Magic Behind the Kunai

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Blue sighed, “I’m not sure. He’s smart enough to not babble out loud or write his reasons down. I suspect this has something to do with that rather interesting trip to Gringotts that Hagrid took Harry on.”


“And why are we blocking off the third floor corridor?” Severus asked, inwardly seething. Blue was correct when he said Dumbledore had something up his sleeves, but he expected to at least have the chance to get back to see Draco on the train. However, that wasn’t going to happen …

Dumbledore smiled as he looked at his staff members, “I found some old artifacts in Hogwarts-“

Minerva raised an eyebrow, “Where? Are they dangerous?”

“I found them in an old classroom that wasn’t used for years.” Dumbledore said dismissively. “Unfortunately, some might be dangerous-“

Ms. Sprout gasped, “We should remove them, right?”

The charms professor frowned, “Am I right to assume that there’s a reason you haven’t removed them, Albus?”

“Yes. I was going to contact Gringotts, but when that break-in occurred I wanted to be careful.” Dumbledore said, still leaning towards a vague way of explaining the situation. “Since there won’t be much time before the students arrive I was hoping to seal the artifacts in the corridor, but I wanted to ask all of you first.” The old manipulative wizard said. The potion master knew exactly how this conversation would go from that point. After all, no one would say that it’s a stupid idea when the great Dumbledore thought of it and wanted your permission.

“With the right security measures it should be ok. It’s not like anyone would know about them if you just found them so as long as we keep the students away there shouldn’t be a reason to worry.” Flitwick commented much to Dumbledore’s delight and Severus’ annoyance. 

Minerva hummed thoughtfully, “If we each set up a line of defense and lock the door I see no reason why not either. Let’s fix this before our students arrive.”

‘Y-yes. W-we don’t have long.” Professor Quirrell said as the staff moved out of the room.

As they discussed what to do Severus glanced out the window. Those black eyes immediately locked on to the red form of a fox climbing up a wall. Before he could even find the strength to worry about the little creature Blue appeared out of nowhere. He saw the ninja grab the fox just as he passed the window.

“Severus, what do you want to do?” Minerva asked, getting the potion master’s attention.

Severus frowned as he followed them towards the living staircase, “I can set up a riddle as a security question. It will use a few potions, but only one will get anyone through to the next level. That should keep any kids from trying to pass, but allow any of us to pass if we need to.”

“That will be perfect. Perhaps you should set that one the farthest inside.” Dumbledore pondered out loud.

Ms. Sprout nodded eagerly, “That’ll give me enough time to get some devil’s snare.”

“I’ll help you with that. Quirinus, would you help Professor Flitwick with the large chess set?” Minerva asked.

The staff of Hogwarts took the time to examine the corridor and figure out exactly where each of their security tests would go. With everything decided they went off to gather what they needed. However, Severus glanced over his shoulder right before he left the corridor and noticed that Dumbledore started talking to Hagrid once everyone else was out of earshot.

That little interaction set him on edge. Hagrid would do anything for Dumbledore and to make it worse the half giant had access to a lot of creatures. Sadly, most if not all of those creatures were not safe enough to be anywhere near children. It could be an innocent interaction or Dumbledore wants something specific.

Severus scoffed when he made his way to the solitude of the dungeon, “He better not bring a creature in this castle.” He said with a distinct hint of a deadly threat lacing his tone. He had no issue saying it out loud because everyone left him to go elsewhere leaving him alone to travel down the dark dungeon.

The feeling of a simple breeze in the closed off dungeon told him that he wasn’t as alone as he thought. There was only one person who could get that far into the dungeon without the potion master noticing sooner. His suspicions were confirmed when he glanced to the side. When he saw a blur he turned and saw the ninja standing a few steps down from him where there was no one just a moment ago.

“What’s Dumbledore planning?” Severus asked as he traveled down the steps towards the ninja.

“He’s asking Hagrid to bring a three headed dog into the castle to guard the trap door.” Blue commented as he walked down the stairs with Severus. “He claims the door to the corridor will be locked.” He said with a tone that implied that the ninja didn’t believe it.

Severus scoffed as he said the password to open the door to his living quarters, “I’m sure.” He said dryly as they went into the living quarters. Once the door closed he saw the ninja pull out a set of four vials with potions in them and his eyes narrowed dangerously. “You mentioned Harry was brewing, but I refuse to allow him to brew at that level. It’s far too dangerous.”

“Guess that means the boss got the color right.” Blue commented as he handed the vials to Severus. “Don’t worry. Harry isn’t going beyond practicing for the first year and trying some healing potions. These are just vials of water with seals to make them appear like the potions for your riddle. I figured you’d rather not waste time and ingredients on the old fool’s schemes and would rather see Draco off.”

The potion master’s eyes lit up, “That would be a better use of my time. The train doesn’t leave for a while so let’s talk.”

Blue nodded, “About what?”

“Why did you say ‘boss’ a minute ago?” Severus asked bluntly. He had the feeling he wasn’t talking about Harry this time. 

“I’m a double. I call the original ‘boss’ since that’s how the technique works. The technique is called Shadow Clone. I’m a clone of the boss. The boss thought it’d be easier to understand if he used the word ‘double’ to describe us as opposed to clone.” Blue’s clone commented and Severus knew that he had a point since he wasn’t as familiar with the word ‘clone’. “Of course, that’s not really a guarantee since we don’t have to call the boss by that title.” The clone said with a slight smirk basically hinting that there’s no obvious way to tell the clones from the real one.

Severus snorted, “I’m not surprised it wouldn’t be that easy with you.” He said as he set the vials down on the counter. “Another thing. Did I see you grab a fox on the wall?”

Blue’s clone sighed, “That was the boss. He had to warn the fur ball to leave before the students came.”

The potion master raised an eyebrow at the odd wording, “The fox had to be warned?” Once he said that a second blonde appeared with the scruff of the very fox they were talking about in the ninja’s hand.

“Hey, boss.” The clone commented, but really only for Severus’ benefit.

Upon closer inspection Severus realized that the fox wasn’t normal, “What are you?”

The real Blue and his clone both groaned, “Don’t get him start-“

“I am the almighty great demon king, Kurama the nine tailed fox!” The average sized fox with nine tails screamed as he hung by the ninja’s hand from the scruff of his neck.

Now Severus has never met a demon before. A vast number of dangers have crossed his path from bullies to dark wizards bent on bloodshed and war. By far the least intimidating thing Severus has ever seen was the fox demon coated in what looked like cheese dust.

With a decidedly unimpressed expression Severus scoffed, “Demon …” he looked at Blue when he remembered the truly traumatizing memory he accidentally saw in the ninja’s mind. It seemed far-fetched, but he had to ask. “Is he the reason you were-“

“Yes.” Blue said bluntly.

Severus blinked in confusion as he watched the fox lick at the cheese crumbs in its fur, “The people in your village feared you because of him?” He remarked trying to wrap his head around the ridiculously absurd idea.

“Most of his power is sealed inside me, but … yeah, it never made much sense to me either.” Blue admitted after a half assed attempt to make Kurama seem threatening.

“Hey! I’m very scary!” Kurama growled only for his eyes to widen when Naruto unsealed a bag of cheese snacks. “Cheese!”

As Severus watched the fox dive into the bag he frowned, “I’ve met hufflepuffs more intimidating than you.” He muttered, but the fox couldn’t be bothered with responding. The cheesy goodness was far more important. Severus shot the fox a glare before “How would you get me to Draco?”

The ninja was amused by the potion master who was currently more intimidating than the demon fox, “Seals.” Blue said simply before shocking Severus by wrapping an arm around his waist.

Severus blinked a little startled that the ninja moved so close so fast, “What-“ he gasped as he felt a slight shift in the air. It took a second for him to realize what happened. “This is … not Hogwarts.” He murmured as he looked around the dark vaguely creepy dark house.

“Grimmauld.” Blue said indifferently as he let Severus go. 

“Is that so …” Severus mused as he spotted a house elf that couldn’t care less about them being there. “Where are they?”

“They’re this way.” The ninja guided Severus to the couch where Narcissa and Bonnet laid passed out. “Bonnet has a theory that Voldemort is headed to or already in Hogwarts. I’m keeping an eye out for anything strange.”

Severus scowled with a combination of hatred for the two fools in front of him and the distinct smell of shit coming from those fools, “Considering this scheme involving the third corridor and with what you told me about the Philosopher’s stone you better watch carefully. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an attempt to lure Voldemort out.”

“Yes. I’ll handle that.” Blue vowed and a few peaceful seconds passed before Blue brought up a subject that was bothering him. “Why can’t I just kill them?” He asked genuinely curious why they had to restrict the damage to mild mutilation. 

“I wish this curse was that simple.” Severus said carelessly. “Bonnet thought this through though. This curse forces Draco to need contact with the magic of the person or people who are the anchor in the potion otherwise …” Severus trailed off as he remembered the agony Draco was in not long ago. “Anyway, the potion in the talisman I made is a temporary fix that pulls out magic from a chunk of flesh in the potion and saturates the talisman with the magic that's in the fresh flesh. However, the main person must stay alive or the curse will grow stronger without contact with the anchors. If they die then eventually the talisman won’t be enough. The same effect can be triggered if one of them is placed in a near death state. These idiots can also order the effect to happen if they’re too sick. I need time to actually break the curse and they need to be alive … for now.”

“They’ll know once they Draco is alright. What will stop them from trying to will it on by doing something to themselves?” Blue pointed out.

Severus sighed, “I’m hoping they just think I made a powerful potion to counteract the pain, but if they realize I managed to make a talisman before I break the curse then we’ll be in the same trouble as before.”

Blue hummed in thought, “Good to know … of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep tabs on them.”

“Indeed.” Severus said with a smirk as he watched the ninja remove Bonnet and Narcissa’s left shoes revealing the stumps where the toes were missing. He saw the skilled lethal fingers draw an intricate circle on the bottom of each foot.

The ninja placed the shoes back on the feet and nodded, “I won’t lose track of them.”

“Neither will I .” Severus said and expertly stole a few hairs from both Narcissa and Bonnet. “Now take me to Draco.”


(I hope you didn’t forget anything.) Naruto said through the mental link.

Harry yawned as he sat on his luggage next to his owl while waiting for the train, (If I did you could get them.) he thought and looked up when he sensed Draco, Lucius and Severus coming onto the platform.

(Mmm I don’t remember being a maid.) Naruto huffed through the link.

Green eyes flickered around and spotted where a familiar blonde ninja was hiding. (Does Kurama know that?) he mentally snickered when Naruto grumbled. “Hey! Draco!” He waved through the slowly growing crowd of eager students and parents. The green eyed wizard noticed that Severus was under a henge so the students wouldn’t recognize him as he watched Draco roll his own luggage over to join Harry.

“Ready for school?” Draco asked eagerly, despite all the insanity that has happened already he was happy that school was going to start and that Harry still seemed to want to be friends.

“I have no doubt that it’ll be interesting.” Harry chuckled, secretly pleased that Draco didn’t draw any attention by yelling ‘Harry Potter’. He noticed a family of redheads doing exactly that as they looked for him. Thankfully, Naruto’s henged clones casually grouped around them and blocked Harry from view.

That eagerness to hunt Harry Potter at the train was not a great sign. Harry got the feeling he’d have to deal with a swarm of students once they spot him, but it shouldn’t be too bad, right?


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