Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter Sixty

Dark Magic


The minutes had turned into hours; the hours into days and into weeks, months and eventually would soon become years.

Hermione wasn’t stupid. 

He promised they were going back.

He promised that once she was better they were going to go back.

The time has gone by and the months had dragged on.

Seasons were changing and it all were remaining the same to her.

His promise and protection over her had soon gained and turned into a different kind of protection and attention.

She hadn’t expected it all and up until that moment, she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing.

But she had to survive.

It was her only way to survive.

She could and would explain to Harry.

 He would understand.

She knew he would; he loves her deeply and he would always forgive and forget.

But until she knows he’s alive, until she was sure it was safe to be out there, until she can get out independently out into the open again, she must remain and survive whatever she had at the moment.

She was going to endure and survive the days with Severus Snape.

Even if it meant that she had to swallow all that were wrong and unspoken between the two of them.

Needless to say, he was protecting her and was genuinely taking good care of her anyway.


“Galleons for those thoughts?”

Hermione looked up from the book she had not been reading anyway for the past minutes.

She looked up and saw her former professor dressing into a pair of black loose shirt and pajamas.

She sharply inhaled the smell of soft mint from his shower but she could still smell the hint of firewhiskey from his direction.

“Did you drink again?” Hermione quietly asked him as he straightened his shirt down.

“It’s a potion I’m experimenting on.” Snape simply answered her drying his hair with a large towel.

Hermione’s eyes passed sharply at him but she didn’t say anything despite that she was itching to answer ‘I’m not an idiot’.

She wanted less conflicts and arguments with him.

She wanted less of everything between the two of them.

Hermione sighed heavily and turned another page of her book as she felt the weight of him over the bed as he climbed the ends of it.

She kept her eyes strained over the same line over and over again as he felt her moving around and about and he began to gently pull the sheets from her.

She kept it on place.

Snape’s black eyes moved to her but she didn’t look up.

He tugged at her.

Hermione quickly let go.

She inhaled again.

She felt his fingers slowly moving up and down her legs beneath her short night dress.

Snape made gentle and slow circles and lines around her legs while his black eyes kept a close watch on her – waiting for her reaction, waiting for her body to respond.

But Hermione was rigid and had been practicing self control lately.

If she wouldn’t, sooner or later what had been an accident or unwanted event once or twice would soon be something of a regular between the two of them.

Snape moved closer and bent his face forward her leg and gently pressed soft kisses from the side of her knees and up towards the side of her thighs.

He smirked.

Hermione had bit her lower lip as she was obviously losing control.

She tried to remain very still – no movement or body reaction should be made whatsoever.

“Hermione.” Snape’s soft voice spoke as his tender lips moved around her legs, nipping and gently kissing her and blowing softly.

Hermione mumbled something incoherently as she turned another page.

Her fingers were tight around the edge of the book it would almost tore into pieces.

“’Mione.” Snape called softly this time as he moved towards her and gently moved his hands beneath the dress.

Hermione remained rigid and still but she inhaled sharply again.

He slowly slithered his hands beneath her dress and had began caressing her abdominal area, creating circles as he gently moved the tips of his fingers up and began cupping her breasts.

“Sweetheart…” Snape murmured against her skin as he pressed kisses along her arm while his hand continued to slither and enticingly caress her breasts on the right spots and places.

A loud gap and a sigh.

Snape smiled as he watched her close her eyes tightly.

It was all that he needed.

He moved in and closed the smallest gap between the two of them.

His hand had quickly taken the book out from her hands and he threw it mindlessly away from the bed.

It landed with a thud on the carpeted floor.

Hermione looked up at him with fearful and tearful eyes.

“I’m not feeling well.” Hermione quickly said as he settled himself between her and was slowly undressing himself, discarding his loose shirt.

“I’ll make you feel better.” Snape softly whispered taking Hermione’s hand.

Without taking her gaze from her, he gently kissed the inside of her hand and had gently brought down inside his black loose pajamas and settled himself over her.

Hermione gently tugged but he didn’t let her go.

He closed his hand around her wrist and gently still, forced it inside his pants so she could touch him.

“Professor-“ Hermione stuttered as he disentangled his fingers from her and made her clasp it around his hardened length.

“Severus.” Snape whispered as he now reached her neckline, planting soft kisses there. “Severus, Hermione.”

Hermione inhaled and a trickle of tear ran down her cheek as he forced him to touch him, guiding and goading her hand to rub up and down her long, hard cock.

His lips nipped neckline and then slowly moved up to her ears.

He breathed against her skin knowing it gave her an enticing sensation.

He heard her whimper beneath him but she followed his instructions gently and moved her hands in the direction and pace he wanted.

“Yes, sweetheart..” he breathed against her skin, nipping over her earlobe before completely licking her ears.

“Please. No..” Hermione finally cried beneath him as he released her hand and let it out of her pants.

Hermione moved her hands against him but he held them down gently.

He undressed himself completely and soon after, moved to her and began undressing her.

He successfully pulled down her undergarment and pulled her dress off her all the while he caressed and kissed her in places she didn’t want but for which her body betrayed her.

He looked down at her and kissed and licked her tears away.

It tasted nothing more than a bittersweet story right there.

His mouth moved expressively and expertly on either of her breasts, interchanging mouth and hands.

He could hear her struggle in between whimper of protest, cries of unwillingness and gasp of unwanted release of emotion.

Despite being logical as ever and the control she had over her mind, Hermione was physically weak.

Her body responded accordingly to his wills and wants.

She could only cry out of humiliation, pain, fear and anger.

“No, please. No, professor.” Hermione whispered as he moved and closed his mouth over hers.

He interlocked their mouths, savoring her sweet taste and salty tears.

He licked her, lapped at her mouth with his fongue as he slowly settled over her, preparing to enter her.

Hermione moved her face away from him but he kept it on place – just like the rest of her unwilling body beneath him.

Her eyes were tightly shut as tears streamed down.

Her mouth helpless to his abuse as the rest of her body.

“Sssh.” Snape whispered kissing her and biting her lower lip. “Relax, just relax. It’s going to be over.. I’ll let you have a good sleep.” Snape assured her, closing his eyes and reveling in the feeling.

He gently settled, moving her legs far apart as they could as he slowly entered her still tight core.

Despite having her for an amount of time now, he felt that he hasn’t broken through all her barriers – that there were still areas and parts of her that was untouched and kept hidden away from him.

But he wanted her – all of her.

Despite and inspite of it all, he knew he wanted her.

He released her mouth as he gasped while he entered her.

Hermione cried out in protest and pain, her arms struggling on either side of her as he pinned them down by his own arms.

His elbows were settled on either side of her arms, ensuring she was locked in place with no chance of out or against him.

“Please.. please, no!” Hermione cried, shaking beneath him as she struggled.

“Sshh.. sweetheart, it’s going to be over soon.. ssshhh.. please..” Snape whispered as he moved in and out of her, inhaling deeply and closing his eyes every now and then at the warm sensation he gave her.

There was something beyond pleasure whenever he was inside her.

He moved slowly and gently at first but as always, he would get lost at the middle of it.

His movements became a bit more fast-paced and he rode her soon in a pace that was almost uncaring on his part if he was hurting her.

He could hear her cries of pain and pleas but he ignored all of it completely.

He closed his eyes, mouth half open as he rode her still, pacing fast, moving up and down and in and out of her, relishing at the pleasure he was having at that very moment and forgetting everything in between.

Snape gasp loudly as he released inside of her, shaking involuntarily as his body reached its climax as they collided together making the sounds of pleasure and pain indistinguishable.

They both cried out and he released her.

He heavily dropped back over her and Hermione struggled, pushing herself from him.

Snape moved over to the side with a heartbeat that was like in the race of time.

He could barely move his body, let alone open his eyes.

He could feel her struggle around the bed, blindly grabbing anything over the bed to cover herself as she cried out.

Her whimpers soon turned into full cries.

He could even swear that in between of those cries, he heard her call out the boy’s name.

He closed his eyes as he struggled over at the side of the bed.

He could feel the same pain beginning inside of him.

But not now, not yet – not until a few more seconds.

He moved around, grasping the bottle that was next to their bed.

Sighing heavily and forcing himself to move around and about, he took it and turned back to Hermione whose back was turned from him.

“Hermione.” Snape whispered moving her to face him.

She shook her head and moved out of his grasp.

He grabbed her arm painfully and forced her to face him.

“NO!” Hermione cried out at him. “Please – enough – I can’t-“ Hermione pleaded as he moved her arms away.

He grabbed his wand from the floor to threaten her.

Hermione’s eyes widned for a moment and she cried harder.

“Please.. no.. please.” Hermione begged him.

“You have to.” Snape forcedly said as he moved her to him. “Hold still.”

He forced her to face him, painfully grabbing her jaw towards him as he struggled at the same time to uncork the vial in his hand.

“NO! Please.. no.. pr-professor S-Snape..” Hermione cried out moving her head away from him.

“Come, shush.. Just drink this. It will put you to sleep.” Snape assured her, pressing her jawline harder so her mouth would open.

But Hermione wasn’t stupid.

Yes, maybe there was a hint of Sleeping Draught in it to help her sleep as in every time but she was also sure what it really was for.

Unwilling but without any choice, Hermione’s mouth involuntarily opened up a little and Snape forced it to open wider.

She cried out.

He tilted the vial and poured all of its contents into her mouth to the point that she was choking and coughing already.

But Hermione was a Gryffindor and she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

Snape’s eyes turned to slits as he realized that she wasn’t going to swallow.

He moved his hand from her jaw and held her head in one place while his other hand went to her nose and pinched it, closing it in so no air would pass.

Hermione cried, gasp, coughed and kicked her way against him.

Snape cursed and he moved his long leg over and around to stop her lregs from kicking and struggling against him.

He intertwined his leg around hers, locking them tightly in place to ensure no movements from her.

Hermione choked and coughed.

Soon, she gasped and was forced to swallow all the liquid that had been floating inside her mouth.

She gasped for air and she stopped struggling.

Snape let her go the moment he was sure that she had swallowed all the potion in her mouth.

Hermione’s wails drove him over the edge.

“Fuck.” Snape whispered closing his eyes as the pain inside him grew as well.

He turned from her, grabbing his fallen wand and  clutching himself tightly as he crawled and had to drag himself towards their bathroom.

He could still hear her echoing cries as he struggled with himself and closed the door behind him.

He sank back over the floor, resting his bare body against the door.

“Si-Silencio.” Snape gasped flicking his wand to block all the noise from the other side of the door.

She was driving him over the edge and they weren’t even halfway to their unwanted future.

He hated Narcissa but he hated himself more.

Because for all the lies he told her, all the lies he told and convinced himself he knew of one thing – he wanted her.

He loved her.

And he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her.










“Fleur, let’s go to bed.” Bill said taking hold of her around the waist and kissing her shoulder.

“Are we really sure he’s on our side?” Fleur skeptically asked.

They both stood by the doorway, staring quietly at Hermione and Draco who sat by the long couch next to the fireplace and were talking or rather whispering towards one another.

“She says he can be trusted. Then he can be.” Bill answered taking hold of her hand.

“I’m not sure about it.” Fleur said shaking her head. “I mean, alright ze helped her and all that – but-“

“You’re overthinking.” Bill said kissing her hand and pulling her into an embrace.

“I’m a woman.” Fleur said. “I know men.”

“Really?” Bill said with a smirk.

“I’m serious.” Fleur said looking up at him. “He’s not going to help her all the way if he doesn’t like her.”


A worry passed Bill’s eyes but he shook his head and kissed her over the forehead.

“You worry too much.” Bill whispered at her pulling her away from where Hermione and Draco might see them.


“Professor Lupin thinks that he can be trusted. Let’ trust his judgement then if you think that Hermione is very vulnerable and gullible at the moment.”

“You think about it.” Fleur said eyeing them one last time before walking with him to their bedroom. “He was a Death Eater – and a son of one.”


“Let’s not forget what he used to call her and despite all these conflicts, he’s still Snape’s godson.”

“I thought you trust Snape?” Bill asked her.

“I don’t trust him.” Fleur said and whispered something in French. “But we all really don’t know what happened in those ten years. Like you said, Hermione is vulnerable and gullible at the moment. We can never just trust anyone.”





“I’ll be alright here.” Hermione said as Draco took her mug of hot chocolate and placed it aside. “As long as I’m with Bill and Fleur.”

“You could stay at the manor.” Draco hopefully offered her. “We can continue looking what we’ve been looking for.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Hermione said staring away from him. “In any case, we don’t even know if there’s really anything in the manor that can help us.”

“There is.” Draco said taking hold of her hand. “I’m sure there I something. Please don’t lose hope.”

Hermione looked down at his hand covering hers.

Their eyes met.

Draco quickly withrew his hands from her and Hermione kept it a little away from him.

“I’m sorry.” Draco said. “I didn’t mean to.. I know you don’t like being-“

“It’s not like that.” Hermione said knowing what he was already thinking. “I just don’t want anyone thinking that there’s something..”

“There isn’t anything.” Draco said standing up from the couch and moving away from her. “You don’t have to tell me.”

Hermione looked up at him and could swear that she heard something like spite in his tone.


“I’m sorry.” Draco’s voice became gentle again. “We only have two days, Hermione.”

Hermione was silent.

Her eyes bored back into the burning hearth again.

“How is he?” she quietly asked after a while. “Does he know everything that’s going on out here?”

“I had to tell him.” Draco said walking towards the fireplace and standing before it. “He knows everything that is happening. He has to.”

“Has to?” Hermione quietly asked.

“If he wants to free you and if he wants to live, he would help us make it all easier.”

“I doubt he wants to live.” Hermione said in barely a whisper. “I know Severus. He would rather die alone.”

Draco didn’t say anything.

He knew the truth in that and didn’t want to acknowledge it.

It took a moment for Draco to realize that Hermione had been crying silently.

He worriedly turned back to her.

“Hermione.” Draco sighed moving to her and kneeling by the carpeted floor before her.

This time, he purposely took her hand into his and Hermione let him.

Her tears streamed gently down her face and she forced herself to not make any sound at all.

“Hermione.” Draco sighed taking hold of her hand with both of his.

It eased her surprisingly.

But it didn’t stop her from crying.

If any, Draco’s surprising presence and physical contact at that very moment comforted her beyond anything she’s felt in a very long time.

There was familiarity, comfort and distinguished peace in her when they were together.

“I love Severus.” Hermione quietly cried pressing his hands firmly and looking down at him with such shameful eyes.

“I know.” Draco whispered back holding her closer. “I know, Hermione.”

“But I also love Harry.” Hermione cried out.

Soon, Draco had gotten up from the carpeted floor and had taken back the spot over the couch next to her.

He pulled her closer to him and she rested herself against him.

Draco sighed heavily.

He wasn’t sure anymore of what to do and this moment was certainly not something he had ever imagined between the two of them in a million years.

He held her tight and she held his hands tightly into hers as if her life depended upon it.

Her face was then buried over his chest and she cried and cried it all out.

In her desperate and agonizing cry, Draco held her tightly, ensuring her even without words that he was there – that he was just there to hold her and make her feel secure and loved .


That was such a strong word in his thoughts towards her.

His eyes now burned with tears he was trying so hard to keep from falling.

He wasn’t going to figure out how he felt at that very moment.

That wasn’t important at the moment.

What was important was how he was going to save two lives at once.








“Are you suggesting we use Dark Magic, professor?”

He looked up at the blonde boy.

It was one of the few times he ever recalled the boy calling him by the title.

For as far back as he could remember, he never respected him in that way.

Perhaps, years did change the boy.

“Here.” Draco said. “It’s not very strong, don’t worry.”

He looked up s the boy placed a glass of whiskey before him.

He barely trusted the boy but there were very little people to trust these days.

Lupin nodded and took a sip from the brandy.

It tasted like heaven.

“One of the finest from father’s collection.”

“Worth a fortune, I’m sure.”

They smiled at one another.

It was two in the morning and the meeting had been completely unplanned.

But their days were numbered – or rather the days reaching to Hermione and Harry’s wedding day.

“Do you have any other suggestion?” he slowly asked the boy.

Draco sighed heavily and poured his glass full of the whiskey.

He took a large swig from the glass and settled it back down.

Thinking logically, there weren’t much options.

Thinking carelessly, it was the only option at the moment.

“We can get caught for it.” Draco slowly said.

“Only if it’s uncontrolled.” Lupin said. “Kingsley has given rules against all of these. There are bans, yes. But there are rules that may be bent.”

“Like?” he curiously asked him.

“There are certain casualties from the war and until today – aftermaths – of what were. And some are only curable with a hint of Dark Magic to undo what has been done with is.”

Draco was quiet.

He has heard of this theory before and has read a couple of books about these back a few years.

“What are we looking for?” Draco said. “And what does it have to be me?”

Lupin looked up at him, studying him carefully.

“We are looking for things that we know have been taken from us.”

“Memories?” Draco suggested causally.

He sat opposite him on the couch by the fireplace.

“You are not gullible nor ignorant.” Lupin said. “I’m quite sure you know the after effects of memories forcibly taken especially with a touch of Dark Magic.”

“How sure are you that Dark Magic has been involved in the first place?” Draco questioningly glared back at him.

Lupin stared at him but he was patient – he was his professor after all.

“An ordinary Obliviation charm would last long – yes and may even be quite permanent. However, if a touch of something else has been used upon casting it – there will be glimpses, broken flashes and memories that come back as if forcing itself out into the open.”

“Forcing to rewire the brain and its rightful memories back in place, yes?” Draco asked him.

The boy was quick.

No wonder that he always came second to Hermione in all of their classes.

“Yes.” Lupin said. “I had been wondering for quite some time now. And when you told me that something felt – seemed amiss from all of these – “

“When I told you about those dreams.. those memories I do not remember happening but felt so real..”

“Our theories may be right.” Lupin said. “But we can only find out if we undo it by the hint of the same charm used upon us.”

Draco was silent, seriously contemplating what was happening.

“Professor..” his tone was hesitant but they were already on the right track – he could feel it.


“If we are right..” Draco began. “If we are right with our theories.. are we.. will we find out who casted the Memory Charm on us?”

Lupin looked up at him.

The boy was obviously curious but it also looked like he already knew the answer to his question.

“It will depend on the memory we can undo and the strength of the spell casted.”

“And if we can find out?” Draco asked him.

There was obvious worry in his eyes and in his tone.

“Then we find out.” Lupin simply said slowly taking his wand out.

A slow glow appeared at the tip of it.

Draco was silent, his eyes over his ex-professor’s wand.

“I can only break enough barriers.” Draco said with a small nodded and he slowly took out his wand as well.

“You’re strong enough to do this.” Lupin said with a warm smile. “You’ve always been good with wand magic, Draco.”

He smiled back at him.

He has never appreciated this man before and right now, he seemed to be a parental comfort to be around with.

“Professor.. what we are about to find out..”

“Whatever we find out, we would keep to ourselves at the mean time.” Lupin assured him as he saw the worry over his face. “Only what we need, we would take out and make good use of.”

“Will you not judge me for what we may possibly discover?”

Lupin looked back at the boy.

Never had he seen much fear, worry or humiliation in the boy’s eyes.

He was truly sincere in changing his life for the better.

“Everyone deserves a chance, Draco.”

“I’m not quite sure of that.” Draco said with a forced smile.

Lupin knew he had just recalled his father.

“A last favor before we do this?” Draco asked him.

“What do you need me to do, Draco?” he gently asked back.

Draco stared at him, worry evident in his eyes.

“Whatever we uncover, promise me one thing, professor.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Obliviate me right after.” Draco quietly and seriously said.

Lupin’s eyes narrowed at his request.


“I need to forget.” Draco fearfully whispered. “I cannot help Hermione if I’m too weak- “


“I have… I have a feeling I know what we would find out.. but I cannot.. not yet at the moment.”

“I cannot do that.”

“Please.” Draco pleaded at him. “I need you to do this. I cannot stay out of focus.”

“Only what needs to be Obliviated, Draco. Nothing more, nothing less.”

He stared back at him in agreement.

“Don’t let me remember what it is she has done.” Draco heavily sighed. “Not now. Not yet.”


Draco looked away for a moment and then he drew out a small movement with his wand before pointing it over Lupin’s temple.

Before he could even speak or say something else, Draco accepted his silence as a promise and without another word, he muttered an incantation that was drawn out of Dark Magic.







“You have a visitor.”

Snape looked up from the darkened cell.

He was seated at the far back wall where the only illumination inside the room was from the ray of the moonlit from the small barred window.

Usually, he was taken out from the cell but tonight, he heard the incantation that opened up the gates of his cell.

He heard footsteps and shadows come closer.

“Mr. Potter, I can’t let you and leave you alone with him.” the Auror worriedly said.

“I’ll be fine.” Harry said. “You can take your short break now or you can wait outside. Either way, I can handle this.”


“I said, I can handle this.”

There was silence, and then Snape heard a pair of footsteps ebbed away.

He listened carefully.

After a moment, he heard footsteps and soon enough, Harry Potter came into view.

One look at the boy and he knew that he was drunk as hell.

He wondered how he managed to get himself in that state right at Azkaban.

He was in his Auror uniform and his wand was in his other hand.

He didn’t say anything, but his black eyes kept a close watch over his wand hand.

“Cozy here?” his voice quietly asked. “Lumos.”

Two balls of lit glowed from his wand and floated around them giving a clear view around the room.

“What do you want, Potter?” he asked him quietly.

He could see the intensity in the boy’s eyes and could tell the restrained emotions going through his mind.

He may be weak but one look to the boy’s vulnerable and open mind told him that he wasn’t in a good emotional and mental state.

Did Lupin and the rest of the Order knew of it?

Was Draco doing something about it because his condition was quite alarming by this stage.

“I ask you-“

You are in no position to ask any question.” Harry lashed out at him.

A glimmer of light was casted from his wand.

It vanished as soon as it had come.

Snape pursed his lips.

His magic was obviously too connected in his unstable emotions.

Harry waved his hand gently and a chair appeared by the wall.

Snape watched as he quietly moved towards it and sat in silence.

He just sat there for a few minutes, staring at him, closely watching him.

He wondered whether the boy would remain where he was without a word like some sort of insult to him or he would just decide to kill him any moment.

The suspense didn’t really bother him.

If any, he had expected this one way or another.

“Did you know I’m getting married in two days?” he slowly asked him.

Snape didn’t say anything.

“I asked you.”

“I know of it.”

“Ofcourse you know of it.” Harry said with sarcasm. “You and that blabber mouth. Sometimes I think Malfoy is some woman, you know. Couldn’t shut his mouth out.”

Snape remained still.

His eyes were focused upon Harry’s eyes and then consequently passes his gaze towars his wand.

He may be wandless, but he really wouldn’t let him kill him without being on his feet.

“Why are you here-“

“I said you have no right to ask questions!” Harry angrily yelled.

He pointed his wand at his side and blasted the wall off.

Something black and smitten appeared against it although it didn’t break due to its quality.

Snape was unmoved.

“I just want to see you before I marry Hermione.” Harry answered anyway. “That feeling.. of seeing you defeated.. of winning her out.”

“She’s not a prize to be won prize.”

“Not when you’re not the one winning her, right?” Harry asked him coldly. “Gods, how I despised your small talks in our classes before. Right. Let’s get to business and begin the lesson then.”

The pair of emerald eyes darkened.

The pair of black eyes widened.  



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