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A red and black mark appeared on Naruto’s hand. Now they just had to keep things running smoothly and keep Bonnet and Narcissa out of their way until Draco was free … and investigate a rat ... and turban … and avoid tainted food … and who knows what else …


Green eyes snapped open the second the sun started to rise. Of course, everyone was still asleep so he took that opportunity to get dressed and ready before anyone else. By the time he finished dressing he sensed someone outside the window. He didn’t even need to turn around to know that it was Naruto and he also barely moved to catch the note that had a seal on it.

(The results are in.) Naruto was heard saying through their minds as he silently shut the window he threw the note through and moved out of sight. (Loyalty and … basically potions for stupidity. Severus was not pleased at what he found in your food at all and this might be a daily thing for a few weeks according to Severus. That means you get Slytherin meals for the next few weeks. Just put the seal under the plate you’re given. It’ll transfer your tainted food to me and then swap it with something identical from the Slytherin tables.)

Harry sighed as the other kids started waking up, (This will be a very interesting first day of school. What do we do about the other kids accidentally eating the potions meant for me?)

(Let me look into that first. Maybe Dumbledore’s plan includes reversing the potions in other people after you had all the doses.) Naruto theorized.

(It’s possible … all I know is that I am seriously creeped out by that rat.) Harry thought as he caught a glimpse of Ron’s rat crawling around under the sleeping redhead’s sheets. It was a bit too close to the crotch area and he cringed. (Great … another issue.)

Despite the plots lurking around every corner of this castle Harry was excited about starting his classes. There was one really creepy thing he couldn’t quite get his head around and oddly enough it was the fact that he saw Hermione right outside the boy’s dorm when he opened the door a crack. Harry immediately shut the door and waited for a few other guys to leave first, but each time the door opened he saw the witch just waiting in the common room. 

“Is she waiting for you?” Neville asked kindly.

Harry frowned, “Looks like it, but I’m not sure why.”

Naruto was heard snickering deep inside their minds, (This is one problem you can handle for a little while. Have fun with your classes and peers!) Naruto said and snickered again when Harry groaned.

“I can see if she’d come with me if you want?” Neville offered when he heard Harry’s slightly annoyed groan and thought Harry was uncomfortable with Hermione’s hovering.

“Hm?” Harry raised an eyebrow and quickly remembered that there were other people around to hear him. “I don’t think-“ Harry blinked when he turned only to find that Neville was already walking out the door. “Too late … I still need to work on my timing.” He muttered while wondering how the hell he, a supposedly trained ninja, let Neville slip past him. With a sigh Harry opened the door leading from the boys’ dorms and to the common room just in time to see Neville talk to Hermione.

Neville smiled shyly at the witch, “Thank you for helping me look for Trevor. Would you like to have breakfast-“

“I was happy to help, Neville, but I wanted to talk with Harry about something over breakfast.” Hermione said quickly as she pushed past Neville and caught Harry right before he could leave the Gryffindor house. “Harry! We need to talk about some things. Let’s eat together and chat.”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “I’m not sure what could be so important on the first day of classes. Besides, I wanted to sit with Neville.” He said, noticing that Neville seemed a little hurt that Hermione brushed him aside.

“Oh! We can sit together then!” Hermione said, getting a confused look from Neville who was right behind her and looking between her and Harry. “I really just wanted to get to know someone who also lives in muggle world and I don’t know anyone else who does yet.” She said sweetly and the kind Longbottom lit up in understanding, but Harry remained suspicious.

Before Harry could respond someone draped an arm over Harry’s shoulders, “You can sit across from us! I get the feeling being a muggle born myself.” The dark skinned boy known as Dean said.

“Ok!” Hermione exclaimed, actually looking very happy about that and the group went off towards the Great Hall.

It seemed innocent. Even Harry wondered if she was just so awkward that she stole a toad to break the ice with other kids who knew this world better than her. However, Harry didn’t like that she set her sights only on him. For now he will ignore it, but he will be careful around her.


Naruto raised an eyebrow from behind his gas mask, “I like to think I’m nice, but I have my limits. This is definitely not my problem.” He muttered when he looked through one of the windows in Gryffindor tower and saw Ron still fast asleep, and very late to breakfast,  on one of the beds.

Instead of finding a way to wake the last student up so Ron could get to breakfast Naruto looked for the rat. As silently as possible he opened the window and approached the bed. Unfortunately, the smaller lump under the sheets started moving and Naruto had to jump up to the shadowy part of the ceiling to stay out of sight. It turned out to be a good idea since the rat decided to crawl out from under the sheets and dropped to the floor.

While staying perfectly hidden Naruto kept an eye on the rat as it scurried away. The rat was about to disappear under a set of beds farther away so Naruto created a clone before he lost track of the rat. As the ninja followed the rat the clone grabbed the hairs from Ron’s robe pocket. The hairs, which looked like rat hairs, would be useful in learning who the rat named Scabbers really was.

Naruto felt his clone leave in order to deliver the hairs to Severus. With that out of the way the ninja focused solely on the rat, which was trying to pull a trunk out from under one bed. However, the rat wasn’t having an easy time and after a couple moments the rat stopped. The rat looked around nervously and suddenly shifted into an almost rat like human.

“Lazy brat should’ve taken me to breakfast.” The man muttered under his breath not realizing a very deadly ninja was only a few feet away from him. “At least the twins are always prepared for late nights.” 

(Twins? … I think there are a few other Weasleys here so that must be one of their trunks.) Naruto pondered and looked at the name on the trunk as the rat man opened it up. He realized the trunk was Fred Weasley’s and it had a hidden pocket filled with snacks. 

After eating a few cauldron cakes the man noticed something, “No way … they actually found it.” The man gasped and pulled a folded piece of parchment out of the trunk. “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.” The man said as he pointed his wand at the paper and chuckled as words appeared on the parchment. “Wonder when they found this. It’ll be useful.” He murmured before making a surprisingly big mistake.

Instead of finishing his cauldron cakes he set the parchment aside and opened a bag of cheesy chips. The second the bag opened Naruto saw something red zip into the room and the rat man was suddenly catapulted across the room. With a painful thump the man landed on the floor in an unconscious heap and Naruto heard the sound of crunching followed by lip smacking.

With any sound Naruto came out of his hiding spot, “Seriously?” He muttered when he heard the snores from the still sleeping redhead in the next room. “Whatever. Kurama, what are you doing?” He asked as he kneeled and looked under the bed to find the demon fox, who was devouring the contents of the snack bag. The ninja actually backed away in shock when the demon’s crazed wide eyes met his eyes.

“Mine!” The demon barked before racing off in a blur and taking the cheesy morsels with him.

“Umm … ok then.” Naruto muttered and decided that he’d deal with Kurama later. Right now he turned his attention to the rat man. 

A part of him wanted to drop this guy in one of the prison cells in the Malfoy manor. That would be less to worry about. However, there might be a good reason this weird guy was hiding as a rat and not a creepy motive involving kids. Eventually curiosity won out and Naruto decided to just take the strange magical parchment that the guy was interested in. After a moment the rat man started coming to and the ninja went back into the shadows to watch what happened next.

Ooow … I hate those brats.” The rat man said, making Naruto wonder if the Weasley children were used to making traps or something. Otherwise why immediately blame the kids when you’re randomly blasted up into the air? “Damn. Where did it go?” 

The rat man looked around, possibly for the parchment. When he couldn’t find started to get nervous. After frantically eating the rest of the cauldron cakes and putting everything away he still couldn’t find it or the cheesy snacks, which he seemed to forget about in favor of the parchment. Finally, rat man gave up and hid the trunk under the bed before turning back into a rat.

Blue eyes watched the rat nervously look around the room before climbing back into bed with Ron. Once the rat settled down the ninja quietly left through the window. Naruto took a moment to sit on the roof to get a good look at the parchment he took.

“The Marauder’s Map.” Naruto read the enchanted script quietly before opening the folded parchment. “Wow … I didn’t realize how many clones I had just around Hogwarts.” Naruto muttered when he saw all the Naruto Uzumakis that were running around, but the fact that everyone seemed to be properly labeled made the ninja curious. Once Naruto turned to the part of the map that showed the Gryffindor tower he got his answer. “Peter Pettigrew.” He said when he spotted the name in the same bed as Ron. “I’m keeping this.”

The magical map disappeared into one of the many seals he had all over his body and the ninja went about his business. Now that he had a name it would be easy to learn everything about the creepy rat man in the Weasley boy’s bed. Even Naruto was shocked at what he found …


After a filling and potion free meal Harry was walking to his first class with Neville, Dean and Hermione, “Hey, Draco!” Harry called out to catch the Malfoy’s attention. Draco, who was with his friends, paused and waved at them.

“You know him?” Dean asked curiously as the Slytherins waited for them to catch up.

“Yep. We got to know each other on the train. He’s pretty nice.” Harry said and finally saw something that might confirm his suspicions about Hermione.

Now Neville and Dean did look slightly surprised about him being friendly with a Slytherin. Considering the way people treat Slytherins it didn’t surprise him that anyone would be shocked at first. However, while chatting with the Slytherins on the way to the first class Dean and Nevilleseemed to get over the awkward feeling, but Hermione started acting oddly.

Draco sighed, “Charms might be a fun class, but I'm looking forward to potion class.”

“Yes … well I like the DADA class. Just because the war ended doesn’t mean there aren’t dark wizards out there that need to be stopped.” Hermione said sweetly while looking directly at Draco.

To most it didn’t seem like anything more than a simple comment, but to Harry it sounded like a direct attack. The smile was perfectly kind, but the look in the witch’s eyes was oddly determined. Of course, that had to be implying something involving Lucius or both Draco and Lucius and Harry didn’t like it.

Harry stepped around Hermione so he blocked the Slytherins from her glare and draped an arm around her shoulders, “That’s a brave idea, but not something we should worry about for a while.” He said as they entered the Charms classroom. To his surprise she shot a subtle glare at him before hiding it with a cheerful smile and taking a seat.

(Well that’s concerning.) Harry thought as he also sat down near Neville.

(That’s only the tip of the iceberg. I know who the rat is and why he’s hiding … you aren’t going to like this.) Naruto reported through the mental link.

As the class started everyone felt a shake ripple through the castle. The excitement from the flustered students calmed down and it was forgotten. No one realized the shake was caused by Harry’s whose anger spiked at what he was told. It wasn’t until Severus asked him a question that Harry came back to reality and stopped pondering various means of torture. By then he realized that he was so distracted that he never noticed that they finished one class and walked all the way to another.

“I do believe there was a Weasley in your year, correct?” Severus stated dryly unknowingly interrupting the green eyed wizard just as Harry was trying to decide how much blood he was going to take from Peter Pettigrew before killing him.

Harry blinked and looked around just like the other confused Gryffindors, “Ummm … I think he’s still asleep, Professor Snape.” Harry answered while wondering how no one else, even the Charms professor, noticed.

Severus scoffed, “20 points from Gryffindor.” He drawled, but other than that the class went smoothly. Unfortunately, the rest of the day will bring problems for some individuals … both with and without fur.

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