Magic Behind the Kunai

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Just as the elf left the room he got an idea. The creature got a newspaper and put a spell on it. After placing it on the table in the kitchen he left ...


Lucius frowned, “I understand why Severus would suggest that, but if the injuries are so severe that Quirrell ends up in St. Mungo’s then Wizengamot might be called.” The Malfoy Lord said pointedly as he leaned back in his office chair. “Something like that will involve the Board of Education because the school is involved, but danger like that will require the opinions of Wizengamot as well. They need to make sure it wasn’t an attack. Are you ready in case that happens?”

“I already established an identity for the representative of the Black family so I’m ready … or, to be more precise, Tom is.” Naruto commented with a smirk and proceeded to use a henge to change himself into the person he created to hold the position of the Black representative.

“You … you sneaky bastard.” A stunned Lucius muttered in disbelief as he looked over the appearance Naruto chose. It just so happens that he looked exactly like Tom Riddle when he left school. Of course, he was taller, a touch older and didn’t go so far to resemble Voldemort, but it was enough. “Dumbledore will hate you.” Lucius said, barely holding back his laughter. This appearance was clearly designed to catch the old wizard off guard.

Tom smirked, “I certainly hope he does.” He commented in Tom’s smooth charming voice as he slowly walked over to Lucius. “As the sole person aware of Tom’s connection to the evil dark wizard I should hope his self righteous manipulative nature will lead him right to me.’ Naruto said as he leaned down close to the lord Malfoy’s face. “It will only add to his beliefs when the handsome and powerful lord of the Malfoy family supports everything I suggest.” He leaned right up to Lucius’ ear. “That’s purely something only a loyal Death Eater would do, correct?”

Lucius desperately suppressed the urge to melt when the hot breath brushed his neck, “You want him to think you’re Voldemort.” He gasped slightly and took a step back before Naruto could affect him anymore.

“No.” Naruto said with a sly smirk. “I want him to believe it. I want him to spend his nights wondering how I got this body. I want him to try and get me off the esteemed Wizengamot council and fail. I want him to see his hold on everything crumble. Could be entertaining. Don’t you agree?”

Lucius felt a shiver go up his spine, but tried to ignore it and smirk, “I can honestly say I look forward to the upcoming meeting.” He said calmly and watched the ninja vanish. “Impressive.” He murmured, but refused to say much more since he knew the ninja was probably still listening.


“Hurry up! I must get the stone!” The gravelly voice of Voldemort hissed furiously as Quirrell raced through the halls.

“Yes, master.” Professor Quirrell said and quickened his pace obediently.

With all the students headed to dinner it was easy to wander the far halls without being seen. The only places where the Professor was extra careful was in the halls near the living portraits. Still no one suspected anything when he entered his living quarters. It was there where he pulled a normal looking portrait of a demonic looking tree off the wall.

After touching the creepy painted arm of the tree it moved. You could actually hear the bark crack and creak as the bark on the wooden limb shifted towards a painted door in its chest. That creaking was almost loud enough to hide that the real window in the room opened up on its own. The painted door was hard to see because it matched the bark. However, once the tree’s long spindly fingers grabbed the knob and started to open the door it became easy to see the door. Before the door was opened all the way Professor Quirrell tossed the painting out of the window.

“Now tell them there’s trolls in the dungeon.” Voldemort demanded from under the turban as the professor walked towards his door to leave.

Quirrell frowned, “B-but, master, t-the portraits would s-see that the trolls aren’t anywhere n-near there. I c-couldn’t make the painting fly that far or someone w-would see it-“

“Silence! Do as you are told!” The hoarse voice ordered and the professor immediately stiffened before obediently leaving the living quarters and running towards the Great Hall. 

Beads of sweat fell down his forehead, but he kept going. This was all to sell the danger he needed everyone to believe. To his relief some of the portraits ignored his odd behavior and the rest just shrugged it off when he ran past them without an explanation.

At the speed the man was running he made it to the massive doors of the Great Hall. Of course, he slowed down once the portraits weren’t around to see. After catching his breath and recovering he prepared to throw the doors wide open.


The clone following the DADA professor easily slipped into the living quarters without being noticed. As he was watching the literal two-faced professor the clone saw a window open. Since he wasn’t sure what was going to happen he mentally contacted his boss. Naruto promptly sent more clones to help. In fact, the clone there spotted two blonde blurs drop down past the window.

Thankfully, those two clones were present to track the painting once Quirrell tossed it out of the window. The first clone was casually jogging after the professor and the new team of clones saw the painting gain speed. When it changed direction the clones followed suit.

The painting, which was definitely steered by a spell, flew towards the front of the castle. It flew in the front door and crashed against a wall. Once the frame smashed to pieces two massive mountain trolls appeared.

“Get them out.” The clones said as if repeating the exact order they were given by Naruto. 

Instantly the two very confused and pissed off trolls were teleported away. When they found themselves deep in the forest the trolls calmed down a bit and lumbered off completely unaware of the clones. Those clones immediately went back to the school. 

After gathering any evidence of the painting that apparently imprisoned the trolls, the clones raced to join the clone who was following Quirrell.

It took barely a minute to catch up. The fact that Quirrell was panting in front of the closed doors that led to the Great Hall made it easy for the clones, which were now a team of three.

Nothing had to be explained. All the clones understood that the trolls were expected to be a distraction. After all, Voldemort actually mentioned the stone so he was going for the philosopher’s stone or, at least, what he thought was the stone. With that in mind the clones kindly put his painting fragments nearby and gave him some trolls.

Each of the three clones silently henged into a large troll. Quirrell had no clue that there were three trolls standing behind him. As the professor raised his hands to throw the doors to the Great Hall open, the trolls raised their clubs …


Harry sat between Dean and Neville as usual. As everyone gathered in the Great Hall the green eyes scanned the room to make sure everyone was present. Soon it looked like everyone was seated and ready to tuck into a warm meal. At least, everyone except one person.

(Where is Quirrell?) Harry thought into the mental link as Dumbledore made some announcements.

(At the moment he’s getting handsy with a tree.) Naruto responded only to immediately burst out laughing when Harry accidentally sent a mental picture of Quirrell fondling a tree through their shared link. (Not what I meant! My clone is watching him touch a painting of a tree, which he apparently decided to toss out the window.)

Harry raised an eyebrow as the food appeared, (He tossed it?) He asked while he subtly used the seal that Naruto gave him so the potioned food could be swapped out for the untainted food.

(Yeah … the painting flew down and went into the castle … it smashed against a wall.) Naruto commented and fell silent for a moment. (Ok, the painting was containing trolls and they’re out. My clones removed them and are taking Quirrell out now.)

The second Naruto said that the heavy doors to the Great Hall rattled violently, startling everyone eating. Harry made eye contact with Severus for only a second and the potion master had an idea about what was going on. After a couple more violent shakes of the doors Severus stood up and went over to Dumbledore.

“Poppy, Hagrid and I will go out the small side door and see what’s making that commotion.” Severus said to the headmaster, who looked a bit concerned.

Dumbledore nodded, “Yes, of course.” He said calmly, but the moment Severus went by Harry saw Dumbledore look at the empty seat where Quirrell should be. It was clear he was wondering if this was a plot from Voldemort, but Dumbledore didn’t look convinced enough to join the other staff members. “Everyone, remain calm. It’s being checked out now.” He announced calmly as the three staff members went out the side in order to go around and find the source of the banging.


“What’s this?” Poppy asked after taking several steps with Severus and Hagrid only to find a mess. 

Severus looked at the debris and frowned, “It seems something destroyed a painting.” He said as he crouched down to examine the fragments of the painting piece that had the demon tree’s hand. “It’s not something I recognize as one of the living portraits in Hogwarts. There was something in it.”

“What was inside?” Hagrid asked curiously. However, no one was able to answer as groans from many large beasts were heard followed by more door rattling. They hurried around towards  the area where the large doors to the Great Hall were. “No! Back away!” Hagrid exclaimed and easily grabbed a lit torch from the sconce on the wall when he saw the trolls.

It seemed the three trolls were using their clubs to hit something. That thing would fly at the door and bounce off allowing another troll to smack it back. Really it was a game, but when Hagrid stepped in the trolls backed away. With nothing to keep that game going the thing hit the floor revealing that it was Quirrell.

“Oh dear Merlin.” Poppy gasped trying to be quiet so the students on the other side of the door would hear. As Hagrid used the fire to steer the slightly timid trolls away she ran over to the limp bloody professor on the floor. “He needs help.” She whispered urgently.

Severus nodded and levitated the unconscious DADA professor, “We don’t want to unsettle the students. Let’s just get him to St. Mungo’s. Can you handle our intruders, Hagrid?”

The half giant caretaker, who has already steered the trolls down the steps and nearly had them out the door, “Leave it to me! These big fellas just seem confused. You guys go and help the professor. I’ll tell Mr. Dumbledore what happened.”

As quickly as they could Severus and Poppy guided the bloody professor through the halls. Thankfully, Poppy was able to keep Quirrell stable until they got to the floo in Dumbledore’s office. With a flash of green flames they appeared in the wizarding hospital. 

“He’s in good hands.” Severus said softly to Poppy, who was clearly concerned as Quirrell was whisked away by many medi-witches.

“Yes … you’re right. We should go.” Poppy said and reluctantly followed Severus back to the floo. 

Just before Severus dropped the floo powder into the fire he saw something. For a very brief moment he saw the familiar ninja wearing the gas mask. It lasted as long as a blink, but it was enough for the potion master to know that everything was in safe hands.


Dumbledore looked over and smiled at Hagrid when he came back into the Great Hall, “Just in time for dessert! I take it everything was taken care of?” He asked cheerfully despite not seeing Severus and Poppy with the half giant. He was mainly just pleased that the students calmed down once the rattling stopped and have been eating since then.

“Of course, Mr. Dumbledore!” Hagrid said happily. “It seems some trolls got into Hogwarts. I already got them out, but Professor Quirrell was badly hurt. Professor Snape and Poppy took him to St. Mungo’s already so don’t worry Mr. Dumbledore!” Hagrid said, trying to comfort the stunned headmaster.

Sadly, the comfort was wasted since Dumbledore didn’t actually panic for the reason anyone thought. The well-being of his staff was far less concerning than the status of Voldemort. He immediately knew he had to check on some things, but everyone was taking too damn long eating their dessert.

The second everyone finished Dumbledore stood up, “I’m sure you’re all curious about what happened. Well some trolls got into the castle and I’m going to check on Professor Quirrell. Hagrid, would you please explain?” Dumbledore asked as he was walking quickly out of the room. 

The headmaster barely heard the half giant agree before leaving the Great Hall. He rushed to the third corridor. Just before he opened the door he froze.

“No … this could be a trick. Maybe wants me to show him the way.” Dumbledore mused and settled for taking a peek inside. When he confirmed that the large three headed guard dog seemed undisturbed he shut the door and used a weak spell to lock it. “I doubt he got in.” He murmured before deciding to go check the professor personally. Of course, the healers wouldn’t just let him in right away…


Several healers worked diligently to try and save Quirrell. During that madness Naruto was easily able to slip in. Without anyone seeing he rushed up to Quirrell and made a hand sign. Unfortunately, this soul fragment was firmly attached and actively fighting back, but it was pointless in the end. The fragment of the dark wizard quickly joined his other fragments in the scroll before the healers thought to remove the turban.

Despite using a henge to make the troll related wounds far worse than they really were, it turned out to be wise to remove Voldemort here with healers. Something about the removal sent Quirrell into a horrible series of violent spasms. The bloody episode completely hid the fact that Naruto removed the henge. It took an hour to stabilize him and for the bleeding to completely stop. For many of them it was the most terrifying moment they had trying to save a patient. As for the ninja hiding in the background it wasn’t very unnerving, but a pleasant surprise to find that the wizard might live.

To be safe Naruto left a clone to watch Quirrell until he woke up. However, it did little to stop what happened next. The clone heard Dumbledore asking how Quirrell was. After being updated by the healers he was told to leave so the professor could rest. 

For a moment it sounded like Dumbledore left, but suddenly the door to the hospital room opened on its own. There was a glow as if a wand was scanning Quirrell. The glow focused right on the professor’s head.

“Shit.” The voice of an invisible Dumbledore mumbled the curse word and it felt like Dumbledore left right after. 

Relief was just starting to set in when the clone saw Quirrell turn blue and struggle to breathe. He henged into a medi-witch and called for help. Even with healers doing everything possible Quirrell suddenly stopped breathing and passed away …

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