Magic Behind the Kunai

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(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:

“Wait.” Harry and the now double ninjas stopped to look at Lucius. “I need to check, but depending on when you got your letter and who is sent you may already be in trouble.”


Lucius soon found himself back at Gringotts, but this time he kept his son close to him. Draco may have been bored and huffy, but it’s better than at the ninja guard’s disposal. Of course, having a bored kid with you didn’t make research go faster …

“Why do you have to be here, father? Can’t we go home?” Draco mumbled as he watched his father flip through an updating book in the education department.

“This situation isn’t sinking in, is it? Or are you saying you want me to leave you with Ha-“ Lucius snapped his mouth shut before he said Harry’s name. “Our friend’s guard?” He said correcting his question.

Draco winced in fear, but was still clearly puzzled about something, “Father … what you said before … was any of that true? You were just trying to get me away from them, right?” The young Malfoy asked almost pleadingly.

A sigh escaped the Malfoy Lord’s mouth. There was no doubt in his mind that he was feeling the same crushing feeling of his world being turned upside down just like his son. It was so dizzying and despite seeing the facts laid out he didn’t want to accept it. If it wasn’t for the ninja’s harsh methods he may still be ignoring those long forgotten facts.

Lucius finally looked away from the documents he was looking at and kneeled down in front of his son, “I … Draco, that muggle got passed the wards protecting our home, restrained me so I couldn’t use magic and tricked you into thinking he was a friend. It’s not easy after being told something else for years, but we can’t deny this after we were nearly butchered just to prove a point.”

“Well ouch. I wasn’t that mean, was I?” Lucius and Draco froze as they heard the familiar voice. When they heard the slight creak of someone leaning on Draco’s chair they hesitantly looked up to see the very masked ninja muggle they were talking about just standing there leaning on the chair’s back. “I could’ve done worse.”

The Malfoy Lord took a deep breath to calm down, “I see you’re here …”

“Just call me Blue.” The gas mask wearing ninja said realizing that they had no clue what to call him. Naruto smirked from behind the mask at the slight hint of annoyance in Lucius’ eyes. “You weren’t planning on cursing my name, were you?”

“Of course not. Shouldn’t you be with your boss?” Lucius stated indifferently though on the inside he was annoyed. If this went badly and Harry ordered the muggle to kill them there may be nothing they could do. He had hoped to at least get the muggle’s real name and curse it in a way so Blue couldn’t hunt them down, but clearly this man wasn’t a fool.

“My double is with him. He wanted me to see what you meant earlier about already being in trouble.” Naruto said not moving from his spot. If only Lucius knew that Gringotts was secretly allowing Harry and Naruto to live in a vault just a few floors away.

Lucius looked calm as he backed away from his nervous son to go back to his seat, “When someone is raised in the muggle world a letter is sent to the guardian.”

Naruto nodded, “We are aware of the letters.”

“Who was assigned as the escort?” Lucius asked as he flipped through the book.

“No one was specified.” Naruto said earning a look of concern from Lucius. “I take it we were supposed to be informed.”

“Yes. It should be either the deputy headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, or the potions professor, Severus Snape. Both of whom know your boss’ parents, but it’s only Severus that worries me- … here it is.” Lucius said as he stopped and read the entry he was looking for.

Naruto made a mental note of the informal way Lucius referred to Severus Snape and went over to see the entry next to Harry’s name, “No one is named.”

“No.” Lucius frowned unsure of what this meant, but whatever it is it wasn’t good. “I-“

“Lucius, Draco.” Naruto said noticing both Malfoy stiffen. “I’m not here to force results out of you. We need advice nothing more. I’m capable of taking up what small threads you give me and finding the source so please stop flinching as if I’m going to torture you for not making an answer appear. I said this before and I meant it. As long as you do what you can and not betray us I’m your guard as well. Of course, if you’re still concerned please use this and bond with your elf.” He said and handed Lucius an old notebook that detailed tips on bonding with an elf.

“Very well.” Lucius said while squishing the reflex to turn his nose up at the mention of the lowly creatures. As he took the notebook he decided to try speaking calmly and prayed it wasn’t out of turn. “This seems like a small thing, but it could be the start of something. You’re stepping around two scheming wizards who are ruthless, whether light or dark. If something goes wrong I will not allow it to come back at me and my son.”

Naruto simply bowed, “Understandable. I can be quite ruthless as well.”


“You’re being far too generous with her boobs.” Harry scoffed from his perch on the stair rail.

Petunia shot Harry a glare, “My henges are perfect.”

“Too big.” Harry muttered making a vein on Petunia’s temple pulse.

The woman crossed her arms with a smirk, “Keep in mind who screwed up that on job because they forgot a damn mustache.” 

Harry twitched, “The real guy’s mustache was fake too.” He argued.

“A thing no one knew until after we killed his brother and he laughed it off.” Petunia huffed and hiked up her boobs. “You weren’t allowed to do infiltrations after that seventh issue. Now this-“

“Those other times were for good reasons! Besides, I can handle being myself.” Harry said with a chuckle.

Petunia rolled ‘her’ eyes, “You won’t be yourself. You’ll be the weak Harry Potter everyone, mainly Dumbledore, thinks you are. I bet that temper of yours will blow up before the first year is up.” She smirked and used one finger to tilt his head up to make eye contact. “What do you say?”

“If I win what’ll get?” Harry asked only for a smirk of his own to appear after a silent message went through the mental link. “Deal.”

A loud motorcycle was heard pulling up and the silence when it stopped was followed by knock on the door of the muggle home, “That’s my cue!” Petunia spun her heels twirling the skirt and strutted to the door with a sway in her hips.

(He doesn’t have to have so much fun pretending to be her.) Harry thought in amusement as ‘Petunia’ threw the door open and, with a convincingly startled scream, called him over. (Why send this guy to a muggle area?!) He mentally yelped, this time into the mental link, when he saw the giant of a man standing there.

(I don’t know, but be careful.) Naruto thought through their link as he shoved Harry towards the man and slammed the door shut.

The large bearded man smiled down at Harry, “Hello Harry! I’m Hagrid. My you’ve grown! The last time I saw you, you were no bigger than a bowtruckle!” He said as he patted Harry’s head. “Now let's get going! We have a lot to get and I have some errands to run.” The big man boomed with a thick accent cheerfully and lead Harry to a motorcycle. When they got on that very motorcycle it started flying away! Now all of this made even less sense!

Who would send an inhumanly large man like this to a muggle place on a flying motorcycle?! There was nothing wise about any of that! It completely baffled Harry until he remembered what Naruto said about him not actually pretending to be himself but who people think he is. If he never got away from the Dursleys or met Naruto and other vastly different sized ninjas this would be a massive shock. In fact, he’d be so shocked that he’d doubt he’d consider why this wasn’t logical.

It made him wonder, as Hagrid chatted, if that was Dumbledore’s plan. Let the half giant, pick up an already vulnerable child and whisk him away to a new world. It was a subtle, but rather clever, if not cruelly manipulative, strategy. However, Harry wasn’t an awestruck child so this plot wasn’t going to accomplish its goal. In fact, it just backfired …

“Excuse me. Harry Potter her needs to see his vault and I need to do some official Hogwarts business.” Hagrid said to the goblin after they landed near the Leaky Cauldron and went to the wizarding bank.

“Do you have the keys?” The goblin asked casually glancing at Harry pretending he wasn’t the very goblin that checked the boy in before, which Harry was thankful for. It seems all the goblins are on the same page.

Hagrid pulled up a chain hanging around his neck that had a couple key, “I have it right here!” The cheery half giant smiled as he gave the dagger to Harry.

Harry looked confused for a minute, but then cut himself like before, (Why does Hagrid have my key? Does Dumbledore not intend to reveal himself as my guardian? I suppose he can’t without bringing up questions. It’s good to know he trusts Hagrid enough to hand over the key and run errands.) Harry thought calmly as he followed Hagrid and a goblin to a mysterious vault with a small package before being taken to his own vault. After taking a modest 10 galleons he focused on that mysterious package in Hagrid’s pocket.

“Up next, getting a wand! You excited Harry?” Hagrid asked as he guided the wizard through bank and out into the streets of Diagon Alley.

“Yes!” Harry exclaimed while quickly henging one coin in his pocket into the mysterious brown package and seamlessly swapped it with the one in the half giant’s pocket. When Hagrid left him in the wand shop alone he quickly pulled out the package and unwrapped the brown wrapping. A pink stone was revealed, but Harry heard the shop owner coming so he his the stone in one pocket and the wrapping in the other.

After putting up with what felt like a show he got his wand and Hagrid returned with an owl. Just as the half giant was about to take him ‘home’ after completing the shopping Harry hedged a second coin into the pink stone and quickly wrapped it in the brown wrapping. Yet again the swap happened so fast no one saw especially the half giant. When Hagrid left Harry at the muggle home he unknowingly left with a fake pink stone in brown wrapping.


Lucius heard Narcissa leave the house in a huff when Dobby refused to serve her and smirked, “It seems the tips are working.”

“That’s good.” Lucius inhaled sharply in his shock, but remained composed as he turned to see Harry standing next to him. “I must say the uniform definitely reflects the Malfoy better than a filthy pillow case.”

The Malfoy Lord glanced at his house elf in a classy black uniform with the Malfoy family symbol on the breast pocket, “Quite. May I ask Blue for a favor?” He asked knowing the guard was nearby.

Harry nodded, “I have a feeling this is about your wife.”

“Yes …” Lucius said a bit surprised that the young wizard new already, but then he figured the ninja keeps him in the loop on most things. It was a strange dynamic between the two. Blue seemed to shift between obedient protector and protective brotherly advisor. “I tried to subtly see if she’s willing to forget about Voldemort. She’s still a true Death Eater even though she was never marked.” Lucius’ eyes widened  as he felt a powerful chest against his back. He knew Blue appeared right behind him and felt the ninja’s arm come around his waist to reveal pictures of Narcissa in a compromising position with a known Death Eater.

“What are the pictures?” Harry asked playing the slightly younger and more innocent person. Naruto put the pictures in Lucius’ hand clearly refusing to let him see the inappropriate pictures like a big brother. This subtle role play may help in the future if someone foolishly thinks Harry is vulnerable without Naruto and tries to betray him.

“This will help getting her out of the way.” Lucius said trying to calm his racing heart. Every time he’s near the ninja his wrists, ankles and neck tingle and his heart races, but he can’t figure out why.

Harry pouted slightly at supposedly being left out, but sighs, “Anyway, the very ani-Slytherin half giant, Hagrid, picked me up and ran an errand for Dumbledore during our shopping trip. Blue gave Hagrid a fake, but idea what this is and why does Dumbledore want it?” He asked as he held up the pinkish red stone pretending he had no skills in a simple slide of hand. In reality Naruto was investigating someone else entirely.

The silver eyes narrowed, “I’m not sure why Dumbledore would need it out of Gringotts, but Voldemort would definitely benefit from having that.”

The masked ninja nodded, “He may come for it. I’ll keep my eye out when you go to Hogwarts.” As much as the ninja unnerved him, Lucius was relieved to know that Blue would be there to protect the young Potter and his son. “I suggest you talk to your son’s godfather. He should at least be in the loop because I’d rather not make him disappear for his loyalty to Dumbledore.”

“I see.” Lucius’ winced ever so slightly when he realized his friend, Severus, was potentially in danger. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

Harry tilted his head, “Hogwarts should be interesting.” (But I can handle it.) He said through the mental link.

(Oh I really doubt it. I heard a lot from watching the potion professor. He has opinions …) Naruto trailed off clearly amused about something. That made Harry wonder what was learned, but doubted it would affect their bet ...


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