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Chapter Sixty Seven

The Visit




“Are you kidding me?”

“No.” Hermione said as she took his bag from around his shoulders. “Just go, do it.”

He looked back at her with complete disbelief as people started walking out of the Great Hall from the welcome feast dinner.

“You heard Dumbledore and you told me yourself that he’s been telling you that professor-“

“I’m not going to apologize or thank him in any way.” Harry said trying to take his bag back from her but she tugged harder.

She looked at him with cold eyes.

“I’m not apologizing for anything.” Harry said determinedly.

“Then don’t.” Hermione said. “But still thank him because if not for him, all of us would be dead by now. He still saved us.”

“He’s rejoicing with his arse that Sirius died, Hermione.” Harry spat back at her grabbing his bag this time.

He looked angrily back at her wordless expression.

“Are we seriously arguing about this?” he spat at her quickly lowering his voice when he noticed that McGonagall was exiting the Great Hall with other teachers and they could be overheard.

Hermione gave him a look.


“No one wanted what happened to Sirius, Harry. And I’m quite sure-“

“I’ll bet anything I have right now that he wanted it-“

“That’s not nice Harry. We know they’re not friends and they hate one another, but I don’t think he would ever want any Order dead-“

“Let’s not forget how he sold my mum and dad-“

“We both know who was the snitch that did that.” Hermione pointed out.

She looked back at him with such ferociousness and seriousness in her face that Harry knew he was going to lose this argument.

“I’m not apologizing.”

“Atleast consider what he’s done for us.” Hermione said. “I know he’s not.. Harry, he still saved us. If not for him, the Auror and Ministry wouldn’t find us down there at the Department of Min-“

“The Order and Aurors are dying in number.” Hermione interrupted shaking him out of his state. “We’re only a handful. Are we really going to fight amongst ourselves?”

He didn’t say anything.

He only looked away, obviously battling with his head and also slightly humiliated with his immaturity.

“I don’t need to fight him.” Harry bitterly said with glint in his eyes. “But neither do I need to thank him for anything.”

Hermione stared back at him and moved as his eyes moved towards Snape’s direction as he was about to leave the hall as well.

Hermione looked back at Harry.

“If you don’t do this, what difference does that make you from him?” she asked. “Don’t you want to be the better man than him?”

Her words caught Harry’s thoughts.

He looked back at her, conflicted.

“I never said-“

“You’ve always told me that you never liked the idea of your father bullying him or anyone else-“

“You know I never liked him that way – I’m not like him in that-“

“Then prove it.” Hermione said with challenge in her tone. “Just prove it, Harry. Be the better man than he is.”

Harry didn’t say anything, he looked away from her and was obviously still unwilling to give in.

“If you can’t be a better man than he is, then atleast show some gratitude to where it’s due.” Hermione angrily said grabbing her books from his hands.

And before he could argue further, Hermione stalked away from him, following Ginny and the rest of the Gryffindor girls.

Harry stared after them knowing that he wouldn’t be able to talk to her anyway and then to the direction where Snape was headed to..

“Bloody hell.” Harry muttered, straightening his robes and quickly turning to the other direction where Snape was heading.




He heard him twice, thrice.

But it wasn’t until they were quite near the staircase that led to the dungeons did he stop to enable him to reach him.

“Professor!” Harry’s breathless voice came after him. “Professor Snape!”

He could hear his footsteps gaining speed now that he has stopped down the empty corridor.

“What?” Snape asked turning to him, black cloak billowing.

Harry stopped, hands up in the air as he tried to catch his breath.

Snape was already as impatient as ever.

The first term of the year was just about to begin tomorrow and he was already stressed out.

The summer that passed didn’t go well as he had hoped.

There was no rest.


The Dark Lord was gaining power and allies, Narcissa Malfoy had asked him to do the Unbreakable Vow in order to protect Draco and the imminent danger for which Draco and his future-victims were also all inside his mind.

Not to mention the classes he still had to tend to and ofcourse, the truth on Dumbledore’s condition for which no one else knew about.

He would be extremely lucky if he lives through and survives the year.

“Professor Snape..” Harry breathed out, staring at his obviously irritated form. “May I speak with you?”

Snape raised an eyebrow at him.

“What I mean is that-“

“Speak, Potter.” Snape interrupted him. “Unlike yourself, I do not have free time for the semester.”

Harry heavily breathed through and swallowed hard.

He stared up at Snape and thought how if it wasn’t for Hermione, the hooked-nose teacher wouldn’t be standing there, hating him at the moment.


“I want to thank you.” Harry blurted out. “for.. for what you did.”

Snape’s black eyes turned into slits.

“I’m not going to waste my time comprehending-“

“Thank you, professor Snape.” Harry said in barely a whisper as if ashamed. “For what you did.. last year.. You called the Aurors and the Order.. to come after us at the Ministry.”

His eyes turned differently and Harry couldn’t read the gaze he was giving him.

He only stared up at the man before him unsure why he was even doing it in the first place.

His black eyes pierced him and Harry was almost sure that he was reading his thoughts.

Harry quickly blinked and broke the eye contact.

“It is my job.” Snape slowly said after a while. “There is no need to thank me-“

“We wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you.” Harry said. “I just wish to show my gratitude.”

“Show or gloat of it?” Snape asked him.


Harry’s eyes turned to slits.

“I’m here because I need to put gratitude to where it’s due.” Harry said unable to stop himself.

Snape stared.

“I’m quite sure your capacity cannot put such words together.” Snape mocked him with a smirk. “Or even truly mean it.”

And that was it.

All the patience and look of being a tamed sheep vanished from Harry’s face.

He looked up at the man with all the hatred he really had for him.

“You’re right.” Harry spat at him. “Hermione told me to be here to be grateful of you and everything you’ve done.”

Something gleamed across his black eyes that Harry couldn’t figure out what exactly.

“Then tell Miss Granger that I am merely doing my job.” Snape slowly said folding his arms across his chest. “And that there is no need to suck up to me because she already has more than enough grades in her school records to last her more than one lifetime.”

They stared at one another for a few moments, neither giving in to looking away.

“Now, if you please, Mr. Potter. I have things to finish.”

And then he turned away from him.

It didn’t take him far before Harry called him up again.

He closed his eyes, fists clenched at his sides.

“Potter, do you really-“

“The headmaster trusts you.” Harry said quickly running forward in front of him.

Snap noticed the change in his tone and whether he wanted to admit it or not, he could tell that this time, the words came from Harry and he meant what he was saying.

“What?” he asked turning to him.

Harry halted and stared up at him.


They were close to one another that Harry could feel all the hatred surging from his body towards him.

The feeling was just as mutual.

“The headmaster trusts you.” Harry quietly said. “Professor Dumbledore trusts you.”

There was determination over his face as he stared up at the black eyes before him.

“Potter this is completely-“

“I need you to know that despite and in spite of everything – every bit of hatred you have for Sirius, for my father and for me – I want you to know that I trust you. I trust you, professor Snape.”

Snape stood still, completely taken aback and unable to utter a single word.

He wasn’t expecting this and now his head wasn’t working its usual speed into preparing a lash at Harry.

But he looked livid and that Harry was sure of.


“You need to hear it.” Harry said. “We all know the war is coming, it is too close – no, it is already here. And we need to say the words that are meant to be spoken.”


Snape didn’t say anything.

His black eyes pierced Harry’s gaze and he could swear that for a split moment, he saw the same look of pity that Lily always gave him with her same emerald eyes.

His eyes softened at him but it quickly vanished from sight when he decided to break their eye contact.

“The year wouldn’t be easy professor and we all know it.” Harry said. “The headmaster knows your job isn’t easy and I know that it isn’t – to be out there, risking your life for all of us and-“

“It is my duty and job and there is nothing-“

“But it could not be.” Harry interrupted him. “And yet you still choose to the right thing. You could easily just walk away and leave all of these – abandon all of us – you don’t owe us anything-“


“-you need to understand that our gratitude and you must know that we trust you. We trust you completely, professor Snape. I know I do.”

His black eyes were set on him, unblinking.

He was almost lost for all words for the boy – he had never heard him speak this way towards him nor was he able to comprehend that he was able to do so at all.

“Enough, Potter.” he said and there was obvious warning in his voice. “Go to your dormitory. We are all tired and meant to receive certain amount of rest while we still can.”

His voice was still made of ice but Harry was unmoved by it.

Hermione was right even if he’d never admit it to her.

The man was cold but there were certain dues owed to him.

He could only give as little and as much gratitude to him.

“I know this doesn’t change anything – but the headmaster trusts you and he tells me-“

“I said, enough!” Snape angrily said and this time, he looked like he meant his fair warning.

Harry stared up at him and slowly nodded in recognition that it was time to leave and that he has said more than enough.


“Goodnight, professor.” Harry said slowly looking away from him.

“You’re right.” Snape’s cold voice echoed at his back. “It doesn’t change anything, Potter. None of these does.”

Harry stopped on his tracks to listen as Snape continued.

“The war has arrived as well all know it.” Snape said and he could tell the seriousness in his tone this time without any hint of hatred and just pure warning.

Harry nodded at him but he didn’t say anything.


“And at this moment, all the headmaster needs from you is your complete cooperation and focus. Get your head into it Potter. This isn’t a game where luck can just save you.”

Harry slowly turned to face him.

Black eyes met green ones.

“Death doesn’t discriminate from sinners or saints, Potter.” Snape warned him and his tone gave Harry chills he’s never felt before. “It only takes and it takes.”

And with that, he turned and walked passed him, leaving Harry completely wordless in his wake as his words crippled him with fear.











Hermione’s earsplitting scream of terror drained every bit of energy from her lungs.

She felt as if she had broken her own vocal chords and had completely lost her voice.

Draco had felt as if his own eardrums had exploded with the echo of her deafening scream.

And then he felt himself.

He could hear his heart beat very loudly – it was still beating.

He still had a heartbeat.

His eyes shot open at the realization – he was alive.


It took him a moment to take in that he was actually still alive and another moment to comprehend what had just happened.

His eyes moved from a long slice of clothing at the side of his sleeves that must have come from the surge and force of the curse that had narrowly missed him – very, narrowly.

Draco’s eyes flashed up ahead at the two of them.

Hermione was on the ground, stricken, eyes wide and mouth hanging open in shock.

Harry was standing next to her, body slightly askew and his wand hand still tightly held by Hermione around the wrist.

He looked up at his still form with an impassive and undaunted facial expression.

All the emotions and warmth has completely left his eyes – leaving the impression that darkness has completely consumed and taken over him.

The silence between the three of them was broken by Harry.

Draco watched in his stillness as Harry slowly lowered his wand and gently removed Hermione’s fingers around his wrist.

He moved about with such ease and calmness like nothing has just happened.

“Get yourself up from the floor, ‘Mione and go change.” Harry quietly and calmly said as he pocketed his wand and straightened up his suit. “I’m going to ask the girls to bring you back home because I forgot to double check if the blue roses we decided to change last minute was already corrected.”

Draco’s eyes slowly turned to Hermione across him over the floor – she still looked extremely shocked and confused that she was still in the very same position.

She couldn’t speak but her eyes told Draco all the fear in them.

Harry bent down and kissed Hermione over her head from which she still couldn’t resist from out of shock.

Harry straightened up with his eyes on Hermione and then the emerald pair moved towards Draco who stood gaping at his direction.

“I’ve worked so hard to become an Auror out there so that when the time comes that I have to face whatever it was that took her from me-“ his eyes settled momentarily at Hermione who began crying silently. “- I would have enough strength and ability to end or kill whatever I would need to face in order to keep her safe, protected and out of harm’s way.”

He took steps forward and Draco held his breath, eyes never leaving him.

Harry walked and passed him without as much as a touch of a finger, a graze nor a gaze.

And then he stopped by the doorway as he straightened up his suit again with his wand now back in his hand again.

He stood there for a moment as if contemplating what to say.

The silence was killing Hermione.

Harry slowly lifted his wand hand and from where Draco stood he could tell that he was smoothening and straightening the cuffs of his suit as he held his wand as if unconsciously displaying it before his eyes.

But Draco knew better than what that meant as he had seen his father do the same display of threat and power before.

“Ten years of training and hard work to become the best Auror out there – I do not miss.” Harry said in a very deadly tone as he carefully and clearly emphasized each word at the both of them.

His head turned a little but not to completely look at either of them.

“I’ve never missed an aim before.” Harry clearly said with an obvious threat in his voice and then for a moment his eyes moved towards Hermione and back at him before continuing. “And I swear that I will not miss the next time.”

He paused, letting his words sink in to the pair.

Draco could tell that Harry was restraining himself with all the might he still had left in his body.

And then without another word, he sighed heavily and walked out and away from them in a very relaxed pace and casual manner placing both hands inside his pockets.



It felt like a very long and dragging minute had passed before they heard hurried footsteps coming their way that signaled them both that Harry had gone and left.

Hermione looked up from the mess she was over the floor right towards Draco who was still a few feet from her as if contemplating or letting it sink in him that he had just missed death with barely a centimeter of distance.

Their eyes met and melted into one another.

Footsteps halted by the doorway and Fleur’s voice echoed all over.

But neither Hermione nor Draco had heard of it.

Because Draco had dived towards the floor to catch Hermione right into his arms in all the mess, tears and scream of frustration she could possibly still vocalize and with all the remaining strength she had in her.

She was at the verge of fainting out of all the pain and frustration and all energy exhausted at the realization that had she not pulled Harry’s wrist hard enough to move and make him lose his aim, Draco would be long gone by now.

Draco took Hermione into his arms, tightly claiming her in them as she cried and poured her heart out at him not realizing then at that very moment in their encounter against Harry, the other boy was able to take something from him – something he hadn’t meant to, but something he suspected was of some importance and could be gained into his own advantage.





The house-elf retreated from the large library at the west wing of the manor.

The elf was bowing his way out and upon realization that Draco was standing outside the door, he bowed even lower.

“Mother’s home?” Draco asked with his eyes still over the double doors of the library as he stood leaning by the grand tapestry on the opposite wall of the library.

“Yes, young master.” the elf quietly replied with a lower bow that was possible.

“Don’t tell father.” Draco warned as he slowly stood straight and entered the library pulling out his wand.

The elf nodded and made her way away, her soft footsteps ebbing away as she listened to the door opening, closing and locking by Draco’s magic.


“You look tired.” Draco quietly said shutting the door behind him. “Do you require anything?”

Narcissa heavily sighed and closed her eyes, trying to keep herself standing still.

She had not only exhausted herself from the travel but had also exhausted her magic away when she took Snape’s memories.

All she wanted at that very moment was to completely retire into her vast bed and sleep the hours away.

But with Draco at bay, watching her every move closely and suspecting her of many things more than one, she knew that it was impossible.

“I require silence.” Narcissa said. “I want to rest and be left alone.”

“I will leave you alone.” Draco quietly said his eyes kept still at his mother’s back. “After we have a little chat.”

Narcissa heavily sighed, gripping the ends of the mahogany desk at the other side of the room in order to keep her body standing still.

The pain was becoming heavier by the moment and the little most energy she has was ebbing away.

She could hear Draco’s footsteps nearing her.

“Where were you mother?” Draco asked giving her the hint that he was close by, a few steps from where she was.

“I had to do some errands.”

“We have servants to do all errands for you.” Draco said his eyes closely watching her breathing pattern. “Why don’t you have a seat? You seem… exhausted.”


Narcissa didn’t say anything.

She stood still and after a moment, she knew that she couldn’t remain standing.

She turned to him with a forced smile and slowly say by the large wooden armchair nearest them.

Draco saw her sigh heavily, relaxing and exhaling all the pain away.

He could not be mistaken, she was terribly ill and as the days were passing. It gets harder for her to keep it from him.

Her sudden way of aging was one sign, but the look in her eyes and the slow motion of her body told Draco that her body was decaying by the days.

And despite it all, she still claims that she was perfectly fine and nothing was to be worried about.

But he wasn’t daft, he wasn’t stupid.


He knew that she was dying whether she tells him or not and it worries him not just because he was about to lose a mother but also because she knew that there were things she would be leaving behind – unspoken and kept secret even from him forever.

“I want to rest, Draco.” Narcissa firmly said watching him pull another chair near her and settling himself close by.

“You can rest.” Draco quietly said sitting straight over the chair and watching his mother’s life decaying. “After we talk.”

Her eyes moved to him and they were still cold and piercing, refusing to succumb into her death.

“What do you want, Draco?”

“Where have you been?” he asked her but the look over his face told her that he already knew. “There’s no point of lying to me.”

Narcissa turned to him with such coldness in her face that Draco already knew that she was never going to let herself be caught guilty in her deathbed.

She heavily sighed at him as she deeply inhaled to control her pain.

She folded her legs together and stared back at Draco keeping a straight and cold facial expression.


Up until the end, she wanted to show the face of a strong woman.

“If you already know, then there is no point asking me and I, answering you.” Narcissa said and her tone gave away everything that Draco desperately wanted to know.

His eyes narrowed and his heartbeat was skipping beats.

“You do know where they are.” Draco whispered keeping his gaze straight at his mother’s.

Her eyes met his and her silence gave him another answer.

“Why won’t you tell me?” Draco asked her. “Why won’t you?”

“If you had a daughter or a son – would you burn them to flames yourself?” Narcissa asked him back in a tone that sounded like she was talking about some serious business deal – unemotional and straight to the point.

“I don’t have time for your riddles, mother.” Draco said slowly losing his patience. “I want to know where she is and I want you to take her back.”

“Take her back?” Narcissa repeated with a raised brow. “Tell you where she is?”

“I’m not playing games!” Draco said and he began to sound like a child wanting a Christmas present he couldn’t have. “Where is she, mother?!”

Her eyes widened at him.

A pain passed her chest but she was able to control herself from showing any emotion.

Draco stared back at her with eyes filling in with tears, face in desperate need of a mother and of a truth he knew that she was keeping.

“Please.” Draco begged her and he suddenly got out of the chair and went on his knees, “Please, mother…”

Narcissa’s eyes widened at Draco’s actions.

His wand clattered over the carpeted floor as he moved closed, reaching and grasping his mother’s hands as he begged on his knees.

“Please tell me where they are.” Draco cried, burying his face into the hands that held hers. “Please tell me… just let me.. just let me.. you will never need to worry about her nor of us.. just let me save her.. please..”

Hatred beyond what she could comprehend passed her senses.

How could his son – his only son – that she had raised to be strong, intelligent and capable – fall into this despicable trap of love?


How the mighty had fallen.


But she loved his son, more than anyone else and anything else.

Despite her hatred for the Mudblood, she would save her life – just as he would save Snape’s and Draco’s.

And Draco’s desperate desire to keep her alive, to save her life was going to be granted.

But he will never have her – never.

He already endured enough suffering in his life at such a young age to be tangled with even more suffering because of the Mudblood.

He was young and naïve and he thought of all of it as some beautiful love.

Young love – how tragically despicable and foolish.

She was his son, his only son and she was going to secure a good future for him even if she was no longer around.

And that meant administering things that neither of them wanted and diminishing things that were irrelevant for his life.

She would love Draco and love his only son even beyond the grave.


Narcissa closed her eyes.

She wanted nothing at that very moment but to turn deaf as the agonizing cries and desperate plea of Draco at her feet was also crushing her heart by the moment.

She sighed heavily restraining to keep her own tears from falling.

“My only son..” she whispered as she slowly reached back and held his hands in hers then.

She bent forward and kissed the top of Draco’s had like she always did when he was a child to calm him down.

But she knew that nothing short of her caress, kiss and love for his son would save it from breaking his heart.

But it was something that must be done – for the greater good, for Draco.

“Mother, please..” Draco desperately begged with his life. “Please…”



Narcissa blinked away the tears forming in her eyes.

A tear escaped her left eye but she managed to get a grip over herself.

She pressed Draco’s hand firmly in hers to comfort him.

“I have done everything I could do to raise you to become the man I wanted you to.” Narcissa spoke to him. “I have loved you Draco with all that I could as a mother and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to ensure you survive this hell and have a future.”

“Then tell me where she is.. let me save her life.. please let me take her back.”

Another pause.

“I have done everything I could to become a mother to you.” Narcissa whispered before slowly letting his hand go. “A mother.. even not a good mother. But a mother nevertheless”

Draco paused and listened.

Her voice had turned ice again and as he looked up, all emotions had vanished from her face.

Question passed Draco’s facial features.

“When you are older, I hope you would understand.” Narcissa quietly whispered at him. “One day, I would hope that you would understand that everything I have done is for you.”

“What did you do?” Draco asked, fear and panic showing over his face. “What did you – what did you do?!”

Her eyes looked down at him – sharp, unrelenting and cold.

She let his hand go and slowly stood up without breaking their gazes.

“What did you do, mother?” Draco whispered as tears flowed from his eyes as she reached for her hands again as she stood before him.

Narcissa let him hold her but she didn’t return the gesture.

But neither did she recoil from him.

Her gaze pierced him before she answered in a firm tone.

“What a mother would do.” Narcissa quietly and truthfully said. “What no other mother would do for an only son she loves deeply.”  

He knew how she deeply loves him.


But he also knew the crimes for which she could possibly and was truly capable of committing in the name of the love of a mother for a son.

Draco felt his heart breaking as he looked up at her, frozen on the spot.

Narcissa stared down at him with nothing but the show of the strong, determined and cold woman he knew her to be.

And then Draco’s fingers slackened around his mother’s.

Narcissa broke their gaze as she looked away but Draco’s eyes never left her retreating form.

She still wore her cold stance as she retreated from him, eyes filling with tears that he could no longer as she turned away from him.

And as Narcissa moved and walked away from him, even without any trace of the substantial truth, Draco already knew the horrifying truth his mother knew after all this time.








“A few hours sleep would help.” Draco said as he closed the door.

He looked back at all the people staring at them all.

Few hours would make all the differences in the world and yet there still has no evidence for which could change Snape’s fate at Azkaban.

Perhaps it was time to truly give up.

“Thank you, Draco.” Lupin said as he led the boy away and they all walked back to the living room of the Weasleys. “We haven’t heard from Harry.”

“It’s best this way.” Bill said as he leaned agains the wall of the small corridor. “Let’s have something to eat downstairs.”

Bill slowly took Fleur’s hand and followed his mother down the corridor with the rest of the Weasleys.

Draco held back and asked Lupin to remain.

He patiently waited until everyone else was gone before turning to him and keeping him aside.

“Draco?” Lupin asked him as he pulled him in a corner.

“I need to do something.” Draco said. “I don’t need your permission because I wouldn’t care what you say. But I need you to know of my plan.”

“Plan?” Lupin asked worriedly. “Draco-“

“Just let me finish.” Draco said.


He pulled a parchment from his pocket and handed it to him.

“If it all goes down the drain, just follow this.” Draco said handing it to him and keeping it. “Until the last minute. Please.”

Lupin took it and stared back at Draco feeling fear all over him.

“Draco, whatever you’re planning – I’m telling you that we really-“

“Please just give us enough time.” Draco whispered at him placing his hand over his old mentor’s shoulder. “And take this- keep this for me incase things happen- and we can’t-“

Lupin watched as he placed his hands inside his pockets, looking for something.

Draco’s face turned pale, eyes narrowing as he fretted along all the pockets he could reach in his clothes.

He looked up at Lupin with panic in his eyes.


“What’s wrong?” Lupin asked as he pocketed the parchment he had given him.

“The key.” Draco whispered heart thumping fast as the realization dawned on him. “I can’t find the key.”

“What key?” Lupin asked back, completely bewildered. “What’s going on?”

“There is a key.” Draco said as his body shuddered and his brains worked its way trying to remember if he placed it somewhere. “I’ve kept – Hermione and I have been – where the fuck is it-“

Lupin grabbed him and shook him as fear crippled Draco and panic showed all over his features.

“Draco, what’s going on?” he firmly asked him, gripping him harder.

“I found a key.” Draco explained, trying to control his breathing as he spoke. “A key that Hermione and I have been trying to figure out for what. It’s very important.”

Lupin looked back at him trying to figure out and comprehend what he was saying.

“Important?” he repeated slowly. “How important?”

“We both believe that it has something that couldn’t possibly save Severus’ life.”

Lupin’s eyes widened.

“But where would you lose it?” he asked him as now, panic was also rising inside of him.

Draco shook his head.

“I don’t know.” Draco answered as he continued to look for his pockets knowing it wouldn’t be there anyway. “I never leave without it since we got it. I never keep it out of my sight.. I would never lose-“ he stopped, eyes wide.


“I didn’t lose it.” Draco said eyes narrowing at the possible realization came to him. “I didn’t lose it, professor.”

“Then where is it?”

He looked back at the man unsure if he should continue.

But the concern in Lupin’s face told him that he was an ally and not an enemy.

“Someone has stolen it.” Draco said as the possibility dawned upon him on where he might have lost it. “Someone took it from me.”






The hours had waned and had fallen.

 Harry was exhausted, spent and bore bloodshot red eyes.

He sat alone at the corner most part of the bar with three large bottles of whiskey by his table and holding a fourth one in his hand.

He had finished all errands and loose ends needed to be done and prepared for on his wedding.

All invitations had been sent out, news spread of the event sent all over, food and wine all ready and everything else in between.

It was dubbed as the grandest wedding of the year.

It was grandioso at its finest and the world just couldn’t wait for the union of such a pair with such a love story.

“Granger-Potter Nuptials 3:00pm” read the invitation in Harry’s hand.

He took another swig from the bottle, his eyes with tears still reading the names over and over.

In just a few hours, his dream wedding was about to happen.


But why, why did it feel wrong somehow?  

Was it wedding jitters?

He knew that Hermione would never leave him at the aisle – not out of fear of what he’ll do – but because of his faith in her.

Ofcourse he still had faith in her.

He has loved her all his life and that would never change.

But why did she change?

His eyes narrowed as he took another swig long swig from the bottle at the thought of Snape.

The man would deeply suffer at Azkaban – he would make sure of it.

If he wouldn’t die now, he would make sure that he would die a slow and painful death with enough suffering that it would be unimaginable.

He took Hermione and there was no getting back all the years he has lost her and all the years that should have been his with her.

Harry took another long gulp from the whiskey in his hand as tears strolled down his face.

He should be celebrating tonight, but he couldn’t.

Not when things had gone too far.


He was nowhere far from the man Snape was now – not after two Unforgivable Curses and another that would have been the end of it all if Hermione didn’t shake him out of it at the last moment.

He hated Snape for taking everything from him.

And he also hated himself because he knew he couldn’t hate Hermione for all the faults and pain she was even causing him.

He still loves her beyond anything and will always love her beyond anyone else.

Another hard and long gulp from the bottle.

Harry’s eyes narrowed as two men in Auror uniform was walking straight to his table.

He looked up at them with a blurry vision, barely recognizing his own men from the department.

“What do you want?” he demanded in a slurry voice.

The two men looked at one another before moving closer his table to ensure that they weren’t going to be heard.

“Confirmed, Mr. Potter.” one of them quietly whispered. “Just as you had guessed it to be.”

Both men had their faces half hidden under the hoods of the cloak over their uniform.

They were both standing there, waiting for Harry’s orders.


But Harry seemed distant, his eyes were staring out of nowhere and tears were just leaking at the sides of his eyes.

And then sudden darkness passed his eyes.

Harry nodded at both men as he slowly lowered the bottle back on the table and sat up straight.

He wiped his tears with the sleeves of his clothes.

“Give them what they think they have right now.” Harry quietly said as he moved about to draw something out of his pocket.

The Aurors looked down at him.

“We’ll just let them.. Mr. Potter, how about your other request?”

Harry gave them one dark look before looking back in his hand where he was holding something.

“Let them be.” Harry whispered as he wiped the last of his tears. “Follow everything as planned.”

“But Mr. Potter-“

“I said, follow everything as planned.” Harry said and he moved his hand slowly from his pocket again and drew his wand out and placed it calmly over the table.

The two Aurors fell silent.

“As you wish, Mr. Potter.” one of them said with a curt nod. “Would there be anything else you would require?”

They watched Harry in silence as they waited for anything else he needed.

His eyes were set on something as his lips moved gently.

Harry heavily sighed.

“There is something else.” Harry slowly said looking up at them.

The Aurors stared and waited as he conjured a piece of parchment.

One of them picked it up, opened and read it.

His eyes slightly widened as he stared back at his companion who read it as well.

They both stared at Harry’s still facial expression while he played with his wand over the table.


“Mr. Potter-“

“Not a moment too early nor too late.” Harry quietly said without even looking up at them. “You may go.”

They stood still, waiting if it was the final order.

But Harry spoke no more.

Slowly, they both retreated from Harry’s table.

Harry slowly looked up and when he was sure that they were out of sight, he slowly opened up his other hand.

He heavily sighed as anger, pain and tears consumed him even more.

And out of his frustration, he tossed a gleaming key over the table that he found on the floor hours earlier when he had encountered the boy he hated most next to Severus Snape.

His eyes glinted at the sight of it.

He didn’t mean to and he didn’t know of it.

But the unsuspecting boy had dropped it and was too preoccupied of him and Hermione’s well-being that he had not noticed what he had dropped.

If it were any circumstance, Harry would have let it go.

But he knew Draco Malfoy.

And he knew too well that if it wasn’t that important, he wouldn’t be bringing it with him.

He stared at the glimmering key, contemplating very hard.

He looked at his watch – he still had an hour to get his clearance and another to get things done.

He could almost tell where the key belonged.

Deciding everything to fate, Harry made up his mind.

He was going to do everything he needed to do even if it meant sacrificing a few lives on the line.

Severus Snape was going to pay for what he has done to him, to Hermione – his Hermione.

Harry stood up and wiped away all the tears in his face and rearranged his glasses.

He reached over and picked up his wand and then the key from the table.

Harry’s emerald eyes stared at it for a moment as he wondered the secrets it kept.

He pocketed the key securely and with his wand in his hand, he discreetly walked out of the bar and into the night.


The cold breeze momentarily swept into his face before completely losing the sensation and was replaced by the lulling and dizzying feeling of Disapparating into another place.

The next time Harry opened his eyes, cold breeze swept his face once more – but with touch of water.

He looked up at the dark sky that seemed to give a foreboding fate.

He looked around him and could hear the water splashing from a very short distance.

A storm was coming.

He moved his feet and looked at the other direction, eyes narrowed.

With the wand in his hand and the key at another, Harry kept his eyes straight ahead where the view of the cottage at the Island of Beltane was growing larger as he drew closer towards it.



“In here.” whispered a low and familiar tone.

Snape’s black eyes opened and he carefully listened to the sounds around him.

He had been woken a few hours earlier and was dragged into another chamber.

He waited as he knew something was about to happen to him.

What was the surprise there for he was sure that Harry was going to do something to him.

His wedding was to happen in a few hours’ time and what best way to receive a present than to have his head served on a golden platter.

“I can’t see anything-“

“Hold my hand- here, take it-“

His black eyes moved to the gates a few feet ahead of him.

There weren’t lights but he could tell someone was making their way down the cold stone steps and down at the distilleries.

The voices were familiar.

But he was too lost in his thoughts, too drained by the Dementors and too tired for everything else.

He knew he was dying and he knew that he was going to die soon enough.

Why was he given the unmerciful way of waiting for death?

“In here, come – just a few more steps-“

“Draco, I can’t see anything-“


That voice.


He knew that voice too well.

His black eyes faltered and closed in again.

Was it all a dream?

Was he hallucinating by now?

He no longer wanted to ear nor drink and so he was sure that at this point he was dehydrated.

But what was the point of it all if he would die anyway?

He longed for death.

And his body was slowly decaying in its misery within the bars of any cell he was taken into.

It were all the same and he was going to die there anyway.

More sounds of footsteps that told him it were all hallucination and reality combined together – it didn’t make sense but it made sense to him.

Perhaps that was really what it felt like to be dying – to hear and feel things that were neither here nor there.

But he was too consumed, too tired to even move a muscle.

He had given up in life and had given up completely.

Nothing was saving him from this place and he would await death to come for him – one that he so deserved and dearly longed for.

“Hermione, don’t let my hand go.”


Snape’s black eyes opened again


He knew that name.

He knew that name from somewhere.

“Hermione, he’s in here. Come closer.” 

He also knew that voice.

His brains worked fast and hard and it made him feel dizzy.

And then he heard them, footsteps right outside his cell door and he heard spells after another being muttered continuously in an attempt to open the cell.

There was the feel of strong magic engulfing the place.

And then the locks moved and the gates of the cell moved and opened.

Snape’s eyes shot wide open as he bolted right up from the bed.

He looked towards the cell where the soft glow of light was floating with silhouettes were behind the glow.

The footsteps became louder as they drew closed.


The light from the wand was growing and slowly blinded him but he fought hard to see and understand what was happening.

It wasn’t until they were too close that he slowly realized that this wasn’t a dream at all but was happening before him.

He felt himself growing awake as he tried to see through the blinding darkness and floating light.

His heart raced as he listened hard to the footsteps, desperate to hear the voices again to assure him that he wasn’t running mad – not yet anyway.

His black eyes narrowed as he tried to see and he moved his hands like a blind man to feel around him.

It has then dawned on him that he could really be running mad.

He was at Azkaban and nobody was going to rescue him any longer.

Lily had long been gone forever.

Narcissa was also no longer there to protect him, to guide him, to give him the smallest hint of comfort she always gave him.

He also asked Draco to live his own life and let him be as if he was dying anyway.

Hermione was far and was going to live a new life.

He was never going to see her ever again.

After everything he had given, every sacrifice he had done – he was still going to end this way.

He was completely abandoned and nobody was coming to his rescue like he had done so for many others.

He was alone.


A gasp of fear and cry of frustration escaped his lips that echoed all throughout the darkened cell.


He was dying.

Tears started to consume his eyes as fear poked its way through his head.

He was alone and he was going to die alone.

And he was never going to see Hermione Granger ever again.

The reality of it all, his frustration, fear and anger, his conscience – were killing him and eating up everything that was already rotten in him.

This was his end and despite that the pain of it all were beginning to crawl up to him, eating his insides he knew he deserve to die this way.

There was no excuse to everything that he has done.

He wasn’t afraid of dying but he was afraid of never being given a chance to ask for her forgiveness.

But he was unforgivable.

There was no excuse to what he has done, to everything he has done for her.

“Forgive me..” he cried as he felt all of it, felt it all too overwhelming and overpowering everything that remained in him that he knew he would succumb into madness soon if not death first.

“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry…”

His cries echoed and the silence around him was broken.

And then he felt it.


A gentle, soft and familiar touch came over his hand.

His tears faltered the echo of his cries slowly faded.

He didn’t want to believe it but he felt like he was running mad.

But he knew that touch too well, he knew that sensation of warmth too well.

He had her touch memorized, every bit of her body was memorized by every bit of him – in touch and in feel.

Snape shook his head as he refused to believe what he thought he was imagining.

And then a pair of hands held his, drawing them closer and holding them gently.

Snape cried out in frustration.

This was his end.

Madness has taken over him.


“Severus…” her voice spoke – it was warm, gentle, consoling and assuring.

Snape shook his head, disbelieving what he was hearing.

The pair of hands held him tighter.

“Severus.” Hermione whispered as she knelt by the cold stone floor holding his hands and kneeling before him. “Severus, I am here.”

He didn’t want to believe it but he only had a few of his sanity and life left in him.

And if by the gods this was true, he wanted to look her in the eye and see the beauty in them for the last time.

“Severus, look at me.” Hermione’s gentle voice came as he felt her reach for his face, gently placing her other hand over his left cheek.

Tears fell in his eyes as he reveled at the familiar and comforting touch of her hand.

Black eyes that were consumed by tears slowly opened up.

He blinked away his tears to clearly see.


A shadowy figure stood next to her holding out a wand for a light.

And then his eyes moved back to the reality he had been denying.

“I am here.” Hermione said shaking him into reality.

And then he faced her, his eyes meeting hers.

His black eyes met her soft brown ones.

Her hand slowly moved up to him, reaching for his face.


His black eyes closed as his body quickly gave in the sensation, the consoling and comforting feel of her hand and touch.

And despite the reality, the fear, the frustration and everything else in between – nothing else mattered.

For he knew that she was really there existing in that time and place in reality with him.

And the world could stop and come to an end and nothing else mattered in the world at that very moment.


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