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to all my readers, nothing about the present in this chapter. all are purely flashbacks. caution to a certain part that would seem suicidal in any way. 

purely fictional and never meant to offend anyone reading this. 

hope everyone is well. 


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Chapter Thirty

Tears, Maps and Patronus 


“Hermione!” his voice called. “Hermione!”

But Hermione did not answer.

She moved the shower’s handle and turned it to ensure that more water poured out blocking the sounds from the outside of the door and vice versa.

She was crying.

She had just slept with the Potions Master for the second time. 

She didn’t know what to do.

She felt she was growing insane.

Why would she want to be in the bed with him?

She hated him.

She hated him with all the morsel of her body.

But she also trusted him and knew that he was taking good care of her.

He cared for her.

She knew and was sure of that but love?

She didn’t care.

She was sure that she did not love him but something about him kept her and her feelings both confused and attached towards him.

Over the sound of the cold water pouring, she could still hear his tapping against the door and his insistent voice calling her name.

Hermione scrubbed her skin harder and harder by the moment as she cried.

She could feel his mouth over her soft skin, his tongue lingering along her neckline and earlobes and his dark and rich voice echoing around her ears.

She could almost feel his fingers tracing the insides of her thighs as he touched her for the first and second time.

Hermione hated herself.

She hated him, she despised him and yet she wanted the feeling of him close to her, the feeling of his skin against hers.

She was betraying Harry. She was breaking his heart despite his knowledge.

She was breaking her own heart.

“No, no, please go away.. go away..” Hermione cried out loud as she scrubbed the sponge harder over her skin.

Her tears were barely felt over her face as the harsh cold water poured down from up overhead from the shower.

Her skin began to turn richly red at the way she harshly scrubbed the sponge over her skin.

It was as if she felt when she washed away and scrubbed every dirt over her skin she was likely to erase the touches and kisses that Snape has planted over her skin.

She was disgusted.

Not of what he has done exactly but of what had transpired – twice even – and how she could possibly let it happen.

It broke her heart that she was so frustrated to find and be with Harry again that she had lost herself and lost herself in Snape’s arms for comfort.

She wanted nothing but to be with Harry but she knew that wasn’t possible.

She knew it was nowhere possibly to be with him and if he wasn’t going to bring her back, she had to find a way – but how?

How could she when she knew the dangers and harm it could bring him?

More tears flowed from her eyes as she scrubbed even harder – cleaning, clearing and erasing every possible memory of their time together and everything else that came in between.

“Harry, I’m sorry..” Hermione cried harder by the moment. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.. Harry.. please… please.. save me.. Harry.. Harry.. I’m sorry..”

Hermione repeatedly cried and scrubbed her skin painfully up to the point that it began to slowly bleed that she barely heard the door being opened and a voice came.

She was barely conscious as she continue to cry and scrub and barely felt the pair of dry arms take her from the large bath tub, forcedly pulling her out and calling her name.

Snape struggled and forced Hermione’s crying and naked form from the tub.

He was barely able to pull her out and they both fell back over the carpeted bathroom floor.

She hit herself further with her bare hands now – scratching her own skin and scathingly staring at herself.

“Hermione, please stop.. please, please stop it..”

“Don’t touch me – don’t touch me – let me go!” Hermione screamed against him, kicking and continuously hurt herself.

Snape grabbed the towel from the other side of the room that had fallen and quickly forced it around Hermione to keep her from being cold.

“Please, stop this.. Hermione please-“

“Get your hands off me!” Hermione screamed at him. “Get your filthy hands off me!”

Snape held her tighter in his arms, rocking her back and forth to calm her down.

“Get away! Get away! I want to go back to Harry! I want to-“

“Hermione, please.. please don’t hurt yourself, please stop this.”

Snape wasn’t sure what triggered it.

He wasn’t sure what triggered Hermione’s tantrums tonight.

He thought things were becoming better for them – he thought that the second time, she actually really wanted what has happened.

But seeing her this way now – seeing her hurt herself because of him was more than painful for himself.

“Hermione, please calm down – let’s talk about this – let’s-“

“NO!” Hermione said and she began hitting him now. “Get your hands off me! Get your filthy hands off me! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”

“Hermione, please-“

“I want to go back to Harry! I want to go back-“

“Hermione, please.. please don’t do this, you’re hurting yourself – don’t do this to yourself-“

“Please bring me to Harry – Harry!” she began screaming Harry’s name this time which triggered pain in him that he had  not expected.

“Hermione, please-“

“Harry! Harry! Help me.. help me.. help me..” Hermione cried kicking and moving against him.


“Please bring me back.. please.. Harry.. help me… please… “

“Hermione, Harry’s  not here.. he’s not.. he cannot..”

“I don’t want to be here.. I don’t want.. I don’t want you.. I don’t want you.. please get away.. please… Harry… Harry, save me..”

It took about another hour to calm Hermione down.

Snape patiently waited as she struggled, curled and calmed herself down in his arms on the bathroom floor.

She only stopped yelling because it seemed that all her energy had been used up.

But her tears did not stop.

She continued to cry and wail time and again as they lay on the floor together.

Snape was unable to take track of the time but sooner than he expected, he had found himself still on the floor with her fast asleep in his arms.

Tears were still gleaming all over her face but she was fast asleep with a grimace of a facial expression.

It was night time already.

Snape sighed heavily with an annoying head ache.

If she was losing it, he wasn’t sure what to call what he was feeling.

He looked down at her curled up form in his arms.

She was fast asleep but he knew that there was no peace in her heart and her mind.

She was going to wake up later and cry again for sure and tomorrow, everything would be the same.

She was never going to give up on forcing him to bring her back.

She was never going to give up on the rules he had placed over her.

She was never going to surrender completely to him.

She was never going to be whatever he wanted her to be.

She was never going to be truly in the place where he was.

She was never going to be with him.

She was never going to love him the way he wanted to.

Tears warmed his eyelids as he moved his lips over her cinnamon curls as he kissed her head.

Hermione Granger was never going to be his no matter what he does because her heart will always belong to only one man.

It was true.

Another loss to another Potter.










“Harry, you’ve got to eat.” Kingsley said as he handed him his third mug of coffee.

“I’m not hungry.” Harry said as he walked around the large conference room as he took the mug from him.

It was half past two in the morning and an emergency meeting for the Order of the Phoenix and high-ranking Aurors have been called out at the office of the Minister of Magic.

Kingsley worriedly looked at Harry who drowned himself with the third cup and was reading and studying through a very large European map across the long conference table.

Lupin had just arrived in the room together with professor McGonagall, Bill Weasley with his father and two more Aurors from Harry’s department.

It had been a very quiet and ordinary Tuesday night until someone from the Ministry of Magic sent Kingsley a sudden, unexpected and unbelievable report.

24 hours ago, someone had filed and requested for a copy of birth certificates, academic and professional records from the Ministry of Magic bearing names of two people that have been associated with none other than Harry Potter and the Second Wizarding World War.

An old Auror who used to work at the Ministry of Magic and who has requested to be transferred to his old hometown at Scotland a few years ago, had quickly sent message to the Minister of Magic himself in regards to the requested files.

He might have been an ex-Auror retired of the services and an old man, but he wasn’t naïve not to know and understand the meaning of the names Hermione Jean Granger and Severus Tobias Snape.

Snape’s name alone wasn’t unfamiliar due to his records not only as an ex-Death Eater nor as a Hogwarts professor, but all of his associations with the Dark Lord alone.

Hermione Jean Granger was ofcourse a name never forgotten by those who were involved in the war or those who had lost someone in the first and second war and had known of the name Harry Potter and everyone else associated to him.

Despite being unsure and the things it might cause him due to Harry’s would-be awareness of this, he did not think twice of sending Harry a message in regards to it. After all, the boy had been waiting for a decade for any news of the bestfriend and love of his life that he had lost in the war.

Two younger Ministry assistants came bursting into the office carrying scrolls of maps in their hands and a couple of other parchments.

Harry hurried towards them and grabbed the maps from them.

He quickly asked them to lay the maps open and had asked for a scroll of parchment and a quill.

Kingsley stared at the way Harry was working.

He had been alerted only about half an hour ago by his Patronus and wasn’t really expecting him but he had arrived as fast as he could possibly do so with the knowledge that the others were to follow him after the Patronus he had sent himself.

“Where’s the old man?” Harry asked as he studied the map on the table and took a few notes. “Is it possible for him to arrive later today?”

“Possible.” Kingsley answered him as he handed a tray of coffee towards Lupin and the others who had just arrived.

“Good.” Harry replied. “Is it possible to work up a team to get there later today?”

Kingsley and Lupin exchanged glares.

“Harry, I think we should study the map first.” Lupin suggested as he walked next to Harry and stared down at the map.

“That’s what I’m doing.” Harry quickly answered without looking up from a line he was tracing over the map.

“Yes, what I mean is that we need verification-“

“Was there an address left to them?” Harry had asked Kingsley and ignoring the look Lupin was giving him.

Kingsley shook his head.

“Not sure about that information Harry. But the old man can bring all the info-“

“Kindly ask. We need to know everything that has been left in him when they requested these files-“

“Harry, we’re not even sure if it was Hermione or Severus that has-“

“Are you kidding me?” Harry asked not meaning to be rude. “Who would request for their names but them?”

Lupin did not answer and had exchanged glances with Kingsley and Bill.

“Harry, we should not just jump into this.” Bill said as he walked next to him this time and studied the map.

“That’s why I’m studying it now. We cannot lose any minute-“

“Harry, this is a complicated place at the ends of London. These are isolated and broken islands. We don’t know what may be found in these places-“

“I think that’s what I’m fucking trying to do right now.”

Bill and LUpin stared at one another.


 They knew that tone too well. They had heard and seen it several times over the years and weren’t good signs at all.

Lupin lowered his mug of coffee and sighed heavily as he moved one of the maps closer to him and read it through.

“This is an isolated island Harry.” Lupin pointed out. “We can do further research for a couple of days and-“

“Days?” Harry repeated shaking his head as he drew a couple of circles over the map and took a few more notes.

“Yes, days.” Lupin pressed on slightly irritated by Harry’s attitude.

“No, we’re not waiting for days. When the sun rises we’re going to-“

“We’re going to what?” Bill asked him standing up from the chair. “We’re going to what Harry? Attack? Go there and what when we get there? We don’t even know where they are – we don’t even know where this freaking island is-“

“THAT’S WHAT I’M FUCKING TRYING TO DO HERE IF YOU ALL WOULD JUST SHUT UP!” Harry angrily yelled across the room.

Silence filled the room.

The others all looked back up at him and his enraged state.

“Harry, calm yourself down.” Lupin quietly said. “We can talk about this-“

“NO!” Harry yelled shoving his hand away from him. “Can’t you see I’m trying to work here- if you’re all too busy to work on this I can do this by myself – I don’t need any of you-“

“The thing is that you need us.” Bill said standing tall and staring at Harry. “You need us Harry because we’re not going to let you burst into that godforsaken place without-“

“Let me?” Harry repeated mockingly. “Let me? Who the fuck do you think you are?” Harry angrily spat at him.

Silence was broken by a voice Harry did not anticipate.

“Family.” Professor McGonagall answered quietly as she stood up with a firm look over her face. “We are family, Harry – we had always been.”

Harry did not say anything.

Nobody dared to say a word against her.

“And if this information is true, then we shall go there and find them but in the most well-thought-of manner and not some mindless, poorly thought of scheme like some unexperienced Auror you seem to want us to act upon.”

Harry stared back at the old woman but did not say anything.

His fists were clenching on top of the table where he was halfway into writing something.

He looked very furious but someone who was also fearful of the old woman in front of them.

“Do you understand what I’m trying to say, Mr. Potter?”

“Yes.” Harry muttered under his breath. “I understand, professor.”

Lupin cleared his throat and broke the tension.

“Come Harry. Let’s study the map. What was the given information?”

Harry did not answer at first but Lupin walked next to him and he blinked away from staring at McGonagall.

“This island.” Harry said pointing towards the largest circle he drew over the map.

Lupin took a glance over the map.

“Beltane?” he asked curiously taking a closer look at it. “This is the Island of Beltane?”

“Yes.” Harry answered as Kingsley walked to his side and the others began to move around the room to check the maps and parchments of information across the table.

Harry stared and waited as Lupin studied the map and read through a geographical book over the table that Harry had requested a few hours ago.

“It’s hardly populated.” Lupin commented as he read through the map and the information from an open book across the table.

“Hardly.” Bill piped in as he pulled another bigger version of the map over the table. “There’s barely any mainland or landmarks or history and trace of trades.”

“They could be here.” Kingsley pointed out as McGonagall read through a couple of notes that Harry had written earlier. “There are only three waterways that could be the entrance and exit to and from the island from the nearest mainland.”

Lupin shook his head as he studied and compared the maps across the table.

“This island is really isolated. If they are here, how would – how and why would they end up there-“

“Ask Snape.” Harry bitterly said as he looked down over the maps. “I’m quite sure he has an answer.”

“We can’t jump into any conclusions, Harry.” Kingsley pointed out as he lowered the map in his hand.

“Really?” Harry asked him with a raised brow. “You’re suggesting Hermione just suddenly decided to live in a place so far and isolated there would hardly be any books or information to feed her mind? I hardly think Hermione would survive three days there-“

“Harry.” Lupin said calling back his attention from all the sarcasm coming out from his mouth.

Harry closed his mouth and kept quiet.

“Innocent until proven guilty, Harry.” Lupin reminded him.

Harry ignored him.

Lupin pulled a parchment and pointed a few things from the list he had created earlier.

“There is barely any information in the place but I think we can do further research on the-“

“The place has only one small town, one very small and it gave me information from what I’ve read awhile ago that there is small trace of trade there but the whole island is completely off the coast that are monitored or clear over maps.”

“It’s like the place had been forgotten.” Lupin suggested.

“Godforsken indeed is more like it.” Bill said.

“The island is completely surrounded by waters and travel back to the nearest port in Scotland takes about three days – this is a very far off island. You could almost count with our fingers the possible population here.”

“We need to check it, Remus.” McGonagall said and this time her voice was warmer and calm. “With these information, they may indeed be here.”

“They are there.” Harry said as he finished his third mug of coffee. “I’m telling you they are here.”

Lupin looked up and stared at Harry and knew that determination over his face.

Truth be told, he believes that they could possibly be there.

An isolated island?

An island with history of trade and landmarks that are barely over the maps and books?

It sounded like a good place to stay for quite a very long time.

It was a place of solace and many other forms of reason to be able to stay away from other people.

But why?

That was the most crucial question of all – why?








Draco burst into the master’s bedroom to find Narcissa on the bed.

He felt it, something inside of him told him that something had gone terribly wrong.

Narcissa was pale and unmoving over the bed.

Draco’s eyes widened upon seeing the unmoving form of her mother on the four poster bed.

A scream of anger.

Echoes of cries.

Lucius Malfoy had come into the room and stared at the form of his wife.

“Draco.” Lucius whispered quickly pushing Draco aside as he grabbed her wrist and felt for her pulse.

“Send a Patronus at the hospital.” Lucius said as tears began to fill his eyes.

Draco watched, speechless and almost immobile as he stared at his father kneel by the bed, feeling for Narcissa’s pulse.

“She’s alive.” Lucius whispered. “Barely. Draco, get the Patronus to the hospital.”

“I don’t-“

“Draco, your mother.. she’s alive but barely. Cast the Patronus. I can’t cast it.”

Draco seemed shaken but he knew the meaning of those words.

His father could no longer truly produce a full Patronus.

With a swish of his wand, his Patronus took form and was sent out of the room in a misty and magical form.

He stood there as Lucius fretted around Narcissa’s body and carried her from the bed.

Her pulse was extremely weak – it was barely there but it was there. And it was enough to possibly revive the life out of her.

“Draco, we need to bring her down-“

Draco’s eyes widened and he slowly pointed his wand to his father.

“I’m not letting you get out of this place. We already talked, father. You’re going to –“

“I know what we’ve talked about!” Lucius yelled angrily as he carried his dying wife in his arms.

Draco stared and blocked the door pointing his wand over his father.

“You’re going to have to give yourself up to them. I can’t keep you anymore. Mother and I can’t-“

“Your mother’s life is far more important for me-“

“Now it’s important to you?” Draco asked him incredulously.

Tears started running down his pale cheeks as he stood there with his wand shaking before his face.

“Draco, please.”

“Now you’re concerned? I’ve been telling you a long time ago that she’s sick – that she’s not well and now-“

“Draco, please.. Your mother.. we need to bring her-“

“I will bring her-“ Draco yelled at him. “You goddamn sit over there and wait for what they will-“

Lucius’ eyes widened and he slowly lowered Narcissa back over the bed.

Draco shook his head as he cried.

Lucius Malfoy’s face started to pale at the thought coming through him.

The Dark Lord had been gone and Death Eaters alike have been scouted, killed and sent to Azkaban.

Draco had been keeping his father out of harm’s way because his blood and magic was still intact and were keeping the Malfoy power standing still.

He had been wanted for so long but Draco and Narcissa had been keeping him – or rather, Draco had agreed to keep him because of her mother’s request.

But tonight, the story would be different.

“What did you say?” Lucius asked panic rising in his voice. “What did you do Draco?”

Draco shook his head and momentarily glanced at her mother’s dying figure.

“Mother will be gone soon.” Draco cried at him knowing it was truth no matter how painful that was. “And I hope you understand what that meant-“

“What did you do Draco-“ Lucius yelled at him as he stared around the room, panic suddenly attacking him.

“I can’t keep on doing something that is not right.” Draco said as he moved closer to her mother’s side.

Lucius stared from Narcissa’s body then back at Draco.

He slowly took his wand out from his robes.

“Draco, you wouldn’t-“ Lucius said shaking his head in utmost disbelief.

“You are only here because of mother’s request.” Draco whispered.

He took a very painful glance down at his own mother’s dying form.

Lucius stared at him, ready to strike but Draco had things prepared ahead.

He knew it and he already felt it.

His mother was dying and knew that it was an inevitable fact.

He couldn’t live that way and couldn’t live in the shadows any longer.

It had been too hard and too long already and he wasn’t going to stay that way – not when he knew that it was only by her mother’s request that he was doing what he was and was not doing what he knew he should.

“Draco.” Lucius’ voice was almost begging at him. “Please.”

Draco shook his head and looked away from Lucius.

“I’m sorry father.” Draco whispered and with a swish of his wand and a powerful non-verbal spell, Draco charmed the manor and with one massive wand movement, had lifted all the powerful enchantments protecting the Malfoy Manor that he had been slowly weakening for weeks now.

At first, there was nothing.

Lucius waited in silence with his wand raised at his own son.

And then they both heard it.

Glasses began to break and voices were heard everywhere.

Ministry officials, Aurors and Order of the Phoenix alike began bursting into the manor and taking hold and order of the whole house.

Apparitions came from all direction and soon, faces both the Malfoy men knew came into view.

Draco watched with a firm look over his face as Aurors slowly surrounded Lucius Malfoy with wands raised towards him.

He barely heard and understood the warrant that was being uttered for Lucius and the way he had been disarmed.

“Draco.” A voice came and a hand lowered over Draco’s shoulder slowly lowering his wand hand.

Draco’s body was shaking in anger and tears still streamed down his face but he slowly lowered his wand and let Lupin take it from him.

“Healers are on the way.” Lupin whispered by his side as they both stared at the Aurors who placed wards and spells around Lucius’ wrist to disable him from moving against the magical bonds they placed.

“How could you..” Lucius whispered as he stared at his own son who had orchestrated the groundbreaking capture of the most wanted Death Eater that the Aurors had been after for so long.

“Because I could.” Draco whispered back as he knelt by the bed over her mother’s side. “And because it is what she has wanted for a long time but couldn’t have the courage to do so.”

Lucius did not say anything as he was held down by the Aurors.

They both barely heard the house being turned down for any other evidences of Lucius’ betrayal of the government and community as a Death Eater and as a loyalist of the Dark Lord.

“You’ll be fine.” Draco whispered kissing her mother’s forehead.

“I’m here, mother.” Draco whispered as he held the small of her wrist where the weakest of her pulse could be felt. “You’ll be fine mother.. everything will be alright.”









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