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Chapter Forty Three

The Debt



Hermione looked up at the darkened Gryffindor Common Room at the familiar voice.

“Lumos.” Harry muttered pointing the wand in the room.

The light of his wand flew up and lit above Hermione who was standing by the portrait of the Fat Lady.

Hermione waved her wand and lit the fireplace and extinguished Harry’s spell.

He looked up at her and gaped at her appearance.

“Are you alright?” he asked slowly as she walked towards him by the fireplace.

The Common Room was empty except for the two of them.

It was nearly two in the morning already and the Yule Ball has ended about an hour ago.

Hermione had spent the rest of the party crying by herself by the staircase.

“Do I look alright to you?” she spat at him.

Harry stared from his sleepy state then realized that she was barefoot and holding her shoes.

Her Yule Ball dress was tangled up around her and her hair had gone back to its wavy and messy locks.

But what alarmed Harry was the way her make-up faded along her face especially around her eyes.

She had obviously been crying for hours.

“What the hell happened?” Harry asked jumping off his side of the coach and throwing aside the book he was reading in preparation for the possible next task for the Triwizard Tournament.

Hermione didn’t say anything.

She shook her head and bit her lip.

Harry quickly sat next to her and stared at her feeling confused and scared at the same time.

“Why haven’t you changed?” Hermione asked seeing that he was still in his own Yule Ball dress robes.

“Ron’s upstairs asleep already.” Harry simply replied. “I thought I’d read here.”

“I didn’t ask about Ron.” Hermione said staring closely up at him. “I asked why you’re still awake.”

Harry slightly blushed.

In truth, he didn’t like the Yule Ball at all and the preparations in came with.

He didn’t like the idea that he took another girl to the ball when he really wanted to take someone else – that someone sitting in front of him right now.

He didn’t like the idea that he didn’t have the guts to ask her to the Yule Ball when she was always with him in all his classes, when they stayed and studied at the same dormitory and spent hours and hours together around the classroom, library, grounds and everywhere else in between.

He had let some Bulgarian jock ask her to the Yule Ball and now that the event has ended, here she was obviously crying about something.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Harry answered avoiding her gaze. “Thought I’d read or so.”

“You?” Hermione asked taking the book from the floor. “Read?”

Harry only nodded.

Hermione stared at him with a concerned look over her face.

“You’re lying.” Hermione pointed out with confidence. “What’s going on? What on your mind?”

‘You’ Harry miserably thought.

He was mostly concerned at the look she had at the moment.

She looked so distressed and yet there was that beautiful gleam in her eyes and a pair of ears ready to listen on what was bothering him.

She always gave herself to others no matter the burdens she was carrying.

His mind was still full of regrets about tonight.

If only they managed to dance a bit more last night at the ball.

He was so distressed with the Triwizard Tournament, was constantly having his patience and temper tested by his peers lately, was so caught up with school work and was feeling both ashamed, excited, scared and anxious all the same into asking Hermione out to the Yule Ball for some unknown reason to him that the next thing he knew, she jumped into him after a Quidditch lecture meeting and told him in great excitement that Victor Krum had asked her out to the Yule Ball and that she said yes.

Ron was outward angry for her saying yes to the boy and told her that she was ‘fraternizing with the enemy’ and had been in constant bicker with Hermione regarding the subject.

And so he was left with no choice but to be the ears for Hermione to tell all her plans for the Yule Ball and how excited she was and how Victor had spent an afternoon or two with her in the library or had asked that they walk down the lake in between or after her classes.

And if he was ever displeased, he was quite good at hiding it from her her because she’s never once seem to consider how he felt about her rants and stories about Viktor.

But tonight, seeing her crestfallen and crying over the boy – he will surely have to tell her how he disliked the boy and how he didn’t want her around the boy.

He wasn’t sure why, but he was jealous of Viktor Krum and wanted to punch him first thing in the morning when he sees him no matter the reason Hermione looked so stressed out at the moment.

He was so angry that he didn’t get the chance to ask her to the ball nor really dance with her and then the boy had all the chances in the world and what did he do with it?

He made Hermione cry.

“Let’s dance.” Hermione’s voice suddenly came out of the blue. “Harry?”

Harry blinked looking completely confused.

Hermione was standing over him with her hand outstretched to him.

“W-what?” he asked although he clearly heard what she had said.

Before he knew it, Hermione was pointing her wand around the room.

The fireplace’s light slightly dimmed, sparks appeared overhead them like small stars and glitters in the sky.

It was beautiful.

“Should I ask?” Harry slowly asked her, uncertain if she would allow him to know what exactly has happened.

He wanted to know.

He badly wanted to know.

He wanted a reason to motivate him to beat the boy in the next task or rather a valid reason to punch the boy.

“No.” Hermione simply answered but not unkindly. “Not even worth knowing.”

Harry nodded at her.

He respected her decision.

He always respected her decisions even if sometimes it didn’t make sense to him.

She had always been brilliant and was often right so he didn’t question her decisions even if they seemed at the edge or indifferent than the rest of the things he know of.

After all, he and Ron wouldn’t have survived many things from the past years until today if not for her.

“You’re so beautiful, Hermione.” Harry muttered unable to stop himself as his eyes strayed from the glitters above them and slowly down back at her.

She was seemingly glowing beneath the glitters overhead.

“Don’t be silly.” Hermione said putting her wand and shoes down and standing before him.

“I’m not being silly.” Harry said standing up and taking her arm.

They both giggled.

“Harry-“ Hermione began looking up at him and not knowing where to put her hand.

Harry smiled at her despite that his heart was racing for some reason.

He sighed heavily and planted another charming smile over his face and Hermione actually blushed.

He gently took hold of her wrist and placed it over his other shoulder.

“I think you should put it here.” Harry said in an almost funny tone.

Hermione grinned at him and slowly placed both her other hand around his neck.

Harry didn’t know now what to do as his hands were at the space around her body.

“And I think –“ Harry began not knowing if he should ask permission first to place his arms around her.

“I think you’re supposed to place them here, Harry.” Hermione laughed placing both his hands around her waist and then settling her hand other hand around his neck as well.

They stood barely inches apart with their feet slow moving to an imaginary music they had in their heads.

They looked at one another.

They both stopped giggling.

They were both blushing for some reason.

Harry didn’t know why but his heart was beating so fast again upon being that close to Hermione.

He had always been close to her and even had a chance once to sleep in the same room and the same bed with her in a late afternoon at the Burrow – but for some reason, something was very electrifying in their proximity at the moment.

“Harry, I think-“

“I should have asked you to the dance.” Harry said before he could not have the courage to say it. “I’m sorry I let that scum go with you to the dance and now you’re all weary and crying and – well, I’m a pray because I wasn’t sure you wanted go to the ball with me.“

“I said yes to Viktor because I thought you’d never ask.” Hermione suddenly said.

Harry stared, mouth slightly open and now no guts to say anything.

“You what – I – hold on, I can’t-“ Harry began as Hermione blushed again as she simply nodded and grinned.

His heart was beating ever faster.

“Well I – I’m – ‘Mione, I just-“

“Are you asking me now?” Hermione asked with a small smile over her make-up stained face.

“Y-yes.” Harry said smiling at her and placing his hands closer around her waist.

He cleared his throat and tried to look serious while Hermione tried her best to keep her giggles low and restrained.

“Don’t laugh.” Harry warned although he was restraining himself from laughing.

Hermione nodded and bit her lip as she stared up at him forcing a serious look over her face.

Harry smiled back at her – a serious smile and a gleam in his beautiful emerald eyes.

He had never looked that beautiful for Hermione.

Her mind was buzzing around like crazy.

She didn’t know why she felt anxious, nervous with her heart beating extremely fast at that very moment.

Harry moved closer and raised his fingers to her face – he moved a few strands of her hair behind her right ear to clear it off her face.

“’Mione..” he slowly began taking hold of her hand and the other not knowing where to settle at all.

“Yes?” Hermione asked with a smile as she moved closer to him as well.

“I’d like to ask you if you would like to come and dance with me to the Yule Ball?” he asked her nodding at both their Yule Ball outfits.

He was wearing his dress robes although he had untied the ribbon around his neck and Hermione already had her shoes off and her dress now hung around her body in a tangled way.

“Why yes, Mr. Potter.” Hermione answered giggling as she accepted Harry’s hand around her.

He smiled and gently placed one hand around her waist and the other held her other hand.

“Harry.” Harry said as he gently wiped off the tears at the sides of her eyes before holding her hand back again. “My name is Harry.”

Hermione smiled at his correction.

Harry nodded at her and he gently moved her around the carpeted floor of the Common Room.

He began humming some melody that Hermione was sure that played earlier from the Yule Ball.

The moment lasted for what felt like forever.

Their feet both swaying at the right direction in a slow-motion movement, Harry’s hands around her waist in an intimate manner like he’s never done before, their other hands holding one another in such a different way, their eyes meeting in certain moments and a grin from one another like they’ve never smiled at that very manner towards one another before.

Both of them were blushing unconsciously.

Both of their hearts beating very fast and their minds confused at what was going on.

They couldn’t point a finger on it but something was definitely different and something was going on.

The room’s temperature seemed warmed than it had ever been before.

“I’m not making it up.” Harry said breaking the ice. “But you really are extraordinary tonight, Hermione.”

“It’s just the make-up and the hair thing, Harry.” Hermione said looking away from him.

“No.” Harry said gently placing his finger under her chin to make her look at him. “You’ve always been beautiful. Any boy would be a prat not to know that.”

“Harry-“ Hermione began as he moved her face closer to him. “It’s really just the night that’s all-“

“It would have been perfect if I just asked you to be my date weeks ago but I’m a prat and a coward all the same.”

Hermione laughed but Harry was not finding it funny – he looked serious and romantic all the same.

Hermione stopped laughing and remained quiet not knowing what to say.

“I would have said yes.” Hermione admitted. “I would have said yes to you-“

“I know this may not be the right time with all that’s happening and all Hermione but the task and the tournament is really getting on me and I’m not sure if I’ll survive the next- “

“Ofcourse you’ll survive it.” Hermione cut short with the same confidence. “You will always survive anything, Harry.”

“Because you’re with me.” Harry said straightening himself and moving himself just an inch apart from her.

“Harry-“ Hermione stopped dancing all throughout and even Harry stood still.

“Hermione, I don’t know what this is and I’m not sure if you would find it different or awkward or anything but I need to let you know that there’s this something I’m feeling and I’m not sure if you’re feeling-“

“I’m feeling the same something or whatever it is you’re talking about.” Hermione said the words as if she was in some sort of hurry.

Harry looked at her with a radiant glow in his eyes.

He looked like Christmas had come early and the next time that he spoke, he sounded a bit more confident.

“I’d like to ask you if you would like us to date?” Harry asked unable to stop himself as he pushed all words from his mind out of his mouth.

Hermione looked at him with a slightly confused glare.

“I mean not just for tonight –“ Harry hurriedly said. “But you know – like date around school – like – Hermione, if you would-“

“Yes, I think I’d like that.” Hermione answered helping him survive this very difficult situation for him. “I think I’d like to exclusively date you, Harry Potter.”

Harry’s face gleamed.

The red in his face glowed even more prominent and he looked like he won the lottery.

Hermione stared up at him unsure if that’s what he meant.

“Harry?” she asked slightly concerned at Harry’s stunned look.

He looked back at her with a racing heart.

“Hermione, I-“ he leaned in closer her as Hermione sighed and leaned closer to him as well.

Just when their faces where just about a breath apart, someone called their attention.

They both looked up but didn’t let one another’s hands go.

Ron was standing by the staircase of their dormitory and was staring at them with an utmost confused and awestruck look over his face.

“Please tell me I’m not dreaming.” Ron said seeing the two of them and their position.

Hermione bit her lower lip not knowing with what to tell him as he took the last steps and walked towards them.

Harry moved closer Hermione and placed his hand around his waist.

“Ron, we were –“

“Please tell me I’m not dreaming and I’m seeing what I’m thinking.” Ron said with an excited look growing over face.

“Well, Harry and I were just-“

“Yes?” Ron asked excitedly. “Please tell me this is what I think it is-“

“Ron, don’t go over excited.” Harry began but he and Hermione began holding hands.

Ron looked like Christmas has arrive early.

“Bloody hell.” Ron said. “Mum will be very happy about this!”

“Ron, wait!” Hermione said but Harry only embraced her from the back.

She didn’t do anything.

There was something more than comforting with his arms around her despite that she was slightly concerned of just letting the whole universe to know about this night.

She didn’t understand it fully but she wanted it to be a secret first – something she could sleep with and grin with only to herself just for a few nights.

“Ron we were-“

“Mum is going to go nutters. Do you know how much she’s a fan of the both of you?” Ron said. “She was devastated when I told her that you’re dancing with that scum this Yule Ball-“

“You told Mrs. Weasley what, Ronald Weasley?” Hermione spat back at him her expression changing.

Hermione made a step forward to grab and hit him but Harry held her in place around the waist.

She looked back at him and he placed his face over her shoulder holding her closer.

“It’s alright.” Harry said winking at Ron. “I’ve also waited for so long to let the whole world know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he’s been bugging me every single night what’s going on with him.” Ron said rolling his eyes. “Ever since he saw you and Viktor at the library the second week they were here.”

“You were what?” Hermione asked laughing at Harry’s expression.

“He was stalking you. He was the one who first told me that you were dating him –“

“I said might have.” Harry corrected him blushing away.

Ron waved his hand up in the air aside.

“He had been ever so insistent that we follow you guys everywhere and all that-“

“You were the one stalking us?” Hermione asked in awe. “It wasn’t Ron that was-“

“Yes, bloody hell. It wasn’t me. I already told him time and again to ask you out and ask you to the Yule Ball but this bloody idiot didn’t have the balls to ask you-“

“He asked her first.” Harry reasoned out. “He was too fast and rude in my opinion. I was being a gentleman.”

“A gentle man?” Hermione asked almost laughing.

“Yeah.” Ron agreed. “He had to wait to see you with another boy before he realizes what he feels for you.”

“Is that true?” Hermione asked moving her head back towards him. “Is that true, Harry?”

Harry didn’t say anything.

He couldn’t bring himself to answer as he was as red as a tomato.

He could only nod at her and face away.

“Oh, Harry.” Hermione whispered placing her hand over his face.

Ron rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, I’m still here.” Ron said turning from them. “I only checked why Harry’s still not upstairs. I was thinking he was still bloody stalking you at the ballroom with Krum.”

“I wasn’t stalking her there tonight.” Harry defended himself as Hermione gave him a look. “You saw me. I was here in the Common Room reading.”

“Reading.” Hermione repeated with a raise brow. “I’m sure you were.”

“The prat wouldn’t go to bed without you.” Ron said and Harry gave him another look. “He thinks it’s his job to make sure you safely go to bed tonight still a whole and in one piece.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hermione asked laughing.

Harry placed her hand around her mouth.

“Wait, what did he-“

“You’re supposed to be the smartest witch of your time, isn’t that right?” Ron asked her with a grin.

“Let’s go to bed.” Harry whispered in her ear momentarily distracting her attention from Ron.

“What?” Hermione asked confused. “What did you-“

Ron and Hermione looked at one another.

“I mean, we’ll go back to our dorm and you go back to yours.” Harry corrected himself and he suddenly stole a soft kiss over her cheek.

Ron gave a dirty look and turned from them.

“I’m going to pretend that I’m not here. Goodnight you two.”

Harry and Hermione waited until Ron walked back upstairs and vanished from sight.

Hermione turned back at Harry who was still holding her around the waist.

“I’m going to bed.” Hermione softly said as Harry turned her around so they were facing one another.

“Me too.” Harry said holding her hand. “Let’s talk again tomorrow and.. discuss things?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes.” Hermione said reaching up for him. “Tomorrow, Harry.” Hermione said.

He smile at her and before Hermione could understand what was going on, Harry had leaned forward.

Their lips gently and warmly met for the very first time.

It was a short kiss.

But it was intimate and romantic and innocent in all ways possible.

They let one another go, breathing fast against one another’s arms.

“Goodnight, Harry.” Hermione whispered with a smile over her face.

Harry stared at her beautiful and smitten face.

“Goodnight, ‘Mione.” he gently whispered against her lips.

And soon, they parted after what felt like forever staring at one another and both fled to bed without sleep coming to their sense but only a complete bliss and unexplainable excitement for dawn to arrive so that morning would come sooner and they could see one another again in the morning as if it has never happened in the many years they already knew one another.












“Go away, Cissy. I don’t need your help.” Snape spat as he continue moving around the Slytherin Commmon Room to pack his belongings.

The end of the long seven years of journey of Hogwarts has finally arrived.

Their last year – endured and survived by him – and today, well, today was the day that they would all be going back to their respective home.

Well for Snape, it was the last day he would be at that beautiful place with the best and worse memories of his life – and then he would be home for a few days and then he’d find a place to live in.

The important idea was that he was leaving Spinner’s End – and that’s what mattered the most at the moment.

Or atleast, that’s the only thing that mattered that was left of him.

“I didn’t know you two call one another not just in first-term basis but in nicknames.”

Snape’s eyes widened and he accidentally dropped the two books he was holding.

His neck almost snapped as he whirled around as fast as his head could go.

There, standing by his dormitory’s doorway stood Lily Evans.

Lily Evans.

Lily Evans stood by his dormitory’s doorway.

“L-Lily?” he stuttered still unable to comprehend what was going on.

More than one year of not talking to him – more than one year of ignoring him as if they were never bestfriends nor schoolmates.

More than one year of existing with such pain and regret in his heart because of what has happened back in their fifth year.

“What are you – what are – why –“

“I just wanted to bid you goodbye today.” Lily said walking inside uninvited.

Snape stood frozen by his bed side as Lily bent down to pick up both the books he dropped.

He gaped at her as she placed both books over his bed.

She was already wearing her Muggle clothes – pants, blouse, a sweater and high-boots to protect her from the long walks that she mostly hated at the Hogwarts grounds.

Her red-hair was all wavy and down and her emerald eyes as prominent as ever.

“Goodbye?” Snape repeated as if he didn’t hear her.

“Yes, goodbye.” Lily answered folding her arms as she looked back at him.

Snape didn’t know what to say nor do.

He has never spoken to her since they fought and she has never come this close of a proximity to him since that very day.

He had given up hope that they would ever talk again or ever be in good terms.

“Good-bye?” Snape said again with his brain having a hard time catching up on what was going on.

Lily looked up at him with uncertainty.

She wasn’t smiling but neither did she looked as murderous nor as cold as she had been over the time for which their friendship had gone down the drain.

“Well we’re leaving Hogwarts, aren’t we?” she asked him with a snotty tone.

Snape only nodded.

His eyes and attention were still on how beautiful she still was – how melodic her tone still was and how mesmerizing her eyes still were.

“Yeah-“ Snape said unable to stop himself from slightly shaking and stuttering. “I guess – I guess we made it.”

“Yeah.” Lily said momentarily moving her hand around her hair and sighing heavily. “We’ve survived this place.”

There was some silence.

Snape wasn’t sure if he could ask her to sit over his bed for which was normal back in the days when they were close and he could sneak her up in the Slytherin Common Room on a very rare basis.

But Lily neither looked like she wanted to sit on the bed

In fact and in all honesty, she looked like she was merely forced and dragged there against her will.

Snape desperately wanted to read her mind – why she was there, why she was talking to him after all this time.

But he couldn’t.

No, he couldn’t bring himself to do it – not to Lily Evans.

Never to Lily.

But he was also in desperate need to know why she was there.

What was the big effort for?

Just to say goodbye?

Did she really want to bid him goodbye because she would never want to see him at the life they would live outside and after Hogwarts?

He had the slightest hope that years after Hogwarts, he could have had a chance to redeem himself to her.

Now it seemed the opposite direction.

Should he try then to redeem himself to her at that very moment?

“Lily, I –“

“I wanted to bid you a good luck to your life, Snape.” Lily said the words so fast that Snape barely heard it.

But he heard it.

He clearly heard what she had just called him.

They weren’t friends again.

Redeeming himself seemed like a long-shot and a long-road ahead.

“I see.” Snape muttered unable to hide the disappointment over his face.

Lily wasn’t stupid.

She knew why he reacted that way – the slightest bit of change in his tone, the smallest crease in his forehead.

They were bestfriends since they were kids and she knew every bit and inch of his features and reactions and actions and their meaning.

“Then I wish you luck as well, Evans.” Snape said as he took the two books from the bed to put inside his bag.

He was still using his tattered old bag that she had given him in their first year.

Lily’s eyes momentarily moved towards it and back to Snape and then she looked away again.

There was a glimmer in her eyes that passed as she stare at the bag.

It was as if the bag meant something to her as well – it was as if it reminded her of the life they had fun living together.

Snape looked back up at her.

She was still standing there as if not knowing how to end the conversation or what else to tell him.

“I know you’ll do well after Hogwarts. I’m sure that-“

“Alright, fine this is stupid, Severus.” Lily said finally unable to stop herself.

She looked up at him now with that glimmer in her eyes again.

She kept biting her lower lip that told Snape that she was very anxious about something.

His eyes softened at her and he nodded for her to sit on the edge of the bed.

She stared at him as if he was mad.

“It wouldn’t hurt.” Snape muttered as he resumed packing his things.

Lily’s eyes roamed round the empty dormitory, back at the doorway that viewed the Slytherin Common Room that was also almost empty and then back at Snape who was packing, back on the spot on the bed and back at him again.

“Lily, I believe you also have to pack so if you-“

“Do you hate me?” she asked him suddenly as she sat down.

The edge of the bed move as her weight suddenly came down upon it.

Snape’s face quickly turned to her with utmost surprise.

“Ofcourse not.” Snape said unable to stop himself.

His heart was beating fast.

They were going to talk about what happened.

They were going to talk about it and he may have a chance to redeem himself.

“Then what?” Lily said impatiently.

“I’m stupid.” Snape said. “That’s what. I’m stupid, Lily.”

Snape stared down at her at the edge of his bed.

She still had her arms crossed over her as if scared that Snape would come closer her and grab her.

“Then why are you hanging out with her?” Lily asked in an accusatory tone.

“With who?” Snape asked suddenly confused.

Lily’s eyebrow raised.

“With her.” Lily repeated emphasizing the last word. “You know – Black – Sirius’ cousin.”

Snape’s black eyes slightly widened.

“Cissy?” he asked her.

A flare passed Lily’s eyes.

“Narcissa?” Snape corrected himself in front of her.

“Well, who else?” Lily spat back at him.

There was something angry and bitter in her tone that actually made him to almost smile back at her.

“What do you mean?” Snape asked sitting suddenly on the edge of his bed.

Confused as he was with what was going on, he had manage to engaged her into a conversation and now she sounded like the same Lily who discussed and argued things with him.

He did have a chance to redeem himself.

“Well for one, you call her ‘Cissy’ – “ Lily said emphasizing the name with a tone and a face. “You just called her that so don’t deny it.

Snape almost smiled again.

“I’m bloody not denying it.” Snape explained himself. “And yes, I call her that because that’s her nickname – “

“Well you only call someone with by their nickname if you’re very close to them-“

“Well, we are friends, Lily and that-“

“Why do you have to be friends with her?” Lily asked him with a slightly raised tone.

“What’s wrong now with being friends with her-“

“Well you could have any other right?” Lily said red in the face now.

“Well, who do you suggest?” Snape asked back with a raised eyebrow.

“Well I don’t know.” Lily said impatiently. “I mean really, is she the only person you could be friends? Don’t you have any other friends to be with and to hang out with? Does it really have to be her?”

Snape didn’t say anything.

His black eyes was kept on hers and Lily suddenly felt intimidated.

She quickly closed her mouth.

She was red in the face upon realizing what she had just said.

But it seemed that it has already reached Snape’s brain and heart to take back.

“That’s not what I meant-“ Lily began but Snape was already ahead of her.

“I get what you mean, Lily.” Snape said in an almost hurtful tone. “And you know that I don’t have friends anymore. Narcissa is the only one who’d genuinely would want to talk to me right now.”

“And me?” Lily asked back with bitterness. “Are we not friends?”

“We haven’t talked for more than a year, Lily.” Snape said with the same bitterness. “I’m quite sure you haven’t forgotten why.”

Lily didn’t say anything.

She looked like she already regretted going there in the first place.

Snape seemed to have sensed the same thing.

“You can tell me, Lily.” Snape slowly asked without any doubt nor apprehension nor coldness in his tone.

“Tell you what?”

“Tell me why you’re here.” Snape told her. “Why are you really here?”

He asked in a gentle and warm tone.

He asked her like there had been no gap between them in more than a year they have not been talking.

He moved a little closer to her – close enough for her to feel his presence and that he wasn’t mad at her but not as close enough as how it would have been if they never fought.

Lily bit her lower lip and grinded her teeth for a moment as if thinking if she should tell him.

Snape patiently waited.

But a boy could only wait as much.

Waiting done by a man was different.

He slowly resumed to his packing.

“I didn’t want to leave Hogwarts knowing we’re not okay.” Lily suddenly said looking away from him. “I didn’t want to part this way, Sev.”

She called him ‘Sev’ – it was their term of endearment of some sort.

His heart was slightly racing and his hopes were going up.

“Why?” he asked turning back to her. “Why now?”

“Because..” Lily began not knowing how to finish it.

She wasn’t sure.

She wasn’t even really planning this but it made sense to her.

She didn’t want to leave Hogwarts were certain fights and misunderstandings or hung ups.

She even made friends with James Potter and the prat that he was and the annoying friends that he had around him.

“What changed, Lily?” Snape asked her in a serious tone trying to look to her eyes. “What made you do this?”

“Well, James and I were-“

“Oh, I see.” Snape said and his tone was suddenly cold and almost mocking. “Potter.”

Lily’s eyes went up sharply at him.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I’m quite sure.” Snape said completely losing interest and he returned to his packing gain.

“I said that’s not what I meant and what this meant-“ Lily said standing up an explaining herself.

“You don’t know need to explain.” Snape cut her short. “I’ve heard stories, Lily.”


“Stories.” Snape repeated. “That you and that Potter have been going out and – “

“We haven’t been going out-“

“It may have escaped your noticed but we’re not good friends so I’m not going to fix things just because he told you so-“

“He didn’t tell me anything – look, listen to me – we were just talking about Hogwarts and leaving and how it should be that we shouldn’t have anything against one another and maturity is one-“

“I guess you’re following what he says now seeing the two of you are together-“

“We’re not together!” Lily said. “We’re not dating or anything, Severus – and you should-“

“You should have remembered what he and his friends has done to me-“

“I haven’t forgotten, Sev.” Lily angrily said now. “I haven’t forgotten and I’m not going to let him just get away with things –“

“I’m quite sure you wouldn’t-“

“Look, Sev. That’s what I’m trying to say here. James and I have been talking and how much that before leaving Hogwarts we shouldn’t be against one another and we should just be as- he’s willing to change-“

“Ofcourse he’d say that if he really wants to get into your pants which I’m quite sure you’re barely aware of-“

“Excuse me, I am aware of James and his intentions and whatever he may be thinking will not be happening – I’m not daft Severus-“

“Well, whatever he may be thinking is not going to happen and you shouldn’t be doing things just because he tells you so-“

“I don’t do things that others tell me!” Lily was so angry and red now.

But Snape ignored her.

He had lost interest in their conversation the moment James Potter was mentioned.

“Good. You shouldn’t really.”

“I take advises, Severus. But I’m not a puppet who does things as I’m told –“

“Good as well. Then you should know that I wouldn’t do things just because he tells you to tell me things, Lily-“

“He doesn’t tell me what to do! And I’m not even here-“

“Then you should know I wouldn’t just change because he says so-“

“He didn’t tell me to be here-“

“Well, I’m uninterested to whatever that scumbag told you and for whatever reason you’re here-“

“I’m not here because of him – “

“Well, Lily I’m not even interested-“

“I’m here because Narcissa Black told me so!” Lily angrily yelled at him.

Snape dropped the books he was holding again.

His eyes wide and his heart skipping a beat.

He sharply turned to her.

She was looking beyond angry at him now.

“What?” he asked her. “What did you say?”

“Your dear ‘Cissy’.” Lily began folding her arms at her. “She’s the one who advised me about things that made me help James understand that they shouldn’t be such prats and bullies especially to you-“

“What did you-“

“She was the one who enlightened me that I shouldn’t leave Hogwarts feeling ill towards anyone.” Lily said each word clearly and with spite in her tone.

“Narcissa did what-“

“Narcissa was the one who made me understand about our friendship and how foolish I was about what I’ve done.” Lily spat at him. “She’s the reason I’m here, Sev and not James Potter.”

Snape stood frozen on the spot now knowing what to do.

His chance to redeem himself might just be slipping away from him at that very moment.

But to be given a chance to redeem himself towards Lily was bestowed upon him by none other than his newfound friend, Narcissa Black.

“Lily I-“ he quickly regretted everything he’s told her. “I want to-“

“Well, aren’t you uninterested?” Lily asked him angrily in the face.

Snape swallowed hard and took two steps towards her.

He reached out to her but Lily backed away.

“I’m going to finish packing.” Lily said turning away from him. “I’ll see you at the train station.”

“Wait.” Snape said walking after her.

Lily stopped and slowly turned to him.

There was that angry look in her face but in her eyes, there was still warmth in them.

She wanted to fix things – she obviously wanted to fix them.

And Narcissa Black was the instrument to that ray of hope that just appeared.

“Lily, I just want you to know that I’m sorry-“ Snape began. “About everything that happened and I-“

“It’s fine.” Lily said. “But I’ll talk to you after I pack when you’re feeling better.”

“When I’m feeling better?” Snape asked stunned. “Or when you’re feeling better?”

Lily didn’t answer immediately.

She looked slightly off at him.

“When I’m feeling better, Sev.” Lily answered after a while.

She gave him a short smile.

“What did Narcissa tell you, Lily?” he asked before he could stop himself.

Lily turned and gave him a peculiar look and smiled at him – her charming smile.

“Everything.” Lily said. “Everything that I should have always been grateful of.”

Snape was confused.

But she was giving him that smile that told him that things will be different.

A smile that gave Snape all the hope in the world that things would be alright – that they would be alright.

“I’ll see you at the train, Lily.” Snape said giving her the same small smile.

“I’ll see you.” Lily replied. “Same compartment, Sev.”

She smiled back at him and she looked like she wanted to say something else but she didn’t.

Without another word, Lily turned back from him and left him to his packing and his thought.

The first thing that came to his mind upon her exit was where to look for Narcissa.

He badly needed to find ‘Cissy’ and thank her for what she has done.

He would forever be grateful of what she has done for them – for him.

Whether things would be better for him and Lily, whether he completely redeems himself to her or not, whether they still become friends after Hogwarts – he wasn’t sure.

But one thing was for sure.

Hope was given to him by the only Slytherin friend he’s ever really had.

Hope was given to him to redeem himself by someone he had made good friends with.

He finally had a chance to look up to a better future because of Narcissa Black.

He never trusted people but for the first time other than Lily Evans he knew that there was someone else he could finally trust.





Draco had three main problems at the moment.

First was that he needed to have his nose checked at the hospital because Harry had punched him so hard twice that he felt like a bone or two had been broken.

The second one was that Hermione was again with Harry – which was just as big as his third problem.

The fucking key.

They didn’t get the answer to the fucking key they came for and instead, Hermione was taken away from the two of them.

Snape was sitting opposite him in the visitor’s room with his eyes focused on the table before them.

The trial was to commence within a few hours’ time.

“Why did you make the deal with him?” Draco asked unable to stop himself.

“I told you.” Snape pointed out. “I didn’t make the fucking deal.”

Draco was just as devastated as he was.

He didn’t know now how the trial would take place.

Snape had told him what has taken place when he was knocked out.

Harry swore that he would do something to evade him the Dementor’s Kiss.

But that promise didn’t mean that he would be out of Azkaban prison.

It was only the Dementor’s Kiss he would be saved from and not from the wrath of the years that may be placed upon him as his judgment.

“I can’t see a way for which he may save you from.” Draco honestly told him. “This was a jest. We were outsmarted.”

Snape stared at him and for a moment he saw a flash of the Draco Malfoy he knew before – the boy with so much hatred and spite for the world who had uncontrolled feelings and thoughts.

The boy who had always been lost and angry and confused all the time.

It had vanished as quickly as it had come.

“No.” Snape simply told him. “We weren’t outsmarted. This isn’t a jest, Draco. Potter has plans.”

Draco looked up at him.

He wanted to think that way too but he had analyzed the whole trial and his case and in any and each angle he looked at – Snape was going to down and suffer the Dementor’s Kiss.

He had too many cases filed against him – all of which were major offenses – and each garnered a judgment worth of the Dementor’s Kiss.

“No, he couldn’t have.” Draco said. “He doesn’t know the law. I know the law.”

“He is the law, Draco.” Snape pointed out. “He has a way out of this. Potter would stay true to his word.”

“Really?” Draco said with an annoyed tone. “Will you tell me the same thing an hour before you are Kissed out of your wits?”

Snape looked up upon him.

The boy had his feelings overcoming him.

There was strategy in Potter’s plan and he was sure of it.

And because Draco felt defeated at the moment he wasn’t thinking straight.

He was being the overly emotional Draco who had all hate I his heart like before.

“Potter may hate me and may want to kill me thoroughly but he will stay true to his word.”

“How sure are you?”

“Very sure.” Snape assured him. “Potter has a strong will. He would do whatever it takes to get what he wants but he has his own principles. He would get what he wants but he would never turn away from that principle.”

“What makes you think of that?”

“He’s a war hero, Draco.” Snape pointed out. “All war heroes act the very same way no matter the time that passed.”

Draco was silent for a moment.

He was still trying to think what Harry may be thinking.

Harry couldn’t save him even if he stayed true to his words over his promise in exchange for Hermione.

He was guilty of each of the cases filed against him.

He was nowhere near redeemable from the Kiss.

Hermione’s testimonies were nothing but futile attempts.

Even if his uncle was head of the Wizengamot, there was no use for that – the final decision would be vote for by the twelve members of the Wizengamot – all of them would likely vote for Harry’s cause and not because he was Harry Potter but because the case was simple.

All evidences laid pointed straight to Snape’s positive guilt.

There was simply no escape.

“So what do we do?” Draco asked him completely confused already.

“We wait.” Snape simply answered him. “We wait for whatever magic trick Potter will pull out of his sleeve.”

“Well I can’t wait forever.” Draco said taking his files from the table and packing it all up.

“Where are you going?” Snape asked him.

“Well if I can’t save you at the moment because Potter will do that, might as well save someone else.”

“Who?” Snape asked him.

“Who else?” Draco asked slinging his black bag around himself. “Your supposedly bride who is about to be someone else’s bride to be.”



“You are the most beautiful bride, Hermione.” Snape whispered as he stared down at her descending the stairs.

Hermione took his hand as she reached the final steps and kissed him on the lips.

Her hair was magically strung up in a beautiful bun with small strands dangling at certain areas.

Her face blushed to its full beauty.

She was wearing a pair of emerald earrings and the beautiful ring that Snape bought for her was sparkling around her finger.

Her white dress was beyond perfect in both their opinion or anyone else’s for the matter.

It was long but not too long; the cut was perfect for her body with alignment that embraced her curves in just the perfect places.

Her beautiful collarbone became prominent from the cut of the dress and her beautiful shoulder blades was bare and beautiful behind her.

Real diamonds were studded around in beautiful lines across the ends of her dress and the cloth used for the dress was specially made from Paris.

It was beyond perfect.

She was beyond perfect.

“Where are they?” Hermione asked excitedly.

For the first time in ten years, Snape allowed visitors at their cottage.

He needed them for the wedding – the Danish Minister who would be the master of the ceremony that he met in his business before and who had offered his service for him for free due to all the medication – potions – he made for him every time that helped improve his health; the old couple from the bookstore from which he always bought Hermione’s books and the older couple from which he always sold his creations best.

A minister for the master of the ceremony and four witnesses that was required for the ceremony to become legal.

The wedding was perfect.

The garden behind their cottage was magically decorated by the two of them before the arrival of the visitors who knew nothing of their heritage.

Snape had Obliviated their memories and tinkered with them for the hours that would be required for the ceremony to take place for them not to realize that they were about to hear their real names and not the made-up names he had created for them.

It was also the first time that they would see his so-called bride.

It was the first time Hermione would see other humans than Snape in a very long time.

She was beyond excited.

And Snape wanted her to be the happiest bride – even just for one day where he would have to break all his made-up laws in the cottage.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you.” the two old couple greeted Hermione as they pecked her cheek with a kiss and embraced her and gave their flowers and gifts.

Hermione was beyond excited upon seeing them.

Her heart was racing before she could contain it.

Whatever lies Snape told them about them or whoever they were since they were meeting for the first time, she no longer cared.

She no longer questioned Snape’s decisions.

They had the visitors they required, a beautiful garden place for their wedding and a perfect dress – she had everything she needed.

Snape took care of everything that she ever dreamed for a wedding.

It was simple, private and intimate.

It was everything she wanted for a wedding.

What more could she ask for?

Hermione talked and chatted with them not really knowing what to say as she was too excited.

She simply smiled, nodded and agreed upon the stories they told her about the stories Snape told them about her and about them.

They were waiting for the minster that was to be the master of the ceremony as Snape served some deliciously exceptional drinks and crackers.

“What time is he coming?” Hermione asked embracing him from the back in the kitchen as their visitors chatted by the cottage’s living room.

Snape smiled at her and continued to rearrange the table that would later serve the dishes he has already magically prepared to be served after the wedding.

“He’s to come in a few minutes, sweetheart.” Snape said kissing the back of her hand as he turned to her.

“I’m so excited, Severus.” Hermione said looking up at him and pushing her body tight against him. “I really want to get married soon.”

Snape stared down at her with a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

He had never seen her this happy in the entire time they’ve been together in the cottage for years.

She looked as naïve and as excited and happy as she was the very first time she had a class with him.

“Me too, sweetheart.” Snape said whispered it to her ear and kissing it gently. “I can’t wait.”

Hermione giggled as he pressed feather-light kisses around her ears and neckline and his hand gently moving around her clothed covered breasts.

Hermione moaned at his touches and she moved her face against him so they could kiss.

Snape took her mouth to his, unable to stop himself to fill in the hunger inside of him.

He had taken her a few hours ago and now he couldn’t even keep any part of him from her.

He wanted her again as if the hunger for her was insatiable.

They were so engaged in their deep and passionate kiss that they barely heard the older couple calling them because of some noise from the outside.

“Oh, he’s here!” Hermione excitedly said moving herself away from him and pulling away from the kiss.

“Hermione, wait-“ Snape said moving her back to him to kiss her again.

Hermione giggled and kissed him again.

She playfully licked his lips before giving him another kiss.

“More later, Severus.” Hermione whispered as she moved his arms off from her and gently slipped away from his grasp as she excited moved towards the door to welcome their final guest.


“Come now, we’re about to get married.” Hermione giggle at him turning away excitedly.

Snape was smiling unable to hide the glee and happiness over his face as he watched Hermione ran away from him in her beautiful dress.

And as he stared at her with thoughts of her and only of her, his smile slowly faded.

He suddenly realized what he had heard as they kissed as if it became suddenly so clear in his senses.

The cottage did have a bell for the day that he had placed and that was not what he heard by the door a few moments ago.

He heard something else.

His heart skipped a beat and it was as if something heavy had been stabbed right across his chest.

“Hermione.” Snape breathed hard as his head and chest both spun in pain and a vomiting sensation began to cripple his whole body as he attempted to run after Hermione to reach the door before she did.

But she didn’t hear him call her.

She was humming, too excited and too happy to pay attention to the panic rising through him as he yelled for her name to come back.

“No, no – Hermione-“ Snape begged calling her and raising alarm to their guests just at the other room.

Grasping his wand in his hand, Snape ran out of the kitchen as fast as his legs could carry him.

Because he had just realized that the sounds that he heard were the sounds of the magical bonds and wards he had placed over the cottage that were being magically taken down by some vast external force and may only be done not by some Danish Muggle minister but by an external force that withheld such same strong magical force for which he created the wards with.


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