Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter Thirty One

The Truth 



Both Harry and Hermione looked up and saw a furious looking Snape staring at their direction at the corner of the classroom.

They had been asked to read on a few paragraphs on today’s lecture on Defense Against the Dark Arts and write their thoughts about the lecture.

However, Harry not been paying attention as he was busy running his hands over Hermione’s lap who was restraining herself from giggling as she wrote their supposedly ‘partner’ work.

“What?” Harry asked as he quickly sat up straight while Hermione tried her best to keep a passive face as she continued to write.

Snape slowly walked towards their corner in the room.

Nobody was paying attention anymore to the seatwork they were supposed to do.

For some reason, Snape was more than vindictive as he could still possibly be.

He already had the position he had always longed for this school year so it kept everyone questioning why he would act this way especially at the way he almost treats Draco as bad as everyone these days.

Draco Malfoy had always been the obvious favourite of the Potions Master and the sudden change of his special treatment to the boy this year was not only curious for many but also a questionable act.

What would change between the two of them?

“Yes?” Harry asked. “Professor?” he quickly added when Hermione kicked him under the table.

Snape stared at him, down to their work, at Hermione then back at him.

“I asked this to be a partner work. It seems only Miss Granger is working.”

“I’m doing my part too.”

“Really?” Snape silkily asked him as he stood closer their table. “And which is that?”

“I was-“

“He was reading through the paragraphs and pointing out the possible answers for our essay, professor.” Hermione said sitting straight and looking up at Snape.

He turned to the girl with glinting eyes.

“Pray tell, Mr. Potter.” Snape said folding his arms. “What have you read and possibly learned in regards to uses and possible cure for deeply embedded curses?”

Harry stared up at him without any answer inside his head.

He had read that – well, only the introduction.

 He had been too occupied gently running his hands over Hermione’s leg beneath her skirt.

He had totally lost track of what he was supposedly learning.

Harry opened his mouth to say something but Hermione quickly interrupted.

“Professor, I’m sorry, I might lose it from my head. I was wondering if you can explain to me the difference of this term to the one used on the deeply embedded curses and the possible relation and distance or length of time for they used on this one right here??

Hermione turned the book to Snape’s side so that he could read through it from where he stood.

The room was quiet.

Harry wasn’t blinking, mouth still half-open to defend and explain himself.

Hermione was waiting, expecting him to answer her inquiry.

Snape’s eyes glinted momentarily at Harry before slowly putting his attention back on the book and paragraph Hermione’s fingers were on.

He stared at her and down at the part she was pointing at.

He slowly took the book and Hermione watched intently as he quietly read, his lips moving through the paragraph she was pointing at.

He took the book from the table and lifted a few pages forward then pointed at an advance chapter and pointed at a paragraph.

“Sixteenth line, Miss Granger.” Snape said as he slowly returned the book back towards the table and slowly turned his attention to Harry.

“Thank you, professor.”

“Mr. Potter, I suggest you work more and listen more. I know you’re very excited at the party that professor Slughorn is about to have for his most ‘brilliant’ and ‘favoured’ students- perhaps too excited to have Miss Granger as your date that you couldn’t even keep your hands off her for a minute -“ his eyes settled on him with such hatred.

“I’m not really-“

“Studies first, before anything else. You wouldn’t know what you’ll surprisingly learn in this room that can possibly save yours and others’ life later, Mr. Potter.”

And with that, he slowly moved away from them with his eyes settled upon the paragraph that Hermione was reading through.






“What happened?” Snape said quickly entering the room and locking it behind him. “What’s the emergency? Are you not feeling well?”

Narcissa casted the Silencing Charm around the room and stared as Snape settled his things over the table in the small hotel room.

She sat quietly and watched him with narrowed eyes as he began to unpack a couple of potion bottles and ingredients.

She stood from the chair and dimmed the lights in the room – they couldn’t be too careful these days.

“How are you feeling?” Snape asked sharply turning to her and preparing his things.

“I’m fine.” Narcissa said. “I’ve felt a lot better since I’ve last seen you and since you’ve given those potions. I still have enough bottles.”

“What?” Snape asked halfway into preparing things to be brewed.

He stared at her with question in his eyes.

“But you said there’s an emergency.” Snape said. “You sent me the message, you said you do have to see me.”

“I needed to.” Narcissa quietly said. “And it is not about me but it is an emergency.”

Snape’s black eyes narrowed as he slowly lowered the objects in his hands.

He completely turned to her and stared at her worried expression.

“What’s going on?” he asked knowing the look she was giving him. “What’s happening, Narcissa?”

Narcissa looked up at him with such worry in her eyes.

He had not seen her this worried since she had asked him to watch over Draco in the year that the Dark Lord had asked him to kill Albus Dumbledore and he had to protect him with all that he could.

Narcissa looked reluctant as she backed away and slowly sat back on the edge of the bed.

Snape stared and waited but the silence between them was unnerving and making him feel sick.

“Narcissa.” Snape quietly said. “Cissy, what’s going on?”

Narcissa looked up at him with both fear and reluctance in her eyes.

“Severus, I’m not sure how I will tell you..”

“Just tell me.” Snape said. “What’s going on?”

Narcissa bit her lower lip which told him all the more that she was terribly and horribly worried about something.

“I’ve only seen you about a week ago, Cissy. And I’ve written you a note a few days ago and you said you’re feeling better. If you didn’t call me here because of your state then why did you?”

Narcissa didn’t answer.

Snape walked to her and knelt by her side, taking her hand gently into his.

“We talked that seeing one another is not a good idea and we’ll only do it if it is truly imperative.” Snape said emphasizing each word and making her feel even more uncomfortable.

“Severus.. I’m not..”

“You’ve called me for something. What is going on?” he asked the last words with emphasis on each of them.

Narcissa looked up at him with evident fear in her eyes now.

Snape took hold of her wrists.

“Cissy, what’s happening?” he asked her. “I cannot help you if you wouldn’t-“

“How is she?” Narcissa suddenly asked him. “How’s she doing?”

Snape blinked and stared at her. For a moment, his brain seemed to have stopped from working as he worked on what she was asking.

“Hermione?” he asked her evidently confused.

“Yes.” Narcissa answered. “How is she doing?”

“She’s.. she’s fine.” Snape answered her. “She’s.. She’s better since we’ve casted the enchantment on her. She’s trying and coping at the idea that she has.. that she needs to be isolated in such a very long time.”

Narcissa looked sideways and away from him.

Snape gripped her wrists tighter.

“What’s happening?” he asked suddenly alarmed. “What’s this got to do with her?”

Narcissa swallowed hard and stared at him.

“Severus, I don’t know.. we’ve.. I’ve..”

“What?” Snape asked slightly shaking her.

He was causing her panic but she needed to see that she was doing the same to him.

“Narcissa, if you don’t-“

“I’ve seen Bella the other day.” Narcissa said looking away again. “I’ve talked to Bella and there was.. she said something..”

“Something?” Snape asked definitely alarmed upon hearing Bellatrix being involved in this.

“Yes.” Narcissa nodded. “She mentioned something about.. about the curse..”

“The Urduja Curse?” Snape asked. “The one she fucking casted on her?”

“Not on her.” Narcissa corrected with slight anger in her tone. “It was meant for the boy-“

“The boy or the girl – it’s the same thing, Cissy. She casted it to harm them!”

Narcissa didn’t say anything.

She knew her sister and how evil she was but she was still her sister.

“I’m sorry.” Snape quickly said gently taking her hands into his. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

“It’s fine.” Narcissa muttered at her.

She heavily breathed and held his hands in hers.

“I think we might have a problem.” she slowly said. “I think you might have a problem..”

“Well isn’t that a surprise?” Snape sarcastically said with genuine anger in his voice.

Narcissa’s face softened at him. She looked like she was about to cry at him.

“Just tell me.” Snape said heavily breathing to accept whatever was coming for him to carry this time.

“The Urduja Curse is meant to.. to harm..” Narcissa slowly explained to him.

“Yes.” Snape agreed. “That’s the main point of the curse.”

“It’s meant to harm in a.. different manner but we’re able to… to sort of hold it back or seal it.”

“Yes.” Snape said. “Thanks to your blood. I will be grateful for that.”

Narcissa nodded as she looked away again.

“Severus, this isn’t going to be easy.”

“Nothing has ever been.”


Narcissa heavily breathed and held his hands tighter in hers.

She slowly looked up at him and held his gaze.

“What is it?” he slowly asked. “Tell me, Cissy.”

Narcissa nodded and a tear fell off her eyes.

“The Urduja Curse is meant to harm but since we’ve sealed it, it’s effects won’t come out as full as it should be.. however.. it will.. it will then destroy inside.”

“Destroy inside?” Snape repeated trying to comprehend what she was trying to tell him.

“Yes.” Narcissa said heavily breathing. “The curse is meant to harm, it’s nature is to harm. It’s most essential property is to harm.. but since we’ve sealed it, it will not do what it’s meant to do however.. it will do the reverse.”

“Do the reverse?” Snape repeated at her. “Do the reverse?”

“Yes.” Narcissa slowly said. “Not really reverse.. but something of the sort.”

They stared at one another for a moment before it dawned on Snape.

“Self-destruct.” Snape’s voice was suddenly filled with panic and fear. “It will self-destruct.”


“It will.. self-destruct.” Snape repeated over again. “It will kill her? It will kill Hermione?”

Narcissa looked reluctant but she nodded in admittance.

For a moment he only stared at her and then he let her hand go and backed away from her.

“But.. she can’t..” Snape muttered. “I’ve been taking good care of her so she I can bring her back. I promised to bring her back.”

“I know.” Narcissa answered. “Sweetheart, I know.. but.. “

“But what?” Snape asked her. “But what?”

Narcissa didn’t answer.

She moved herself away from him but Snape grasped her hand.

He rigidly held her and Narcissa turned pale.

“Tell me everything-“

“My arm, Severus-“

“She’s well, she’s been doing well – she’s actually been doing better and she’s-“

“Now she is.” Narcissa gravely said. “But not…not for long. The curse embedded in her will slowly harm her within.”

“But we’ve sealed it – we had-“

“It will slowly kill her inside, Severus.”

The words stabbed his insides gravely.

He held her tighter than ever.

Narcissa flinched in pain and actually entertained the thought that he was about to really hurt her.

“You can’t let her die!” Snape suddenly yelled at her. “I can’t let her die!”

“There is a way.” Narcissa slowly said with her back turned to him. “There is a way but it’s not.. it’s not something I want you to do.”

“Not something you want me to do?” Snape repeated with sarcasm and hatred.

He walked to her and faced her.

“Isn’t giving many things up, sacrificing many things and putting my life in the line for Dumbledore and the Dark Lord too much to bear already?” he angrily asked her. “Is there something else you think I cannot do?”

“Yes.” Narcissa said with anguish. “I won’t.. I’ve seen you and watched you burn your own soul in hell but I will not push it farther, Severus-“

“What is the way!” Snape angrily asked. “What’s the goddamn way, Narcissa!”

“You won’t do it.” Narcissa firmly said. “I wouldn’t let you.”

“Let me?” Snape asked her. “You wouldn’t – you couldn’t tell me what to and what not to do-“

“It’s too much already. I won’t let you put yourself in a way and in such a position that will place your-“

“I don’t give a damn anymore, Cissy.” Snape angrily said. “I don’t give a fucking damn any more just tell me how I save her life!”

Narcissa stared back at him with such hatred in her eyes – hatred for herself.

Snape waited for her answer. His eyes were begging her.

Narcissa looked away for a moment. Reluctant as she was, she looked back at Severus with shame all over her face.

“Please.” Snape said. “Tell me what should be done to save her life so I can bring her back.”

Narcissa heavily sighed.  

“Bella mentioned that the curse has been embedded and manipulated by the Dark Lord.”

Snape quietly listened as he watched her spill tears from her eyes and words from her mouth.

“I have created the properties of the enchantment.” Snape explained. “I have proposed the properties of the enchantment but the Dark Lord has enhanced it and manipulated it with his own magic.”

“He has created certain properties to it. Yes?”


“He created the property that will make his own Death Eaters immune to it, yes?”

“Yes.” Snape said. “But I don’t understand what you mean-“

“You’re a Death Eater. You are immune to it.”

“Yes.” Snape said. “Yes, I am immune to it.”


They exchanged glares.

Then Snape’s expression slowly changed.

He shook his head and backed away, quickly letting her go.

Narcissa took a step forward him and reached out for his arm but Snape moved himself away from her.  

“You are immune to the properties of the curse, Severus.” Narcissa slowly said. “Only you can save her but at a terrible price.”

Snape closed his eyes and took another step backward.

He could almost tell what was coming.

“We’ve sealed the curse. But it will self-destruct.”

“I won’t.. I can’t..”

“You wanted to know, now I’m telling you. This is the way to save her.”

“There must be..”

“You are immune to the curse. You’re immune for the characteristic of yours that the curse is created with.”

“My blood?” Snape slowly answered.

“Not just your blood.” Narcissa said. “Everything that you are.”

He did not say anything.

Narcissa reached out for him but he moved himself away from her soft fingers.

“Everything that I am?” he repeated with incredulous sarcasm.

“It is impossible to transfer your character as a Death Eater to her.. but it is possible to shield her, to protect her within by putting yourself within her.”

“You speak like this is some school project, Cissy.”

“You can protect her by being one with her. Seven years, Severus. You can slowly kill the curse inside of her by slowly transferring yourself, by creating and casting protection over hers by use of..”

“Stop it.” Snape said. “You’re lying to me. You’re.. Bellatrix is playing with you, with us.. with me.. She hates me and she-“

“She does not know of what has happened.” Narcissa pointed out. “She does not know that she is with you.”

“She.. I will kill her.. I will goddamn kill your sister.”

Narcissa gently cried at the anguish Snape released in front of him.

“The curse is deeply embedded. As slowly as it will decay inside of her by the sealing of the enchantment that we’ve made, it will self-destruct. But if you do as you should – transferring yourself, your essence and significance to her – you can slowly protect her, shield her as the curse dies inside of her.”

Snape was silent.

He didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t know what to do.

He wasn’t prepared for this part of what has to be done in order to keep Hermione alive and keep his promise of bringing back to them.

“I won’t do it.”

“It won’t be easy but you can. You already have feelings for her-“

Snape’s eyes flashed in anger and he angrily grabbed her by the wrists, painfully twisting them.


“You don’t- you don’t-“

“Let me go-“

“You don’t use that on me – you don’t tell me – not because I have feelings-“

“It is easier for you because you already feel for her-“

“Not because I have feelings for her it would mean that I’m more than willing to bed her!” Snape yelled throwing her back to the bed.


“She’s a child!” Snape angrily yelled. “She’s my student! And she’s not goddamn mine to begin with!”

“That doesn’t matter!” Narcissa angrily yelled back at him. “It will make her live – it will make her survive-“

“I’m not going –“

“You don’t have a choice! You don’t have a goddamn choice Severus! None of us ever had any goddamn choice!”

Snape didn’t say anything.

He wanted to hurt Narcissa for what her sister has done but he knew it wasn’t right.

In his frustration, he threw around a couple of the furniture in the small hotel room they’ve rented.

Narcissa didn’t say anything.

She cried silently but firmly sat on the bed and let him lash out his anger.

“Severus.” Narcissa whispered after a while as Snape took his travelling cloak and headed for the door.

“I’m not going to bed her.” Snape said firmly as he closed his cloak and stood by the door. “I would do a lot of things but not this, Cissy. I will find a way.”

“There is no way.”

“There will be a way.”

“If you don’t do this, you will kill her yourself. You will waste everything we’ve done.”

“I’m not going to do this. Ask me anything, anything else but not this. I can and will do anything and everything else but not this-“

“Severus you know this is the only way to save her – you know that – you must forget your conscience, your dignity and your morals--“

“And of my feelings?” Snape angrily asked her without facing her. “My feelings? Or Hermione’s?”

“She will understand. She understood and is overcoming what is coming to her already. This one, she will because you will be with her, you will guide her through and protect her –“

“I will not, I will never violate her.” Snape firmly said.

“This is the only way and deep down you know that.”


Snape’s fists clenched at his sides.

“I have to go.” Snape said. “Send me a message when you need new potions.”

“Severus, this will save her life. She is too beautiful, too brilliant and innocent of these wars. Don’t let her die.”

“It might have escaped your notice since you’ve lived a good and comfortable life all throughout, but sometimes, Cissy, you need to understand that enough is enough.”

And with that, he opened the door and walked out banging it behind him.







Hermione’s heart was pumping very fast.

She lay quietly over her bed, clutching the bread knife beneath her blanket.

Any moment now, Harry was to come in to bring her lunch.

It was her only chance and she desperately needed to take it.

She wasn’t going to hurt him, she just needed to buy enough time for her to escape.

She had been keenly observing his routine these past days and knew the time he was coming and how it were all going to be.

She only needed the right timing and the right way of doing things.

She wouldn’t hurt him, not really.

But she needed to get out of the house and get some help.

Harry was no longer the Harry she knew and she must get out of the house again – no matter what it would cost her.

Hermione’s thoughts were vaguely interrupted when she heard the door clicking open.

Harry slowly entered bearing a tray of food for her and a smile over his face.

“Roast beef and some mashed potatoes with herbs!” Harry happily announced as he entered the room.

Hermione didn’t move from her position.

 She waited for him to come closer.

Harry entered and walked closer to Hermione who was lying back on the bed with her back turned at him.

“Mione.” Harry said with melody in his voice. “Come sweetheart, you’ll like this. I especially learned this from Mrs. Weasley. You can tell by the way it smells how good it is.”

It did smell good and it did smell delectable.

Hermione remained still on the bed tightly clutching the bread knife.

She could hear Harry nearer her now, settling the tray by the bedside table and telling her to wake up for lunch.

“Mione, come on.” Harry said. “After you eat, I’ll bring here the new books I’ve bought you.”

She felt Harry finish with preparing the tray and settling himself at the end of the bed.

She felt his hand slowly settle over her lap, moving and nudging her gently to wake her up.

“Mione?” he whispered reaching for her.

Hermione swallowed hard and slowly turned, pretending to have woken up.

“Harry?” she asked slowly turning to him and nudging him to come closer.

Harry smiled meaningfully at her and slowly crept up the bed towards her.

Hermione slowly lay on her back, carefully keeping the bread knife hidden from sight.

Harry moved closer her and she opened herself up towards him to entice him.

“Mione?” he asked smiling at her and gently moving his hands between her thighs.

Hermione gave the smallest of moans she could and looked back at him.

She really did not want doing this but she did not have a choice.

“You alright?” he asked gently touching her.

Hermione nodded and smiled at him.

“I’m feeling better after some sleep.” Hermione said with a small smile.

Harry moved closer and without second thoughts, he moved his face to hers and kissed her.

Hermione opened her legs and let him settle between them and kissed him back.

“Tell you what.” Harry whispered. “Let’s eat together?” he asked her.

Hermione nodded at him.

“I could hardly eat with these.” Hermione whispered against his lips before gently kissing him there.

Harry sighed heavily and groaned at the effect she had on him.

He looked reluctant but with a whispered of a spell, Hermione quickly felt the chains break from her ankles and the wrist on her other hand freeing both hands and legs.

Hermione sighed heavily as Harry pushed her back on the bed and started groping her around.

She moaned and sighed as he hungrily kissed her, touching her in every part that he could possibly reach for.

“Mione..” Harry whispered against her neck, “Mione.. please.. let’s do this.. I really want you.. I’ve missed you so much..”

“Harry..” Hermione only whispered, controlling her movements and thoughts as she let him settle on her and lose himself.

“Please tell me you love me.” Harry desperately whispered nipping her neck. “Mione, tell me you won’t leave me.. tell me you love me.. I want to hear it please..”

Hermione tried to stop her tears from falling.

She couldn’t be emotional at that moment and she needed herself more than ever.

She let him touch her in all parts of her and she did the same to her as she tried to feel for his wand.

Her hand reached around, touching him and slowly creeping inside his clothes until her fingers passed through the wooden stick stuck behind his back.

He arched and kissed her again, taking her mouth deeply and almost savagely in his.

He bit her lower lip and kissed her, forcing open her mouth with his tongue.

Hermione moaned and tried to move closer to him as to reach his wand.

Soon enough, Harry was halfway undressing himself and her as well when Hermione was able to access the wand stuck behind his back at the inside of his pants.

“Come closer.” Hermione whispered against his ears as she licked him. “Closer and inside me.”

Harry groaned at the way her voice whispered against her ear and nibbled it for a moment.

He moved closer and pushed her back harder on the bed.

Harry had relaxed and had completely lost his control and placed his guard down.

He began to reach down, fretting to free himself off his belt and pants to free him and his very hard member when two things quickly happened at once.

He felt a sudden painful streak just right across his abdominal area and then Hermione grabbing something from behind him and pushing him back.

It was so fast that he was not able to defend himself nor clearly comprehend what had just happened.

But next thing he knew, he was on his back on the bed, flinching at a small slice of wound across his bare chest and Hermione holding a bread knife in her other hand and his wand at the other.

She was breathless as she held both things in her hands and struggled to climb down and backwards from the bed.

Harry stared at the small cut over his chest.

It wasn’t deep to harm him but it was enough to cause him slight pain and cause him to lose his control of his thoughts momentarily.

Hermione was pointed the wand over him as she backed away from the door.

He smiled and laughed at her fearful expression.

“Mione, what are you doing?” he asked as he lay back on the bed watching her.

“I’m sorry Harry but I can’t stay here.”

“And where are you going I wonder?” he asked slowly sitting up on the bed and flexing his bare arms.

Hermione sighed heavily as he looked back at her with that scary calm expression again.

“Don’t come closer.” Hermione said. “Don’t you dare come closer, Harry.”

“This is purely stupid, Mione.” Harry said. “Sweetheart, come on, give me my wand-“

“NO!” Hermione angrily said and some sparks shot out from the wand.

Harry’s eyes flashed in anger.

He moved closer to the edge of the bed and sat there watching her closely.

“You’re going to hurt me?” Harry asked. “You think you can hurt me?”

Hermione didn’t say anything as she backed away from him.

Harry slowly stood up from the bed, closely watching and completely intimidating her.

Hermione’s head spun not knowing what to do now.

He was positioned near the door so chances of going to the other side was quite a risk.

She was nearer the window but it was locked.

If she tries to open it with the wand, it would give Harry a momentary chance to hurt her or take the knife or wand from her.

Her mind spun as it tried to calculate which was more risky and which was likely to make her lose this.

It wasn’t a well-thought of plan but she had to take the chance.

“Yes?” Harry asked her. “You do know and realize that there is no way out, Mione?”

Harry smiled and extended his hand towards her.

“Come, Mione. This is stupid. Let’s have lunch and then we can talk about things-“

“We never talk about things!” Hermione angrily lashed out on him. “You’re just keeping me here! You’re just keeping me here! We never talk about things!

Harry only stared at her and her emotional state.

Hermione stared back at him, hearing her own words.

Something about what she had just said made an impact inside of her.

The feeling she had was pure anguish and hatred yet there was that mix of unexplainable déjà vu she felt.

Why was the feeling so scary and familiar at the same time?

“We talked about things.” Harry offered taking on step towards her. “We always talk, Hermione. You’re the one who didn’t want to talk about things. You’ve kept things from me.”

“Because you don’t understand!” Hermione screamed taking another step back. “You don’t understand what has happened-“

“What’s fucking happened is that he has taken you when he wasn’t supposed to! And your job was tell the truth at that goddamn court!”

“He’s innocent!” Hermioen screamed unsure of herself suddenly. “He’s – he has – “

“He’s kept you, Hermione. Ten years – ten long years of waiting for you, of looking for you – do you know how that felt?” Harry asked him. “Do you know how I felt in those long years?”

“He was – he was just – you don’t understand-“

“Yes, that’s what you keep telling me and telling everyone. Do you know how stupid that sounds and how frustrating it is Hermione?”

“Harry, please-“

“I’ve been goddamn trying to bring you justice and all you do is whine and whine and beg that I free the man that kidnapped you and kept you from all of us from all those years!”

Suddenly, the glass of the windows broke behind Hermione.

It was Harry’s magic again, spiraling out of control.

The glasses have been shattered but the grills were still there.

Hermione stared back at him.

“He kept me for a reason-“

“I no longer care what the reason is, Hermione. Soon, verdict will be given and he will rot at Azkaban and you will marry me and live your life with me-“

“You can’t make me marry you-“

“Why?” Harry asked. “Do you prefer marrying that bastard?”

Hermione shook her head and didn’t answer.

“Just let me go, Harry. This isn’t the right way.”

“I don’t fucking care anymore what’s right or wrong.”


“Why should I?” Harry asked with a cruel smile. “He didn’t goddamn care what was right or wrong, did he?”

“Harry, he only did what he did because the situation called for it-“

“He could have contacted us to tell us if he really wanted to bring you back, Hermione.”

Hermione didn’t say anything.

Suddenly, she couldn’t find words for that.

She knew he was right deep down.

If Snape wanted to bring her back, he would and could have told them.

But the implications and his explanations in their stay at the cottage before were so brutally true that she had agreed to everything he told her and asked her to do.

She had stayed with him without questioning his morals and decisions.

And now suddenly, Harry seemed to make sense above anyone else.  

Tears streaked down her cheeks as the reality seems to crash down on her in an endless downward spiral.

“What?” Harry asked her confidently and slowly walking towards her.

“Harry, please-“

“What, Hermione? I’m right, aren’t I?” he asked her slowly.

The scary look in his eyes were there again as Hermione stared back at him.

“Harry, don’t do –“

“No, you have to hear all of these Hermione. You don’t know how frustrating and desperate those years were.. you have no idea.. you don’t tell me these things – that I don’t have a right – that I should free him – that you should-“

“He was trying to save my life!” Hermione yelled at him. “He was trying to save yours!”

“He could have done all those things without making things so complicated!” Harry yelled back at her.

Hermione wanted to shut her ears and senses down as she backed away from him.

“He was trying to-“

“Save your life?” Harry asked sarcastically. “Save mine? I’ve heard all these – we’ve all heard of it, Hermione. But you see, the thing is that he could have done that but he could also have decided to do the right thing-“

“He only kept me – “

“He kept you because the circumstances favored him. Yes, at first his intentions might have been good and all that crap you believe in but those things changed, didn’t they?”


“His intentions changed when he saw and realized that he was actually enjoying your company-“


“You know he started changing when he realized that he actually enjoyed taking you and fucking you on his bloody bed-“

“Harry, please-“

“You know deep down I’m right.” Harry said advancing towards her. “You know that I am right, Hermione. But he did something, he has blinded you and your morals and-“


“He goddamn took you in to save you but he also saw that it was an opportunity to have you!” Harry suddenly yelled.

Another blast from the room and the mirror from the dresser broke into pieces.

They were both taken aback by it and the moment that Harry looked back at the mirror, Hermione quickly whipped the wand out.

“Bombarda!” she yelled at the grilled bars of the window.

Without thinking twice, she quickly turned her back and grabbed a chair to reach up towards the window.

She heard an angry yell and then felt a pair of hands grasp her around the wrist.

They both fell back towards the floor and the wand fell out of her hand and rolled out of sight.

Harry held and pinned her hard on the floor on her stomach and she struggled hard against him.

“You think you can get out – no, ‘Mione – I won’t let you – you can’t – you won’t – you’re to stay here-“

“Let me go!” Hermione screamed as she kicked him and moved against him. “Let me go, Harry!”

“I’m never letting you go, Hermione – you’re mine and you’re staying here-“

“Let me go!” Hermione screamed reaching to hit him hard.

 They struggled over the carpeted floor, Harry getting hurt as Hermione kicked herself free, reaching his face and scratching it scathingly while he tried to keep her down face forward on the floor.

Hermione took a deep breath and in one go, she did her best to move against him.

They had hit the end table by the bed and the tray crashed at the side of the floor, spilling the platter of food and pitcher of water on the floor.

Hermione reached out and fretted for the fallen empty tray.

Harry grabbed her by the back of her hair and kept her down, keeping her legs pinned over the floor with his arm and his other arm trying to reach to keep her unmoving.

Hermione screamed as he pulled her hair back in pain.

But in one swift movement, she was able to grab the tray and in one go, she plunged it right at the side of his face.

Harry screamed and felt dizzy for a moment as he fell back on the floor clutching the side of his face.

His visions blurred for a moment as the pain and shock stung him.

Hermione scrambled up to her feet and quickly pulled the chair back up and tried to climb on it again.

Harry struggled on the floor and despite his shaking form and blurry vision, he tried to reach for Hermione to stop her.

He was able to grab her ankle and pull her back on the floor with him.

Hermione kicked and kicked until she was able to free herself.

Harry dealt with the pain over his face as he watched in pain as Hermione climbed the chair again in another attempt.

This time, she was able to climb it up and reached for the window and climb out of the now broken grills.

“Hermione!” Harry yelled angrily standing from the floor. “Come back here! Come back here!” he angrily yelled.

He reached out as Hermione struggled to climb through the small gap of the window.

She had half her body out of the window and Harry was able to grasp her leg again.

He struggled and pulled back as hard as he could and Hermione screamed for help and kicked as hard as she could possibly.

She looked down around her and saw that if she managed to escape Harry’s clutch, she would be able to climb out of the roof but the jump she had to make right after would be risky and costly.

But she had to make a choice right then and there.

She looked behind her and saw Harry grasping her leg hard while his other hand clutched the side of his face.

“I’m sorry, Harry.” Hermione whispered and she kicked him as hard as she could one last time.

Harry accidentally let her leg go and as soon as he had done so, Hermione pushed herself as hard and as fast as she could out of the window.

She slid uncontrollably out of the window and fell back on the bricks of the roof.

Harry heard her scream in pain as she hit the hard bricks.

He moved and stared out of the window and at her moaning state by the roof.

He could see her struggle in pain and could barely move her leg as it looked like she had twisted her ankle at her attempt to escape through the small gap of the window.

“Fuck.” Harry whispered spitting the blood from his mouth.

Without thinking twice, he quickly move out of the window and ran out of the room to catch her down from the roof.

Hermione struggled and forced herself up from the bricks of the roof.

Her visions were slightly dazed but she crawled and struggled to look down.

The fall was higher than she thought but she had no choice.

She could hear Harry running out of the house towards their staircase to get out of the house before her.

And so without having second thoughts as well, Hermione painfully crawled towards the edge of the rooftop and closing her eyes with the hopes of falling back over the small thick grass ground, she moved herself and let herself roll back from the rooftop and down towards the ground.

She screamed in pain as she fell back on her stomach.

Her head spun in pain and the pain around her twisted ankle doubled.

But she was breathing meaning she was alive.

Hermione breathed heavily, forcing herself to stand up as she heard Harry reaching the staircase.

Dazed, confused and scared, Hermione was able to get up from the grassy ground and limped as hard and as fast as her legs could take her towards the lawn and the outskirts of their gate.

She heard Harry reached the landing of the stairs just as she had reached the boundary from their gates.

She looked back and saw Harry open the door of their house, eyes wide upon seeing her leave the ends of the grounds of their house.

Hermione tried to get up but her leg was too painful.

She cried and closed her eyes as she watched Harry run towards her with an angry stance and a bleeding form.

She shrank back in fear on the grounds as she slowly felt her visions blurring and pain completely overcoming her.

Her eyes slowly closed in as she heard Harry scream her name.

But she heard something else..

She heard the familiar sound of Apparation and before she could really see who it was or comprehend the situation, she felt a pair of hands grasp her and take her around the waist and then the familiar sensation of Disapparation pulling her into that incredulously dizzying feeling.

She last heard Harry’s angry yell and then saw a pair of familiar blue eyes before completely passing out. 

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