Magic Behind the Kunai

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"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:

Long after the teams were assigned Sarutobi, and a very stubborn Kakashi, waited to see Naruto. The only problem was … no one could find him ...


Petunia hummed a little tune as she cooked a stew. She paused only for a moment to to go get a spice from the rack nearby, but when she turned back she was looking straight into the eyes of a gas mask. A scream attempted to explode from her throat, but a needle hit her neck rendering her body as useless as a limp noodle. The only reason she didn't plummet to the hard tile floor was because another gas mask wearing man held her up from behind.

"So this is your aunt, Harry?" The first man spoke making her pale as she realized who was holding up her defenseless body. It didn't matter to her that the two men were older than what her nephew should be or that there was no resemblance. As far as she was concerned all that was due to magic. Evil disgusting magic and the color changing hair was all she needed to see to confirm it.

"Yes, Naruto … though I remembered her being bigger." Harry said experimentally picking her up by the belt with one hand and swinging her onto the couch across the room easily. "I could break her without magic or chakra." He said as he calmly walked to the couch where the terrified woman laid limply.

Naruto chuckled from behind his mask, "Now, now, Harry. We don't have time to play." Naruto said as he picked her up by the neck, "stay very still." He said almost mockingly as he turned her so she faced the gas mask worn by Harry.

The woman's imagination ran wild as Harry stared at her. Horrific thoughts of torture for all those years she made him live in a cupboard and the abuse came forward. She knew a terrible revenge was planned …

"Lily is actually my mother …" Harry said slightly shocked, "Aunty here decided it'd be funny to have me burn her things without my knowledge. She and Uncle Vernon celebrated when I was gone until a letter came from a man named Dumbledore, the Headmaster from my school letter, warning them that someone will come to take me to Diagon Alley in one week for my school supplies. Apparently Dumbledore is the same person who dropped me into their custody too after my parents were killed in a war, but … someone else sent my mother's things? Once this recent letter came my aunt, uncle and cousin got ready to move away. They leave tomorrow … oh, it's in the past when my mother got her letter. Apparently, we need to locate a place called The Leaky Cauldron to get to the magical realm. There's also a wizarding bank." Harry summarized after swiftly waltzing through her mind. As angry as he was at the jealous hateful woman for everything she did he had to admit it was amusing to see the shocked confusion in his aunt's eyes. She was terrified at how he learned all that.

Naruto hummed in thought, "One week huh … not much time to learn everything." He said calmly before glaring harshly at Petunia, "here's something interesting for you to know … I'm a muggle and guess what … I can kill you even faster than the magic you hate so much. I think you and your family should leave tonight, don't you?" Naruto took the needle out of her neck and she nodded, only to panic when they left so fast they may as well have vanished to her eyes.

"She really is panicking." Harry muttered as he watched his aunt scramble to get everything in the car and toss the stew she was making into some containers to eat on the road. All of this was done while calling her husband at work.

"That was fast … he must've broken a number of speeding violations to pick up the porky brat and get here in only an hour. Want to say anything before they leave- … Harry? You ok?"

Harry groaned as he rubbed his scar, "I just have a headache… had it a while now, but it seems to he getting worse. That could be because of them." He said shooting his aunt, uncle and cousin a glare.

"Or …" Naruto pulled off Harry's gas mask revealing the face of the henge. Illusion it may have been, but the pain showing was very real, "Kurama might've fucked up. Has it been hurting since he flooded your system with his chakra?"

"Yeah, but it's only hurting in the scar now and it's getting worse." Harry admitted, suddenly feeling so dizzy he nearly fell from the tree in the backyard where he was hiding with Naruto.

Naruto quickly steadied Harry and looked around for the fox, "where's that stupid fox-" his jaw dropped as he spotted said fox demon in the house trying to take the snacks from the plump kid named Dudley, Harry's cousin.

"IT TALKS!" Came a set of terrified high pitched screams followed by the screech of tires.

"I bet they're gone." Naruto deadpanned and sure enough as he helped Harry back into the house through the back window he saw that the place was deserted save for a moving bag of cheese puffs.

Kurama poked his head out from the cheesy snack bag, "They ran out fast … you'd think they never heard a fox talk before." The demon said before diving back into the cheesy balls, "Tasty stuf-Ahhh!" Kurama yelped as the bag he was in went flying across the floor courtesy of Naruto kicking it out of the way. "Hey! What was that for?!" A cheese coated fox barked as he stumbled out of the bag.

"You did something more than healing Harry's eyes when you flooded his system with your chakra." Naruto said as he guided Harry to a chair that was abandoned and dispelled their henges so he could get a better look at the scar, which was inflamed.

The fox huffed as he shook his body sending cheese dust everywhere, "I probably just flustered that soul fragment thing in the scar."

"Soul fragment? There's a piece of soul hanging out in my head?" Harry gasped feeling concerned about what that meant and where it might've come from.

"Yeah, I smelled it when I went into your mind. Hardly a big deal though. It's been there for years from the way it smelled. Just pull it out with a seal and keep it in a scroll until we figure out what to do with it." The demon said before going back into the snack bag to eat the rest of the cheesy goodness.

Naruto sighed as he pulled out a scroll, "I'm more concerned on whose soul fragment it is and why it's in Harry's head then the solution. Did your aunt know anything?" He asked Harry as he performed some seals and pull the eerie green thing to seal it in the scroll.

"That's much better." Harry smiled, leaning against Naruto as the pain all but vanished from his head, "Petunia didn't know much. She got letters from my mother that described the war enough for me to know that the leader of the dark wizards, Voldemort, were after them because of a supposed prophecy about me having the power to kill him. Other than that there's this Dumbledore's first letter, that's the guy left on me when he dumped me here, but it just stated that my parents died protecting me. He didn't say anything about the scar."

"I see. Maybe no one knew about it ..." Naruto hummed as he pulled Harry closer comfortingly. "We'll figure this out. Once we get into the magical world I'll send out an army of clones to every bit of information we can."

Harry smiled, relaxing into the blonde's chest, "I'm glad you're here."


The owner of The Leaky Cauldron, Tom, looked up and smiled at two new customers, "Hello! I'm Tom, the one who runs this place. How can I help you?" He asked the young man with possibly his younger brother.

"I'm David. My brother, Tim, is starting school at Hogwarts this year and we need to get some things, but …" the older brother chuckled sheepishly, "I don't know my way around here-"

"And he broke his wand trying to impress a girl." The young kid snickered.

"'Shut Up, brat!" David huffed swatting the kid's head.

Tom chuckled at the brothers, "No problem! I'll open it up for you." He said amusedly and lead the pair to the back of the building where he tapped the bricks.

"Thank you, Tom." David said while grabbing his excited brother by the collar before he could run off.

"It's fine. I'm here to help people get to Diagon Alley. Gringotts is straight down the road so it might be best to start there especially if you need a new wand." Tom said teasingly, getting the kid to laugh as the older brother twitched.

David sighed good naturedly, "I'm never going to live that down." He groaned before following his younger brother into the crowd.

No one noticed the subtle increase in the number of people as the brothers walked through the streets. One by one people appeared and spread out to mingle around and talk. No one would've guessed that each of those very different people all came from the older one of the pair or that nearly 100 were created in the span of time it took to enter the Diagon Alley and walk up to the goblin currently glaring down at them from its desk.

"Name." The goblin demanded.

"Harry Potter." The child answered as the older person seemed to be looking around to make sure no one was listening.

The goblin sneered down at the boy who looked nothing like the reported 'Boy Who Lived' even missing the scar, "I need blood to prove it." He sneered as he handed the boy the knife, which the boy shockingly used to cut his hand without even flinching or hesitating. The goblin's eyes widened ever so slightly as the blood wrote out the name 'Harry Potter' on the page in front of him confirming what the boy said, "Please follow me-not you." He snapped as the older person tried to follow.

"He comes with me." Harry said sharply, leaving no room for arguments, which the goblin didn't seem to like, but gave in anyway.

They were lead to a room, "Your family's goblin will come in a moment."

Harry frowned as the goblin left, closing them in the room, "my family's goblin? What's that mean? My family is already associated with this bank?"

"It's possible … yes. My clones are hearing bits and pieces that suggest the Potters were very wealthy so they probably have many vaults …oh, you're also basically an idol because you killed Voldemort." Naruto whispered as he subtly looked around. (To be safe let's think to each other. I see runes and I don't want to take any chances that we're being listened to.)

(Yeah … what do you mean killed him? I was only a year old when I was left with the Dursleys. That's too young to have killed someone.) Harry thought calmly as a goblin entered the room.

(It has something to do with the scar on your head. Voldemort, or You-Know-Who to everyone here too scared to say his name, hit you with the killing curse and, for whatever reason, it rebounded leaving the scar.) Naruto reported as the goblin took a seat and set out a quill and parchment. There was a brief moment of surprise as the quill hovered over the paper and began writing on its own.

The goblin sneered at the older person he didn't recognize before looking at the light brown haired boy who was supposedly Harry Potter, "Good morning, Lord Potter. I am Griphook and I'm in charge of the Potter vaults. I assume you were given your key to your trust already so I can take you there. Keep in mind your magical will get notes of this meeting and what you withdraw since you're underage-"

"Wait!" An overwhelmed Harry exclaimed, "I'm sorry for interrupting, but I don't know what you're talking about. What key? What magical guardian? Do you mean my relatives, the Dursleys? What notes?" He rambled only now realizing that the quill was writing everything down."

Griphook sneered, "You're going to school and are allowed to have the key to your trust vault now. The vault isn't the same as the other vaults you allowed your guardian to take money from, and no … you're muggle guardians were being paid by your guardian, but the magical and muggle guardians are different."

"Who's my magical guardian?" Harry asked.

"Albus Dumbledore." The goblin said bluntly seeming unconcerned by the child's lack of knowledge.

That name again … Dumbledore was Harry's guardian! The man was the Headmaster, taking money without permission, paying the people who hurt Harry and leaving Harry out of the loop for all of it. This meeting had to be stopped now and they had to leave. This man, who they knew little about, could not know of Harry coming here. Not when they knew so little about what's going on.

A bag filled to the brim with what sounded like gold coins landed on the desk in front of the goblin, "You haven't seen him." Naruto stated firmly, praying the goblin will look the other way. If not, he hoped he could destroy the notes before they vanished or flew away or do whatever the notes would do. Of course, he had the goblin to deal with too. Should he kill the creature to cover their tracks? He hoped not. It could create an even bigger mess. Whatever was decided, it had to be done fast and seen through without fail.

"A few coins?" Griphook sneered, almost offended at being presented the feeble payment for such a deal. However, the twinkle of something in the pile of coins caught his interest and he pulled it out to inspect it.

Question was, was the pretty crystal interesting enough to let the ninjas walk away?

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