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Chapter Seventy

The Revelation

Part II



“After tonight, victory is finally ours.” Bellatrix’s silky voice echoed in the West Wing of the manor.

Narcissa stared at her sister as she secured her cloak and ready to leave any moment now.

The Death Eaters heard of a plan to transfer Harry Potter to a safer location tonight.

And by far, this may be the only possible exposure of the boy out at the open after weeks of being kept by the Order.

The Dark Lord had given a clear order – bring him the boy whatever it takes – kill whoever gets in the way.


“Bella, I heard that the orders were quite clear.” Narcissa said as she handed her sister the wand she had just cleaned for her. “Get the boy. Nothing else.

“The Dark Lord gave orders, Cissy.” Bellatrix sweetly replied taking the wand. “Kill anyone who gets in our way. So you best make sure that Draco stays home. I cannot account for what others will do.”

If Narcissa was provoked, she didn’t show it.

She watched as her older sister stared at her reflection, eyeing her from it.

“Lucius overheard you.” Narcissa continued. “The Dark Lord gave clear orders, Bella.”

“Your pathetic husband..” Bellatrix began with a treacherous smile as she turned from the mirror and stared at her newly shined wand. “Speaking of.. Where is he?”

“I suppose he is downstairs with the others.” Narcissa replied. “Or with Severus at the drawing room with the Dark Lord.”

“Bloody traitor.” Bellatrix hissed at her sister. “And Draco?”

“Keep him out of this.” Narcissa snapped at her. “He is not concerned of anything about tonight.”

“Ofcourse he is of concern since he had been marked, dear little sister.” Bellatrix laughed at her. “Can you smell that?”

“Smell what?” Narcissa asked her back.

“Victory?” Bellatrix answered and then she cackled at her and excitedly moved around her.  

Narcissa was to say something when there was a knock upon the door.

They both turned and stared as the door gently opened and Snape entered.

Bellatrix’s expression quickly turned sour while a look of relief passed Narcissa’s features.

He was dressed well and ready for the mission tonight.

“Come to gloat?” Bellatrix said staring viciously at Snape whom the Dark Lord had just seen.

Snape only eyed her mockingly.

“Excuse me?” he said walking to Narcissa.

“Know your place….” Bellatrix spat at him. “..Half-Blood.”

Snape stared at her but had completely ignored her as he walked to Narcissa.

“You asked for me?” Snape softly said kissing her cheek and then eyeing Bellatrix he continued. “We’d like to talk in private.”

“Insolent bastard.” Bellatrix hissed at him anger rising in her face. ‘There’s nothing you have to say to my sister that I cannot know of-“

 “Apparently, some of us prefer privacy.” Snape silkily said walking to Narcissa’s side. “Not that you understand that ofcourse.”

“Why you-“

“Bella, please.” Narcissa warningly said staring at her sister.

Eyes wide, Bellatrix unbelievingly stared back at her sister then at Snape who was obviously trying to restrain a smile over his thin lips.

“Really, Cissy?” Bellatrix coldly lashed at her sister who only stared back at her, waiting she leaves them.

Snape curtly nodded at her and gestured his hand towards the door triggering her anger further.

“You can smile now, oh yes you can.” Bellatrix spat at him. “But I’m going to make sure that you get the end you deserve.”

Snape simply ignored her as she never intimidated him at all.

“Bella, please.” Narcissa exhaustedly said staring at her.

Bellatrix stared at Snape the back at her sister.  

Fuming in anger, she turned then halting for a moment in front of Narcissa and giving her own sister a murderous glare.

“I can’t believe you let this treacherous, sniveling leech play you at his hands.” Bellatrix hissed at her hating every morsel of Snape. “Careful, Cissy. Sometimes the mouth you feed is the same mouth that bites.”

“I don’t bite, Bella.” Snape silkily told her with a mocking smile over his lips. “And even if you’re the last woman on this cursed world, I wouldn’t fuck you.”

Bellatrix’s eyes flashed in anger as she took her wand out and aimed it at Snape.

Narcissa’s hand shot out of nowhere and had grabbed Bellatrix’s wrist to stop her.

“Let go.” Bellatrix demanded, her eyes glinting at Snape. “I’m going to teach this little opportunist a lesson-“

 “The Dark Lord’s orders are specific, Bella.” Snape warned her. “I believe you understand what that means.”

“You don’t tell me what to do you sniveling traitor-“

“That means you are NOT to use the curse we have just created for his own purpose.”


The sisters paused, staring at Snape with question in their eyes.

“Oh yes, Bella.” Snape silkily said. “The Dark Lord knows what you’ve been planning. You know that he knows everything, yes?”

A gleam passed Bellatrix’s face as she lowered her hand against Narcissa’s hold of her.

“Are you afraid that I would use it?” she asked him gently. “Are you afraid that I will have the honor to use something that you and the Dark Lord have brilliantly created together?”

Snape didn’t say anything.

She cackled at him.

“How touching it is, Sevvy.” Bellatrix whispered, alluringly biting her lower lip as if seducing Snape.

“The enchantment is not yet done.” Snape warned her. “It has never been used, never been tried. Should something go wrong, I cannot save your ungrateful arse-“

“I’m not asking you to save my life!”

“Well apparently, I’ve been doing it for your whole family for the past years.” Snape harshly interrupted her with a glint in his eyes and a mocking smirk. “Isn’t that correct…Bella?”

Bellatrix opened her mouth, ready to lash back at him but instead, she smiled.

“But I’m sure nothing is wrong with it.” Bellatrix whispered clicking her tongue. “After all, you made it – and aren’t you the man with all the perfection in this world?”

Her voice was laced not just of sarcasm but of hatred for the man that the Dark Lord trusted above the rest of them.

“The Dark Lord’s orders are clear, Bellatrix.” Snape warned her again. “The Urduja Curse is not yet ready.”

“What do you fear?” Bellatrix asked him. “I heard it’s not even lethal. Not to us anyway.”

“I’m sure you’re not as intelligent as the rest.” Snape mocked her. “But I am quite sure you understand what it means when the Dark Lord forbids something – it is to be followed and without question.”

“I’m sure you’re the one who knows how to follow all the rules.” Bellatrix muttered back at him. “Besides, the curse doesn’t kill.”

“Orders are clear, Bella.” Snape firmly said. “We’re not to use it. Not against anyone in the Order and most especially not against Harry Potter.”

“Not yet anyway.” Bellatrix said nodding coherently at him and cackling a laughter again. “It’s going to teach them a lesson you know. I’ve heard of all the properties it-“

“The Dark Lord has clearly said-“

“Like I’ve said, it’s not even deadly.” Bellatrix whispered back at him enjoying the look on Snape’s face at her complete defiance.

“Enough of this!” Narcissa cried at them both, hands shaking at her sides.

Silence spread across the room for a moment while they only exchanged glares.

“I will speak with Severus now, Bella.” she gently told her sister eyeing the door. “I will see you before you leave.”

Bellatrix gave them both a look of hatred before walking to the door and banging it behind her on her way out.

She left them and in her focused anger, had not noticed that Draco was there in the shadows and had been listening the whole time.








There was the sound of Apparition and the wards being taken down as Hermione and Draco returned at the Malfoy Manor.

Despite that the rain had gone from bad to worse the whole night, the sun was slowly rising.


It was the day of the wedding and the day of the trial’s verdict.


“What now, Draco?” Hermione breathlessly asked staring at Draco.

“I need to bring you back with the others.” Draco replied. “They’re expecting you to prepare for the wedding.”

“I’m not going back there.” Hermione protested. “I’m not marrying him.”

“And you won’t.” Draco assured her walking to her. “But you have to be there. We can’t draw Harry’s attention from it. We need to make sure he’s complacent that things are going his way.”

“And what of you?” Hermione interrupted him. “What are you going to do?”

He gently moved from her, turning away and avoiding her gaze.

“I ask you, Draco.” Hermione’s voice was demanding as he released himself from her. “What are you going to do?”

He turned from her but Hermione followed him, grabbing either side of his arms.


“I’ve got a plan.” Draco gently told her. “But you’ve got to follow through what I ask for it to succeed.”

She stared doubtfully back at him.

“I ask you. Tell me what you are going to do.”

Draco stared back at her and she could tell that he wanted to let her know but was already determined that he wouldn’t.

“You’re scaring me.” Hermione said her eyes softening at him. “I need to know.”

“You won’t marry him.” Draco promised her walking to her and slowly taking her hand into his. “Just trust me. I won’t let it happen.”

“But you won’t tell me what you will do.” Hermione worriedly told him. “I need to know.”


“You won’t marry Harry.” Draco said in a firm tone giving her a reassuring gaze. “Just trust me that it won’t get to that point.”

Hermione followed him around the room and forced him to face her.

He had it all figured and yet Hermione looked doubtful of his plan.

“I ask you-“ she said staring deep into his eyes. “Look at me, Draco. I ask you what-“

“I assure you.” Draco gently whispered keeping her hand in his. “Before the sun sets, everything will be in the order they should be.”

“You said we’re in this together.” Hermione fearfully said. “You said-“

Draco stopped her by placing his other hand over her left cheek.

She stared, heart thumping fast as her eyes met his.

“Your eyes.” Hermione whispered.

“My eyes?” he asked back with a forced smile over his face.

“Something tells me that something isn’t right.” Hermione said as she tried to take her hand from him but he didn’t let go. “Promise me that everything will be alright.”

“I promise.” Draco whispered to her in assurance. “There will be no wedding and my godfather will be safe. But right now, you must ensure that Harry remains focused to your wedding and nowhere else.”

Hermione shook her head.

She could feel it; something wasn’t right.

“I don’t want this assurance.” Hermione said, eyes demanding. “I want to know your plan.”

Draco heavily sighed moving her closer to him.



A smile was evident from his lips as if he was relieved or rather giving up on something they can no longer do anything about.

“Hermione Granger.” Draco sighed heavily kissing her forehead. “You’ve never change. Always wanting the answers right away.”

He placed his arms on either side of her and Hermione moved closer to him, their bodies touching very gently.

She looked up at him and saw that look in his eyes – the one that he only ever wore whenever he was determined to win something over from Harry.

The look of determination without guilt, without fear – one that told her that he would do whatever it takes to win this one game out.

“There’s something you’re not telling me.” Hermione whispered. “And it’s scaring me.”

“Don’t be afraid.” Draco whispered moving his face closer hers so that their eyes were of same level.

His fingers moved from her left cheek to remove the strands of hair blocking her eyes.

“Your eyes are so beautiful.” he whispered moving himself closer to her as if to kiss her. “Have I ever told you how beautiful they are?”

Hermione didn’t answer him, she sighed heavily as she continued to feel the foreboding feeling in her chest.

“You’re telling me now.” Hermione said as a tear fell from her eyes. “And that’s scaring me further.”

“I told you not to be afraid.” Draco whispered back at her. "I will make all things right again. Don’t be afraid, ‘Mione.”

His fingers moved from her temples and he slowly placed both hands on either side of her face, gently caressing her.

“I’m not.”Hermione whispered without breaking their eye contact. “I am with you.”






“Severus, please.” Narcissa’s soft voice begged the man.

“I won’t harm her.” Snape assured her as he straightened up while Narcissa secured the front of her traveling cloak. “I promise you that.”

The conversation was over and she knew of it.

Narcissa scoffed at him and gently pushed him away.

The blonde woman looked unconvinced and though she didn’t want to do it, she had to beg Snape.

“You need to understand that Bella could get.. overexcited and well, emotional as any other woman-“

“Again, Cissy.” Snape interrupted her. “For as long as she stays out of my way and does not do anything drastic or crazy, she will be safe.”

“Bella will kill, Severus.” Narcissa fearfully said. “She will kill if she gets the chance. She is reckless and ruthless.”

“I can’t babysit her while I try to save the boy to ensure the fate of the Wizarding World, Cissy.” Snape said shaking his head. “I just can’t do both.”


“If she gets in my way and something happens, I can’t answer to that.”

“Fine.” Narcissa sighed heavily. “Just be careful. Please.””

“I always am.” Snape said. “You underestimate me.”

Narcissa looked at him, a hint of offense in her eyes.

“Head over your heart, Severus.” Narcissa gently reminded him. “This isn’t the time to make a mistake.”

“I’m not Lucius.” Snape thoughtlessly said and he immediately wanted to take it back seeing the look on Narcissa’s face.

But she knew he was right.

“That wasn’t what I meant.” Snape regretfully said but Narcissa shook her head at him.

“I am growing old, Severus. I worry too much.” Narcissa simply told him.

“That’s why I tell you that you should not.” Snape simply told her. “When have I ever made you feel that I am not in control?”

He challenged her gaze and she was unable to say anything but only nod her head.

“And the boy?” Narcissa asked unable to stop herself. “What do you plan-“

“We can’t talk about that here.” Snape cut her short with a warning look. “But I believe you are well aware of both our sentiments over the matter.”

Narcissa nodded again, staring at his ready to leave form.

Snape finished and he stared back at her pale face.

“Do me a favor, Cissy.” Snape said. “Ensure that Draco does not do anything drastic tonight by following us. Other than your sister being a danger at both ends, we have a shoot-to-kill order. I can’t babysit your entire family.”  

“I will make sure he stays in his room.” Narcissa promised him as she walked him to the door.  

Snape paused and slowly turned to her and Narcissa quickly placed her arms around his neck and tightly embraced him.

“Be careful.” Narcissa said tightly embracing him. “Severus, if Harry Potter dies.. if he is handed to the Dark Lord.. you know it will be the end of all of us.”

“I know what to do.” Snape promised, kissing her over the head.

“If the Dark Lord…” her voice was filled with fear and stress. “He will kill you if he finds out of your loyalty.”

“He won’t doubt my loyalty.” Snape said gently breaking their embrace to look her in the eye. “Not after everything that I had offered and given him.”

If she was still afraid, Narcissa had no reservation to show her feelings towards her closest friend, her only friend.

“I can’t lose you.” Narcissa said taking his hand into hers and firmly pressing it. “I can’t.”

“And you won’t.” Snape said taking her hand into his lips and kissing the back of it respectfully. “They plan to ambush the Order and that is the reason I volunteered for the first team, Cissy – to ensure that things go our way. No other man can do this.”

“No other man can do what you do.” Narcissa agreed with him. “No other man can ever be Severus Snape.”

Snape’s black eyes warmed at her words and he pulled her into another tight and comforting embrace.

“We’ve planned this already. I will protect the boy as he is transferred. I will ensure that the transfer becomes successful no matter the consequences.. and.. the possible casualties.”

“You can’t stop me from worrying.” Narcissa interrupted him. “You’ve given too much already. Your safety worries me.”

“I will give anything I could to ensure that this war is won by Harry Potter.” Snape promised her, his black eyes drawing hers closely.

Narcissa nodded quietly, kissing him over the left cheek.

“I will see you tomorrow.” Narcissa whispered against his ear. “May the gods protect you.”

“I will see you soon.” Snape said with the smallest of smiles he could give her. “Stay with Draco.”

Narcissa quietly nodded and watched as Snape moved to the door and gently left without another word, without looking back.


The door had closed & like Bellatrix, Snape had been too preoccupied in his thoughts that he didn’t realize that the young heir of the Malfoys had been spying on them.



Draco remained still, listening to Snape’s fading footsteps just like he had listened to Bellatrix’s fading ones a few minutes ago.

A few more minutes and heard the footsteps of his mother entering a farther door at the west wing.

He looked at the grandfather’s clock at the end of the empty corridor of the manor, counting the minutes down.

The Death Eaters were bound to leave within a few minutes with his father, aunt Bellatrix and Snape in the lead of the team that would ambush Harry Potter and the Order.

Through their infiltration within the Ministry, they have come across the plan that the boy would be taken out into the night from his present location and into a safer one where the security of the boy would be at its best.

The Dark Lord thought that this was the closest shot into getting to the boy after weeks of being kept from the world by the Order members.

Draco adjusted his black wristwatch and synchronized it carefully with the grandfather’s clock for which he knew the Death Eaters were following as the manor was the place they would all return to.

He kept his wand inside his cloak and listened further but there were no more sounds anywhere near him.

His way was clear.

The Dark Lord’s order had been very clearly – take the boy and anyone else who gets in the way would be executed on the spot.

Draco knew it was a deadly mission as even Narcissa sounded unsure of both Lucius and Snape joining this mission.

But his father was very determined to gain back the trust of the Dark Lord. And with a mission this crucial Snape was not to be left behind.

He wasn’t sure of the intentions of his godfather, but he heard that he made a promise to Narcissa that he would protect ‘the boy’ from Bellatrix and the rest of the Death Eaters.

Was if finally proof that he is disloyal to the Dark Lord?

And if so, his mother obviously knew of his treachery to the Dark Lord and his allies.

He was a risk to the mission and the mission tonight was a clear shoot to kill.

He couldn’t let that happen.

He should ensure Hermione Granger’s safety.

His Hermione.

His mother can call him desperate and to hell with the rest of the Death Eaters, but if his mother had ensured and asked Snape for the protection of Harry Potter then surely, he could come up with something to save Hermione Granger no matter the consequence.

To hell with Harry Potter, Draco thought miserably.

Everyone else can die tonight but he wasn’t going to take a gamble and a risk for Hermione’s life.

He had watched from afar for a very long time and he wasn’t going to any longer.

His eyes gleamed as he cloaked himself in black in order to blend with the rest of the Death Eaters set to take flight into the cold night.

Draco stared back at his reflection from his black wrist watch – eyes blue and determine to do what it takes to get to Hermione.

It’s either he takes and protects her or he lets her go with an almost sure death tonight.

It was a now or never plan.

There was no other choice, there was no other way.

The Dark Lord’ order tonight was very precise – kill anyone who gets in the way of taking the boy – and that places everyone’s head in the guillotine and he couldn’t let that happen.

Draco inhaled sharply and strained his ears against his door to hear any sound within the premises.

It was very quiet now.

Draco turned, securing his traveling cloak and slowly taking out his wand and muttering a charm before waving it gently over his face.

He wasn’t going to do anything, Draco told himself as he walked down the grand staircase.

He was just going to ensure Hermione Granger’s safety – that was all.

And if things got out of hand, he’d use the spell that he heard his aunt Bella had recently learn from the Dark Lord

It wasn’t lethal but enough to teach a lesson as she had described it.

Enough to teach Potter a lesson after all these years.           

He reached the first floor where the Death Eaters were preparing to leave, gathered and huddled together awaiting the signal.

Seeing that neither Lucius, Snape nor Bella wasn’t there yet, he easily blended within the crowd of masked and cloaked Death Eaters.

Draco sighed heavily, keeping his face hidden within a mask to keep stealth of his identity.

With a wand at hand and a heart determined to do what he had to do in order to save Hermione Granger’s life in a surely aligned death sentence tonight.







Harry had woken from his stupor.

Something was painful at the back of his head and neck and there was something burdensome in his chest.

What has just happened?

He looked around at the unfamiliar place he was in.

But the stench of sea salt and the sound of the waves at a distance was consuming him, his thoughts.

Where was he?

He lay in an angle over the dirty and debris-ridden floor and he kept rubbing his eyes to clear his visions.

Up ahead of him he could see some broken parts of the place as if in verge of collapse but some magic kept it together.


His eyes strained to remain open as his thoughts clouded him, forming slowly and giving him a very slow recall about what had transpired and where he was.

He could feel the dry tears along his features and when he slowly turned, he could see small light coming through from a broken boarded up window not far from where he lay.

The place looked familiar to him.

The stench of the place even brought in a handful of heavy feelings inside of him.

He someone knew this place but didn’t want to be here.

He felt imprisoned where he was.






The cottage.

He was at the cottage.

He was to get married to Hermione today.

Eyes turned wide, chest heaving painfully, Harry tried to get up from the dirty floor.

He had passed out several hours ago.

No, it wasn’t a dream - what he faced and whom he had spoken to wasn’t unreal.

It did happen.

It was Dark Magic but it did happen.

The reality, the truth in his heart and mind now.

His mind painfully raced again, his heart pumping fast as he tried to get up from his state, trying to look for his wand that somehow got buried somewhere in the floor he had fallen into.


Harry moved in panic as reality jarred through his mind, sinking every bit of reality that he had forgotten after passing out in tears several hours ago.

It had been too much, the truth and he couldn’t do anything about it.

He had passed out in his agonizing cries hours ago when the truth was laid before him.

Snape was innocent.

Hermione had been taken in and kept for the safety of his life.

And it was Narcissa Malfoy who had machinated all of it.

 “No.” Harry cried in panic and fear as he found his wand somewhere in the debris and quickly gathered it in his hand. “No…”

He tried to stand still, tried to keep his thoughts together as the memories of the past hours were slowly returning to him.

He remembered now.

He remembered Narcissa Malfoy’s preserved message through time – a message she meant to present to the Wizengamot in order to save Snape’s life for a sure death sentence in Azkaban.

The woman was wise.

She had been long dead but she was able to foresee the possible outcome of the future just because she had been part of the past that had change the course of all their lives.

A love for a son.

What a mother wouldn’t do for a son.

She wasn’t like his mother, Lily Evans.

But she was a mother nevertheless.

And she loved her son no less than Lily loved him.

And despite his hatred for the woman, she was long dead and there was nothing she could do about that.

But there was something else he can do about the present or what is still about to happen.

“Snape..” Harry gasped, thoughts of the man and the thought of reality of the years that had transpired constricted his breathing.

He could barely think straight as tears burned in his eyes as he tried to get away from the almost dilapidated building.

The soul bound..

If Snape dies, Hermione dies.

But that wasn’t just the point of the truth that had come to him.

Harry felt himself waking up from a reverie – no, from a nightmare.

The truth was in his hands.

And the clock was ticking down.

“Severus Snape..” he heavily gasped as he staggered to reach the door of the cottage with his wand in his hand.

His heart raced as he knew that time was ticking.

Severus Snape may not be as innocent but he was a victim as the rest of them.

And in several hours, at the very hour of his wedding, Severus Snape was going to be sentenced & executed to death for a crime he didn’t even commit.






There was a sound and Narcissa awoke from her mild slumber.

“Draco?” she whispered clutching her chest as she remembered her dream.

Something scratched against the master bedroom’s door.

“Draco?” Narcissa called out grabbing her wand from under her pillow.

She quickly waved it to the door and made her way to the door.

Draco was standing still against the door.

“Draco?” Narcissa cried out this time seeing her son drenched from the storm.

Draco had dropped his wand and had fallen into his knees as she approached him, eyes wide in shock and fear.

She didn’t need to know what happened because she already knew.

“My son..” she cried getting to her knees and quickly enveloping him in his arms but he was staring out of nowhere, out of shock.


Draco had left stealthily with the Death Eaters that went to ambush Harry Potter in their attempt to take the boy.

He wasn’t supposed to be there but he had been depressed and desperate in the past few days knowing the war was to commence and anyone who tries to save the boy will surely die.

He had been desperate.

Narcissa saw it coming from the moment Draco had become indifferent from that news that was brought about to them.

His son had never been the same.

But she had never thought that Draco would actually do something about it; and it wasn’t even well-thought of.

And Draco had failed miserably as his emotions took place.

She had always been right and Draco’s defiance led to this grave circumstance.

He had meant to teach Potter a lesson.  

Years of jealousy and envy for the boy, years of accumulated hatred for the boy who owned the heart of that good-for-nothing Mudblood.

He had only meant to save her and to teach him a lesson to separate them forever.

He didn’t understand the depth of the curse.

Draco had meant to aim the deadly Urduja Curse at Harry Potter.

But in the heat of the attacks and the raw and heightened emotions from both ends, he had squarely hit someone else instead.



Draco barely felt her mother drag her by his feet towards her own bed, carefully laying him as if he was a fragile little child.

“I will talk to Bella.” Narcissa gently and reassuringly told him. “I’m quite sure she can clarify it all for us. If you tell me that she has also-“

She stopped.

Draco had turned away from her again, consumed in his grief as he curled himself away from her, silent tears in his eyes. She has yet to see both Lucius and Bellatrix about what really took place hours ago at the ambush.

According to Draco, he had taken flight and tailed the team of the Death Eaters who had left for the night to ambush the Order in their attempt to transfer Harry Potter at a safer location.


It was quite hard to distinguish who were there and it was a great risk to find his father or Snape without having to reveal himself – which was, a straight defiance already to the Dark Lord’s orders.

But he had quickly found Bellatrix and quickly recognized her wand movements which was at par to some of his measured ones having her years of teaching him how to make good use of a wand.  

And upon locating her, he quickly found his father and Snape and he tried his best to be as close to them as he could without having to reveal himself.


He had recklessly defied his mother and father about going after this deadly one-way mission.

But chaos and confusion dispersed as the Order devised a plan to create doubles of Potter.

It could have been anyone, it could have been anyone and nobody would know who to attack which accomplished their plan – to divide the Death Eaters and confuse them.

But Draco was clever unlike the rest and only alike his godfather.

He knew what he had to look for – a flying pattern that was ever so familiar to him.

From his position a few spaces away from Snape and Bellatrix he immediately spotted Potter.

He knew that flying all too well with all the years he had played Quiditch against the boy.

He right away knew which pair to follow.

It had been a few failed attempts from Potter’s end but he immediately recognized the Quidditch maneuver Harry Potter had been attempting – he knew that airborne tactic from any given angle.


And then he spotted her and it confirmed to him that the pair he had been following was indeed no decoy.

He found Hermione Granger, arms tight around Harry, clinging for dear life as they flew against death in the dark skies.  


Draco was agile; he knew he couldn’t get closer to them without being hit by the Death Eaters and he could neither get closer to Bella and Snape who was closest to the pair without them recognizing it was him.

The sky was burdened with darkness, with an uprising storm and the smell of death everywhere.

Flying close to them for a few minutes had already had him missing two deadly spells very closely.

And his aunt Bella’s reckless aims of spells wasn’t helping him focus on evading death and saving his forbidden love.


“Fuck.” Draco muttered as his thoughts got interrupted by a red light that narrowly missed his cheek.

He looked back, wand at the ready and he was sure that the spell had come from Snape but had been meant for another who was ahead of him.

Was he aiming at his aunt Bella?


He refocused his gaze ahead of him and saw how fast Bella had been flying and how Snape was seemingly, well odd enough, trying to tail her and yet keeping his distance from her.

A gleam in his blue eyes and whatever Snape had been doing gave him a sudden idea.

He followed in quick and close pursuit after her aunt Bella who was probably the best airborne lietunant the Dark Lord has ever had.

She taught him how to fly fast and taught him a lot of other tricks of the trade – she could probably kill anyone within a few miles or radius and still survive any assault from any direction.

All he had to do was ensure a synchronized flying pattern and movement of his aunt Bella to avoid being seen or recognized.

Draco heavily breathed and he lowered his hood to see more clearly while keeping his face hidden with the Death Eater’s mask he had copied from the rest.

He successfully tailed his aunt Bellatrix, dodging spells and keeping the pair ahead of him within sight.

He only needed to find a good angle until he noticed that Snape seemed to be doing the same thing.

He wasn’t quite absolute and sure, but it seemed like it was what he was doing.


Realizing this, he quickly knew that Snape was up to something.

He wasn’t following Bella, he had been creating a different kind of flying pattern for which Bellatrix seemed to be trying to oppose and avoid without her realizing it.

Snape was blocking not just Bellatrix but any other Death Eater flying very close to the pair he was also following.

He obviously knew it was Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.


By calculation to what he was witnessing, Draco knew that he was protecting them and was doing his best to accomplish it without being doubted of his position.


The chase went on.


Flashes of light from various of spells were exchanged in the air and Draco, despite that he promised himself to save his energy for a one spell-execution tonight, had no choice but to execute defensive counter-spells aimed at his way or the ones that were bouncing off towards his direction from the Death Eaters around him.

The Death Eaters were reckless, they executed spells after one another obviously enjoying the murder spree that the Dark Lord had allowed tonight.

By now, he could barely find his father as other than Snape, everyone else seemed to be executing spells after another just to eliminate anyone getting in their way in their desperate attempt to hit any of the decoy Potters and their partner in hopes of actually hitting the right target.


“Fuck.” Draco cursed as another blinding light very early missed him, forcing him to dodge his flight a little and move closer to Bellatrix than he intended to. “Bloody hell.”

And then he heard it.

Hermione’s scream of Harry’s name as they both nearly fell off their brooms but Harry had managed to quickly maneuver the broom into another dive.

His eyes narrowed.

Time was running out for him.

He gripped his broom tighter, flying faster and closer to the pair while trying to avoid the flashes of spells around him.

He could feel the cold air against his face as sped faster and faster by the moment.

The Death Eaters were drawing closer, blocking and securing Harry and Hermione’s flying pattern.

And then he saw it – Harry had slowed down a little – he was about to do the Quidditch tactic.

He thinks the maneuver would save them.

But something was wrong as Potter seemed to keep on halting, keep on hesitating to do the somersault-like move.

Draco’s eyes moved around him, in quick calculation it was a very, very bad idea.

This wasn’t a Quidditch field for him to attempt something as dangerous as that tactic and Harry Potter was well aware of it.

But because of the closing in Death Eaters that will entrap them sooner, it gives Harry very limited options for an escape route .

“No, Potter.” Draco muttered realizing that if Harry does it, there was a tendency for either or both of them to fall off their broom should he make on very minimal mistake.

He was going to kill himself as he was going to kill Hermione Granger should that happen.


“Fuck it, Potter.” Draco whispered with panic in his eyes as he raced forward knowing that he had to attempt anything to disrupt Harry’s attempt. “No. You know this isn’t going to work.”

Draco sped forward, keeping only a few distance from Bellatrix and Snape who was right behind him now.

“Hang on, Granger.” Draco heavily thought to himself. “I’m going to save you.”

He looked around him, trying to think fast of what he could possibly do to stop Harry’s stupid attempt.

Bellatrix’s spells were unrelenting towards the pair making it difficult for them to actually finish the move; but if he comes closer, Bellatrix could also hit him with one of her reckless aims.

“Fuck.” Draco just missed another spell and Bellatrix’s laughter echoed in the cold air

They were all really going to die tonight.

A sudden flash and looking at his side, he saw Snape wave his wand to deflect a spell that bounced from Bellatrix’s and back towards him.

Draco easily dodged it and when he looked back ahead, Harry seemed to have found a perfect angle to do it and was only counting down.

He kept close, speeding faster as he strained his eyes to remain open and focused on his target.

He couldn’t make a mistake as he only had one good shot.


It was now or never..


With one hand steady and tight around his broomstick, he moved his wand hand out and aimed at the perfect angle.

He carefully calculated Harry’s movements which had been correct since the beginning of the night that he had been tailing him.

He had been using Quidditch speed, flying patterns and techniques and since the rest didn’t know of it, he was the one who easily recognized them and found a way to follow them while the rest missed the whole tactic Harry had been doing.


He raised his wand, eyes focused and wand aimed directly at the back of Harry Potter’s head.

He wasn’t going to kill the boy.

He was just going to teach him a lesson.

And he needed to save her life away from this war.

The Order would still have their war hero but he needed to ensure that Hermione survives the war – and that meant separating her from him - whatever that could cost him.

Until the war was over, they couldn’t be together and he was going to do them a favor by saving her life.


She was smart.

She would eventually realize his efforts and know that he isn’t a bad person after all these years.

She was going to forgive him when she realizes that he was only trying to save her life after all this time.


“I’m sorry.” Draco sighed heavily making the decision. “This is the only way to save you.”


He sighed heavily, concentrating very hard despite all the screams, flashes of light, speed and harsh feeling of the cold air passing right against him.

He aimed, counting down himself and ready to strike at any moment.

Draco’s movements were very calculated as he moved his eyes for a split moment around and beneath them to estimate the measure of dive he had to make should Hermione fall off the broom and how fast he can catch her and take her away before she falls off from the London skies.


Blue eyes straight and focused, he slowly opened his mouth, ready to utter a spell he knew not of its true potential, power and outcome - a spell that has never been used before and was only created by the Dark Lord for his use.


The Urduja Curse.


Determined, Draco whispered the spell right out from his mouth, a glow began to form at the tip of his wand as he began to expel the curse from his wand straight at the back of Harry Potter’s head.

But something he didn’t really calculate happened and everything refocused before his eyes as if in slow-motion.

At the very same time that his spell was executed, someone else had done the same thing.

A sudden movement and flash that very much resembled the light he had just casted appeared and had been expelled from another direction, another wand - colliding with his in the air and clearly disrupting the line and angle of his perfect aim.

Draco’s eyes widened in severe shock at the realization of it, a heavy and painful tug at his heart.

Its direction completely differed as someone else had casted the Urduja Curse but had not been executed properly that it aimed at no one in particular, thus, disrupting the alignment of his aim.

The light from his wand had been refocused and shifted slightly into the other direction, completely missing its original target.

“NO!” Draco cried in shock unable to stop his fearful scream in the air as he realized what had just happened.

Hermione’s recognizable scream ahead of him echoed through an ear-splitting sound against the cold air.

A flash of red light and it instantaneously knocked Harry Potter out unconscious and soon, the pair was speeding fast in a downward motion without direction.

His dread realized, Draco’s eyes widened with tears as he tried to speed faster forward in an attempt to take back what he knew couldn’t be reversed any longer.

“No..” Draco cried, eyes wide at what had just happened. “No… no…”

Then the feeling of slow-motion dispersed and everything was moving back and fast around him before he could even recover from the shock.

Another light and he heard the thick splash of water as someone had expelled Aguamenti right up at the air and then a laughter from Bellatrix soon followed.

Draco wildly looked around, his flying without proper direction as he stared helplessly at what happened next.

Harry and Hermione were both knocked out unconscious and had totally lost control of their flying and both were falling fast at breakneck speed down the grounds of London to their sure death.

He sped down to follow and saw the Aguamenti’s spell quickly sped and engulfed Harry Potter to safety.


But it only reached one individual.


 “Hermione..” Draco cried in spite of himself as panic rose in his chest as he saw her falling unconscious down the same grounds that Harry was aimlessly falling down onto.

He sped right downwards towards her seeing her unconscious silhouette after being squarely hit by the spell he had executed himself that was aimed, directed and intended for Harry Potter.

“Hermione….” Draco cried helplessly, desperately trying to keep her in his sight. “Hermione…”

His whole body was shaking, fear consuming him and dread clouding his judgment as he sped to save her whilst uncaring if the Death Eaters saw him or what he was doing.

But he was outrun by another flyer right next to him.

He only saw a black blur but he quickly recognized the length of the cloak of the rider.

It was Snape.

He was speeding down right after Hermione.

He was going to save her life.

Draco slowed down his speed as his common sense that momentarily left him slowly returned.

He watched from a distance as Snape managed to get to Hermione just in time before she fell off the waters across London.

Bellatrix’s voice echoed a few feet above him and he could still hear the spells being expelled from different directions.

He looked back and though he was sure that Snape had already gotten Hermione, they had disappeared from sight.

Draco’s tear-strained eyes wildly looked around him, searching for them.

They were now high above London waters.

The water was still, motionless.

But he was sure that there was no other way for them to escape and land because the air was littered with Anti-Apparition magic.


Could Snape have taken her down there?


“Retreat!” Bellatrix’s voice echoed loudly somewhere above him.

Draco looked up, distracted by Bellatrix’s screams.

“Back to the manor!” she had commanded loud and clear. “Retreat!”

Draco slowed down, almost fatally colliding with another Death Eater.

He quickly flew to another direction to avoid colliding with another Death Eater.

His eyes still searched the waters but there was nothing there that he could see.

He didn’t want to leave but if he didn’t leave, he was going to be seen.

“Hermione..” Draco whispered as hot burning tears settled at the side of his eyes with regret already consuming his soul.

Draco looked around and saw that the Order were slowing down towards the waters where they had obviously seen Harry Potter fall straight for.

The other Death Eaters were beginning to Disapparate in Bellatrix’s orders.

He looked back around and knew they were all heading back towards the manor.

And soon they would find out – his father atleast – that he had left the manor and followed pursuit into this mission.

He took one last glance at the still dark waters.

Did he really get to her on time?

What if they had drowned?

No, Snape wasn’t that daft.

But there were no bodies floating from the water or much movement from its current al to tell him that they were actually underwater.

It was close to impossible to Apparate and Disapparate above the waters or in mid-air because of the Anti-Apparition.

They had completely disappeared.  

Draco removed his gaze from the dark water and gazing up at the retreating Death Eaters, he flew up with them, keeping pace and blending back again at the pack of murderers.


Without having much of a choice, tears in his eyes, Draco sped right up again with the rest of them before being seen closer to the waters.

He Disapparated from the scene to race back to the Malfoy Manor before anyone realizes where he was or what he has done.


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