Magic Behind the Kunai

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The potion master scoffed, “Figures.” He said before leaving the dungeons and going up to the Great Hall to wait for the students to file in. Once the first years were brought in he focused on Harry Potter ...


Out of the corner of his eye Harry saw Hermione slip a toad onto the steps when the first year student stopped in front of a door. As a tall looking witch came over to them the toad hopped into view.

“Thank you, Hagrid.” The stern witch said dismissively. Once the half giant walked away the witch stood front and center. “My name is Minerva McGonagall and I’ll be one of your professors here at Hogwarts. You will be guided into the Great Hall and sorted-“

“Trevor!” A boy exclaimed when he spotted the road and he ran forward to grab it.

Harry blinked when McGonagall actually glared at the boy for interrupting her, (Damn. You’d think she never worked with kids before.) He thought rather surprised that the woman glared at a first year who was just picking up his toad.

The witch cleared her throat after the boy with the toad sheepishly returned to the group, “As I was saying, you will soon be sorted into your houses. Now, follow me.” She said as she turned towards the huge doors behind her.

In a very theatrical way the doors opened on their own and Minerva strode into the lavish dining halls. Harry couldn’t help but feel it was very overdone and that Minerva was the star instead of the children. It also didn’t seem right that everyone was staring at the new students. Was this a spectacle or a school?

Minerva went up to the table that Harry assumed was the staff table since Severus was there. The witch picked up the old hat that had folds in the fabric, which resembled a face. Once the first person was called up it was revealed that the hat’s face folds were more than really bad wrinkles and that those folds, and some spells, made it so the hat could actually talk.

“Ravenclaw!” The hat yelled and was lifted off the head of the student it was set on. Minerva lifted the chatterbox hat, called the next name, put the hat on the head of said child, the hat used vague logic to pick the house, the hat was picked up again, everyone cheered as the child walked to the table of the house someone else decided you had to spend the bulk of your life in and that boring process was repealed many times. 

Ron, Hermione and Neville, the boy with the toad, were sorted into Gryffindor. Draco and his friend, Blaise, were sorted into Slytherin as expected. Finally, Harry found himself standing there alone. It seemed stupid to just stand there when he was the last kid left.

Minerva glared at Harry, who was about to walk up, and she raised her hand silently ordering him to stand still before looking at the list of students, “Harry Potter!” She announced almost basking in the gasps of awe, or anger from Ron, and cheers that followed even though the excitement really had nothing to do with her. 

(They are hamming it up … I hate this.) Harry thought in annoyance as he walked over and sat in the chair. The second the hat touched his head everyone became very quiet and Harry felt something attempt to enter his mind.

“You have a strong mind. Can you let me in so I can sort you?’ The hat said inside the surface of his mind. 

“No.” Harry said bluntly. Only one person will ever be trusted in his mind and he thought it was completely unreasonable to have something read your personal thoughts just to pick a school house.

‘I need to do it to pick where you’ll go.’ The hat said only to then hear his own voice announce … “Gryffindor!” The sorting hat looked around to see everyone cheering. “Huh?? … wait, what? That wasn’t-“ The very confused hat didn’t get a chance to say anymore for he was removed from the boy’s head and set on his perch.

Harry mentally smirked as he walked away. With one subtle hand sign he canceled the genjutsu he placed over the room. Everyone saw the hat make the announcement, but it didn’t really happen and Harry was fine with that. What he wasn’t fine with was Ron glaring at him.

“You said your name was James!” Ron whined the second Harry got too close.

The green eyed wizard shrugged, “My middle name is James.” He said bluntly before taking a seat between Neville and the boy named Dean. It didn’t matter how much the red haired brat sulked, Harry refused to say any more since he really didn’t feel he owed anyone an explanation. 

Before any other excited students could barrage him with questions Dumbledore stood up and everyone fell silent. However, silence didn’t necessarily mean that the students were paying attention. Everyone except Harry actually listened to the old fool. Sure. Harry caught the little tidbit about the third corridor, but other than that he wasn’t listening. The green eyes were focused on one of the professors. To be specific, it was the guy’s turban that caught his attention.

(Who is the guy with the turban?) Harry asked through the mental link. It was only for a very brief moment, but he definitely saw the fabric shift in a weird way. Despite being such a small motion it was easier to spot since Harry was the only one not focused on Dumbledore.

(That’s your DADA professor, Quirinus Quirrell. Why?) Naruto asked through the link.

Harry subtly watched the turban on the professor’s head and frowned, (I think I saw it move.) He said right before an amazing amount of tasty food appeared in front of everyone. As he piled food on the plate in front of him Harry watched everything more closely. The second he learned that he couldn’t even trust a rat he’s been on high alert and something about that turban seemed wrong. 

(Move? I’ll keep an eye on it … I’m going to need more clones. Keeping tabs on everything in this castle is getting complicated. At least, I don’t have to sleep in a dorm with a bunch of brats. Unlike Slytherin, where each student gets their own room, Gryffindors get many roommates per room.) Naruto said through the link only to snicker when he felt Harry groan.

Harry only just now realized he’d be sleeping in the same place as Ron, (Damn …can you put a silencing seal on my bed? I have a feeling Ron snor-) Harry stopped mid thought as he chewed a piece of the crispy chicken.

(Uhh … hello? Is the food that good or something?) Naruto asked mentally tapping the link connecting their minds trying to get his friend’s attention.

(I think …) Harry slowly chewed the morsel in his mouth. (There might be potions in my food.

Naruto could be heard laughing in the link, (Of course! May as well toss that in along with the other plots cause why not?) After a moment the blonde calmed down a bit. (Ok … let’s test this. Cast a genjutsu again.)

Harry smirked and once again cast a genjutsu over those around him. Almost instantly Naruto, in full ninja gear, landed next to him. Without being noticed by anyone he handed Harry a napkin. As Harry spat the tainted morsel out Naruto raced to the Slytherin table and returned with a matching piece of chicken.

“How does this taste?” Naruto asked Harry knowing that it was possible that only Harry’s food was being spiked with potions.

The green eyed wizard took a bite of the meat and chewed, “mm… it’s good.” He muttered after swallowing the bit. “How the hell did they do that? Anybody would have grabbed that piece of chicken!” He snapped, confirming that the Slytherin chicken did indeed taste different. It’s horrifying to think about since the dinner was basically a huge buffet. The kids had to collect the food from many different platters and put it on their plates exactly like Harry did. Anybody around Harry could be eating tainted food.

“Maybe they don’t care who else gets drugged with whatever these potions are as long as you’re drugged.” Naruto suggested casually under the protection of the genjutsu. 

“Perhaps.” Harry muttered as he looked at the students seated closest to him, who were eating and completely oblivious to the two ninjas talking. “If that’s true …” Harry clenched his teeth when he looked at Dumbledore. “I don’t feel right eating this meal.” He grumbled as he watched Dumbledore.

The old wizard’s eyes were, in fact, glancing at the genjutsu version of Harry. It was very subtle, but every time the green eyed illusion was seen taking a bite of food those old eyes seemed to twinkle. Of course, the ninjas both understood that this was another plot of some sort. They needed to know what that plot was and to do that they needed to find out what potion, or potions, were in Harry’s food.

“I’ll talk to Severus about this.” Naruto said as he took all the food, both the slightly chewed piece that's wrapped in the napkin and the untouched food still on the plate, and sealed them away to show Severus later. When he finished he spotted Harry and smiled.

Harry glared furiously at Dumbledore, “That bast- …” Harry paused and glared at the amused blonde. “I’m not going to lose my temper.”

“Sure.” Naruto chuckled behind the gas mask before vanishing with the food. 


“I drew a warm bath for you, master.” Dobby said the moment Blue returned with a drenched Lucius.

Lucius shivered after the warm ninja arms let him go, “Good. Get me the documents on Wizengamot for me to look at. That discussion is for another time.” He shot the ninja a sharp look and Blue vanished from view. 

Granted, there was no way to know if the ninja was really gone, but Lucius was more interested in warming up to care. He went up to his room, spelled away his clothes and sank into the warm water. The house elf popped in and charmed the file he had so it floated over the steamy water safely. After making a glass of whiskey appear on the edge of the large lavish bathtub, Dobby disappeared to give his master some privacy.

The Malfoy Lord sank under the warm water to recover from the water the Severus sprayed at him, which was freezing, “I’ll get Severus back later. Now what would be Bonnet’s next move?” Lucius murmured as his mind wandered to the bastard responsible for the curse on his son.

From the bottom of his heart he wished he could lock both Jack and Narcissa in one of the prison cells hidden in the Malfoy manor. Lucius could imagine the screams of agony from the fools and he would love to see the ninja’s full capabilities. Admittedly, he was curious about the powerful and lethal body. Perhaps he’s thinking about it a bit too much.

Lucius’ cheeks turned slightly red at the thought of those muscles, “Not happening.” He snapped at himself and shook the thoughts away. Instead he took a big sip of his whiskey and looked at the file, which showed the name David Hausoda instead of Harry Potter. “It seems Blue even doctored this file … no matter.” He said and skimmed the information. 

Unfortunately, Jack Bonnet wasn’t as stupid as Narcissa. If he was, they could handle this easily by messing with their minds. In that case it would be possible to stick them in a mental loop and just replay the day over and over, but since Bonnet had Occlumency training that was easy on the same level as Severus it wasn’t possible. Now they had to be ready for Bonnet’s reaction when he and Narcissa woke up from their drug induced sleep.

“Oh … this will work beautifully.” Lucius smirked as he found a possible solution to one problem. “Harry can hire a representative for meetings. The blood will have to match Harry’s if Blue went as David Hausoda he’d have to fool the blood sign in for Wizengamot, but if Harry magically picked Blue as a representative the blood won’t matter … you just need Harry to say the words ‘I, Lord of the Black family, trust …’ whatever your real name is ‘to take my place in court’ as he points his wand at your hand.” 

A part of Lucius wasn’t sure why he said so much out loud. Those last few words were definitely phrased as if he was talking to someone who really shouldn’t be here. Was he hoping to hear the ninja respond from just beyond the door? Whether that was what he really wanted or not he realized that even now the ninja was as close by as always.

“I’ll take care of it.” Lucius inhaled sharply when he heard Blue’s voice, but it didn’t come from beyond the door.

No, the ninja’s voice came from either right above or right next to the Malfoy. It was somehow still surprising and it had an unusual effect on Lucius. Well not unusual actually. However, it may as well be described as unusual because it was a feeling he hasn’t felt since before he was forced to marry Narcissa. It was lust.

“Dammit.” Lucius gasped as he felt his cock harden under the water. His entire body shivered in need and he tried to calm himself down, but the fact that the ninja was so close, possibly even watching, it didn’t help at all. “No … I can’t. Ah!” Lucius cried out in pleasure as his fingers wrapped firmly around his cock and he lost all control.

With one hand gripping the tub’s edge and the water splashing wildly Lucius bucked his hips and stroked his hard flesh. The friction made the heat in his body build to an unbearable level and his body cried out for something extra. In a lustful daze his legs spread wider and his fingers touched his twitching pucker. 

A loud mewl escaped his lips as he pushed a finger deep inside. After stroking his inner walls he added two more fingers and was bucking wildly. At some point he shifted and was leaning over the edge with his finger filled ass in the air. His ass hugged his fingers greedily and something powerful twisted in his body.

“Oh fuck!” Lucius screamed as his orgasm was ripped out of his body leaving him limp. After a moment Lucius shifted and just panted as he wanted his cum float in the water. “F …uck.”


Severus made sure everyone was in the Slytherin dorm after dinner and went to his living quarters, “I need help setting it up.” He murmured to himself. Sure enough he felt a presence appear and tired to see Blue standing there. “It’ll take two full moon cycles to complete the potion that will break the curse on Draco. I need two of you to help me set this up on the astronomy tower, but we’ll need to hide it from the astronomy class.”

“Of course, I can set up a barrier, but I should tell you that Harry tasted potions in his food.” Blue said as he created a few clones to help transfer things to the astronomy tower and another to head up there to create a barrier to protect the potion.

“There’s always something, isn’t there?” Severus sighed in annoyance. “Fine. Leave the food sample out and I’ll deal with it after this is done.”

Blue nodded and unsealed the food from dinner, “I’ll be right back. I should drop off a snack for Harry and get some magical permission for wizengamot.” Blue said and used a seal to teleport to the roof of his Gryffindor tower. “I knew you’d be up and hungry, but why aren’t you inside?” He asked when he found a pajama-clad Harry sitting on the roof instead of in bed. 

Harry raised an eyebrow in annoyance and used a single chakra thread to open the window, “Told you.” Harry muttered as the sounds of snores could be heard coming from inside the dorm.

“Oh.” Naruto chuckled as he unsealed some untainted food and gave it to Harry. “I’ll guess it’s pretty bad.” Naruto zipped into the room and quickly came back. “I put a seal on your bed. Now you heard that tidbit from Lucius, right?”

The amused green eyes looked up, “You didn’t shut off the mental link so I heard everything you and your clones did … every splash..” He commented with a smirk as he pointed his wand at Naruto and said the necessary line.

A red and black mark appeared on Naruto’s hand. Now they just had to keep things running smoothly and keep Bonnet and Narcissa out of their way until Draco was free … and investigate a rat ... and turban … and avoid tainted food … and who knows what else …

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