Magic Behind the Kunai

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Every now and then he swore he heard paws running along the floor in odd places including the ceiling, but he never saw anything even though the cheese smell kept mysteriously returning ...


In the dark Malfoy manor a small clock started chirping. Severus groaned and got out of the bed that was set up near the bubbling cauldron. As he started the next step he heard a pop near the door. While expertly stirring the potion he glanced over his shoulder and saw the resident house elf.

“The young master is in pain. Sharp pains in the chest.” The house elf explained looking rightfully concerned.

Severus sighed in frustration, but continued with the proper potion steps, “That sounds like the curse finally taking effect. Give him a pain reducing potion, but only one.” Severus said and the house elf did as told. Once Severus reached another point where the potion could be left alone he swiftly raced up to Draco’s room. There he found Lucius sitting on the bed holding Draco.

“Is the pain going down?” Lucius asked as Severus walked over to gently examine the boy who was whimpering in pain as he nuzzled his father’s chest.

“No.” Draco gasped slightly.

“I was afraid of that.” Severus muttered as he looked at the young boy’s silver eyes. ‘This is definitely the curse.”

Lucius held Draco firmly and rubbed the boy’s back soothingly, “How much longer until you make the talisman?” He asked Severus, trying not to sound as worried as he was.

“The potion will be done in an hour.” Severus said ignoring the ‘hurry the hell up’ look that Lucius sent him. “Do you want to pick the vessel you want your talisman to be?” He asked hoping to get the boy to focus on something other than the pain.

Draco’s eyes closed slowly for a moment before looking back up at Severus without moving away from his father’s chest, “Kunai?” He mumbled.

“Of course your godfather can do that.” Lucius said, making it very clear that he didn’t care and Draco would get whatever he wanted even if it was a muggle weapon.

Severus nodded, “I’ll go start that now.” He said as he cast one last concerned glance at Draco before leaving the room. As he went back into the potion lab he sighed, “Blue, get out here.”


Harry yawned as he woke up in the middle of the night to find Naruto vanishing through the seal on the floor of their bedroom in Gringotts, (What’s wrong?) He asked through the mental link.

(Draco is in pain because of the curse. I’m going to help Severus with the talisman … get some rest. You need to be ready for the train in a few hours … and to lose the bet.) Naruto responded through the link with a snicker.

“I’m not going to lose my temper at school.” Harry grumbled and huffed when he heard Naruto laugh through the link. For whatever reason Naruto seemed positive that he won’t be able to keep up the wimpy ‘Boy Who Lived’ act without snapping.


Severus nodded pleased to see that the ninja did indeed appear when he called, “There’s about an hour left for the potion so give me a kunai.” He ordered not even bothering to explain why.

“Ok.” Naruto immediately handed over the sharp metal weapon, but made sure to hold it by the blade so Severus could grab the handle safely. “I already have my double ready to grab what you need. Just tell me 10 minutes beforehand.”

As Severus examined the odd weapon he scoffed, “Why 10 minutes?”

“That’s how long it’ll take for the drugs to knock them out.” Blue said and a bottle of nothing appeared in his hands. 

The potion master glared, “There’s nothing in there.” He stated as he cast a spell on the kunai turning it into a hollow vessel. The hollow weapon now had hinges at the spot between the handle and the deadly end. 

Blue shrugged as his kunai was basically turned into a pointy flask right before his eyes, “It’s a gas. My double has the rest and will make sure they think they simply fell asleep.”

“You mean they’re awake right now?” Severus asked, very suspicious of why that would be. “Why?” He asked as he opened the kunai bottle.

“They know about Draco.” Blue answered knowing Severus understood. It didn’t take much to know that Narcissa and Bonnet were waiting for Lucius to become desperate when he sees Draco’s pain and contact her.


Brown eyes narrowed in on the Black family tapestry, “David Hausoda … interesting.” Those eyes looked down at the cup of tea Narcissa brought in for him and the man took it. “If I’m right his last name is Japanese.” He commented as took a sip of his tea.

“Sirius would be so vindictive that he’d hand over the Black name to a random foreigner.” Narcissa muttered bitterly. “I don't even get the power from the Black seat on Wizengamot.”

“Don’t worry, my dear.” He said softly before kissing her. “That won’t last.”

Narcissa smirked and ran her fingers through his black hair, “Oh really, Jack?”

Jack hummed as he smirked, “A big enough crime will make the Wizengamot assemble and once he’s out of hiding I can think of something. I wish I knew if he had any protections or runes around him. It’d be nice to just curse his name, but it might not be that simple.”

“I have no doubt that you’ll figure it out.” Narcissa said with a smile. “Now my ex-husband should be understanding how important my presence is very soon. If not, he’ll never be able to even see Draco board the train.”

“It’ll be a useful asset to have him under our thumbs and the dark lord’s as well.” Jack said with a casual sip of tea.

Narcissa beamed as she gently held his arm, “So you found something?! Oh do tell!” She said excitedly as that walked out of the room.

“You’re cute when you’re excited.” Jack chuckled as they started down the stairs. “I know he’s alive. There was enough of a trail of his magic to lead me to Albania. Unfortunately, it changed. Our lord might be possessing someone. That new trail was actually headed towards Gringotts-“

The witch gasped, “That story about a break in today’s paper!”

Jack nodded as they sat down on the couch, “I believe that was our lord was the one that broke into Gringotts. Now nothing was taken, but maybe that’s because it was already removed. It just so happens that the vault belongs to Nicholas Flamel who is a friend of Dumbledore.”

“Is the dark lord headed for Hogwarts?” Narcissa asked hopefully.

“I believe he is.” Jack said with a smile, but, despite being very much awake, they fell asleep together on the couch.


“Perfect.” Severus said and immediately took the two small toes that the ninja offered him. 

The toes were immediately placed in the hollow kunai. Severus then held the kunai by the loop on the end of the handle. The open kunai was dangled over the cauldron and lowered into the gruesome blackish brown potion. Only for a moment, however. Once the hollow side of the kunai was submerged it was filled with the potion and was quickly pulled out. 

Naruto watched the tips of the toes float on the surface of the potion in the kunai for a second before the toes began dissolving, “When they wake up they’ll know something isn’t right.” 

“Indeed.” Severus said as the toes dissolved the muddy brown potion inside the kunai became a glowing amber color. “Let’s focus on Draco right now. Get me some water.” He ordered and watched the excess brown potion coating the outside of the kunai drip into the cauldron.

The ninja instantly unsealed a deep bowl and water just seemed to appear after putting his fingers in a weird position. After spending a split second wondering how the ninja did that Severus dipped the sharp end of the kunai in. After making sure the sides were cleaned of any excess potion and safe to hold, Severus closed the kunai bottle. A quick spell to remove the hinges to make it so no one could open the bottle again and he finished the task.

“The seal is on his right arm.” Blue said as he disposed of theater tainted water in the bowl.

Severus barely noticed before he rushed off to Draco’s room. “Very well.”  He was too concerned about the boy to care about whether or not the ninja kept up, “The talisman is ready.” The potion master felt his heart break when he saw Draco crying in pain in Lucius’ arms.

“Hurry!” Lucius snapped, but he instantly felt relief when the talisman was pressed against Draco’s feverish forehand, which he never thought he’d feel about a sharp weapon being near his son. Still the talisman affected everyone there from relief to pain relief for Draco.”

The potion master watched as Draco’s breathing became steady and the boy slowly sat up, “Take it slow, Draco. Can I see your right arm?” Severus asked softly, but Draco looked so tired that he wasn’t sure if they should bother him right away. 

“Go to sleep, Draco.” This time no one really flinched when Blue seemingly appeared out of nowhere and reached for Draco, who actually did finally give into sleep. “Harry can explain how the seal works when they’re on the train. For now he should rest.” Blue whispered as he rolled up Draco’s sleeve revealing a small round sealing the boy’s upper arm. The ninja simply pressed the hoop of the handle of the magical talisman kunai against the seal and it disappeared into the seal.

Lucius gently tucked his son into the sheets and immediately gestured to Severus and Blue that he wanted to talk in a different room, “No one can take that from Draco, right?” Lucius asked once the door to Draco’s rooms was closed though it was clear that he was beyond pissed about something and that something was probably the witch and wizard who cursed his son.

“No. The seals won’t allow anyone else to touch the kunai. It will go back into the seal if someone even attempts to poke it. Draco will never be without it.” Blue said reassuringly as he and Severus followed Lucius to the Malfoy’s office.

“Good …. where are they?” Lucius said letting his anger slip into his tone.

Severus scoffed, “They are still knocked out if what Blue mentioned was true. Muggle drugs aren’t my forte though.” He commented looking at the ninja for more details.

“Yes. Narcissa and Bonnet are still out cold in Grimmauld.” Blue said indifferently. “They’ll be out of the way for a week at least so while we wait can you explain what Wizengamot is-“

“What do you mean by ‘a week’?” Lucius asked, feeling a little annoyed that the ninja didn’t sound pissed about the people who caused his son such immense pain. Killer or not, the ninja has experienced pain at the hands of others and he expected a bit more rage.

Blue shrugged, “The drug I gave them was an experimental gas that a crazy sage gave us. A real snake, that guy. You’d like his vindictive nature. Anyway, the gas takes 10 minutes to work, but has some nasty side effects including being out cold for about a week, headaches, nausea, confusion, weakening of the bowels and rashes in weird areas. Chances are they’ll wake up in their own shit and have no idea what’s going on beyond the massive headache.”

Severus gaped in shock just like Lucius, “Very well … why are you asking about wizengamot?” The potion master asked, still surprised, albeit almost pleasantly so, at the ninja’s indifference.

“Bonnet is planning a crime that will drag out the Black Lord so Narcissa can take charge again … the problem is that Harry is the Black Lord.” Blue immediately nodded when he saw the color drain from the faces of the two wizards. “You understand the situation then. Now I changed his name in any files and the Black family tapestry. So Narcissa thinks the Black Lord is a wizard named David Hausoda, but I’m not sure what to do if a meeting is called. Obviously, Harry can’t go or Narcissa will learn he’s underage-“

“We can’t have that.” Lucius muttered as the side effects of the stress from this day started to drain his body. “If we truly have a week before Narcissa and Bonnet can do anything then we can discuss that after Draco goes to Hogwarts.” Lucius said as he realized exactly how tired he was. However, he noticed Blue tense slightly. “What is it?”

“My doubles just sent me a message.” Blue answered and turned to Severus. “Dumbledore’s lesson plans show that he’ll call an emergency staff meeting in an hour.” Blue said thinking that was very early considering the train won’t even leave for a little over 4 hours.

Severus’ eyes narrowed, “Wonder what he has planned.” He pondered knowing full well that the old wizard could scheme and plot like no other.

Blue sighed, “I’m not sure. He’s smart enough to not babble out loud or write his reasons down. I suspect this has something to do with that rather interesting trip to Gringotts that Hagrid took Harry on.”

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