Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter Thirty Five

Trains and Trials 




Hermione was vaguely woken in her sleep by Snape who walked around their room as if looking for something.

 “What is it?” she muttered from their bed as she pulled covers around her naked body due to the temperature in the room.

“It’s still early.” Snape answered as he crossed the clothing littered carpeted end of their bed.


“Go back to sleep.” Snape gently said as he bent over and picked up something and threw over a bag.

Hermione brushed her eyes and tried to clear her visions.

She was too sleepy but the movements he was making in the room was somewhat bothering her sleep.

He could see his silhouette in their darkened room moving back and forth as he looked for one object after anther and threw to a bag at the other end of the room.

“Are you leaving?” Hermione asked slightly alarmed and suddenly feeling awake.

“Just for a few hours.” Snape answered her. “I’ll be back right after lunch.”

Hermione’s eyes narrowed.

He was going to go away again.

She was sure that he was going to some sort of ‘out of town’ business again that she wasn’t supposed to ask more questions about.

“The cupboards are filled with things you can prepare for your meal.”

Oh, he was prepared as Hermione thought so.

This very short trip was quite planned.

The pantry was usually only filled with ready to make meals or snacks because he usually cooked everything fresh.

But to have ‘meals’ prepared and kept in their storage meant that he had been planning this ahead of time.

“Don’t go.” Hermione softly said from the bed as she sat up. “Just stay.”

Snape ignored her as he continued to pack.

He needed to be away for several hours.

Narcissa had sent him message that she was terribly not feeling well and he knew that he needed to tend to her as soon as possible.

She has noted that she has sent Draco for two days on a business trip with lies that he was to make a deal with a Russian investor.

In truth, there was a Russian investor – who was more than willing to visit London for the business transaction.

But Narcissa had been feeling ill for weeks now and it was her only chance to have Snape see her and Draco was getting in the way of it.

He couldn’t miss the chance of seeing Narcissa while she had the chance to send Draco away

He couldn’t just neglect Narcissa.

He clung to her for many things more than one since their Hogwarts days.

It was his time to repay all those debts to the lady Malfoy.

But most importantly she was the only friend he had at the moment.

The only one who knew of this secret he had been keeping for six years now.

She was the only woman who could help them and who could help Hermione should something unwanted happen to him.

He needed Narcissa Malfoy more than she could possibly ever need him.

“Why don’t you calm down?”

Snape halted his movements.

A pair of warm hands embraced him from behind.

Hermione stood behind him with nothing but the blanket from the bed.

She slowly moved both her arms from behind him and gently traced his abdominal area, his the sides of his arms and settled them over the tie of his bath robes.

He closed his eyes and sighed heavily trying to take control over himself.

Each moment that passed that she touched him, the evidence of her power over him was clearer by the second.

“Hermione.” Snape said as he slowly took hold of both of her wrists to stop her from untying his bathrobes.

“Don’t go.” Hermione whispered placing gentle kisses over the silk bathrobe he had over himself.

“Hermione, this isn’t the time for this.” Snape said although he continued to let her kiss him.

He sighed as her hands moved over his biceps, gently tracing the silk cloth and enticing him with her touches.

“Tell me where you’re going.” Hermione softly said. “If this is too important then tell me where you’re going.”

“Business.” Snape managed to mutter beneath his body that he was beginning to lose control over.

“We still have food, you don’t have to go.” Hermione said as she moved his hands away from the tie of his robes.

“That’s not how business go, Hermione.”

“In your rules.” Hermione said almost bitterly. “Right? Your rules?”

“Yes.” Snape muttered. “My fucking rules.”

Hermione gasped.

Snape suddenly taken hold of her and pulled her up to his front.

She gave no sign of fear as she stood before him with a defiant stance.

“What?” she asked with a raised brow. “Where are you going?”

“Somewhere you have no concern over.” Snape told her.

Hermione looked angered but she didn’t say anything.

She moved his hands from her and shook her head.

“Rough years has passed and still anything you do is none of my business, isn’t it?” she asked.

“You know why there are things you can’t meddle with.”

“Am I meddling?” Hermione snapped at him. “I’m only asking.”

“Hermione, it does not concern you so there’s no need-“

“No need to ask if it does not concern me. But even if it concerns me, I can’t ask, can I?”

Snape didn’t say anything.

She had a very obvious point.

“Don’t you trust me?” she asked almost at the verge of tears. “Do you know how frustrating this is?”

“Frustrating?” Snape asked her in an annoyed tone.

How could she ask her such things when he was the one frustrated over the years of what has become of him and his plans.

“Yes. Frustrating, Severus. Fucking frustrating. You’ve kept me here and still you don’t trust me.”

“I kept you here for a reason.” Snape said his tone getting louder. “I did not keep you here for nothing.”

“Oh, I’m sure.” Hermione spat at him as she moved away and crossed the room.

“What did you say?” Snape asked as he followed her back at the other end of the room.

“It’s nothing. Go as you wish.” Hermione said.

Snape reached her and grabbed her arm painfully.

He made her face him as she looked back at him with those angry eyes he had seen only on several occasions.

The fire in her has not died completely.

He wasn’t sure if it was something he should be happy about.


“I said, go as you wish!” she said struggling as Snape painfully held her by the arm.

She tugged and tugged but he wouldn’t let her go.

“My arm-“

“Hermione, I’m not going to leave with you like this again-“

“Me like this again?” Hermione repeated. “It’s me, again?”


“Just fucking go!”

“Why can’t we talk about it?”

“Because we never talk!” Hermione angrily screamed at him with eyes wide in anger.

Snape stopped in mid-action and stared down at her tearful eyes.


“No, we never talk! We never really do!” she screamed at him.

Suddenly, her anger seemed to be coming somewhere else and from some other reason or occasion that she had kept for so long.


“You don’t talk to me about things. You don’t trust me.”

“Ofcourse I trust you.”

“Sometimes I ask myself what’s even going on between us..” Hermione said tears now evident in her eyes.

“I don’t understand-“

“What do you?” Hermione asked him. “What do you know about relationships?”


“You know that?” she asked trying to stop her tears. “I ask myself what I really am to you.”

“You don’t need to ask that.”

“Because you also don’t know?” she asked him with a challenged gaze. “You don’t know what I am to you, do you?”

He opened his mouth but no words came out.

Hermione’s eyes glinted.

He clenched his fists.

“Are we not in a relationship here?” Hermione asked him straight.

He opened his mouth again in an attempt to answer this question which she had already asked on a few other occasions.

“Well?” she asked him waiting.

It was so obvious that she had been waiting for a very long time to really ask him this question.

And Snape was nowhere prepared for this situation.

He knew it would be inevitable but he had never come into terms to himself to see what things really were.

“Answer me!”

There was definite anger in her tone now.

“Hermione, please don’t talk this way-“

“No, I need to know!” she demanded. “I know we’ve been put into this situation together – but – but the years – did they not change what was? What we were? Are we not somewhere else?”

Ofcourse they were somewhere else and there was no question to that.

Ofcourse six years ago she was his student and today that was no longer.

He slept with her, kissed her, caressed her and did everything he could do to show how passionate he was about her.

How crazy he was about her.

Ofcourse things has changed.

“You’re a coward, you know that right?” Hermione’s voice suddenly came.

Anger came rising inside of him at those words.

“What did you say?”

“I said, you’re a coward. You couldn’t even utter what we are.” Hermione said obviously hurt.

She pushed him aside as she crossed the room to go to the bathroom but Snape grabbed her by the waist.

“I’m not a coward.”

“Let me go.”

“I said, I’m not a coward!”

“And I said, let me go!”


“If you trust me, if we’re in a relationship, we’d be equal – you’d treat me equally and you’d tell me everything-“

“I need to keep things from you to protect you-“

“Protect my arse!” Hermione furiously yelled at him. “Harry would never have done this to me!”

Snape blinked and stared.

Hermione also stopped and stared.

It was like she realized that she had reached her limit.

It was like it was some sort of taboo to speak of Harry or even his mere name before Snape.

She had always been extremely careful into brining him up or mentioning him in any sort of way.

She had seen in occasions more than once how he reacted upon hearing the boy’s name.

“We’re going there, really?” Snape asked after what felt like an eternity before he recovered from her words.

Hermione bit her lower lip.

She now looked hesitant to open her mouth incase it would make another mistake of mentioning the boy.

He was of their past. Of her past as far as the both of them were concerned.

“You really want to go there, Hermione?” he asked her angrily.

“No.” Hermione quickly said. “Severus, all I’m trying to say is that-“

But her words no longer mattered.

Snape had angrily grabbed her and pushed her roughly back on the bed.

Hermione struggled for a moment but he hovered over her and roughly kissed her.

His hands moved and scratched her skin in his fiery passion for her.

Hermione was torn if she was going to hurt him back and free herself from him or completely surrender at the attention he was giving her and had been longing just a while ago.

Hermione moaned and screamed as he touched her and kissed her almost savagely.

Clothes and time completely forgotten, Snape had Hermione completely naked within seconds as he pushed himself inside of her.

Her fingers painfully dug over at the sides of his arms as he spread her legs wide and placed them over his shoulders as he pushed in and out of her in a fast, painful and very deep pace.

He tried his best to keep his eyes open to see her pleasured yet agonized expression.

Her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth opened and closed in between gasps, scream of pleasure and breathless utter of his name.


It was so beautiful when his name came out of her mouth.

And just as she had forgotten about their argument, Snape had lost himself inside of her completely knowing that as the weeks, months and years passed by, he knew that their relationship was beyond what it could be called.

He had lost control of himself and had lost control of the plans he originally had in mind.

And despite all his power, influence and dominance over her, he feared her.

He feared of her knowing all he kept from her to the point that if one day when she finds out, she would eventually realize what he really was and she would finally decide to truly leave him.

And he knew that he was going to die if ever that happens.









Lupin was more than confused upon hearing from Harry that he immediately had to see him.

He sent note to the Weasleys about Harry’s request in case it was something of importance that was related to Hermione.

But upon arriving at the coffee shop that Harry requested him to meet, Lupin wasn’t sure if sending notice to the Weasleys was the right course.

Harry sat by a large area in the coffee shop with several shopping bags all over the chairs and two tables.

“Order something to eat, I’ll pay for it. We might take long.” Harry said as he enlisted a couple of the things from the bags.

Lupin stared at the boy.

He did not look bothered by the upcoming trial nor did he look that like the monster that Hermione feared he was becoming.

“What’s going on?” he asked him as he sat opposite Harry.

“I went shopping.” Harry simply replied listing a couple more things. “For the wedding and our honeymoon.”

Lupin’s brows raised.

As far as he knows, there was no wedding in Hermione’s opinion.

“Wedding?” he asked.

“Yes.” Harry said matter-of-factly. “My wedding.”

Lupin stared.

Was Harry this far out from reality?

How could he have not seen it?

How could he have neglected the boy’s emotional and mental needs?

“I need your opinion over these clothes.” Harry said handing over a large paper bag.

Lupin took it without question.

He opened it and stare at the contents.

“Winter clothes?” he asked him.

Harry only nodded as he finished a check list and went over the next.

“I’ve checked a place at either Denmark or New Zealand where we’d stay right after the wedding. I’d like your opinion if these clothes would be suitable for the place. I’m not sure how cold it is there.”

Lupin was lost for words.

Harry was planning to marry her and then bring her far and away from everyone for who knows how long.

“I’m not quite sure, Harry.” Lupin honestly said as he quietly observed the other bags around them.

Harry’s brows furrowed but he didn’t say anything.

“Well fine then.” Harry said almost irritably. “Can you just check if this list is the complete list of guest I should invite or did I miss anyone?”

Lupin took the planner he had been writing on.

Lupin pretended to be reading as Harry rearranged the clothes in the paper bags around them.

He kept talking about the clothes and about the possible sights to bring Hermione and the food he has read about the two countries he had been considering.

Lupin opened the notebook then and read through.

He had invited the WEasleys as well as other important Auror friends and Hogwarts friends.

Professors at Hogwarts were also invited just as head of departments at the Ministry of Magic.

Judging by Harry’s list, it seems like he wanted the entire Wizarding world to be witness at their wedding.

Money wasn’t a question in how much was to be spent on this wedding for he knew that Harry had more than enough money.

But the question was the time.

A wedding as grand as the one he seemed to be planning -  by himself – would take weeks and months.

Did they have enough time to help Hermione?

“Is there a wedding date already?” Lupin slowly asked him, fishing.

Harry didn’t answer him.


“Soon.” Harry answered almost irritably as he folded several of the clothes. “You’d be my best man, yes?” he asked him as he looked up at him.

It was the first time that Harry looked straight at him since he had arrived.

Something was innocent, hopeful and yet deeply scary in those emerald eyes that he had never noticed before.

“Yes.” Lupin answered him. “Yes, ofcourse Harry.”

Harry nodded happily at him and tapped his shoulders.

There seemed to be a momentarily relief over his face.

“Boy, I tell you wedding plans are not easy-“

“Why don’t you plan it with Hermione?” he slowly asked.

A dark glint passed Harry’s eyes but it quickly vanished.

“She’s already so stressed out with the trial. She shouldn’t be stressed with this any longer.”

“But it’s also her wedding.” Lupin gently reminded him as his ordered coffee arrived.

“Yeah, but as I said, I can handle this.”

“If you’re getting stressed or it’s too much for her to handle at the moment, why don’t you delay it a little?” he suggested.

“What?” Harry suddenly said.

There was change in his tone and facial expression.

“What did you say?”

Lupin stared and nodded at him.

“I only meant that you should delay it if it’s both stressing you out. You can finish the trial first then together you can enjoy planning it together.”

“Do I look like I’m not enjoying it?” Harry asked him.

“That’s not what I meant.” Lupoin answered matching his gaze.

Harry stared at him and knew that above everyone else, it was Lupin he wouldn’t be able to intimidate on matter the situation.

Harry blinked and looked away.

“I only want things to be perfect and I don’t want to stress Hermione out.”

“I understand.” Lupin said as he continued to observe him. “But when is this? You have to let me know because I need to organize my schedule. Being a best man is a big part of the-“

“You would know when you need to know.” Harry cut him short. “And at the moment, there’s nothing else you need to know.”


“I said I’ll tell you when it’s time to tell you.”

Lupin didn’t say anything.

Harry’s tone was as indifferent as his expression.

There was a glint in his eyes that told Lupin that there was no monster growing in Harry.

 But instead, the monster had already grown in its full glory without any of them noticing and getting the better of it.








Hermione quietly sat by the table in the coffee shop.

She had only been here once in her entire life several years ago.

That felt like just yesterday and yet it has been years.

It also oddly felt like a lifetime ago.

But the chance and circumstance of that was far different from what it was years later – what it was today.

Her brown eyes settled upon the breakfast in front of her.

Orange juice, a platter of scrambled eggs and sausages with mashed potato with herbs on the side and some toasts.

A hearty and healthy breakfast just for her.

“Thank you.” Hermione said as the waited settled the plan dark coffee over the opposite side of the table.

What was taking Severus quite long in the luggage counter?

 He had checked in her baggage and told her that he was just going to buy something in the small shop near the station’s cashier area.

Did he abandon her?

She could only laugh at the prospect of that.

No, he wasn’t about to do that.

He could have done that years ago.

He could have abandoned her seven years ago.

Seven years.

It was finally over.

The Urduja Curse was finally out of her system.

They had victory over Bellatrix’s spell and they had successfully killed the curse inside of her.

She was finally free.

She was finally going back to Harry and the others.

But did she really want to go back to them?

Did she not live a new life, a life far and different from what was seven years earlier?

“Everything alright?” Snape asked her as he came to their table.

Hermione blinked and looked up upon seeing him.

He looked stressed as usual with dark circles around his eyes.

But he looked like he had been preparing himself for this day.

“Train leaves in an hour.” Snape told her with a curt smile as he handed across the table a small envelope and card.

Her train ticket.

Her freedom.

“The train will lead straight at the London station. From there, I’ve arrange a service for you to be taken at a hotel under a different name so that you could rest.” Snape casually told her as he grabbed his coffee from the table and gently stirred it.

Hermione glared quietly at him as he explained the agenda and route she was to follow.

He was so casual and business-like about it at the same time.

Did he not have any emotion about this?

“From the hotel, I believe you already know what to do next.”

“Are you not coming with me yet?” Hermione slowly asked him.

He didn’t answer.

In fact, he avoided her gaze.

“Severus?” she repeated looking closely at him.

“I have arrangements to be settled, Hermione.” Snape answered.

He finished stirring and he stared up at her half-annoyed expression.

“Really?” she asked him with a quirked brow.

“Really.” Snape answered. “We’ve already settled the plans upon arriving, Hermione.”

“Yes, as usual.” Hermione said “Your plans.”

Snape sat back in his chair and stared at her.

“We’re really going to do this now?” he asked her.

Hermione looked slightly guilty.

No, she didn’t want to fight now.

She didn’t want to fight ever again.

But how can she possibly convince him to come with him?

“Severus-“ Hermione gently said reaching across the table for his hand.

He didn’t move it when she placed it over his but neither did he touch her.

He was avoiding all possible contact from her may it be physical or just eye.

“We already talked about this, Hermione.” Snape said as he gently removed his hand from beneath hers.

“Yeah.” Hermione answered sarcastically. “So you’re just going to dump me off like that, won’t you?”

Snape stared up at her as she sat back on her chair and folded her arms.

Her facial expression told him that this conversation was far from over.

“I’m not dumping you off like some garbage, Hermione.”

“Oh, yeah right. You’re bringing me into the train.”

Snape didn’t want to cause a scene in the small and quiet coffee shop.

“This isn’t any easier for me, Hermione.”

“There are things we can do but you try so hard to avoid.”

He sighed heavily and sat back on the chair.

“We already agreed about this. We already talked and agreed about the agenda to be done. Please do not make this harder for the two of us.”

Hermione didn’t say anything.

She wasn’t sure how she could convince him to come with her.

If he does not come with her, she wasn’t even sure she was ever going to see him again.

Her expression changed.

She tried to reach for his hand with both of hers.

Snape reluctantly withdrew his hand but she held them tight.


“Sev.” Hermione gently said. “Please trust me when I tell you that we can do this together.”

“Finish your breakfast.” Snape only replied to her.

Hermione looked defiant.

“I’m not a child, Severus.” Hermione said. “I’m not a child.”

Snape looked back at her almost smiling at what she had said.

“No.” Snape whispered at her. “I know you’re not. You had grown into something far more than a beautiful woman.”

He looked up at her and wanted to cry for some stupid reason.

He trusted her – he trusted her with all of the morsel in his body.

He trusted her beyond he has trusted anyone.

He has given her as much as she had given him.

But she wasn’t his and she will never be his.

The curse was over.

His duty over her was over.

It was time for him to bring her back to where she really belonged.

Snape sighed heavily and gently moved his hands over hers instead.

He bent forward and kissed her hands in his.

He tried so hard to keep the tears from his eyes from leaking.

“Severus.” Hermione gently said with a small and forced smile.

Worry and fear were evident over her facial features.

“I love you.” Hermione said. “I really do love you, Severus.”

Snape smiled at her – something he rarely ever did.

Hermione pressed her hands over his.

“Don’t you love me too?” she softly asked him with a hopeful glimmer in her eyes.

Snape sighed at her in resignation.

He gently touched the back of her hand before slowly letting it go.

“The train leaves in an hour, Hermione.” Snape softly said. “Finish your breakfast so we can leave soon. I’d just go to buy you some snacks for your journey. We don’t want you late on your way back home.”

And before Hermione could even say or do anything at all, he had left the table without another word.








“Just think about it.” Hermione’s soft voice muttered. “Don’t you want it?”

Snape sighed heavily.

Actually, he couldn’t think of anything else at the moment.

“Can’t..” Snape mumbled. “Think.. now..”

“I only asked you if you could think about seriously considering a child, Severus.”

Hermione’s lips moved and kissed his lips, the side of his chin, his neckline, the scars along his chest area and his abdomen.

She settled herself between his legs and were planting soft kisses along his abdominal area.

Her tongue also gently flickered at certain areas she knew he was greatly affected.

The little chit knew where it would affect him and how exactly to touch those spots.

“Hermione.” Snape managed to growl her name as her lips nipped the part along his waist that was just right above the boundary that would lead her to his southern parts.

“Yes?” she purred as her tongue flickered and licked this part of him.

Snape’s fingers lost control and flew right over her soft chestnut tresses.

Hermione smirked at the sensation of his fingers grinding over her scalp.

She knew when he was exactly losing control and usually, it was the time she could ask him certain requests.

“Hermione, I can’t..” he breathed out as Hermione gentl settled herself closer beween his legs.

He felt her soft hair move around at the side of his laps.

“Fuck.” Snape said out loud as she felt Hermione reach for his long and hard member.

“Yes?” she asked him as her fingers gently and teasingly held his member.

“Your mouth…” Snape breathed out heavily.

He tried to keep his eyes open but the sensation of her fingers drew him out of breath and held him down helplessly.

Her fingers had learned where and how exactly to touch him.

“Mouth..” Snape breathed heavily. “Please.. please..”

Hermione grinned further as she heard him beg.

She liked when he begged her.

It gave her the smallest amount of dominance she barely ever had.

Hermione looked down at his helpless and longing figure.

“Please..” he begged her breathlessly his fingers shaking in anticipation.

Hermione smirked and looked down.

She gently moved her head closer and lowered it the moment it was between his legs.

He was already severely leaking even before she did anything at all.

She gently opened her mouth and licked the tips of his member.

Snape growled out her name louder.

He was shuddering at the first contact of her tongue over the leaking tip of his member.

Hermione slightly groaned in pain as Snape pulled her hair up with his tight grasp and edged her to begin.

She opened her mouth again and kissed its tip and licked the side of his long shaft.

She was mercilessly teasing him.

Wherever she learned to do these things?

Snape quietly cursed himself.

Ofcourse from him.

He only taught her a handful of things and her brilliant little mind worked its way up and ahead of him.

He felt like he was going to pass out.

Soon, he felt her hot mouth open up and she took his leaking shaft inside her mouth.

Her head began to bob up and down as she tried to take all of him inside her mouth.

He could hear the sounds she was making as her head moved back and forth to accommodate his very long and large member.

It left him breathless.

He straddled her form between his legs and edged her closer.

He held her hair to control her speed and he could hear her gag in her mouth at the speed he wanted.

But he didn’t really care about that.

He knew that she was enjoying herself down there just as he was as he had proven several times already.

He shuddered, moaned and growled loudly like some animal as Hermione gave him pleasure like he has never had from anyone before.

He could feel himself bursting any minute now.

At the thought of it, he held her hair tighter and moved her head faster.

He could almost hear her choking but she didn’t struggle against him.

Hermione was breathless.

She sucked and sucked and felt his large member [K1] move in and out of her mouth in a manner that only Snape could control.

It was always this way.

It had always been this way.

Tears streaked down from her eyes at the manner and pace that Snape usually had for her.

As pleasurable as it was, it was almost merciless of him.

She felt herself gag and choke momentarily.

And then she felt him tighten his grasp over her head.

He was coming closer and closer.

She closed her eyes tightly.

She knew that she couldn’t draw back and Snape wouldn’t allow that either.

Despite that she didn’t like the idea of it, she willingly gave him oral sex just because he enjoyed it.

What she didn’t like was the idea of him coming into her mouth.

But it seemed to her through the years that it was the part he actually anticipated and enjoyed the most.

The moment his fingers tightened around her head she knew that he was about to come.

She only sob at the idea of it as she knew there wasn’t she could do.

She choked again as he pulled her head in a faster pace that she should catch up with.

Sooner, she heard him grown in relief and before she knew it, he came all the way right into her mouth.

Her head automatically backed away but Snape held it in place.

She had no choice.

She swallowed and swallowed hard.

It felt like he had a lot more to give than it always seemed.

“Swallow.” Hermione heard Snape gently command. “Swallow.”

Hermione nodded as she cried and swallowed.

It took a moment for Snape to recover from it.

He gently then moved himself from her as she was left there with all his cum around at the side of her face, the chin and around her lips.

Her eyes were streaked with tears as she pulled and forced herself to curl into a ball.

Snape knew how much she hated that but there was something that felt so good when he came into her mouth.

It made him feel in control of everything.

It made him feel like he was in control of everything once more after her dominance over him.

Snape opened his eyes and heavily breath as he lay at the other end of the bed.

He could hear her sobs.

“Sweetheart?” he gently called out reaching for her hand.

She withdrew it away from him.

“I told you..” Hermione sobbed unable to finish her words.

Snape cursed himself quietly.

She already told him many times that she didn’t like that.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.” Snape said, recovering and slowly moving closer to her on the bed.

She curled over and turned away from him.

Despite the mess around her face, he quietly grinned at the sight of it.

He gently moved to her and with his hand, he slowly cleaned the side of her face.

“Sweetheart,, come here.” Snape said edging her to him.

Hermione didn’t move and looked away from him.

“Sweetheart?” he softly said tracing her legs that was also filled with his dried cum from earlier.

“You wouldn’t have a child but you would do just about everything you want to do with me.”

Snape looked up and heard the hurt in her tone.

She just didn’t understand the complexity of her request.

No matter how long it had been, they couldn’t and shouldn’t have a child.

He had been extremely careful all these years and he wasn’t going to just be crazy and miserable and all out on that.

He still had to be careful about everything.

Hermione gently cried.

She felt his lips move from her shoulder blades, the side of her arms and then her neckline.

“I love you.” Snape muttered along her neckline and gently pulling up the blankets over them.


“I love you and that should be enough should it not?” he asked turning her to him.

Hermione stared at his black eyes.

There was still something secretive and shallow in them.

Something she just couldn’t break through no matter what.

“Don’t you love me?” he slowly asked her.

Hermione looked up at him and guilt was evident over her face.

“Don’t you?”

“I love you.” Hermione answered as she slowly turned to him and welcome him in her arms.

Snape smiled at her and caressed her face.

He placed gentle kisses over her forehead and pulled her closer to him.

He knew how much she wanted those small gestures.

Snape pulled the blankets over them and kept her still in his arms with his hand gently running along her tresses.

They lay there quietly and Snape knew that sooner or later Hermione would soon fall asleep.

Five years.

Five years it has been.

The changes were stunning.

Despite her resolution to accept things and to offer herself and love for him wholeheartedly he still didn’t feel better about things.

He still knew that he had to bring her back.

He still knew that he had to take her back to them once the seven years were over.

And he felt that it would be the hardest thing he would ever have to do.

But it must be done.

She couldn’t stay with him.

No, she couldn’t.

She had to succumb to the rule she had placed no matter if she didn’t understand them.

He had reason for all these rules he gave her.

For soon after they had both accomplished what should be, he would bring her back.

She was not his no matter the years that has passed and the feelings that has changed.

He was hers until the curse was over.

He was hers until he kills the curse inside of her.

But once everything was done, he had to take her back no matter what.

He may be a murderer, a rapist, a Death Eater and many other despicable things.

But he was a man loyal to his word.

He would bring her back when the time was up.

Snape looked down at her now sleeping form.

He kissed her forehead gently.

How innocent she was in the life that had been thrown at them.

How undeserving she was of the life bestowed upon her.

Snape closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

She was his as long as he has not accomplished what has to be accomplished.

He loved her. He loves her.

But she wasn’t his and he was willing to bring her back to them to give her the life she truly deserves to live.

But until then, she was his beloved.

Hermione Granger was his until that time comes.

Snape closed his eyes and sighed and begged for some sleep.

He would soon fall asleep as well.

He begged to fall asleep even for the smallest amount of time before the curse takes its course upon him.

For later, he was to be woken by the pain that the curse would bring as what was due to happen every single time that he takes her.  




“Are you alright?” Draco asked.

Hermione quietly nodded.

The elevators at the Ministry moved two more floors.

There was still about three more before they reach their destination.

Hermione had been quiet the entire journey to the Ministry of Magic.

It was another trial day and this time around, she wasn’t with Harry.

She was going to be with Draco – the Defense Council of the accused.

It was surely going to be some sort of scandal.

But Draco was prepared to raise the fact and evidences that Hermione was being battered by Harry.

They had prepared for that one incase it was brought up which was likely going to happen.

Hermione was silent as she watched Draco nervously straighten out his robes.

He looked very professional and intelligent at the way he held himself.

Hermione almost grinned at the idea of it.

Who would have thought that they would be in this position years later after their Hogwarts days.

Soon, the elevator doors opened and they’ve reached their destined floor.

“Ready?” he asked turning to her.

Hermione stared at the outside of the elevator where the darkened hallway leading to the atrium of the court house led.

Draco was straightening out his hair when he felt her slowly grasp his hand.

“Ready.” Hermione quietly said with her eyes straight ahead.

She didn’t say anything else.

Neither did he.

He firmly pressed her hand and gave a small nod and smile and together, they walked out of the elevator and down the hall towards the trial room.




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