Forbidden Rapture

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You would see a memory of LIly and Snape. 
Please know that I've based this upon one of JK Rowling's interview about Lily being pregnant when she died at the hands of the Dark Lord and how she has planned with James to have them talk and be friends even just at the most formal state of relationship because she has talked him into making Snape the godfather of their second child.

I hope I was able to write it down in a nice and simple way.


Other than, please do enjoy the chapter.





Chapter Forty Six

“The Writ of Clemency”





“Are you ready?” Draco asked Snape as he entered the room.

He looked at his back that was turned to him as he stared right by the wall.

Draco’s eyes slightly widened as he turned – he was clean shaven and was dressed better.

He was given a new pair of prisoner’s clothing and was given the chance to shave.

He wondered what this was for until he realized that it was Harry’s way of mocking him.

He was seemingly giving Snape his ‘new life’ – or how he welcomes him literary forever at Azkaban.

What an ironic and painful joke that was.

“Should I still guess?” he asked closing the door behind him.

“No.” Snape simply answered. “I just accepted things as they were.”

But Draco felt that he meant something else when he said those words.

“We’ve got less than two hours to talk and wait.”

“There’s nothing to talk about Draco.” Snape said. “We both know where this is going and what is about to happen.”

Draco didn’t say anything.

Snape had never seen him as defeated and as morose since he became his Defense Council – no, since he became his godson who could talk and think for himself.

“I wish I could have done more.” Draco quietly said as he sat by the couch in front of him.

“You have done more than enough.” Snape answered him. “Promise me one thing Draco.”

He looked up at his godfather – his age had definitely caught up with him at Azkaban by the way his expression creased over his forehead and the way his eyes moved so wearily.

He looked old and very tired.

He was prepared to stay in Azkaban and meet his end there.

“Anything.” Draco answered him. “Anything, godfather.”

Snape looked up at him with slight surprise and gleam in his eyes.

He has never called him that.

He insisted in calling him ‘Severus’ or ‘Professor’ in the Hogwarts premises back in their school days.

But he never really called him ‘godfather’ – the title and privilege that Narcissa and Lucius had given him.

He felt touched for a moment but he had to control his emotions.

There was a trial to attend to and it was not a time to fall apart – not in front of his godson who seemed to need him emotionally as he looked and felt so defeated at the moment.

“Hermione.” Snape said without a blink. “Please take good care of Hermione. Please promise me you’ll keep a close watch on her even if Potter marries her.”







“Promise?” Lily asked him. “You promise me that, Severus?”

“I promise.” Snape said nodding and taking hold of her hand.

They sat across one another in a newly opened café near the train station.

Lily and James were off to a small vacation with their first born, Harry who was born about a year ago.

“When did you find out?” Snape asked her as he stared at her beautiful emerald eyes.

“A few days ago.” Lily answered excitedly. “Only James and I know about it. We haven’t really told anyone but I wanted you to be the first to know other than James.”

Lily reached across the table and held his hands.

Snape looked like he wanted to withdraw his hands from hers but he didn’t.

He reveled at the feeling of her soft and warm touch.

They had not seen one another since they graduated from Hogwarts.

Despite his known hatred for James, Lily as loving and forgiving still asked him to come to their wedding.

In no surprised, he refused with Lily unknowing that he was there – far and away but could see everything that could take place.

He couldn’t miss her wedding day even if it was to the man he despised the most.

She was the most beautiful bride he has ever see in his life.

She was the most beautiful woman in that very day and he was not about to miss that.

He loved her and would always love her.

She wrote him messages from time to time – at the Fall, a card or so on Christmas and sometimes just out of the blue he would receive a notecard from her.

He kept if all – each and every of those things she sent him despite that he never answered any.

But the last note she sent him was different.

It was invitation for coffee at the train station in London before she leaves for a few months vacation with James and Harry.

She wanted to tell him something very important and said that she hasn’t told anyone else but James.

He didn’t have any idea what it was but given it sounded very significant and no one else was told about it, he couldn’t help his curiosity

What could be so important that only James and he would know about?

Ofcourse he suddenly felt special again – the same Severus Snape and bestfriend Lily Evans had.

No, she was now a Potter – and he must always remember that.

He had just come out a few months after swearing his loyalty to the Dark Lord Voldemort and he had been planning and scheming on finding a way to ensure her safety.

Maybe this meeting may be the opening to that possibility.

He said yes and today he received a news that was as beautiful as she was.

She was to have her second baby.

She was a few months pregnant and a baby girl was now on the way.

Lily wanted to personally tell him because she also wanted to personally ask him to be the child’s godfather.

Ofcourse he couldn’t say no.

No matter the years that passed and whatever things may have changed and circumstances that showered between them and their relationship between one another – she would always and forever be Lily Evans – his one and only true love.

He would never say no to anything she would ask of him.

“We will be back soon.” Lily said letting his hand go. “And when we return, I’ll tell James you said yes and that there are plans for the child and the event of it that you need to be there with me.”

“I don’t think Potter will approve.”

“You’re my bestfriend, Sev.” Lily said with a charming smile. “I will always have a say for you. I will always be here for you.”

“Always?” Snape asked with a tinge of a smile that was ever so genuine.

Lily smiled at him – the same charming smile he has fallen in love with.

“Always, Severus.”






“Did you like my gift?” Harry sleepily asked Hermione.

It was nearly four in the morning and two of them lay quietly by the Common Room’s fireplace.

Harry sat by the couch and Hermione was laid down in his arms as they quietly watched the dying fire.

The rest of the Gryffindors were asleep after the party they threw a pre-Christmas party and after some of the finger-foods they’ve sneaked from the kitchens and a couple of drinks that the twins had managed to sneak into their dormitory, everyone went back to their respective beds with filled stomachs and hearts full of happiness and excitement for their Christmas vacation.

Everyone was to leave in the morning for the holidays and wouldn’t be back after a few weeks.

But Harry and Hermione felt different.

This was the third Christmas that they would be sharing something seemingly at the boundaries of ‘romance.

Ofcourse it began a few years back in their Yule Ball which transpired and continued with their continued exchange of mails at the summer that came after.

They grew closer together in a different way when they spent the rest of the summer at Grimmauld Place with the rest of the Weasleys and Sirius.

Their relationship went into a deeper relationship after Harry’s great and painful loss of Sirius.

Even if his other friends were there, the Weasleys, Lupin and all others it was in Hermione’s arms that he felt most comfortable and happy with.

He started to have a feeling that he couldn’t lose her – no, not her – definitely not her.

Their relationship grew deeper that it became more serious in the weeks that passed by.

Nobody would say a thing about it because it was so obvious that Hermione and Harry had always seemed to be meant for each other.

It even all looked like Hermione was the only one waiting for Harry to wake up and realize that she was a woman and that he was the man for her.

The moment Harry has woken up from this fact and had realized how much he cared and loved Hermione, everyone seemed to celebrate with them.

No that they displayed affection around school – but their meals times, their ‘library moments’, the classes they went together and Harry’s willing to wait for Hermione to finish her other classes without him – and everything else in between – showed and proved how much they loved one another and how much they not only looked good together but how they seemed to be meant for each other.

Everyone knew that Harry belonged to Hermione and Hermione was always Harry’s.

Everyone seemed to celebrate that fact and nobody dared to destroy that relationship that they had.

Draco Malfoy seemed to notice this as well as he took some extra time bullying Hermione a year back but this year at their sixth year seemed different.

Draco has seemingly detached himself from the world and even from bullying Hermione.

They weren’t sure if it was because of what has happened to his father that affected him so much or because that his nemesis has claim over the girl he always bullied that he just decided to back away.

Either way, everyone surely noticed his halt on bullying Hermione no matter if it was because Harry was officially with her or because he was still depressed and devastated upon losing his father the previous year.

“Ofcourse I did.” Hermione said with a smile. “Did you like mine?”

“Very much.” Harry answered kissing the back of her hand.

He held her hand gently into his while his other hand held the small necklace she gave him.

It was an imitation of a Golden Snitch that when he touched would open and show a picture of them together with an enchanted glimmer that spelled out: ‘I will always be yours’

It was like a small locket and he loved the gesture that Hermione has given him.

He was beyond happy that he almost forgot about the brooding beginning of the year after Sirius’ recent death.

Hermione had always been there for him and he couldn’t seem himself without her.

He didn’t know what he would do if he loses her.

She was the only good thing left of him now.

He couldn’t lose her no matter what.

“I can’t help but think what I’d give you next Christmas, Hermione.” Harry said in delight and wonder.

Hermione giggled as she felt his fingers running gently from over her arm and then around her neckline giving her a tingling sensation.

“What?” he innocently asked pulling her closer and placing a kiss over her forehead.

“Harry-“ Hermione said holding his hand to keep it from roaming around her body.

Harry giggled with her and kissed her again over the head and sighed heavily.

“You don’t have to get me anything every year, Harry.” Hermione said with a smile looking up at him.

“I want to.” Harry answered her moving his face closer her. “I will give you anything, ‘Mione.”

Hermione smiled and closed her eyes as Harry leaned forward and kissed her.

The kiss was warm, sweet and gentle and as beautiful and sound as it had always been.

First love was forever going to be embedded in anyone’s hearts.

“I love you, ‘Mione.” Harry whispered taking a closer hold of her in his arms as if in fear of losing her.

“I love you too, Harry.” Hermione replied sinking in his arms and inhaling the scent of Harry.

He always had a special scent – like some personal flare of the fresh air of the grounds and the sandalwood that came from a couple of books she’s smelled before.

Something fresh and yet something that smelled that of a library were Harry’s scent for Hermione.

She wanted to memorize how he always smelled for it reminded her of their good memories since the first time they met on the train station a few years ago.

“I’m excited for the holidays.” Hermione said. “We’ll be having loads of things to do and eat at Mrs. Weasley’s for sure.” Hermione said excitedly.

Harry laughed and smile at her as his excitement was just as same.

“I couldn’t wait to eat at their house. They always have loads of food and fun and stories across the table.”

“I can’t wait to hang out with Ginny too and ofcourse professor Lupin would be there.”

“I’m as excited to see him.” Harry said. “You know, he’s like a father to me and to all of us and there’s just something comforting when he’s around.”

“I know.” Hermione said. “I’m thinking of buying something for him tomorrow at Hogsmeade before we go, right?”

“Yes, I think that’s a good idea.” Harry said. “I mean we can go down to Hogmeade first and all that. I’m thinking of getting him something special or so. He’s always been my favourite person.”

“Me too.” Hermione said. “I was thinking of getting him something nice that he could use at home or at work like some sort of book guide or notebook or something.”

Harry nodded in agreement as they talked about what they could give Lupin altogether.

“Or maybe something he could use with Tonks?” Hermione suggested “What about a pair of vacation tickets or something?”

“Sounds delightful for me.” Harry excitedly said. “I do have extra savings I can use for them.”

“I’ll pay for the reservation of a place to stay or something – mum and dad has all those kinds of offers and gift certificates from clients.”

“Oh that’s great!” Harry said. “And maybe in our wedding we can get those too!”

“Hey, Harry!” Hermione exclaimed suddenly hitting his ribs by her elbows.

“Hey, Granger!” Harry said quickly grabbing hold of her wrists and putting her back against the couch.

Hermione giggled nonstop as Harry held her down, tickling her at certain areas and simply looking down at her.

They laughed and giggled and suddenly stopped.

They stared at one another and for some reason – a sudden and unexplainable reason – Harry felt that he wanted Hermione to just lay there so he could stare at her completely.

To forever remember her face and how happy she was tonight and for the coming days they would have.

He wanted to memorize her facial features and everything that was beautiful in her.

“I love you.” Harry said staring down at her. “I will always do, ‘Mione.”

“I am yours forever Harry.” Hermione whispered gently placing her arms around his neck and puling him into a soft kiss. “Yours, Harry.”





“Draco!” Hermione called out.

Draco turned around and saw Lupin and Hermione heading his way.

He had just left Snape’s holding area and was just about to go down to get himself a bottle of water before the trial begins.

“I was about to buy us something to drink.” Draco told her.

“I’m fine.” Hermione said. “Professor Lupin and I went downstairs for something to drink before we went back here.”

“Draco.” Lupin said taking out a bottle of cold tea for him.

“Thanks.” Draco said taking it even if he does not drink such things. “I’ll keep this for later.”

Lupin smiled and watched him keep it inside the black bag he always had.

“I was wondering if I could talk to Hermione?” he asked. “Privately?”

“Ofcourse.” Lupin said.

He gently tapped Hermione’s shoulder and gave her a quick embrace.

“I’ll settle inside at the usual seats, Hermione.” Lupin said. “Let me know if you’ve seen Harry.”

“You haven’t seen Potter?” Draco asked them.

Hermione shook her head worriedly.

“We haven’t.” Hermione said. “Kingsley said that he hasn’t seen Harry either. He is usually always early in the trials.”

Draco sighed but he didn’t show his disappointment or worry.

Harry was supposed to come – he should.

He promise that he would take matters into his own hands to ensure that Snape does not receive the most severe punishment of them all.

So where the hell was he?

“I’m sure he’ll come.” Lupin said seeing the worry in both their faces. “He would come. Don’t worry.”

Draco nodded at him and Hermione gave him a nod too.

Lupin bid them goodbye for the moment and turned to walk down the corridor that would lead to the trial court room.

The moment he was out of earshot Hermione turned worriedly back at Draco.

“Is he coming?” she asked in obvious panic. “Are you sure he’s coming?”

“He promised you, did he not?” Draco asked her back.

They both looked very worried since they bagged in Harry’s words that he was going to save Snape from a fatal punishment that Snape was likely to receive.

“He did.” Hermione said. “He promised me. I promised him that I would marry him and he agreed – he clearly agreed, Draco.”

“Well don’t worry for now.” Draco said. “Maybe he needed time to think what he should do or something or maybe he’s talking to the member of the Wizengamot.”

Draco took hold of her hands again and firmly held them.

“Don’t worry.” Draco said. “Things will be alright.”

“I’m trying not to worry.” Hermione said. “How is he?” she asked.

Draco gave her a small smile. “He told me that whatever happens I should promise him that I’d watch over you and I am to keep that promise.”

“I wish I could talk to him before the trial today.”

“I know.” Draco said. “But we both know that’s not possible until he is sentenced.”

Hermione nodded and gave him a somber look.

“I am worried.”

“I am here, Hermione.” Draco assured her.

She took a firm hold of both his hands and then gently pulled him into an embrace.

No matter how close they were now and the level of their friendship, Draco would never be used into physical embraces as he grew up not really receiving these small gestures of love and kindness from either his parents.

“Thank you, Draco.” Hermione said. “Thank you for being there and for taking good care of Severus.”

Draco place his arms around her as well and gently patted her back.

“I will always be here for the both of you.” Draco said. “We will get through this. I promise you, we would get through this.”

A tear suddenly fell off from her eyes and another and another.

Suddenly, she was already crying in Draco’s arms.

Draco was taken aback and he tried to shush her and took her to the side of the corridor.


“I don’t know..” Hermione sobbed at him. “I don’t know why I’m.. why I’m like this.. why I’m crying when I know he should be in there – he should be – he should be punished for everything he’s done to me.”

Draco’s eyes suddenly widened.

There was something different in the way Hermione cried and spoke those words.

Something was suddenly different.

Did he just trigger something in her and her memory?

“Hermione?” he asked worriedly pulling her to the benches at the empty corridor.

Hermione tried to control her tears but they were just suddenly flowing nonstop.

“Draco – he – he should be in Azkaban but I couldn’t – I don’t have the courage to bring him there because he took care of me – he made sure – he promised me that we would together get through it and I believed in that and-“

“Wait – Hermione-“

She just suddenly placed her arms around him, tightly embracing him and crying nonstop.

Draco quietly cursed himself.

He definitely said something that triggered something deeply emotional in her.

He didn’t know what to do.

He was slightly panicking and he wished that Lupin was still near and around so he could help him calm her down.

“Hermione, I understand you but you need to restrain-“

“No, Draco – listen – he – Severus – I know he should be in Azkaban but I couldn’t – I couldn’t bring  myself to bring him there because he took good care of me and Harry and –“

“Miss Granger?” a voice called out. “Draco?”

It was the head of the Wizengamot.

He had come out of a secret door and was walking towards the two of them.

He looked down upon them and Hermione hurriedly wiped her face off tears but they were still very obvious along her facial features.

“The trial is about to begin.” he said nodding at Draco. “Mr. Potter is already in the court room as well as Mr. Snape.”

Hermione’s face lit at the mention and she quickly stood up.

Draco stood too and nodded at his uncle in a way that he only understood.

“I will see you in the court room.” the old man had said trying to ignore Hermione’s look of plea.

She was obviously wanting to talk to him – to beg for Snape’s life – but she always knew the boundaries she could no longer cross.

The moment he was out of sight Draco took hold of Hermione’s hands again.

“Let’s go?” he offered her with a concerned smile.

Hermione nodded and dried the last of her tears.

“Please hold my hand.” Hermione said with worry written all over her face. “I need you more than ever, Draco.”





Hermione slept blissfully next to him.

Her back was turned to him and she was kept warm by the newly bought thick blankets he had for her.

He always made sure that she was environmentally comfortable in the cottage.

And for ten years, he was able to ensure that kind of comfort for her.

She had everything she could ever need and want.

A good shelter to live in, nice food that never ran out, books that she always loved, potions and other ready made medications for any of her needs and a man in her life who would provide her anything else that she would ask of.

In a few days, she would finally be Mrs. Hermione Jean Granger-Snape.

She had agreed to marry him.

Everything else was in order and everything had been thoroughly planned.

She had picked the colours she wanted, a special wedding dress that he had made especially for her from Paris, food that she wanted to be served, the special wine she asked him to make and every small detail that she wanted for their wedding.

There was nothing else she could ask for.

It was the small, intimate and special wedding she always spoke about.

It was going to be a perfect day.

And he was going to be the perfect husband.

But could he really be?

There were still days and hours he couldn’t help but doubt himself if he could indeed give her everything she would ever want.

Would she ever get tire of loving him?

Would marrying her be the answer to all the problems he knew that future might still want him to answer to?

If she marries him, there was a chance for them to slowly go back into the outside world and nothing can separate them because they were literally and magically bonded together as husband and wife.

Nothing – not a person nor magic – in this world could ever separate them once that happens.

Was he ready?

Was that what he really wanted?


That wasn’t a question.

He always wanted a family too.

He always wanted something beautiful for himself as wel.

And was she really the answer to all of that or was he still fooling himself up to this day ten years later?

“Severus?” Hermione’s voice came about.

He slid back in the bed under the sheets next to her and smiled at her.

He kissed her forehead and pulled the blankets over them.

“Go back to sleep, sweetheart.” Snape whispered as Hermione backed herself against his warm naked body for her comfort.

“Why are you still awake?” she sleepily asked closing her eyes and feeling him with only her hands.

“I just went to close the lights in the lab.” Snape lied to her. “I have forgotten to turn them down.”

In truth was that he couldn’t sleep.

It was nearly four in the morning and he still couldn’t sleep.

He was still thinking, thinking hard and deep.

She was to be truly and legally his and for some reason he didn’t feel at ease about it.

He would forever have her.

But was that what she also wanted?

Did she really choose him at that day at the train station?

Or did she just choose him in her fear of the world she no longer knew of?

Was he really her choice or was it because she was so scared of the outside world that she chose to return in his arms because he was what was comfortable and familiar for her?

He wanted to shoot himself in the head with these thoughts running inside him.

He should have asked that years ago – three years ago in fact.

“What’s wrong?” shed asked turning to him and placing one hand over his cheek.

Snape shook his head. “Go back to sleep.”

Hermione’s eyes momentarily opened and she searched his black eyes for answers.

She gently placed her hands from his cheek and ran them down at the side of his muscular arms.

“Are you sure?” she asked him leaning forward and kissing the base of his shoulder before leaning up to kiss him on the lips.

Snape opened his mouth and accepted her warm, soft and gentle kiss.

Her kisses has never really changed.

They were still soft and warm and sweet to taste.

The innocent girl in her was still there whenever he kissed her.

“I’m sure.” Snape whispered back into her mouth.

He licked her lips and she giggled letting his tongue roll inside hers.

Hermione moaned at the exchange and then she broke the kiss and stared up at him.

“If there is something wrong you will tell me, yes?” she asked him.

Snape nodded at her.

He always would just nod at her.

She never really knew if there was something wrong or whatever was really bothering him.

In the ten years that they were together she knew he still kept things from her.

But she learned to let them all go knowing that she wasn’t going to get answers anyway.

She learned to know that there were boundaries in their relationship and she learned to accept these rules and lines she couldn’t ever cross.

“Go back to sleep.” Snape whispered pulling her down in his arms. “Go back to sleep.”

“Wake me up before you leave in the morning.” Hermione sleepily said turning away from him and letting him take her in his arms and embrace her for the night.

“I will sweetheart.” Snape promised kissing her dark tresses and closing his eyes as he let himself slowly go down in the depths and peace of sleep.

He would never tell her ofcourse that he was beginning to be consumed by guilt.

He would never tell her ofcourse that he was being consumed by his thoughts and worry that he might never be good enough for her.

He would never tell her his constant worry up to now of waking up one day and she would be taken from him.

He would never tell her of the hours he thinks of her and how he could make her happy in the every moment they lived, they were living and would be living together.

He would never tell her that he was extremely fearful of losing her.

He would never tell her that he loved her so deep that the guilt of what he has done all these years might one day just blow up into their faces and fate would suddenly take her back from him and bring her to where she really belonged.


He would never tell her any of these things that worried and consumed him and his soul every single night that they go to bed together with her happy enough to blissfully sleep in his arms that she once in her life despised so much.




Hermione entered the trial room a few moments before Draco did.

They thought it would be wise to enter the room with time lapses.

She quickly found Lupin and walked towards the row of chairs where he sat.

He had saved two chairs – one for her and for Harry.

But Harry was still nowhere.

She looked around the room and did not find him.

She wondered where the head had seen Harry.

Across the room, Draco had entere and his eyes quickly roamed around the room obviously also looking for Harry.

Hermione quietly sat on her chair with Lupin taking hold of her hand for a moment.

Snape had just been brought inside the room and the jury was in full attendance just as the twelve members of the Wizengamot.

The court room was quite full for the day.

Everyone was obviously intent and interested to the decision of the court.

People from the Daily Prophet were all ready in one full row at one side of the room.

Governors of Hogwarts were also present there and Hermione spotted McGonagall, Flitwick, Sprout and Slughorn – the Heads of Houses of Hogwarts in the same row of chair as them.

Some Order members were scattered around the rows of chairs and by the four doors in the atrium.

Ministry officials and Azkaban wizard guards were also all over the room.

It was a heavily secured day at the trial.

Hermione stared across the room and Draco was avoiding her gaze as usual.

He didn’t want to look at her in fear of distraction and he didn’t want to see her pained expression.

She was aware of his actions by now.

He sat next to Snape who was silent as he always was anyway.

He was dressed better and was cleanly shaven as she has noticed.

He looked way better than the many times she’s seen him or last seen him at the cottage.

The attendee asked everyone to stand up for his usual opening remarks for each trial and asked if the court room was in full attendance as everyone slowly got back to their seats at his request.

He announced that they were about it begin in a few moments and that the doors would soon be closed as per the usual rules of the court room.

Lupin slowly stood up and raised his hand to make Harry’s absence in the room known.

The attendee was just about to say something when the double doors opened at that exact moment before they were sealed.

Everyone’s eyes went to the doors and Harry entered bringing in some sort of letter in his hand.

It was a rich parchment paper folded and was bearing a special kind of ribbon around it.

“Mr. Potter?” asked the attendee as Harry walked inside the room without looking at anyone else.

He had the parchment clear in his hand to let everyone see it even if he didn’t say anything.

His eyes didn’t stray anywhere else but straight towards the 12 members of the Wizengamot.

“I would like a request.” Harry clearly said without blinking and handing over the letter straight towards the long row and table where the Wizengamot was.

The full jury and the room looked surprised at his request.

But the Wizengamot didn’t look as shock as they were.

They seemed to be advised ahead that Harry was to use his special turn for a request just as Draco had done so a few trials ago when he asked for Opus Contrarium.

Hermione craned her neck up to see what he was handing the head of the Wizengamot.

Draco looked curious but he also looked like he was contemplating and tried to act passive at what was happening.

Snape was silent, his head down and not even the slightest disturbed on what was happening.

“Your request, Mr. Potter?” the head of the Wizengamot asked him as he extended his hand in order to receive Harry’s parchment.  

Harry handed it over and nodded curtly in a business-like manner.

The old man opened the parchment and the whole room held their breath in curiosity and intensity of the situation.

He read the parchment thoroughly without changing his expression.

The slightest bit of crease appeared in his forehead but completely vanished as he turned back to Harry.

“This is where you’re going to use your term of request?” he asked him slowly. “This is your request, Mr. Potter?”

“Yes.” Harry said in a confident and serious tone. “I would like to request for ‘The Writ of Clemency.’’

Whatever it meant, Hermione wasn’t sure but soon enough, the whole room began bursting into an intense debate and clamor.

Hermione quickly looked across the room towards Draco.

He looked as perplexed as she was as if it wasn’t the kind of thing he expected Harry to do.

There was worry around his face that Hermione didn’t miss.

“Profess0r-“ she quickly turned to Lupin and trying to hear him out inspite of all the noise that was coming from the people.

“My god.” Lupin gasped. “Harry, what are you doing..”

The worry over Hermione’s face increased upon seeing Snape looked up for a moment towards Harry.

But Harry didn’t look back at him nor at anyone else.

He kept his face passive and his eyes towards the head of the Wizengamot.

“Are you sure of this?” he asked Harry again. “Once this is given, you are given only twelve days, Mr. Potter.”

“Yes.” Harry answered. “It is more than enough time for my request.”

Hermione tugged over Lupin’s arm, looking over at him to explain what was going on.

She has never heard of that kind of court room request before.

“What is it?” she asked him in panic. “Professor Lupin, what is Harry asking for? What did he-“

“He’s asking for the trial to be suspended.” Lupin explained turning to her. “Harry’s asking for the trial to be suspended just before they give Snape their final decision and judgement-“

“What does that mean?” Hermione said. “I thought he promised-“

“He wants to hold whatever decision they have.” Lupin said looking back at her with worry over his face. “Harry wants to hold the decision until a certain amount of time.”

“Amount of time?” Hermione repeated still very much bewildered by what was going on.

Lupin nodded and gently took hold of her arm.

“He obviously doesn’t trust your word, Hermione.”

“My word?” Hermione repeated loudly over the noise that was consuming the room. “What’s going on?”

“Harry is suspending the decision until an amount of time is given. Twelve days Hermione.” Lupin said. “You would marry him within the twelve days before the trial gives the decision.”

Hermione opened her mouth to say something but her brain was seemingly working double time.

Her eyes lit up and widened and she looked back down the chaos around them.

“He’s suspending it because he wants us to get married first.” Hermione said in worry. “He doesn’t trust I’d marry him so instead of ensuring that Severus evades the dementors-“

“He wants your marriage secured. He wants to make sure that you would do first what he ask before he gives in to what you ask-“

“You mean if I don’t marry him, he can change or not change things?”

Hermione felt like the world has fallen down.

She would then have no way out of marring him.

Harry was beyond brilliant.

He wanted things secured, he wanted some sort of insurance that he would get what he want before he gives in to what she wanted.

If she doesn’t marry him in twelve days, the court would give the final decision without his interference.

And without Harry’s interference, the decision was already nailed down and sure – the Dementor’s Kiss would be the punishment to Snape what with all the evidences laid out and the cases against Snape.

“Yes.” Lupin answered her with worry over his face. ”I basically think that’s the idea of his request. He would suspend the decision until the both of you are married within the twelve days that the writ works in. Until then, until he is sure that you’re married to him – he could easily change his decision about Snape’s fate.”

Hermione felt like throwing up right then and there.

She thought things would change for the better after today.

She thought that at the least, Snape would be able to evade the Kiss.

But in this decision of Harry who was more than determined to marry her and have her back and punish Snape severely – she knew that the twelve days that would begin today would be the hardest twelve days of her entire life.

She would marry him – she intended to – but just in twelve days?

Twelve days?

Because there in the twelve days, Snape’s fate and life after all did not really depend on the Wizengamot’s decision nor just in Harry’s hands – but in her hands as well for she has the decision to marry or not marry Harry and have the choice to lose Snape forever or have him live and be with Harry for the rest of her life.  










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