Forbidden Rapture

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Sandlapper - hello there. haha i love your review. hope to see more of it! interesting thought. Kingsley was on his guard but ofcourse a bigger part of him trusted Harry. He always had a soft heart for the boy and trusted him and in his trust with the boy despite the rumours he is hearing about him doing certain questionable things, he gave him the benefit of the doubt. Thus, lowering his guard, sadly lead to the attack he was unable to defend himself from. 

Kain - agreed on everything you've said. And yes, stay tuned and stay there. Hold on tight things are gonna get darker every time. 





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Chapter Fifty Three 

Saving Your Life 


Twelve days.

Twelve days was less than enough of the time that Draco and Hermione would need to solve their immediate problem.

There was no way in hell that Draco would let Hermione marry Harry if he wasn’t well.

Not that it was any of his business but now that they’re so-called ‘friends’ he seemed to have the responsibility of protecting her because no one else seem aware of how important and crucial the choices that has to be made.

But he had another problem.

Despite of Snape’s words, he could somehow tell that he was lying.

He knows of a place where the diary may be found but why in the name of gods would he be lying to him?

Wasn’t he involved enough to be given the most crucial of all the information that could just save his life?

What was he trying to keep away from Draco?

“Young Master?” a voice called out.

Draco looked up from the documents he was reading in his mother’s office.

He had stayed the night going through her things, in search of any clue that may lead him to the diary. Clues for which he knew were non-existent in their manor anyway.

“Come in.” Draco said moving his eyes away from the table. “What is it?”

The old servant looked reluctant but he entered nevertheless.

He entered the room and placed a small parchment over the table.

“Someone from the Ministry came early this morning and handed this over.”

Draco’s eyes quirked at the sight of it.

He had a small handful of people at the Ministry of Magic who still kept their loyalties to the last remaining Malfoy.

They owed too much to the family that they still offered their services to the boy the moment he returned to London.

“Thank you.” Draco said reaching for the parchment.

The old servant stared at him then nodded.

They both knew that this note from Draco’s people at the Ministry could not be any good.

After all, they were only allowed to contact him for any immediate and very important matters.

Receiving the note would only mean that something of the sort had occurred.

Draco closed his eyes and breathed heavily before deciding to open the note before him.

Bad news after another seemed to be consuming him and their plan lately.

They seemed to be decided to eat up and distract the twelve days they had.

Or rather, eleven days.

Draco already felt dreadful upon opening the note but reading through it was even worse.

One of his sources had written that for some reason, an order from the Ministry of Magic himself – kept from the public eye – had been made to grand permission to Mr. Harry Potter entrance and access to the cottage at Beltane without further reason nor any other notice and that the Minister of Magic himself had filed out a leave of absence without reason except for that it was an emergency and immediate kind of leave.

“Fuck.” Draco muttered crumpling the note and throwing it across the table.

Why would Harry want access to the cottage?

He was already winning the case.

He had Hermione by the neck.

What would he need at the cottage?

Was he damn scared that in the twelve days he – Draco Malfoy – could find some miraculous solution to help his godfather out of Azkaban within the given time limit and be able to save Hermione from their marriage in time?

What does he need at the cottage?

Why would he need access to the cottage?

He racked his brain and he could only find one possible solution and answer.

Harry Potter was going to plant some sort of evidence within the cottage that could ensure the deliverance of Severus Snape to the Dementors at Azkaban.

But what evidence?

Was he that desperate?

Was he that obsessed and damned in deciding Snape’s fate even if he already and obviously had the upperhand in the situation they were all in?

A full access grant for Harry at the cottage wasn’t only inexcusable and dangerous for Snape’s chance of evading the Dementors or a lifetime imprisonment in Azkaban but it was also manipulative.

Even if he was Harry Potter – Chosen One and higher than though Savior of all he didn’t have any right to manipulate the Wizengamot, the Ministry of Magic and the law.

But he was granted access and now the Minister of Magic himself who granted that access was going to be out away and from all of it.

It was somewhat planned – evil and schemed deeply well.





“Draco Dormiens.” Narcissa whispered tapping her wand over the black journal.

It sealed itself completely and all light and magic vanished all over it.

It looked like an ordinary journal.

It was finished.

She has done the best she could possibly think of to save the lives of those she cared about.

Even the life of that bloody Muggle-Born that Severus Snape cared so much for.

Her eyes furrowed as another excruciating pain passed through her chest.

She clutched her chest and felt a small amount of blood come out from her nose.

She immediately grabbed the small cloth inside her pocket and wiped her face clean.

Her visions were blurring over again.

She closed her eyes and tried to steady herself, letting he pain go through and pass after a moment.

It was coming through her but it was going to come and pass as well.

A moment or two had passed.

Every pain in her body had vanished completely.

Blood stopped spurting out and her visions cleared again.

It was as if nothing happened.

She knew that her time was soon to come; that medications provided for by her dearest bestfriend weren’t going to suffice soon.

And when that happens, she must be ready – or rather everything she needed to prepare for were all ready.

She needed to ensure that all properties, accounts and lands of the Malfoys and Blacks were all transferred to Draco completely.

She needed to ensure that all these wealth that would be transferred to him were the legal ones and nothing would be taken from due to the other transactions that they’ve illegally dealt with or accumulated under stealth.

She needed to ensure a safe, protected and secure future for Draco.

He would survive the war and he would live through it all and would have a future better than she or Lucius ever had.

She no longer cared about Lucius – he deserved to rot and die at Azkaban.

She had loved him – he wasn’t going to deny that.

She had loved him and loved him deeply but he was too consumed by his greed, wealth and power to understand that it was him as a father and husband that he was needed for by his family and not whatever power, standing and wealth he had accumulated and structured altogether in time.

And then there was Severus Snape.

She wasn’t sure of the future that he would have and if ever there was any for him after everything that transpired.

She was sure that she couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to completely save him from Azkaban but maybe from fate such as that would have him face Dementors was something she could save him from.

She knew that she wasn’t going to live up to the day where they could be out and away from the cottage and the curse that her dearest sister had bestowed upon them.

She couldn’t help him to the fullest but perhaps there was something she could do about it.

Staring at the journal before she sealed it away in her office drawer she knew that it was the only thing she could possibly do.

It was the least she could possibly do after everything that her sister has done and after everything that Snape has done for her and for her family.

But she had to carefully plan it.

It had to be taken care of carefully and wisely.

She needed to plant the journal unknowingly in the safest place it could possibly be without anyone else having to find it when it wasn’t the right time yet.

She couldn’t just leave it lying around and she definitely couldn’t just put it just anywhere where it may be found in the most untimely situation.

It must be taken, brought forth and found only at the right and proper moment.

She closed her eyes and deeply prayed to the gods or whoever there was with higher power to hear her.

It was the only way to save Snape’s life for she knew by the time that they were out of the cottage and he may be tried forth she would no longer be there as witness to everything that has transpired.

And together with that possible future and the evidences for which only she could provide was a truth that could break the heart of the most important person for her.


In lieu of saving Snape’s life, Narcissa knew the possible consequences that would come with it.

But she also knows that it was the only way to save Snape’s life.

And she knows that only Draco would be the only way towards it.

And in return, she hoped against hope that Draco would understand the truth that would come out of it.

A truth that would eventually go and deeply, severely  break his heart – for in saving Snape’s life he would come to find out that the only person he was ever left to love had been an instrument into the crime that Snape had no choice but to commit.





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