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Relief was just starting to set in when the clone saw Quirrell turn blue and struggle to breathe. He henged into a medi-witch and called for help. Even with healers doing everything possible Quirrell suddenly stopped breathing and passed away …


Dear Remus Lupin,

I, Tom Hausoda, am now the Black family’s representative. As part of my responsibilities I am making sure Sirius is being taken care of and gets the help he needs. You being present for the therapy would probably be beneficial especially since he has no one else that he trusts.

Please don’t concern yourself with anything. All arrangements have been made and I’m well aware of you being a werewolf. To do this as safely as possible for Sirius I’m going to meet you first. Just head to the hotel written below and I will meet you personally. There’s a great deal more that needs to be discussed.



Remus finally finished reading the letter for the seventh time and sighed, “It makes sense, but is this really where I’m supposed to stay?” He pondered in disbelief as he looked at the fancy magical hotel before him.

It was a lovely red brick building and only a couple stories tall, but it had strings of gems as a door. The gems were shaped like leaves or acorns so they looked more like vines. As Remus got closer the curtain of gems opened wide, letting him into the hotel that had several small charmed statues of critters running around helping guests or delivering food to cafe tables. The floor even had a carpet of real flowers. Despite clearly being fancy it was quite cute. The vines made out of gems were only a small part of the shiny nature theme.

With a polite smile Remus walked up to the little old lady behind the check-in counter, “Excuse me. I’m Remus Lupin and-“

“Oh! You have wonderful timing. I am June and I have your room ready. Just sign here and add a drop of blood!” The little old lady with winged hair pins in her hair said cheerfully as the adorable little stone birds carried a large old book and set it in front of Remus. A gemstone bird popped out one of its sparkling feathers. It turned out to be a pretty quill and a gemstone turtle crawled over.

Remus saw the top of the turtle’s shell pop open revealing that it was an ink pot and took the quill, “Thank you.” He said as he signed the book. Once done he gave the gemstone feather back to the bird. “Is there something I can-“ The werewolf flinched when the bird, whose feather he used to write, fluttered over to his hand and pecked it.

Once the small drop of blood from the peck hit the book the old woman nodded happily, “You’ll be taken to your room immediately and I’ll inform Mr. Hausoda about your arrival. Here is your key ring in case you wish to come back to enjoy the other activities we offer.” She said and a little jeweled dragonfly, which had imprints of a key on each wing, landed on his shoulder.

“Thank you. Which way-“ Remus was cut off when he heard a flutter and he realized that his key was pointing the way. “I see. Thank you again, June.” He said and followed the key as it flew a few in front of him.

The dragonfly finally landed on one of the many very big portraits on the walls. This chosen portrait was of a pond. Remus saw the picture swing open revealing that it was a door and he went into the room. Once the door closed behind him the dragonfly slipped under the portrait and returned to his shoulder.

It was a lovely pond themed room. The carpet, bathroom floor tile and comforter on the bed were charmed to look like the surface of the water. That water was clear enough to show beautiful fish and cute little frogs swimming along. Weeping willow vines were decorating the walls and ceiling, but they didn’t hang so low that they’d hit your face when you were walking around. In fact, the charmed vines were painted on the walls whereas the swaying vines hanging from the ceiling only came down a few inches. Wrapped up in the vines were little orbs of light, which lit the room.

“Wow … this is amazing, but why pick something so expensive?” The werewolf pondered out loud.

“It’s the most secure hotel I could find.” The startled werewolf suddenly realized that there was a trunk to the weeping willow that seemed to supply the vines and looked like it was painted too. However, it apparently extended off the wall and made a chair where someone was seated. “June was also not a Hogwarts student either and thankfully isn’t going to kiss Dumbledore’s ass like so many others stupidly do. I’m known as Tom Hausoda by the way.” Naruto said trying to be as truthful as possible without giving everything away.  

Remus tried to hide the offense he felt by the remarks against Dumbledore, “Nice to meet you.”

Tom scoffed, “You’re horrendously bad at hiding your feelings. It’s pretty obvious that you hate me simply because I had an opinion against Dumbledore. Sadly for you that’s exactly what you need to understand if you ever want Harry to want to see you. After all, Harry has every reason to hate the man-“

“Why?” Remus asked seriously clearly not thinking he’ll be given any real proof. “He made sure Harry went to a loving home after-“

Tom’s eyes narrowed, “Did you know where he went?” Tom asked, but with only one subtle shift of the werewolf’s facial features he knew the answer. “You sent the box of Lily’s things that ended up saving him.”

“Saving him?” Remus asked, looking very confused. “The Dursleys are his family-“ Suddenly a puff of smoke cut Remus off and to his horror a nearly skeletal nine year old boy with many scars appeared next to him.

“The muggles he lived with before were relatives, yes. However, that is what Harry looked like when he found me.” Tom said as he pointed to the new clone. “Does that look like the result of a loving home?” He asked as the clone slowly turned around to show the werewolf all the scars Harry had back then. “The only reason Harry doesn’t hate you as much as Sirius right now, despite both of you abandoning him to suffer, is because the portkey Lily made is what saved him … though I do question the decision to give a kid an incomplete portkey.” Tom added absentmindedly.

Remus winced at the comment, “Hate? I didn’t abandon him! The headmaster wanted me to stay away because of me being a werewolf. It’s a muggle area, after all. He hates me before even knowing about-“

“Yes and no … the hate has nothing to do with you being a werewolf. If anything that’s a point in your favor, especially since you can smell that I’m not lying. However, you should be able to smell my annoyance with you or amusement so you know I’m not covering my scent. Harry finds that fascinating.” Tom said calmly.

“That’s right.” Remus commented only for his eyes to immediately light up. “But I never smelled a lie from the headmaster either!”

“Have you smelled anything from him? Happiness? Anger? Sweat? Food? You know he eats lemon drops, but have you smelled it on his breath or was it just the smell from the dish in his office?” Tom asked, clearly suspecting something. 

After all, Naruto has done a lot of research and he has found that there are potions for hiding scents. Not a single one is easy to make and would require a very skilled person to brew them. However, as much as an asshole Dumbledore is, it can’t be denied that he was skilled in all facets of magic.

Remus thought back and he had a lot of trouble trying to find something to use as an argument, “I don’t know, but he was kind enough to let me go to-“

“To school? I find it odd he’s that kind, but didn’t tell you that Sirius was freed and yes I know he didn’t. You didn’t even cross his mind.” Tom said. Of course, Naruto had his clones keeping their eyes on the headmaster so he knew that Remus learned through the newspaper. “The staying away due to werewolf issues might be a good excuse save for the fact that there are a lot more nights that don’t have a full moon and a lot of daytime hours too. Why exactly were you banned completely?”

Remus blinked, “I … I don’t know.”

Tom nodded when he saw the thoughtful look on the werewolf’s face, “Now that you’re starting to second guess some things it’s time I explain exactly what has been going on.”


Neville sighed sadly as he walked out of breakfast with Dean, Harry, Ron and Hermione, “So .. he’s really gone … he was nice.”

“I wonder who’s going to teach DADA now. I hope they figure it out soon.” Hermione commented, not really sounding too heartbroken despite just finding out that one of her professors died. 

“Good question” Harry muttered a little annoyed that the witch seemed more concerned about when classes would restart than someone dying, but then everyone grieves differently. “It does seem strange though.”

Ron raised an eyebrow, “What does?” He asked far more pleasantly than he has been for the first few days of school. 

It helped that he got a reality check that day he slept in and his pet rat was actually helping him to not repeat that mistake. Even for Ron it’s hard to sleep in when a rat bounces on you. The clever and sweet rat also made making friends easier. As a bonus his brothers, Percy, Fred and George, all seemed a little jealous that Scabbers was acting so differently for Ron than he did for them.

Dean shrugged, “I think he means that our DADA professor couldn’t defend himself against trolls.”

“Oh! That does seem ridiculous.” Ron pondered curiously.

Harry nodded, “Yeah, but I was also wondering how three large trolls walked into the castle and not one portrait sounded an alarm.”

“You think it was a trap.” Draco said as he and his friends joined. “The headmaster did imply that he’d be gone. Perhaps Wizengamot is going to meet and that’s why they didn’t give us a newspaper today. If it’s a trap by someone then that needs to be investigated before a new professor is picked and they don’t want us to worry.”

Hermione smiled though Harry could tell she was suspicious, “You know a lot about it.”

Draco shrugged, “My father is on the Board of Education so every time something goes wrong I’d hear about it.” He chuckled despite the fake smile Hermione was giving him.

“We should find out soon then and hopefully the guilty party is caught.” Hermione said sweetly as her eyes lingered on the Slytherins.

Harry felt so unnerved by the stare that he once again placed himself between Draco and Hermione, “Anyway. Why don’t we do something to honor our late professor?” Harry suggested quickly to distract everyone.

“Perhaps we write some nice things about him on parchment and make a paper lantern.” Neville suggested.

Everyone seemed happy with that suggestion. All the supplies were gathered and started writing. Several other students joined in and soon many lanterns were in progress. Of course, Harry couldn’t mention that Professor Quirrell was possessed by Voldemort or that apparently Dumbledore killed him.

(Is there a way to expose that prick?) Harry thought into the mental link as he wrote his own tribute on the parchment.

(The best way to explode pricks is to remove pants.) Naruto laughed when he felt the horror coming from Harry’s side of the mental link before taking the question seriously. (Maybe. I’m going to try and do something about that in the Wizengamot meeting, which is today.) Naruto thought back. (I have to figure out how to get everyone to second guess Dumbledore, but that won’t be the only problem. Our sleeping bitches are awake.) Naruto reported making Harry twitched in annoyance.

“You ok, Harry?” Draco asked, noticing the twitch.

The green eyed wizard chuckled, “I’m fine.” Harry said, but cast a subtle genjutsu that made words appear on the palm saying he’d explain later. Thankfully, no one else besides Draco saw the words before they disappeared. (Any idea how to control those two?)

(Actually I do believe Kreacher has it covered.) Naruto thought clearly amused about something. 

Harry had to bite his lip to keep from laughing out loud when Naruto let him see everything that was happening, (That’s awesome! Thank Kreacher for me! … oh! Before I forget, can you do some digging into Hermione?) Harry asked the second he spotted the young witch shooting Draco a subtle glare.

(I take it you think this is more than that foolish anti-Slytherin attitude. Is she focusing only on one particular person?) Naruto asked seriously knowing that Harry wouldn’t ask if he thought it was only schoolyard stupidity.

(Yeah, Draco. She hasn’t warmed up at all to him and I really think there’s a reason.) Harry thought as he helped Ron create a lantern.

(I’ll do that.) Naruto said just before leaving the mental link.


Kreacher was picking up bugs and putting them in Jack and Narcissa’s mouths when the house elf saw a newspaper being dropped off by an owl. A smirk came to the elf’s mouth as he snapped his fingers resulting in the new issue to leave the owl’s claws. The newspaper floated in front of him and he skimmed the information. After getting the new information he placed on the table right next to the old issue he personally edited.

The sound of screams and gagging made the house elf lazily walk back to the living room, “It’s good to see you have woken up, Ms. Black and guest.” He muttered and going by his tone you could tell he didn’t care, but was amused. The house elf watched the two humans try to understand knowing they were too overwhelmed to hear him though the clone hidden in the shadows definitely heard him.

First, both Narcissa and Jack went from gagging to vomiting. Then they stared at their puke, which was crawling with the bugs Kreacher put there, in a daze. It took a few minutes, but eventually they soon realized that they smelled bad.

Narcissa looked down at herself, “Oh dear Merlin … No. No. No.” She murmured on the brink of hysterics from shame and disgust when she realized why she smelled.

On the other hand, Jack was furious, “Dammit! I’ll kill the bastard who did this!” He raged as spelled away their soiled clothes, the filth on them and the couch they were sitting on. Of course, the sudden loss of her clothes made Narcissa scream so Jack immediately wrapped his arms around her, “Don’t you dare feel shame. Someone did this to us and they will fucking regret it! I’ll make sure of it.” He hissed threateningly as he brushed away the tears on the witch’s cheeks.

“Someone did this?” Narcissa muttered and her eyes widened. “Lucius must’ve done this. I don’t know how, but he did.” She said feeling more anger than anything else. “Kreacher! Has there been any news from that bastard?”

“No, Ms. Black. There weren't any letters during your week of sleep.” The house elf said and pointed to the kitchen. “Kreacher did collect the most interesting news that passed though.”

Narcissa gaped, “A week?!” She exclaimed in shock as she rushed to the kitchen. For a moment she paused and looked back at Jack. “Are you going to spell some clothes back on me or just stand there watching?”

Jack smiled sheepishly, “It’s a great view.” He said, but after a pout from Narcissa he reluctantly spelled their fresh clean robes on and joined her in the kitchen where some newspapers waited for them. “Shit … so the brat is dead.”

The oldest newspaper, which was from the very morning after they were put into their sleep state, explained everything. Apparently, Draco died before Lucius realized that he needed Narcissa. Of course, it was said that Draco was sick. No one learned of the curse just like how they’ll never know that the newspaper was a fake that was magically edited by a vindictive house elf.

Narcissa scowled, “Nine months wasted.” She muttered not hurt at all that her child was supposedly dead.

“Perhaps, but an even better opportunity opened up.” Jack said as he pointed to the newest issue of the Daily Prophet. 

Just by chance Wizengamot was going to meet very soon. This would give them the perfect chance to flush out the lord of the Black family.

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