Magic Behind the Kunai

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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Genma / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:

Question was, was the pretty crystal interesting enough to let the ninjas walk away?


Naruto and Harry remained tense as they watched the goblin inspect the crystal. Both were getting ready to kill and run at any moment though they prayed they wouldn't have to. Their next actions depended on what the goblin said next and the suspense was almost painful as the crystal was laid back on the coins.

The goblin snapped his dagger like claws and the few notes that were made burst into flames, "It seems there was a mixup. I was told to see a client, but that person hasn't showed up. Since I'm free do you have business here?" Griphook asked deliberately looking only at the very relieved 'taller' person and ignoring the equally relieved Harry.

"Do you open accounts for muggles?" Naruto asked carefully thinking of how to avoid another stupid mistake.

"We do. We also offer services for those not possessing magic that want to assist a magical friend or relative." The goblin said simply being strangely helpful considering the circumstances.

(Is he trying to help or just serving a customer?) Harry thought curiously.

(I'll see.) Naruto thought curious about how much help they can get from the goblin, but he didn't dare push too much. They were lucky to get those notes burned and couldn't risk pissing off the one who let them go, "What type of services?" Naruto asked.

The goblin sneered, "Gringotts has vast amounts of information on the magical and muggle worlds. If you get a vault with us you or a magical child under your care can use certain authorized branches as a library to avoid bringing magical books into the muggle world. For your safety and your child's safety we have vaults that double as training or potion rooms so one may practice spells with guaranteed assistance only a few feet away and yes, those vaults can be unlocked easily from the inside so there's no worries about getting trapped." The goblin said as if he mentally checking off a list of annoying questions he's been asked many times before.

"Potions too? Can I set up a line to order what ingredients my magical friend may need through the bank?" Naruto asked hoping to make it easier for Harry to get everything even when he's in school.

Griphook sneered with a sense of pride, "You can handle all of your needs through Gringotts. We will obtain the highest quality ingredients for whatever potion you desire to brew. Confidentiality guaranteed." The goblin said with a smirk.

"Then that's exactly what I need! I'll take a vault with training and potion services. Can I make the account for two people so my friend can use the training and brewing service without me coming in each time?" Naruto asked knowing Harry will want to finally try brewing after reading what little information they had on the subject over the last two years.

"Yes, but only for these kinds of vaults. You will get your choice of a magical wallet or a magical muggle style card and your friend will get a different version of that. The only difference will be access to your money, which only you have. I take it your friend is someone I haven't had the pleasure of meeting." The goblin sneered momentarily glancing at the boy he knew was Harry Potter.

The henged Naruto nodded slowly, "It is."

Griphook's long dagger like claw tapped the table top in front of him as he seemed to inspect Naruto for several moments, "Stay out of the light. It casts some very dark shadows." The goblin said ominously with a snap of his claws that made a parchment appear and handed Naruto a dagger. Naruto took the dagger and the goblin pointed at the line where the signature was meant to go.

That statement was enough to know that this goblin was trying to help them, "We noticed." Naruto said as he cut his palm with the dagger letting a few drops of blood onto the line on the parchment assuming it was like the process Harry went through at the check-in counter. The ninja expected to be offered a quill to write his name in the blood, but to his and Harry's surprise the blood scrawled out Naruto's full name on its own.

Griphook took the parchment and nodded in satisfaction, "Very good, Lord Namikaze. You have several accounts in your family's name it seems and a few in your known aliases. Shall I transfer it all over and cut off those who have been accessing them?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "Who has been accessing them?" Naruto asked, though, he had a feeling he knew. The ninja knew about his father because of Kurama, but knew he couldn't try looking at any Uzumaki or Namikaze accounts while in Konoha. It simply wasn't safe, but he didn't think someone else had access.

The goblin perused the information that slowly appeared on the parchment, "Hiruzen Sarutobi. It seems he started withdrawing from the largest account when your grandparents died."

"My grandparents?" Naruto raised an eyebrow as he pondered the information. He thought his father was a poor orphan and nothing he found told him otherwise, but, more importantly, how did Sarutobi get access to any of them? "Yes, cut anyone off and transfer it all over. Also, is there a place you'd recommend for my friend and I to stay? If it requires rent could you make the payments automatic?" Naruto asked hoping to set it up so they had less to worry about. A safe place that's paid for would help immensely.

A frighteningly fanged smile stretched across the goblin's lips, "Did I neglect to mention that as a necessary trait to help you keep track of your potions during long brews a living arrangement is made?" Griphook's smirk widened as he noticed Naruto and Harry's confused yet intrigued eyes, "This isn't a hotel. However, potions take care and constant attention so it's not unheard of for brewers to want to watch and stay rested. Since there's no floo in the in the vaults for obvious security reasons we provide an alternative at no extra cost."

Naruto and Harry stood there in a stunned silence for a few moments before glancing at each other in disbelief and back at the goblin, "My friend does want to start practicing brewing. I'll take the muggle style cards."

Griphook snapped his claws with a deadly fanged smile and two credit cards, one gold and one silver, appeared on the parchment, "Gold is yours and silver is for your friend. They're charmed so you will never lose it and no one can take or use it. It'll be a pleasure doing business with you and remember, confidentiality is guaranteed."'


"He's just an academy student! How can none of you find him after days when he was in the village just a couple hours before the search started?" Sarutobi questioned his advanced team of ninjas while putting an air of concern that covered his anger quite well.

"That is what I want to know as well." Everyone turned towards Shibi Aburame as he came in the room, "Hokage-sama, let my clan take charge of the search. We can't waste a minute, but using so much man power might make Naruto more difficult to handle. He knows our clan. We'll have a better chance drawing him out."

Sarutobi sighed and took a second to ponder the idea, "That may be our best option, but keep it subtle. Also, do a search for people who specialize in finding people. We may need to hire someone outside the village to help find him."

"Yes, hokage-sama." Shibi said with a bow.

"As for everyone else," Sarutobi shot Kakashi and Iruka a stern look to keep them from objecting, "Go back to your usual routines. As much as I want to find Naruto, using everyone for a massive search will only draw attention to the fact that he's gone. We don't need the other villages learning of this. It will only make him a bigger target. Everyone dismissed except for Kakashi and Itachi." As everyone filed out Kakashi and Itachi walked up to the hokage's desk.

"You wanted to see us, hokage-sama?" Kakashi asked, though, he was clearly disheartened at not being an Aburame and searching for Naruto right now.

Sarutobi sighed, "I am sorry, Kakashi. I know how much you want to find Naruto, but for his safety we need to back off for a bit." The hokage said kindly, "I know you wanted to have a genin team because of Naruto and I was planning on letting his team be with Shino and Sasuke if he had passed. Obviously, with everything that happened that can't happen. Along with that we had some trouble with another academy student."

Itachi twitched, "I think I know what you're talking about. You mean the incident with the health of my brother's fangirl."

"Yes. We, of course, had no choice but to continue with the second part genin exams even though the teams were off because of Naruto not being here. During those exams it was discovered that Sakura Haruno's health did not meet the requirements for she hid a rather serious blood disorder. A clotting disorder to be exact. Since such disorders are prohibited she was removed as a ninja. That, however, created another problem, which is team sizes. With Naruto gone Sasuke and Shino's team were already short one, but now with Sakura gone we have another team that's short a member. With that in mind I decided to combine the two teams. However, that is a few too many genin for one jonin. I want you both to be the senseis for team 11." The hokage spotted Kakashi's sad look and added, "As you go on missions you are free to subtly search for Naruto as long as it doesn't interfere with the missions themselves."

"Yes, hokage-sama!" Said both Itachi and a much happier Kakashi.

"You're dismissed." Sarutobi said and watched them leave before taking out his checkbook. Much to his surprise he found a signed check and a note from his secretary. "That's not possible." He scowled in distaste as he tore up the check and the note. The very note that just informed him that the accounts he wanted to take money from were gone. Not empty, but completely shut down. The only other person who had access didn't even know about the accounts so how could this happen? Unless, "Maybe that demon did find on account and paid someone to get him away. That would explain how he just vanished when he had no skills as a ninja." Sarutobi frowned as he pondered on how to catch the demon without revealing that he knew about and stole from what were rightfully Naruto's accounts.


"The library has enchantments to keep you from going up to the unauthorized sections without the necessary badge so you can't stumble on material you shouldn't have accidently. No magic will change that, but you have enough information to find what you need in the rest of library. However, for an extra fee we can buy and deliver what you need from outside the bank." griphook said as he lead the two ninjas through the large library and up to an isolated set of vaults tucked around the corner of the library. They stopped in front of vault 4118 and the goblin pointed at a slot. "Slid either of your cards to get in. There's another door inside that only the gold card can open."

"We understand." Naruto said as he use his card to get the door open and when that huge heavy door swung open his and Harry's jaws dropped, "Oh, wow!" They gasped as their eyes scanned the vault.

It was mostly one warm, candlelit, room with an open kitchen meant for brewing and two comfy beds to make the open bedroom next to an open, fully furnished, living room area. The was also an open door between the beds that lead to what looked like it lead to a good sized bathroom. Beyond a long empty space perfect for dueling was another large vault door, but the most interesting thing was the subtle Japanese style to everything in there.

Griphook pointed to the large chalkboard in the kitchen area, "You're allowed to doodle whatever you want on that ono, but this one," He pointed to the smaller chalkboard next to the main door, "is only for things you want to order. Write what you want down and we will handle it. Good day, Lord Namikaze and friend." With that the goblin left and the door swung close leaving them alone.

"Ok, we have a very nice place to stay inside a secure wizarding bank that holds all the information we need. That turned out better than expected." Harry sighed in relief as they dispelled their henges.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, but while Gringotts saved us we can't risk making the same mistake anywhere else. According to my clones goblins don't get along with wizards and are mostly separate."

"Why help us then?" Harry pondered as Kurama came bounding out of Naruto's chest and bounced on the beds.

"I don't know, but we need to find and somehow convince someone involved with the Ministry, and magical government to help." Naruto said while sketching a seal on the floor and sending a clone out of the vault. He grinned as the clone reappeared on the seal. "At least, we know the hiraishin seal works through whatever protections are around here and the restricted sections here aren't ninja proof."

"Who's this Merlin guy?" Kurama asked as he bounced back and forth between beds.

"First, going through my memories is rude. Second, he's believed to be the wizard all magic comes from. If your going to skim through the information my clones collect do it right." Naruto said only to get a fox butt to the face as Kurama bounced a little too high and landed straight on Naruto.

Harry twitched as he grabbed Kurama by the scruff of the neck and plucking him off of the blonde, "I bet you never actually saw the magical world and just lied-"

"Hey! I have met wizards and witches before! Yes, I don't know about these secret entrances or ever heard of this Merlin person or even when wands came about, but I do know that a house elf with a strong bond is dangerous!" Kurama shivered in fear as a clearly frightening memory was recalled. When Kurama realized he was being watched by the two humans he coughed nervously and collected himself, "Also, the best way to make an ally is to completely crush what they believe with facts. Let's start with that muggles are weak one. Then there's this Merlin thing since that sounds weird. Then a weird blood related belief where some actually think pure blooded wizards are stronger. What else?"

"Give me a sec to see what I can find." Naruto created several clones and they slipped away to explore the entire library as stealthily as possible.

"If you can find what we need all we have to do is get a scary muggle to do some persuading." Harry mused.

Naruto gaped, "Hey! I'm a scary muggle!" His eyebrow twitched violently when Harry broke down laughing. The annoyed blonde tackled and pinned Harry to the bed, "Are you saying I can't be scary?" Naruto glared harshly into the green eyes only for Harry to laugh again. The blonde scoffed, but couldn't resist smiling. He rested his forehead against Harry 's and they fell into a peaceful silence with their lips a hairs breath apart, "My clones found someone." He said softly without looking away from the green eyes.


Lucius stood up from his desk in the Malfoy Manor when he heard an owl flutter to the window. Just as he was about to cross the room to remove the letter his hands and ankles were bound and he fell to his knees!

"In-" Before he could complete the incantation to free himself a rag was suddenly shoved into his mouth. Not only were his hands bound in a way so he couldn't even move finger to cast a spell he also couldn't speak, but the scariest part of this appeared in front of him.

There in front of him was a man with a long brown coat, heavy boots a pointed hat and the most terrifying mask he ever saw ...

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