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Chapter Sixty Five




The room was quite dark and the only sounds that could be heard were the subtle sounds of bottles being kept into one container.

“Have you finished it?” the soft voice interrupted her thoughts.

Narcissa blinked from staring deeply unto the hearth of the fireplace before her.

She could hear movements from the next room along with the crackling of the fire.

“Halfway.” Narcissa quietly responded as she heavily breathed and stared at the glass goblet in her hand.

It had a red-wine colour liquid in it and the soothing scent of Dahlia flowers.

She stared at it with despise but took the last swig and closing her eyes, she emptied the half-filled goblet with one go.

A clank.

She swallowed hard and let the warm and soothing sensation of the potion fill in her throat and down her lungs.

Her visions immediately cleared and her physical feeling energized and renewed the moment the potion touched her lips.

It was so strong.

The maker of it is a strong wizard himself.

“Have you seen the excess vials I had?” he asked her looking slightly bewildered. “I was quite sure I packed a few more.”

“You told me that you used them up, did you not?” she asked looking up at him.

Snape shook his head and then nodded at her.

“I must be tired.” Snape nodding at her. “Are you feeling better?”

Narcissa looked up at Snape by the doorway.



He was slightly looking harassed, his hair askew and he sounded breathless.

“Way better.” Narcissa replied with a small smile. “Are you done packing?” she asked as he turned back away from the room and returned to the next.

She quietly followed him to the next room.

Two bags lay open over the bed as he filled and organized packages of food in them as he finished settling a small box with atleast two dozen of small vials in it.

“Here’s what you would need.” Snape slowly instructed carefully placing the box into another bag that Narcissa obviously owned.

“Isn’t that too much?” she quietly asked watching him seal the bag.

“This will last you for more than a month.” Snape quietly replied. “But if for emergency purposes that you need to take extra of them, it will last you a month.”

Snape looked up at her as she nodded quietly in understanding.

“Are you alright?” he asked seeing the slight worry pass her eyes.

“I’m fine.” Narcissa answered in a low tone. “I’m feeling tired. When you’ve finished up we can clear all these up and go.”

“I’m done.” Snape said pointing his wand over the little mess over the bed and they slowly cleared themselves and the bags zipped themselves back.

She quietly watched with careful eyes as he moved to the end of the room and took the traveling cloak he hung at the back of the door of their rented room.

“How is she?”

“She’s better.” Snape said with another small smile. “She’s quite better now. Seems to have finally accepted things as they are although there are days and nights that I feel that she’s still in there – you know?”

“She will never go away.” Narcissa said standing by the wall and folding her arms. “That girl she used to be will always just be in there, Sev.”

“I still feel guilty about all these.” Snape said looking up at her and walking closer. “Every waking moment.. every single time.. I couldn’t sleep at night, I could barely think things straight at times and then she’s just there.. and every bit of guilt just... I don’t know.. I mean, I know we’ve come into terms.. I just..”

“It’s alright to feel guilty.” Narcissa coldly said. “You were her teacher and you’ve got that goddamn conscience.”

“The conscience you’ve been trying to get rid off?” Snape asked with a raised brow.

“The very same conscience that keeps my son alive.” Narcissa answered rolling her eyes and moving away from him.

Snape stopped her.

She looked up at him.



“Cissy. Come here.” Snape said moving himself to her and placing his arms gently around her

A slight and warm squeeze and she looked up at him.

Something clank in the inside of Narcissa’s pockets but before Snape could ask about it she moved herself up to him.

“This won’t buy your freedom out of our deal.” Narcissa gravely said looking up at him through their very close proximity.

“I’m not trying to buy it out.” Snape whispered giving her the smallest of nod and kissing her forehead.

He closed his eyes as his lips remained over that forehead.

She used to take very good care of him and she still does.

He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her – she was the only family he has ever got

He would do anything in his power to ensure that the curse in her blood doesn’t spread out or kill her or at the least, stall her life out and extend it for as long as she needed.

For as long as he would emotionally need her.

For as long as Draco still needs a mother.

“Severus, I know this is.. this is all almost impossible and hard. Everything has come too fast and overwhelming.It’s a task not everyone can do.”

“It isn’t..”

“It’s a task only you can do.”

He didn’t answer.

He sighed heavily and gently moved away from her.

“I need to go.” Snape said. “Hermione will be looking for me. I know she doesn’t ask as much anymore but I can’t be away from her for more than four hours.”

“She cares for you.”

“She needs me to survive that cottage. There’s a difference.”

“In time she will grow to love you.”

“I don’t need her to love me. I don’t want her love.” Snape spitefully whispered.

Something like a glint of hurt passed Snape’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Narcissa asked as he carried both bags around his shoulders and closed his traveling cloak to prepare in his flight.

“She will always love Potter more.” Snape quietly said as they walked towards the door.

“He is her first love.” Narcissa answered with a smile. “Ofcourse that will never really go away. But that doesn’t mean that she would love you any less or never learn to love you.”

“I need her to survive.” Snape said. “Nothing more, nothing less. And when she does – when all these is over – I can go back into my life and she can go back to hers. With them. With Potter.”

Naricssa stared and didn’t say anything.

She couldn’t quite admit it to him that it was a long-shot and not something that she was even expecting herself if she was to be honest.

“Cissy?” Snape slowly asked turning to her before they reached the doorway. “Cissy, are you sure that after seven years, I can bring her back? That she’s better?”

“She will be better after those years.” Narcissa assured him moving away and avoiding his eyes.

Something felt different from her gaze.

“Cissy?” he slowly asked seeing her turning from him, fidgeting. “Narcissa?”

“There are just some things.. a lot of things… I can’t help but think about.”

Narcissa looked up at him as if to say something but Snape interrupted her.

“Draco?” he concernedly asked. “You told me he’s better?”

“He is.” Narcissa sighed heavily. “But not as consistent. He still ask about all these. He still.. I know he still try and pry over my things when I’m not around and all.”

“There are no evidences for him to find.” Snape pointed out with a serious look over his face. “Draco can’t find anything if there’s nothing to find.”

Narcissa didn’t say anything.



He moved to her and slowly made her look up to him with the tip of his finger along her jawline.

“Cissy?” he slowly asked. “There is nothing for him to find, right?”

Their eyes met and a glint passed Narcissa’s.


“Nothing.” Narcissa replied. “Ofcourse there’s absolutely nothing for him to find.”

He looked back at her with a doubtful stance but he didn’t say anything.

He held her hand but she softly moved it away from him.

“You should go.” Narcissa said with a firm tone.

“I will see you again.”  Snape said nodding at her and taking his things with him as he moved to the door.

Narcissa didn’t move.

She was staring up at his back, biting her lower lip with her hand inside her robes.

Snape looked back at her as he expected her to leave first.

There was that look over her face that told Snape that something was really wrong.

He gently and subtly placed his hand inside his wand pocket.

“I will see you after a month.” Snape slowly said with certain precaution as he moved away from her.

“Do take care.” Narcissa said moving to him and suddenly embracing him.

She placed her arms around his neck and gave him a firm smile.

“You take good care of yourself.” Snape said bearing the heaviness back in his black eyes. “Send me a Patronus once things go way out of hand. I will see you after a month.” Snape said as he stepped out of their room.

Narcissa didn’t let his hand go.

He looked back at her.



“I’m sorry.” Narcissa said and her eyes actually filled in with tears. “I’m sorry for all these, Sev.”

Snape tried to avoid her gaze knowing that he couldn’t bear to see her this way.


“And I’m sorry I have to do all these.”

“Cissy? What do you mean-“

“I’m sorry.” Narcissa said moving to him and taking her wand out as he held his hand tightly. “I’m sorry for everything.”

Snape’s black eyes looked doubtfully back at her but since she held his hand he couldn’t get his wand back as his other hand held the other bag.

“Cissy, what are you-“

But before he could do anything to defend himself nor understand what was going on, a blinding light of white and blue emitted from Narcissa’s wand and pelted straight to his chest and the middle of his forehead.

He was pushed backward by the force landing himself on the carpeted floor.

He had started to convulse out of the spells that were being forced unto him.

He felt his hands lose all its feel and senses as he dropped both traveling bags.



Then he became rigid and his eyes fell out of focus as Narcissa continued to point the wand over him, muttering nonstop under her breath without blinking.

He struggled and tried to fight it off but her magic was stronger and he had been too shock to have enough time to intellectually react against it to defend himself.

Before he completely passed out, he could swear he heard Narcissa’s sobs as she continued to mutter something nonstop under her breath as she got down on her knees next to him over the carpeted floor.

She cradled him in his arms and felt the tip of her wand over his right temple and her tears passed the side of his face.

“I’m sorry.” Narcissa whispered in between her sobs and her mutter of the incantation. “I’m so sorry.”

Glowing white threads after another began to spread out and back from Snape’s temple and to Narcissa’s wand.

The threads were forced out of his head and straight to her wand.  

“Don’t fight it, don’t fight it sweetheart.. please.. I’m sorry. This is for you.. this is for you.”

The scene took a while as Narcissa finished her spell and then Snape completely blackened out.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Narcissa cried as she lowered her wand to her side and embraced Snape’s unmoving form. “But I need to think of you as well. I have to think of you…”

Narcissa held him close to her chest, kissing her forehead and crying in their form over the floor.

“I’m sorry Severus. I know you wouldn’t want me to do all these, but this is the only way I can save your life in the future when I am gone. This is the only thing I can give to you after everything you’ve done for me and Draco..”

Narcissa lost all composure as she continued to sob over the floor and moved herself around to gather her wand back as Snape lay unconscious in her arms.

“I’m sorry for what Bella has done. I’m so, so sorry about Hermione Granger…” Narcissa said kissing his forehead. “You are the only family I have but I can’t lose Draco.”

She swallowed and gathered herself, trying to calm herself to focus and doing her best to stop her sobs.

There was a clink of bottles as she moved her other hand from the inside of her pockets and pulled three small and empty vials out.

Narcissa poured out all glowing threads into the three vials as she sobbed harder by the moment, gasping for breath and air as she secured all the threads in the small bottles.

She looked back at Snape as she pocketed back the three small vials.

She kissed his forehead and pointed her wand over his forehead again.

A long glowing blue thread went back into his forehead.

“And this is the only way I can save your life. I’m sorry, Severus. You would have to endure everything first but I promise that you will not die in Azkaban. I won’t ever let that happen.” Narcissa whispered slowly pointing her wand over his forehead again.

Snape had completely passed out by now.

She wiped the water at the side of his closed eyes and kissed his forehead and whispered, “Obliviate.”

















“Are you alright? Are you sure you don’t need St. Mungo’s?” Bill asked as he helped Lupin settle back over their couch. “Fleur – the glass of- “

“Coming! Coming!” Fleur called back from the kitchens.

They could hear the hurried sounds she was making in their small kitchens as she scrambled to get Lupin a glass of water.

They had been working along in the garden together when he started feeling dizzy again and nearly passed out.

It was the third time it happened that week.

Fleur returned to the living room bearing a glass of water for Lupin and a warm compress in her hand.

They helped put it over Lupin’s head when he finished the half of the glass.

They stared worriedly at their professor.

He was never that sickly of a person outside his usual condition and the full moon was still far off and so it worried them to see him this way.

“I’m seeing the same visions.” Lupin reluctantly revealed to the couple. “Things.. places..memories I don’t recall.”

“What do you see?” Bill asked already thinking of having him checked in the Department of Mysteries consultation office. “These visions?”

“A place.” Lupin said. “Some sort of small town.. then this… this sort of inn-“

“Inn?” Fleur repeated folding her arms. “Like a hotel?”

“Like an old, small and barren hotel.” Lupin specified. “It is dark but I’m sure it’s a sort of hotel cause there are doors – rooms – and people around but I keep seeing the last topmost corridor.. floor.”

“And then?” Bill asked him. “What else?”

“Then this door.. it always stops there and then I feel all dizzy and..”

“The never opens?” Fleur asked sitting opposite the two men. “Never opens at all?”

“Never ever.” Lupin answered. “But I can hear voices inside – sort of whispers…then at times a glowing light from the door like from a spell or something. And then I’d also hear voices.”


“Two difference voices. But I’m sure the other is a woman.”

“A woman?” Fleur said. “Can you recall the tone? Can you recognize?”

“I don’t.” Lupin said concernedly.


“I couldn’t say.” Lupin honestly answered feeling hopeless. “But I’m sure between the two voices there is a woman’s voice. I could distinctly hear it like it was in some sort of command.”



Fleur and Bill stared at one another, thinking deeply where these memories could be coming from.

Lupin wasn’t a social person and he obviously didn’t have a girlfriend.

So where were these memories or visions coming from?

“A vision usually comes from a memory.” Bill explained as he sat back down over the couch opposite Lupin. “Or rather things that are about to happen. Otherwise, unless you’re telling us you’re going bonkers-“

“I’m not crazy.” Lupin quickly interrupted him.

“He didn’t say you are.” Fleur said in defense of Bill. “Did you see if these memories – visions – can you tell if they come from future or past?”

“Nothing looks modern in the inn I’m telling you.” Lupin said. “There is also a feeling that it happened in the past but I’m sure I’ve never time-travelled.”

The couple stared at one another.

“Other than the woman’s voice is there anything – absolutely anything distinct at all that you can remember?” Fleur asked him.

Lupin’s eyes narrowed as he tried his best to think, think deeply.

Was there anything distinct from all of it that he could recall?

“A letter.” Lupin answered recalling. “A note- something of the sort. It appears not in any distinct form of the vision but just appears. Something that is written.. the handwriting is very familiar but I couldn’t read no matter how many times I think about it – I couldn’t read what was written and then it disappears completely in black smoke.”

“Disappears in black smoke?” Bill repeated trying to make sense of it all. “A handwriting?”

“It all just disappears and then next thing, I’m in the stairs at times or just the dark corridor with the doors.. and then the door and the woman’s voice.. it all repeats just that way.”

“Sounds like a memory to me.” Fleur said with a serious look over her face. “But we can’t put it back together if we don’t know where it came from or when it has happened exactly or anything that could possibly help us trace it all back so we can restore it.”

There was silence in the room as they all merely stared at one another, thinking hard and deep where these visions or dreams or rather memories were coming from and how they were going to be able to retrieve it all and find out what it all meant and most importantly, why did he have all of it in his head.












“You have a visitor.”

There were clanking of several gates that were being unlocked and opened.


And then some rigid movements and he felt himself being dragged to his feet and being taken into the spot nearer the last gate of his cell. 



A door had opened and closed.

Hushed voices.

“Madam, this is the only time I can ever do this for you.”

“And this is the first and last time I will ask this favor of you.”


There was silence.

A clank of what sounded like coins in a bag had sounded.

Another movement and then a door had been opened for her.

Her footsteps slowly echoed through the darkened cell and then silence.

A slight glow of light appeared and it lit the entire cell room.

Lucius’ heavy lids slowly looked up from where he sat at the very end and edge of the cell as he heard the unfamiliar clanking of foosteps.

In his whole months in Azkaban, he has never heard the Aurors’ footsteps sound that way and it interested him.

He looked up and his eyes slowly widened.

“Hello, Lucius.” the voice whispered gently as a figure appeared from the shadows.

His eyes tried to figure out what he was seeing but no words were coming out from his dry mouth.

He could see a figure that was ever so familiar wearing a long traveling cloak and under a long thick and black hood.

The face was slowly revealed – beautiful eyes, thin features and long soft hair.

Something in those eyes were very familiar for Lucius.



“Narcissa!” he breathed out still trying to comprehend if what he was seeing was a dream or reality.

Days and nights were all the same at Azkaban.

It has been days, weeks and months – he could barely recall.

He had been left there by the world to die.

And since being taken there, he hasn’t seen Draco nor Narcissa – only in his dreams.

And at that very moment, the Narcissa didn’t look anywhere like a dream to him.

He gasped and crawled with the little strength he has towards the gates of the cell.

The figure stood tall, unmoving and thinner than he ever recalled.

She walked outside of the cell door with her robes sweeping the floor.

“Narcissa?” he gasped again trying to reach through the cell door but an enchantment was blocking him from getting too close to it.

He looked up at her with desperate and tearful eyes – with the most obvious form of pain and regret in them.


“Not looking at your best, Lucius?” Narcissa’s voice softly muttered as she stopped in front of him and stood still by the cell door.

Her gaze was cold, unblinking and nowhere faltering at the form of her husband who looked ten times older than she had last seen him.

“Narcissa… please..” Lucius cried as he moved to closest inch he could do so by the bars of the cell door.

She looked down upon him with utmost hatred and disgust as if she would rather be anywhere else in the world but there.

“There is nothing to ask or plea for, Lucius.” Narcissa whispered softly. “I will also not stay for long. I am only here to tell you that I have already transferred all inheritance of the Blacks and the Malfoys into Draco’s name.”


“Inheri-inheritance?” Lucius repeated with a difficult look over his face as if he was struggling to remember what the word meant.

“All that he is supposed to inherit and receive as heir of a Black and a Malfoy.” Narcissa said in a clear and business-like tone.

“Where’s Draco?” he asked with tears forming in his eyes. “I want.. I would like to see D-Draco.. please.. I would like to see Draco. Where’s my son?”

“Your son does not want to see you.” Narcissa firmly said.  “No. You-re lying – Draco – he would never-“

“He does not even want to hear anything about you anymore.”

“NO!” Lucius screamed and he looked more demented than ever. “My son – my only son!”

“Did you not hear what I had just-“

“DRACO WILL NEVER DO THAT TO ME!” Lucius desperately cried in anger. “Draco – my only son- he will never abandon me – no, please –I would like to see Draco, I beg you  ,Cissy -“

“Do not call me that.” Narcissa coldly said. “And there’s nothing I can do if Draco doesn’t want to see you.”

He looked up at her as if he wanted to talk to her and discuss anything else but money at that very moment.

“Narcissa.. Narcissa… my.. my wife..” Lucius croaked out looking up at her in such desperation.

Narcissa’s eyes darkened and something like a smirk and insult passed her face.

“Your wife?” she repeated with spite in her tone. “Now you are calling me your wife?”


“How dare you call me that. I wasn’t your wife.” Narcissa spat at him with her hands now at her sides as if she’s restraining herself from grabbing Lucius at the other end of the bars.


“I was never your wife!” Narcissa said in a raised tone. “I was your mere arm candy! Some glimmering treasure in your arms that you’ve paraded around parties after another!”

“That’s not true!” Lucius said in spite of himself as he struggled to get into his feet. “I had loved you! I always loved you!”

“You disgust me!” Narcissa said taking her wand out from her pocket in her instinct to protect herself.

In reality, there was absolutely nothing Lucius could do to harm her.

But in the years they were together, Narcissa had learned to raise her alertness and resistance when she was around Lucius.

Her reflexes had always been at the ready ever since Lucius first laid a hand on her.

“You never loved me.” Narcissa whispered with hatred in her tone. “You’ve taken me to bed to make you an heir, you’ve used me in every possible chance and circumstance and you’ve never regarded my feelings-“

“I love you Narcissa-“

“NO!” Narcissa angrily yelled at him. “You had loved no one else but yourself, Lucius! No one else!”

A spark had emitted from her wand but it didn’t do anything else.

She was breathless as she stared at him with contempt and hatred in her eyes that bore tears at the sides.

She struggled to keep her tears from falling.

“I love you – you and Draco-“


“I did everything – everything – you hear me? I did everything to protect you and Draco!”

“I DID EVERYTHING TO PROTECT DRACO! YOU NEVER PROTECTED US!” Narcissa angrily yelled at him. “I was the one who made us all survive this war!”

She was breathless.

She was fuming in anger and Lucius saw her face turn from red to pale and looked like she suddenly have difficulty breathing.

“Cissy-“ Lucius worriedly whispered and for the briefest moment, he moved forward and in his worry for Narcissa, he accidently touched through the grills of the cell and a vast and electrocuting pain passed him.

Narcissa silently and calmly watched as he screamed momentarily and he dropped back over the stone floor, curled and gasping in severe pain.

“Narcissa..” he gasped and Narcissa could swear that there were tears included in the cry of his word. “Please, Cissy…”

“I do not wish for this conversation to continue any longer.” Narcissa said in a quiet tone as she took two steps back from the gates.

Lucius slowly looked up at her with sweat, tears and desperation all over his face.


“I wish..” she paused, breathing heavily as if she had difficulty to speak any longer, “I wish that in your time here Lucius.. in all the years you would spend here, you would come to reflect and understand as I have that prestige.. that name and money were never been everything.”

“Please don’t leave me..Cissy.. forgive me.. forgive me..”

Her eyes slowly narrowed and her breathing was beginning to be tight and difficult.

Narcissa tried to avert her eyes from Lucius.

“Please forgive me.. I beg you.. I beg for your f-forgiveness..and D-Draco’s.. Draco..” Lucius cried desperately.

“I forgive you.” Narcissa shortly spoke with utter coldness in her voice. “But I cannot answer for Draco’s forgiveness.”

“Cissy.. my son.. my only son.. “

“Goodbye, Lucius.” Naricsa whisered turning away from him before he could see the tears that were forming in her beautiful eyes. “May you find room to forgive yourself as well.”

And with that, she turned completely away, walking in a calm and well-paced manner as she tried to block away the echo of Lucius’ cries of regret and desperation to gain forgiveness as he calls her and Draco’s name.


















Narcissa closed her eyes and breathed in and out several times.

She waited and waited until the pain had come to pass inside her.

Her knuckles already white as she tightly gripped the ends of her armchair as the pain passed her.

The moment had passed as quickly as it had come.

She opened her eyes and her visions slowly returned back to normal.

The previous argument with Draco had taken much of her energy already and that’s when she knew that she was really dying.

She had been out for a few hours and Draco was as brilliant as suspecting already of her.

Her eyes settled back over her large mahogany desk where she finished signing documents after another.

Everything was secured and settled into place.

Everything was going to be alright now for Draco – his future was secured.

So was Snape’s.

She had documented and spared all the inheritance Draco would come to get and receive the moment she passes while Snape would receive in his personal account certain amount of money he would be able to use once the years of seclusion was over.

He would never have to worry for the next galleon nor the next meal he was going to eat.

Other than these ofcourse, she made sure that his supplies would never run out.

She may be running out of time in her life, but she was a bit cleverer than father time.

She managed to secure Snape and Draco’s future altogether.

Even Hermione’s.



She closed her eyes and sighed heavily at the thought of Hermione.

What a headache the Muggle-Born had been.

But she wasn’t going to lie to herself that she had grown to care for her – even for the slightest bit.

She was indeed a very undesirable victim of this war – of her demented sister.

Even if she was from the other side of the war, she didn’t deserve what happened to her.

And if she dies, it would be on Narcissa and her conscience this time around.

She had the choice and the power to ensure and secure her safety through the years and she’s managed just that.

She took pity on the child – yes, she was still a child – but that wasn’t enough reason for her to pity her.



It was Draco.

Draco’s undeniable feelings for the girl after all these years for her came as a great big blow for her.

She barely managed it and could barely believe and grasp the idea of it – but it came from Draco’s mouth.

He was deeply in love with the Muggle-Born.

How she despised the idea of it.

But he was her son – her only beloved son – and she would not be able to stand his suffering.

She would have done whatever it has to take her to still give in to her son’s despicable life desires and decisions.

Draco mattered to her more than anything in the world and therefore, Draco’s heart’s deepest desires would still be fulfilled despite and in spite of it all.

It wasn’t easy as it was a strong contradiction to her own beliefs, but she had to do it.

Anything for Draco.

And so without much of a choice, she agreed to help Snape to save Hermione’s life out of a miserable fate – or rather, more miserable fate.

But she wasn’t going to be caught red-handed through all of it.

She would help, give all the aid in the world that Snape would require for Hermione – but Draco should never catch her red-handed in the whole situation.

She was saving her life for Draco and was obviously trying to rid her and Snape’s guilt out of all their sins but she was still very much guilty of Hermione’s present predicament and suffering.

Narcissa knew deep in her heart that she was by no means innocent nor hands free from all the guilt of what Hermione would be enduring or had been enduring in those long years.

And that’s where Snape comes in – to wash her hands off from the filth that her sister created.

No, she wasn’t using nor betraying Snape.

But he was the right chess piece at the right moment and place.

He was the perfect chess piece that she required in order to accomplish Draco’s wish.

And he trusted her beyond anyone else.

And she desperately needed Snape as well in order to ensure Draco’s safety.

If she was going to take a look at the whole situation, there was nothing to lose – each of them would get what they wanted.

Draco’s wish to ensure Hermione’s safety and her survival in the war would be accomplished.

Whilst through this, Snape would be the one to oversee that this is thoroughly done – and he would never have to lift a finger because she would be providing him with everything he would need and require to accomplish the first task at hand.

And by doing so, Snape would also be ensured safety and protection that he would live through and survive the war as well.

And by that happening, he would be able to ensure Draco’s safety – incase she passes in an untimely death.

Everyone will get everything they wanted.

Well, sort of.

Weeks? Months? Years?

A few years would quickly come and pass and surely after, Snape would and could return Hermione back to the Order of the Phoenix.

Harry Potter would still get what he wanted – Hermione Granger, alive after all the years.

Once back there, she was sure that Harry Potter would take her back and thus, she was very sure that he would protect her and never let her in any harm’s way.

And in doing so, it would be ensure that even if she survives and lives, Draco wouldn’t be able to do anything to get in their way – thus, ensuring her to her death that Draco would still never end up with the Muggle-Born despite gaining his desire to let Hermione live through it all.


Everything was perfectly planned.

Everything was brilliant and would fall into their right places accordingly.


Narcissa nodded to herself as she kept repeating the cycle of her plan and how it would benefit each and every one who were involved in it.

It was a win-win situation for everyone else.

It wasn’t going to be an easy one to execute, but if all goes according to her will and plans, nobody was going to die and everyone else gets whatever it is that they desired.

Narcissa smiled and nodded to herself, convincing herself that this was a good plan and all intentions behind it were for the greater good – and would save more than one life.

And then her eyes narrowed – a possible loophole.

But the idea of it was quickly brushed away when she was certain how to prevent it.

Hermione Granger, no matter how intelligent she may be and of the stories she’s heard of her – she wasn’t sure and doesn’t know what’s in her heart.

She may be intellectual and logical, also very full of valor and kindness – but these weren’t enough reason for her to be secure and sure that she was going to take Snape’s decisions and protection of her in good graces.

She was never going to be sure if Hermione Granger would ever have the conscience to give back all the protection that Snape would provide her.

She was sure there was going to be questions at Snape’s part and worst comes to worst, he could be jailed into Azkaban if things go down the drain.

No, that wasn’t going to happen – she wasn’t going to let that happen.

Snape was too dear for her, too beloved to her heart for her to just let him spend the rest of his days at Azkaban.

No, she had to secure his future – the rest of his life – before she dies.

Because at the end of the day, Snape was as good as family for her and Draco and she wasn’t going to let anything happen to him.

Narcissa closed her eyes and breathed heavily already knowing what to do.

She slowly took her wand out from the inside of her robes.

There was only one solution to her last remaining problem.


A swish and sacred like circle was done and something was conjured up from out of thin air.

Something black and beautiful had slowly appeared and had slowly lowered itself in front of her over the mahogany desk.

A page was flipped open on the middle of it and something that looked like a journal.

Narcissa whispered and chanted nonstop under her breath – calling in the gods of the heavens and lore, calling out everything she could.

Something at the tip of her wand that was the jet spark of purple dispensed and slowly enveloped itself around the journal.

The thread of light that engulfed it slowly emitted sparks and extended its way towards her forehead and temples.

Narcissa closed her eyes, keeping the end of the wand pointed over the journal as she muttered nonstop under her breath.

It wouldn’t take a genius to know it was a combination of brilliance and Dark Magic that was taking place at that very moment.

But it doesn’t matter for her.

She would use every last bit and ounce of her energy to ensure that her plans were fully accomplished no matter what it takes.

“Gemino!” Narcissa calmly muttered in barely a whisper.

Something purple and black shot out from the end of her wand.

She pointed it directly over the journal and the black and purple smoke thickened by the moment and slowly enlarged itself, forming into a formidable shape.

No sooner than a minute or so, the lights turned into thick smoke, creating a certain pattern and shape.

Her beautiful eyes settled over the smoke that was forming a shape that was coming altogether.

The smoke enlarged itself enough to take its place and form out of the table and before the table.

Narcissa followed its trail and tried to digest what was happening before her.

She remained still and passive, watching carefully and observing fully the Dark Magic that she has conjured for the first time in her life.

She’s only ever read it once and heard of it but has never used it herself.

It was one dangerous form of Dark Magic not only for its source but for the purposes that it could be used.

But no, this time, even if it was Dark Magic – it was meant to save a life.

The smoke whirled and whirled and thickened and slowly faded into a solid shape.

Her eyes narrowed and then slowly widened at the figure it was slowly forming into.

Her eyes transfixed at the progress of the magic and the intensity of the power before her.

If she wanted to back away it was very much late by now.


The figure from smoke had now turned into an almost recognizable shape.

Narcissa gasped at the magic she has created and invoked.

Her eyes very wide at the very sight before her as the smoke completely vanished, clearing away and exposing a life-size shape that was complete in all details except for one thing – emotions.

Narcissa slowly stood up, wand still in her hand and her eyes watering at the sight before her.

Everything was there – in complete and utter details.

The figure was still and it took her a moment to remember she had to say something for it to come to its full form.

She waved her wand without blinking and uttered another word.

It was scary as the transformation from lights to smoke into a thick misty shape and had come at its end, forming what Narcissa had hoped it would form into.

Narcissa’s mouth slowly opened and had ran dry as she stood there, eyes transfixed back at the very same pair of eyes now slowly turning up and staring back at her like some clear reflection that had risen from clear water.

She was unmoving but her eyes that was that of Narcissa’s creepily settled over her.

Narcissa was frozen on the spot for a moment as she stared up at the figure.


It was unbelievable.

Their resemblance was uncanny but there was something more scary and hollow in the figure’s soul-less form.

After a while, she found her senses back and pointed her hand up towards the figure’s forehead with a slightly shaking hand.

Something glowing, something long and  blue shot out from it and pelted straight to the figure’s forehead.

The eyes had closed in and Narcissa watched as the long blue thread continuously flowed from her wand and towards the mind of the woman standing before her that held all the same features she had.


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