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Chapter Fifty-Four

Narcissa’s Secret



“Is there anything else you need from me, Young Master?”

Draco looked up at his mother’s Defense Council.

Today marks the 2nd week since his mother’s burial.

His mother’s Defense Council has just delivered at the Malfoy Manor all documents and legalities that transfers all his inheritance in accordance to her mother’s will.

As of that very moment, Draco Black Malfoy is one of the – if not the only one – richest billionaires in the Wizarding World after inheriting billions’ worth of money and properties from the lineage of the Blacks and Malfoys being the only heir of Lucius and Narcissa.

Lucius was at Azkaban who was stripped both rights to the net worth and of power and Narcissa’s passing left her will and testament to take immediate effect – giving Draco all the billions worth of inheritance.

Was there anything he needed?

Draco wasn’t sure.

He used to think about his inheritance all the time.

He used to talk about it with his father all his growing life.

Now that he legally owns everything, nothing seems to matter.

Nothing mattered to him at the moment especially now that he was alone.

Yes, he may be one of the richest wizards out there but what did that matter?

He couldn’t buy his father’s freedom and erase everything he’s done and he certainly couldn’t buy back his mother’s life no matter its cost that he was sure his money could now pay.

What was the point of everything?

He wanted to end his life but knew that it wasn’t something that his mother would have wanted for him.

He just wanted to be away.

He just wanted to be far and away from everything that would have reminded him of the life he had lived.

“How long would it take to arrange a flight to Germany?” Draco asked him.

The Defense Council stared at him for a moment as if he didn’t understand his question.

Draco asked the same thing.

“A week, I suppose, Young Master.” the wizard replied. “If you have never travelled a week will be more than enough for me to arrange-“

“Arrange one for me.” Draco said. “But I want this kept confidential and away from public’s eyes.”

The wizard stared and nodded at him in understanding.

“How long would your travel be?” he asked preparing to take notes

Draco sighed heavily.

“How long would forgetting take?” he asked back.

The wizard looked perplexed but he waited for further instructions.

“Young Master-“

“Get me a place to stay there.” Draco instructed. “Somewhere I can stay for months and even a year.”

“Yes, I will.” the wizard replied. “Other specifications?”

“I want this off from the public. Keep track of everything I would be leaving here in London.”

The wizard took notes as fast as he could.

Draco could tell there were a lot back in London he would be leaving behind.

But at the moment, he couldn’t be a mourning son and a businessman at the same time.

He could only do one at a time and at the moment, he could hardly do the first one.

“There is a property of the Malfoys at the country where you can-“

“Is there a property of the Blacks there?” he interrupted.

The wizard took a moment to answer.

“A house at a countryside.” he replied. “It isn’t a large property. Has only been used twice and is in a provincial location, Young Master. I do not recommend-“

“Sounds fitting enough. Make arrangements to enable me to stay at the house.”

The wizard took more notes.

“Is there anything else?”

“Keep track of everything I’d leave here in London.” Draco said standing up from the large armchair. “I also need you to keep track of any news of Hermione Granger.”

And with that, Draco grabbed his traveling cloak from across the large mahogany table and extinguished the fire in the hearth of the fireplace of his mother’s old office leaving the wizard lost in his notes and thoughts.







Snape heavily sighed and he buried his face in his hands.

Her wailing wouldn’t stop.

It has been three long hours and she was still tireless into the night.

His headache had gone from bad to worse.

“Dammit.” Snape muttered throwing away the parchments over his table.

For the past hours, he had tried to bury himself in his small work station at the cottage and tried to block off the sounds or rather the noise that Hermione had been doing.

It has been a few weeks since the ambush and like the nights that has passed, her tantrums came along tonight that led them into an argument that ended bad for the two of them.

Snape had locked her inside her room and he could barely pick up a quill to resume his work.

Snape stood up from behind his desk and grabbed his wand from the table and walked out of the room.

He took the few flights up their first floor and stayed for a few minutes at the end of the stairs where he could clearly hear her banging her fists against her door and crying her heart out.

“Harry!” her voice cried out. “Harry! Harry! Help me, Harry! Harry!”

Snape clenched his fists.

She was clever enough to know that no matter how long she screams and calls his name he wasn’t going to hear her calls.

She was fervently and purposely making noise in the cottage to gain his attention to draw them both into another full blown argument.

Did she really think that he would get tired in their arguments that he would just bring her back to the Order?

Did she not understand the complicated situation they were both in?

“Fuck.” Snape muttered taking the steps up the stairs.

He reached the landing and he could hear her fists banging against her door.

It has been hours.

Was she not yet tired?

“Harry!” she screamed banging again. “Harry! Please! Please let me out! Harry! Help me!”

“Miss Granger.” Snape called out clearly standing by the doorway.

“Harry!” Hermione screamed louder aware of his presence. “Harry! Please, please help me! Harry! Let me out of here-“

“Miss Granger, if you please-“

“I want to go out!” Hermione wailed at the door. “I want to get out! Let me out of here! Please, let me out!”

Snape sighed heavily and stared at the door with his wand in his hand.

What was he supposed to do with her?

They were just into this life a few weeks at hand and she was like this.

How did Narcissa expect him to keep her for seven years?

“Miss Granger, please, you are wasting time and effort and your energy-“

“I don’t care!” Hermione screamed banging harder against the door. “I don’t give a damn! Let me out of here! Please, professor!”

She was desperate.

He was going to run mad if this continued for the rest of the night.

“We already talked about this.” Snape clearly voiced out against the door. “You already know and understand the consequences-“

“I want to go back!” Hermione continue crying. “Please, please bring me back to them. Please..”

Her banging against the door was driving him mad.

The echoes of her cries were grilling his ears.

“Let me out of here!” Hermione screamed. “Please let me out of here – you can’t keep me here – you can’t keep me here forever – this isn’t legal!” Hermione screamed.

Did she think that he was not aware of those facts?

“This isn’t legal!” Hermione continued to bang tirelessly with both her hands against the door. “Let me out of here! This isn’t legal! You can’t do this! You can’t do this to me – this is abduction! You’re doing something against the law – please, professor Snape – please let me out!”

But he wasn’t going to let her out no matter if she dies crying and banging herself against that goddamn door.

“We already talked about this.” Snape simply repeated trying to control his patience. “You’re wasting time and effort, Miss Granger. Go and get some sleep. In the morning when you are feeling better we can talk about-“

“There is nothing to talk about!” Hermione angrily screamed.

For a moment there was some silence.

And then he heard an object being thrown against the door.

A thump and another and he knew that she had been throwing the books he had lent her against the door.

That riled up his patience further.

“Miss Granger, if you-“

“I want to get out!” Hermione screamed yet again.

Another book was thrown.

“Miss Granger-“

“If you’re not going to let me out of here then there’s nothing to talk about!”

Another book was thrown and another.

“Fuck.” Snape muttered.

With a whip of his wand, he pointed it against the door and the lock clicked and it slowly opened.

Hermione was on the floor and a book was ready at hand to be thrown against the door.

A swift flick of his wand and the book from her hand flew into his.

He stared down at her tears-streaked figure.

She was so red in the face in her tears that she looked like she was going to explode.

The bandages around her needed changing but she didn’t care.

The dress he had given her was dangling at the wrong ends as it clung around her body.

“I want to go back.” Hermione said in a determined voice looking up at him. “I want to go back-“

“You know that’s not possible.” Snape said staring down at her with both anger and pity.

“I want to go back.” Hermione said yet again. “If you don’t bring me back to them this instant you’re going to-“

“What are you, a child?” Snape angrily said.

He moved forward and with his pincer-like grip, he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her from the floor.

He pulled her and struggled with her as he dragged her over the carpeted floor and pushed her back against the bed he had for her.

The room was dark and comfortable if he would take a look at it and if he had a say on it, it was more than comfortable.

Hermione stared up at him with pure hatred in her eyes.

“If you don’t give me back my wand-“

“What?” Snape threatened back at her standing over her. “What if I don’t goddamn give you back your wand?”

Hermione opened her mouth but no words came out from her.

He stared down at her pitiful figure over the bed.

She was still physically unwell and was still in an emotional turmoil but she was battling all of these altogether in her will to get out of the cottage and go back to Harry and the Order.

She didn’t understand that it wasn’t possible – that it wasn’t going to happen no matter what she does.

“Please.” Hermione’s small voice begged him. “Please bring me back to them.”

He wanted to look away from her but he couldn’t.

As much as this was a burden to him, she was now his responsibility.

The moment he decided to save her life from that death fall, she became his sole responsibility.

The moment that he could have called help from the Order had come and passed.

He had let that very moment passed therefore, it was in equivalence of accepting her as his responsibility.

He must face the consequences of those actions.

“Miss Granger, please.” Snape quietly said.

There it was again – the look over her face.

She was going to burst into one of her tantrums – but he couldn’t let it any further.

Sighing heavily, he settled himself at the end of the bed and tried to reach her.

Her reflexes worked and she quickly moved away from his reach.

He looked up at her in slight disappointment.

Did she not trust him?

Did she think that he was going to hurt her?

“Miss Granger-“

“If you can’t give me back my wand atleast tell Harry where I am.” Hermione said. “I need to speak with Harry. Harry has to know-“

“Harry has no way of knowing at the moment.” Snape said and his voice became cold and firm.

His black eyes told her that something had gone terribly wrong.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Hermione asked him. “What do you mean he can’t possibly know?”

He looked at her.

He knew that he had to tell her sooner or later and now seemed to be the right time to tell her.

“As I’ve told you, the ambush has hurt him as well-“

“You told me that you’ve done your best to save him.” Hermione pointed out.

There was obvious anger in her voice.

“What do you mean he’s hurt?” Hermione asked her eyes widening. “What do you mean he’s-“

“The fall had an impact on him.” Snape said. “He might have been hit by a spell or two when he fell-“

“You told me you saved his life-“

“I saved his life”

“Then what are you saying he’s hurt-“

“Miss Granger, I couldn’t possibly-“

“Liar!” Hermione suddenly screamed at him launching forward. “Liar! You told me-“

“Miss Granger, please!” Snape tried to fight her hands away from him.

She was trying to get to him, to reach him with her claw-like fingers trying to hurt him.

“What do you- liar – you told me – you told me you saved his life-“

“I saved his life!” Snape angrily said grabbing both her hands and keeping her wrists together.

They struggled over the bed and it had to take much of his energy to enable him to pin her down over the bed.

Hermione was left facedown over the bed struggling gainst his grip as he held both her hands down on either side of her.

“Harry!” Hermione crying again. “You liar – you told me – you said – you said you saved-“

“I saved his life!” Snape angrily said. “I saved his fucking life that’s why he’s still breathing on that goddamn bed at St. Mungo’s fighting of what little life I was able to save for him!”

Hermione’s crying became more painful to listen to.

“You told me- you said- Harry!”

“He’s in coma.” Snape said not knowing anymore how he could possibly make this easier for her. “Potter is in comatose at St.Mungo’s after the fall. At the present moment he is being tended to. If you calm yourself down I can tell you everything there is to know.”

But Hermione was nowhere going to calm down any time soon.

Despite that she stopped fighting against him over the bed, she kept crying.

She was still calling and screaming for Harry’s name.

Snape lessened his grip over her when he noticed that she no longer fought against him but instead, had been crying and trying to reach for him.

He wasn’t sure how to comfort her this time around.

It was easier to yell back at her and tell her off and lock her up in the room than to sit there on the bed next to her not knowing how to calm her down.

It was the most awkward and ridiculous experience he had to endure – to sit there and watch her cry in her on agony whilst battling with himself how he could comfort her.

Soon, he found himself moving closer to her and taking hold of her arm.

It was just his hand over hers closing around her and trying to rub over it in an attempt of giving comfort.


Her cries became louder but she instinctively moved closer to him.

Sooner than he had realized, Hermione was already cradled in his arms over the bed.

He closed his eyes and he found himself brushing her long locks in another attempt to calm her down and comfort her.


It was the only word that came out of her mouth tirelessly over the course of the hour that transpired.

Her cries slowly faded and soon, Snape had found himself still brushing her hair as she fell asleep weeping in his arms.

He had fallen into a momentary bliss of some sleep until he was woken by the realization that he could no longer hear her cries nor her voice calling Harry’s name.

Hermione had fallen asleep in his arms.

He looked down over her and saw that her tears had dried around her face and that she was hunched and curled into a ball at his side while her hands where both around his arms – tightly kept and her form seeking some comfort in his arms in a futile form of an embrace.

He closed his eyes and listened to the loud spatter of rain against the roof of the cottage.

If he would calculate it correctly, it was somewhere one in the morning already.

He tried to find something in his head to calm him back to sleep.

He didn’t want to move in fear that he would wake her up and she would go crying again.

He knew she needed rest and as far as her mind was active, she wasn’t going to get any rest at all.

In the very short period of time that she could get some sleep, he would give her that peace.

She may not know of it nor believe it, but at that very early stage of their fate, he already cared for her.

He knew he had to find a way out of what they were thrown into.

He couldn’t let her live with him this way – he couldn’t bear to hear her cries every single day when he knew that he couldn’t do anything to help her get better anyway.

He had to find her a cure.

Narcissa had to help him find a cure for her sooner or later.

Snape closed his eyes and had unconsciously reached for her head again as he moved her closer to him.

He was brushing her locks again with the tips of his fingers while his face was buried into the scent of her thick locks.

He could feel her uneven breathing pattern in his arms as she slept through the night.

The rain spattered louder against the roofs and windowpanes of the cottage.

He listened to the comfort that the rain brought him.

He used the sound of the rain as a gentle lullaby to bring him into a few hours of blissful sleep before he faces another day carrying not just his responsibility of taking care of Hermione but the burden she was carrying in her mind and in her heart.







“Did you really want to marry him?”

Hermione looked up from the book she was reading.

Lupin entered the living room of the Weasleys.

Eleven days were down.

Mrs. Weasley had insisted to Harry that she stays with them for the rest of the days before their wedding.

Harry was reluctant but Mrs. Weasley told him that there were too many things to prepare for that bringing her there everyday wasn’t only a waste of time but would also tire her out.

Harry didn’t want to but given that Hermione was going to be more secured at the Weasleys than to be taken again by Draco, he allowed it.

He was allowed to stay and sleep with the rest of the Weasleys if he wanted to.

Lupin, Molly and Arthur decided that for as long as their protection of Hermione was out there at the open with nothing for Harry to suspect them with, everything was going to be alright.

Draco didn’t agree much into it but Hermione made him see sense that it was important that he work with Snape’s case while Harry was distracted with their wedding plans.

“I did think that we were going to grow old at the cottage.” Hermione replied earnestly as Lupin sat by the other end of the couch.

He took out his wand and lit the hearth of the fireplace from its dying form.

“That wasn’t my question.”

“I wasn’t sure.” Hermione answered him. “But I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Lupin nodded and stared at the fireplace where the flames were seemingly dancing.

“Severus was a good man.” Lupin quietly said.

“Severus is a good man.” Hermione corrected him sitting closer to Lupin. “You know he is a good man, professor.”

Lupin didn’t say anything.

There wasn’t much to say knowing that this conversation was going anyway.

“He did things that we both know are punishable by any law, Hermione.”

“We were under circumstances, professor.” Hermione said turning to face the man. “There were reasons we stayed at the cottage for that long.”

“He could have told us.” Lupin said. “He could have written a letter.”

Hermione didn’t want to look at him now that he was looking back at her.

“Professor Lupin-“

“He could have told us Hermione if he wanted to.” Lupin said. “If there were circumstances that were too dangerous for the both of you we would have understand that but at the least we know that you were with him-“


“No, Hermione.” Lupin insisted. “Do not tell me that I am wrong because that brilliant mind of yours tells you the very same thing.”

Hermione was silent.

Why was everyone making all the sense in the world lately?

“Did you not think about Harry?” Lupin asked quietly. “Did you not think of him?”

For the first time, Hermione could somehow hear some form of hatred from his tone.

Did he hate her for the decisions she had come to decide upon?

“I do not hate you.” Lupin’s voice came as if reading her thoughts. “But you need to understand that I was there the whole ten years that he suffered the loss of you. And now you’re back – you are undermining his feelings and you are vouching for the man who has taken you from him – who has taken a future he could have had with you-“

“I know that!” Hermione said unable to raise her voice in fear of waking up the whole house. “I know what I’ve done – what we’ve done. But this isn’t any easier for me-“

“If Snape is sentenced accordingly, please just – please just bear it within you, Hermione. You’ve seen Harry – you see how he is right now – he isn’t well-“

“He wants to marry me.” Hermione said in a tormented tone. “He wants to marry me without knowing if I want to marry him-“

“Everyone knows you don’t want to marry him and he knows it himself but he has hopes – he has hopes that if Snape is taken to Azkaban – you would have to reconsider the life you could have had with him.”

Hermione became silent and passive.

“Do you believe that he’s a good man?” Hermione quietly asked him. “Severus?”

It took a moment for Lupin to answer her.

“Yes.” Lupin quietly nodded at her. “Yes, I believe that he is a good man. But every good man has their own flaws. I believed that he failed to attend to the attribute that he should have acted upon – not because he didn’t to but because he wasn’t sure of everything that was happening at the time they were happening.”

“Then you understand what I am fighting for?”

“I understand what you are fighting for.” Lupin said. “But it doesn’t mean that you have to fight for it when it no longer is right.”

“Isn’t what I feel right?” Hermione asked him. “Isn’t what I feel right?”

“Only you can answer that, Hermione.” Lupin said as he slowly stood up from the couch and stared down at her.

“I love Severus.” Hermione whispered looking up at him with utmost sadness in her face.

“I know.” Lupin answered her. “And Harry feels just the same for you.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Neither do I.” Lupin answered. “But one thing I assure you – no matter what you do, you are going to break someone’s heart. And when you do, please make sure that it all really is worth it.”

And with that, Lupin bid her a goodnight and left her alone in the living room of the Weasleys in her miserable thoughts.





“What are you doing here?” Narcissa asked seeing Draco in her private office.

Draco was in mid-action scavenging for something in the desk drawers of her mother.

His wand was on top of her desk and he had obviously been using spells of sorts to gain him access in the drawers.

Narcissa walked forward and with a whip of her wand, all the drawers that Draco managed to open closer and locked themselves up.

Draco looked beyond guilty but he didn’t say anything.

“I’m not going to ask again.” Narcissa coldly said staring down at him.

“Nothing.” Draco dryly replied. “I was just looking for parchments and quills.”

“Do not lie to me.” Narcissa said staring down at her own son. “What are you looking for?”

Draco tried to avoid her gaze.

What was he looking for?

That goddamn journal.

He knew that her mother was keeping something of great importance from him and once or twice, he saw her conceal something magically inside the journal he had given her.

He wasn’t going to back down and not find out what she is keeping from him.

“Nothing.” Draco simply answered taking his wand from the table.

“Draco, I’m not going to-“

“What you are keeping from me.” Draco suddenly replied looking harshly up at her. “What you are keeping from me is what I am looking for.”

Narcissa momentarily looked stricken but she didn’t say anything.

“I’m not keeping anything from you.”

“Don’t lie to me, mother.” Draco spat at her. “I’m not a child. I know you are keeping secrets from me.”

“I have not been.” Narcissa said folding her arms. “And if I have ever kept anything from you it is merely to keep you away from harm’s way-“

“The notes and letters you keep.” Draco began. “Your sudden journeys out of town – your unrecorded travel and inventories after another of the most peculiar things. if I hadn’t known any better, you have another family you’ve been feeding off but I must remind myself that it’s father who’s likely to have another family from one of his girl-“

But whatever it was he was about to say, he was no longer able to say it.

Narcissa had slapped him so hard over his left cheek that her hand had made a mark.

Draco held his left cheek for a moment and was unable to say a word.

“Draco.” Narcissa quickly said walking forward but Draco made two steps back.

She looked back at him with utmost regret over her face.

“Draco, I’m sorry-“

“Is this what he’s worth it?” Draco asked her. “Keeping secrets from me and lying to me and most of all, hurting me?”

“I do not understand what you are-“

“I know you’re helping Severus with something.” Draco said. “I haven’t got any evidence but I’m going to say it time and again – do not get involve in whatever he is doing!”


“Mother, you’re risking your life for that man!” Draco savagely said. “He’s only using you! He doesn’t even care about you! He’s only using you and what you can do for him!”

Narcissa didn’t say anything.

Her fists were clenching over at her sides as she struggled not to hit him again.

He was wrong.

Draco was very wrong.

She was the one who was using Severus and her conscience is eating her up every time she asks Snape favor after another.

“You may not be a child but you are my child.” Narcissa simply said taking her wand from the desk and pocketing it.

“You wouldn’t keep secrets from me if you truly care about me.”

“I would keep secrets from you and bring them to the grave with me if that would mean it would keep you alive.” Narcissa said with such hatred in her eyes.

They stared at one another for a long moment and then Draco resigned.

He gently caressed the cheek she had hurt and nodded at her.

He retreated to the door with Narcissa’s gaze never leaving him.

“I would find out what you are keeping.” Draco said with such a cold threat in his voice. “And when I do, I swear to you that I’m going to put a stop to it.”

The door closed but Narcissa didn’t say anything.

She clutched her heart that seemed so heavy at that very moment.

She closed her eyes and was more than grateful that whatever Draco was looking for was no longer with her.

It wasn’t in her drawers.

It was no longer at the Malfoy Manor.

Truth be told, she had discarded it already a few days ago and kept it safe and secure at that one place where it should be.

At that one place where it could be kept safe because not even those who dwell within the cottage knew of its whereabouts and existence in their premises.

It would be kept safe there until the proper time from which it should be found and its secrets divulged to save the life of the one man whom Narcissa will forever be in debted to. 











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