Magic Behind the Kunai

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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, harem

Tops/semes - Harry & Naruto

Bottoms/ukes - Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki / Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

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(No I didn’t!) Naruto responded quickly. (There really is a room filled with cocks-or well … roosters.)


Severus finished checking subtly Draco for the obvious signs, “I can’t see anything obvious. What exactly did Narcissa say?” He asked while glancing over his shoulder at the boy who was checking out some new potions. Severus asked the boy to identify them and the potion master had used the chance to subtly examine him without his knowledge.

“She said that Draco will need her near him.” Lucius said quietly. He remembered how scared Draco was before he went to Gringotts and was hoping to solve this without causing his son any more stress.

“Near? Is that exactly what she said?” Severus asked not sure what Narcissa could do with her skill set.

Lucius nodded, “She did something. I know it.”

“Involved, yes.” Both wizards stiffened as none other than Blue seemed to just appear out of thin air next to them. “But not the main perpetrator.”

“Exactly how long have you been here?” Severus asked greatly unnerved by this muggle’s skill in stealth.”

The mask wearing ninja looked at him, “I never left yours and Lucius’ sides.” He said calmly though it wasn’t all that comforting to the potion master. Lucius, however, was growing used to the ninja and it helped that Draco was in the forefront of his mind right now. 

The Malfoy looked at Blue, “What did you mean by you said what? It’d be too risky for a member of a prominent family to wander around asking people to curse a child so who could she get-“ Lucius dropped his sentence entirely and shut his eyes as a realization hit him. “That’s right … she’s screwing him.”

“You mentioned that …” Severus risked tearing his suspicious gaze away from Blue to make sure Draco was still distracted. When he was satisfied that the young boy was too interested in the potions to care he continued, “infidelity issue that led to the divorce, but you never mentioned who she chose to entertain herself with.”

The ninja handed Severus a picture of a slender yet tall dark haired wizard, “His name is Jack Bonnet.”

“Of all the people.” Severus groaned as he immediately recognized the Death Eater and former colleague. “He’s very skilled. It could be any number of curses and we don’t know if it’s tied to Draco only or if Jack or Narcissa are anchoring it.”

Blue hummed thoughtfully, “So cleaving him in half wouldn’t work.” He commented all too casually. 

The two wizards almost thought it was a joke until they saw that the ninja had removed the brown gloves and actually handed them to the Malfoy Lord. It was apparent by the calloused skin and strong muscles that the man could be a killer. It wouldn’t surprise Lucius who felt the ninja was powerful and skilled personally. However, the act of threatening someone or their kid and actually killing were two different things. The fact that confirmed it for Lucius was the gloves themselves, which clearly had heavy metal pieces sewn inside the knuckles. Those aren’t features you use to bluff.

“How would you confirm the method Bonnet chose?” Blue said and he, even more surprisingly than the removal of the gloves, started to remove the mask.

“I could try to figure it out if I knew what brewing ingredients he kept. Can you see what or where he brewed?” Severus reluctantly asked, fascinated by the handsome face of the 16 or 17 year old blonde man with blue eyes and whiskers marks on his cheeks. He never would’ve guessed that he was speaking to, or even remotely threatened by, a 12 year old boy who was hidden by an extra strong henge.

Lucius tore his eyes away from Blue as the ninja set the creepy mask down on the ground. “That won’t work. Whatever this is, it started long before we even met Blue and this is Bonnet we’re talking about. The ingredients for base potion and any evidence is probably long gone.” He explained resulting in Severus grumbling a select set of curse words under his breath.

“Hey, Draco.” Lucius and Severus blinked and suddenly spun around to find Blue talking to Draco. “You know why your godfather is here, don’t you?”

The boy continued staring at the potions, but his body clearly sagged sadly, “Yeah …” The two full grown wizards winced. Apparently, they weren’t as subtle as they thought. 

“Ok. Let’s try a technique from my repertoire. I tested this with Harry during his brewing practice.” Naruto commented casually as a piece of paper appeared in his hand and began drawing symbols with a pen. During the little project he kept an eye on Severus’ reaction. Of course, the potion master wasn’t happy at all about the brewing fact, but, at least, Severus understood that now wasn’t a good time to discuss it. “Now put your hand right in the circle.”

Draco looked suspiciously at the perfectly white sheet of paper with a circle of symbols on it as the ninja moved the potions to set it down in front of him. “What good will that do without blood or a potion? … and what is that? It’s not parchment.” He huffed while poking the weird paper.

The Lord Malfoy sighed, “Draco, don’t be stubborn and put your hand in the circle.” He said feeling a bit exasperated from everything that today‘s discoveries as it is and his son wasn’t helping, but that’s when he realized something. Draco actually was being his usual stubborn self. He wasn’t freaked out by the ninja like usual and Lucius realized that it’s the very reason Blue removed his gear. The ninja was trying to be less intimidating for the child and it made Lucius smile ever so slightly.

“Yes, father.” Draco pouted slightly and placed his hand in the center of the circle. A warm tingling sensation and a soft light could be seen coming from the symbols, but that only lasted a second. Without any pain or blood or nasty taste Draco was skeptical that it would be useful at all.

The part that followed was by far the most shocking thing the wizards ever saw before. After he casually gestured for Draco to pull his hand away from the piece of paper Blue pulled out a scroll and unrolled it. With one flick of a single line of writing an entire bookcase filled with bottles appeared from a puff of smoke.

Severus spotted some familiar items almost instantly, “These … you carry potion ingredients with you? How?” He asked curiously as he nearly raced to the. Bookcase to examine everything. As he did that the ninja started petting a selection of bottles on the outside of the circle of symbols. This allowed Severus to get a closer look at the symbols on the piece of paper Draco was previously touching before they were hidden by the bottles. “Are those Runes-“

“Seals.” Blue corrected quickly not taking his eyes off the center of the paper.

No one could see it because of the bottles arranged around it, but the symbols were glowing and displaying new information. The seals seem to be marking the center of the circle with arrows and numbers. Each bottle had its own arrow and it lead towards a number in the vertical list of measurements in the center of the circle.

“Ok … 0 milligrams of lionfish spines, 0 milligrams of unicorn horn and …interesting,” Blue hummed as he casually stepped aside to let Severus see the figures. “Draco, did you have any potions lately?” 

Draco seemed to shrink slightly and avoided making eye contact with his father, “I asked Dobby for a calming potion.”

“What? When?”  Lucius asked and Draco wasn’t answering Dobby, sensing his master’s worry, popped in. “Dobby, when did you give Draco a potion?”

The house elf bowed, “Moments after you left for Gringotts, master.”

Severus glanced up as the rightfully concerned father sat with his son before looking at the numbers, “That accounts for the lavender, crocodile heart and a portion of the measurement of peppermint, but it’s not enough. What’s this 69 here? It has no measurement or arrow.” Severus asked, pointing to the only number in red at the bottom of the list. 

“That means the seals could only match 69% of the foreign bodies in Draco. We need to do some mixing and matching until we identify everything. That should answer your questions on what Bonnet used. After all potions for curses stay a while, correct?” Blue said as he removed the Lionfish spines, unicorn horn and a couple other bottles that contained ingredients that didn’t match.

With Severus’ assistance they went through the bottles and found matches for most of the last things, but that last1% set the potion master on edge. “Taking the calming potion into account there’s only one curse I can think of that fits these ingredients and if it is that the last 1% will be a human heart.” He said noticing that there wasn’t a bottle with that kind of ingredient on the shelves so he thought it was the best they could do for now.

“Probably best to confirm that.” Blue glanced at Draco. “You might want to leave. You really don’t want to see this. Go sit with Harry for a minute. He’s downstairs.” Draco seemed to reluctantly leave, but did get the hint that maybe he shouldn’t see what happened next. Considering a dead body was unsealed right after the boy left it was a wise choice to make Draco leave. “Yep, human heart.” He commented as he actually put the dead body’s hand on the edge of the seal next to the seal which brought the number of identified materials up to 100%. It also got some horrified looks from Lucius and Severus. “What?”

“Why in Merlin’s name do you have a dead body?!” Lucius snapped.

Blue shrugged as he sealed the body away, “What do you think I do for a living?”

Severus had enough. This person lugging around bodies is taking care of Harry and he was horrified at that thought. He whipped out his wand, pointed it at the ninja’s back and intended to enter the man’s mind to find out for sure how safe they all were around him. To his  surprise the ninja was already in front of him and could easily stop him, but didn’t for some reason and he soon learned why. The second Severus cast his spell his vision went black ...


“School will be starting soon. Are you ready for that?” Harry asked. Naruto made sure to update him through their mental link so he just decided to not asked about Draco’s day. After all, today must be stressful.

Draco did, in fact, seem relieved and smiled, “Yeah. I’m hoping to go into Slytherin with my friends … we can’t be friends, can we?” Draco asked sadly.

“Of course we can … I’m not sure how Dumbledore will take it though.” Harry said, pondering how his magical guardian would react. “Before Blue I didn’t have a happy life … there’s a chance I wouldn’t have made it to this old if I never found that bunny.”

“Bunny?” Draco asked while putting his hand on Harry’s shoulder to comfort him. Clearly the past was painful to think about.

Harry frowned, “My Aunt apparently received a box of my mother’s things when I was first dumped there … she tried to trick me into destroying them, but I didn’t quite do that. Instead I triggered a portkey made from a plush bunny for a school project.”

“She made a portkey in school? I bet she was in advanced runes and was very skilled.” Draco exclaimed, really impressed.

“She was a very strong witch.” Harry and Draco looked up at the sound of the potion master’s voice to see Lucius, Blue and a very pale Severus, who was leaning heavily on Lucius, coming down the stairs. “I knew your mother-“

“Childhood friends. Blue read your file.” Harry  corrected a little too quickly, but he didn’t really care. He was too focused on the sickly professor. (What did you do to him? I thought we agreed to not traumatize them more than what’s been done!)

Draco got up and went over to help his father guide Severus to the couch, “Are you ok, Uncle Sev?” He asked, completely unaware of the mental argument between the two ninjas.

Naruto twitched, (Why is it my fault? It happens to be Severus’ fault.)

(Our landlord thinks I’m a pervert because of you so as far as I’m concerned it is your fault … and look at him! He looks like he saw six ghosts AND fed a bar of vampires! What happened?!) Harry mentally exclaimed.

Severus weakly patted his godson’s head, “I’m fine, Draco. Let’s focus on the good news. I know the exact curse used.”

(Seriously, are you still huffy about that cock slip up?) Naruto thought with a shrug.

Harry mentally scoffed, (It was only an hour ago so … YES!)

Lucius let out a relieved sigh, “That's very good news!”

Naruto mentally chuckled, (and how is thinking that you’re a pervert wrong exactly? You are.)

“Yes-“ Severus started to say, but quickly stopped to look at Harry who, for whatever reason, covered his own mouth shut and Blue seemed to find it quite funny. No one realized that Naruto was teasing Harry.

(Too easy, you were going to yell at him for just saying ‘yes’, weren’t you? He can’t hear us, remember?) Naruto said, actually snickering despite Harry glaring at him.

Severus cocked an eyebrow at Harry before looking at Blue, “I don’t know who the anchor is, but this type of curse will weaken and eventually kill Draco if he doesn’t come in contact with the anchor at certain intervals …”

Blue leaned in so only Severus could hear, “Do we need the entire anchor or just a sample of each potential candidate?” He asked as he put his gloves and mask back on.

“A sample will suffice, but don’t take an obvious piece until Draco is safe at school. Start small and we can test some things.” Severus smirked glad that he didn’t need to spell out what he needed. Once the ninja left to get the supplies Severus looked at Harry who was looking slightly annoyed, but a thought as to why hit him. “I’m sorry, but I wasn’t the one who sent you the box of your mother’s things … we had a falling out years ago and I actually don’t have anything left of her.”

Harry finally focused on the topic at hand instead of the mental laughter from the blonde ninja that knew how to push his buttons, “I know. I saw the letter that came with my box in my aunt’s mind. Blue hasn’t been able to find any handwriting samples that fit.”  Harry saw the potion master flinch slightly when he mentioned being able to look into his aunt’s mind and a realization hit him. (He tried to read your mind, didn’t he? Are you ok?)

(I’m fine … he only fell into a mental trap.) Naruto thought back softly, getting only comforting thoughts from Harry now ...


Narcissa scowled at her newly appointed goblin, “This is ridiculous! So I have nothing unless Lucius sees reason?”

Snaregore looked at his new client curiously, “As I told you, you might not have enough to continue as you did before, but you have enough to live on. It’s best you forget about the Malfoy Lord because it’s unlikely that your ex-husband will finance your lifestyle from now on.”

“We’ll see about that. This situation should change completely right before my son goes to school.” Narcissa said with a smug smile. She decided that she had enough and rudely left the wizarding bank and went to the Black family home unaware of a ninja and his clones being there too ...

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