Forbidden Rapture

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I was supposed to post yesterday since it was a Sunday and I didn't have work yesterday. But my god. I was up and early at the cafe and having my usual coffee, pouring over stuff online before I post when this dude ran amok. 

We were all asked to get out of the cafe. We were all okay but the whole thing was somewhat serious yet hilarious at the same time. But we're all safe. 

They said that the dude had been there (they say he's Swedish but he looks A LOT like Korean and talked Korean, with barely any english and our local language as well). So they said he had been there since the night, seemingly waiting for something. He didn't pay full for the price of the coffee he paid the previous night but they let it be. Yesterday morning then, he returned to the cafe. He ordered and completely didn't pay this time but they let him be. 

He looked like he lacked sleep, red eyes and all so you'd really think there was something going on around his head. But we all ignored him cause he was really decent looking - and damn, ,good looking with all the face and six pack abs at that haha. But things got serious when he wanted to borrow charger from people and just charge anywhere at the cafe even with people on the spot already. The baristas offered that they have a charger and he could charge at a vacant spot but he became slightly violent. 

He kept forcing one of the customer (it was a sunday morning and mostly students were there although a full family with a baby had taken over a long table and was there the whole time) and then when the student wouldn't give his phone he took it and banged it over the table and grabbed the knife and fork from the table. 

People got alarmed and some idiots panicked. The baristas called the security and we all went up outside. 

I dont know why but I wasn't part of the idiots who panicked and forgot my things inside the cafe. LIke I actually had the brains to get my laptop, wallet and mobile without losing it and just watching the dude closely and in focus. Unlike all the other idiots. Haha. BUt there was this student - she had a giant headphone - and she was the only one left at the cafe. People were like calling her to come out with us and the stupid idiot even slowly removed her headphone and slowly turned to the girl that tapped her over the shoulder and was sweetly (in a Pansy sort of way) turned and was like "Yeees?" and the student rang at her face. "WE NEED TO GET OUT SOMEONE IS RUNNING AMOK AND YOU'RE FUCKING NOT AWARE." hahahaha. it was hilarious. 

anyway, so eventually it took the guards and some other local government people about an hour to take him down - he was tall and good built, damn the 6pack abs. and they strangled him to handcuffed him. his clothing was ripped open, thus revealing those 6pack haha. Later his phone was charged and they called the person he had been desperate to call since evening. Turns out, his gf broke up with him. She came fifteen minutes after the call. She's a local and not a foreigner like him. So they all went into the local gov van to sort things out. 

It was all serious and hilarious. Thus i was unable to post cause i just decided to sleep the day off hahaha and just rest my head. Lol. 

Hope things are well. Sorry for the long story. 

ANyway, here's the post. I have loads of students today cause of the holiday (gov thingy) in my country. So here's a post and all that. I will answer all reviews later. 


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Chapter Sixty Four

Far Future 


“Professor?” Hermione’s small voice came.

The door of the classroom slowly opened and Hermione reluctantly entered.

“Professor, sorry, I was just-“

“It’s over your table, Miss Granger.” Snape said without looking up.

Hermione nodded and tiptoed inside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom with her eyes on Snape.

His back was turned to her and he was staring out onto window where the view of the gloomy sky was visible.

It had been rainy for days now and Hermione couldn’t help the foreboding feeling that the weather had been bringing around the castle.

She had left her academic journal where all her assignments, school work deadlines, researches to be done and many other school notes in the room.

They had just finished their Defense Against the Dark Arts right before lunch and Harry and Ron were in a hurry to take their lunch that they dragged her with them and she had forgotten it on the shelf of the classroom where she placed it over when she had to fix her bag on the way out.

She was grateful that it was still there and that Snape had found it.

“Thank you, professor.” Hermione quietly said as she walked to her table and retrieved it.


Snape didn’t answer.

Hermione felt that he was in deep thought to even hear her or notice that she has entered already.

He had missed lunch and breakfast for the day.

 A few days ago, he had missed meals as well.

Was taking over Defense Against the Dark Arts subject taking too much of his time these days?

She heard from Harry that other than the DADA position he had other tasks for Dumbledore that he had to do this year; ofcourse there were several Order tasks he had to lend and dedicate himself to.

She had seen it in actual when he visited twice over the summer at Grimmauld Place.

Being a double-spy seemed to be taking a toll on him despite his age, skill and intellect.


“Professor, I’m sorry but – I – are you alright?” she asked him.

Hermione quickly bit her lower lip after asking.

How could she dare.

How could she not hold her tongue and meddle with his thoughts or however he wanted to act around the castle.

She shouldn’t care any less if he’d die out of starving himself out of stress.

She felt like she wanted to run for her life already when Snape actually answered her.


“There are just many things to be done.” Snape quietly said. “Just like yourself, Miss Granger.”

She noticed that there was no hint of coldness in his tone – something quite rare.

Hermione nodded and for some reason, she still didn’t leave the room.

“Thanks for finding.. how did you know this is mine?” she asked, eyes narrowed.

Her journal didn’t have her or any name on it.

Snape sighed and slowly turned back to her and pointed over the journal in her hand.

“It was lying open on the shelf by the door when I found it.” Snape explained to her in a bored tone. “I don’t believe any other student in this castle would dedicate so much effort and time to write down everything they have to do in their academic life…in a very orderly and organized manner.”

Hermione blushed.


She had opened her journal on the way out to write down something she needed to research in the library before their next class when her bag’s zipper gave away again and she had to put it up on the shelf and then Harry took her by the arm and hurried her out.

“I’m just trying to be organized.” Hermione quietly reasoned out with a small smile. “I tend to have a lot of things in my mind professor and I don’t want to forget any of them.”

“Not a surprise.” Snape said staring back at her.

There was something in his eyes that Hermione couldn’t read.

It made her very curious – to be quietly standing there and alone with Snape.

His eyes seemed to keep something – not just from her, but from the rest of the world.


Well, it was Severus Snape, what was so surprising with that.

“Is there anything else, Miss Granger?” he quietly asked her, his black eyes observing her.

Hermione looked back up at him and blinked away her gaze.

She was somewhat fidgeting over her journal and she didn’t know why she didn’t even want to leave the room.

“Professor, I was wondering what – what would be required of my grades if I – if – if say, I want to become a Healer?”

It came out of nowhere.

She didn’t even know why she had to ask it now and why it suddenly came out of her mouth.

It has been taking a toll in her in some ways – the war and the victims of it.

And somehow, she dreamed that if Harry does win it over and they would help on rebuilding the new world order, she wanted to be on the side that didn’t just fight the Dark Lord and his allies – but also one of those who helped in the healing process of it all.


Snape was staring at her in a peculiar way.

“I hardly believe Defense Against the Dark Arts is a priority in the-“

“No, I mean at Potions.” Hermione quickly clarified. “Grades. In Potions, professor.”

Snape sighed at her.

“I believed we’ve already discussed this a few weeks ago? That professor Slughorn is now your present Potions Masters and therefore, all questions regarding the subject should be directed to none other than-“

“Please?” Hermione asked him taking two strides forward him without even thinking of it.

Snape stared at her in a frustrated kind of way as if wondering which sin in his life he has done to deserve her pestering arse.

He slowly turned and walked to his table and Hermione quickly followed through.

He opened one drawer and Hermione watched as he leafed through parchments after another with his long fingers.

Her eyes were excited as Snape pulled something out and stared back up at her.

It annoyed him in some way but at the same time, there was a relish of being proud that she was seeking his advice on this instead of Slughorn.

“List of subjects priorities, grades required and other criteria prior into applying into an apprenticeship into becoming a future Healer.” Snape explained to her moving the paper over his table towards her.


Hermione quickly grabbed it and read it through.

“Although I don’t think you should be worried about the grade level and criteria given that ever since, you’ve gained above average grade requirement for anything you wish to apply for after you finish schooling. Given the same facts, I do not think you should be worried of your future. With your grades, you can take-on any career path you would choose to go for, Miss Granger”

Snape watched her as he spoke and as her eyes seriously skimmed through the paper in her hands and was mouthing the words written.

“Skill level though?” Hermione inquired looking up at him. “I feel I’m not that adept at the application process though. I don’t feel as confident and feel I still need some practice”

“You’ve proven enough Miss Granger that you are way past Mr. Potter or anyone else’s grades in my class. If you’re talking about your recent grade standing next to Potter, I think we both know that his skills are… questionable lately.”

Hermione looked up at him with so many questions in her eyes.

“Let’s not discuss Potter’s current grading status.” Snape coldly said. “I am yet to find out how he is doing what he is doing at the moment but I tell you this – you have more talent in the subject than he does or will ever have.”

Hermione wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or some cold-blooded snide remark against Harry.

She ignored it.

“But I would need practice.” Hermione said. “After Hogwarts. It says here that a career to become a Healer would need-“

“I believe this one is a matter you can discus and request from professor Slughorn. I would assume that he would do so even without tuition. If you would have noticed, he is very fond of those with popularity flourished over their name or more than enough intellect to-”

“Don’t you give apprenticeship?” Hermione interrupted him. “I mean, over the summer or something? This is outside of class decorum so I suppose-“

“Miss Granger-“

“I just want to know.” Hermione interrupted him. “Please tell me if you give or you don’t.”

Snape stared at her in disbelief and at how demanding she sounded.

It wasn’t that he doesn’t give or that he doesn’t want to give.


But did she not think about the future of the Wizarding World?

Was she in dire belief that Harry will win this war out and everything will come down easily and everyone will live happily ever after?

Was she that ignorant and gullible to what the Dark Lord could do?

What he was presently doing?

Was she not aware of the possibility that if miracle to the gods that they survive – he himself for some reason – wouldn’t?

“Miss Granger, the future is a little… far off.” Snape simply said turning away from her.

“Doesn’t mean we don’t ever think about it, do we?” she asked him.

There was something in her tone that made him look back at her.

“For some.” Snape answered after a while.

“Don’t you?” she asked back at him, eyes wide.

His black eyes narrowed.

She was really, really trying him and his patience now.


But he wanted to answer her that he does not wish to think about the future for he does not believe that he would live and survive to see it.

“No.” Snape coldly said. “I do not think of it. I simply live the present as it comes at me. I do not have the luxury to think about the future.”

“Why?” Hermione bluntly asked him. “You are with professor Dumbledore trying, fighting so hard to build a future for us? For all of us?”

Snape’s black eyes now gleamed in anger.

“Miss Granger, I think you should leave now-“

“But isn’t that the whole purpose why the Order is fighting for us? Isn’t that why you’re in the Order? You’re fighting and trying to protect a future for us?”

“If you do not have anything that is relevant that you have to ask about Miss Granger, you are quite welcome to leave.”

It silenced Hermione.

He tried not to look towards her to not see the obvious hurt in her eyes.

She quietly nodded at him in an understanding.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

He didn’t say anything.


Why won’t she just leave him alone?

“We cross the bridge as we get there, right?” Hermione’s voice came again. “Isn’t it that way for you?”

Snape stared at her, at loss for words for that very brief moment she had made that comment.

Then after a while of realizing that she wasn’t going anywhere until he answers it, he quietly nodded at her in surrender.

“We cross the bridge when we get there.” Snape simply said turning away from her with a heavy sigh.

That was if fate would be cruel enough to him to make him survive the war and make him cross that fucking bridge.

Hermione stood there, wanting to stay – wanting to ask him why he thought that he didn’t have the luxury to think a future for himself.

Was he depressed?

Does he think that he wouldn’t survive the war to have a future?

To have a family?

To be happy?

But Hermione knew when it was really time to leave.

“Thank you for this, professor.” Hermione said. “I’m sorry I took up some of your time.”

Hermione waited for a moment but got no response.

She nodded to herself and quietly left the room with her journal in her hand and completely oblivious to the fact that as she had left, Snape had been quietly watching her and was reading her thoughts as she left.

Her mind had always been very vulnerable or rather open to her.

By now, he would think that she’d learn to use Occlumency as well since she had been helping Harry since he abandoned that supposedly tutoring job of his.

But now.

Her mind was always quite open for him – quite inviting and vulnerable for him to penetrate.

And for the first time in those long years that he had been able to glimpse through her thoughts from time and again whether purposely and by accident, her last thoughts as she left the room were the very precise thoughts he had been evading to think about most of his life.








Draco sat by the café in the train station as he read through his ticket.

If half an hour, he would be boarding the train that will take him out of the city and into a new life.

A few years of studying abroad was the priority that lay ahead for him.

If there was anything else, he didn’t want to think about it.

He stared at his large black luggage – clothes, identification and other documents, parchments and quills, a journal where he wrote down everything that was important that he needed to remember, a pocket watch and an album filled with photograph of himself and Narcissa Malfoy.

The war has come and gone and has been won over by the light side.

Has it been weeks? Months? Years?

He couldn’t really tell – the time was just passing and passing and passing.

His mother has just gone.

His father rotting at Azkaban after the Wizengamot’s judgment.

Death Eaters were gathered and taken at the wizarding prison, awaiting their fate.

And he, Draco Black Malfoy – had successfully escaped all these because of the love of his mother.

Narcissa Malfoy’s lie to the Dark Lord and all evidences at the manor that she has given up made her and Draco escape Azkaban prison.

But not Lucius.

There have been too much blood in his hands to escape Azkaban.

But she was able to save herself – she was able to save Draco.

Despite all these, the world had kept on turning, the world had kept on spinning – unaware of the lives it changes, oblivious to the drastic measures that were taken to the world it controls.

With the help of the Order of the Phoenix, the Aurors and Ministry of Magic were putting the world back up together – a better world for the future, a better world for those who have been left behind by the war.

Draco wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with the freedom in his hands and in his life right now.

He may have all the wealth in the world that he couldn’t even spend even if he lives for three more lifetimes, but he was alone.


Abandoned and alone.

There was nobody to share his billions worth of money and assets.

What was the whole point of it all?

But he needed to leave London.

He needed to start anew, start somewhere else, start something else.

Whatever it was, he didn’t know what really.

He wanted to cross the bridge first and when he does, that’s when he’d decide on what it was he needed and wanted to do next.


He may be a rich heir and his sins may have been atoned by his mother in a way as he clearly escaped Azkaban, but in the eyes of the Wizarding World, he had been the son of a Death Eater and he will always be condemned for it by these judging eyes.

Starting over wasn’t going to be easy but he rather do it somewhere else than in the place where it had all began and had taken place.

The sound of the voice of the personnel calling those who would be boarding the train echoed around him.

He stared as some people stood up and started dragging their bags, luggages and hands of the ones they love along as they walked towards the boarding station ready to leave once the right time has chimed in.

Draco stared at his ticket one last time and closed his eyes.

There were so many good and bad memories alike that came over him at the time he stayed and lived and grew up in London most of his life.

All the good and bad memories came from this place but right now, his heavy heart tells him that the bad was weighing a bit more than the other side.

There were so many things he wanted to give, to share and to do in order to help rebuild the word he also lived in.

But at the moment, whilst the war was still fresh from the hearts of those who survived it, in their eyes – he was still one of them.

He will always be one of them.

And because of this, Draco knows that he will never ever be needed by this world.

There was no need for him to stay there not just because he wasn’t needed but because he wasn’t wanted as well.


He didn’t want to leave.

But as his mother always told him, not everything he has to do are things he wanted to do – sometimes, they are things that one needs to do.

There is a big difference between a want and a need but both has to be done and endured.

Draco heavily sighed and nodded to himself.

He felt so much despair in that place – he knew there was no future for him at London.

He needed to create a new future for him somewhere else.

“You’ll make it, little dragon.” Draco whispered to himself as a reminder of what his mother always told him whenever he felt tired, fearful and in doubt of the world around him.

And with a filled luggage and a very heavy heart, Draco stood up from where he sat at the café and began dragging his feet and his baggage with him towards a new life and away from the world that has placed a painful stigma on him.









“Where have you been?”

The lights of the master’s bedroom lit up and the hearth in the fireplace suddenly ignited.

Narcissa’s eyes widened for a split moment but she quickly recovered as she entered their bedroom.

Lucius was sitting on the large armchair by the fireplace, staring suspiciously up at Narcissa.

The storm was howling and blowing outside and it was nearly two in the morning.

“I didn’t know you’ve regained enough strength to do wandless magic.” Narcissa haughtily said as she walked towards her extravagant drawer-dresser and began removing all her shimmering jewelries from earrings to rings.

“I asked you a question, Cissy.” Lucius slowly repeated, his voice laced with venom. “Where have you been?”

Narcissa’s eyes sharply looked up at him as she was halfway into removing her hair ornaments.

From the mirror’s reflection, she could see Lucius had gotten up to his feet and had walked forward and stopped a few inches from her.

Her keen eyes narrowed at the mention of her name or rather at the way he delivered it.

Ever so often, it was only Bellatrix and Snape who called her under that nickname.

It seemed that one of them had pissed him off and the reason he was seemingly mocking her at that moment.

She would take a grand guess who had angered him.

He was looking at her in a deranged sort of way.

But Narcissa ignored it; he always looked unkempt, sleepless and unstable since he had lost his position in the Dark Lord’s good graces.

It was Snape and her brilliant suggestions and words to Bellatrix that were keeping her and her family alive at the moment.

But if it were for Lucius, they would be long dead by now.

No matter of the outcome of the war, their good future had long been gone the moment Lucius lost the prophecy he was asked to retrieve.

“I’m not going to ask again.” Lucius said in a soft and icy tone.

Narcissa shook her head and resumed into removing her hair ornaments.

“The usual, Lucius.” Narcissa simply answered him focusing into removing the largest barette with emerald stone over her head. “Parties, social gatherings, no-nautical nonsense talks – you know? The way of life we’ve always had – keeping our name afloat out into the world while-“

“LIAR!” Lucius angrily said moving forward.

Before Narcissa could defend herself, Lucius had grabbed her by the arm and forced her to face him.


With a sudden movement, he pushed her against the drawer and her back painfully hit the wood and mirror.

She gasped not out of fear but out of shock at the sudden outburst.

He looked demented as he held her, keeping her down and hard against the strong wood of the dresser.

Narcissa struggled but the weight of Lucius’ arms pinned her against the mirror while his other hand struggled to keep her hand from reaching him to protect herself from him.

It took Lucius a moment to win over her but Narcissa had enough strength, focus and sanity in her to overcome and overpower Lucius.

With a stronger form than Lucius at the moment, Narcissa angrily moved her leg against him and with all her strength, kicked him right at his left abdominal area where a few nights ago, the Dark Lord had tortured him severely out of spite and fun.

Lucius screamed in anger and agony as he fell backward but before he could even recover, Narcissa had managed to draw out her wand and when Lucius faced her again, his neck had met the point of Narcissa’s wand.

“I warned you-“ Narcissa angrily gasped massaging the part of her neck that Lucius had hit hard while holding her wand out warningly over his skin.


“I warned you – I told you before – you-never-EVER-lay a hand on me – EVER AGAIN!”

“Cissy – your wand –“

“Do not, ‘Cissy’ me!” Narcissa angrily yelled at him.

Her wand hand was shaking and her voice sounded like thunder in his ears.

He was pale faced as he slowly backed away while Narcissa advanced.

He had both his hands raised up at his sides to show her that he was wandless and had no qualms of attacking again.


Narcissa looked murderous.

All that was elegant and classy about her had completely vanished and was replaced by a terrifying streak over her face.

“I told you that the next time you lay a hand on me I’m going to break your arm even without goddamn magic-“

“Please – Narcissa-“

Lucius stared back at her with a mixture of anger and fear over his face.

He looked like he wasn’t sure of what he had been thinking all along.

Narcissa stared back at him, breathless and ready to strike any moment.

“Gone were the days you can just lay a hand on me when you felt like I didn’t dress elegant enough, when you think my hair isn’t perfect for a party, when I don’t socialize enough to parade the Malfoy name and status – the days – all those dark, terrifying days when it was comfortable of you to lay a hand on me just because you can!”

Lucius coward before her.

Eyes closing in as tears strolled down his face and Narcissa looked ready to cry as well.

The emotions have been too much for the both of them with all that has happened in the past months.

From Lucius’ mistake at the Ministry of Magic, his months spent at Azkaban, the time the Dark Lord has taken him and had severely punished him and his family until the present time.

Narcissa struggled to keep her tears inside her eyelids and not shed a single one at the memories of all the years he had lay a hand on her just to prove his power over her.

But he had stopped the day Draco was born.

He had tried to stop physically hurting her the day Draco was born.

The consequent physical abuse she’s endured under his iron fist became less and less as Draco grew older.

But that never meant that Draco still didn’t hear their earsplitting yells and more than enough glasses and artifacts at the manor that shattered at these times.

Despite all his cruelty and his ways of raising Draco, he never wanted Draco to see him hurting Narcissa.

But he did see him a few more times at his attempts of hurting her.

He had failed time and again to completely hurt her and today, even without Draco there – even when emotions were high and their situation at its darkest end of the pit, she wouldn’t let him hurt her.

“If you want to know-“ Narcissa heavily breathed out. “If you want to know something – anything – you will ask and you will not lay a hand on me!”

Lucius’ eyes glinted at her defiance, at her almost-admittance of what he wanted to know.

She knew they were losing at the war and knew that his power and influence over both her and Draco was weakening for how the Dark Lord was treating him.

He knew she was well aware or more than aware of things he wasn’t and therefore, she had the guts to act and talk to him this way.

“YOU WERE WITH HIM AGAIN!” Lucius suddenly yelled at her with his eyes widening as all emotions burst from him. “YOU – YOU AND SEVERUS-“

“BECAUSE I HAVE TO!” Narcissa yelled back at him. “Because he can save us!”

“Save us?” Lucius repeated with both fear, anger and hurt in his eyes. “I have done everything – everything in my power to keep this- “


“You have done NOTHING for this family!” Narcissa angrily lash back at him.

She was shaking in anger and in her full rage Lucius could feel the surge of her power from the wand in her hand.

His eyes kept darting still in her wand hand but he kept himself still steady, trying to regain the little pride he had left in himself.

“Severus will abandon you the moment he sees it fit that he no longer needs anything from you!”

“Severus has never abandoned us and will NEVER abandon-“

“HE IS NOT LOYAL TO THE DARK LORD!” Lucius lashed back at her and this time, he stood his ground, uncaring if Narcissa would attack him.

Narcissa was speechless, eyes gleaming with tears.

She knew the truth in those words and knew too well where his loyalty lies.

 But for as long as Snape could protect Draco from the Dark Lord and anyone or anything that wishes to cause the boy any harm, Severus Snape will be her ally – even if he remains so to be her last and only.

“He will abandon you when he finds no use of you anymore, Cissy!” Lucius cried at her.

She watched as her once powerful husband slowly went down on his knees.

She was at loss for words as she watched the once powerful man crumble down on his knees, begging her to listen to him even for the last time.

He was begging a life with him and a loyalty only to him.

But Narcissa had enough of Lucius and every wrong decision he has led his whole family into out of his insatiable hunger for power and prestige.

“This is the last time..” Narcissa began breathing heavily as she slowly lowered her wand and stared down at her pitiful husband. “This is the last time you will EVER hear me say this, Lucius.”

He was still on his knees, crying like a lone wolf defeated and lost from its pack.

“If this world comes down to all of us – if I would have a choice – I wouldn’t ever think twice of choosing Severus Snape and bringing Draco to safety into his hands. Not to anyone else’s – not even to yours. I will choose Severus Snape any other day over anyone who gets in my way of protecting my son.”


The silence that followed was quite unnerving.

Narcissa remained emotionless as she was slowly able to control her breathing and stopped herself from shaking.

She cleared her throat after a while and casually began drying the drops of tears at the side of her eyes as if just cleaning some messed up eye-makeup.

“If you EVER attempt on laying a hand on me just because of your jealousy over a man who has more value than you would ever have or for any reason at all Lucius – I swear to you that I will cut that hand of yours and send it back to your beloved master as a gift of doing him a favor for your pathetic existence.”  

Lucius slowly went silent and unmoving, listening only to the sound of her clicking shoes as she walked towards the door.

She halted and slowly opened the door before her.

“And if the Dark Lord ever finds out about this Lucius – about Severus - I will cut your tongue out with the very same scissors you’ve threatened to use on Draco to threaten him when he excitedly told you that he met a very smart Gryffindor Muggle-Born at Hogwarts at his first day.”






The bell of the shop’s door rang as Hermione, Fleur and Ginny entered the establishment.

The French woman who made her gown excitedly greeted them at the doorway and immediately asked her assistants to take out the special gown that was to be picked up for the day.

They were entertained into teas and biscuits and Fleur and Ginny waited by the small living room area while the woman tended to Hermione and prepared the gown for her.

“Aren’t you coming with me?” she asked the two girls as she was called at the back of the shop.

The two girls stared at one another and shook their heads.

“Try it out and come when there’s something you need an opinion about.” Fleur said with a small smile and Ginny only nodded coherently.

The two looked completely uninterested and it made her wonder why they were so serious and why they accompanied her in the first place if they weren’t going to be the help she needed anyway.


But she was emotionally too tired to care with how they were acting at the moment.

“I’ll come out once I have the dress on.” Hermione quietly said seeing she can do that since they were the only guests at the shop for the day as per Harry’s request.

“We’ll stay here.” Ginny said looking up at her and constantly staring back at the door as if waiting to be attacked or something.

Hermione nodded at them and walked down the dark and narrow hallway of the shop that led toward the end of it.

She could hear the woman humming to herself and saying some things in French as she waited in.

Hermione entered a very small room with a large mirror and with absolutely a lot of wedding gown ribbons, sashes and other designs to be put up for the remedies or adjustments that were needed.

She wondered why she was being asked to try the gown there.

She whirled around the smaller mirror, trying to check ends and ends of it if there was any damage or anything she wanted to change or anything she thinks that Harry might want changed.

She was struggled and wondered why Ginny nor Fleur didn’t want to come with her at the back of the shop when after all, it was their supposedly job for the day that’s why they offered to be there in the first place.


“I believe my shop has a trace. You have several moments to do what you have to do. Be quick.”

Hermione looked up and heard the old woman say the words in French.

She wondered who she could be talking to at the other room.

Hermione heard a movement and could swear that she felt some sort of magic pass through the air.

“Dear?” the old woman came out after a moment. “Let’s go?”

Her English wasn’t so bad but Hermione still wondered who she had been talking to because Harry had made sure that the shop was closed down for the day for her needs.

She smiled back at the old woman and they entered the small room.

It took a moment for her to done on the wedding gown.

“Lovely. Precise, perfection..” the old woman complimented her as she gently pulled her sides and back to adjust the wedding gown to its right place.

Hermione turned around and face herself full in the large mirror in the room.

It was the most beautiful wedding gown she has ever seen in her life – far beyond beautiful from the one that Snape had bought for her before.

It was so perfect, so intricately designed and fitted comfortably and perfectly to every inch and turn of her body.

It was a very long tube wedding gown; the designs were intricate small studs of real diamonds that she’s heard Harry order from Italy and a specifically designs linings and special silk sash was designed around the beautiful gown.


She was almost perfect.

She could imagine how she would look like at her wedding day.

She could imagine the things people would say about her.

She could imagine how Mrs. Weasley would still be tearful at the sight of her and Harry down the aisle.

She could imagine all things at once on her wedding day with Harry.

But her heart would be elsewhere on that day.

She could feel the burden of it all already.

She could imagine Draco’s pain and burden as well.

You look beautiful and perfect.” the old woman said as she finished the small retouches at the end of the gown in her French accent.

She was smiling at Hermione and was extremely proud of her own creation.

She was an old family friend of the Delacours and she was the same woman who designed Fleur’s wedding gown and Fleur’s mother’s wedding gown even.

“It’s alright to cry dear.” the old woman said as she saw tears that Hermione were holding back.

But she wasn’t crying about the gown or how perfect she looked.

She only nodded silently and turned back to her reflection.

“I’ll leave you for a moment and come back here for some final touches on whatever you would want changed about it.

And before Hermione could tell her that there wasn’t anything she wanted to change any further, the woman vanished from the room and went back to the shop.


She smiled to herself in front of the mirror.

If only the wedding wasn’t some sort of ‘shot-gun’ wedding as the Muggles would coin to term it, she was partly excited to be married to Harry.

He was her bestfriend first for as long and as far back as she could remember and they had beautiful and happy memories.

Harry was always the charming boy in her eyes.

If only things didn’t end up the way they did.

The dress was indeed perfect and beautiful – Harry was the one who specified ever bit and piece of design on it – exactly the way they talked about it before in their younger days.

In the old days.

Hermione heavily sighed and turned about one last time before deciding to go back to the shop and tell Fleur and Ginny to take one last look at it first for their comments before she removes it.

She wanted it taken off her – she was beginning to be quite emotional about the idea that she had to marry Harry – not want, but needed to.

“Why are they not helping me?” Hermione muttered to herself turning back to the mirror and pulling her hair up and checking if it was neat that way or if she should just keep it down.

“Maybe because there isn’t much revision needed to make you a bit more perfect?” said a man’s voice.

Hermione’s eyes widened.


From the mirror’s reflection, Draco was standing right behind her with a sheepish grin over his pale and pointed face.

Her features looked stricken and tears immediately threatened back in her eyes.

Hermione turned to face him – a moment of silence as she was rooted on the spot not knowing what to say

Their eyes met.

 “If you ask me, I’d marry you now.” Draco commented with a dry smile over his face. “Like now at this very instant in this ridiculously small fucking space.”

Hermione looked both miserable and at the verge of bursting into laughter as well.

He grinned at her.

 “How are you holding up, you little know-it-all?”

Hermione shook her head at him with a longing look.

“Not so well you annoying little ferret!”

Draco smiled back at her and opened his arms to her.

“Oh, Draco!” Hermione heavily sighed as if the world had closed in around her and someone had come to her rescue.

And then she burst into more tears and dived in full into Draco’s arms and cried her heart out miserably, tightening her grip around him as the moment passed by.




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