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Chapter Fifty Two 

"An Unforgivable Curse" 



“You are late, Severus.”

Snape continued walking forward the room with his head down in apology.

The other Death Eaters were all staring at his direction as he entered the large dining hall of the manor where the meeting was taking place.

Everyone was present.

The Malfoys sat at another side of the table while Bellatrix was tending to Rodolphus in their seat next to the Dark Lord.

One glance around the room was enough to tell him that they weren’t done yet into tending to the injuries they procured from the ambush but they were summoned to this hall.

He quietly took his usual seat in the long table and was very aware that all eyes were on him.

He tried his best to avoid Narcissa’s scrutinizing glare.

“My apologies, my lord.” Snape quietly said. “I had to tend to something.”

“Tend to something?” his icy tone whispered. “Can you clarify for the whole room to hear?”

“I was taken into pursuit, my lord.” Snape said “I had to deal with it by ensuring I wasn’t followed.”

“Deal with it?” he slowly asked him. “Do you mean you didn’t kill these people who tried to take you down?”

“No, my lord.” Snape answered in a straightforward manner. “I didn’t engage in battle in order to escape faster.”

“And yet you are late.”

The Dark Lord’s voice gave chills in the whole room.

The silence in between was unnerving.

Bellatrix seemed the only one pleased with what was happening.

“A slight injury, my lord.” Snape said holding out his other hand and showing his palm up.

Bloodstained bandages covered his other hand

“I apologize for my delay, my lord.” Snape said bowing down. “In my haste to escape and not engage myself into crossfire I was hit. I needed to tend to my hand immediately in fear of causing damage to it. I’m quite sure you know the importance of my hand for all the potions you would need me to procure.”

The Dark Lord didn’t say anything.

He was staring at Snape as if calculating any lies or deceit from his words.

He saw none.

They heard him sighed heavily, ready to dismiss the situation at hand when Bellatrix spoke.

“Show us your wand.”

It was barely a whisper.

Everyone slowly stared from Bellatrix to Snape and back to the Dark Lord who looked back at Bellatrix with uncertain eyes.

“My wand?” Snape asked her with a raised brow.

“Your wand, Snape.” Bellatrix said spitefully. “The Dark Lord would wish to see your wand to see the last spell you might have casted. Isn’t that so, my lord?”

Her voice was sweet and laced with poison.

Snape didn’t move nor did he say anything.

He tried his best not to blink as he looked back at the Dark Lord while everyone at the room waited for him to surrender his wand.

Bellatrix seemed the only person in the room who was very amused of the situation.

“My lord?”

“I wish to see your wand, Severus.” The Dark Lord whispered slowly lifting his arm and opening it palm up towards Snape.

He didn’t move a muscle.

He kept his eyes and expression passive.

A sideway glance towards Narcissa who was looking back at him unblinkingly made Voldemort move his head a little sideways.

“Is there a problem upon my request?” he slowly asked him.

Bellatrix smirked and slowly walked towards the side where Snape sat.

They stared and waited for Snape to surrender his wand across the table.

Bellatrix stopped and sat over the table in between Snape and Amycus.

She kicked Amycus aside so she can sit better on the table and smiled down at Snape opening her hand up towards him.

“Your wand, Sevy.” Bellatrix silkily said. “I’m going to hand it over.”

Snape gritted his teeth but he tried to remain passive.

He pushed his chair backward with the little most sound as possible and took his wand out.

He walked silently towards the head of the table and stopped in front of Voldemort.

“My lord. As you wish.” Snape whispered handing over his wand towards him.

Voldemort stared up at him with the same passive expression.

He was quiet and observant and there was a hint and tinge of surprise in his eyes that quickly vanished as it had come.

He slowly took the wand from Snape who took a few steps back and bowed down the moment he had his wand in his hand.

The room waited in batted breath.

“My lord-“

“Quiet, Narcissa.” the Darl Lord hissed at her without taking his eyes off from the wand.

He was holding it gently, staring closely at it as if feeling the magic within it.

“It’s been used recently.” The Dark Lord commented. “Not very far long.”

“Yes, my lord.” Snape simply said knowing he meant that it had been used not for his Apparition towards the manor but for something else.

“My lord.” Bellatrix began. “Do you wish me to check which spell had been-“

“Silence, Bella.” The Dark Lord said eyeing her venomously before returning his gaze back to the wand.

He gave Snape a glare before holding it out in front for the whole table to see.

“Priori Incantatem.” The Dark Lord whispered softly without taking his eyes off Snape’s wand.

A jet of light shot out of the wand to slowly reveal what were the last spells that had been casted upon his wand.

Bellatrix’s eyes were gleaming in excitement.

Narcissa was holding back her breath.

Draco was unmoving as he waited in silence like his father who stared with such fear in their eyes.

Snape remained unmoving as he stood near the Dark Lord, staring like everyone else at the lights that were shooting out of the tip of his wand.

The first spell that came out was the spell he casted to arrive safely back at the manor.

The second spell that came out was something that was to close severe wounds.

The Dark Lord’s eyes momentarily glanced down upon his palm that was bandaged.

They waited with batted breath.

Only Bellatrix were creating unnecessary movements as she excitedly stared at the wand.

“My lord-“

“I said, silence Bella.”

Another jet of light shot out from the wand.

It was another Apparition spell.

Narcissa’s eyes shot up towards Snape but he remained his passive expression.

Another light and this time it revealed that he had used Aquamenti and a dark spell to control the wind.

Another light and it revealed a spell that was meant to create something that resembled of a rope.

Another light and it was his Sectumsempra.

Another spell revealed the Disarming Charm, Expelliarmus.

A few other spells followed that were nothing but Shield Charms and random spells that weren’t really anything that harmful.

The last two spells were then revealed – one was the Anti-Apparition Charm the Death Eaters strongly casted in a specific location and perimeter and the very last one was the one the Dark Lord has commanded them to create and cast together to Apparate at the location point from which Harry Potter and the Order were to pass through.

The lights slowly diminished and nothing but the two fireplace’s that were ignited lit the room.

The silence was unnerving but Snape remained silent and still.

He waited just like the rest of the Death Eaters in the room for the Dark Lord’s judgment upon what they have witnessed.

“Oooooh…Someone’s in trouble.” Bellatrix lazily said with a gleam in her eyes.

Snape ignored her while Narcissa kept her eyes firm back at Snape with her hands clenched tightly together beneath the table.

“Bella.” The Dark Lord warningly said without taking his eyes now from Snape.

“I’m sorry, my lord.” Bellatrix whispered in cowardice although she was smirking at Snape’s direction.

“Severus.” The Dark Lord breathed out.

“My lord?” he slowly asked with a slight bow as he was handed back his wand.

“Would you care..” the Dark Lord’s voice was filled with cold malice. “To explain the certain spells that  you have casted – without my order?”

“Yes, my lord.” Snape answered without a pause, without a second thought.

His eyes caught Narcissa’s for a very brief moment before glancing away.

“You have casted three spells to reappear in certain places.” The Dark Lord slowly said. “I remember asking only two as the plan was from the manor to the location and back. Was I wrong to count?”

“No, my lord.” Snape replied with another bow. “I went to Spinner’s End. My home.”

“Spinner’s End?” he slowly repeated. “Such sentiment of yours to return when you are under a mission for me? Am I being neglected or taken into a secondary priority?”

“No, my lord.” Snape quickly said raising his arm to him and showing his bandaged arm. “I had to tend to my wound. I apologize for the haste I have done and for seemingly being neglectful of my duty.”

“Could you not have done it here at the manor?”

“I couldn’t, my lord.” Snape answered. “I needed to drink a potion that will aid to make its healing process quite fast. I cannot remain weak at your service. The ingredient is in my laboratory at home. I deeply and humbly apologize-“

“Why did you cast such peculiar charm as Aguamenti?” the Dark Lord cut him off.

The tip of Voldemort’s wand shot out water that quickly turned into a gigantic snake.

It raised and swirled around them all without drenching anyone.

The Death Eaters gasped in both fear and awe as the gigantic snake stared down upon them as if choosing which head to take first.

“He was controlling a downward impact.” Bellatrix quickly answered for him. “The purple light, my lord. He casted it with that charm to manipulate the air – to control something that was falling without direction and in great and uncontrollable velocity.”

“Thank you, Bella.” Snape said in gritted teeth eyeing her for a moment before turning the Voldemort again


“Bellatrix’s theory is correct, my lord.” he admitted. “I’ve indeed used both spells together I have been hit and I had lost control of my broom.”

Snape took a sideway glance at Narcissa who was breathing in a heavy pattern.

Although upon his answer, he could swear that she had closed her eyes momentarily as if she had passed something of great difficulty and was able to breathe again.

“And your Sectumsempra?” he slowly asked him then.

Snape vaguely recalled why he casted it – he meant to the Death Eater tailing the Order but one of the Weasleys had created a swerve and he was almost so sure that he had hit the side of George Weasley’s head.

“For one of the blood traitors, my lord.” Snape quietly answered. “He was getting in the path of my flying.”

The Dark Lord was quiet, seemingly calculating all the spells he had created and if he has castigated all of it already and extracted the answer he wanted.

“My lord, is there a certain answer you seek of me?” Snape slowly ask.

It was too bold, too brave for him to ask that as it resembled something that of a death wish.

“I seem to notice all the rest of the spells you have casted are – ones that mean no harm?”

“My lord?”

“A Shield Charm?” he slowly asked. “Disarming Spell? Severus, I was looking and expecting something that were under the category of the Unforgivable Curses.”

“My lord-“

“Tell me, Severus as you are the professor in this room.” Voldemort’s voice was so soft that barely anyone could hear him clearly.

“My lord?”

“Did the Unforgivable Curses not suffice for the needs of the ambush?” he slowly asked Snape. “They seemed to have been neglected by your skills and comprehension. Tell me, was casting one of those spells too hard for you? Do I smell weakness there?”

“No, my lord.” Snape answered him.

He could almost smell Bellatrix’s anticipation for him to make one wrong move, just one mistake at that very moment that will absolutely bring him down.

“I would have love to cast these spells, my lord.” Snape began as his eyes settled towards Bellatrix. “But you see, your great lieutenant here have been mercilessly and carelessly casting them all over the place that she could have killed even one of us.”

“Why you little-“

“I was merely trying to take good measure into not adding up to her careless actions to avoid killing one of us.”

Bellatrix’s eyes flashed in anger and she turned to the Dark Lord who was now staring closely at her.

“Is this true, Bella?” the Dark Lord asked her. “You have been casting these spells carelessly?”

“My lord, let me explain myself-“ Bellatrix shrieked immediately. “I have been-“

“Did you not think you could harm one of us?” he slowly asked her. “Do I safely presume that you disregard my army and care not if you kill one of them?”

Snape smirked but he remained silent.

The colour from Bellatrix’s face slowly faded.

She was at loss for words as most of the Death Eaters at the table – who were present at the ambush – have been there to witness how she ran amok casting these spells as Snape had relayed just now.

“Bella?” the Dark Lord softly whispered.

Bellatrix coward in her chair, her lips slightly trembling and her face fuming in both anger and fear.

“My lord – I was merely taking – good – good measures as well. I was ensuring that-“

“So Severus is correct?” the Dark Lord said. “You have been careless – shouting spells without aim, without plan – without thoughts?”

Bellatrix looked like she was at the verge of crying.

She glanced sideways at her sister who didn’t even look up at her for supports.

Her eyes roamed the table, seeking for someone to back her up, to tolerate her neglect and her careless actions.

Everyone saw how she had aimed spells after another, aimlessly aiming it towards anyone who got in the path of her flying.

“My lord – I was  - please, it was – I was only trying-“

“Silence, Bella!” The Dark Lord dangerously said.

His eyes were slits at her.

Snape was silent but deep inside he was beyond glad that he had made his point clear.

But Bellatrix wouldn’t be stopped.

“He used another spell!” Bellatrix shouted at the table standing up and pointing her long fingers at Snape.

Everyone stared at her then back at Snape and back.

“I saw him cast those ropes!” Bellatrix shrieked wildly. “I saw something come out of his wand! Those ropes! He tried to use them for something! He was trying to save one of them!”

Snape didn’t move nor did he say anything but a slight twitch in his lips had passed.

The Dark Lord slowly turned to him, waiting for him to defend himself on this one.

“Severus.” Voldemort quietly said. “I want to hear your defense on this one.”

Snape was silent.

He was not quite prepared for the one.

He didn’t think that Bellatrix nor anyone would have seen that spell.

It was careless but he had to use it to ensure that Potter and Granger would survive the first few hits.

He had not been thinking by then – he was acting on instinct.

“My lord-“

“I saw him!” Bellatrix said pointing wildly at him. “He directed it towards Potter’s direction! He was trying to save the boy! He is still on their side! He is trying-“

“Silence, Bella!”

Everyone stared.

It wasn’t Voldemort.

It was Narcissa.

She had stood up and was staring vindictively at her own sister.

“Narcissa-“ Lucius whispered trying to hold her by the arm.

She shoved his hand away and bowed to the Dark Lord.

“My apologies, my lord.” Narcissa said. “I would have to vouch for Severus on this one. I have taught him that maneuver.”

“You taught him to save the boy?” Bellatrix angrily mocked her.

Voldemort stared at the quarreling sisters.

Narcissa ignored Bellatrix.

“Your point, Narcissa?” Voldemort slowly said now interested in her.

“The maneuver is indeed to save someone’s life. I was the one who taught him that airborne spell.”

“You taught him to save the boy?” the Dark Lord quietly asked her.

Narcissa was silent for a long time.

“I did, my lord.” Narcissa said. “I have constantly reminded him the way I’ve always reminded Bella and Lucius not to get overemotional over missions for you, my lord.”

“I am not emotional!” Bellatrix angrily yelled at her own sister.

Her eyes were wide and nose flaring as she stared at Narcissa.

“Elaborate.” The Dark Lord said with his eyes glinting now at Bellatrix and Narcissa.

“Your order was to ambush the lot. Kill as much as they can in order to take down and take the boy. You have never ordered to kill the boy.” Narcissa explained in full confidence.

The room was silent as the Dark Lord kept his face passive as he stared at Narcissa.

“Bellatrix attacked them.” Snape suddenly said. “Potter had fallen off his broom.”

“If Severus did not use the maneuver my lord,” Narcissa continued. “Potter would have been dead by now. Taking away the glory and chance for you to kill him. Severus had only been agile to follow all of your orders even under the greatest pressure during a mission.”

“Am I to understand that Severus evaded the boy to die by use of the maneuver?”

“Yes, my lord.” Narcissa replied. “So he could be saved. So he could live. So you can have the glory of killing the boy yourself.”

The Dark Lord was staring at the pair of them.

He was staring at Snape and then back at Narcissa.

Obviously thinking, thinking hard on whom to believe – the wife of the Death Eater who has lost his trust or his most loyal lieutenant who was as demented as anyone he had ever known.

“Are you willing to lay your life down Narcissa for this statement should it be found false?”

Snape’s black eyes slowly turned to Narcissa as if begging her to say no.

“Yes, my lord.” Narcissa said. “I have known Severus long enough to know and understand that he had always – always will be – loyal to you and your cause. He will never betray you.”

“This coming from a wife of the Death Eater who has lost me something so great?”

Lucius shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

He has never been forgiven then.

“I speak as the mother who had a son who would have done anything to complete the mission of killing Albus Dumbledore.”

The Dark Lord’s eyes settled on Draco.

He had known the boy’s intention and the works he had done to accomplish the mission.

He had been delighted by what Draco had tried so hard to achieve despite that it was supposedly a punishment for Lucius.

The Dark Lord slowly nodded.

“I believe your statement, Severus.” The Dark Lord said eyeing Bellatrix as she opened her mouth to react. “And I believe in what Narcissa says.”

“My lord, they’re lying!” Bellatrix angrily said. “Cissy – don’t you – how dare you-“

“I want silence, Bella!” Voldemort said pointing at Bellatrix.

Something deep and dark suddenly engulfed her throat.

She clutched over her neck as an invisible something seemed to be choking her.

Snape didn’t say anything as they all stared at Belaltrix’s choking figure.

Narcissa tried her best not to react upon seeing the colour fade from Bellatrix’s face.

“I’m sorry – I’m sorry – my lord-“ Bellatrix begged as she gasped for air.

Voldemort lowered his hand and Bellatrix’s breathing returned.

She stumbled across the table and fell backward onto the floor.

He eyed the table daring anyone to help her.

Nobody did.

Not even Narcissa nor Rodolphus.

“Severus. I will not tolerate betrayal. Do you understand?”

“I understand my lord.” Snape answered him with a bow. “I humbly thank you for your understanding of my decisions at the ambush.”

There was a long silence.

Across the table as the Dark Lord began instructing them in regards of another plan, Narcissa and Snape were quietly eyeing one another.

No words nor explanation were needed.

They knew one another beyond anyone else knew one another at the table.

Snape didn’t need to know the answer to questions burning inside him.

For all he knew, Narcissa was someone he trusted beyond anyone at the moment.

He wasn’t sure of his motives but he was sure of one thing – she had, despite not knowing why, just saved his life.








“I had just saved your life.” Snape spat as he continued to change the bandages around Hermione’s leg.

It had been only a few days or two weeks – he was no longer sure – since the ambush.

He had been bestowed by something he didn’t want.

“I’m grateful.” Hermione answered coldly. “But I’d like to go back, if you please.”

She was staring down at her professor with her nose flaring in anger.

He had been insistent in keeping her inside the cottage, inside the guilded cage.

She didn’t understand.

Neither of them did.

Why she was healing but not quite fast enough.

Something was wrong.

Something terrible was wrong.

“I’m not going to join this nonsense argument again.” Snape merely answered as he pulled another set of bandages and began rolling it patiently and carefully around her leg.

Despite his cold and harsh words and way of saying them, he had been patient and gentle into tending to her wounds.

“I want to go back.” Hermione demanded this time. “I want to go back to Harry and the others.”

“I already explained your situation.” Snape spat bitterly grabbing another set of bandages and placing it by her side.

“I want to write a letter then.” Hermione carried on. “I want a parchment and a quill.”

“Miss Granger.” Snape impatiently said this time as he finished tightening the bandage around her other wounds. “I already explained this to you. You are weak, wounded – transferring you isn’t that easy – do you know how many locations and perimeters are being closely watched by the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters?”

“I wouldn’t.” Hermione angrily said. “But I’m sure you would.”

Snape’s eyes flashed at her.

She folded her arms across her chest and looked away from him.

 She didn’t want him to see the guilt in her eyes as she said those words.

They may or may be not true, but she was angry at him and she didn’t care any longer of the words that came out of her mouth.

She wanted to go back.

That was all that was important for her.

“What you’re asking is impossible.” Snape firmly said. “If I had a way, you would be gone by now. Do you really think I’d like to babysit you little twat?”

He stood up and moved and turned away from her which only angered Hermione even more.

“I want a newspaper then!” she screamed at him. “I want to see news of what’s happening out there-“

“You know that news out there are no longer the same – they are all lies now – they are cover ups-“

“I don’t care!” Hermione angrily said grabbing a bandage. “I want news of them!”

Snape ignored her as he cleared up the things he used to tend to her wounds.

He turned away from her.

“I want my wand back – I know you have it!” Hermione said but Snape ignored her.

She grabbed one of the fallen bandages and threw it right behind his back.

“I’m talking to you!” Hermione angrily yelled at him.

Snape quickly turned back to her and raised his hand up in the air with the bandage she had just thrown at him.

Hermione closed her eyes and coward at the sight of him looming angry over her and ready to strike.

Snape stared down at her, shaking in anger and eyes glinting dangerously.

“Foolish girl.” Snape spat at her throwing the large roll of bandage back at her side.

Hermione slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Change the bandage around your ribcage. That hasn’t been changed for eight hours since you were sleeping.”

And then with that, he turned and walked away from her leaving her alone in the cage and out of sight.

Hermione’s tears welled up in her eyes as she slowly reached for the bandage.

He had been patiently healing her, tending to her needs and her wounds and had made actual effort to ensure she was fed and kept well.

He had changed all the bandages around her except for areas from which he knew she would have to take her clothes off – he was still a gentleman despite of how he had been treating her.

But these weren’t enough to comfort her.

She needed to see the others.

She desperately wanted to go back to Harry.

She wasn’t going to be fully well until she finds out where they were and what was happening out there into the world.

She swore that she wasn’t going to stay long there.

That she’d heal herself up fast and get her full strength back.

For with or without her wand, she was goddamn getting out of the place and get back to the war to help Harry and the others save the world from the Dark Lord and his band of Death Eaters.







It was very late in the evening already when Kingsley had to stay behind in his office because Harry requested for him to stay and wait for him.

Ofcourse he stayed and he waited.

It was Harry Potter’s request.

They had been friends for as long as he could remember and he mourned with all the pain and losses the boy had endured before his eyes.

But he couldn’t remain deaf ears into the things that he was hearing about the boy.

He knew of the boy’s hatred towards the Malfoys and their manipulation of their power back in the years but at the moment, he was hearing otherwise of him.

He had been using his name and power to attain certain favors and privileges.

He couldn’t help but think that he had been under one as he was still in the Minister’s office by one that morning.

He looked up as the door slowly opened and Harry entered.

He was carrying a large paper bag.

“Come in, Harry.” Kingsley said walking from behind his table and ushering him towards the large carpeted sofa place he had in his office.

Harry smiled and entered with the bags.

“Thought I’d bring you something to eat after working late.”

“You didn’t need to. I am heading home after our meeting.”

Kingsley watched as Harry took out two large packages of what looked like expensive Italian food.

He also took out two large bottles of expensive whiskey.

“I cannot drink at working hours, Harry.” Kingsley said as Harry summoned two goblets and began opening the first bottle.

“Foolish.” Harry simply said as he continued to open the bottle. “You’re tired today and I’m here asking you to stay because this is the only time I could possibly have and-“

Harry stopped.

Kingsley pressed a gentle hand over his that was struggling to open the bottle.

“Sit down, Harry.” Kingsley simply said stopping him from opening the bottle and ushering him to sit opposite him.

Harry stared but he slowly lowered the bottle and settled over the chair opposite him.

“I waited to hear what you have to say, Harry.” Kingsley said. “That is all I am here for. I am your friend so you need not to bring me these things and I mean that in no offense.”

Harry stared closely at him in silence

He slowly nodded.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Kingsley asked although he already had a hunch on what it may be about.

“I need your signature.” Harry answered straightforward as he offered an elegant looking parchment towards him.

There was a seal of the Ministry’s office and official formal of the Ministry of Magic.

It only needed the Minister’s approval and seal.

“May I read it first?” he slowly asked taking a look over it.

“Ofcourse.” Harry said gently pushing it towards him.

Kingsley slowly took the parchment from the table and began reading it.

It was a special request of Harry Potter addressed directly to the Minister and the body of his office.

Harry quietly but closely observed him as he read through the parchment and waited.

“A type of search warrant?” Kingsley said as he looked up at Harry with slight surprise in his eyes.

“Yes.” Harry nodded at him offering a quill from the inside of his jacket pocket. “Here.”

Kingsley stared at the quill but he didn’t take it.

He closely looked back at Harry with question in his gaze.

“I’m sorry, Harry.” Kingsley said returning the parchment towards him. “I cannot grant you this-“

“I’m an Auror of the Ministry!” Harry suddenly yelled at him banging his fist over the table. “I’m Head Auror of the Department!”

Kingsley’s eyes widened at his actions.

Harry looked as taken aback as he was.

The Minister’s eyes were wide at Harry Potter – in both question and fear.

He had never seen the boy act this way.

But this was actually what he has been hearing about him.

He had seen him lost it at the Ministry and had been hearing things about him even within the premises of the Ministry of Magic but he had never seen him act the way he had been hearing of about the boy.

“I’m sorry.” Harry quickly said lowering his fist from the table and withdrawing back over his chair. “I’m sorry. I was a little – I’m sorry. Let’s begin again and talk about this please?”

Kingsley stared at the boy.

He would have to write towards someone in the Order first thing in the morning about this incident.

“Harry, are you alright?” he slowly asked a little worried now.

Harry was still red in the face but he looked like he was forcing himself to calm down.

“I’m fine.” Harry managed as he tried to remain passive and collected. “So, will you please sign it?”

He offered the quill again and move the parchment back over the table.

Kingsley’s eyes turned back to the parchment and back at Harry.

“I’m sorry, Harry.” Kingsley said. “I cannot sign this for you. I cannot give you access towards the cottage. It is not legal. And you do not need to be there.”

Harry opened his mouth to say something but he raised his hand gently up to him.

“I understand how you feel about this case. But this case is nearly close and you are regarded as part of the victim’s family. Signing this – despite that you are Head Auror – would come with certain questions and legalities. I would really want to help you and give any favor you would ask of me but this is something I cannot grant you. I am terribly sorry, Harry.”

Harry remained quiet and unmoving.

He was staring quietly back at the Minister.

Kingsley had already moved his hand inside his pocket where his wand was.

Harry Potter had been his friend for so many years and he knew the boy – but he was not about to neglect the news he had been hearing about him.

“I understand.” Harry answered after a while.

Kingsley slightly relaxed when Harry smiled at him.

“I apologize for my actions.” Harry said slowly standing up to straighten his robes. “I apologize. I must be out of my mind to ask this.”

“No, no, it's alright. I understand you.” Kingsley said with a small smile. “I would have done anything else for you Harry should it have been permitted and legal.”

“I know.” Harry said sighing heavily. “You’ve been a great deal of a friend to me, Kingsley. And I understand your say on the matter. You’ve always been like a family to me, watching over me and guiding me.”

“It’s not part of the job description but you have always been close to my heart, my boy.” Kingsley said smiling and standing up as Harry did.

“I know.” Harry said extending his hand to shake his. “That’s why it is my utmost regret that I must do this. I am terribly sorry as well.”

“Harry?” Kingsley said as they held hands.

Harry gripped his hand hard and Kingsley’s eyes widened as he couldn’t draw it back.

Harry had drawn his wand out with his free hand and pointed it directly at his chest.

“Forgive me.” Harry whispered with a glint in his eyes as he pulled Kingsley towards him in an embrace and interjected the tip of his wand over his friend’s chest.

“Harry – what are you-“ Kingsley couldn’t move from his grasp and tight embrace.

“Imperio.” Harry softly whispered at him.

His fingers loosened over the wand in his hand and Harry heard it clank down towards the carpeted floor the moment the spell hit him over the chest.

Harry kept his embrace over him as he muttered words after another.

He gently moved to gaze at him as he continue to mutter.

Kingsley’s eyes slowly went black and all control of his senses and awareness of surroundings had been lost.

He could not comprehend anything anymore except for the sound of the voice in his hand telling him, instructing him to do something.

In a moment, Harry had let him go.

He watched slowly at Kingsley’s steady gaze over the table and the parchment.

He pulled out the quill again and placed it near his hand.

“If you please, Minister.” Harry whispered gently drawing back from the table with his wand.

Kingsley slowly looked up at him with a blank gaze and then he turned to the quill and parchment.

Without his own thoughts and will, Kingsley slowly reached for the quill and began signing the parchment and with a small wave of his own wand, the seal of the Ministry of Magic had been placed beneath his signature.

“Thank you.” Harry said taking the parchment from the table and folding in back in his pocket.

Kingsley remained unmoving and unblinking.

“You had always been family to me as well.” Harry gently whispered.

He raised his wand back at Kingsley who had no qualms of his surroundings.

 “Have a good night rest, Minister.” Harry whispered pointing the wand back over his forehead.  “Obliviate.”



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