Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter Thirty Seven

48 Hours


Remus J. Lupin sat quietly by the witness’ stand after taking the oath of truth.

Draco had summoned the order of the court that will have – any – witness to take the stand and be questioned without being prepared for by any Ministry official or council.

It was a request usually granted only once in any trial case.

And usually, the side that summons it is the one in desperate plea for justice.


Hermione wasn’t sure how Snape felt at the moment but for sure, Draco had presented the idea to him or maybe he was the one who suggested it to Draco..

Furthermore, Hermione wondered how Harry was feeling at the moment.

No matter how pissed he may be, he had taken the court decision quietly and was only staring up at Lupin with that gaze in his eyes.

He was hoping that Lupin would be for his cause.

He trusted the man more than anyone else at the moment.

He knew that Lupin wouldn’t let him down no matter.

So why then, would Draco put Snape’s fate in Lupin’s hands?



Hermione glared but Harry’s face was quite passive.

He was showing no emotion no matter how surprised or pissed he may be.

Who wouldn’t be?

She was just as surprised as hell and couldn’t quite contain her gasp and her expression upon Draco’s statement.

It seemed that only Harry looked unaffected by this.

Was he this cold these days?

Did he somehow know?

But no, because if he did know, only Lupin would tell him.

And by the look at Lupin’s face as he was called forward, he was just as surprised as Hermione.

Only Snape and Draco knew then.


Hermione watched in silence like the rest of the people in the room as Draco stood before Lupin.

He was holding a few parchments in his hands and he nodded coherently at his old professor.

Hermione thought that he looked both brilliant and confident at the way he stood before the court.

He even looked like some handsome gentleman and very well-dressed in her opinion.

Draco Malfoy.

She couldn’t quite describe him properly.


“Mr. Remus John Lupin?” he asked with a small smile.

“Yes.” Lupin answered nodding at him. “That is me.”

“May we ask your relation to both the accused and the victim?” Draco politely asked.

“I knew them both from Hogwarts.” Lupin answered honestly. “Mr. Severus Snape was a schoolmate and colleague when I worked at the school years back. We also worked together as members of the Order of the Phoenix.” Lupin stated this fact and knew that it raised a couple of brows at the process.

Nobody trusted the man any more no matter his history of being part of the league that was supposed to destroy the Dark Lord.

Draco nodded and urged him to continue his statement.

“Miss Hermione Granger had been my student and was also a colleague when she became – although not legally due to their age at the time – part of the Order of The Phoenix.”

The room continued to listen in his statements that were both publicly known anyway.

“You had known Mr. Snape longer then?” he asked Lupin.

“Yes.” Lupin answered. “We went to Hogwarts as students on the same year. When I worked at Hogwarts years ago, he was already teaching a post at the school. He was the Potions Master while I took the Defense Against the Dark Arts post for a year.”

“And how was he as you’ve known him in both areas?” Draco asked slowly.

Lupin stared at him and wondered for a moment where this was going.

But going through it, there seemed to be nothing harmful he may give.

Up to that point anyway, he wasn’t sure if the information he’d be providing was for Snape’s or Harry’s cause.

“As a student, Severus was an intellectual and brilliant one. He was one of the best and top students of Hogwarts in our time. And so, he became what may be called a good teacher – a great teacher – for the post he had been assigned. Professional and is a brilliant man.”

“And how is this brilliant man to you?” Draco asked. “Your relationship with him? Are you friends? Professionals? Formal?”

Lupin’s eyes flickered at Draco.

Draco knew that they – or rather his friends – bullied Snape back at school.

“We weren’t really bestfriends at school.” Lupin explained. “But he was a quiet one who spent time with himself and never really bothered anyone. As a colleague, he was the same. He isn’t friendly as to what you supposed is normal. He is a man who keeps to himself. He isn’t the type of person who stays at the staffroom the whole day and talk by the fireplace with the other teachers. But that does not make him unkind in any way.”

“So he is kind?”

“In his own pace and terms.”

“How is this possible?”

Lupin stared and was unsure how to rely it in his own words.

But he couldn’t look at Harry for some reason.

“He wouldn’t harm anyone for the sake of it.” Lupin explained as he sat straighter on his chair. “He wasn’t the one to start as I’ve known him both at school and as a colleague. He was never really the one to raise wands first.”

There was silence in the room.

Lupin could see the way Harry was staring closely at him as if calculating, measuring each of his words.

“So you are not friends with him in both of those times you’ve known him but you can tell that he is neither unkind?”

“He is a professional person.” Lupin said. “He comes to terms when the reasons are there. He does and accomplishes the works or tasks asked of him within the span of time needed of him. He does not delay. He is responsible in aspects more than one. I may not know him deeply and personally, but he is a man of his word.”

There was silence around the room – a tension that was growing.

“Can you please emphasize an instance this is true?”

Lupin glared momentarily at Harry’s direction then at Hermione’s.

Both were giving him hopeful gazes.

“There was a time..” Lupin heavily breathed. “There was a time when the old headmaster Albus Dumbledore asked me to work at Hogwarts. I was reluctant to take the post because of.. health reasons.”

There were slight murmurs.

Everyone knows what those health reasons are.

Everyone knew of him and his secret thanks a few years back to the same person being accused in the court room.

“In exchange for me to work at Hogwarts, professor Albus Dumbledore made arrangements and terms I agreed. He had Severus – “ he motioned towards Snape – “create and provide my special needs accordingly. Snape agreed to these terms and sufficed what I needed to tend correctly to my health needs. It was Severus who provided and secured these needs by the headmaster’s request to him. Again, he is responsible to the work asked of him. He tends to these tasks no matter the consequences.”

Hermione remembered how Snape patiently brewed the Wolfbane Potion for him all those times despite of their history as students, despite of the post given to Lupin that he had been after for years.

“No matter the consequences?” Draco asked with a raised brow. “Can you emphasize or rephrase?”

“Severus and I were not bestfriends back at school.” Lupin said. “But you could hardly call us serious enemies. But..” he paused momentarily remembering the unfortunate days for which James and Sirius tortured the wits out of Snape just because they can.


“But there were those things at school.. “ Lupin said. He looked carefully at Draco as if personally talking to him. “Things and scars that never heal. And yet, he was true to his word – he was professional enough to suffice my needs despite – our history at school.”

Another silence.

It took a moment for Draco to ask him again.

It seemed like he was taking in everything that Lupin had just said.

“And Miss Granger?” Draco asked. “How was she as a student and as a person you know of?”

“Miss Hermione Granger was the only one top among her classes.  She excelled  beyond anyone I know of.. Efficient and responsible. She always exceeded expectations of the teachers.”

“And you have known her outside school?”

“Yes.” Lupin said. “We are in a closer knit circle – like that of a family – outside school.”

Everyone knew of Hermione and Lupin’s closeness to the Weasleys.

“Can you describe Miss Granger in your own words?” Draco asked.

“Brilliant. Loyal. Kind.” Lupin answered. “She is as docile and as responsible when needed to. She is kind and loving. She submits to where she should but she does have her brilliance that help her decide upon things.”

“Was she a good student?” he asked.

“She was brilliant and docile as I’ve described. She is more than a good student.”

“Exceeds expectations?”

“Exceeds expectations.” Lupin said. “She knew of my condition when I taught at Hogwarts and yet she trusted me and didn’t quickly judge me for what I was back then.”

Some people made a few reactions but Lupin only ignored them as he knew these were irrelevant at the moment.

“She trusted people easily?”

“She trusts whom she think she can and who think deserves it. Miss Granger is trusting. But she is also intelligent – very intelligent. She is not gullible.”

“And can you describe Mr. Snape in your own words?” Draco asked again.

“Brilliant. Responsible. Hardworking.”

“Are you telling us he is neither loyal nor kind?” Draco asked curiously.

Lupin’s eyes and position on the chair shifted towards Draco.

“I cannot tell precisely where his loyalty lies or what might have changed through time..” Lupin emphasized the last two words. “But I’m not saying that he is unkind. Like I said earlier, when asked to, he does things even if it is against his will because he is a professional. He is as hardworking and responsible as to what I’ve known him. He may not be called what is most akin to kind, but he does what he is asked of and he has his own temperament and ways of showing kindness.”

A long silence followed this statement.

Hermione still couldn’t read Harry’s expression.

Snape was also passive.

She could only try and read Draco but there wasn’t much to read from the boy’s features.

“And how was he towards his students?” Draco’s voice returned. “As a teacher to his students?”

“He was responsible.” Lupin said. “He may sometimes have questionable decisions upon taking off points from students at school, but he would never punish any student without clear nor valid reason as to why he is imposing the punishment.”

“So you’re saying he is kind towards his students?”

“I’m stating he is a good teacher and he knows all the responsibilities that come along with his title.”

Something flickered in Draco’s eyes.


“Yes.” Lupin answered him. “The ties that come along to being a teacher.”

“These are?”

“Tasks at hand. Teaching and guiding the students. Enlightening them in the right ways and paths. Ensuring a good future for them.”

“Ensuring a good future for them?”

“Yes, Mr. Defense Council.” Lupin said in a determined voice. “By teaching, guiding and protecting them and their minds from what is wrong or corrupt and securing them and their minds to what is right and good.”

“You believe as a teacher yourself you have attained all these qualities?”

“Yes.” Lupin answered indignantly. “No matter of my condition, I have accomplished all these things dutifully.”

“You believe that you were able to enlighten, secure and protect the mind and the students that you have taught within your time at Hogwarts?”


“You believe that you were responsible enough and has managed to attain the all the possible measures you could to ensure their safety within or outside school as a teacher of these students?”


“Would you do the same thing to and for them even if you’re no longer teaching at Hogwarts or even if you see these graduated students of yours?”

“Yes.” Lupin answered truthfully. “Once a teacher will always be a teacher to these students.”

“Is that so?” Draco asked almost mockingly.

Lupin’s face turned and a gleam in his eyes appeared.

He felt momentarily mocked by Draco.

“Many may take little of what we do for this profession but we have been sworn to teach, guide and protect them with all we can – past or present students of Hogwarts or any school thereof – no matter of their age and the time that has passed that we have taught them.”

“Then do you think as a teacher himself, Mr. Severus Snape has managed to attain all these standards, accomplish all responsibilities mentioned and has dutifully and fully complied to all the responsibilities sworn and taken under the profession stated above? Do you think he had been an efficient, responsible and accomplished teacher in all aspects there could be under his oath at this profession?”

“Yes.” Lupin answered without hesitation. “Yes, I believe he was.”

“Then given these statements, do you believe the possibility that all those ten years that he has taken Miss Hermione Granger in the Island of Beltane, he could be doing it – at his own terms, temperament and reasons – because he was trying to protect Miss Hermione Jean Granger from some sort of shaded mystery that still encompasses this case and not because he was some vile man who has merely chosen to abduct someone for his own cause and purposes?”

There was silence in the room.

“Do you believe that Miss Granger entrusted her life to her professor, Mr. Severus Snape?” he added the question.

They waited for Lupin’s answer.

Lupin was still as his eyes was directed at Draco’s.

He wanted to avoid Harry’s and Hermione’s.

He neither wanted to look at Snape’s form.

Draco stared at him, awaiting his answer with a nudging yet patient look over his face.

“Mr. Lupin? Should I repeat the question for you?” he gently asked knowing that the more he sounded patient and calm, the more Lupin panicked instead.

He couldn’t hurt Harry.

Nor could he hurt Hermione.

But he also couldn’t lie as he was under the oath.

“Mr. Lupin?” Draco’s voice came ringing before him. “Mr. Lupin, please answer the question.”

Lupin opened his mouth but no words came out.

He was clutching his hands before his knees under the table.

His heart was beating fast.

He knew there was only one answer to that.

“Mr. Remus Lupin?” Draco’s voice came again. “Please answer the question I have just asked. You have known the two of them for years and have stated your relationship to them and how close or distant you were with them. I asked you, by judging of how you knew the both of them – of how you described the two of them, especially the accused Mr. Severus Snape -  do you or do you not believe that Mr. Severus Snape might have just been protecting Ms. Hermione Granger all these years?”

Harry was staring closely at Lupin with all hopes inside of him at the edge already.

“Mr. Remus Lupin.” It was the voice of the eldest member of the Wizengamot. “Please answer the question of the Defense Council.”

Lupin was quiet and still.

He opened his mouth once but no words came out.

Draco slightly bent over a bit more so that he could visually close in.

“Professor Lupin?” he quietly asked thinking that he might respond if the call of his profession and title was called for.

Lupin blinked.

He looked at Draco with a fazed look over his face and then he nodded.

A serious look spread across his face after what seemed like an eternity for him to decide to answer.

“Yes.” Lupin finally answered. “Yes, I believe that Hermione trusted him.”

“And do you believe at the smallest of possibilities that the accused may have been protecting her all these years?”

Lupin heavily breathed.

But he closed his eyes and nodded.

“Yes.” he answered clear enough for the whole room to hear. “I do believe in that possibility that Severus might have been trying to protect Hermione from something all these years.”

Great tension mounted across the large court room hall.

The audience and the jury both looked scandalized.

Reactions were heard at every direction.

Lupin kept his eyes upon Draco and kept himself still despite the growing desire to flee from where he sat.

Even the Wizengamot stared down at Lupin in awe.

Hermione was at the verge of tears.

Snape’s eyes flickered momentarily up at Lupin then at Draco whose eyes were still down at Snape.

Harry’s gaze and form were unmoving from where he sat.

Draco sighed heavily and nodded.

He almost verbally thank Lupin right then and there.

He took two step backwards and a final direct gaze at Lupin’s eyes before looking up at the Wizengamot.

“I have no further question, your honorable Wizengamot and jury.”

Draco took his steps back and avoided Lupin’s or anyone else’s gaze this time.

Even Hermione’s.

Hermione stared at him and knew that he was trying to keep a passive face despite that the look in his eyes told her that he was smirking deep down.




He sat in silence back at his Defense Council chair and waited as the attendee stood up to make an announcement for a fifteen minute break before commencing once more whereas Hermione Granger was to take the witness stand again.

People started leaving the room for the court break.

Draco sat across the room and found Snape being taken out by the Aurors for the break.

But before leaving he could almost swear, as their eyes met, that he had seen the first ever glimmer of hope in his black eyes and a gratitude that he has never seen from him like ever before.







“He cares for me, he cares for me, he cares for me.” Hermione thought miserably as she lie on the large four-poster bed in Snape’s room.

Her whole boy was aching so hard from their previous encounter.

It was five in the morning and he had left her about an hour ago.

Snape said that he had to go somewhere very important at that hour.

She couldn’t do anything about it as she could barely move her legs then.

Her southern part hurt so much to what he has done to her and her legs were barely able to move an inch from the pretzel-like position Snape had taken her in.

He took her like there was no tomorrow.

He took her for hours.

He took her the whole night giving up only when he realized that she needed to rest from his monstrous advances.

The days and the weeks had gone on.

It has been months since their first time in bed together.

It had been a very awkward time from the week it has happened and the next and so on.

But sooner or later, the caresses at the couches, the goodnight kisses and the touching of the hands became more regular.

Before either of them could really call it anything, they had been taking time with one another on a nightly – or rather – regular basis.

Hermione tried her best to remind herself that she was sane and that this was particularly normal especially she had no one to turn to and Snape – well, he has his needs as a man.

Was it wrong to want to be with him?

It felt so good to be in his arms.

She felt so safe in his tender caresses and gentle touches.

She felt very much loved and take care of in his loving kisses.

Was it wrong to feel this way towards him?

Was she betraying her relationship with Harry?

Harry felt like a lifetime ago.


How was Harry?

How was the others?

The Order of the Phoenix? The Aurors? Her friends?

What has become of all these people?

Snape barely brought her home any news about them and she was having doubts whether he was going to keep his word about telling her about the outside world should there be anything she should be concerned about.

She was worried.

She was dead worried but there was absolutely nothing she could do about their situation.

She wasn’t allowed to go out and there was a chance of endangering herself and the others if she would do so.

She couldn’t do anything about it – she was as helpless as helpless could be.

But Snape kept her and took care of her.

He tended to her needs – food, clothes and even the luxury of books at this pressing times.

He made sure that she was safe and had everything she would need or want in that cottage.

She even felt guilty upon the idea that she was living this luxurious life while out there – people she loves – might be losing their lives because of the battle.

‘You need to be protected and taken good care of. That was what I promised the headmaster – to protect anyone I could no matter the cause. I am protecting you for your safety – so you can go back to that boy.’

Those were his words.

His words that he had promised her.

Has he forgotten?

Most importantly, has she forgotten?

Did it make sense that she still wanted to go back to her loved ones – to Harry – and yet here she was, guilty as hell because she was enjoying her time beneath Snape’s tender touches and caresses?

It was a salacious situation.

She knew it wasn’t right for her to submit or rather to even desire Snape in the first place.

He was her professor and he was her protector.

And what was she doing exactly?

Harry was waiting for her – he was fighting and possibly dying in a battle for her – and what was she doing exactly?

But Snape.

He felt so right.

He felt so good.

He tasted good against her.

He showed her his reluctance to her gestures and earlier advances.

He tried to avoid her – he tried his best to avoid her.

She was the one to be blamed in their present situation.

He was just supposed to protect her and that was it.

She had brought them down into this awkward situation.

Why didn’t she keep her mouth shut or why did she have to give in to her luscious taste?

It was a crush before perhaps.

Some innocent, intellectual teacher-crush she had on him and his intelligence.

How could she take it very seriously and pull him to hell with her?

What was she going to do now?

She felt so devastated that she knew she deserved the casted pain upon her.

“Harry..” Hermione cried turning to the other side of the bed – the side that did not smell of Snape’s mint-like scent.

She curled into a ball, fisting the blankets and shoving it into her mouth to keep from hearing her howls and cries of despair and pain.

“Harry..” she miserably thought, desperately wishing that where he was at that moment – he would still remember her.

“I’m here.” Hermione cried and cried. “I’m still alive.. I’m still here..”






“He can’t get in here.” Draco’s voice came as he poured tea onto a cup for Lupin. “This is a witness’ room. He won’t be able to get to you here and punch you.”

Lupin gave a small smile showing he wasn’t entirely worried even if Harry did get inside the room.

He wasn’t sure what to tell Harry once the trial today was over.

He had no choice – he had to tell the truth – he was under an oath.

And even if he wasn’t under an oath, he was a righteous man and he would be honest with the questions asked of him.

“Here.” Draco said handing it over. “Professor.”

Lupin looked up at the title he added for him.

He never really called him ‘professor’ – no, Draco had little respect for his kind.

But today, he called him that twice already.

He wondered if the boy has really changed and if he has, Hermione was then safe in his custody while the case was being sorted out.

“Where’s Hermione?” he asked taking the cup and taking a sip.

“At the other room.” Draco answered. “She has a separate room from the rest.”

Lupin nodded.

“Will I be able to see her?” Lupin asked him.

“Yes ofcourse. But I think that would be after the trial. We only have ten minutes left.”

“She prefers to be alone?” he asked him.

Draco shook his head.

“She asked me to go here and see if you are alright.”

“I see.”

There was silence between them.

“Potter will not be pleased.” Draco said. “But I am glad for your honesty.”

“I never thought you would summon that order.” Lupin said kindly. “I think this is this bad more than we thought, right?”

Draco nodded at him.

“I am no longer sure what to do. I know that Snape has his reasons and his rights but I know he has done wrong. But I also understand Potter.” Draco explained as he sat at the couch opposite him.

Lupin looked up at him at his admittance that he was aware of Snape’s wrongdoings.

“I understand where Potter is coming from. That’s why I needed someone honest and just.” Draco said. “I no longer know what to do and how to give justice to the both of them.”

Lupin only nodded at him.

“I am sorry to have you to be the one I summon for the request. I thought you were the right man to take that stand today because you’ve always been righteous and just. Like you’ve always taught us.”

“Us?” Lupin repeated.

Draco smirked at him.

“You were also my teacher. I was your student at my third year, were you not?” Draco smiled at him.

Lupin nodded at him and patted him on the shoulder as he stood up.

“I should return to the room.” Lupin smiled at him and extended his hand. “Thank you, Draco. I hope that this case is solved soon.”

“I hope the same thing too.” Draco said. “I’m sorry that Hermione wouldn’t want to go back with any of you at the moment.”

“She’s safe.” Lupin said. “I know she’s safe with you.”

“How do you know that?” Draco asked with another smirk.

Lupin smirked and nodded as he headed for the door.

He waved his hand and gave a gentle smile as he opened the door for himself.

Draco stared as smiled as he turned back at him.

“I just know.” Lupin replied. “You were my student when you were third year at Hogwarts, were you not?”

And with that, Lupin nodded and left Draco in the room with his wits and thoughts and stress at the commencement of the trial.

Hermione was to take the stand again.

Both the attendee and himself would be questioning her and he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to question her any further.




“A penny for your thoughts?” came a sweet voice.

Snape turned around and found Hermione entering his work station.

She wasn’t usually allowed there but from time to time, he did allow it.

“It’s nothing.” Snape said as he waved his wand to clear the table off the litter of the potion he had made a few days ago.

The potion for which he would no longer have the need to create ever again.

“What do you want?” Hermione asked coyly.

It was half past eleven in the evening.

She was wearing his crisp white long-sleeved that he usually wore when going downtown to sell a couple of his creations.

“Noting.” Snape mindlessly answered as he continued to clear the table. “There’s nothing.”

He wasn’t sure what he wanted.

Nope, unsure of what he would be doing with the rough estimate of seventy thousand galleons that Narcissa Black Malfoy had just left him a few days ago.

A few days ago, she had blessed him with something extravagant and great to fund their needs.

Three days ago, Narcissa passed away.

The lady of Malfoy Manor.. forever gone.

He wasn’t sure how he was going to deal with that reality.

The only true friend he has ever had was gone now.

There was nothing he could do.

Her time has arrived and she was taken severely yet quietly by her illness.

He couldn’t save her.

None of his brilliance and prodigious skills in potion-making could save her life.

It was bound to happen and it did happen.

Now he was left with the thought of her and her memory only.

There was nobody for him anymore.

Gone was the only remaining being who knew of his whereabouts – of their whereabouts.

Would he survive without her emotional and moral help for him?

Yes, she had the gratitude to leave him an amount of money – something more than enough for him and Hermione to endure the years and enjoy.

But that wasn’t enough.

He had lost a friend – a dear and beloved friend.

The only one friend he has ever had in the most difficult time of his life.

“Darling, is everything alright?” Hermione asked walking beside him and watching him closely.

She has noticed the water that was swimming at the lids of his eyes.

She touched the back of his hands that were clearing away a couple of empty jars.

Snape didn’t halt his movements.

He tried to ignore her.

But Hermione was always insistent when she wanted his attention.

She gently touched him and when her hands weren’t enough, she moved to the side and placed herself closer and closer him.

Snape sighed heavily and placed down any objects within his reach.

He looked down at Hermione’s vanilla-scented figure and curious eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him gently placing her hands over his chest and pushing her body against him.

“Nothing.” Snape passively answered.

Hermione looked up at him knowing he was lying.

“If you can’t tell me then will you let me ease your stress?” she softly asked as she traced her fingers along his chin and the side of his neck.

Hermione made him look at her despite that he was obviously avoiding her gaze.

His eyes were filled with sadness that she has never seen from him before.

Her eyes narrowed at him.

“Severus, what’s wrong?” she asked with evident seriousness in her tone.

Something was terribly wrong and she could sense it.


“It’s nothing, Hermione.” Snape said slowly taking hold of her hand and moving away from her.

It was the first time she read that kind of mournful look over his face.

It was also the first time he didn’t show any sort of physical interest or contact towards her.

She wondered if she’s said anything offensive recently.

She shook her brain trying to recall everything she might have mentioned in the past 48 hours that might have offended him.

No, she didn’t mention anything about her freedom nor about going out.

She didn’t ask about the Order of the Phoenix.

Neither did she mention anything about Harry.

All these thoughts were well-kept inside her head.

So why was he feeling and looking so upset?

“Severus, if there’s something wrong you can tell me.” Hermione said as she placed herself behind him.

Snape stopped moving as he felt Hermione’s hands wrapped warmly around his waist from behind.

The feeling of her trying to comfort him was working.

He was easing up in the heaviness he was feeling.

If only she knew what was really going on.

He suddenly felt her face crawling up towards him.

They faced one another.

He couldn’t hide the pain in his eyes and the fear in them now that he knows that he was very much alone.

“Severus?” Hermione asked, eyes and face evidently and genuinely worried of him.

He felt more guilty at the sight of her.

She worried over him despite their living condition for the years that has been.

He deserved hell more than ever.

Her warm and soft hands slowly closed in over him where she rested them on either side of his pale cheeks.

He refused to look at her but she kept his face still.

“Severus?” her voice was gentle and loving.

She has always been loving.

She has kept her kindness and loving attributes despite everything that has happened between them.

And despite all he has done that has scarred and marred her, she remained beautiful and innocent.

How could he ruin all of that?

What kind of monster he was to ruin everything that was beautiful in that brilliant little child?

Suddenly, he burst info full tears.

He couldn’t help it.

His eyes filled with tears and all emotion overcame him.

Hermione caught him in her arms and let him cru down over her shoulders.

She might not have understood what was going on but she surely embraced him and caressed him in her arms in a very comforting way.

Hermione was perplexed.

Never, never she has seen this man cry ever before.

She knew his history – or atleast what he has let on to her – and knew how heavy it was already for him.

She also knew the drastic fate they both had to live within the past years whether they wanted it or not.

She knew how he was also suffering in his own ways and the burden of having her and the responsibility he has over her.

Life might have been unfair to her but it was nowhere near the pain and the suffering this man has ever endured compared to hers.

“I’m here.” Hermione whispered placing her arms tight around him as he quietly cried over her. “I’m here, Severus. I won’t ever leave you.”

She wasn’t sure what made her say those words but something about in her presence she knew and felt comforted Severus.

It might have been only a couple of years but she felt she already knew and loved the depths of him – of this man who has protected and cared for her for so long.

She wasn’t sure until when they were going to be like this and how things were going to be and where it would lead them to but she was sure of one thing – they had and would have in the coming years – only one another.





“You alright?” Lupin asked Harry.

He observed the boy who has not slept for the past 48 hours.

The boy had not slept and yet his body seemed to know that it should not and would not want to give him any sort of rest.

His eyes bore circles and he seemed to have little desire to let go of the map in his hands.

It was the complete map of the island that they were going to go to in T-minus twelve hours.

Order of the Phoenix members and Aurors alike were at the ready and awaiting signals.

They were going to fly through the whole island from different locations to ensure the security and that there would be no escape route for Snape should things come down to that point.

Lupin stared at Harry and at how armed and ready he was.

He has never seen him that way in any Auror mission.

He has never look so armed and ready to murder someone.

“Harry our orders are defense and rescue.” Lupin reminded him as he stared down at the map before Harry rolled it and secured it in inside his cloak.

He didn’t answer him.

He took out his wand and pointed it towards a small spot in his office where he practiced spells.

A hole was at the corner most part.

He shot a few spells towards it and it consistently hit the perfect same spot.

He had years of practice of what he was going to do towards anyone he finds out that would be the cause of Hermione’s disappearance.

“Yeah. Sure.” Harry only muttered without giving meaning to his words.

Lupin worried at the look of him.

Despite being his guardian for years, he knew there were parts of Harry that had become slightly or more so different the day that Hermione disappeared.

Lupin hoped that if they successfully rescue Hermione that day, the Harry he knew would return.

He quietly watched and listened as he gave a few more instructions to the Aurors coming to their team and the entrances that they would be securing.

Lupin walked behind Harry as they left his office and walked down the half of the Ministry of Magic.

People were staring.

A secret mission of the Aurors that was led by Harry Potter was surely something big.

The Chosen One was only taken or led into missions if they involved things that were of big causes.

As they left, Lupin gently placed his hand over Harry’s shoulder.

Harry turned to him with a focused and determined look over his face.

“Harry.” Lupin gently spoke. “We will find her and rescue her.”

“Ofcourse we will.” Harry said with a curt nod.

Something in his face and eyes were different.

“Harry, whatever happens or whatever we find out there – the law would still apply. Do you understand that?”

“Yes.” Harry said although he didn’t look interested at his words.

“Harry, there is law that will protect her and will give justice to whatever it was that might have happened.”

“I know the laws.” Harry said. “I’m Head Auror.”

Lupin looked slightly displeased and worried at the same time.

“I need to remind you.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” Harry agitatedly replied to him.

“Harry.” Lupin sighed heavily. “Remember that the mission is ‘defense and rescue’ – please don’t do anything that is beyond their orders.”

“Their orders?” Harry repeated with a disgusted look over his face. “Whose orders? This is rescue mission for Hermione.”

“I know that.”

“I will do anything – whatever it takes – to rescue her-“


“There will be no law today to give way to justice.” Harry said as he gently removed Lupin’s arm over him.

The look of worry grew over Lupin’s face.


“And today, I lead this mission.” Harry straightened himself up. “And that would mean that orders are all mine.”

And with that, Harry turned and stalked away ahead of them leaving the other Aurors perplexed at the exchanged that has taken place from two people whom they knew were more than student and mentor but that of ones who had a relationship like a father-and-son.



“Silence!” angrily said one of the members of the Wizengamot.

The people in the trial courthouse were unstoppable from making certain verbal reactions.

It has only been fifteen minutes since Hermione sat on the witness’ chair and only two questioned have been vouched out towards her.

“Miss Granger.” the attendee continue turning to her as the voice of the people slowly died down.

Hermione looked up at him with hatred in her eyes.

If only she had her wand with her.

If only she had the chance to kill it was this attendee whom she was going to go first.

He had been most detested since day one.

It seemed like he had some personal propaganda against Snape.

He had been asking not the right questions but the questions that will lead to Snape’s doom.

It was like he was made and created to be Snape’s downfall and destruction.

Hermione had tried to keep her face passive.

She wanted to lie, she almost wanted to lie.

Her answers were not giving Snape the upperhand in the situation.

She was under an oath – a magical oath and bond – that has been created to ensure that nobody lies in the Wizengamot’s trial.

It was an enchantment created a few years back when trials after trials of the Dark Lord’s supporters were being held to know who had been acting under the Imperius or under their own decisions.



“What are those?” Harry asked kissing the side of Hermione’s cheek as he embraced her from behind.

“Just some random notes.” Hermione happily answered looking up at him.

Harry smiled and took her mouth to his.

Hermione breathed deeply as Harry passionately kissed her, his hands slowing down around her waist.

“Stop.” Hermione muttered. “We’re at the library.” Hermione said pushing him gently off her.

Harry smiled and let her go.

He gently sat next to her as he took the notebook.

“Why is my name here?” Harry asked her. “And why does it say ‘Auror Potter’ over the top corner?”

Hermione blushed at him.

She reached out for the notebook and but Harry punched her cheek and moved it out of her reach.

“You’ve got some explaining to do, Miss Granger.” Harry said with a smile.

He handed her the notebook back.

“How was Quidditch practice match?” she asked him pulling out a few sandwiches from her bag.

Harry hungrily took them and nodded at her.

“Same. Malfoy’s not there though.” Harry said as he gobbled half of the first sandwich.

“Malfoy? Since when did he not attend those?” Hermione asked with eyes narrowed.

Harry only shook his head.

“Malfoy’s been not himself lately.” Harry said. “I mean, we’re not close but I know there’s something wrong with him.”

“Like what?”

“Like he’s plotting something evil.”

“He’s always been plotting something evil.” Hermione lashed.

“No.” Harry said finishing the first sandwich. “I feel it’s different. There’s something about his father last time being taken to Azkaban that seemed to have changed him.”

“Did we not hear rumors he’s joined him?” Hermione said with a serious note over her face.

Harry coherently nodded.

“Yeah.” Harry said. “And I really don’t want to talk about that right now.”

Hermione nodded and watch him gobble down the next two sandwiches on the table.

“We should hurry in the Gryffindor Common Room after you eat. Curfew’s up and I really don’t want to be caught especially by professor Snape.”

“Yeah. He seems a bit more evil these days.” Harry said. “Perhaps he realized that DADA isn’t an easy subject to teach.” Harry said as he took the notebook again.

He read it through as Hermione started packing her things.

“So I’m Auror Potter and these are laws I’m supposed to implement?” Harry asked. “Shouldn’t it say Minister Potter instead?” he giggled.

Hermione gave him a dark look for a moment.

“I’m only joking.”

“No. You’re not that corrupt to earn that title.” Hermione said taking the notebook back.

“Then what are those?”

“Laws and things you may suggest should you be head Auror someday. You are aiming for that, are you not?”

“Yes.” Harry said. “If I do get good grades from DADA this year.”

Hermione could tell the bitterness in his voice.

“Snape wouldn’t tamper you grades. Everyone knows how good you are at the subject since our first year. People would question him if he does anything to destroy that good record of yours.”

“Yeah, but it’s Snape.”

“He wouldn’t do anything that he knows Dumbledore would question his loyalty.”

“Yeah. Since when did he ever really care about loyalties?” Harry lashed back.

Hermione sighed heavily and closed her notebook.

“I still believe that he’s a good person. Dumbledore trusts him so should you.”

Harry only waved his hand up in the air.

“So what are these random laws or things I should suggest?” Harry said interested at her notes again.

“You being fair in a lot of people. Once you’ve got power and position, I’m sure you can inspire the Ministry of Magic and suggest these.”

“Laws to protect all creatures including house-elves?” Harry began recalling what he’s read from the notebook.

“Laws that still give protection and educational rights even to those orphans and for them to be given right budgets and opportunities.”

“I think we both know there will be a lot of that after the war. I’m only thinking ahead and being realistic.”

“Laws that will require everyone at the future trials to submit to an enchanted oath?” Harry asked with a raised brow.

Hermione looked up at him.


“I’m only thinking ahead.” Hermione said.

“But that’s a big one. I don’t think I can influence that much.”

“Remember before when people didn’t know who were lying and who were just under the Imperius Curse?” Hermione asked. “This will help sort out who’s telling the truth and lying therefore justice may be served accordingly.”

“You’re all about justice, are you not?” Harry asked her as she finished packing her things.

“Yes.” Hermione answered as he took her bag from her to carry it.

“I want to give justice to those who had been terribly abused and hurt by this war – the past and the present or whatever is to come.”

“You can’t save everyone, Hermione.” Harry said. “Lupin taught me that.”

“But we can try.” Hermione said as she smiled at him and held his hand leading him out of the library. “We can try. Can’t we?”



“I can!” Hermione angrily yelled at the attendee. “I can tell you that I am telling the truth here!”

“Miss Granger, restrain yourself, if you please.” The attendee said although he looked triumphant at the sight of Hermione’s panicked-stricken face.

“All those years with nobody else to be witness and you outright tell the whole room – the Wizengamot – the Wizarding World - that this man has protected you?”

“Because he goddamn did!” Hermione angrily screamed standing up.

“Then produce your witness!” the attendee loudly said. “Produce a witness other than yourself, Miss Granger!”

Hermione’s whole body was shaking in anger and frustration.

Ofcourse she couldn’t produce a witness.

There was no witness whatsoever to all of it.

There was no one else who could prove everything she says, therefore everything that was said otherwise will be called to be the truth since those were the ones that had evident truth in them.

“No witness?” the attendee asked her. “No witness? No evidences? Any evidences to these truth you so call, Miss Granger?”

Hermione was shaking.

Her eyes at the verge of tears.

There was no one to protect her and she knew that even if Draco wanted to, he couldn’t.

He was supposedly protecting Snape, not her.

Even if he wanted to.

“Any evidence Miss Granger – an object, any memory – anything – that may prove these truth you keep on stating?”

The attendee looked as evil and triumphant as he could be.

Hermione didn’t know what to say.

She glanced sideways and saw that harry was staring apprehensively at her.

Snape was quiet at the corner.

He knew that there was nothing she could produce.

“I haven’t got..” Hermione murmured. “I haven’t..”

“What is that?” the attendee asked although he heard clearly. “What is that, Miss Granger?”

“I haven’t.. got.. any..”

“Please make your statement with the consideration of letting the whole room hear you, Miss Granger.”

“I haven’t got any.. “ Hermione began crying now. “Any physical… evidence.. or any sort..”

“You have no physical evidence of any sort!” the attendee repeated with a dramatic flair.

The jury and the Wizengamot stared at Hermione as if they were just wasting time on her.

“But I’m telling the truth!” Hermione pleaded. “Why can’t my word be of justice – I was the one there – I witnessed everything!”

“Exactly the point, Miss Granger.” the attendee said. “There is no one else to prove you’re telling the truth. How do we know you weren’t enchanted? That your memory has not been tampered with?”

“You’ve taken tests on me!”

“Tests that are questionable due to this man’s skills and history of exploiting his victims!”

“He’s a goddamn innocent man!” Hermione screamed pointing at Snape’s direction. “He’s a goddamn innocent man!”

“Says who!” the attendee screamed back at her as he lost his patience. “Says who, Miss Granger?! You say so! You say so?!”

“I am telling-“

“You say so! You, a woman who may be enchanted and tampered with all those years-“

“I am telling the truth!”

“But you cannot produce any evidence – not a thing, not a person – nothing Miss Granger – nothing but your empty words!”

“They are not empty words!”

“They are for you have nothing and no one to support these words of yours!”

“I am truth!”

“You are a victim!” the attendee screamed. “A victim of a murderer, a rapist – a Death Eater!”

“He isn’t what you accuse him of-“

“Then goddamn produce an evidence!” the attendee screamed at her banging his fist on her table.

His eyes flared with hatred that was beyond Hermione’s understanding.

She feared the look in his eyes.

It was as if he knew there was no escape from this.

It was as if he knew everything about Snape was spelled out to be death.

“Produce a goddamn evidence, Miss Granger so that you may prove the innocence of this man!”

Hermione couldn’t say anything anymore.

Tears leaked from her eyes and the Wizengamot stared at her break down.

“Order in this court.” the Wizengamot head stood up and stared down at Hermione’s crying form.

The whole room was silent except for Hermione’s struggled sobs.

“Miss Granger I think this whole court house has heard enough from you and your whims.”

Hermione ignored the Wizengamot member who spoke but slowly looked up at the old and head of the Wizengamot.

She knew how patient and lenient he has been on her.

She knew that she might have reached her limit of his patience and leniency.

Hermione tried her best to stop her tears and from creating any kind of sound.

The attendee stood down from her as he was gestured to do so.

He backed away with a respectful look at the head of the court room.

Draco slowly stood up as he was also gestured to do so.

He took a sideway glance at Snape then back at Hermione.

Harry was silent in his seat, quietly observing everything.

“Today is the 11th trial out of 12 of the case of victim Miss Hermione Granger and accused Mr. Severus Snape.”

The whole room quietly listened to the old man.

“I believe that all evidences that are required to make use of all the testimonies and proved certain areas and answer certain questions – the most imperative ones – have been clearly answered. Therefore..” he stared at Draco and the attendee first then at Hermione and at Snape then at the whole court house.

“As head of the Wizengamot…” he quietly continued. “I have come to the decision that within 48 hours, the jury and the full court of Wizengamot shall study and review everything that has been presented upon by both parties and therefore after those 48 ours, a decision about the case shall be placed upon.”

Hermione heard the whole room gasp at the announcement.

She didn’t immediately comprehend what has just happened but the look upon Draco’s face made her worry.

“After the 48 hours,” the wizard continued. “a decision about the case shall be read and therefore, a final decision for the accused shall be given in accordance to all evidence presented, the jury’s opinion and the full Wizengamot’s decision.”

“No.” Hermione gasped almost pleadingly turning to face the old man. “No, please.. that can’t..”

“By order of law, today’s trial is formally ending and will commence after the given 48 hours on the said date and time.”

The attendee walked down from his aisle and Draco closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

The whole Wizengamot began standing from their chairs and the jury began leaving as well.

Hermione was left in the witness’ chair unable to say anything.

Speechless and looking helpless, it took her a moment to realize that Draco was already standing in front of her.

“You alright?” he asked her although he didn’t look fine himself.

Hermione shook her head.

“Let’s go home.” Draco quietly said taking her into his arms. “Come on, ‘Mione.” 

Out of the corner of her eyes, Hermione saw Harry leaving the court room.

He was talking to several people that were shaking his hand.

He was already looking triumphant as he could possibly be as he left the courtroom.

Hermione softly cried and was unable to stop herself from flinging her arms against Draco’s as she watched Harry leave the room with that special look in his face - an utmost victory – that was at the very tips of his fingers.

 A victorious smile that she only ever saw whenever he was very close into catching the Golden Snitch.  




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