Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter Forty Two




“Fuck you, Potter.”

Snape bent down and picked up his fallen books while the bell overhead continued to ring signaling the beginning of the final morning period before lunch takes place.

“Here.” said an almost lazy tone.

Snape looked up and his battered looking Advance-Potion Making notebook was being handed to him.

It was Narcissa Black.

“Thanks.” Snape muttered taking it from her hand and avoiding her gaze.

“What happened to you?” she asked seeing the small mark across the side of his face.

He had just finish a row with Potter and his bestfriends and he had almost lost was he not able to defend himself at the last minute – but it had cost him to have all his things scattered all over the corridor.

Not one stopped from their tracks to help the skinny Slytherin boy who had always been bullied by James Potter and his gang.

“Nothing.” Snape answered stashing the last of his books in his bag.

Narcissa’s eyes narrowed at the sight of his battered bag that was at the verge of breaking from its age and all its contents.

“1706 Trademark of Victorino’s Leather bags.” Narcissa noted staring at his bag.

Snape nodded and moved it farther from sight as if ashamed from letting the world see his tattered bag.

It was a very old bag – given at the end of their first year to him by Lily Evans.

“Yeah.” Snape murmured. “Tale as old as time.”

Narcissa stared at the boy and crossed her arms.

Snape avoided the lady’s gaze from her.

He knew her from the other Slytherins – she was ahead of the year, severely eyed and courted by Lucius Malfoy and was ahead of all the student in all their subjects in their year.

She was also a Black, a known Pureblood family who was closest to the Malfoys.

He had heard stories of her – or rather them – and how fond the Malfoys were of her and how they had planned to marry her to their beautiful son, Lucius Malfoy at the moment they finish Hogwarts which wasn’t too far from the present time.

She was cousin of Sirius Black as well.

And she also had a sister – a crazy one.

Snape turned on his heel to leave and head for his next class when Narcissa called him back.

He slowly turned, reluctant what she would need of him.

She usually ignored him in the Slytherin Common Room or in the library when they see one another, let alone in the dining table of the Slytherins.

She was popular, rich and intelligent but she had always been quiet and seemingly feared by her peers.

He wondered then if he had done anything at all to upset the lady.

“You’re that boy.” Narcissa said with a small smirk over her face as she crossed her arm again. “That boy that Lucius fondly talks about.”

“He talks about me?” Snape repeated in slight surprise.

She was able to gain his interest in the mention of it.

He looked excited for a moment but that quickly faded upon realizing that he didn’t want his emotions shown towards anyone else.

“Yes.” Narcissa said taking two steps forward him at the now empty corridor. “He always does. Didn’t you know?”

“What did he say?” Snape asked unable to stop himself.

Narcissa smiled at him upon seeing the interest over his face and the undeniable glee upon finding out that Lucius wasn’t just toying around with him but actually wanted to be his friend.

“A lot of things.” Narcissa replied. “That you’re that boy who’s extremely skilled at Potions, that boy who’s ahead of all his classes – oh yes, he tells me exactly how brilliant you are and how much he’d like to put that into good use.”

“Yeah.” Snape said with a little proud smirk over his face. “He did tell me that I was good for my age in Potions.”

“So I’ve heard.” Narcissa agreed. “From professor Slughorn himself. He speaks highly of you and that red-haired girl you’re always with.”

Snape’s expression turned slightly sour.

He looked like Christmas has ended and he looked ready to leave again.

“What?” she asked him. “Did I say something wrong?”

“Nothing.” Snape quickly said wanting to change the subject.

Narcissa’s eyes narrowed and she looked closely at him.

“Yes, that girl..” Narcissa slowly said. “I barely see her with you anymore. I do see the both of you at that corner of the library but since the term began it seems that you’re no longer-“

“I don’t want to be rude but do you need anything from me?” Snape asked obviously annoyed at her question.

They were both Slytherins but they weren’t close and Snape didn’t want her prying on his life – especially on that particular subject.

If Narcissa was angry, she didn’t show him.

No, she remained her stance - she remained quiet and composed as that rich kid that she was raised to act.

“I wanted to show you something.” Narcissa said in a straightforward manner.

“Show me something?” Snape asked. “Are you sure I’m the one you’re looking for?”

“Yes.” Narcissa replied coldly. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No.” Snape spat back at her, annoyed at her dominant attitude. “I’m just wondering if it’s really me because-“

“I already told you.” Narcissa said as if she was talking to some daft boy before her. “I’m looking for you. Why do you think I’d wait for you outside the classroom and follow you here?”

“You followed me here?” Snape asked in disbelief.

Narcissa only stared at her, obviously losing her patience at the boy.

“Look, no one has ever really needed me for anything so I was just wondering-“

“You’re that boy that Lucius is so fond of, are you not?” she asked. “He can’t stop talking about you – how brilliant you are and how he’d like to let you join his circle of friends-“

“Really?” Snape said. “He said that? He told you that?”

“Yes.” Narcissa said. “As if you’re not aware to where he is recruiting you. Am I not right?”

Snape’s eyes turned indifferent then.

Now she was talking about something else.

For a moment he thought that Lucius Malfoy was actually talking to him about him being brilliant and all that he’d like to spend time with him – like some bestfriend who found another.

Now he realized he kept talking to her about him because of his persistent decision to have his ‘brilliance’ in both Potions and using magic be put into good use – be placed into a use of his special circle of friends.

“Don’t tell me you’re not aware.” Narcissa said. “You know, his friends who calls themselves ‘Death Eater’ for-“

“I’m aware.” Snape cut short. “I’m aware of what you’re talking about.”

“Good then.”

“Are you with them then?” he asked her. “One of the Death Ea-“

“No.” Narcissa quickly said, her eyes glinting. “I’m not one of those.”

Narcissa said the last word as if it was the most disgusting thing to talk about.

Snape wasn’t sure why he felt like she actually sound disgusted at the circle of friends of the boy who was known at school to be a ladies’ man and yet has his eyes only for the girl in front of him.

Looking up at her, Snape realized how beautiful Narcissa Black was and how having her perhaps as a friend would earn him a couple more of good points and shots from the rest of the girls at school and might have a chance to redeem himself to Lily Evans.

“So are you coming with me?” Narcissa asked him again calling him out of his reverie.

Snape blinked and stared up at her and nodded.

“Right.” Snape answered still not knowing if it was a good decision or not. “Where are we going?” he asked her.

Narcissa smiled at her and turned from him and began walking the other direction.

“Hey. Wait up.” Snape said. “I still have classes-“

“Nobody needs that Defense Against the Dark Arts crap.” Narcissa called back at him as she continue to walk with Snape trying to catch up to her.

“But I-“

“It’s just a week until Christmas break. You can catch up in your classes after the holidays. It’s not like they’re going to teach us anything new this week. They’re all just going to give us assignments for the holidays-“

“But I do have a class lecture on-“

“Do you really think you need all those crap?” she asked almost laughing at him as she gently stroke her beautiful long and shiny blonde hair.

Snape thought that her hair was just slightly longer than Lily’s but that it had that sparkling blonde beauty that gleamed whenever it hit the smallest bits of rays of light that went through the snowy window of the castle as they walked down the corridors.

“Yes – no.” Snape quickly said. “Not that I – but where are we going-“

“To the library.” Narcissa answered his breathless form. “Father just sent me a note that his donations of books for the Hogwarts library will arrive before lunch time. I want to see them myself.”

Snape’s eyes turned bright and wide at the mention of new books and prospect that he’d be able to see up close and personal and at first hand the newly donated books by some rich Pureblood family.

He paced faster after Narcissa completely forgetting about his class and every other thing that troubled him this past days and weeks.

“Am I allowed to see them?” he asked her as they turned another corridor.

Narcissa nodded at him and gave him an assuring smile.

“Ofcourse. I’m a Black. My father had them delivered – I have every right to see them and anyone else I’d like to show them to. It’s his Christmas gift to Hogwarts.”

“Really?” Snape asked disbelievingly as excitement grew inside of him.

How rich could the Blacks be to donate such valuable books to their school?

“Really.” Narcissa said. “We’re friends now, are we not?” she asked him.

Snape’s heart skipped a beat.

A new friend – a new Slytherin, Pureblood friend – and not to mention that she wasn’t just pretty nor rich – but she also seemed a less scary and a bit more kind than Lucius and the rest of his friends he had been hanging out with.

But a sudden thought bothered him.

He stopped on his tracks and Narcissa paused and turned to him.

“Would Lucius mind?” he asked her worriedly. “Do you think he would mind?”

“I’d like to see him dare to mind it.” Narcissa said with a laced tone.

Snape smiled at her.

“Are you sure?” he asked again although he looked like Narcissa had already bought the whole of him.

“Bloody hell.” Narcissa said rolling her eyes. “Are you coming with me or not?” she asked him.

“I just want to-“

“Are we not friends, Snape?” she asked him with a smile that he just couldn’t say no to.

“Ofcourse.” Snape quickly replied, obviously in dire and desperate need of new friends.

Narcissa smiled as they then continued to walk to the direction of the library.

“Good then.”

“You can call me Severus.” Snape quickly offered following her like a dog who found a new master. “Or Sev if you’d like to.”

“Call me Narcissa.” she said as they turned to the last corner reaching the double doors of the library.

Snape nodded and agreed and then she turned to him with the kindest smile he had seen in a very long time.

“Or maybe you can call me Cissy.”


“Yeah.” Narcissa said opening and pushing the double doors of the vast library. “If you are pleasing to be with and we get closer – maybe – I’d allow you to call me Cissy. Maybe.”

And with that, Snape followed her inside the library as she walked straight and steadfast towards the Restricted Section of the library where the newly donated books where to be found and where he had the opportunity to see them, read them and borrow them even before anyone else could know the information that new books arrived that day. 













“I’m sorry.” whispered a low tone across her neck.

Hermione felt a pair of hands take her from behind her back and slowly close in around her waist.

“Mione.” whispered the voice again against her neck.

“What?” Hermione said as she turned another page of the book in her hand.

It was late at night already, the winter wind was howling outside and Snape was smelling like he had drowned himself in a few bottles of whiskey before getting home.

They had a row that morning that ended in a fight that landed Hermione a punishment for which she wasn’t allowed to use the library for unlimited hours for the coming four weekends that were to come.

“Let’s go to bed.” Snape whispered pressing gentle kisses at the nape of her neck and running his hands around her waist and arms.

“Go to bed.” Hermione muttered flipping another page of the book.

It was nearly one in the morning already.

She was up all afternoon and all night when he had left her again.

He stormed out of the cottage and left her to tend to herself to find food in the house, to stay up and awake in wonder if he was coming back home and in anger for the punishment he had left her.

She was left with only a couple of hours use of their small library on a daily basis but not the freedom to use her precious library for the unlimited hours she wanted every weekend when he was out late staying selling his creations across town where usual late-night market buyers would most likely take and buy all of his products.

“I’m sorry.” Snape whispered and she felt his hand slowly reached up at the ends of her nightgown, slowly moving his fingers around the lace and had slowly reached up under it for her legs.

“It’s fine. Forget it. Just go to bed. I’m just going to finish this.” Hermione muttered obviously still in controlled rage for what has happened.

She had seen a piece of newspaper from his things and was just about to take it and read it when Snape accused her of touching his belongings and fishing for things that made it very obvious that she didn’t trust him.

Hermione tried to explain herself that she just found it laying around the house and intended to just clean it off but he had taken it viciously and had acted all deranged and started accusing her of her mistrust towards him.

“Sweetheart, please.” Snape whispered kissing her neckline, forcing her body to react towards him as his fingers began to make a tingling sensation against her skin.

Hermione sighed heavily, biting her lower lip and restraining herself as hard as she could to stop herself from responding to his kisses and touches.

“I said it’s fine.” Hermione said through gritted teeth finding it harder by the moment to resist his touches.

“Then let’s go to bed..” he murmured against her neck, nipping her ears and licking it gently. “Sweetheart, come to bed with me.”

Hermione breathed heavily unable to stop herself from closing her eyes at the sensation he was emitting from her and at the automated response her body was making towards him.

She felt his fingers crawling at the back of her knees, creating slow and gentle circles before reaching up at the back of her thighs and slowly making its way between her legs and touching her in between on her clothed private part.

Nothing was ever private from him anymore for about a year now.

“You can..” Hermione said unable to stop the moan that escaped her lips. “..can just go.”

“I want to go with you.” Snape whispered placing his fingers over her knickers and gently running them in circles in very slow motion and patiently waiting for her body’s response.

He waited, kissing her neckline gently, nipping her ears and jawline and licking the base and inside of her neck.

“Go away-“ Hermione said trying to shove him away using her elbows but Snape gripped her harder around the waist.

“Sweetheart, please don’t resist it.” Snape whispered against her neck, his deep and dark voice enticing him. “Just.. don’t.. resist.”

Hermione sighed, tears threatening to fall from her eyes as his heated breathe against her neck and sensual touch in between her legs at her now damp knickers made her hard for her to moan again.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Snape asked with a small smile across his lips knowing that he was going to win the night. “Yes?”

“Y-yes.” Hermione moaned out as his fingers jolted over her wet knickers. “Y-yes, S-Severus.”

Snape smiled.

He was fast.

He quickly pushed the book from her hand and letting it tumble down the carpeted floor of their living room.

His hand around her waist twisted her around so that they were now facing one another and his hand on top of her knickers quickly moved out and about and he quickly reinserted it inside and was soon fingering her right through her very damp pussy.

Hermione closed her eyes, looking away in shame and guilt of herself.

“Don’t resist.” Snape whispered taking her mouth to his “Don’t resist it, Hermione.”

“I’m not.. I’m..” Hermione gasped helplessly.

Her inability to move against him and his sensual touches were all to Snape’s advances.

Soon, he had her nightgown lifted up and her knickers had fallen around her ankles.

She yelped, eyes wide as Snape suddenly lifted her off her feet, one leg around his arm as he shoved her right atop small cabinet next to their burning fireplace.

The two glasses of wine toppled over and luckily they were empty and went straight onto the carpeted floor so they didn’t break.

Hermione moved and moaned as moved two fingers inside of her, scrutinizing her core and kissing her savagely against the wall.

Hermione’s fingers painfully scraped and dug over his fully clothed back and he didn’t mind at all – if any, it only increased his arousal for her.

“S-Severus-“ Hermione moaned unable to control herself any longer.

“Just give in- just relax Hermione, just relax-“ Snape murmured against her cheek as he continuously kissed her.

He sensually moved his mouth to her face, her mouth and neckline and gently moving it at the base of her breasts and nipping her right there.

But Hermione didn’t and couldn’t relax.

Despite that she had moaned more than the times she wanted to and her body responded to his kisses and touches, there was still the urge in her that resisted him – the urge that she was trying to put into a stronger disposition.

Snape could feel her resistance; he could feel her hands moving against him, unwilling to touch him in placed he wanted to be touched and her lips moved against him, her body withdrawing and sinking from him when it could.

“Don’t resist it.” Snape whispered against her skin. “Hermione, shush,.. sweetheart.. relax. Don’t resist and relax.”

But Hermione was already crying.

Her eyes were already tearing up in tears and she felt her body dislodging from her brain’s command to surrender herself to him.

Sooner than she expected, they were in the bedroom and she was laid naked on their bed with Snape atop her taking full advantage of her body.

Hermione could only cry as he kissed her continuously.

He spread her legs wide, swinging them spread open over his shoulder giving him full access to her body and ensuring that she was locked in place.

Hermione cried and begged him to stop but he only dismissed her words and disregarded her feelings.

What was important at the moment was that she was there and fresh for him to take and to have.

Her legs hung forward over his shoulders and he pushed himself inside of her.

His long and hard member pushed through Hermione’s damp opening.

Hermione cried in pain as he pushed, thrusted and moved in and out of her at a pace of his choosing.

Her hands hung over the side of his arm, gripping him hard for support as he laid himself on top of her, bucking hard and fast, uncaring for her feelings and merely licking away the tears that were flowing at the side of her eyes.

Snape was deeply embedded inside of her that he felt that he didn’t want to move out – that he wanted to remain buried at the furnace of her core, at the depths of her soul where her pussy took him in fully, engulfing him and tightening and closing in around his shaft.

He reeled in the feeling, groaning monstrously as he moved up and down, in and out of her uncaring at the pain that he was causing the both of them.

He was breathing hard and fast, his voice caught in his throat as he savoured the feeling of her tight walls around his shaft that was to burst any moment now inside of her.

Whatever he was feeling at that moment – heavenly or beyond the depths of the heat of hell – he didn’t care.

He even barely heard Hermione crying out loud in pain – no, she was no longer moaning in pleasure but actually crying out loud – crying for help, begging him to stop.

He pushed once, twice and for one last time and in one jolt, his cock bursted inside Hermione and they both feel all his come thrashing widely inside of her.

Hermione cried out in pain and in helplessness.

He kissed her, comforting her, placing gentle whisper and caresses over her face but she refused.

She could barely move and both her arms and legs were still tangled and locked around him.

Snape realized this and he quickly lowered her legs from his shoulders but collapsed on top of her.

His face collapsed right over her chest and he could feel her breasts rise and fall at her fast breathing and cries against him.

Despite the pain and exhaustion over her whole body, Snape could still feel her body doing its best to push him off of her.

Snape sighed and gathering the very little energy he still has, he moved away from her.

The moment half of his body lifted from her, Hermione quickly pushed him off her and turned over to her side.

He collapsed next to her, facedown and wanting to press the pillows over his ears as he could hear her miserable cries again.

It was getting louder and worse by the moment.

He felt her move next to him, tugging and gathering the blankets over the bed and forcing it around herself.

He could hear her coughing from her nonstop cries but she continued to tug against the blanket over the bed in an attempt to cover herself from him.

She faced away from him, her legs still damp from the cum that shot out from Snape when he withdrew from her, her lips red and swollen from his kisses and bites and her neckline now bruised from his bite marks.

Snape knew that it would take hours to calm her down again.

He also knew that she must fall asleep sooner because he would soon come and face a pain he neither wanted.

Snape collapsed completely next to her, he felt too exhausted to stay awake and wait for her to stop her cries.

His body was begging for sleep after all the things he had done for the past few days.

His body wanted to pass out and he knew that he would any moment now.

He moved over to his stomach, naked and buried deep into the drive of exhaustion grasping him to sleep.

And as his eyes closed, his senses giving up, he swore that as he listened to Hermione’s cries it wasn’t those tearful moans that bothered, annoyed and pained him – but it was the sound of her voice, begging and crying for help uttering one name and one name alone.

It was the one and only name that even just for that Christmas Eve he didn’t want to hear.

That one name he seemed to be cursed to hear for the rest of the Christmas and days to come that he would be spending with Hermione.









Draco.” Hermione gasped.

Draco was lying unconscious on the floor with a bleeding nose and side of his mouth just outside Snape’s cell door.

His wand had fallen a couple of inches from his hand on the floor and he lay in an awkward position.

Harry had obviously attacked him from the back when he was defenseless and unaware.

“What did you do to him?” Hermione angrily asked turning to Harry who was literary dragging her by the arm to exit the corridor of Snape’s high-level security cell.

Four Aurors also lay unconscious around Draco but they weren’t bleeding nor did they looked like Draco attacked them in any harmful way.

If any, they only looked like Draco placed a Sleeping Charm on them.

Mercy.”  Harry muttered gripping her harder as they turned down another corner. “I’ve given him mercy.”

Hermione looked up at him with a scared and tearful expression over her face as Harry dragged her towards the main corridor.

She could feel the chill of the effect of the Dementors around the prison and she could glimpse the Aurors watching over the main hallway and lobby that led to Snape’s secured cell.

They finally reached the ground floor of the prison.

Aurors were everywhere – whatever Harry said happened here must have caused all the Aurors to come to ‘the rescue’.

“Everything alright, Mr. Potter?” asked one of the Aurors walking towards them.

“Everything is alright.” Harry said gently letting Hermione’s arm go and holding her hand instead.

The Auror nodded at him and stared at Hermione who was wearing a grimace over her face.

“Is she alright?” he asked worried of her expression.

“Dementors.” Harry said with a woeful tone. “It’s her first time to visit the place.”

“May I inquire what happened?” the Auror asked.

A crease appeared in Harry’s forehead that the Auror didn’t notice.

“A misunderstanding.” Harry replied. “But it led to slight inconvenience. I suggest you go upstairs and check on Mr. Malfoy.”

“Malfoy?” the Auror repeated. “Draco Malfoy?” he asked.

“Yes.” Harry replied piercing Hermione’s hand because she opened her mouth to seemingly say something.

Harry eyed her to keep quiet and she quickly looked away from the two of them.

The Auror stared at her then at Harry.

“Mr. Potter, did you-“

“The prisoner upstairs – Snape –“ Harry began. “His Defense Council seemed to think it like a nice trick here to have my fiancé see her captor for a little ‘goodbye’ chat before he is sentenced in a few. Apparently, Mr. Malfoy didn’t think there would be – slight aggression – on his client’s part. He longed only to protect my dear fiancé here but I think he was knocked out upstairs.”

However it was in the name of gods that made Harry learn how to lie – it was very effective.

The way his eyes blinked, his facial expressions move, the tone of his voice – everything he had told the Auror seemed believable enough for him to worry about Hermione and be grateful enough to know that Draco – the accused’s own Defense Council – sought to protect Harry Potter’s fiancé.

It didn’t really make sense nor matched up if you would take a closer look at it.

But he was Harry Potter and in this world that was saved by his presence and grace, his word was truth and law.

“I would have things settled.” the old Auror said nodding at them. “I suggest you bring Miss Granger out of here as fast as possible as she looked terribly sick in being here.”

“I agree.” Harry said placing the back of his hand over her cheek and kissing the back of her hand.

Hermione gave a snort and a grimace.

“What do you say?” Harry sweetly asked her taking hold of her around the waist. “Let’s go home, sweetheart?” he asked taking her hand into his.

Hermione didn’t say anything.

Not a thing when the Auror smiled at them and bid them goodbye with a glee over his face to find such beautiful lovebirds like them in his age and time.







“No, I don’t want ten kids. Are you kidding me?” Hermione giggled splashing water behind her back towards Snape’s face.

Snape sat behind Hermione in their large bath tub filled with soapy and bubbling water.

His legs were spread against the tiles of the tub with Hermione sitting right in between his legs and her body resting against his muscular body.

He had just finished magically tying her hair up in a bun so that he could kiss her shoulders, shoulder blades and nape of her neck without the disturbance of her long and soft hair.

“I’m not.” Snape whispered as he gently pressed small kisses at the base of her soapy and soaking neck.

Hermione shuddered at his kisses and he moved his arms beneath hers to help her relax against him.

Hermione reveled at the warm and comforting feeling of water around her body and Snape’s enticing kisses.

They lay like that for what seemed like forever and the only sounds that could be heard were the small splashes of water when Hermione or Snape moved and then the sound of his lips against her skin.

“Are we ever going to get married?” Hermione suddenly asked him opening her eyes as she rested her head over his left shoulder where his face gently moved against her cheek.

He ushered her head to move sideways so that he could kiss her neckline.

Hermione sighed as he pressed the same small kisses with a little bit of gentle bites here and there.

“Ofcourse.” Snape automatically answered her. “But there is a time for that.”

“Right.” Hermione heavily sighed closing her eyes again and simply forcing herself to relax against him.

In truth, he had been planning it for a long time – well, nine years was more than a long time to plan that.

But what he found out was that it wasn’t a very easy task to do.

He wanted it – ofcourse he wanted to marry her – but the way of doing it wasn’t easy.

Despite that he was able to recreate some identity for the both of them, he found out that recreating identities for a real marriage wasn’t easy.

There was no way for them to get married without having the need to register their real identities and that could possibly raise problems.

In the Wizarding World, registering for marriage was also registering their magical identities.

Even if he wanted to register their marriage in the Muggle world where he could easily manipulate things and recreate identities, their names would come up in the Wizarding world’s registry for marriage as it was part of them – as registered witches and wizards with a wand and with magical properties within them.

It was something that was connected to their birth rights.

And so wherever they may go – no matter how far from London – they would have the need to register their names and that was something he feared.

He feared that by chance, someone might come across their names and realized who they were.

Nine years was a very long time to be remembered by just any – but the problem was their identities.

They weren’t just any witch or wizard – they had names known in the Wizarding world because of their connection to Harry Potter and the Dark Lord Voldemort.

It wasn’t easy to hide.

And so he must wait for the right way, the right chance and the possible way of luck on their side.

He needed to be patient – but he wanted to marry her.

He didn’t want her tagging along all his life as just some woman he beds.

He wanted their relationship to be legal as well – he wanted her to be Mrs. Snape – even just at that small town they lived in.

Just once, Snape wanted something pure, legal, normal and true in his life – even just once.

And it was a gift he could give to Hermione to ensure her of his love for her and to secure her forever in his arms.

“I’m going to marry you, sweetheart.” Snape whispered against her neckline. “I promise you that I will marry you.”

Hermione nodded and sighed as his arms crawled from beneath her back and slowly reached up above her body.

He moved her and inched her closer to him.

Slowly, he move his other hand towards the top part of her pussy and the other began massaging her right breasts – manipulating, squeezing and massaging her right breasts and pinching her hardening nipple against his hand.

“S-Severus..” Hermione sighed knowing that his touches would make her come immediately.

Nine years – nine years was more than enough of a time to have Snape memorize every inch of her body, every part of her that reacted in certain ways he touched her, every inch of her skin that tingled and got affected at the slightest bit of the touch of his lips on it – he has memorized her like the lines in his hands.

“Let’s go to bed.” Snape whispered nipping her ear and continuously touching her knowing that she was about to come. “Let’s go to bed sweetheart.”

“Let’s..” Hermione sighed reaching her hands up towards him and moving her face up to meet his lips. “Let’s go to bed, Severus and await the clock’s chime for Christmas day.” Hermione muttered, moaning and groaning as she felt his hands taking over her body and senses and his hard on pressing behind her back.

Snape smiled at her and took her mouth to his, allowing her to groan and moan loudly into his mouth as he kissed her deeply, passionately and gently taking hold of her whole body to carry her out of the tub and back to their bedroom where he could have her for the rest of the cold winter night.







Everyone was silent over the dinner table.

If anyone had anything in mind about or against what was happening, nobody spoke of it.

Harry had paid the whole of Madam Rosmerta’s bar for the night for a ‘Dinner Engagement Party’ for his marriage to Hermione.

Madam Rosmerta was more than pleased to have her place be the location for this momentuous event for the Boy-Who-Lived and his fiancé.

It was something to be marked in history in her opinion.

Ofcourse Harry didn’t think twice of choosing the place – not only was it the perfect place but it also gave him the perfect opportunity to broadcast his wedding plans for Hermione.

The place was well-known in Hogsmeade – Hogwarts students, alumni, faculty alike loved the place; people outside Hogwarts who had professions in or outside the Ministry and the Daily Prophet came to the place for a drink or to – anyone who was a normal citizen or had a well-known profession knew and love the place.

In other words, it was the best public place to be to have his so-called engagement party – it would be in a well-known place – a place that could quickly spread the news of his engagement to Hermione like wildfire.

Harry wanted it public, Harry wanted its great publicity – it would ensure that Hermione stays true to her word in their end of the deal that they had bargained back at Azkaban.

Aurors from the Ministry, Ministry officials and even some people from Hermione’s trials came to the party.

The Weasleys were in complete attendance, a few of their Hogwarts friends even came and even McGonagall and professor Flitwick and ofcourse Hagrid came to the party.

Harry was having the time of his life – drinks overflowed at each table, the best dishes were requested for, the whole place reserved for their party until endless hours and everyone that Harry knew and cherishes were there at that a party.

Harry Potter could not ask for anything more than this kind of engagement party.

But for him, the best party of the party was having his fiancé, Hermione Granger, literary tagged along by his arm all over the place that he walked to – whether to grab some food, help serve some meal or talk to some of the guests – Hermione was seemingly literary glued by his side.

Hermione could only nod, agree, smile and thank the guests for making time for their engagement.

Nobody mentioned the trial – because it was such a great party and everyone seemed happy except for the Weasleys, for Lupin who sat next to them and the bride-to-be herself.

“We have a gown fitting in three days,” Harry told Luna who was scribbling over her notes next to Neville who had just arrived from school duties as a professor at Hogwarts, “everything’s well planned.”

“Well planned indeed.” Neville said with a smile as he stared over Luna’s notes.

Luna now ran a new publishing company that was far and different from the Quibbler and being Harry’s friend – she got the exclusive in Potter-Granger Nuptials and every details of it.


Lupin sat at the corner with his second cold beer in hand.

He was seated next to the Weasley’s and the only reason he arrived was his fear of Harry creating havoc that may lead to unwanted circumstances.

And, he wanted to take a chance into getting Hermione in a corner and talk to her.

Apparently, two hours had passed and Harry had not let Hermione out of his sight at all.

He seemed very determined to keep Hermione by his side the whole night to ensure that nobody gets to talk to her and that nobody has the chance to sneak her away from him.

All in all, Hermione seemed like a dog on a leash that was being pulled by Harry at every corner of the party trained to do tricks such as – nodding, smiling and thanking the guests for their generosity to make time for their last minute created event.

“I’m tired.” Hermione spat as they both walked down at the back of the bar to the ladies’ room.

She turned and saw Harry standing behind her right outside the ladies’ room.

“We’re not yet going home.” Harry said smiling at her and kissing the back of her hand.

Hermione quickly withdrew it from his mouth.

Harry reacted so fast that she felt pain in her back when he pushed her hard against the wooden door of the bar.

They were alone in the corridor and Harry could twist her arm right then and there and nobody would be the wiser about it.

“Do you see how many guests we have out there?” Harry spat back at her. “You’re going to finish your business here and you’re going back out there in the party and do the same thing you’ve been fucking doing for the past two hours. You’re doing well, ‘Mione – you only have two more hours to endure.”

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Hermione angrily said taking her arm back from his strong grip.

“Ofcourse I am.” Harry said with a smile as he let her hand go. “It’s our engagement party, why would I not enjoy it?”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” Hermione said with a gleam of hatred in her eyes. “You’re enjoying this – getting everything you want, placing Snape in such a disposition that he doesn’t have a choice, placing me in this situation where I don’t have a choice-“

“Excuse me.” Harry said and he suddenly grabbed her jaw and painfully held it. “You did have a choice on this. He did have the same choice. It’s not my problem that your choices didn’t match. But ofcourse, I’d prefer your choice because I’m close to you and not to him, right?”

Hermione tried to move against him but he only tightened his pincer-like grip around her jaw.

Hermione’s face was so red in anger and pain that she looked like some freshly-picked tomato.

“I hate you.” Hermione spat at him. “I hate you, Harry.”

“I don’t care.” Harry whispered back at her. “I don’t fucking care, sweetheart. You’re going to marry me in a few days and that’s all that matters-“

“How could you do this?” Hermione asked at the verge of tears. “How could you do this-“

“Because I could and because tomorrow at the trial, I’m going to save his fucking life before he gets sentenced. Isn’t that the deal?” Harry asked her.

Hermione’s silent tears fell.

Would her suffering never end?

Hermione didn’t say anything anymore.

Harry glared at her then quickly let her jaw go letting her gasp and breathed out the pain he had caused her.

“Make your business fast because you have a fucking party to return to and guests to entertain and-“ Harry moved closer and placed a soft kiss over her lips. “A groom to please.”

And then with that, he turned away from her and walked down at the end of the hallway that led back to the bar.





Lupin nearly fell out of the guest’s bed he was lying on when he heard Harry’s deafening scream.

He scrambled to his feet and ran at the other side of the room towards Harry’s bed.

He was aseat over his bed, trying to move around and about, forcing all the wires around him to be taken off him

He moved wildly around, waving his hands up and around, throwing and thrashing around – he could move and throw as much things as he could and do everything that he could except to get down on the bed, let alone move his legs.

“Harry, Harry, calm down.” Lupin said quickly reaching for his wand with his free hand to send an alarm outside Harry’s room.

He waved his wand the second time and pointed it directly over Harry’s temple.

Within moments, Harry began to calm down.

His arms weakened and his screams faltered – he slowly lost energy as the magic he inflicted slowly drained his energy and was slowly putting him to sleep.

Soon, the doors opened and Medi-Witches and Wizards both came to the rescue along some other Healers.

Some quickly checked the wires that got disconnected from him and others quickly tended to the self-inflicted scratches that Harry placed upon himself in his haste and anger to get out of bed.

After half an hour, Harry was back on his place on the bed and was peacefully sleeping again.

Lupin thanked the other Healers and medics that came to the rescue even at the one in the morning.

It wasn’t unusual – Harry wasn’t the first patient to draw out tantrums and attacks such as that after a traumatizing experience.

But Lupin was beyond worried despite the Healer’s opinion that this was nothing but normal.

Harry had been waking up in the midst of the night screaming for Hermione and having nightly nightmares of the night of the ambush.

It was very fresh from his mind – how they battled up in the air and how he helplessly lost Hermione in midair as they came crashing down from the air the moment they lost contact with their broomstick and with one another.

Harry would constantly wail in the middle of the night screaming for Hermione’s name and screaming for her to forgive him and for fate to bring her back to him.

He kept screaming and crying in the middle of the night or sometimes just out of the blue for Hermione to come back and for fate to miraculously bring her back to him – how he swore he would take better care of her as long as it brings Hermione back to him.

It was a nightmare for Lupin.

As much as Harry was enduring, he had to endure every single day to see Harry like this – screaming beyond his wits, strangling Healers to get out of bed so he could get out of the hospital, screaming at people and thrashing around to let him out of the hospital so they could find a solution to bring him back to his feet so he could find Hermione as fast as possible.

Sometimes, Lupin wanted to cover his ears in the middle of the night whenever he would start hearing Harry groan in his sleep that would signify that he was beginning to have a nightmare.

But he could leave it to be so.

He would uncover his ears and quickly get out of the bed for the watcher and quickly go over to Harry and try to wake him up from his nightmares.

Sometimes he would wake up and just stare out of the blue and turn away from him.

Some night he would wake up and tell him he is alright and turn the other way but minutes later he would hear him silently crying under the sheets as if scared to cry out loud in guilt and shame of others knowing he was crying.

And some nights, Harry would just stay wide awake for hours – silent as he was as if he wasn’t with them anymore and this scenario worried Lupin the most.

Sometimes, Lupin would toss and turn on his bed as he had the same nightmares already – of Harry losing Hermione and the scene that could be literary playing in Harry’s mind over and over again of the memory of the night he lost Hermione.










“Merry Christmas, mother.” Draco greeted kissing her mother on the cheek as he placed a gift wrapped in emerald and silver packaging over the table.

Narcissa nodded and took a sideway glance on the gift he had given as he took a drink from the small table in their vast library.

Narcissa could hear him fill the glasses and drain one in one go and refilled it.

It was Christmas and Draco was home for the holiday break.

“Am I not going to get a Christmas greeting?” he coldly asked draining his second glass.

Narcissa was quiet.

She kept her eyes over the fireplace and her fingers moving firmly against one another.

She remained quiet and passive and Draco didn’t like that kind of silence from her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked pouring whiskey again on his glass.

He was sixteen, barely of age and he was someone that could be compared to a drunkard.

“You know you’re not allowed to drink.” Narcissa’s voice quietly came.

Draco drained another glass and smirked.

He loudly placed the glass down the marble table and moved from the table and walked towards her mother in a swaying motion.

“For a moment there I thought you were asleep or something.” Draco commented staring down at her.

Narcissa looked up at her own son and didn’t know what to say.

She never raised him to be this way and yet here he was – the very boy she feared him to be.

“Are you not even going to open my present?” Dracao asked her. “Are you afraid that it’s going to have some curse as well and kill you?”

Narcissa’s lips pursed as she looked up at him.

“What were you thinking?” she asked in a hushed tone. “What were you thinking, Draco?”

“Thinking?” Draco asked back in his drunken state. “Why would I go and –“

“Exactly.” Narcissa said suddenly standing before him.

Draco wasn’t intimidated – he was too drunk to realize the fierce look over his mother’s face.

“You weren’t thinking.” Narcissa said in barely a whisper. “You weren’t thinking Draco and someone could’ve died and you would’ve been traced and be the first suspect!”

Narcissa’s angry voice echoed all throughout the vast library of the manor.

Draco only stared up at her, eye blank at her and lips pursing.

“Is this how you’re going to greet me a happy Christmas?” he asked mockingly.

He slowly turned to grab himself another glass of whiskey but Narcissa grasped his arm painfully.

“Let my hand go-“

“I didn’t raise you to be like this!” Narcissa said almost yelling at him. “I didn’t raise you Draco to act this way! This isn’t you! This isn’t-“

“I don’t have a fucking choice!” Draco angrily yelled back shoving his arm free from her mother. “I don’t have a fucking choice!”

“You have a choice!” Narcissa said. “I could get you out of this – I could get you-“

“If father didn’t mess up last year we wouldn’t be in this position – I wouldn’t be in this position!”

Narcissa stared up at him.

She felt very pained and helpless at the thought that Draco was right.

There was really nothing she could do upon the punishment that the Dark Lord was placing Draco in.

She wasn’t sure until what limit she could swallow everything that was happening to his son and the attitude for which he was showing.

He was reckless.

He wasn’t thinking.

He was being stupid into thinking that he could do the Dark Lord’s task for him.

“You could’ve died, Draco!” Narcissa cried at him. “You could have died and there’s nothing I could have done because I’m not there!”

“But I didn’t die!” Draco said. “I didn’t and that’s a stupid thought – I’m not going to-“

“If the Ministry finds out – if they find out what you’ve done Draco – if the Order finds out that you’ve turned yourself to the Dark Lord and has become-“

“Shut up!” Draco angrily yelled grabbing the glass from the table and throwing it against the floor.

It crashed into pieces and the echoes of his mother’s cries were heard thereafter.

Draco was breathing hard and fast.

Things weren’t easy and his mother wasn’t helping in his way of coping through the task the Dark Lord has bestowed upon him.

“Draco.” Narcissa pleaded. “Please listen to me. I can get you out of this – Severus can-“

“He’s not going to take all the glory again, mother.” Draco spat bitterly. “I won’t let him have all the glory again. He’d done it once to my father and he’s not going to do it to me-“

“Please.” Narcissa said. “Severus is my dearest friend – trust him. He’s going to protect you Draco – he’s going to help you through the task and-“

“I said no!” Draco angrily said turning to her.

His eyes were wide and wild in anger and Narcissa momentarily saw a monster growing in her beloved son.

She cried and shook her head.

She moved her hands towards him but Draco shoved her hands away.

“Draco, please. While we have time – while you have time – let Severus accomplish this task – this isn’t-“

“I’m going to finish the task, mother.” Draco said turning away from her. “Whether you believe in me or not, I’m going to finish that task and I’m going to bring back the glory of the Malfoys-“

“I don’t need any glory, Draco!” Narcissa wailed at him. “I need only my son – just you. I only need you, Draco. Please. This task isn’t for you. You’re not going to survive this.”

“Watch me mother.” Draco said walking away from her. “Watch me mother-“

“Draco, no-“ Narcissa cried. “Please, Draco – please-“

“Happy Christmas too, mother.” Draco said and with that, he left the library and banged the doors behind his back.

Narcissa was left crying in the library, unable to stop herself and unable to control her emotions.

She moved across the room, staring angrily at the large room which she had all to herself.

It was Christmas Day and this was how the Malfoys celebrated it this year.

Lucius Malfoy was at Azkaban.

His son bestowed a task that he was meant to die doing.

And the lady of the manor, mourning the loss of the two men in her life.

Narcissa moved across the room, reaching out for the emerald and silver package that Draco had given her.

As tearful as she was, she moved across the room and took the gift that Draco had left him.

He was her dear boy – her only child, her only beloved son.

Narcissa unwrapped the box with her ring and bracelet filled hands.

She pulled away the silver ribbon and took away the emerald wrappings of the square-shaped box.

Pulling all the covers and ribbons away revealed a small box to her.

Narcissa sighed and gently opened the box and it revealed a black journal.

She lifted it open and flipped through a few pages – it was a blank journal.

Narcissa pulled the journal out of the box and a card and something else fell out from it.

Placing the journal back on the table, Narcissa bent down to pick up the objects that fell out from the box.

One was a small card with obvious handwriting by Draco and the other was a small shimmering object.

She picked both of the objects up and placed them over the table with anger and worry crippling her whole body at the same time.

She walked towards the small table where Draco had left the whiskey bottle and a glass.

Narcissa didn’t really drink but in intense moments as that one she was having at the moment, she might as well find the strongest drink in Lucius’ storage and drown herself with it.

After three glasses of the whiskey, Narcissa seemed to have calmed down – calm enough to hear that someone was knocking by the door for ten minutes already.

The door of the library slowly opened and the wizard servant entered and called her attention.

“What do you want?” Narcissa demanded of the old man.

“Young Master is packing his things. Should we allow him exit to the gates of the manor?”

Narcissa turned from the table with Draco’s gifts and walked towards the servant.

“Where is he?” she quickly asked turning to the door.

“At his room madame but-“

“Bring me to him.” Narcissa said quickly walking out of the library.

The servant soon followed and began explaining to her what Draco was presently doing in his room.

Her worry had her forget at that moment Draco’s gift on the table and the unread Christmas card he had written for her and the small key that went together with the journal.




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