“Do you want to get better?”

“I’m wasting my time here. I should be out there looking for Hermione.”

“And do you think overdosing yourself will help you get better, help you walk again and most importantly help you get Hermione back?”

Lupin sounded harsh.

But Harry knew he was being truthful and honest with him.

He did not answer his old professor.

“Do you think Hermione would like to see what’s going on with you right now?”

Harry still did not answer.

“Do you think Hermione would agree to this attitude you are showing?”

Harry only blinked and shifted his gaze.

“Do you think Hermione would be glad to know that you’ve been harassing nurses and Healers who come and go in here to let you out of the hospital secretly?”

Harry’s fist clenched but he didn’t say anything.

“Do you think Hermione would be glad to know you’ve been screaming at these people, demanding things of them you know they can’t give you because the things you ask aren’t good for you?”

Harry still did not answer.

“Do you think Hermione would be happy to see you like this?”

“No.” Harry answered him. “But I can’t stay like this.”

“You are being impatient, Harry.” Lupin said staring at him. “And you know that leads nowhere.”

“But when?” Harry asked him. “When will I be able to walk again and-“

“Harry, we waited ever so patiently for you to wake up.” Lupin said stressing out the situation upon him.

Harry didn’t say anything.

“Have you had any idea how that felt for us?” Lupin asked him.

“I know. You do not need to tell me.” Harry snapped at him and he almost regretted it.

He didn’t want to fight with Lupin.

No, not with him.

Not with the man closest to a father he could ever have.

“It was a miracle for you to wake up. We need to wait for another miracle for Hermione.”

“But we don’t know where she is!” Harry angrily yelled at him. “We don’t know where she is! She’s out there and the war is still – do you have any idea how I – what if they find her first?” Harry angrily said.

“Harry-“ Lupin warningly said. “Calm yourself, it’s not good for you-“

“Do not tell me what’s good for me or not!”


Even Harry seemed stunned at what he had just yelled at Lupin.  

Ginny and Mrs. Weasley were watching them closely but did not want to interrupt.

Mrs. Weasley knew that Lupin had to handle things – he was the only one who could control Harry at the moment.

He had always been the only one to have the ability to control Harry.

“Do you think I do not know how important she is to you? Do you think I do not understand what you are feeling right now?” Lupin asked him but not unkindly.

Harry looked away again.

“Do you think I do not keep my ears open, my eyes aware – my whole being alert at any possible sign of her? Do you think you are the only one who cares for Hermione Granger?”

A long moment of silence soon followed.

Harry heard Ginny cry softly at the corner.

“Do you think you are the only one who has ever loved and cared enough to look for her?”

Harry looked away.

He felt angry and ashamed of himself at the same time.  

Harry was breathing hard but Lupin observed that he was trying to control himself.

He was still physically weak and had been exhausting himself since morning.

The boy needed rest.

“When you feel better, Harry, we would talk.” Lupin said and he was about to stand up but Harry stopped him.

“I know I’m not the only one who cares for her.” Harry answered.

“Then you should know that day and night people are also looking for her.”

Lupin looked slightly angered but not offended by Harry’s way of thinking and how things have been ran while he was comatose.

Harry nodded coherently.

“What happened today?” he asked him. “You said you were going to scavenge for some news.”

“There wasn’t much. I’ll be going again tomorrow with Kingsley at another venue.” 

“What’s the news?” he asked him. “Where’s Snape? Isn’t he supposed to be here?”

Lupin looked up at Mrs. Weasley who quickly turned away and pulled Ginny back with her in preparing the dinner.

Harry turned and stared hard on Lupin.

“I asked you. Where’s Snape?”

Lupin did not answer immediately.

“What’s going on?” he asked him. “I thought he’s in the Order and he’s supposed to-“

“Kingsley and I.. We have a hunch that Snape might have been in trouble.” Lupin answered.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked him. “We have not seen him since the ambush. That was-“

“He’s supposed to be at Hogwarts. The last time I’ve checked with a few of our connections who are still able to make a couple of access at Hogwarts, he does spend time there but lately.. recently..”

“What’s going on then?” Harry asked sounding alarmed.


“He’s our only connection to Voldemort. Where the fuck is he?”

“We think he might have been..”

“Did he betray us?” Harry quietly asked.

Lupin looked up at Mrs. Weasley momentarily who only nodded at his direction.

“No.” Lupin said shaking his head. “But we think he might have been in trouble and because we were so focused in other things, we might have neglected connection with him. We were so used into the idea that he’s the one who contacts us and-“

“And?” Harry asked him. “And what?”

“And he hasn’t. No note or any of the secret codes or answers he would and should be sending us by now. Nothing.”

“Have you checked his place?”

“Spinner’s End is empty and clear of anything that might suggest of any recent activity. He hasn’t been in there since before we were ambushed, Harry.”

“Any other place he could be?” Harry asked him.

Lupin shook his head.

“Then where the fuck is he?” Harry asked. “Are you sure he didn’t-“

“He didn’t betray us.” Lupin said sighing heavily. “But we think the failed attempt at the ambush might have earned him some unwanted attention from Voldemort.”

“You think he killed him?” Harry asked. “You think he killed Snape?”

Lupin didn’t answer him.

“But – he’s –“

“We do not know yet for sure.” Lupin said. “But it is very unlike of Severus to not contact us for this long. Even if he does not want to mingle with the Order members and had always only ever devoted to Dumbledore, he wouldn’t be reckless or mindless as to not act to what he should be responsible of.”

“So if he’s not dead or been recently killed – he’s missing?” Harry asked.

Lupin shook his head.

“But isn’t missing in Voldemort’s reign just the same and as good as being dead?”

“Harry, we can’t take on such conclusions. We can only hope for the best. And Severus is a strong man – resilient as he always have been – and I only hope that he just hasn’t get enough time or chance at the moment to contact us.”

“But what if he’s dead?” Harry asked but not unkindly. “What if Voldemort has gotten rid of-“

“I hope not.” Lupin said. “Because Severus Snape is one of our strongest allies. We cannot lose him. A lot of people depends on him. Even if people do not say it, I know that a lot of them knows that there are certain things and tasks that only a man like Severus Snape could possibly accomplish.”










“Young Master, your visitors are here.”

The old servant stood by the doorway and bowed at Draco.

Draco did not say anything.

A newspaper was open before him and a glass of expensive wine was nearly empty with the bottle next to it nearly empty as well.

“Young Master?”

“Tell them to wait for me at the library.” Draco only answered.

The old man stared at his Young Master Malfoy – the only and last remaining Malfoy.

Lucius Malfoy had been sentenced to a life imprisonment at Azkaban.

Narcissa Malfoy, the lady of the manor had also passed away not too long ago.

The Dark Lord’s defeat under the hands of the Boy Who Lived had been breaking news all over the country and other Wizarding Communities for the past two weeks.

And yet beyond and above all these, Young Master Malfoy seemed unaffected or afflicted.

He seemed to have succumbed in the darkness of being alone and the loneliness it brought him.

More than anything, he missed his mother.

The funeral had been almost unbearable and it was very much unlike what he felt upon seeing his father being sentenced by the Wizengamot.

Drinking in the last drops of the wine from the glass he stood up.

“Get me another bottle. I’ll come back for it here later.” Draco commanded as he steadied himself to walk to the double doors to exit the large waiting room.

“Yes, Young Master.”

“Bring in a couple of drinks and prepare dinner for them.” Draco said as he walked out of the room with dazed eyes.

The old servant stared after Draco with certain worry in his eyes.

“Young Master, do you think you can-“

“Do as I say and kindly follow me to the library incase there are things that I cannot handle on my own.”

“I will, Young Master.”

The old man watched as Draco moved out and about the room and walked down the hallway that led to the library.

He bent over to pick up the fallen newspaper on the floor.

The Dark Lord’s defeat from weeks ago had been front news until today.

He sighed heavily and stared the extremely large yet empty room around him.

The Malfoy Manor was as quiet as it has ever been.

He could only half-feel how the Young Master felt.

He quickly did the few things he asked of me and soon followed Draco out of the waiting room.

He was an old man.

He was one of the oldest and most loyal servants of the Malfoys.

He had watched Lucius Malfoy grow up.

He had watched Lucius finish Hogwarts and become a Death Eater.

He had watched the man of the Malfoy manor get married and have a son.

He had watched him hold lady Malfoy’s hand at day and twist the life out of it at night.

He had watched her become an arm candy at his grand parties and a wife to be beaten at night.

He had watched Draco cover his ears at the screams and the glasses shattering at the master’s bedroom.

He had watched Draco grow up.

He had taken care of him and the needs he had before going to Hogwarts.

He had been like the father who never really cared for him and the mother who had always understood him.

He had to protect him for anyone who would wish to cause him harm.

He always had to be by Young Master Malfoy’s side no matter the consequence and events.

As like tonight, people from the Wizengamot, a few governors of Hogwarts and several other people from the Ministry was about to make the one and only left son of the Malfoy -  Draco Black Malfoy -  one of the richest bachelor that Europe has ever had by letting him sign documents and giving him the billions’ worth of inheritance that his parents had left just for him.






















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