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“I can remove Sirius for a while. Now what would be a good way to dispose of Peter?” Naruto asked as Severus used magic to open the chains effectively dropping Peter to the floor with a painful thump …


Kakashi sighed as he put the photo of Naruto back into his pocket. He walked towards the trees and jumped into the branches. After a few moments of racing through the treetops he let himself drop to the ground and landed in a campsite. In the campsite were five other people, which included four innocent genin and a fellow jonin.

“No luck?” Itachi asked as he saw the sad look in Kakashi’s single visible eye.

The silver haired jonin shook his head and sat next to Itachi, “None. It’s like he vanished. I don’t want to step on the Aburames’ investigation, but I might want to consider getting Jiraiya involved.” He said only to wince when he saw an annoyed insect user stop sparing with Sasuke long enough to glare at him. Clearly he said that a bit too loudly. “Hey … any thoughts on why the Aburame clan want to have full control on the search for Naruto?” He whispered to Itachi so the genin couldn’t hear over the sounds of the sparring.

“You ask as if they didn’t have perfectly logical reasons for taking it over.” Itachi chuckled, getting an annoyed twitch from Kakashi. “Kidding. Kidding. I actually overheard my brother and Shino chatting about a guy with a big bounty vanishing hours ago and it being suspected to be the work of the Mages. There’s obvious signs of them doing it, but the bounty wasn’t turned in so it wasn’t confirmed. Anyway, they were gossiping about that.” He commented lazily before chuckling at the way Kakashi’s eyebrow was twitching. “Right. Back to the point. Sasuke made the comment ‘calm down, I’m sure they’ll find your love bug soon’ and that’s when they started sparring. Interestingly enough that comment came right after you went to investigate.”

Kakashi raised an eyebrow, “Love bug? … I don’t know enough about Shino or his family to really know what that means.” He sighed sadly and hung his head. “I guess I could also say I don’t know anything about Naruto. At least, not enough to know if that comment was really connected to him.”

Itachi frowned and nodded, “It would make sense though … any clan would want to keep things private if it involves their heir’s betrothed, but why would Naruto run if he had a clan protecting him? He could’ve dropped being a ninja and moved right in as a civilian. I feel like there’s more to it than Naruto simply not being told.” He whispered, but his eyes narrowed when his other students, Ino and Hinata, started bickering. “Knock it off.” He rolled his eyes when a pair of puzzled sparring partners, Shino and Sasuke, stopped instead of the girls. “Not you two.”

“Could’ve been more clear.” Sasuke mumbled as Kakashi and Itachi rushed over to Ino and Hinata.

“No way. Sasuke hates you for driving Naruto away, you obsessed stalking bitch!!” Hinata yelled and grabbed Ino by the ponytail.

Ino winced in pain as her hair was viciously pulled and she slapped wildly at Hinata’s face, “No! You’re the reason he’s gone. Couldn’t even handle daddy’s plot-hey!” She yelped as Kakashi grabbed her by the collar and lifted her off the ground.

“I said knock it off!” Itachi snapped as he grabbed Hinata’s wrist and made her drop Ino’s hair. Of course, the girls were still glaring at each other. “What started this fight this time?” He muttered clearly exasperated with this.

Ino glared at Hinata, “She took my makeup!”

“Didn’t I say something about no makeup?” Kakashi mused as if he didn’t remember. He looked closer at Ino’s scowling face and did indeed see eyeshadow and lipstick on her face. “Do you remember that, Itachi?” 

Itachi tapped his chin in thought, “You know, I do recall something like that. That explains why you were taking so long just to get some firewood.”

Without any further teasing Kakashi made a hand sign with his free hand and sprayed Ino in the face, “You weren’t supposed to waste space in your supplies especially when we haven’t even finished the mission.” He said ignoring the glare the drenched genin was giving him and to add to the embarrassment her makeup was running down her skin. “Where is it?” He asked Hinata, who was smirking a bit too much for his liking.

Hinata reached into her jacket and pulled out the fairly big makeup purse, “She kept the receipt too.” She said and looked too smug when she was let go.

As Itachi kept a firm grip on Ino, who was struggling as violently as her wimpy genin body could against the unfazed Anbu, as Kakashi checked the receipt. Something about the date on the slip of paper, which apparently said the makeup was bought two hours before, prompted him to take the supplies bag off her back. After a quick inventory Kakashi glanced at Itachi and tossed the purse in the air. To Ino’s horror, and Hinata’s amusement, Itachi used his free hand to send a fireball at the purse, reducing it to ashes.

“Nooooo! That was mine! Do you know how much that cost?” Ino screamed as Itachi dropped her, allowing her to throw her tantrum in the dirt instead of his grip.

Kakashi deadpanned, “Of course I know. I’m literally holding the receipt.“ He said as he held up the piece of paper before placing it in his pocket. “Go get all the weapons you dumped to make room for that purse.”

Ino stomped towards the forest, “I don’t know why I can’t have makeup. I’m sure Sasuke would love to see me all made up.”

Kakashi rolled his eye, “We’re on a mission. We need to be prepared for anything. Unless it’s helpful it shouldn’t come along and you aren’t a seduction specialist or planning to disguise yourself so no makeup.”

“As for Sasuke you destroyed any chance you had with my little brother.” Itachi said bluntly and when Ino tried to argue he held up a finger for silence. “The Uchiha clan doesn’t take kindly to stalking and, yes, we know exactly how many times you stalked Sasuke especially those nighttime moments where you actually seemed to think that you could sneak in through his window  … and does he look happy about hearing about that?”

Ino turned to look at Sasuke and winced at the horrified look on his face. Apparently, this was the first time he was told about that and he didn’t like it at all. It hurt thinking her attempts at romance weren’t taken kindly. Unfortunately, before she could run to her crush and try to talk her way out of the trouble she was in, something interrupted by crashing towards them.

“Get out of the way!” Kakashi yelled as he and everyone jumped into the treetops. However, Ino was a bit too slow …

Just as the projectile, which turned out to be a scary man with a hammer running at fast speeds, was about to flatten Ino someone appeared in front of her. With a sharp and very strong kick the hammer wielding man was knocked back. Before he could stop himself another person behind stabbed him in the back using his own momentum.

“We apologize for crashing into your campsite.” The two people who took out the hammer guy spoke in perfect sync.

Sasuke’s jaw dropped, “You’re the Mages!” He exclaimed and jumped out of the tree with Shino, Kakashi, Hinata and Itachi. The two men there did indeed have the signature color changing hair, pointy hats, identical appearance and the gas masks that were known traits of the bounty hunter pair.

“That is what we’re called … is she ok?” The Mages asked as they pointed at a very pale Ino, yet again they were in perfect sync.

Kakashi sighed, “She’s just in shock. Thanks for proving my point.”

The Mages shrugged, not sure what that meant, “Happy to help.” They said and picked up the body of the hammer guy.

Once the bounty hunters left with their bounty Kakashi unsealed something, “Sasuke, run back into town and get our money back for this.” He whispered and gave Sasuke the exact makeup purse everyone, except Itachi, thought he burned.

Sasuke scoffed as he took the purse and was handed the receipt, “Yeah, I’ll be right back.” He said before leaving.

“Now back to what we were doing.” Itachi muttered and since Ino was too shocked to really move right now he grabbed the other troublemaker by the collar. “How about you explain what Ino said earlier, Hinata. You know, that point about daddy’s plot and Naruto leaving.” He said as the Hyuga heiress dangled from his hand. 

“My father wanted me to bring the demon vessel into the clan-“ She froze as both her sensels and Shino glared daggers at her for saying the term demon vessel. As a punishment for the term she was made to set up the campsites the next four times with Ino’s help.

Itachi raised an eyebrow as he watched Hinata and Ino struggle setting up the tents the next night, “How heavy are the weight seals you put on the tents?” He asked, mentioning a part of the troublemakers’ punishments. The part  that they neglected to tell Ino and Hinata about.

“50 pounds.“ Kakashi muttered before sighing. “Even the Hyuga clan had plans for Naruto … I hope he’s safe.”

The eldest Uchiha brother frowned, “As long as he isn’t with someone dangerous he should be alright and easy to find.”


Orochimaru hummed in thought as he looked at what was left of Peter, who was being looked over by Kabuto, “Now I see the problem… if you were going to torture someone you should’ve told me. I would have given you a room with a drain.” He commented casually as he looked at the mess. “Anyway, Kabuto, keep him alive-“

“He betrayed my parents and got them killed.” Harry said as bluntly as possible. The snake sage became deadly silent as he calmly twirled his fingers around the collar of the fluffy pink bathrobe he was wearing.

With one look the blue haired guy knew exactly what Orochimaru wanted and Kabuto nodded, “I’ll hook him up to an IV right away.” He said and unsealed a bag of fluid that was hanging by a skinny metal stand

“Good.” Orochimaru hissed and, despite the smile, you could almost tell that he was seething. “Let’s discuss this over some ramen.” He said and Harry, Naruto, Severus and Lucius followed him out of the room. 

However, their eyes spotted the needle go into Peter’s vein and the fluid from the bag. That fluid went through the clear tube and entered the rat man’s body. Only Severus and Lucius were surprised by the odd method, but the sounds of agony that followed them down the halls were immensely satisfying.

Naruto smirked, “Considering what I saw I’m sure you’re hungry.”

Orochimaru scoffed, “You need to learn some boundaries.” He muttered and Lucius and Severus couldn’t help but agree. “Thank you for the bounties by the way.”

“You’re welcome. I ran into a team of Konoha ninjas while collecting them.” Naruto commented and calmed Harry down through their mental link before looking at Severus and Lucius. “Not everyone here is fluent in English so don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of Japanese.” He warned as they entered a room that looked exactly like a Japanese garden and was lined with a few restaurants.

The seals on the floor seemed to feed the lovely plants so that they flourished in the underground hideout. As an extra bonus it provided fresh air in what would probably be a stuffy hideout with it being closed off and with all the people walking around. However, the lovely garden and delicious smells of food cooking weren’t Severus and Lucius.

“Good to know.” Lucius said as he looked around the powerful looking ninjas walking around and enjoying various meals. He glanced at Severus and it was clear that the potion master was thinking the same thing as him, which was that Orochimaru was very dangerous.

The wizards could tell just by watching the people they passed. Not one person looked strangely at the guy wearing the pink fluffy robe. Everyone gave only respectful, albeit slightly fearful, looks. Only someone both powerful and ruthless could command such respect. This was clearly his house and owned it. Plus, he clearly knew Naruto and Harry very well and Orochimaru wasn’t surprised by them being wizards, which meant they were at a massive disadvantage here.

“Naruto! Harry!” A young woman exclaimed when she saw them enter the stand and took a seat. Unfortunately, she mainly spoke Japanese so Lucius and Severus were at a loss at what was being ordered or talked about. They considered casting a translation spell, but they decided that it might be too risky to move their wands around powerful ninjas.

Naruto looked at the two older wizards, “I hope you don’t mind, but I ordered for you.”

“That’s fine.” Severus said feeling a bit like he was surrounded by people that could easily kill him and yet it didn’t seem too frightening. 

After all, the steaming bowls of  what was apparently called ramen did look good. However, for a second he and Lucius were completely confused on how they were supposed to use the wooden sticks to pick up the food. Somehow Harry and Orochimaru were able to do it, but they couldn’t understand how and they certainly didn’t have time to learn. Thankfully, Naruto noticed and unsealed a couple forks and spoons for them.

Once Orochimaru ate a few mouthfuls he sighed in bliss, “Excellent … Now let me get this straight. You need that guy to die in a non suspicious way to free a falsely accused person without this Dumbledore being able to get involved. One, what or who is this Dumbledore? Two, what’s a violent, but common way to be accidentally killed in this magical world?”

Naruto looked Orochimaru dead in the eye, “He’s Hiruzen with a pointy hat.” The way Orochimaru’s eyes oozed death at that comment made Severus and Lucius tense in fear. “As for worse accidental deaths I’d say being strangled by the plant called Devil’s Snare.”

“A plant that strangles?” Orochimaru mused, there was no doubt he was intrigued. “First, I want one. Second, depending on its strength you won’t have to heal him much to avoid suspicion.”


A team of Aurors rushed to a house in the middle of the night, “Where’s the victim?”

“He’s in the basement, but be careful! The Devil’s Snare is everywhere.” One of the flustered pair of workers with Gringotts’ symbols on their aprons said.

“Understood. Stay out here.” The leader of the Aurors said before lighting the tip of his wand up with a light spell and led the way into the house.

The male Gringotts worker shivered, “No need to tell me that.”

The other Gringotts worker rolled her eyes, “Whimp … you didn’t have to scream. We cleaned houses with Devil’s Snare before.”

“I thought I saw a snake and excuse me, but I certainly didn’t expect to find a dead man!” The male worker muttered.

After a few moments the team of Aurors came back outside. The only difference was that they were respectfully carrying a coffin with a body. Most of the team immediately left with the coffin and the leader stayed behind to talk to the workers.

“Ok, it looks like he broke in to hide in the house and didn’t realize there was an infestation of Devil’s Snare. I see you’re both from Gringotts. Isn’t it a bit late for a cleaning?” The Auror asked.

The female worker shrugged, “Not really. Sometimes the client wants to move in right away and that’s what happened. The client wanted to move in by morning … bloody hell. We need to get moving. Is that all?”

The Auror nodded, “Yes, I can get your information through Gringotts. Would you like me to make sure to keep you both anonymous?” 

“Merlin, yes! I would hate to be in the Daily Prophet.” The male worker exclaimed clearly horrified at the thought.

“Very well. Have a good night.” The Auror said and left the workers to their cleaning so he could get all the answers for the morning paper.

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